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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. good morning, everyone. and happy fourth of july. i'm fredericka whitfield in for poppy harlow. president trump and vladimir putin's meeting at the g-20 summit has now been upgraded, it will be a full-fledged bilateral meeting. what are you learning from the white house? >> reporter: well, fred, this
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could certainly mean this is more significant when it comes to symbolism as well as substance. i want to start out with what we have obtained by the spokesman out of the kremlin here, the statement they just put out here, saying the planned meeting between president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin will be a full-fledged bilateral meeting rather than an on the go contact. this according to state run tas, we have not gotten a white house confirmation on the expansion of this. but, fred, i want to tell you what we think has the significance here, when you have something and having covered a lot of g-8 and g-20 meetings, when you have a meeting that's just on the sidelines of these very important summits, you look at the body language here and how they greet each other, when you have something like a formal
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bilateral meeting, which offers an opportunity, first of all, the symbolism to say it's much more significant, these two leaders will sit down side by side, they will be some private time between these two leaders to talk about the substantive issues. secondly, what happens during these kind of bilateral meetings is typically they'll have some private time, the two of them, but they'll also have some public time before a poll spray, that is a small group of reporters that follow this group during the day, they sit down, we saw this when they were covering president obama in his first meeting with vladimir putin, could get a sense of the body language here, and impressions that come from reporters. typically they will make opening statements and perhaps take some questions, so this is very
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significant in terms of what we will see in terms of these two leaders and all eyes are going to be on that meeting. >> what does it mean that an official statement hasn't come from the white house, that it would be the kremlin first on this? >> certainly this could be that the russia president wants to get ahead here of the united states president, that's part of it. but, you know, i mean the russians have taken the lead on this, we'll see if trump will respond to this. we do know that this is a very important meeting, a lot of people have been asking what the substance of this is going to be, and one of the thinks that cnn has learned is that very likely it's not going to come up in the russian elections about the meddling, this is going to be something that they're going to try to both look like they are strong leaderin ings and the some sort of support when it comes to collaboration on policies and issues that serve them both.
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>> we'll see if that changes at all now that it a bilat meeting. we'll return to that topic, and also to that stunning claim that north korea has now tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that could, quote, reach anywhere in the world. the united states now assess in whether that claim is true and whether it could hit the u.s. main land. president kim jong-un watching with the binoculars, coming now just before the american july fourth holiday and just days before president trump leaves for that g-20 statement. here's the president's response, north korea has just launched another missile, does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer, perhaps china will
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put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. paula hancock is in seoul, south korea with more on this. what are the concerns that are coming from south korea as well? >> reporter: well, fredericka, there are some great concerns here in the region and obviously in the united states, this claim of an historic event for north korea, this is what the news anchor said on that special broadcast on north korean television, saying it was a successful launch of an icbm, he signed that order which they then showed on television, and that he was at the test site to make sure that it went well, and apparently it was a shining success we're hearing from that news anchor, what the south koreans are doing right now according to the joint chiefs of staff is working with the united states to try and figure out whether it was in fact an icbm, they have not ruled out that
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possibility, although they haven't admitted it either. north korea saying this one had an improved range compared to the one on that 14th. the one on that 14th was considered by most experts to be the most significant advancement in the nuclear weapons program. this one having an even greater range -- but the unofficial assessment by many of these experts that we speak to is that it could well be able to reach alaska, if the range is what they believe it would be, given the figures they have been given by north korea. and the intelligence agencies get that data, the satellite data and figure out exactly what they're looking at. and kim jong-un said at the beginning of the year he was test launching the icbm, was
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this the test launch? he has already test launched far more missiles and carried out more nuclear tests than his father and his grandfather put together. >> here to discuss all of this, cnn military and diplomatic analyst john kirby, cnn global affairs analyst and senior national security correspondent for the daily beast and cnn military analyst and retired general. good to see all of you, admiral kirby, you first, how worrisome is this development in the potential advance of a nuclear weapon that could potentially reach the u.s.? >> if it is determined that this is an icbm that could reach the u.s. it's a game changer, but it's not necessarily a game ender. he wouldn't necessarily yet have the ability to put a nuclear
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weapon on it. what it does is, none of the options going forward are good. they weren't good yesterday, they're not any better today. they may be a little bit more limited. but in the report we just heard, he has been racing to get this capability because he sees it as an ultimate bargaining chip. there's no reason for him to want to sit down and negotiate with the international community, not while he's trying to develop this capability. he won't want to talk until he has it and he has what he considers an upper hand. i can tell you that speaking with sources at the pentagon that they're obviously going to be presenting a full range of options that go from very low risk to high risk as well as other agencies in the government will be looking at options they can present the president for how to move forward. if anything, this will just underscore the sense of urgency that we're dealing with here, and the entire international community to come together and to try to put appropriate pressure on pyongyang. >> so kim this is the 11th
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missile test this year and you think of the symbolism, it's coming on the fourth of july, for america, it's coming just one day now before president trump meets at the g-20 summit, and now we hear bilateral talks against russia's president, the admiral was saying this is something everyone should be involved in, do you see this as a discussion added to the table with a president trump and putin? >> absolutely and also a discussion added to the larger g-20 and a test for donald trump, will he seize this opportunity to be the global voice that says here's how we should proceed forward. in his previous group meetings with world leaders, what he's instead done is lecture them, remember that nato meeting where he had the leaders right next to him. and lectured them about being behind on their investments in defense.
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so the other thing that could seize the march on trump is a growing axis between moscow and beijing, we have just had the russian and chinese leaders meet and they could step in to create some sort of bridge to pyongyang and in a sense, the white house has handed china that opportunity by putting them mostly in charge of trying to talk pyongyang down from its nuclear testing. >> and so general marks, the "new york times" was reporting that trump in a phone call on sunday with china's president xi said that the u.s. is prepared to act alone. but now we also know there will be try lateral talking involving japan, south korea, china will be having its own discussions with japan, how do you see this upcoming summit as an opportunity for all of these parties to get together to address north korea in a bigger way? >> in a rather ironic way, it's
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perfect timing if you will, it's just on the heels of the visit between president moon of south korea and president donald trump. and on the door step now of the g-20. and clearly, kim jong-un, this was very calculated, he chose the fourth of july to launch this latest missile. it has forever the problem with north korea has forever been top of shelf for the united states simply because of our relationship with the south and regionally. most importantly, our regional partners, japan, the philippines, south korea. it is important now that we realize and we do, but we have to get the rest of the world on board to understand that this has gone from a regional, very specific regional challenge to one that is global in nature and scope. however, the united states has troops in south korea, has a long-standing relationship with south korea, we are in fact
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driving that relationship right now. i respective of what might seem like a bit of a gap that might be existing or at least growing between the new president and south korea and the united states. that relationship is locked, the foundation is incredibly strong, and so what you see in public is not necessarily what takes place in private. but the problem remains, first and foremost, for the united states to galvanize other partners to make sure that we can do it. we can have a solution, at the end of the day, there is a military solution, there is an array of options as john indicated and we have to be able to where prepared to make a very tough decision, because the ultimate challenge here is you're going to have a nuclearized north korea that can deliver a nuke whether it's over -- over whether it's just
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exploded over south korea. if we accept that as unacceptable, what do we do in advance of that. these are very hard decisions that have to be made and i can guarantee you the united states is prepared to ask. >> we talked about the important relationship between the u.s. and south korea but what about the u.s. and china which is pivotal to deal with north korea. it's been rather tenuous, but then you have the president who tweets, china needs to do more, so what is the u.s. asking china to do in terms of more? >> yeah, you saw israel's recent tweet that you put up on the screen, he once again tweaked china a little bit. they're not wrong. this is a problem that this administration i believe has handled in a very deliberate, thoughtful way, the national security staff has come together and coalesced into working through the options and what the
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obama administration realized as well, that the path to north korea lies through beijing. but really, in terms of influence on pyongyang, it has got to come from beijing, they have not been able to emphasize -- they believed they could manage some sort of stable north korea, they don't want to see a stabilized korean peninsula that is aligned with the west. so they have not fully implemented the sanctions on pyongyang and not using the influence they have on kim jong-un. and perhaps this missile test will push them in that direction, and the other thing that's likely, they're not being completely dishonest, they don't have 100% influence on pyongyang. the speed, the acceleration of this testing program, they don't like this at all, they haven't
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been able to put the brakes on it completely. but clearly they can be doing more and they haven't. and i think you'll see, however the white house responds to this test, no doubt that part of that response will be to try to ratchet up the pressure on beijing. and kim's right, this is a great week. he's got an opportunity here on the world stage to try to get more pressure in the region against pyongyang but also globally. >> and admiral, i asked you at the very beginning, my very first question is the bilateral meeting that's going to take place between trump and putin. and in that bilateral, is it your expectation that if anything, donald trump can infer, ask, demand putin try to leverage some influence on china as it pertains to north korea. >> he could, i clearly think they'll have to talk about the north korea challenge when he meetings bilaterally with putin
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and putin does have a relationship with xi. xi was just there now. so there is a potential for some leverage, but again, what's in russia's interest, they obviously don't have an interest in a nuclear armed north korea. but they also don't seem to want to help us in a bilateral way on national security issues. it will be interesting to see if they can find some common ground on that, but clearly putin could be more involved than he is. >> admiral thank you very much. fireworks, parades and protests, and no vacation for law makers facing voters upset over the senate health care bill. plus venus williams breaking down in front of reporters, her first press conference after being involved in a deadly car accident. she talks at wimbeldon. e♪ ♪my darlin'
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condemns the launch and he's calling on china to -- all this as trump prepares to head overseas for the summit. president trump will hold a full-fledged bilateral meeting. joining me now is congressman mike quigley. he serves on the committee on
6:21 am
intelligence. good to see you. >> good morning, happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july. let's talk first about this bilateral meeting, it will be a full-fledged bilateral meeting between trump and putin. is this a step up, an upgrade? what do you see as the potential benefits here? >> i think it's an important meeting, it's an opportunity for the president of the united states to exert his leadership. what i would like to see first, i think president putin needs to hear president trump issue a pro nato statement, reaffirming his support for our allies. i also think they need to get on the same page on how we're going to handle isis, how are we going to get on the same page as it relates to syria. and finally and perhaps most importantly, i think president trump needs to acknowledge that it was russia who hacked into our democratic process and he
6:22 am
needs to make it clear that this is not going to be tolerated again. and if he does not on the latter, because the white house has already said that it would be syria and ukraine, but that's when it was a sideline meeting, if the president of the united states who does come face-to-face with vladimir putin and does not say anything about the meddling, knowing that their upcoming election in which russia could influence or meddle again, what does that say to you? >> i think it sends a green light to putin, if putin doesn't see resistance, if he doesn't see strength in pushing back, he sees this as an acknowledgement that it's okay, we have seen this kremlin playbook before, and what we have seen is that if leaders don't push back, russia will continue this. >> let's talk about north korea, the 11th now missile launch this
6:23 am
year and it happens on the fourth of july, and president trump heading to the g-20, and trump responded via twitter saying doesn't this guy have anything better to do with his life? perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all. is this the same kind of language or even demeanor that you want to see from the president when he does confront many of these nations about north korea while at the g-20? >> it's clearly somewhat of a flippant answer to a serious and complicated issue. obviously she he's going to build an aflins at the g-20. the most important actor in all of this is china. and china has shown a willingness, although a frustration in dealing with north korea. i think we need to have the
6:24 am
entire g-20 work and talk with beijing about what they can do to strengthen this. to say that south korea and japan sort of implies that they are the only two actors that can play a role is simply incorrect. they're the ones most impacted by this and most at risk. but it's going to take a worldwide effort to get north korea to stop what they're doing. >> and quickly why do you feel kim jong-un feels so emboldened to do this? he's had an aggressive approach to these missile tests this year since the inauguration of president donald trump. >> i think he's always felt this way, i think he's willing -- the problem is, china can do a great deal in this effort. but unfortunately, the leader of north korea feels like he can sacrifice his own people so if
6:25 am
there are additional sanctions or economic push back, the people that will suffer first is the people of north korea and their leader knows that and is willing to let that happen. >> thank you for your time on this fourth of july, appreciate it. >> everyone have a safe and happy fourth of july. >> thank you so much, the president of the united states said he was losing patience with north korea, so with the latest missile test coming right before trump travels abroad, could we see trump put more pressure on allies to take action. more on that straight ahead. (upbeat dance music) (bell ringing) you myour joints...thing for your heart... or your digestion...
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all right, we're following two big stories this morning, we just learned president trump and russia's president vladimir putin will no longer have a brief on the go kind of face-to-face sideline meeting. instead the two world leaders now who have been sizing each other up from afar whether hold a full-fledged bilateral meeting, that according to the kremlin. and this comes after kim jong-un sent trump a fourth of july message, so to speak, that rogue nation will remain defiant, testing a long range missile, it claims could reach targets anywhere in the world. trump responded by calling on china via tweet, calling on china, japan and south korea to take action. both north korea and this meeting will, with putin will prove to be a major diplomatic test for the president of the united states. so let's talk about all of this
6:30 am
with cnn political analyst and correspondent for politico, cnn political analyst and historian, and politics reporter for the daily beast. good to see all of you. and we're also learning more information on this fourth of july, the russian president, vladimir putin says what it is important for russia and china to push their initiatives to resolve the korean peninsula crisis, so that being said, julian, it appears as though the russian president is getting out in front, really controlling what potentially could happen at the g-20. it's the kremlin who says it will now be a bilateral meeting between putin and trump, and it's from the russian president now saying that north korea is also going to be on the table in discussions during this g-20. so what do you read from this in terms of how putin may be in the driver's seat of these issues? >> putin has been very eager to
6:31 am
be in the driver's seat of handling the problem in this region, the interests of russia are not the same as the interests of the united states so president trump needs to be careful. but there is an opportunity here, the russians are coming to the g-20 summit very eager to have some of the sanctions removed, to have some of the compounds that were seized by president obama given back and this is a chance for president trump through diplomacy, rather than through threats and force to try to get the russians and the chinese to cooperation in this threat that destabilizes the region. >> so trump said via tweet that china needs to do more. and now in this statement, russian president vladimir pie tin says it is important for russia and china to push initiatives to resolve the korean peninsula. do you see that this dialogue, and negotiating if you will
6:32 am
between these nations is something that will be front and center during the discussions between putin and trump? >> absolutely, this is a priority, obviously, for trump to deter the aggression by north korea, the thing that most -- the world is watching is how will trump -- general national security adviser general mcmaster said that trump is going to come into in meeting, playing it a little more loose, less prepared and using more of his free wheeling style, the problem is he's meeting with putin who's always prepared, extremely meticulous, a former kgb officer and trump needs to make his best case that russia needs to deal with china.
6:33 am
a so trump really needs to learn the dance of diplomacy and we'll see if he's capable of doing that while optically the world is embracing how he deal weather pugh tichb. >> now that it's a bilateral meeting, which is far more formal, at least according to the kremlin, again we have not gotten confirmation from the white house, but according to the kremlin, it will be. it means more time, it means private time together. there's also a moment where it will be in front of the pool cameras, reporters could be asking questions, how does this change the dynamic, betsy, of donald trump's demeanor, and just as tara was saying, vl vladimir putin is accustomed to having a much more -- what about for trump? >> it's certainly a good question, and i think it's probably not safe to make a prediction as far as how trump behaves as he's having this
6:34 am
meeting both in public and in private. folks in the pentagon this morning are concerned not just that north korea had this successful icbm test. they weren't expecting them to be successful. trump might overreact, might respond in a way that's not proportionate and make a volatile situation even more complicated. something that he ran on and he campaigned on. he might not have the understanding of diplomatic norms. important context here too is that reuters reported yesterday that the president of china, president xi said that both he and the russian government agree that they're both concerned about the united states' current missile defense system that's set up. both the chinese president
6:35 am
and -- could potentially actually be an incursion on those two countries sovereignty, the fact that north korea just tested an icbm, makes it more likely than ever that ---the question is did the election meddling overshadow the entire conversation? >> i did learn that the security council has confirmed now this bilateral meeting between putin and trump, even though again we have not heard it from the white house, but the security council says it indeed is going to happen just as the kremlin said, and julian, just a little bit more on a statement coming from vladimir putin on the importance of russia and china, talking, coming to the table discussing north korea. i have a statement from -- there's the whole question of the korean peninsula, the building of peace and stability is very important to push forward our joint initiatives on setting the korean problem with
6:36 am
a view of immediately freezing the ballistic missile strikes and also dealing with the u.s. deployment of weapons in south korea to betsy's point. so julian, what is he really saying here? >> well, look, the united states can't weaken it's commitment to south korea. that won't help. eit's the same as our efforts to engage china. this is a place where there could be considerable tension with russia. look, there's something very important that president trump has to do, actually, and it is to affirm his commitment to nato, something he has not done, that's a big factor in creating an alliance that will strengthen our ability -- >> do you see that potentially happening on this trip? >> i don't know if he will do it, but i think it's actually quite urgent, it's something that putin needs to hear, for all the bluster, this is
6:37 am
something that he has not said, and i think it will be very helpful from the administration. >> i hear from senior administration officials that they don't plant to reaffirm article 5 and his commitment to nato, they feel like he's done that in the rose garden speech. i have been told from the white house that that won't happen. >> tara, jewgood to see all of y fourth. >> happy fourth. so it is the july fourth recess for congress. but senators won't get a break when it comes to health care, democrats ratcheting up the pressure to kill support for the republican bill. her daughter, shopping for groceries, unclogging the sink, setting up dentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple,
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all right, welcome back. this july fourth is sure to bring fireworks from republican senators. mitch mcconnell delaying a vote on the health care bill until after the july fourth recess. democratic strategist adam green, who's also co-founder of change committee, one of the groups protesting the bill. and political commentator and radio host ben ferguson, happy fourth to both. >> what is your group planning, what is the ultimate goal? >> the ultimate goal is to make these republican senators come face-to-face with their constituents, many of whom will be kicked off of health kair. today louisiana senators woke up to a headline that said why target the kids?
6:42 am
pressuring republican senators, in our organization, is actually running tv ads in four vulnerable republican states, west virginia, texas, arizona and nevada making republicans come face-to-face with real people who will be kicked off health care. >> so you're mentioning you're targeting specific areas, nevada, louisiana, west virginia, but are you also targeting specific senators? >> yes. so tv ads all over this weekend in every media market, featuring someone named priscilla whose daughter has a disease that if he was kicked off of medicaid she would likely die. she basically poses the question, this is immoral, why would you do this to my child. and there are similar ads questioning ted cruz in texas and dean hellor in nevada.
6:43 am
today is a unique day where people can actually go to july fourth parades and actually access republicans who are hiding from their constituents. although dean heller in nevada has chosen not to go to the parades in las vegas, but to go to eli, nevada, that has a p population of 4,000, that's three hours drive from reno. >> so then, particularly for those senators and represent toivs who are going to be at fourth of july parades, they're going to come face-to-face with the sentiment from their constitue constituents, but how can they counter the messages coming from resistance campaigns like what adam is spelling out? >> i think resistance campaigns are pushing an agenda and the average american is pretty smart on how health care affects them specifically and directly. and there's two parts of this,
6:44 am
if you're a congressman or a senator and you're out there today, you just have to have a conversation and get rid of the fear mongering, we have heard that this is the first time republicans have tried to do anything on health care, even though obamacare is failing. and using people and their personal stories to say if this person is kicked off of medicare in a special ad, she will die, i think that is the sickest and the most disgusting part of politics in a debate you can have. >> but it is life and death for a lot of people. particularly if they don't have access to medical care, particularly if you're older or you have special needs. >> right, but there's no indication that those people are going to lose medicare, it's fear mongering by people that are out there that are trying to appeal to the worst in individuals and try to tell them that somehow they're going to die, there is no one that was
6:45 am
dying before obama care from issues like this, there's no one that's going to die during obama care with issues like this. we're not going to allow a little girl to die because she has no health care. i think that's the sickest part of this debate. >> first of all, it's medicaid, and it's a fraudian slip that you keep calling it sick. and that's what it is. the congressional budget office, the head of which was appointed by a republican, tom price, who's now the health and human services secretary, they say that 22 million people will be kicked off of health care, and it's not -- >> that's not accurate. many of them are walking away. >> you take away medicaid, which is people's health insurance. >> that's not true. >> what's not try? >> let's be intellectually honest and not fearmonger the american people. because one, i'm one that's actually on the exchange, i'm on
6:46 am
obamacare now, there was only one plan offered to my family, and i care a lot about preexisting conditions, because i have family members that are us facing cancer now. my point is this, you just said that 22 million americans are all of a sudden one day going to get a letter in the mail that's going to say sorry, we're no longer going to be able to take care of you, that is not true. many people will choose, a, to get off of insurance by choosing to do it. that is not being kicked off of insurance. >> but the cbo says that 22 million people could lose their coverage as we know it now. >> we also lost our coverage before obama care, i was told i was going to be able to keep my doctor. >> when you talk about the fear mongering, when people do have
6:47 am
preexisting conditions or if they are indeed counting on medicaid in order to take care of their special needs kids -- >> sure. >> and they're hearing that it could be gone, removed, jeopardized, compromised, can we not talk about this being fear mongering and talk about the fears that people have. >> there is no line in this bill, if you have read this big, which i have read it, there is nothing in there that would take away care from special needs children, that is part of the fear mongering that has been put out by the left and activist groups who want to stay the way things are. there are a lot of americans who don't have actually health care because their premiums are too high so they can't even use it. but to say they're going to attack, i would not be in favor of a bill that took away care for someone with special needs. if you know anyone that has
6:48 am
special needs, if you know anyone that's hand dicapped. >> people depend on medicaid for their insurance. it's a mathematical fact that 20 million people will lie their insurance. but people beyond that, regular people who aren't even affected by medicaid or obamacare will also have their insurance watered down because the senate bill -- health insurance, you don't have to cover xy and x, you don't have to cover cancer if you don't want. >> that's not true, that they don't have do cover cancer. that is a lie. there is no clause that says you can't cover cancer. that is absolutely not try. >> a, nothing seems to be con crete, and that is helping to perpetuate these concerns that a lot of these lawmakers will be hearing when they go to their
6:49 am
fourth of july parades. because right now still people don't know what's going to happen next. >> happy fourth. the president is praising the jobs numbers and the economy right now, but is it really as brief as he makes it seem. his economic score card next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:50 am
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield in for poppy and john in new york. after slamming the media, including this network, the president of the united states is apparently shifting his focus on twitter from personal attacks to touting foreign relations and the economy. in a series of tweets trump said the unemployment rate is at its "lowest level in years" and the job numbers are "great," but are they great? the job numbers and all that good stuff? let's talk about this with
6:53 am
krpen's chief business correspondent christine romans. what is the reality? what is different from then and now? >> it's fascinating because candidate trump took numbers just like this and didn't believe them and said the united states was in a near depression. president trump looks at these numbers and celebrates them and even takes credit for them. let's start here with jobs. job creation has been strong for several years it has been strong and the unemployment rate is quite low here. we compare sort of the first five months of the year we get fresh numbers by the way on friday, the first few months of the year about 600,000 jobs created, that's the bar on the right. it's a little slower than the prior couple years. let's look at this stock market. he says the dow is at an intraday high and the mainstream media ignores it. we talk about every day. this is the s&p 500, look at the broader gauge of more likely what's innier 401(k) since the election, up 16%, that is a great number. in perspective -- >> because of promis? >> promises of deregulation and
6:54 am
tax reform but on top of the years prior, we've had an amazing bull market some would argue we're nearing the end of what has been an economic cycle of recovery, and stock market gains. one thing about those stock market gains i think is interesting is the investor class has done well under donald trump. the working class however that connection hasn't been made quite yet, that's what many hope his tax policies will do help the working class. no question the investor class has been enriched over the last six months. >> the jobs number, unemployment is promising, it's a continuation. there was a lot inherited into this administration, but job numbers and the u.s. auto market where are they? >> that's a good point, too. because the president has made a big push about getting the automakers to make cars in the u.s., and we're seeing kind of just as we're seeing the president come into office, just coincidentally you're coming to the very kind of peak of what we've seen. auto sales seem to be peaking
6:55 am
here and six months in a row now of auto sales falling which is something really closely watched here, because car sales are a big important part of the u.s. manufacturing base and after gangbuster few years, now you're starting to see that slow. that will bear watching. >> anything about loans? >> that has something to do with the fact so much incentives and pent up demand for autos, the average length of an auto loan is 69 months which is really long. that's part of it, but also it's just the cycle. we sold a lot of cars for a lot of years and now slowing down a bit. >> christine romans happy fourth. >> you, too. >> thanks so much. a very tough day and journey for venus williams who is at wimbledon. it was a very tearful moment facing questions from reporters for the first time she's talking about what it was to be involved in a deadly car accident in florida. ♪ ♪oh, my love
6:56 am
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venus williams has involved in a car accident earlier this month. coy wire has an update. >> according to a police report, venus is responsible for the accident you mentioned in which a 78-year-old man was severely injured and later died. police say venus violated the right of way at an intersection where her car was t-boend. she's being sued by the family in a wrongful death suit. she was overcome with emotion yesterday when she was asked about that accident after her opening match at wimbledon. >> there's really no words to describe how devastating and -- yeah i'm completely speechless and it's just -- yeah, i mean, i'm just -- maybe i should go?
6:59 am
>> yes. >> can't imagine how she was able to play. venus won her first match over unseeded elise mertens. clearly the tragic accident weighed on her emotions afterwards. two weeks after announcing we'll get professional help with his medications and being charged with driving under the influence in may, tiger woods released this statement yesterday on twitter, he said "i recently completed an out of state private intensive program. i will continue to tackle this going forward with my doctors, family, and friends. i am so very thankful for all of the support i've received." philly's player freddy galvis has hquite the day. he arrived at the hospital yesterday with wife anna as she went into labor, 6:00 a.m. blessed with the birth of their second daughter, nicole. the two guyed freddy should go to work.
7:00 am
the phillies posted this photo on the upbrough tron saying "our family grew today." then with hospital band still wrapped on his wrist he put a new meaning to birthday bash when he smashed this home run in the very first pitch he saw on the day. what a day. freddy, as histophillies win over the pirates 4-0. feel-good story for you this morning. >> go freddy and company. that is so cool. all right coy, thanks for bringing it to us. appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins right now. >> good morning, i'm fredricka whitfield in for poppy harlow and john berman on this fourth of july. two big breaking stories that we're following for you this hour. first the u.s. is right now looking into a stunning claim from north korea, the nation threatening overnight that for the first time it has now successfully tested a missile capable of striking


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