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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  August 20, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good. you're getting it. who wouldn't be numb? you see where you're driving. you got to be nervous. >> that is wade's son learning to drive in a 300,000 dollar ferrari! >> i learned in a ford escort on the back road of ohio. >> i learned in a dodge airys k. they don't make those any more! >> i was in a ford. i don't think he and gabrielle union have a lot of normal cars around for his son to drive. >> thank you, andy. >> thanks. thousands of counterdemonstrators converging on boston. >> nothing is burning. nothing is stolen. nothing is looted. this is a victory today to stand together and drive away racism. >> boston strong! boston strong! >> we need to choose the direction. we need to move as a nation and that should be one of unity. >> we can sit here and hold our breaths for a minute is all we can do.
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countdown to total eclipse coast-to-coast. >> like. i don't think you really should thirty-two at the sun. >> no, you shouldn't. >> it might burn your eye. >> guys, monday is the big solar eclipse. experts have issued some warnings. prepare yourself ahead of time and don't look direct at it and not to watch for too long. wait! i'm sorry. they are talking about trump's press conferences. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. good morning to you. we start with breaking news. another nuclear threat from north korea this morning. >> pyongyang is ready to strike at any time. blaming the u.s. for driving the two countries to the brink of nuclear war. let's get straight now to cnn international correspondent paula hancocks live in seoul. this threat comes hours before the beginning of military drills between the u.s. and south
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korea? >> that's right. >> reporter: it is monday when these u.s. south korean military drills start and every time there is military drills, north korea react and up the ante and are infur yiated about these drills. we have heard them suggest this is pushing korea to a nuclear war. we have heard this before but we are starting from a much higher level of tensions than we have been in previous years. we also heard from an article in a north korean state-run newspaper. they mentioned vice president pence by name as well talking about when he was asking latin american countries to stop their support or any dealings with north korea and they call that a selfishness, arrogance, and outrageous interference so a special mention for the u.s. and not happy what he is saying as
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well. when you look at the drills that start on monday, they carry on for ten days. we hear from the you there will be about 17,500 military personnel along with south koreanss and other countries. it's a computer simulation than live fire or massive amphibious landing we have seen certainly in the springtime. potentially, there are less provocative pictures as far as north korea is concerned but we will see how they react. back to you. >> paula hancock in seoul, thank you so much. north korea issues new threats against the u.s., president trump is getting back to washington today. >> the end of what has been a really turbulent two weeks away from the white house. the west wing is refreshed and renovated and ready for the president when he arrives this evening. cnn white reporter jeremy diamond joins me now. the president was a lot more
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vocal on twitter yesterday about a free speech rally and counterprotest in boston. tell us what he said. >> reporter: the president said he needed to wait for the facts which is why he didn't immediately contdemn them by name. yesterday we saw something different take place as the president took to twitter, as the rally was still ongoing, to go ahead and slam, quote, anti-police agitators on twitter, despite the fact the protests yesterday in boston, many of them counterprotesting against a free speech rally that was protesting for the right for anti-white supremacists to protest and those were peaceful yesterday largely. actually, an hour or so after the president tweeted that initial statement slamming anti-police agitators is sounds like somebody got in his ear and the president took to twitter to applaud the protesters. he tweeted i want to applaud the
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many protesters in boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. our country will soon come together as one. the president also tweeted that he believes the country has been divided for decade and that perhaps sometimes protests may be necessary to help the country heal. >> jeremy diamond, thank you so much. lynn sweet, of the chicago sun times, errol louis, political anchor for spectrum news, both with us now. thank you fok here. lynn, what is the first thing the president tackles? >> when he gets back? >> uh-huh. >> well, on his to-do list is getting ready when congress comes back to deal with tax reform, trying to see if he could rehabilitate some relations with the republican senators who are alienated in this time to see if he can get 50 votes to pass this legislation. also on his to-do list what does he want to do to structure his white house in the wake of
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disbanning his counsels he was going to reach out and corporate and business america, and what is he going to do -- this is something i think we should keep his eye on -- you know, there is a saying close you keep your friends close and your enemies closer? i'm not saying that steve bannon is an enemy of the trump white house but with him on the outside i think we are going to see some new story lines emerge here and new things to look at. just think how extraordinary it is, a senior adviser hours within leaving the white house is running a big media corporation. you didn't see sean spicer jump back into the public eye so soon. i think it may ab white house still struggling to be on the offensive and instead of react to go events because as we know in the last few days, they haven't been able to push. but one other thing when you ask what is on his to-do list to see if he can get this infrastructure plan off the ground and running an built support the coalitions you need to get something done. >> very good. i want to talk to you about the
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nuclear -- i'm sorry. the north korean nuclear threat they are pushing out this morning. we know these drills are an annual event. the u.s. and south korea does this every year. i want to look what north korea said last year about this. the spokesman from military last year said this. the threats seem to be the same. the military xerexercises are a annual thing. the only thing is that president trump is in office. is that of concern? >> yes. certainly. what has changed, in fact, is that we have now got an american president who is answering in kind the sort of bombastic comic book talk. the boasts and empty threats and the ruin and raining down fire and all of this kind of stuff.
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so it certainly doesn't help. some of the -- at the military level, some of the connections that were in place, however, tentative, just to make sure that accidents don't escalate and turn into a complete disaster, some of those connections needs to be restored and, if anything, strengthened. there is a little bit of concern there as well. i guess, finally, you know, on his way out the door steve bannon made some remarkable statements on the record to bob kutner what is and is not possible with the saber rattling. some of this we have to get some clarity from this white house and with all of those generals who are running around, including the new chief of staff at the white house, i'm hoping that we will hear something that is clear and coherent that sort of takes us a step or two back toward safety because nobody wants to hear the kind of talk that we are hearing from the american president and north korea an dictator while people
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in the field with real weapons and doing real drills. >> we could hear something as early as tuesday when the president is in phoenix. it is being reported this morning that before he makes it to that rally in phoenix, the president is actually stopping in yuma at the marine base there. that is on the mexican border and plays into his conversations about grags. what do you make of that strategic move? >> i take it that this whole trip out west, one of the -- this is the furtherest west that trump has gone since he has become president, i believe. and it is very rare for him to go west of the mississippi. it is working to the base again. i think nothing seems to jar or not jar the base staying with him locally, but in the other side of it, i think if he go to the border, it only shows that his central promise that he is going to build a wall and have
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mexico pay for it shows no sign of being kept in congress because the budget that congress is going to be looking at and what they are taking up has the u.s. paying for the first payments fost wall. it shows he is going back to a very core theme and the sense i have of this is that he wants to continue to play to the base at a time when he is also stressing he and attorney general jeff sessions stripping federal funding to cut crime in the so-called sanctuary cities. >> errol this was written by roberts. she said in asking why he is coming to phoenix. what is your money on? >> i say all of the above, actually. he certainly does rely on the
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rallies to sort of present a public imagine, if only for a few minutes or certainly for himself as well. but president who is in command at least of his base. if he can't be the president of a unified country he can serm be the president of his base. he does that all the time. the notion that he would pick that as the location to pardon or at least speak some nice word about the maycounty sheriff is likely possible. he wants to weigh in the politics of it. border politics as lynn said is really core to the trump brand. if he can't pull this off in the right way, it will be one more political setback after a week in which he's had quite a few. >> lynn sweet and errol louis, always grateful to have you here. >> thank you. >> tune in monday night, tomorrow night, a special cnn event coming at you after losing
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on health care, of course. what will house speaker paul ryan say as he faces his wisconsin voters? don't miss our live town hall moderated by jake tapper monday night at 9:00 eastern only here on cnn. some of the biggest charities in america are backing away from president trump. the list of charities is now growing as part of his backlash to the president's comments about the violence in charlottesville. we will ask a former trump campaign adviser if this can be stopped. also, american planes carrying out spy missions just miles from north korea. how u.s. troops are preparing for a possible nuclear attack. countdown to the total eclipse that will turn day into night on. miguel marquez will join us what to expect and exactly when. it survived 4 food fights, a one-coat wonder named "grams", and rolled with multiple personalities. number one rated marquee interior. behr's most advanced one-coat hide paint. only at the home depot.
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that is dramatic. eclipse of the century. >> it is. >> the big day is tomorrow. total eclipse. moon passes in front of the sun. we have got cnn crews all across the country where leach are coming together to watch this event. this will be the only time in their lifetime they will be able to watch it. let's go to cnn's miguel marquez who is in independence, oregon. i'm guessing this is your first visit where you are counting down to the eclipse. miguel, i know folks are excited. >> reporter: i got the best duty ever. look. this is going to be like the super bowl, the world cup, the olympics. all of them put together. the game in this case will only be about two and a half minutes long. millions and millions of people
4:18 am
pouring in to that path of totality. >> reporter: countdown to total eclipse coast-to-coast. >> this is the sun and this is the eclipse. and this is the moon. and it goes directly at it and then makes it totally dark. >> reporter: in its path, an astronomical celebration from oregon to south carolina. the place to be the 70 mile swath of full eclipse or totality. the man's shadow racing across the country through 12 states turning day into night. what do you think is going to happen? >> like on, i don't think you really should look at the tsun. it might burn your eyes. >> reporter: good advice. in long lines, despite the rain for eclipse viewing glasses. eclipse traffic is already
4:19 am
heavy. >> we are hearing a lot of information traffic is real heavy that day. we are going to be staying home. >> reporter: cities and small towns along the path of totality preparing for massive crowds. you think you can literally double. >> quadruple size of this place overnight. >> very much so. and the people will be spread out through town. >> reporter: in idaho, all hands on deck for massive crowds across the country, friends staying with friend, families coming together. millions on on the move, even camping out for this once in a lifetime happening. you've been planning this trip for how long? >> at least seven years. >> reporter: seven years? >> yes. we got two vehicles with truck campers and left at 4:30 in the morning and got here at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> reporter: in the path of totality? total eclipse of the theme for everything from dark of day wine in nebraska to martinis in oregon. >> we take the martini glass and rim it with oreo crust.
4:20 am
>> reporter: and eclipse cal doughnuts. >> a chocolate top with the sun ring around it. when you break it open, it's full of sunshine, orange creamsicle flavoring. >> reporter: this eclipse unique for the u.s. the last time one went coast-to-coast here 1918. woodrow wilson was president and the first world war was nearing its end. now one other interesting thing about this eclipse. the path of this takes it only through the u.s. the last time that happened? 1257, king henry iii was on the throne in england and about 200 years before columbus black and blue born so the u.s. wasn't even thought of as a country at that point. people are incredibly excited for this one. back to you guy. >> what you're saying is it's been a while? been a few years? >> reporter: it's been a minute! a minute. >> a minute. >> independence, oregon, thanks
4:21 am
so much, miguel. >> allison chinchar keeps bringing us these glass and we are bitter. she brings us these glasses to show everybody and they are cool and everything. >> you look good in them. >> i feel fashionable here. however, we have to give them back after every shot. when i say give them back, we had these last hour. we had to return them before receiving them again for this shot! and now we have got to give them back immediately after this. >> they are under guard. >> the sad part they probably cost $2 to make but we have them under lock and key because so many people. a lot of places have run so so many people are asking. i think in the last 24 hours i've had at least a dozen people ask me if those could go missing the ones that the weather department are using. this is a big event. everybody wants to this. a very select few will be able to. that is going to start in oregon around 1:15 eastern time.
4:22 am
okay? so you have to change your time zone for this. eventually hit around kansas city at 2:00 eastern time. and then eventually cross past charleston, south carolina, just shortly before 3:00 in the afternoon. but the ultimate question that everybody wants to know is what is the weather going to be like? because if you have rain, if you have cloud, you're not going to get the best view for that eclipse. here is what we have. out to the west, states like oregon and idaho and even into wyoming, rain is not going to be a factor. however, especially in oregon you may have some haze from some of the wildfire smoke that is out there. technically that will not ruin your eclipse viewing. if anything it may change the coloring a little bit maybe to a mitt bit red or orange hue because of the smoke and haze's effect on that coloring. when you move further east that changes entirely. we have not just some rain chances in the forecast for places like kansas city and des
4:23 am
moines and lincoln but damaging winds and potential for isolated tornado or two and large hail. if you're in those reason have your weather alerts ready if you need to pack up the camping equipment and go to to a safe place. to the south and east places like columbia and charleston, south carolina, a potential for a few isolated showers and thunderstorms in the forecast here. the question is going to be some place like nashville where it's not supposed to rain until late at night, but you may have some cloud that develop ahead of time. we talked about this ahead of time. it's like the folks that say i can't get sun burned. it's cloudy out. even if it's cloudy during the eclipse you have to have the glasses. make sure that you still have these on. if you are in totality, you can take these off once everything lines up perfectly for, say, about that one and a half to two-minute time frame. until then you have to keep glasses on. so just make sure that you have a pair. if you don't, check your local
4:24 am
animal shelters. a lot of them are taking charities so that might be the best choi. >> where can i get a boat? >> i can't get glasses so i certainly can't get a boat! >> allison, thank you. let's turn to a serious story here. north korea issuing another nuclear threat. we go inside the air base in south korea where pilots say they are ready. also, another charity has pulled the plug on an event at the president's florida resort. we will tell you what that means on.
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so good to have your question. i'm christi paul.
4:29 am
>> i'm victor blackwell. president trump returns to washington today as north korea renews its threats to the u.s. >> u.s. says it is ready to merciless strike and blames the u.s. for driving the two countries to the brink of nuclear war. this mark end of a turbulent working vak vacation for the president after his widely criticized mark of the rally in charlottesville last weekend. remember, he blamed many side for the violence which included an act of domestic terror by a neonazi. since then a growing list of charities and organizations are cancelling events his mar-a-lago resort. the exits continue this weekend. yesterday, the palm beach preservation foundation became the latest customer to drop out. they say, quote, given the current environmental surrounding mar-a-lago, we have made the decision to move our annual dinner dance. cnn senior economics analyst and former trump campaign economic adviser stephen moore is with
4:30 am
us. here is a look at the organizations that have cancelled at mar-a-lago. some big names on here. names that have gone to mar-a-lago for years to have their galas and fund-raisers and now they are pulling out. what can the president do, if anything, at this point? >> well, the good news is the economy is absolutely booming right now. and that is what this election was mostly about and if you look at the latest forecast for gdp growth is in the third quarter we are halfway through that. up to 3.8%. so the core of trump's mission, which was to get america working again and to get growth up, he's certainly accomplishing big league as he would say. these cancellations of things and the fallout from his comments last week are -- look. i don't want to get into that too much because i think it's been very unfortunate and i know
4:31 am
donald trump very well. i know his supporters very well. they are not racist. he made some unfortunate comments that i think were taken a little bit out of context but i think this will pass. >> here is what has to be tackled here. we know that health care did not pass. manufacturing jobs was dissolved after business titans i think were people that the general public looked at and thought these are his people. these are the people that trump associates with, that he relates to and they broke away from him. what does this mean then for the president's economic plan, for tax reform, for job, for infrastructure? >> great question. first of all, let me correct you to one thing. these business leader, the problem was they weren't his people. in fact, i had warned donald trump and the white house that i thought they were making a mistake and putting a lot of these business ceos on these councils who were never for
4:32 am
trump in the first place. in fact, many of them actively opposed him. i warned that a lot of these people, as soon as there was controversy and let's face it, controversy follows donald trump in everything he says and i said they would run for the high grass and exactly what happened. having been an adviser to trump on the economy and being a part of a couple of his economic -- he has a number of these kind of economic battles, i get called every day from ceos saying, i'll serve. i really love the kind of things that trump is doing for the economy, so i don't think there insy shortage of prominent ceos of who would serve on these if trump were to reengage these. these panels were meant for trump to listen to the ceos and hear about their concerns. how do you create jobs and what are the impediments of growing your business. more him listening than
4:33 am
dictating to the ceos what he was going to do. in terms of tax reform i think trump has to get this done. an imperative that tax reform get done this year. it may be a scaled back measure that cuts the tax rates for families and businesses but i think a lot of the anticipation of this tax cut happening, which i believe will be very good for the economy, a lot of that is built in to the stock market right now. we have seen record high on the stock markets. a lot of that is anticipation of these tax cuts coming. so if you don't get the tax cut done you may get a sell-off in stocks. >> there is one other thing looming on september and october several deadline driven issues but one must pass is a country's debt ceiling. >> you got it. >> how does he tackle that that? >> that is going to be brutal. always is. i've lived through a lot of these debt ceilings and i tell
4:34 am
you they will get a debt ceiling passed but how, i don't think anybody knows. one question as well, will democrats in congress vote for a debt ceiling increase? a lot of them scolded republicans for voting against debt ceilings when with barack obama was president so let's see if democrats step up and vote for a debt ceiling. how you put 218 votes together in the house and 51 in the senate to get a debt ceiling passed, it's a very difficult thing because nobody in congress likes to vote for ray the debt ceiling. not a good vote. >> no doubt. stephen moore, good to have your voice here. thank you. >> thank you. tens of thousands of feet above south korea, american pilots say they are ready for north korea. next, we are going inside the u.s. air base miles from the dmz where troops are prepared. ♪ sailin' away on the crest of a wave, it's like magic ♪
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free at barcelona attacks, breaking news. police say the remains of two bodies of people have been found. at least 120 gas canisters inside that house that slowexpl. they say explosive were used in the house for more terror attacks. a strike that is our latest this morning, american prootroon the region aloning for possibly threats. pilots in south korea tell her they are ready to fight at a moment's notice. >> reporter: at this air base, a u.s. air base in south korea, they are watching. >> we are up there. we are keeping eyes and ears on
4:40 am
north korea on. >> reporter: and they are waiting. >> so i can start to cue missiles and radars and targeting prop. >> right wing three on miles. >> reporter: the control tower send these spy plane up over the korean peninsula. >> we are busy here than probably the last ten years. we are very busy, you know, but we are tasked every day to fly our mission so we do that. >> reporter: pressurized suits allow pilots to soar at altitude of 70,000 feet. that is twice as high as a commercial jet. the one-seat spy planes are flown by eight specially trained officers. the job? to provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. a window for washington into north korea needed now as much as ever. >> everything this aircraft is collectizing almost instantaneously september down
4:41 am
and two people can exploit and process that information in minutes to our leadership. >> we would be ready to launch at both air bases at a moment's notice. >> reporter: this major is on a two-year tour to south korea taking up a job. >> the f-16s are pivotal to the -- to basically the defense and any potential actions, so with gps or laser-guided weapons we can strike a variety of different targets. >> reporter: this u.s. air base is fewer than 40 miles from the north korean border. these super sonic jets can fly about 16 miles a minute. in the case of a conflict with north korea, they could reach the dmz in just two or three minute. they practice daily and sometimes with mock battles. on this day 12 of the f-16 fighter jets take off. >> because we don't know. with the unpredictability of
4:42 am
thing, tonight may, in fact, the night, so we train every night. >> reporter: still the same work they have done every day for decade. now with the world watching what happens next. alexandria field, cnn, osan base. nasa wants to get their hands on an app to help people track the solar e on clipclipse. we have a closer look next at how the doctor's app works. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017
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and join the weekenders. plastic surgeon has invented this app has helps you time out a solar eclipse down to the second. >> yeah. this app uses gps coordinates to determine if you're in the path of the eclipse. once you put in your location it
4:47 am
counts down to the precise moment of the big event. >> dr. gordon telefan is with us now. we are looking at this app, doctor. we are both going, we don't know whatter looking at. help us in layman's terms understand what this app does and how it work. >> good morning, everybody. it's very simple. mobile device are extremely sophisticated with their ability to go locate and get your coordinates like freezing navigation programs and things like that. so my app takes that technology just to do your location and then in the app, itself, hat formula for calculating the contact times for the eclipse. so once your phone knows your location, the app can calculate the exact contact times for first contact, second contact, third, and fourth contact. and then it will audibly give
4:48 am
you announcements to tell you when those events are going to happen. so it's actually quite simple for the first time observer, they tap one button to have their phone locate. they tap a second button to load those specific times into the timer, and then the timer will talk them through the entire eclipse. it's basically like having an astronomer next to you telling you what to look for. >> which is great. we understand from allison chinchar in weather this isn't just an event that happens at one moment. it happens over a period of time. and nobody wants to be there with the glasses saying what am i looking at now? so i understand that nasa has approached you about this app. how are they planning to utilize this? >> yeah. that is an interesting story. i'm very fortunate because i love following the nasa program and i live next to marshall's base flight center in alabama. so i have, through time, been able to meet a lot of the nasa scientists, including the solar
4:49 am
scientists, because i went to my first eclipse in 2001 and i've had contact with them. so they knew about my app. they are going to be running two main observing sites, one in kentucky and one in tennessee, where they plan to play my app through the p.a. system, so that all of the basic announcements are taken care of for them and they don't have to worry about making the basic announcements about observation for the change in temperature or the change in lighting and counting down to the exact contact times. and also my app makes announcements for when it is safe to take your solar glasses off just after second contact. and a reminder to put them back on just before third contact. and that is very important. it just takes a little pressure off of the folks running those two observing sites to have that be automated. >> we only have about 30 seconds left. tell us about the solar bands, what are they?
4:50 am
>> shadow bands happen just in the final 60 seconds before totality begins and the final 60 seconds right -- or right after totality ends. and you look on the ground. you look for these very faint low contrast shadows that get created it's very exciting to see them. not everybody will see them. the app reminds them to look to the ground at 60 seconds before second contact, to look for these very faint shadows. >> my kids are going to love this. >> yes. >> my scientific girls are going to love this. dr. telepun, thank you so much. we appreciate you walking through it. >> thank you. this is an exciting time for the country. >> take good care. listen, you know, it's been since world war two. now the uss indianapolis has been found in 18,000 feet of
4:51 am
water. next, the chilling story behind the shipwreck. we look back at the life of pioneering comedian and civil rights activist dick gregory, who died saturday at the age of 84. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports.
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therapeutic that could help. >> absolutely. >> a moving meditation that allows us to move more smoothly in life. >> strengthen your roots. >> takes the principles we've observed in nature and uses it as a martial art. >> i used to be really high energy, high strung all the time. tai chi definitely helps with keeping me centered. first it does some a little difficult to slow yourself down. once you do, i just feel everything just kind of release. >> tai chi is a great way to disconnect from all the stimuli coming at us. i visualize pushing all the stress out i do use it as a form of physical fitness. each movement uses every muscle. everything is engaged but not stressed. >> because it's practiced slowly, a lot of people have discovered the healing benefits. >> tai chi improves our
4:54 am
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the uss indianapolis, lost since world war ii, has been found in 18,000 feet of water. paul allen located the cruiser on friday, torpedoed by the japanese while delivering parts for the atom bomb. another story that might sound familiar from you, in one of the most chilling movie "jaws" when quinn talks about world war ii. >> thursday morning i bumped into a friend of mine from cleveland, baseball player. thought he was asleep.
4:58 am
bobbing up and down in the wa r water. well, he had been bitten in half below the waist. >> the story was mostly true. only 316 men survived but they survived dehydration, the threat of drowning and shark attacks. allen's team will survey that site and tour the wreckage. break through a color barrier, become an iconic comedian and went on to fight for equal rights. this morning we remember the life and works for dick gregory. >> i feel so sorry for willie. i hate to see any baseball player having trouble. that's a great sport for my people. that is the only sport in the world where negroe can shake a stick at a white man and it won't start no riot. >> in the '60s, he was one of the early black performers to
4:59 am
headline at white comedy clubs. he got his big break in 1961 when the prestigious playboy club offered him to fill in one night. when he wasn't making people laugh, he was a voice for justice. >> we black folks is the only people in the history of the planet that have went through what we went through and offered education over liberation. >> wrote several books including "murder in memphis," the assassination of martin luther king jr. and adamantly opposed the vietnam war. he recently had to reschedule an event in atlanta after getting sick. his family says he died at a hospital in washington yesterday. last night, in fact. he was 84 years old. reverend jesse jackson memori memorialized him saying this. he taught us how to laugh, how to fight hourks to live. dick gregory was committed to justice. i miss him already. >> our thoughts and prayers
5:00 am
certainly go to his family. we thank you so much for keeping us company on sunday mornings. we always appreciate having you here. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. another week, another white house shakeup. on day 211, bannon out. a country divided and a commander in chief under fire. >> i've condemned many different groups but not all of those people were neo nazis, believe me. >> as the president's own party pushes back. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence that he needs to demons


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