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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 4, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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we'll be enlisting the help of a lot of countries. there was no collusion, there was no nothing. i'm a very intel against person. one of the great memories of all time. i don't remember much about that meeting. they should be looking at the democrats, at podesta and all of that dishonesty. a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department, including me. >> it's the scariest thing that i've seen happen so far in this
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administration. >> dove communicatioxhu i'm not anyone that did. >> he's perjured himself at least three times.waiver wear o anyone that did. >> he's perjured himself at least three times. >> good morning, happy weekend. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm martin savidge. great to be with you this morning. and this morning president trump starts what has tonight the longest international trip since taking office. and perhaps his most crucial. 12 days, five countries, and multiple high level meetings with world leaders. >> but problems at home are really threatening to overshadow the trip including a russian investigation that is moving closer to the wednesday wing. president trump waking up in hawaii this morning. yesterday he visited with military leaders there and paid his respects at pearl harbor with the first lady you see
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there. and this morning he will leave for japan. he will meet with one of the united states top allies in fighting the nuclear threat from north korea while there. >> and cnn international correspondent alexandra field is live in tokyo ahead of the president's visit. no doubt there will be some very important conversations between president trump and japanese leaders in the coming days. >> reporter: the president himself has called this one of the moss importat important tri president has made. it will be his job to further clarify and gariner support for his administration's policy when it comes to countering the north korean slthreat. it is an important trip indeed and it starts really right here in japan. he will greet some of the troops stationed here as part of the efforts against north korea. but this will also be a trip for him to spend a good deal of time
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with shinzo abe, the two will play a round of golf together, they are also scheduled to have a somewhat informal dinner with both of their lives in tand dance before the more formal meetings take place on monday. there is a close personal relationship between president trump and prime minister abe. prime minister abe was the first foreign leader to visit president trump after he was inaugurated. the two have spoken some 16 times since president trump has taken office. arguably prime minister abe would be president trump's closest ald lie. the two have been very much in lock step when it comes to dealing with north korea. the threat of north korea felt very clearly here in japan, the rogue regime has sent missiles over the northern japanese island twice this year and when the regime pulled off its sixth nuclear test, japan september its sniffer planes up to try to detect any radioactive materials in the atmosphere. that is just how closely the north korean threat is here.
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so these two leaders will have a chance to talk about how to move forward before president trump continues on the other parts of his trip, which will involve visits to south korea and to china where leaders have called for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis, that sometimes stands in contrast to the harsh tone that the president has the tendency to take on twitter when it comes to sending a message to pyongyang. so certainly all eyes will be on the words that he has while he is in the region and also on the tone of which he is speaking to other leaders here. pyongyang will be listening closely to that as well. >> alexandra field, thank you very much for teeing it up quite nicely about the importance of the president's trip. >> the president also has a lot to say about some of his own entities let's say as he prepares to head to asia including the democratic party, his own just disdepartment, the military court. cnn correspondent boris sanchez is live for us. what are yru hear are you heari
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washington? >> reporter: yeah, the president heads to asia as a bit of a delicate time for that white house not only with tensions dangerously high with north korea and a bull luish china, b also you news out of mueller's investigation and dwindling approval numbers. so as we often see the president do, he took to twitter to vent a bit naming some of his favorite are targets including former army sergeant bowe bergdahl after it was announced that bergdahl would not serve prison time for desertion. the president tweeted this writing, quote, the decision on is a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military. the president then taking aim at democrats after allegations from former interim dnc chair donna brazile that there was an unethical agreement between the dna and hillary clinton and allegations from some prominent democrats that the democratic primary was rigged last year, including senator elizabeth
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warren. the president tweeting out, quote, everybody is asking why the justice department and fbi isn't looking into all of the dishonesty going on with hillary and the democrats. at some point the justice department must do what is right. the american public deserves it. these are just two out of a series of tweets. and he also this week several times lamented a lack of influence over the investigations that the department of justice carries out including right in front of reporters before he left for his trip to asia. here is some of what the president said. >> i'm really not involved with the justice department. i'd like to let it run itself, but honestly, they should be looking at the democrats. they should be looking at podesta and all of that dishonesty. they should be looking at a lot of things and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me.
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>> certainly it is untraditional for a president to kind of try to guide investigations at the department of justice or the fbi against his political opponents. it brings up a lot of questions about ethics. one last note, the president also tweeted about meeting those service members in hawaii and one of the few bright spots so far, job numbers. >> boris sanchez, thank you so much. and more former trump campaign officials are revealing links between the trump campaign and russia. jessica schneider takes a look for us. >> reporter: tonight the president remains defy answeria mounting evidence. >> there was no collusion. there was no nothing. >> reporter: in february of this year, he pleaded total ignore wrans. >> you can say whether you are aware that anyone had contacts with russia during the course of
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the election? >> well, are i told you general flynn obviously was dealing so that is one person, but he was dealing as he should have been. >> during the election? >> no, nobody that i know of. >> so you're not aware of any contacts during the course of the election? >> how many times do i have to answer this question? russia is a ruse. i have nothing to do with russia. fwoets to the best of my knowledge, no person that i deal with does. manafort has totally denied it. >> reporter: and tonight paul manafort and rick gates remain under house arrest, the indictment against them was unsealed monday for money laundering and failinging to register as foreign agents. manafort and gates have pleaded not guilty to the charges which stem from their work as lobbyists for a pro-russian ukranian political party and was not related to their work during the campaign. and now attorney general jeff sessions is also coming under increasing fire for answers he gave at several congressional hearings over the past year. >> you don't believe that surrogates from the trump campaign had communications with the russians, is that what you're saying? >> i did not and i'm not aware
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of anyone else that did. and i don't believe it happened. >> it's into the that he has a problem with the truth, i think it's easier to say that he's perjured mts at looefrs threast times. >> reporter: accusations come after revelations from carter page and george papadopoulous. carter page telling cnn that he told congressional investigators he mentioned to sessions a trip he planned to take to russia at the height of the campaign. and in a march 2016 meeting where papadopoulous sat in between then candidate trump and jeff asessions, court documents show papadopoulous told the group he had connections that could help arrange a meeting between then candidate trump and president putin. cam pizer j.d. gordon sitting next to papadopoulous tells cnn donald trump heard him out, but then senator sessions who was a top campaign surrogate shot down the idea of a meeting with putin a source tells cnn. this is video of papadopoulous
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speaking at an event unrelated to the campaign in 2016. president trump are has down played his roll calling him a low level volunteer and a liar. but papadopoulous' disclosures to the fbis as part of his guiy plea are already affecting the administration. and would he have learne've lea manafort and gates case won't happen until may 7, 2018 at the earliest because of the judge are's schedule. prosecutors say it will take at least three weeks for them to lay out their case that means the case will push into the summer, keeping russia into the spotlight as the midterm congressional races heat up. jessica sthchneider, cnn, washington. >> let's discuss this with eugene scott, kelly jane torran torrance, and also page pate. good morning to all of you. president trump is denying of course any connections to russia, yet in the past he has
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said that he has good memory, i think's actually said one of the best memories. so papaige, memory failure, wha does this mean for the investigation? >> well, it's not uncommon for either target a suspect or somebody even involved as a witness in a criminal investigation to not remember something that happened in the past. where you run into trouble is if that memory is something that you've suppressed or you know what happened in the past but you are intentionally misleading investigators. what you say to the press, that won't be subject to prosecution. you can make misstatements, you can falsify thing, you can say i don't remember. but once you start these interviews with either the agents who are working the special council's office or anyone on capitol hill, if you make a false statement there, you can be prosecuted. and we've seen that already happen this week. so i know that the special council will test the memory of these individuals, they are not going to believe folks who say i simply forgot because if you intend to mislead, it's no
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longer a mistake. it's a crime. >> and the president is not the only one with memory failure. we know jeff sessions says he didn't remember either. and i'm wondering would he be asked to retestify given what carter page is now saying? >> i think that is very possible. what we know is that this investigation is ongoing and that it would not be uncommon for those affiliated with mueller to go back and ask followup questions to people they have previously interviewed as more information becomes known based on further interviews. i think what is going doing concerning to the american public although as we just heard this may not directly affect the investigation from the special sell is that voters would like to hear something closer to the lines of, no, this did not happen. or when this came up we shot it down or we said that this is a bad idea. saying things like, well, i cannot recall leaves questions
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for people who are just very concerned about the relationship between the trump campaign and russian officials. >> kelly, on the political ramifications, the possible fallout, could jeff sessions once again be in jeopardy of losing his job? >> it's quite possible. and with bdonald trump, you nevr know. he loves to fire people. but i'm actually surprised that jeff sessions didn't just come out and say what happened and claims he doesn't remember it because incredibly to me this story actually makes jeff sessions look good. he shot george papadopoulous down immediately when he suggested that trump and putin meet. and he has to be the most sensible person in that room to have done so. the president actually listening and thinking about this obviously being a political outsider, he doesn't realize what it looks like and how it is possibly against the law for an american to meet with a foreign leader and discuss possible american policy and what he will do about it before he is elected.
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>> we have barely scratched the surface. kelly, eugene, paige, stay with us. a lot more politics to discuss right after the break. it's been a tough week to new york after that terror attack earlier this week. and this of course coming just days before what is happening tomorrow, one of the city's most celebrated events, the new york city marathon. what the mayor is saying about keeping everyone safe tomorrow. plus after losing his job, getting honors rescinded and facing worldwide disgrace, there may be new legal treouble for harvey weinstein and we're not talking about a lawsuit. that is just ahead. just like the people every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help
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an academic reason, is that right? >> yes. >> okay. did anyone ever approach you who may have thought you were with the trump campaign in any way to try to get to the trump campaign? >> no requests for anything. you know, some people may have known, but it was nothing. >> did anybody ever say to you anything about, may, you know, here in russia, we have some stuff that might help you? >> absolutely not in that sense, no. >> and when you got back there your trip to russia which was academic in nature, what did you tell people on the trump team about your trip? >> i just mentioned that there was in general from things you would hear in the media enthusiasm for a warming in u.s./russia relations. >> eugene, your reaction. >> my first thought is i'm still
4:20 am
surprised that carter page continues to do these interviews in a way that could perhaps cause frustration with the campaign and perhaps maybe cause trouble for him later. what is really important though is that he was not forthcoming about his speaker actions with mueller. >> and i listened to that and there were a couple points where he stumbled when he was asked whether somebody asked him specifically -- eches like he w no, no the really. >> yeah, that is very telling, isn't it. and that's why i agree with eugene, you have to wonder why is he doing these interviews. but he says it's nothing that he went to russia. if somebody in the government wants to go to russia, they have to get permission and it's a serious matter about a of rubec
4:21 am
stance toward the united states. he wasn't part of government then, but he was a foreign policy adviser to a presidential candidate. the fact that he didn't seem to think that it was a serious thing that he was taking a trip to a country that by the way there is evidence that they spy on americans when they are in that country, it's quite incredible. he's either being very misleading or it's my eefnaive. and you have to woun wonder about the judgment of a candidate who put this guy on his team. >> the thing is, he characterized this meeting and we should point it out with russian deputy prime minister in moscow, it happened july 16th, during a economic at the new economic school, and he characterized it just as look, this was kind of a hello in passing. it was nothing. eugene, is it possible that he's there for academic reasons and some sort of speech and he
4:22 am
doesn't understand in that moment the ramifications? >> if he was there for academic reasons, not only is that possible, critics will say that is likely. even if he wasn't doing anything remotely inappropriate in russia, the fact that he would decide to go to russia during this campaign considering how big of an issue it was and mention this conversation to multiple people that he has connections there and could possibly be involved in some conversations, it seems to avoid the very appearance of something problematic to people. there seems on to be a businewh dom issue. >> and we understand that a trial is set for manafort and gates on i made 7. manafort's attorneys we understand plan tole cha think t challenge the legal basis. do you see a spring board for that, is there is a legal
4:23 am
loophole? >> not really. and it's very difficult on to challenge the merits of a criminal case before it goes to trial. it's common to challenge search warrants like the once used in connection with mr. manafort's case. i'm certain that the lawyers will challenge that warrant that was executed at his home. but the actual basis of the charge is a matter for trial. so on most judges will listen to the arguments, review the motions, but they won't decide whether somebody is guilty or not guilty. they will leave that to the jury. but there are some unique charges in this indictment. i do believe nat special dothat counsel's office is pushing the envelope on the false statement charges and money laundering being based on a tax crime that is not in the indictment. so it is complicated. i'm certain that we will see pretrial challenges, but ultimately i think it will go to trial or result in a guilty plea. >> we know that they are planning to tral think evidence that they say was improperly
4:24 am
obtained by search rnt with war subpoenas. if there is a search warrant, how is something improperly obtained? >> if you challenge a search warrant, there are a variety of different arguments you can make. but the most common was is there wasn't probable cause to get that warrant before you executed it. in other words what you had in investigation was not enough to knock down my front door in the case here. so they will challenge probable cause. they may also challenge warrant. it was too broad. a subpoena, you don't have the ability to challenge, but they focus i think on the search warrant. >> and mr. manafort's attorney says he didn't pose a risk of flight, but the house did give him house arrest there in virginia. what is interesting to me, doesn't pose a serious risk of
4:25 am
flight. what does he pose, does he pose a possible risk of flight. it was just an odd language to use. what do you make of that precarious verbiage? >> i think everybody in a serious criminal case poses some risk of flight, right in they are facing a lot of time in prison and most judges when considering detention or bond l. say that. but it has to be more than that. they have to look at the facts of the case, resources of the defendant and if i let you out, will you skip the country, will you show back up to court. i think there was enough here if the government really wanted to push the issue to try to deny him bond. so i think mr. manafort is lucky he is out on bond even though it's home arrest. >> all right. we appreciate you all so much. thank you. north korea national security, trade. a packed agenda for president trump as he begins his asia trip this morning. but could the whole russia investigation overshadow his progress and his hopes of trying to mend fences and do business a
4:26 am
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good morning. i'm critz chrhristi paul. >> and i'm martin savidge. >> president trump is waking up in hawaii, leaving for japan today, the first stop on his 12 day five nation trip. that is where he will be heating with the japanese prime minister. and on the docket certainly is north korea. >> but of course the president's travels come amid the ever widening russia probe and his mounting public criticisms of
4:31 am
the justice department. but yesterday he and the first lady paid respects at pearl harbor, they liedaid a wreath inside the memorial and took a tour of the site. more than 60 women have made a assault or harassment accusations against movie mogul harvey weinstein. but now one case in particular may make a difference in bringing the suspected serial predator to justice. a new york police source says the allegations from this actress paz dee la de la huerta result in criminal charges. brynn gingras has more about it. >> reporter: there are open investigations against harvey weinstein in new york, l.a. and london. but now the nypd says it has case that could actually put weinstein behind bars. a new york police department source says that this is the
4:32 am
strongest chance of bringing criminal charges against harvey weinstein. >> we have an actual case here. >> reporter: 33-year-old actress paz de la huerta best known for her role in empire says weinstein raped her on two separates occasions in late 2010. detectives say she is creditable because -- >> the ability to articulate each and every movement of the crime, where she was, where they met, where this happened, what he did. >> reporter: de la huerta says she first met weinstein when she was 14 acting inside her house rules a movie he produced. so 12 years ratlater when weinsn offered to give her a ride home from the club, she says she didn't feel uncomfortable until they were in her new york city apartment. she told cnn her story on the phone. >> he pulled my dress up and unzipped his pants and he raped me. >> reporter: and she says it happened again nearly two months later.
4:33 am
>> the first time i was in just complete shock and it just happened so quickly. the second time, i was terrified of him in a million ways that i knew how to say no said no. >> reporter: weinstein's representative did not respond to cnn's he request for comment regarding de la huerta's allegations. but through a spokeswoman, he has repeatedly denied any allegations ever nonconsensual sex. more than 60 women have accused him of sexual harassment or assault. and nypd source says the rape hotline has fielded dozens of calls about wean, but de la huerta's case stands out because it fits within the statute of limitations. >> this person was still in new york and it was recent. we would make the arrest no doubt. but we're talking about seven-year-old case and we have to move forward. >> reporter: de la huerta says she has been working with police and the manhattan district attorney's office on gathering evidence including accounts from her friend and a therapist who she confided in after the
4:34 am
alleged attacks. the d.a.'s office would only say a senior sex crimes prosecutor is assigned to this investigation. >> i'd like to see him go to jail. i think he's a rapist. he's gotten away with it for too many years. it would be nice imagine that justice exists. >> reporter: earlier this week i reported the source said they have one other open case against weinstein in new york. >> thank you so much. so let's get the legal aspect of this with our legal analyst. got a lot to discuss today. first of all, without physical evidence in this particular case, what is the most valuable element for new york prosecutors? >> the testimony of the victim. a lot of people don't realize this, but in most rape prosecutions, sexual assault prosecutions, there usually isn't any physical corroborating evidence. if it's something that happened
4:35 am
in the last 12, 24 hour, they may do a rape kit or collect physical evidence to corroborate the victim's testimony, but especially when we're talking about a historical case, a case that goes back several years, are you usually just going to have the victim's testimony. so it will be a she said/he said type of situation. >> the last we heard harvey weinstein i believe was in arizona seeking treatment is what his people said. if he is out of state, how does new york get him back if charges are filed? >> well, it's simple. it takes some time. they have to first get an arrest warrant from a judge in new york. and then they have to seek extradition from arizona. so they will send that warrant to the authorities in arizona. they will arrest him in arizona, hold him there, have a brief hearing, a short hearing and then move back him to this morning to face the charges. >> we keep hearing him saying his contention is that any allegations of nonconsensual sex were wrong. >> sure. >> is his defense that he thought it was consensual? is that all he's got?
4:36 am
will. >> it sounds that way. and again, that is commonly the defense you have in these cases because you don't want to try to say, well, i wasn't with her at this time because there will probably be witnesses or other evidence that can document that they were together. so it is common, in fact if not the most common one of the most common defenses is, yeah, we did it, but she wanted do it. and so consent becomes a major issue in almost sexual assault case. >> of course we're hearing this morning that netflix is not going to be involved with any further production of "house of cards" that includes kevin spacey as all the news has come out about sexual harassment and assault allegations against him in the last week. he is seeking unspecified treatment. i don't know what that means. do you have any idea what that means and does it make him vulnerable to lawsuits? because he did get on instragram and essentially apologize to one alleged victim this week. >> he is already vulnerable to lawsuits. the one protection that people like kevin spacey have is that most states have statutes of
4:37 am
limitations for civil cases that are different for criminal cases. so i believe in california the time period is like five years. so if you don't file suit after the incident happens within that five year period, you can't ever sue him. but some people still proceed with those cases thinking, well, he's a high profile guy, maybe he'll give me some money just to avoid having this play out in the media. a lot of times we'll see people who are in that position who think the civil suit is coming or maybe even a criminal charge trying to seek the treatment. the unspecified treatment, which maybe he needs it, maybe it's beneficial, but i think it's more geared towards, look, if i had a problem i'm addressing it. and sometimes i can help you negotiate a criminal case as far as punishment, but not avoid it. >> all right. we so appreciate your insight this morning on all things today. thank you. well, we want to tell you about more sniper teams, observation teams, thousands of officers along a route here. we're talking about new york
4:38 am
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savings card holders pay as little as $0 for three bottles. start saving today at -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website, progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. i mean, why would i replace this? it's not broken. let's talk about new york city and the marathon tomorrow. obviously heightened security steps being taken in the wake of the terror attack that killed eigh eight. bill de blasio says they are
4:43 am
using all resources available. >> we have people here from all over the globe. our message is we will keep them safe and working very closely and very well with our federal and state partners and there is an extensive amount of effort being made and additional resources being used to keep everyone safe. once again i assure all new yorkers there are no credible or specific threats against the marathon or against new york city. >> 50,000 runners, half a million people expected to watch. we will be there tomorrow to cover it live. tensions of course are high on the korean peninsula as president trump takes his first official trip to asia. what is it like to be right on the front lines? here is brooke baldwin with a look at the people who live and work there every day. >> i visit north korea almost every day except for -- >> is that crazy? >> a little crazy. >> say that again. you visit north korea -- >> almost every day.
4:44 am
>> almost every day. >> yes, ma'am. you can hear me now? we're heading over to checkpoint three, same rules do apply. >> reporter: how do you explain to americans back in the states what you do day to on day? >> i provide security for people that would like to come toward the dmz. ladies and gentlemen, my name is private first class roberts son. i will be your security expert. before we get started, i'll ask you a couple questions. is anybody currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol at this time? no? and does anyone feel like defecting toward north korea today? no? okay. cool. all right where >> reporter: where two you live? >> ysa, joints security area. so right now i'm only about 2 kilometers away from north korea. i can hear propaganda music that they play almost every night. can everyone hear me? welcome to conference row. this is is the official meeting place between north korea and south korea or the uchlts nc nc.
4:45 am
the silver and gray buildings belong to the k tchpa or north korea. follow me please. >> reporter: this is when you walk over the line into north korea. >> the mike growns that you scr and monday towards 24 hours a day. so those of you standing on my left are now standing in north korea while the rest of you on my right are stilt relatively safe with me in the republic of korea. >> what does it feel to be standing in north korea? >> the same. >> reporter: why did you want to join the army? >> on veterans day, we do a parade in my hometown and i remember it was the first time i are went to this parade. just seeing those guys walk the roads in my town, i just had a lot of respect for the sacrifices that they gave up. >> you are 19. >> yes, ma'am. >> prior to coming to south korea, had you ever left the country? >> no, ma'am. i've only been to maybe 13 states inside the u.s., but
4:46 am
never outside of the country. >> do you sometimes get home sick? >> i think every here would get a little homesick, but every here, we're also close to each other. so everyone here is willing to help out each other in a hard time. ready? >> so it's friday night and you hit the gym. i mean do you ever think about what your friends back home would be doing on a friday night versus where we're sitting right now? >> i'm pretty confident that my friends would still be going to the gym. i hang out with guys who lift all the time. >> what were you thinking when you're almost nose to 2340ez with nose with a north korean soldier? >> in my head, they were these warriors. and when i saw them, i was like man, all right, not what i had in mind, but okay. these guys are like 5'2", 100
4:47 am
pounds tops. so i'm like being on, well, you guys are the ones that is the boogeyman. cool. nice to meet you. i'm three times your size. >> do you feel like the tensions have increased between the sides? >> we always maintain a readiness here. so it doesn't really feel any different when tensions do rise or when they fall. we are always ready in case something were to happen. >> what is your message to americans back home who are worried about americans like you so close to north korea? >> i would say to just pray for on us really. just pray for the fwhaes no bes altercation will happen and hopefully something good will come out of this. and meenanwhile georgia's football team tops the rankings and do i wire is there. >> yeah, how lucky am i?
4:48 am
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. i was just explaining at break that my wife is a huge lebron james fan, and normally she will scream her lungs out for games. last night, her husband had to sleep. >> lessons in self-control, people. yes! because he was lighting it up yet again. another record in the process. coy wire!
4:53 am
tell us all about it. we were probably in bed and we missed it. >> show you a little of highlights from last night. how many crown jewels does king james have now? that thing must be getting heavy. youngest player ever to reach 29,000 points in this career. just the seventh ever in his career to do it. just 32 years old, playing in the about more than half his life, 15 seasons. joining a list like kobe brian, michael jordan. he was humbled to be even mentioned in the same sentence with those legends. here we are, college game day, university of georgia in athens. number one ranked team in the nation. now, i've played on some top-ranked teams in my days and felt the pressure, but was never number one. you can only imagine what these guy, feeling and this is the
4:54 am
social media age. here 24/7. former uvla legend got to talk to them. you could see the hunger in their eyes. you think the team was excited? how about the cavern istudents? as i was walking here, guys, so excited, people still out in the streets partying. the students better get their rest, because game time's coming soon. 3:30 south carolina, first time out on the field as the number one team ranked in the nation. a good, good, day here in athens. >> and he's there for the whole thing. coy, thank you. both bush presidents are now speaking freely in a new book. one calls donald trump a blow hard and the other says the current president doesn't know what it means to hold that office. that's next hour.
4:55 am
4:56 am
4:57 am
now, you know nothing beats the joy and the stress of being a new parent. in this "taking care of our house" jaclyn howard checks out digital ways to lighten the load. >> reporter: several companies make smart pass fiser that double as thermometers this one by pacify. >> what did you think? >> actually really easy to sync to your phone. wasn't a shape he's not as familiar with, but i can get it in his mouth and get him to take his temperature. >> even if tracking a baby's temperature or any kind of thermometer we want to know what the baby looks like and how the baby is acting not so much the number of the temperature itself. >> reporter: this onesy tracks the baby's heartrate, breathing and movement. our new mom gave this a try.
4:58 am
favorite feature, tracking her baby's feeding time. >> i am on top of making sure he's eating at those times. having that built into the app is cool, it helps you keep track of your baby's feeding. >> reporter: remember, it's not a substitute for adult supervision. it has to go hand in hand with something an adult would provide. "taking care of your health" brought to you by -- america's biopharmaceutical companies. go boldly. the mirror everyday. when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure.
4:59 am
what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter. morgan stanley
5:00 am
people are going to have great success. talking about obviously north korea, enlisting a lot of help and countries. >> there was no collusion. there was no nothing. >> i'm a very intelligent person. >> one of the great memories of all-time. >> i don't remember much about that meeting. >> they should be looking at the democrat


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