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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  December 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. it's the top of the hour. thanks for sticking with us. breaking news, president obama responds to vladimir putin. russian response, nothing. he will not retaliate instead putin went as far as to invite the children of american diplomats over there to a holiday party at the kremlin saying he'll wait to work on u.s. relations when donald trump is in the white house. also just in, the senate
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services committee led by john mccain will hold hearings next week on cyber threats including election hacking, just as congress returns from their winter break. clearly setting the tone of where congress stands on this issue going forward. our correspondents are following all of these developments. jessica snyder is here in new york. matthew chance is in moscow. matthew, let me start with you, since that seems to be where all the action is happening at the moment, or lack there of. with this back and forth and putin then going the step of inviting children to a holiday party at the kremlin, is he trying to play mind games here? >> reporter: are yes shgyes, po. great political theater. we had sergey lavrov appear on state television looking all stately and solemn saying that there should be a tit for tat response to this u.s. expulsion of 35 russian diplomats. we should, he said, i'm recommending, he said, that the
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kremlin expel 35 u.s. diplomats from their posts here in moscow and elsewhere. but then putin stood up, you know, as if he was playing santa claus and said, no. i'm not going to ruin people's christmas, ruin their new year holidays, make it difficult for u.s. diplomats at all. i'm not going to expel anybody. and going further. i'm going to invite all the children of u.s. diplomats accredited in russia to the new year and christmas performances at the kremlin. so he really was trying to play the good cop in this, and he said any future relationship with the united states will be determined by the policies of the next u.s. president, donald trump. so putin trying very much to sort of cast aside the obama administration in the last few weeks of its government, and to look forward, ahead, to, you know, building ties again with donald trump and the administration he believes will be much more sympathetic to russia's cause. >> following this breaking news from vladimir putin that there's not going to be a tit for tat,
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we have yet to hear from the white house and yet to hear from donald trump. if he has anything new to say. but after, jessica, after the announcement yesterday from barack obama, donald trump's response himself was that he wanted to move on. do you think that trump is going to say more today? do you get a sense that he will? >> reporter: it's quite possible, kate, considering in the past 24 to 48 hours donald trump has been very viocal. stood outside mar-a-lago saying american shos get on wir their lives saying americans have bigger and better things to worry about and simultaneous saying he will meet with intelligence leaders next week. his advisers kwquite vocal, kellyanne conway saying president obama is playing politics with this entire issue and incoming chief of stat reince priebus is also speaking out saying he wants the intelligence community to speak out in unison and to give the trump team more details, and
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notably, trump confidant rudy giuliani also speaking out and urging donald trump to take matters into his own hands. >> you get your own people to review it. there's no question that the intelligence that president obama has been getting has either been incompetent or politicized. i would urge president trump when he becomes president trump, have his own intelligence people do do their own report, find out who did it, bang them hard. not moving a couple of this ones and that ones around. they're not hacking from those places. it's totally absurd. >> reporter: so rudy giuliani advising donald trump to get information from his own intelligence people. not clear exactly who that would be. obviously, donald trump consults daily with his national security adviser, retired lieutenant general michael flynn and also this week named thomas bossert to be his adviser for national
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security, and sean spicer says we could know more details as to timing and participants as to who donald trump will be talking with in the intelligence community about these alleged russian hacks next week. we could get more information about that later today. kate? >> jessica, of course, these, this is information that is classified, because we're talking about these presidential daily briefings that the president-elect is involved in, but are they giving you any indication that this issue of the allegations of election year hacking, russia's involvement, that this has come up already in his intel briefings? >> reporter: we really haven't gotten much information as it pertains to the intelligence briefings. we know donald trump has the daily briefing available every day, received it on average one to three times a week. donald trump has been very resistant to this idea of russian hacking to these allegations, we're not sure what he's getting but we know that he wants to get more. his team is being very forceful
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saying they want more information. could he get that next week when he meets with those intelligence leaders? that's quite possible. considering everything we've been hearing over the past 24 hours. >> matthew, the view from your perch is, who has the next move here, do you think? >> reporter: well, i think that the kremlin is aware of the fact donald trump as he enters the white house is coming up against a lot of opposition to his stance on russia from his own party and from congress in general. and this was an attempt to provide a gesture to him and programs an attempt to disarm some of his critics in the united states, and critics of russia in the united states. make no mistake, russia really needs a white house which is much friendlier towards its positions than the obama white house has been. it wants sanctions lifted, it wants u.s. participation in its attempts to bring an end to the conflict syria and ideally would like the peninsula of crimea to be part of russia as well. there are all sorts of reasons
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why russia has a massive interest in having a president of the united states who sees the world from the same point of view as it does, and so i think you get the sense it's trying to help donald trump in that process. >> hmm. matthew chance, jessica schneider, great to see you both. thank you. joining me now with much more, jill dougherty and cnn global affairs analysts and for reuters. thank you both for your time. jill, this statement from vladimir putin sticks out, we can say, says they're not kicking anybody out of russia and this, moreover all american chin of diplomats in russia, inviting you to the kremlin for a holiday party. you see it right there. what is your read on that? >> reporter: well, number one, completely out of the blue, unexpected. and president putin likes to shock people. he does unexpected things.
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this is probably the most unexpected of all so far. i think what he's trying to do is make president obama look like scrooge. make president obama look mean, petty, and make himself, mr. putin, look like a magnanimous person who is not going to stoop to even fight with obama at this point, because mr. obama is walking out the door. the new guy's kucoming in, and there's a lot of message that mr. putin is above this and is ready for a relationship with donald trump, but, of course, on putin's terms. >> david what is your sense? beyond kind of the words that have been spoken. the actions that the white house has taken. do you get the sense it is enough to deter russia from doing this again? >> i don't think so, and i feel
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like putin, a very smart move. matthew calmed it political theater. i think they want to start a new relationship with trump and hope he will drop the sanctions. if putin doesn't get that he wants, he plays hardball. he's shown it over and over again, with european leaders and others. >> this is only the beginning in your view? >> again, we might van amazing approach between trump and putin you but there are core tensions about eastern europe, about ukraine, about syria that, you know, all of these republican members of congress say go beyond, you know, republican or democratic administrations. all of those things, will they go away? it's not clear. >> jill, i've heard some mention this might not have flanything do with this moment but the long game. long-term in the sanctions by all accounts really carried some bite. the sanctions against russia with regard to the annexation of crime
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crime -- crimea. is that part of this chess game? >> part of a chess game we've seen now with president putin on a number of different levels. i mean, militarily, russia does not really match nato. economically, it can't really compete, because its economy is very small. so president putin has started using what's called soft power. diplomacy. making himself look like a different person. kind of asymmetrical. he's now looking like the kind adult, and he's done that in syria. he's tried to look very much with his peace agreement like the guy who can solve problems. remember in rukraine, they said we have polite people. the way they described their soldiers, who went into ukraine under cover. this is all part of playing with the image of russia, softening it, and it doesn't cost that
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much. all you have to do is act out your role and then use the echo chamber of social media, tweets, et cetera. i mean, just go on to twit around see what the russian ambassador in london and others are doing. >> right. >> this is a twitter war all over the place with the russians. so a lot of it is kind of, you know, p.r., soft palate. >> back here at home, the indication for the white house, david, was that they did give a heads up, that this announcement was coming to the trump transition. donald trump's statement saying that next week he wraunwants to with intel leaders in order to get the facts of this situation. would this in -- in a normal -- in any other transition, would this issue have come up? in intel briefings, in the daily briefings that a president-elect gets? should it have come up already? >> yes. i just spoke with a career
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person, not an obama appointee, they said it would have come up in briefings. they said, as jessica said earlier, president-elect trump has only been receiving once a week on average the presidential daily briefing. instead vice president pence is getting it. >> and that remains the same? >> remains the same to this day and that when president trump has requested a specific briefing on a topic such as north korea, that's happened. my understanding, there was never a request from president trump for a briefing about russia or any of this information so far. yes, it would have come up in a president's brief that president trump is getting once a week. mike pence and apparently general kelly, excuse me, general flynn, the national security adviser are getting it instead. if he wants this information he would get it immediately, wouldn't have to wait until next week. he is the president-elect, again, this is from a career u.s. official that dealt with transitions before. >> that is an element of this. jill, how do you -- what do you think the kind of our allies, how they're viewing this strange
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triangle setting up on such an important issue? between vladimir putin, barack obama and donald trump, and everything that has kind of transpired in the last 24 hours? because let's be honest -- by all accounts, the united states is not the only country that russia, there are allegations against russia hacking into. you have our allies suffering, putting forth allegations of very much the same? >> yes. i think that the, those who know president putin, those from the neighborhood, russia, let's say, can understand this behavior very easily by president putin, and probably know exactly what he's doing. i mean, a lot of this is political theater. so that's one part of it. but i think what they're very worried about and especially in those areas where john mccain has been going to and lindsey graham. >> the baltic states, yeah. >> yeah. the baltic states, georgia, ukraine. they are worried, because they
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are not quite sure what donald trump will be doing. i think they're probably quite worried right now about putin. you could argue deftly movingen around, maneuvering, taking his kind of judo-like steps, to play out the clock. i mean what he's saying is, i'm not dealing with obama. three weeks left to go. i'm going to deal with president trump. and president trump, too. he could have ordered the briefing, as we were just hearing, today. but he's doing it next week. so i think there's a lot of this playing out the clock, waiting until he's in office, and giving him time to really figure out now that -- now that he doesn't have to focus or shouldn't really be focusing on the 2016 election and what russia did. the real issue is, what does russia do, period, and what has it been doing for ten years? so that's the issue. and that's going to confront him when he gets into office.
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>> one of many pressing issues that will be front and center on his desk, the moment he steps into the oval office. that's for sure. jill, david, thank you both very much. coming up for us, these actions by president obama against russia comes as we've been just discussing, days before donald trump moves into the oval office. where does the president-elect stand today on these sanctions? he can reverse them on day one. will he keep them? will he make them go? we're going to talk about that, ahead. also this -- terror attacks in europe prompting very different security for new year's eve celebrations in times square. details on all of the preparations ahead. we live in a pick and choose world.
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just moments ago we heard the fallout from the united states sanctions from russia is holding capitol hill. senator john mccain will hold hearings on foreign cyber threats next week, just when congress returns from their winter break. where does this brewing fight go from here especially with donald trump in days preparing to take office? joining me with thoughts, editor-in-chief of the hill, and a gop strategist and columnist nor the washington examiner and a supporter of donald trump and a democratic strategist who supported hillary clinton. bob, i haven't gotten your thoughts on what all has transpired in the last 24 hours. where do things stand, in your view, politically speaking? >> i mean, politically, this move, democrats wanted the obama administration to do this, these sanctions, a lot earlier, but
9:20 am
they're basically saying, well, it's better now than ever. so overall, i think this is an issue where politically democrats could divide the gop. certainly we saw a lot of comments from paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and john mccain praising in so many words, what the obama white house did, and, of course that is -- there's tension there with donald trump saying move on. though i do think that once maybe trump gets his guys in there, maybe they'll change or soften his position a little bit on this, you know, whether the hacking occurred or not. >> andre, do you leave open the possibility that donald trump will change his position on russia after this meeting he has with intel leaders next week? >> well, i think you're going to see a change in tone and tenor. if there are facts -- that would be a first with regard to russia. >> -- if, in fact, he's shown facts from people that he trusts, that he really respects
9:21 am
and thinks he's getting the proper information, then he very well may do that, but i think it's quick of the president currently to immediately act. i think it's important that senator graham, senator mccain they are in fact looking into this. we want to know if we have flaws. again, it's conversation turned only to russia instead of the dnc meddling in the process instead of talking about the e-mails. you and i have had this discussion before whether all the agencies agreed or not. again, i haven't seen any facts. i've heard via the media but haven't seen the facts where we know for sure russia actually did this. >> all right. a lot of this, in a lot of this, andre, kind of how this works. a lot of this is classified. a lot of this you and i will not see but it's offered up to leaders who have classified status. that's how this works. >> absolutely. so i with these two senators that i respect, with them getting the facts, digging into it, having hearings on this, i think then we'll know for sure
9:22 am
where the leaks are, where they came from, if the russians actually did have their fingerprints on this and then what actions we should take accordi accordingly. >> robert, on this point, as andre says that he does leave open the possibility that donald trump will have a different tone and ten whir he sits down and gets more facts if shown the evidence that barack obama believes he has. if that happens, i do wonder, because we do live in very political times, will democrats, will you, offer the space for an evolution on this topic? or will it be immediately ridiculed? >> well, obviously, first of all, we all want to see the president-elect respect the opinion of the intelligence community, and respect the opinion of both republicans and democratic senators and the republican leadership and congress. when andre talks about donald trump meeting next week getting information from whom he trusts. who's he going to turn to?
9:23 am
am ro am moroa r am rose -- aa amarosa. >> this was called the political equivalent to 9/11. how serious it is, and donald trump is waiting for next week to be briefed about it? >> i had an interesting, a very interesting conversation with top trump adviser kellyanne conway last night. in part of the conversation she said one of the reasons donald trump isn't weighing in further at this moment is the policy of, the country only has one president at a time. listen to this -- >> he is -- is, as i said, next week going to receive additional intelligence briefings on this. he's been very clear on this. to talk any further on this is actually to violate what everybody has, which is one president at a time, which, of course, i agree with. >> but look no further, than his
9:24 am
twitter feed since the election, and we know very well that he weighed in very forcefully on israel, inserted himself on nuclear policy. we also know even to the level of the new air force one, and the f-35 program. he weighed in on that. why is this one different? >> i suspect it's because there are two, i think, haves to this issue. on the one hand, the question did russia and all the way up to the highest levels of russian government have a role in hacking the dnc? in trying to conduct sort of cyber attacks against major american institutions with a goal of influencing the election? i think the second question is -- did donald trump become president because of vladimir putin? and i think if the intelligence briefing comes in and says, mr. president-elect, we believe that reason why you were elected is because of russia, i believe he will react badly to that, will not want to believe what he's hearing from the intelligence agencies and that will go very
9:25 am
badly. i believe, however, if as trump has been saying, we need to move on from this discussion of, you know, what influenced the election or not. it it gets away from the politics and did vladimir putin make donald trump president or not? and gets back to this question of, is a foreign government trying to tamper with major american institutions? and it becomes less about, does donald trump's win have an asterisk next to it? does he actually not count as president, and we get to major national security issues. i suspect his advisers don't want him to be to pro-russia, thinking on the first and most important question, there is stuff we need to invest gate, senate republicans led by john mccain are absolutely right. >> and exactly on that point. that seems to be what you touched on, what john mccain cares so much about. exactly what we're hearing from our reporters who are connected with the intelligence community saying that that's what he's going to get in these briefings. they're not going to weigh in if
9:26 am
this is also now the reason why you won, it's that they tampered in the system. it does make me wonder, though, bob, there is a sensitivity clearly. i sensed it again with kellyanne conway again last night, there is an attempt with this whole conversation and this move by the white house to undermine his vick tri victory. when you see statements from republicans, this is setting up, to, do you think the first big fight between donald trump and his own party on political? >> it could bible certainly john mccain is no shrinking violet. he'll go forward with investigations as will the house and senate intelligence committees, of course, lindsey graham, john mccain, john schumer want a select committee rejected by mitch mcconnell, but i do think there will be tension. there is still election hangover on both sides. still dealing with the results and in denial that donald trump won. donald trump when he hears about
9:27 am
this he sees it as another excuse of why he won and he doesn't like that. so i think that the electoral politics, amazingly, and we know we're at the end of the year, the election was november 8th. they're still lingering. >> yeah. >> i respectfully disagree with that analysis. realistically, there is no eford and no one's putting forth evidence russia hacking into our democracy and election had anything to do with changing votes. clearly, interference, clearly designed to hurt hillary clinton, but no one is claiming that the election was in any way, the vote count was in any way impacted. the republicans and donald trump bring that up, a way of ducking the real issue. the real issue, need for taking urgent action for a russian attack on our country. >> we'll see if we hear more today, today from either the president-elect or president obama with respect to all of this. we're watching that closely especially after the surprising statement and position coming
9:28 am
out of russia from vladimir putin. guys, have to leave it there. thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up, three months. how long the iraqi prime minister says it will take to completely wipe out isis in iraq. three months. and the united states says more than 50,000 isis fighters have already been killed in the fight. just ahead, a status check on where the war against isis stands now as we rush into the year 2017. also this -- almost 2 million people are expected toed to gather in time square. and blocks from the president-elect. what law enforcement is doing now to keep the celebrations safer and secure. an update, ahead. with the xfinity tv app,
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right now new york is getting ready for nearly 2 million people to flood times square for new year's eve. police officers at every corner. sand-filled trucks. the nypd is pulling out all the stop bes to keep the city and everyone safe there for the celebration after two truck attacks in germany and france this year on crowds of people. new york city's police commissioner said there is no credible threat against the festivities but nypd will make sure times square is, in his words, one of the safest venues in the entire world. bringing in jeff bidi, former cia counterterrorism officer and fbi special agent. jeff, thank you for the time. we know they're stepping up security measures, they've been candid about that. what are the lessons learned from these terror attacks in the past year they're applying to this holiday? >> hello. good to be with you. i think a couple of important
9:33 am
lessons learned. first, the word "credible" you used about what the commissioner said. you know, credible has a couple of components to it. it has a capability and it has some specificity. in other words, is someone capable of pressing home an attack like happened in nice or in berlin? yeah. that's possible any day. that's credible any day, but the specific, knowing the time and the place. we have no intelligence information that knows the time and the place. so we used to say specific and credible. it's always credible at this point, because it's happened so many times, but it's just not specific. so we don't want to lull anyone into thinking that, oh, well, we have no credible threats. they're credible but not specific at the moment. quickly to your point on lessons learned. you know, it's important that we understand that terrorist operations proceed on a trajectory. you have to understand what happened in the past, process the lessons learned because the adversary is doing that, and you have to connect the dots from
9:34 am
past operations and put them out in the future and say, okay. where will these terrorists go? they've done this in nice. they've done this in berlin using trucks as weapons. will they try it again? we as security have learns lessons. nypd is putting out over 150 large trucks to block vehicular access so no one can careen into the crowd of 2 million people. understanding the trajectory. we understood this 15 years ago when we advise the rose parade, over 1 million people there, blocking off side streets to protect against this exact same type of attack. so the challenge is, not just be ready for what happened in berlin, but for nypd and others to understand the trajectory, what little twist will the adversary put on to their operation that might, in fact, gega a negate the benefit accrued by having barrier, sand trucks in place? >> the fact the president-elect's home is just blocks from the center of it
9:35 am
all, from times square does that change the security, posture, the security planning, how it's all handled in terms of the new year's celebration? >> yes it does. there's a down side to it and also a plus side. the plus side is that the secret services there in force, the counterterrorism task force, fbi-led counterterroristic task force, the best people we have in the country present in new york to do this work. the nypd, there's nobody better at doing this than nypd. think about this, kate. they're all deployed quite near the site. they'll be able to pick up maybe some additional operational activity that otherwise, without that security in place now to protect the president-elect, might go undetected prior to a new year's eve type of event. so there's a plus side. the down side is, you have to continue to protect trump tower, and that will draw resources away from protecting the times square venue.
9:36 am
>> hmm. uh-huh. if you're heading out to one of these celebrations, is there anything different that you need to do this year in light of terror attacks over the past year than you would do any year in staying safe? >> well, absolutely. the public has a big role in public safety. and first of all, help the process. don't hinder the process. don't show up with backpacks or things that could conceal weapons. don't make jokes or comments about, oh, possible terrorist attacks. they'll be uniformed officer there's, also a lot of people that fln uniform that are working security. a lot of cameras on it. be ready to follow the guidance of see something, say something. don't be in denial. if you see something that just doesn't look right, say something to someone. because the work the nypd is doing to protect this vehicular type of attack, you know, you still can't overlook the fact that in the past we've had people with body-worn bams, someone carrying in something
9:37 am
under a heavy coat. they need to dress warm. leave it on the ground, walking a few paces away before it detonates. be ready to be helpful and enjoy yourself. >> exactly right. jeff beatty, thank you very much. appreciate the tips and the insight. thank you. >> happy new year to everyone. >> thank you so much. programming note for all of you, tune into cnn for our special new year's eve coverage. anderson cooper, kathy griffin ringing in the new year and leading us intoes festivities. giving at 8:00 p.m. eastern. ahead, american leaders are aware of the movement by isis leader abubakar al baghdadi after months of not knowing his whereabouts. thousands of his fighters kills and iraq says isis is close to defeat. coming up, a look at this fight ahead and where it's headed in 2017. eligible for medicare? that's a good thing,
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isis under pressure in iraq. the second phase is underearn way of the iraqi military operation to retake the last isis stronghold in the country, the city of mosul. here with me now, cnn military analyst and a contributor and senior editor at the daly beast, who co-authored the book "isis: inside the army of terror" and with us, cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. it's so important as the second phase gets underway and we head into 2017, taking stock of where this war stands before is the latest on the battle for mosul? >> reporter: the so-called second phase, kate, really is acknowledging there was a pause in fighting. the iraqis took a lot of
9:42 am
casualties in the first effort to move into mosul. they did gain ground. they are holding some ground, but isis has proved to be a very tough foe. so there was a bit of a pause. they regrouped. they got reorganized, and the pentagon is now saying, and the iraqis also are saying, they're in the second phase. they're going back in. approaching from three areas northeast and southeast, backed up by u.s. air power. now it's going to get tougher, perhaps, because as they move into mosul, very crowded. very heavily populated. narrow streets. the big tanks, the big artillery pieces aren't going to do you any good here. this is going to be a slog to get through all of that, get isis out, and try and protect the civilians who are remaining. kate? >> michael, at this point what would the fall of mosul mean to isis? >> it would be hugely significant. isis relies on these population centers, how they make their money through taxation and so on
9:43 am
and when they rein over hundreds of thousands even millions of people, they can script them into the military or their version, insurgency, turn them into terrorists and so on. not the end of the game. there's still raqqah. the u.s. will not take raqqah before probably the next sis months. live to general townsend who sayses going to be another two years before iciss strategically defeated and again, so many curveballs thrown. turkey intervenes in syria. turkey and russia getting closer together. complications with the curds, both syrian and iraqi curds. any and all of these things, frankly, can disrupt this effort to expunge isis. >> speaking of a timetable, colonel, i was fascinated to hear the iraqi prime minister saying this week he believes that iraqi forces will be able to defeat isis in iraq in the next three months. do you believe that? >> three months is optimistic.
9:44 am
remember, we had this conversation back when the iraqis were promising they would retake mosul by the end of the year, and none of us believed that, and i think that reality set in once they actually started the operation. and as barbara said, this two-week lull was actually a reset, and they're calling it phase two. in reality, they were stopped. isis put up a much more difficult fight than everybody thought they would do. iraqis took more casualties than they thought they were going to, and now are re-assessing. three months a optimistic. i hope they can do it. as we get closer into the city, as she said, the tanks are going to be useless. the artillery not at useful and we'll get into the urban fighting, slowest and hard effort to do. casualties are going to be high. civilian casualties are also going to be high. we're in for the long fight. that said, the iraqis have allocated the resources to do this and have the political will to do this. i think it's a matter of time. that also puts isis into a real
9:45 am
fight to the death mode. it's going to be ugly. >> and barbara, your reporting this week, the u.s. has been tracking recent movements of the isis leader. how big of a priority is the killer or capture of al baghdadi to the u.s.? >> look, if they could find him they absolutely would want to capture or kill him. more likely kill him. hashed to put troops on the ground to capture him in any reasonable fashion, but getting baghdadi is a similar question to conquering mosul, conquering raqqah. what is defeating isis really mean these days? >> hard to define it. >> yes. none of these things are going to in and of themselves change the course of this war. isis now a worldwide ideology. you know, the fighting may have changed in iraq and syria, they may get baghdadi some day, but isis still has the ability to
9:46 am
inspire a certain number of people to engage in violent activity and that will be the toughest thing to eradicate and something has could take generations. >> michael what does all of this mean for the incoming president? what's the first big question that the president-elect is going to face on the fight against isis? >> he's going to realize. he claimed he wanted to bomb the hell out of isis. he's realize it's not that easy or simple. factors on the ground, dropping bombs from the sky is not going to return mosul. they've turned mosul into essentially a boobytrap. entire blocks rippinged to blow when iraqi force s come in. and how they've stalled. the golden division is doing the heavy lifting in the fight and estimates sustained something like 50% casualties. could be impact ineffective within a month if that keeps up, and guess what? iraqi doss nes not have the figs
9:47 am
on the ground. relying on militia groups, particularly shia militias seen as sectarian foes of the communities isis lords over them. donald trump has to really get his, a sense of the dynamics at place here. this is a very complicated part of the world, and america has been at war with this organization in its various incarnations something like 14 years now. does he think he's going to wrap it up in the first year of his presidency, even the full four years? i i'm skeptical that's possible. >> doctor campaigning than wh you're the one making the decisions. especially a fight like this. two very different things. great to see you all. coming up for us, brand new video just released that appears to show a texas police officer shooting a man in the back. officers say they thought the man was a threat. does the video tell a different story? we're going to show it to you, next.
9:48 am
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dad and son: we just finished dinner and it was time for homework. he hates [i hate] homework. dad: i know he's bright. son: why is it so hard for me? both: he's just got to try harder. i'm trying as hard as i can. narrator: 1 in 5 children struggle with learning and attention issues. go from misunderstanding to
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new video is raising big questions about police shooting in texas. fort worth police shot a man they say -- they mistook for an armed rob roy suspect. the man survived but is paralyzed now. officers thought he had a piston and thought he was pointing it at them. but the man's lawyer says the dashcam video tells a very different story. cnn's nick valencia is looking into this and joins me now. what more are you learning? >> reporter: a case of mistaken identity, you said, kate that could have been fatal. july 2016, a 911 call about an alleged robbery. two off-duty deputies. one with the tarrant county and the other fort worth police department, both working a security detail while off-duty though in official police krirz,
9:52 am
whe cruiser. you can see pulling into an apartment complex, you see the confrontation between the police and the suspect. a female omp emerges from the passenger side, and a male from the passenger's side. gun drawn. what happened, mistaken denty. female on the right, male officer on the left. david cauley, 30 feet away not wearing a shirt, distribution of o -description of the suspect. what you can't hear in the video, demands for him to comply, drop a silver object in his hand. now, the attorney for the victim in this case, david collie says a box cutter was found at the scene, according to police, but the attorney for the client says that's not the case. now, he was paralyzed, david collie was as a result of the shooting and to add insult to injury, for 61 days he was hand covered in his hospital bed as the grand jury considered whether or not to indict him on
9:53 am
charges filed of aggravated assault. in a rare move the grand jury decided not to file those charges but mr. collie says he's considering his own charges. we caught up with his attorney, our affiliate kttv did, and they said the police must do better. >> we don't live in a police state. an officer does not have the right to stop and detain anyone. an officer is supposed to be the one hoon de-escalates, the professional, the one with the training and the officer is the one with weapons strapped to his hip. the officer has to be better. >> we have reached out for the police report through a freedom of information act request. it is not made public nor the officers named. we understand the officer who fired the shots is back on duty, back on it's streets. for their part, fort worth police department release add statement. we saw what you saw, heard what you heard. we received your phone calls e-mails messages, tweets, views,
9:54 am
absolute concern over what occurred and demand for answers and action. we do hear you. it is unclear whether or not that officer will face charges. the attorney for david collie saying that they might bring their own charges against the police. >> this all coming to light now with this new release of this video. nick valencia is watching for us. thanks. >> you bet. coming up for us, a rough transition of power under way, and no, i am not talking about the white house now. it's the governor's race that took more than a month after election day to decide the winner, and it's still the center of major controversy. we're going to take you to north carolina. coming up. ue of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call
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a dozen states held governors races this year but only one kept the nation guessing for almost a month past election day. finally, the democrat roy cooper announced winner unseating the
9:58 am
current republican pat mccrory in north carolina. but it-os the fight even over a this point? we have the report. >> thank you! >> reporter: a new year mean as new governor for the people of north carolina. roy cooper will be sworn in as the state's 75th gercher right after midnight saturday coming at the end of a turbulent transition for the incoming governor. [ chanting ] >> reporter: in his final weeks in office his predecessor republican pat mccrory signed into law bills limiting his successor. political appointsments cut to 425 from 1,500, and the republican-controlled center must approve cooper's appointees. believing these measures will make for a challenges first few weeks in office for cooper. >> early on he's going to try to
9:59 am
establish his authority with the people in the state and remind legislature that he's there, he's the governor. got some discretion and is a y player in the system. >> reporter: limiting his pow cert latest chapter in a bitter and highly contested race. [ chanting ] ♪ don't you come back no more, no more, no more ♪ >> reporter: cooper beat out his republican opponent by only 10,000 votes. mccrory claiming fraud and challenged the outcome before con creed be about four weeks later, and this month, both sides blamed the other forefa failing to repeal the bathroom bill. >> may want to talk to the legislature even if a repeal isn't possible. kpr compromise is is term that might come up. >> reporter: these two bills
10:00 am
were signed into law, governor-elect cooper requested a retraining order be essentially filed returning some of his powers. that is expected to be heard by a judge in the coming minutes. clearly, though, he is expected to continue to assume office. expected to happen only one minute into the new year. kate? >> that fight continues. polo, thanks. thank you for joining me. coverage continues right now with jim sciutto. hello everyone. i'm jim sciutto in for wolf blitzer. welcome viewers from around the world. it is 1:00 p.m. here on this very windy day in washington, and we are right outside the u.s. capital where in just 21 days donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. our political panel is standing by to talk about the president-elect and we'll get to them in a


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