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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  January 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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you are live in the cnn newsroom. a stable genius at that. that's how president trump is defending his fitness in a way of an unflattering book. the president was forced to talk about a series of tweets he sent out this morning in which he said in part throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really smart. he added, i think that qualifies
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as not smart or genius. not surprisingly, those tweets came up today at camp david and here is what he had to say. >> i went to the best college, i had a situation where i was an excellent student came out and made billions of dollars and became one of the top business people. went to television for ten years was a tremendous success as you probably have heard. ran for president one time and won and i hear this guy that does not know me at all and did not interview me, he said he interviewed me for three hours in the white house, it did not exist, it is in his imagination. >> i want to get right to boris sanchez at the white house. that q&a question was supposed to focus on 2018.
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>> the president forced to answer questions about his sanity, clearly taking some of the statements. he's lost it. the president responding by calling michael wolff a fraud and listing his accomplishments as a college student and business person and now -- steve bannon calling him sloppy steve. listen more to what the president say. >> i did a quick interview with him a long time ago having to do with an article, i don't know this man, i guess sloppy steve
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brought in the white house. that's why sloppy steve is looking for a job. >> it is not the first time the topic of the president's mental state have come up in topics of conversation. it was actually steve bannon who said there was a 30% chance that those around the president would invoke the 25th amount. lawmakers were briefed by yale physiatrists about the president's mental state. >> give us an update. >> yeah, cnn has learned that effort from the white house to put one white house official call pressure on jeff sessions to not recuse himself was led by one of the president's attorney and he was aided by former press
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secretary sean spicer, and relian relian reince priebus. the president did not answer yes or no as to whether there is pressure put on jeff sessions. he did say anything that the president did was proper, anna. >> bor boris sanchez, thank you. i want to bring in shimon, this new evidence and questions of the future as attorney general, what are you hearing on this front? >> we hear this come up and what is the next step for the attorney general today. today the president saying that he stands by the attorney general and as boris said, he went onto talk about there was a question about whether or not he was the president have put
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pressure on people at the white house to talk to jeff sessions to try to get him not to recuse himself from the russia investigation and here is what he said. >> mr. president, did you ask the white house council to ask attorney general sessions not to recuse himself? >> the story of the "time" is way off. everything i have done is 100% proper. that's what i do, i do things proper. >> while the president may think it is proper, this is created some news. this pressure he may have put on people and pressuring on jeff sessions trying to get him not to recuse himself goes on. also, it is not entirely clear that this is even part of the obstruction probe, it could be and may not be, we know that as it is still ongoing. >> the day before james comey was fired, whether there was any damaging information on comey.
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what is the justice department is now saying about that? >> they denied that and the spokesperson for the department of justice denied that anyone went ahead and did that, they denied it to the new york times and they publicly denied it in tweets and a statement, the issue here though is the effect that this has on the people of the fbi, you know, i have talked to some people who are disturbed by this. the idea that the department of justice, someone on behalf of the attorney general is true would go ahead and do this, some certainly found it disturbing. it is an important relationship that needs to be maintained of the department of justice which oversees the fbi. and here there is reports they're trying to under mind the fbi director. >> now, our senior editor for
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the atlantic, ron, the president of the united states wakes up this morning and he's tweeting that he's not mentally unstable and that he's a genius and he hold as surprise news conference with gop leaders and standing behind him saying everything he does is 100% proper. if you are mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, what goes into your mind? >> if you are stable genius, one marker of that is not to tweet out you are a stable genius. what the president is doing is focusing more attention on what has been, i think throughout his greatest single vulnerability which is highlighted by the michael wolff's book. most americans say they believe he's intelligent, it is his temperament and stability and experience and judgment that is in question for many americans and what i think is happening
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over the past year is that as those doubts harden, you have 60% of the people they don't believe he has a temperament that they want to see in a president. they are embracing him more closely and defending him reflexrefle reflexively. some checks and balance on him, republicans are making it easier to argue that they simply will not provide that as long as they are in the majority. >> sbr would the president agre it and the president appears to answer yes before deflecting. listen. >> if robert mueller ask you to come and speak to his committee personally, are you committed to
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do that? >> yes, just understand, there is no collusion, there is been no crime. in theory everybody tells me i am not urnnder investigation, maybe hillary, there is been no collusion or crime. we have been very open, we could have done it two ways, we could have been closed. lets be open and get it over with. honestly, it is bad for our country. it is making our country looks foolish. >> sabrina, is it significant that he's willing to be talking to mueller. >> the question is, would the president be willing to testify under oath. this is the president on more than one occasion have changed his story with respect to key elements and of course, we already have seen more than one of his top aids charged with lying to the fbi, i think that
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this is also coming at a time that robert mueller and his team is zeroing in on whether or not this president and his aids engage in obstruction of justice. they are examining the infamous tru trump tower meeting which was attends attended by manafort and jared kushner. the president is no t initially saying they have accepted an offer receiving damaging information about hillary clinton. so there is a lot of questions certainly that the special counsel team would have for the president. the real question is would he be willing to speak under oath. >> during the news conference, there was a lot of different question that is the president having to answer and including about the book. he took the moment to took some shots at michael wolff, the author, calling him a fraud.
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some of wolff's reporting has been corroborated. here is wolff now on his book "impact," watch. >> one of the interesting effects of the book so far is a very clear emperor has no close effect. the story that i told seems to present this presidency in a way that it says he cannot do this job, the emperor has no clothes can suddenly and everywhere people are going oh my god, it is true. he has no clothes. that's the background to the perception and the understanding that will finally end this presidency. >> ron, is president trump inadvertedly bringing more publicity to wolff's book and giving the book more power and
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credence if he said nothing at all. >> absolutely. >> the answer is clearly yes. this goes as of what's being vulnerability. in the exit poll on the day president trump was elected, a little more of one fif-fifth pe who voted for him did not think he's qualified to be the president and they did not think he had the temperament to succeed, they did not like hillary clinton and tired of conventional politicians so they wanted change and what has happened over the past year, has done more to deepen those initial doubts than to dissuade them. as his approvaling h rating has dropped, it reenforces of what people have seen in public of a
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president that's impulsive and raise questions whether he has a basic capacity, temperament and judgment to do this job. that above all is the threat to him and republicans in 2018 and 2020. the agenda that are unpopular and some that are popular. you have a hardening 60% of the country at this point is not convinced that he's able to do the job or convinced that he's not able to do the job and republicans have lashed themselves to that that's why when you see paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are standing behind them, they are in this together now. >> let me push back for a second. you talk about the book itself and the impact of this book really exposing what people knew all along sort to speak and it seems like this news cycle moves so quickly and in a couple month's time, are people going to remember who michael wolff
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is? >> it does no matter. again, this is flowing in the current. micha michael wolff did not create the question of president trump's fitness and he will not be the last. we kind of look under the hood and it is a lot messier. more by temperament than intelligence. that's an important distinction. >> sabrina. i know you interviewed doctor lee last month on potential risks of president trump's behavior. lee has said she was speaking out because she feels quote, "the danger have become imminent," the physiatrist have not examined trump in person. what's your take away with our
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conversation with her? >> it is clear there is a growing number of mental health professionals who feel there is an obligation to urge lawmakers on capitol hill to take serious questions around the president's temperament and his fitness for office. i think those concerns were amplified by the president's tweets earlier this week taunting north korea's leader, kim jong-un of having a bigger nuclear button. we we are talking about the commander in chief, this group of mental health professionals believe there is a potential risk to the public given the president's often erratic behavior. this is been something that's plagued this president ever since he took office and a concern that was initially raised by republicans when he was campaigning for president. i do think it is notable so far and the professor i spoke to has met with majority democrats,
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there was only one republicans who was present at the briefing. but, so far this is very much split along partisan lines. republicans are much more concerned of having the president's on key of the legislative agenda. they really are embracing him and going into the midterm election. they are taking significant risks by doing so and remains to be seen whether it is on the right side of the political calculation. >> real quickly, just follow up with you and i have to go. when you talk to doctor lee, did she address the critics who said what she's doing against the american psychiatric association rules in terms of making a judgment on somebody who they have not examined. >> that's the so-called water
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goal, especially without having examined them or public officials and without their consent. there is more than one who believes despite the criticism. this president prompted, caused potentially renewing those ethic standards especially because lawmakers are not yet taken seriously of what they do believe to be a potential imminent risk. >> ron, you had a quick final thought. >> real quick. whatever the portrait of the president and the michael wolff, the equally devastating portrayal from foreign diplomat. i think most americans perception of him are shaken but by what they are watching him do and say himself everyday. that's where the impressions of his fitness are lack there of being forged much more than these other accounts. >> ron brownstein.
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>> thank you. this white house controversy is right in the front and center of the white house. we are live in the "newsroom" don't go away.
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top republicans putting on a united front at cam david today touting their 2017 win and looking ahead for the new year. >> we got a lot of work done. we are excited of the progress that's already been made and we are excited for what we have in store for us in 2018. >> mr. president, thanks for the opportunity for being here, we are excited to get ready to work. >> the bomb shell book, "fire and fury" is raising a lot of questions in the white house. joining us now, cnn commentator, republican strategist, doug
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heye. thank you for spending part of your saturday with us. i know you are the communication director for the rnc. are we seeing that again with the president today? >> sure. we are seeing two messages. one, the republican leadership with the house and senate with the president trying to talk about what their accomplishments are. donald trump going down the twitter rabbit hole that he always does. what i mean by that is we have three or four days of donald trump enduring unseasonably negative coverage. we talk about his tweets and their distractions, sometimes there is a reset button. what donald trump has done is he's hit reset and he's defining a debate and is a whole other question. he's resetting the debate away from some what the accusations are in the book and talking about things that he wants to. the problem for the challenges
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for republicans moving forward. they much talk about what impacts the lives of our country. >> ryan, would you have handle the way of the fallout and the same way we see the president handled it. >> the lawsuit and the attack on steve bannon's statement. trump should be getting a cut of the book sale, he's been amplifying it so much. this administration as doug pointed out should focus on policy. they just had a big win of the tax bill. the president should be selling that bill and talk about the legislative agenda for the upcoming year. that's the way to get beyond that. the president cannot get things go whether it is the russia investigation or michael wolff's book. he gets upset with things and cannot focus on the big picture. that's a problem for him and the party in general.
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>> republicans have an ambitious agenda, daca and government spending and today, some talk of wanting to work with democrats, doug, does that seem likely? >> i think it is certainly possible when you are talking about things like daca and transportation and infrastructure. with daca, i look at this of all the rhetoric that we see of donald trump of a big, beautiful wall and some harsh language store immigrants. i think this could be an opportunity for donald trump that only donald trump maybe able to cut of what he like to call the big beautiful deals that he can do as a negotiator. it is an open question whether or not they'll be able to do so. that's a great thing for republicans not just to tout those republicans if they want to but moving off their plates, coming from democrats and moderate voters. >> ryan, republicans could be welcomining mit romney.
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he could buy orrin hatchet's senate seat. the governor cared deeply about the country. he's concerned of the future of the country, i do think he's inclined to seek the tuopportuny and making decision. he's one that's a conservative republican would agree on the president on many items but also disagrees with him. the fact that he's a state man, he's provide a voice of independence and be with the president most of the time but speak out when he's provided different perspectives. >> listen.
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>> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. let me say it again. there is plenty of evidence that mr. trump is a con man and a fake. >> i had a wonderful evening with president trump. these discussions have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. i enjoyed it very, very much. >> so doug, which do you think we would see if he's elected. >> i think there is a big difference between campaigning governme governing as we saw from romney. what romney does is he's going to be a strong and i will use the word the president did today. he will be a stable voice and not just for the country but for utah. that's how you demonstrate being difference from donald trump. you just act in that manner that certainly mit romney that we see as a candidate or a governor and is what voters in utah maybe looking for who are not
1:27 pm
favorable and even republican in utah. >> fraud commission panel has been under state officials and suing this commission, the president trump that we know of a long left -- he cited the grounds for this commission to begin with but never provided any proof. if the president is going to under mind my competence, does he need to address this fundamental suit or put it to rest. >> i hope we move on from this. by the way, donald trump won, i don't know why he was so fixed on it. the commission was not getting in ig do anything done. it was bogged down with challenges. hopefully we'll put this behind us and getting back of more important issues like upcoming agenda and i don't think we should focus much more on this
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commission and the president's accusations. >> ryan williams and doug heye, good to see you guys. >> thank you, take care. >> staff are banned out from using personal cell phones, what's behind that, next. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. which means everyone has access to our real reviews that we actually verify. and we can also verify that what goes down, [ splash, toilet flush ] doesn't always come back up. find a great plumber at angie's list. join today for free.
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many staffers are frustrated and they are unhappy of this decision which the white house denies of anything to do with this brand new tell all book of the trump's presidency. >> all right, go ahead. >> absolutely not. that's a ridiculous characterization. this is about the security and integrity of the system here at the white house. this is something that's been in
1:32 pm
process and in the works for six months. >> lets talk it over with bylri stelter, we heard sarah sanders there, cnn is hearing sources that's not the case. >> it is important to the white house to secure but it seems like the latest in the yearlong effort to clamp down. every president wants leaks. this is not new for president trump. in this case, what we have seen in the past year is the department of justice going very aggressively against leakers and that's why you wonder if it is apart of that strategy. >> lets talk about some of the fallout that he's receiving and he's learning more of him and himself. lets listen in.
1:33 pm
>>. >> it is very peculiar writing style. >> he will say this is what they would have said in the circumstances. it is a little bit of art that he sticks in there that makes it not quite a hard quote. >> so there are some questions about some in accuracies of this book. what more can you tell us? >> there are errors. the errors i found are small. when you see a tiny mistake or reading your local paper, it makes you wonder of the rest of the paper. that's the issue of wolff and the sloppiness. everyone though it is real, it distracting from the broad picture of the painting. michael wolff has a sharp claw and he's a controversial writer. his access is undeniable.
1:34 pm
he was really in the west wing for months and able to observe the white house up close. a lot of what he saw has not been and cannot be refuted. he wrote about the suggestions of the president is not competent and not fit for office. look, cnn has not verified everything in this book which is true. and his temperament has been born out and people were worried about his erratic move and etc. what wolff has done is he's really confirmed and complemented and adding to a little more explicit and wolff writing style is provacative and unusual. that does not mean what he wrote is wrong. >> usa today tried to promote some of his, i guess his
1:35 pm
secrecy. >> he used to work there. watch how they handle him when he was there. >> there is a michael wolff here to see you. >> read michael wolff. thank you lucky stars, he's not writing about you today. >> this is off the record >> really good. >> do we know anything of past controversies. >> the idea of that about ten years ago. the owner of fox news and 20th century of fox. he wrote a flat ritering profilf murdoch. the book that came out about the murdoch empire was not very friendly. murdoch was fieri of the book when it came out. he seems very friendly and i remember this time last year,
1:36 pm
wolff says attack me. the immediamedia was out there him. i am on your side. i am the friendly voice that is here to take your side. he was doing that obviously to warm up to his sources and cozy up to the white house. now, a year later, we see the results, he was able to get inside and he was able to write what it turned out to be adaming illustration of a white house in crisis. you may criticize his tactics saying it was under handed or inappropriate to be out there saying one thing and now saying something very different. now, he did what he had to do to get the story. >> he stands behind and reporting 100% and he also says he has some journals and recording. >> that i am curious about. >> don't we all want to see and hear those. >> brian stelter, thank you, we'll see you. don't forget to watch brian and tomorrow morning on live,
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the white house is denying. in the meantime, sessions is coming under fire for members of his own party cracking down on marijuana. >> miguel marks has more. >> reporter: the republican california is going its own way again. another battle and the world between the world's six largest economy and the trump administration, this time over pot. >> when i first found out, i felt pretty scared. >> jerry kiloh has been working in the medical marijuana business for decades.
1:41 pm
>> we are in day four of recreati recreational sales. this could scare some people from entering into the industry. >> reporter: while sales have been legal in other states, the size of the california market is so big, it will be increasingly difficult for banks and wall street and the federal government could ignore. >> how much have you been stockpiling for recreational sales? >> hundreds of pounds. we are probably between 600 or 800 pounds. >> reporter: just getting started here. he also says given where the country is going, it won't mean much. the long-term trend, do you see this having an effect. >> now, we see a lot of politicians coming out strongly in favor of what the public of
1:42 pm
california has stated they want to have. the republic of california and its voters going its own way on environmental protection, taxes and now cannabis. >> we have to confront the trump administration or their over reach. we are going to protect not just our people but our laws. the thing that made california, the economic engine for the country. >> reporter: politicians across the state is telling the trump administration, if you are trying to stop legal pot, give it your best shot. and so what you are looking at here is marijuana that'll soon be on the market here in california specifically in los angeles. what the big question here is whether or not the attorney general, what he did is he will actually mean anything for this pot or any other in the not too distant future. the u.s. attorney that he appointed recently and that we are already in office have not said a lot, basically saying they'll keep doing what they
1:43 pm
have been doing which is essentially nothing. ana. >> miguel marquez, thank you. >> coming up, president trump says this would not be happening if he had not been so tough on kim jong-un for talks of the north and south korea. and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. they appear out of nowhere. my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions. the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's
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president trump said he's willing to talk over the phone with the country's leader kim jong-un, meanwhile, russia is warning the u.s. not to under line landmark talks between north korea. the two sides is scheduled to meet on tuesday after a diplomatic break this week. a hotline between seoul and pyongyang begins ringing. south korea announcing it will welcome north korea in the upcoming winter games and military exercises of the united states would be postponed until after the olympics. >> cnn, brian todd, has more. >> reporter: a message sent by tax. kim jong-un's regime says it will come to the table and engaging in peace talks with south korean enemies. >> days after holding rallies in pyongyang. it will be the first high level contacts between the rivals in more than two years.
1:48 pm
diplomatic will meet face to face, the day after kim's birthday. the talks will center around the possibility of north korea sending athlete to the winter olympics next month in pyeongchang sou pyeongchang, south korea. american intelligence are viewing these piece with skepticism. those who sat face to face with the north koreans s, say there a good reason for it. >> the first round is usually tough, sometimes even confrontational and often very demanding. we spoken with several former u.s. officials who negotiated directly with the north koreans. they expect kim's diplomat to try to -- to press for economic health and likely demanding for a scaly back of joint u.s. south
1:49 pm
korean military exercises. the bargaining table, the north koreans can befriendly and charming and persuasive and sometimes can turn into gangsters. >> one of the north koreans turn to secretary perry and said to him, we can even turn your home of palo alto into a sea of fire. >> the north koreans have carry out threats made at the bargaining table. >> mike green says in 2003, north korean negotiators told him the u.s. better end its hostile policies towards pyongyang or else. >> four years later, the israeli air force bombed the nuclear reactor being built by the syrians. >> and these diplomats warned be
1:50 pm
ware of north korean promises. >> when the u.s. and north korean struck their big deal in the 1990s. the north koreans promised to stop producing plutoniums but secretly started producing ukrainians instead. >> that was in violation of the agreed framework. we learned that and put it to them. so whether they were being disingenuous, absolutely. >> reporter: if talks go well, they can be helpful and starting to dial back tensions in the region. if the north koreans don't get what they want, kim's regime could test another missiles or find some other way to disrupt the olympics. brian todd, cnn, washington. joining us now, nicklas
1:51 pm
cristoff. >> if i were involved, they would not be talking about olympics right now, they would be doing no talking or much more serious. he knows i am not messing around. not even a little bit or not even 1%. he understands it. at the same time if we can come up with a very peaceful and good solution, we are working on it with rex and working on it with a lot of people. if something can happen and something can come out of those talks, that would be a great thing for all of humanity. >> in this canicholas, does the deserve for credit? >> he has elevated indeed and pyongyang and north korea, you do feel that. on the other hand, it is not clear if those are plausible
1:52 pm
strategy. it seems to be getting north korea to give up of the program. i think he gets credit for putting more pressure on north korea but i don't think it is not really clear where that road goes and to me, we are being a little marginalize as south korea and north korea discussing -- [ inaudible ] >> the president has been criticized for his "fire and fury" comment and talking about having a button but today he seems more measured and he went onto say that he would be willing to have a phone call with the north korean leader. did that surprise you? >> well, boy, president trump is just hot and cold on us and as you remember about a year ago, he was making nice to kim jong-un and in august and september, he threatened to
1:53 pm
totally destroy north korea and he had the latest tweets which were pretty harsh and north koreans when i visited, they could not understand what was going on. they were trying to understand it and again, i think the danger is that of the strategy that they're working towards and there is a risk -- [ inaudible ] >> lets talk about that tweet from the president that got a lot of attention this week, quoting here. will someone from his star regime please inform him that i, too, have a nuclear button but it is much bigger and much more powerful one than his and my button works. in response, the only button on
1:54 pm
trump's desk is to call the valet. how do you think that tweet is viewed not only by our allies but nearly 30,000 troops sanctioned on south korea? >> well, look, i think our allies are pulling out our hair on this issue. >> that's one reason why south korea is negotiating directly will north korea. but, it is also worth noting, did this play right in the hands of north korea. when i was in north korea, i was struck that people had no idea of the university of virginia student who had died there or died shortly after being returned. >> warmbier. >> exactly. >> i think this tweet will be getting a lot of attention in north korea because it fits kim jong-un's narrative.
1:55 pm
he's protecting the country in weapons. [ inaudible ] >> it does not serve any clear objective of what we saw in the problem. >> secretary of state, rex tillerson, sat down with cnn in a rare and exclusive interview, he was asked of his future in the trump's administration, watch. >> i look forward to have a very, very successful 2018. >> for the whole year. >> i tend to be here for the whole year. >> has the president given you any indication that you won't be around for a while? >> none what so ever. >> quickly, what does 2018 looks like for tillerson? >> that he would not be around at the end of the year. he may not have direct signal
1:56 pm
from the white house. he watches cnn and the washington post, he's got plenty of signals in that direction. i don't think he's going to survive and the context of north korea, it is unfortunate. on this issue, working together and trying to reduce the risk of a catastrophic conflict. >> nicklas kristof. thank you very much. >> coming up, the president defending his mental fitness. rt. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. but some of us make somethinge make sommuch more. dinner.
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you are in the "cnn newsroom", i am ana cabrera. 100% proper. the president hosting republican leaders at camp david right now. it is a weekend dedicated to map out the new year's legislative agenda. he tried to prevent attorney general jeff sessions from recusing himself from the russia probe. >> everything that i have done is 100% proper. that's what i do, i do everything proper. collusion is dead because everyone found


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