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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 19, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i'm wolf blitzer and it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. wherever you are watching, thanks very much for joining us. a defiant debut. president trump telling the united nations the u.s. would destroy north korea calling kim jung un a rocket man on a suicide mission. the reaction to his speech pouring in. plus, catastrophic maria an extremely dangerous category 5 hurricane leaving destruction in its wake and closing in on puerto rico. the forecast is coming up. listening in, the president's former campaign chairman wire tapped by the feds and a period when he was known to talk to president trump. the details on this cnn exclusive report. all of that coming up.
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first, it was blunt and at times blistering in his first speech before the united nations, president trump condemned the nuclear agreement with iran and delivered a very stark warning to north korea's leader. >> the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the united states is ready, willing, and able, but hopefully this will not be necessary. the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions. the united states has ever entered into. frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you have heard the last of it.
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believe me. >> the president said the u.s. will do its part in dealing with global issues, but the main focus is to look out for its own interests. >> as president of the united states, i will always put america first. just like you as the leaders of your countries will always and should always put your countries first. the united states will forever be a great friend to the world and especially to its allies, but we can no longer be taken advantage of or enter into a one-sided deal where the united states gets nothing in return. as long as i hold this office, i will defend america's interest above all else. >> let's go to the chief national security correspondent who joins us from outside the united nations.
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this was a no holds barred speech. how did it play among the gathering of world leaders? >> i will tell you that comment and that threat to north korea sparks an enormous reaction. i spoke to a senior diplomat who said that he and diplomats around him were taken aback like a wind had gone through the room when the president uttered those words we will totally destroy north korea. there were rumblings to hear an american president threaten in so many words to obliterate another country. truly remarkable. with the iran threat somewhat different, a sense in the room that this is an american president who may withdraw from the iran nuclear deal, but words about north korea particularly sparked a reaction in that room. audible gasps i'm told.
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extremely unusual and emotional reaction. >> the president was criticized for referring to the north korean leader, kim jong un as rocket man. he did so in a tweet. how did that end up in the formal address before the united nations? >> it's interesting. we saw the president import his twitter diplomacy to the floor of the united nations general assembly and it's our understanding that the president himself wanted that language in there. he wanted to double down on the description. he likes to have descriptions whether it's crooked hillary or others, but rocket man seems to be his favorite one for kim jong un now. those words on any other day might have been the most marked remarkable to people in the room, but when he took that next step of saying that we will totally destroy a country, that's the that stood out to many in the room. >> he doubled down on that when
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he said rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime. the united states is ready, willing, and able. at the united nations, thanks very much. let's get more on the un address. christian amanpour, what's the reaction to the possibility of the united states dumping the iran nuclear deal? >> it's not a very good reaction. anybody you talk to here, particularly the country who is signed up and were instrumental in negotiating that deal that took a period of nearly two years to say while it may not be the best in the world, it is something that gives us nuclear security around the country, iran that the world had been very frightened or concerned about the nuclear ambitions. hence 10 years or more of the most draconian international sanctions be placed on iran and
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now you have this deal. i spoke to the president of france. his first interview outside of france since taking office. he is almost like the new face of multilateralism and globalization and sticking and fighting for the liberal world order that is underpinned our world order since world war ii. this is what he said about the prospect of withdrawing from the iran deal. >> i think it would be a big mistake. i don't think this iran bill or nuclear deal with iran is everything about how to deal with iran. if president trump considers it's not sufficient, i do agree with that. we have this deal and i think that the out come of this deal is that now we have the money to reprocess with international agency following the situation.
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i think that it's better than nothing. okay? why? if we stop with this and just stop with the agreement, we will enter into a situation that is similar to the north korean situation before what happened this summer. >> so basically what he was saying is what we all know. there has not been even a fraction of the time and energy and diplomatic skills spent on the real live nuclear weapons program as there has been on iran's nuclear program and they stopped it before there was any weapons development. this is a very, very crucial situation and the rest of the world does not want to see iran's deal ripped up and to allow iran to say what it said. if that happens, it will go back to enriching uranium again. i happen to know that the north koreans are angry about what trump said in the security
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council today. i have sources who indicated that one way or the other. they are angry and indicated that to my team. secondly i would say on trump's wording about north korea, yes, it was more nicknamed rocket man, but the same thing that general mattis the defense secretary said about north korea when they launched the 6th test. if the united states is threatened, we will respond with massive and overwhelming force. that is the same kind of thing that president trump said today. he was careful to say if we are threatened. back to you. >> let me go to david gregory. he said if the united states is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. you don't often hear that at a united nations event. >> for good reason. it's frightening to hear an
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american president talk about obliterating a country. it was frightening and got controversial to a lot of people and he didn't go that far. i think the audience was who was in the room. namely russia and china and those who could influence the north to say we don't want to do this, but we will do something differently than successive administrations have done and we have not been able to deter north korea. whether it's a preemptive attack. you have to make it painful for north korea or you are forcing us into a corner. >> you are right. the message while delivered to the north korean delegation that is in the front row at the united nations general assembly and directioned towards china and russia. both don't want to see all out war. millions of north korean refugees would pour into china and they don't want to see that.
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there is a warning to both russia and china and you can do more to prevent that scenario from unfolding. >> this was an appeal to the collective action part to tighten the screws or this this case the fuel oil, for example. to really make north korea hurt because the united states doesn't want war and china doesn't. the question is what is it that north korea is after? what you heard in the days before are signals that they want direct dialogue. the north presumably wants because it wants to be recognized as a nuclear power. this is trump as a strong man that he fashions himself as. my concern about the broader tone of the speech is that it really did push aside the idea of collective action and america as the leader of that collective action internationally and seemed to fortify the people who said i will look after the interests of my. whatever country that is from america to russia.
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>> all the other countries who have diplomatic ties with north korea, he warned to stop it and stop it quickly. we will have a lot more with david gregory, but we have another breaking story. hurricane maria set to slam into puerto rico as a category 5. it could be devastating and could be the strongest and most devastating hurricane to ever hit a u.s. territory. the governor there warning people to get out while they can as they prepare for potentially catastrophic damage. the prime minister in dominica had to be rescued from his own home and posting this dire warning. initial reports of of widespread devastation. we lost all of what money can buy and replace. she is tracking hurricane maria
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for us and gained a lot of strength and very quickly. do we know where it will make landfall when it reaches puerto rico in the next day or so? >> the best guess is going to be on the tourn tisouthern tier. it is 160 mile per hour sustained winds. consistently. the gusts have been upwards of 195 miles per hour. it is getting close enough that we can see the storm on the puerto rican radar. you can see the outer bans coming into the virgin islands and into puerto rico and here in these last couple of frames. you can start to see the eyewall on the radar. as it gets closer, more outer bans will fill in. here is the storm. still a category five storm. as it continues over the open water, it is expected to remain a category five storm. then as it gets closer to puerto
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rico, it's going to be on the verge of category four, category five strength between 150 and 160 miles per hour. 150 would make it a category 4 and 160 would make it a category five. you are talking semantics because it's less than a 10 mile per hour difference, but it's an incredibly strong storm as it crosses over puerto rico. it heads towards the turks and caicos. we talked about all different scenarios, but it looks like it will be back out over open water. any impacts, we have to wait a few more days. we are days out from now. >> we will see if the forecast develops over the next seven days. thank you very much. let's go to cnn in san juan, puerto rico for us as the territory prepares for the worst. the island has not fully recovered from irma. how are they preparing for what's coming next?
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>> this is the line for ice. these are people who have come towards this town just right near san juan. they have been waiting in line for hours to get ice. why is ice such a big deal? many believe that the power will be gone and assuming that many have gotten power back and they are pitching to limit the amount of ice. [speaking foreign language] she told me they will close it down at 6:00 tonight. and they have a few more hours to get ice. let me get back to the point i was making. power is a big deal. the power system here not great
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because of the economic crisis. it lacks maintenance and as a result there are thousands of people without power since hurricane irma. the economic crisis here, $70 billion in debt on this u.s. territory. these are u.s. citizens not only dealing with the storm and the weather system coming in, but the economic crisis that is looming over. the governor said it's important to get out of the flood prone areas and out of wooden houses and they worry about rebuilding. >> this could be awful indeed. thank you very much. layla santiago, good luck to the folks there. >> the president's former campaign chairman was wire tapped by the u.s. government. the question is now why and was
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the get tapping the phone of a top trump campaign official and raising the question did paul manafort invite the russians to mess with the u.s. presidential election. we are here to explain all of this and the crime and justice reporter who broke the story along with pamela brown and evan perez. talk about the surveillance and when it started. >> surveillance began in 2014 when paul manafort was under investigation for work he was doing for the ukrainian ruling party at the time. there was suspicious activity
10:21 am
and the ukrainians were under investigation for corruption and the fbi went to the fisa court and asked for a warrant to start conducting surveillance and listening in on his phone calls. that is when the fbi first started listening in and conducting surveillance of paul manafort. >> did we know of any of the communications with donald trump were captured either before or after he won the election? >> we don't know. simply put, we just don't know and none of our sources seem to know. what was going on is after the fbi opened its investigation into trump associates and the whole russia medaling investigation, is the some point they went back to the fisa court and asked for another warrant and there they began surveillance of paul manafort again. this time in relation to the russia medaling investigation and we are told that that warrant, that eavesdropping and
10:22 am
the fisa warrant continued into early of this year well into the president's term in office and president trump was known to speak to manafort at the time. it is possible that the communications were captured by the fbi. >> reporting, thanks very much and another part of the investigation took a strange turn with the abrupt cancellation of the appearance of trump's personal lawyer and long time confidant, cohen. he was supposed to face serious questions from investigators from the senate intelligence committee. he is up on capitol hill. tell the viewers what happened. >> certainly an odd morning here on capitol hill. he appeared prepared to answer questions and he sat in the hearing room for more than an hour and left abruptly afterwards saying that the
10:23 am
committee decided to postpone the hearing. listen to what he said e merging from the hearing room. >>s this is a question you will have to ask the senate. >> with a request of the senate intelligence postpone and i will be back and look forward to getting all the information. what we learned is that there was dispoint because cohen preempted his appearance by releasing the statement that he prepared to read to the committee and we are told he is learning the committee members were upset by the way that jared kushner had done that earlier in the year. he did not want to preempt at all and both the committee letters from the republican and democratic side, mark warp eward
10:24 am
richard burr. they said we are disappointed he decided to preempt the interview by releasing a public statement prior to the engagement with the staff in spite of the request he refrain from public comment. as a result we declined to move forward with the interview and will reskrul mr. cohen's appearance in open session at a date in the near future. wolf, that is significant. his appearance was behind closed doors and would answer questions from committee staff and not be under oath. it appears that republicans and democrats want him back up on the hill in open session and under oath. in fact i talked to senator blumenthal from connecticut and he said it's imperative that the next time cohen appears he does so in open session. wolf? >> thanks very much. let's discuss this and more with the panel and our analyst, david
10:25 am
gregory is with us. our national security and legal analyst and attorney susan hennessy is with us and michael is also a former follow prosecutor who was robert mueller's assistant at the department of justice. i will start with how significant the developments are starting with the wire tapping of paul manafort, the campaign chairman. >> the fact that he was the chairman shows you how aggressively the connections of being pursued and reaches to the chairman someone so close to then candidate and then president-elect trump. it's extremely significant. we have been able to glean that they are focusing on potential obstruction of justice and the financial investigation with the trump enterprises as well. in addition those contacts and the attempt to manipulate the election results working in
10:26 am
cahoots with the russians. that's the level in three different directions that is very aggressive and intense and coupled with what we know publicly and the fact that the president and others have been less than truthful about that this and he fired the fbi director because he didn't like the way the investigation was going. >> it's pretty extraordinary. your former agency attorney that not once, but twice they got a fisa court order and twice they got permission to wire tap paul manafort, an american citizen. >> in two distinct circumstances they were able to show a judge probable cause. that paul manafort was the agent of a foreign power. the way that is defined involves the possibility of their being criminal conduct. these are really serious allegations and the mere fact that a judge thought there was enough to issue a warrant in two circumstances. the other question is the intervening thing that donald trump saw fit to hire him as his
10:27 am
campaign chair. it does raise questions about the president's judgment and some of the questions about the contacts and behavior in the ukraine were known prior to the time he was hired to the trump campaign. it raises questions about the preexisting warrant and the reissuance. >> there is no assurance that the trump campaign or donald trump as a private citizen knew that paul manafort was under a fisa surveillance. >> he was not aware that there was a fisa warrant had been issued, but there was public reporting about the troubling nature of some of these connections. in fact the revelation of this ledger purportedly transferring funds into the ukraine and paul manafort had to step down. >> the "new york times" is reporting that the special counsel robert mueller and his team told manafort when they searched his house and went through his house and documents
10:28 am
that he is a target of this investigation and probably will be indicted. >> that's what they are saying. this summer has been a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day for paul manafort. his house and storage locker is searched. his lawyer is given a grand jury subpoena and spokesperson is given a grand jury subpoena. she subject to a fisa warrant and told he is a target. it's a bad time for him and the issue that they will have to determine ultimately is does paul manafort have information that is relevant to their investigation as to others so they can work out a deal with him for testimony and move up the food chain, if you will. >> that raises the possibility that your former boss is engaged in what they call shock and awe treatment not only of manafort, but others to get them to cooperate. >> that's right. i think that's what prosecutors
10:29 am
often do is leverage people to get testimony that they otherwise don't have access to. an easy way to do that is charge them with provable crimes. in this case manafort is under investigation for money laundering possibilities in new york by the state ag and under investigation by tax violations for federal authorities and under investigation for failure to register as a foreign agent. lots of things that he is vulnerable to that they can say look, this is a straight forward case. i can charge you and you can spend five years in prison or we can make a deal. >> you have michael flynn who has all these ties to foreign powers including russia. a president-elect and before that a candidate who seemed unconcerned with the fact that there was evidence that russia wanted him to be president and was seeking to influence the out come of the election. that kind of pressure that could be put on manafort now can yield
10:30 am
results and by the way, the wire tapping starts when the fbi is run by jim comby and the president said i fired because he didn't like how he was investigating the russia connection. you put this together and it should be really troubling. >> the michael cohen being questioned by investigators from the senate intelligence and he released a statement that all of us have read by now and they said he will come back another time in open session. do you understand why these senate intelligence investigators wouldn't at least want to question him for a few hours? >> my best guess is they came to them as a matter of courtesy. cohen was not going to speak to the media. those are the rules of the road. it's important to have mutual trust and voluntary
10:31 am
conversations and for cohen to breech it right out of the gate, you can see how he will be interested in open testimony. that makes them far more accessible and it's reasonable for them to say the ground rules. >> you understand why they wouldn't at least want to take advantage of michael cohen and question him for four or five hours and he may not be under oath and you cannot lie to a senate committee, that's perjury. >> that's right. i would say let's go forward. he did breech the protocol that is wrong, but we have him here. he has important information to tell us about trump's russia doles for the trump moscow property. let's get it and say to him later, do you that again to us
10:32 am
and there will be more consequences for you. >> surprising to me too. i assume to you too. they have a million questions they want to ask him about donald trump and the campaign and russian medaling and what were you doing trying to build trump tower in moscow in the middle of the campaign? you think they would want to get the answers and say you know what, he released a statement saying he didn't do anything wrong. >> he is trying to influence the news coverage and you can't see the questions he asked. clearly they rather than get what usable material they could get, they don't like that being done and would rather force them into open session when he can be cross examined rather than trying to influence the coverage. it gets to how these committees and how open session is used to make arguments about which way the investigation is going or made conclusions about what the facts tell us. >> usually they want to have
10:33 am
closed sessions and get as much as possible. when their pobosses ask questio, they will do a better job at open session. we can get into this down the road. >> you think his counsel would tell himself he is putting himself in jeopardy. apparently counsel felt otherwise. >> guys, thanks very much. the president of the united states is at a luncheon hosted by the secretary general. we will see if they say anything and continue to monitor that. we heard the president's tough speech. he is speaking right now, we are told. let's listen in as they look like they will raise glasses and have a toast. >> thank you very much, mr. secretary general. i have to say that as someone born and raised in new york it is a great honor to have the united nations in new york and
10:34 am
always has been. for years i have been a critic, but i have also been somebody that said that the united nations has tremendous potential. under your leadership and i have seen what you have done and working with nikki haley and she made so many friends here and rex tillerson has been a fixture here. we are working very hard to solve world problems, but there is no better forum and can be no better forum and certainly there can be no better location where everybody comes together. i want to congratulate you. the word is potential. the potential of the united states in terms of what it's done is good, but we can do better. the potential of the united nations is unlimited. i really believe and i met your representatives and i know you well, you are going to do things that will be epic.
10:35 am
i certainly hope you will, but i feel very, very confident. i want to toast everybody in the room. let's give this as a toast to the potential and the great, great potential of the united nations. thank you all for being here. thank you very much. >> there you have it. toasting the potential of the united nations. david gregory is with us. normally with a toast like that, they raise their glasses and there is a round of applause. i didn't hear the applause. >> this is a crowd that i don't think the president has won over. he is making an essential point that i think is very much in keeping with his philosophy and some of the criticisms he made with the un overtime. it's very much consistent with a message that brought him into the presidency. i will call the institutions out
10:36 am
for not doing a good enough job and not pulling their weight if it has to do with nato that is detonato or agreements that are bad. that's a controversial position and he has a lot of people who support that. look at the problems we have been having with north korea going back to the 90s. bill clinton negotiated a position. this is consistent with a tough approach to the united nations. he is not very diplomatic about it, he has been a critic, but there is potential to work together. that's what the supporters will say was a win today and he will have other conservatives in the establish say yeah, the united nations have been coming up short for a long time. >> he has been getting support from his base and the republican establishment. people like what they heart, but a lot of people are criticizing. the republican base and people who elected him president were pleased by his tough words today as far as north korea and iran
10:37 am
and radical islamic terrorism which he cited at the same time. thanks very much. meanwhile, there is a new republican effort right now to overturn obamacare and getting momentum and why this bill would have a dramatic impact on america's entire health care system. we will update you on that. after insuling and be rrating h, he is trying to mend fences with some in private. severe rheumatoid arthritis? do what i did. ask your doctor about humira. it's proven to help relieve pain and protect joints from further irreversible damage in many adults. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 20 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. that's the situation for senate republicans as they attempt to rally support to repeal and replace obamacare. after several failures from simple repeals to skinny plans as they were called, this effort
10:42 am
could be the most extreme yet. our correspondent phil matingly is on capitol hill that would make major changes to medicaid and preexisting coverage while transforing more of the decision making power to the states and taking the decisions away from the federal government. talk about the new plan where support stands right now and why the process seems to be very much rushed this time. >> it's a compressed time table, but it has to be. senate republican fist they want to pass this repeal and replace effort, the latest repeal and replace effort, they have to do it by september 30th if they want to pass with just a majority vote because of budget rules and that's the only way repeal and replace can move forward. now it's back. it's extremely important for senators right now to get their heads around this. that's what they're doing in a closed door meeting right now. the vice president is working through the details. as you noted, this is a dramatic
10:43 am
shift in how the u.s. does health care and how the systems would be worked out. there are a couple of things that you will find very familiar to past republican plans. it repeals the independent mandate and the individual mandate and employer mandate. it would put an end to obamacare's medicaid expansion and defund for one year planned parenthood. here's where things get different. they are trying to get their heads around what it would do. it would maintain the majority of obamacare's taxes and take the medicaid expansion money and split it up with all 50 states via block grants. thises something conservatives like to decide how the systems would work. this would mean combined with the changes to the overall program ending the fact that it's an entitlement. there would be reductions in
10:44 am
spending. they are given a lot of flexibility. you could not bar somebody from getting a plan because of a preexisting continue, but the states would have the ability to get the opportunity to increase prices based on the waivers they would provide. as you go through those things, a lot of those are the primary issues that sanction past efforts on getting this through beforehand. the real question now for republican senators who are very aware that this is it, the last chance. what's more important? delivering on a promise or sticking to the statements they made in the past? >> they can't afford to lose more than two republican senators and it doesn't look like democrats will vote for it. the white house supporting this last ditch effort if it were to pass the house and senate, the
10:45 am
president would sign it. ahead of the president's tough talk, cnn is learning that the u.s. is considering shooting down north korean missiles even ones that don't necessarily threaten the u.s. or allies. the secretary of defense james mattis warning that north korea is intentionally doing provocations that press against the envelope for just how far they can push without going-over some kind of a line in their minds that would make them vulnerable. i want to bring in retired colonel steve warren to talk about this. he is our military analyst. what would the point be of shooting down a missile that north korea launches if it were not aimed at japan or south korea or guam or e ally interest? >> for would be to demonstrate defensive capabilities, but the fact that this idea is being put out there is really trying to do two things. number one, we are trying to
10:46 am
preheat the oven, if you will. so that folks and partners and allies and congress and the american people understand that this could happen. then it opens up the possibility for it to happen. the second thing is to give our enemy in this case, kim, something else to think about. >> let's take the last missile launch that the north koreans did a few days ago. it went about 2500 miles over japan and landed in the pacific. that's a nice intermediate range ballistic missile. is it a guarantee the u.s. can shoot that down some. >> that's the flip side of the coin. we are giving them something to think about if he shoot down the missile, but we are taking risk on ourselves. we can fire and miss. no system is 100% perfect. there is a possibility we could miss. what would that mean? overall taking the shot and splashing this missile would send a message. >> this is one signal they are sending. the u.s. might shoot down the missiles. the president was much more
10:47 am
blunt in his speech today saying we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea, rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime. the united states is ready, willi willing, and able. if there is a threat, you heard what the president said. the u.s. will do this. were you surprised to hear that very, very blunt talk? >> very tough talk in a forum like that. the united nations. you don't normally hear that rhetoric in that forum. this is somewhat in line with what we said all along. it's if the north koreans attack they will be destroyed. i don't sense we are on a path to some sort of strike. i don't see that coming. >> thanks very much. coming up, word that the white house chief of staff john kelly is dictating who gets secret service protection with kellyanne conway giving up her
10:48 am
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one of president trump's children is seeking to scale back his secret service details. sources say donald trump jr. wants to give us husband full time protection. the white house counselor kellyanne conway will no longer be covered by secret service as well. the two cases are unrelated. let's discuss that. let's bring in kate anderson brower who knows about this. it's a very sensitive decision because security is at stake. who decides when secret service
10:53 am
protection for sibling or other white house officials goes away? >> it is donald trump jr.'s sole decision. we don't know if his children or wife are going to be covered or not. it's something they decide. he's an avid hunter, camper. >> donald trump jr. >> yes. and it's because of privacy and just the shear cost of protecting donald trump's family. it's a huge family. about 43 people. that's 11 more than in the obama administration. he's got five children. nine grandchildren. it's expensive for taxpayers. >> because donald trump jr. is going to give it up that doesn't mean his siblings, ivanka or eric are going to give up their secret service protection? >> i would be surprised if the they did. they have very young children. ivanka is here in d.c. with her three young children. i would be surprised if donald trump jr.'s wife or children no longer have it. it's important to their
10:54 am
security. >> if there are threats leveled against family members or white house officials, serious threats they deserve some security protection right? >> that's true. president obama in 2012 went ahead and made it so that presidents and first ladies have secret service protection for their entire lives after the presidency. there was a period of time there to save money where they were only getting it for i think ten years after they left and after 9/11 they decided to go ahead and extend that for the rest of their lives for vice presidents. >> kellyanne conway received some threats and now giving it up. are you surprised? the. >> i am. valley jared had secret service protection. it's a huge apparatus when you're traveling. i know barron trump, they would have the secret service drop him off early so it wouldn't call attention because they want to lead normal lives.
10:55 am
>> he's only 11 or 12 years old. he's now going to school locally in washington and getting secret service protection as he should. thanks very much. more on the breaking news coming up. hurricane maria a very dangerous category 5 storm right now closing in on puerto rico. we'll have the brand-new forecast just coming in. also president trump's former campaign chairman wiretapped by the fbi by a time he actually spoke with donald trump. what this means for the special investigation. that and a lot more coming up. ho work in alaska. this is john. he's on his way to work in new mexico. willie and john both work for us, a business that employs over 90,000 people in the u.s. alone. we are the coca-cola company, and we make much more than our name suggests. we're an organic tea company. a premium juice company.
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here we go. top of the hour. i'm brook baldwin. thank you for being with me. we are just now here at the top of the hour getting our new advisory on hurricane maria barreling toward puerto rico. it could be catastrophic and life-threatening devastation all across the island. maria made landfall crippling dominica with winds as high as 65 miles an hour and ripped the roof off the home of the prime minister and the prime minister says they have lost pretty much all of what money could buy. that's a direct quote. right now there is a hurricane warning in effect for puerto rico with all kinds of concerns about water levels could rise as high as nine feet. cnn meteorologist allison is in the weather center tracking maria's


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