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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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been hospitalized. her flight was approaching l.a. when she became ill. cnn will be following the story and as we get more information, will bring it to you. erin burnett "outfront" anchored by poppy harlow starts right now. "outfront" next the chief suspect in the berlin christmas market attack shot to death in italy. plus trump sparring over putin with nukes while talking about improving relss with russia, will russia be trump's friend or trump's foe. >> and we have the latest tonight in princess leah's condition. let's go out front. i'm poppy harlow. in for erin burnett.
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tonight "outfront" breaking news on the berlin terror suspect. shot dead. anis amri wanted for the brutal truck attack that killed 12 people, shot and killed by italian police in the 34i8d of the night. the suspect, the most wanted man in europe, was stopped by officers on a most routine patrol. this as the fbi and homeland security as a grim warn, that isis sympathizers continue to talk an attacks. and erin, now that the now that the prime suspect is dead what are and who are investigators turning to next? >> reporter: they are trying to figure mow a 24-year-old moon a
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terror watch list was able to hijack a two on the truck and chen escape? authorities here fear he had help. anis amri, gunned down outside a subway station near milan italy in the early morning. >> a police patrol stopped a suspicious person at 3:00 this morning. >> reporter: a amri was standing alone in the piazza. the police unaware this was europe's most wanted man, asked for identification. >> translator: he was absolutely calm when he was stopped. he started getting his things out of his backpack when suddenly he pulled out a weapon. >> reporter: according to police
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he shouted "bastard cops" and pulled out a handgun. according to the italian news agency he apparent wli made his way to berlin from france and toork a train to italy and to central station milan, arriving at 1:00 a.m. in the morning about two hours before the final confrontation with police. this video of amri, pledging allegiance. but in it makes no mention of the christmas market attack. it's also released a statement that didn't name amri but said the --. cnn learned amri carried out the attack while being considered one of the most dangerous
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islamists in germany. now german police remain on high alert. investigators turning their focus to possible accomplices who may have helped amri as he moved across three european countries. now, no arrests have been made so far as part of this investigation. tonight cnn spoke to amri's brother in tunisia. he apologized on behalf of the suspected terrorist. also said he spoke to amri last friday. asked if he had plans to come 40e78. amri replied no. he had no money. now to the united states where the fbi is issuing a new warning of possible isis threats just before christmas and hanukkah. what are your hearing? >> reporter: this bulletin, which was issued just a few
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hours ago comes on the heels of o pro isis website that synthesizers frequent. calling on attacks. calming more them to attack churches across the country. the website listed thousands of churches in 24 country. listed addresses, and names of chirjs and has called on its followers to go ahead and launch some kind of attack. there is some concern about this and therefore the fbi along with the department of homeland security decided to go ahead and issue this bulletin calling on police officers and private security companying to be vigilant. >> of course. especially has of the holidays. but law enforcement authorities are telling you that there are no specific credential threats here in the united states. that said, clearly enough though to prompt them to issue this warning. >> reporter: right. there is no credible threat. what they like to say. we don't know of anything that is going to happen. but i'll tell you in talking to
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some of the law enforcement forces, there was enough concern. the website is frequented. so there is concern that someone whose just on the edge, just about to launch an attack may use this as a reason to go ahead and attack a church. which is considered a soft target. so there is a lot of concern about this and that is why 245i went ahead and released this bulletin. thank you. joining me now to talk about that --. blah. let me begin with you on this concern about the united states, this new potential threat in the united states, looking at
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church, these soft targets over the holiday weekend. what should americans do with that information? immediate thought was do i take my daughter to church tomorrow? >> i think americans should continue with their religious celebrations. they should go to their churches. go to their schools. continue with the skoeshl gathers. the threat stream here is not very specific at all. and i think here this is mainly to put law enforcement and security companies on alert. and for americans also attending these religious ceremonies to be extra individuality. know their surrounds. but enjoy the holidays and continue with the festivities they have planned. >> and given your broad experience, to be clear, u.s. authorities aren't saying an attack is imminent. but they are taking it seriously. they wouldn't just issue this
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warning in the wake of uncertainty. how much would they have to have? >> well there has to be a broad consensus in the law enforcement community. there is multiple review processes before a bulletin like this. and as art said, there is a bulletin to law enforcement, essentially. it is lean forward as we approach this. and i want to be clear. while the berlin incident would be relevant, it wouldn't have triggered something like this. what we're all hearing is it is the combination of isis, the holidays and of course a presidential transition, which is always a heightened time. but like art this is relevant but nothing to make anyone change their plans. >> let's turn to the new developments. jim the suspected attacker was able to somehow from italy to
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germany without being detected. and found in the middle of the night after this routine stop. how is that possible? given that we now know he was considered to be one of the most dangerous islamists in the country. and they knew it for months. >> he was designated as a threat to the german state and under surveillance over the course of several months in mid 2016. but like all intelligence and all law enforcement agencies they don't have infinite amount of resources or money or personnel to track everybody constantly. they watched him. and believed he was involved in a drug ring. and believe he may have offered to serve as the suicide bomber. using very coded language. but knowing he did not appear to be imminently going operational, sooner or later they have to let that lapse. and that is that the standard
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practice. >> isn't the question also, do you apprehend someone or at least try to find some grounds to take them into custody when your hearing this or? or do you wait in the hopes they will lead you to the broader network nasally? >> they might have been looking at a broader network. but this individual raised a broader flag. he committed a homicide to hijack that truck and use that as a battering ram to kill those dozen people. we haven't seen that since 9/11, where an individual committed a murder in order to steel a acquaintance. 9/11 was the aircraft in this incident. we have a semi to show this type of crime. that shows a higher type of commitment.
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so yes we've got to look at this individual. and it also appears to me, based on that type of commitment and based on the fact he committed this homicide prior to stealing the truck is that there are probably other individuals that either assisted him or he did this as the direction of some terrorist group. >> also that he went through multiple countries to pack at italy where he had liftd, where he had within in jail before. and on his person, a knife, a few hundred euros. only those all kapindications h could not have been nasally this alone? >> or there is some belief he may have intended on dying in the process. because there are videos and other things. but sort of chickened out at the last stage. and did not have exit strategy.
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so that is going to have to be reviewed to determine what exactly his plans were and just picking up on sort of how did he manage to stay in germany. what we're now finding with the time line is that germany was about to attempt to try to sort of essentially extradict him again. he may have been feeling that pressure and acted. so that is another lesson learned. that the longer you wait to let people be deported, that in the last days they may actually plan an an attack. >> "outfront" next the president elect challenging vladimir putin, reportedly saying let it be an arms race, then, thanking him for a nice congratulatory holiday letter.
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strengthen and expand u.s. nuclear capability? >> the curiously warm relationship between president elect donald trump and russian president vladimir putin is on full display. putin writes he hopes the u.s. and russia will be able to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas. in a statement trump describes the letter as very nice and says putins thoughts are so correct. >> trump said it would be proper to normalize. and it can't be worse. and i agree with him. we will think about it together. >> reporter: while trump seems open to a friendly relationship with russia. after tweeting the u.s. must greatly strengthen and e up and down nuclear capability he was a asked off camera to clarify.
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trump saying. >> let it be an arms race because we'll outlast them all. >> reporter: the president elect's tweets should be taken literally. >> the president is going to put our nation and security first and not going to worry about how. >> reporter: but concern about the iimmaculate of his tweets around the world. >> that is just kwoirng to lead to accuse in our international roelgs. >> reporter: and it is not just foreign policy that trump is tweeted about. this mornings he bemoaned eric's decision to stop fundraising for his foundation. trump who leveled eeltless attacks on the clinton foundation during the campaign. >> it's called pay for play. >> reporter: today writing my son will no longer be able to
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raise money for children with cancer because of a on flikt with my presidency. isn't this a shame? >> reporter: we are just hours away from christmas eve and the president elect is not done tweeting. he just tweeted vladimir putin said today about hillary clinton and the dem, in my opinion it is humiliating. one must be able to lose with dignity. that so true." that just coming in with the last few minutes if woe thought the president elect was going to wind things down, we were sadly mistaken. >> "outfront" tonight some wise people.
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vladimir putin said today about hillary and dems it is humiliating. one must be able to lose with dignity. the election is over. why is the president elect still tweeting about this? >> he still has a little bad blood. because after he did win. it was a legitimate election and the democrats wept on a tirade to change the election and i can understand why he would point that out because it seems like there were some sour grapes out there look he shocked -- >> -- to what end? he won? >> so his own. to his own. this is who he is. hes about -- >> sure. >>[chatter]. >> sure. -- the leader of the free world. look i won, look i won. even putin says it is
4:20 pm
disgraceful what they did in the aftermath. >> his el whole campaign was based around one word, winning. i can help america win. so when he wins he's going to tout the fact he wins. >> that seems to be a part of the problem. he won. get over it. let's get to the business of govern asking actually look at doing what's best for the sbiesh american public but for many people who are afraid of what might come in an dmingadministr that openly supports in courts white supremacists. i want to get abby in here. abby let's talk about what trump reportedly said today to msnbc host saying let it be an arms's
4:21 pm
nasal raise. why do you think it is that donald trump would say that. which by the way is the first aggressive statement he's made about russia or vladimir putin yet in the campaign or now as plekts. >> just to begin i think both examples illustrate how trump uses social media to drive his narrative, to talking act what he wants to talk about. and to get people worked up about the things he's saying on twitter. he knows every time he talked about the election, people are also going to talk about that. and that is part of the calculus here and on nuclear weapons i think that trump is articulating maybe what is in his core about what he thinks needs to be done on nuclear weapons. i'm not entirely convinced that there is a policy behind this. that there is a strategy behind this. as you saw his aides are trying to walk that back. because they don't have having --
4:22 pm
>> -- interesting point, i love your take on it. right, jason miller came out and said actually his tweet was nuclear proliferation and reducing -- not at all what he tweed. and it was very unclear where he stood on nuclear weapons. at i one point he said he nasally opposed nuclear weapons. and then he said he maybe we should just let south korea, japan, saudi arabia arm themselves so we don't have to always step in and be defending them. what about some nasal policy? >> it hasn't been backed up with so a clear policy yet. this twreeet in my opinion and what are whatever political pundit's worth isn't much is this is about winning. i the whole campaign is about running build america first and building a wall and those type of things. and this is more bravado.
4:23 pm
even barack obama talked about modernizing the nuclear program to the tune of about a trillion dollars. publicly we had the conversations about nuclear weapons. obviously the use of nuclear weapons is incredibly intense issue that sends shock waves -- >> -- modernizing is different than strengthen and expand. >> very different than -- it's actually been completely inconsistent with how democrats and republicans alike have talked about nuclear security. ronald reagan would be rolling over in his grave right now. ronald reagan was the father of bringing down tensions and this start treaties and reducing nuclear stock piles. at the end of the day the united states doesn't need anymore nuclear weapons. what we need is coherent policy
4:24 pm
and statement that can help other leaders figure out where the united states stands. the idea of keeping people guessing works great for a strategy but wreex havoc how people perceive u.s. leadership. >> there is a problem with spending a lot of time assuming what trump means with his tweet. it was vague. it doesn't spell out a program of mod nation nor does it spell out a program -- >> -- leave it there -- >>[chatter]. >> thank you very much. obviously a lot the talk about here. "outfront" next the u.s. ab stains as the united nations votes to condemn israeli nasalments. and president elect trump sparring with putin and china challenging defense krashlgts to a bidding war.
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4:29 pm
20th. "outfront" in washington, there is the president. this is the united states throwing out precedent when it comes to the relationship with our closest ally in the middle east. what does it mean in your mind long-term for u.s./israeli relations going forward? >> reporter: i think u.s. relations in the long-term are going remain stock. these kind of things ebb and flow. it is not unprecedented the u.s. votes against israel in the security council. but this issue of settlements is is explosive. the administration that is called it impediment do peace because it impinges on what they think could be a future state but for the israelis and trump administration coming in they feel this would tie the next
4:30 pm
president, president trump's hands when he works to make a middle east peace deal. i think over the long-term the relationship will be strong but i do think president trump is going to be under pressure now to come in and overcompensate, if you will about friendliness with israel and he's already been leaning in that direction. he already said he would move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. appointed a controversial ambassador david friedman whofrs supportive of about settlements. so i puke the obama administration is leaving and you already heard prime minister netanyahu is looking forward to working with the trump administration. >> exactly. his exact second statement. as trump tweets as to the u.n. things will be different after january 20th. how do you read that?
4:31 pm
is it likely he may pull financial support from the u.n.? >> he may try. and it is not just him. lindsay graham said he's going to propose legislation to defund the united nations if they don't overturn this resolution. the u.s. puts 1/5 of the budget. and so if they were to do that, that would be devastating. and it is an effort to create leverage for president elect trump. we'll see what happens. but it could be devastating to the u.n. budget. they don't know it will actually happen. >> "outfront" tonight. ben fersen. and bakari sellers. good to have you both. ben, was it a mistake on the part of the obama administration to abstain? >> i think a massive mistake. and i think also it is going to
4:32 pm
now officially show that this is an administration that was blatantly not friendly to israel. and every time they had a chance to undermine israel, they did this. also incredibly spiteful, why you would do in this this way. almost seems like a personal vendetta. and it is not going help in the middle east. if you want your legacy to be instability in the middle east this is a great way to go about doing it. and i think you are going to see a very different relationship under donald trump which will be welcomed by many in this country and israel. >> if there are more settlements it would completely block the possibility of the two state solution. also pointing out the massive
4:33 pm
financial assistance that the united states continues to give to israel, pointing to a new $38 billion commitment bakari, do you feel this hurts relations long-term. >> no. it does not affect u.s./israel relations. i disagree with the resolution. i think there is no place to negotiate piece between israelis and palestinians outside direct negotiation between two sides. the subnu.n. is not where you d. you cannot also say just that the jers almousalem is unoccupi territory. you can look at not only what ben rhodes said about -- i'm spookic. look at the $38 billion the
4:34 pm
united states has given to israeli in an mou but you can look at the iron dome which protects israel. you cannot only look at the iron dome and the mou but also the fact that just last week while i was in israel just last week you actually had f-35s to come in. israeli is the only country outside the united states that actually has f-5s that will protect it from harm so for noib say. ben i'm actually going to finish my thoughts. >> hurry because ush running out the clock. >> anyone to say that barack obama has turned his back on israel is totally against the matter and not the case. >> the mngt of things you have talked about are things that have actually gone through congress that were done in spite of of the white house. >> that is not true. that is not true. >> people can decide --
4:35 pm
>>[chatter]. >> second issue, when you act as if somehow that barack obama is a great friend to israel. great friends stick up for you when you are at the u.n. the united nations in the last year alone has had more resolutions anti-israel than dealing with actual terrorist nations. >> but if you look at history and elise makes the important point that this isn't unprecedented that u.s. administrations presidents republicans and democrats would vote against israel in the security council. >> but to be honest poppy this is what the facts are and what ben doesn't want you to know? >> this is not unprecedent especially when it comes to the -- >> when you have united nations that become so anti israel.
4:36 pm
look at all going after israel instead of state terrorist nations that have been involved in terrorism. they have zeroed in on israel. and my point is this. if you are a true friend of someone, when they are being pushed into a corner and you see this happening in the united nations, obviously at that point the president of the united states should have the sbhelt to look at that. and say i'm going stand with them. and we --. >> thirty times. >>. so the reaction to this. from members of both parts. soon to be top democrat in the senate calling it extreme wli frustrating, disappointing and confounding. that as die yan fine steane fin
4:37 pm
>> thirty times anti- --. i'm glad twitter wasn't around because ben -- although i'm disappointed today's resolution passed i do not agree with it at all. with that all said. -- >> -- first one in this administration -- >> -- just one -- >> >>[chatter]. >> when you look at thirty under george h.w. bush and ronald reagan. when you look at six under george w. bush and one today --
4:38 pm
>>[chatter]. >> the fact of the matter is settlements are a hot button issue. i do not agree with anyone who will tell you that for example east jerusalem will all the holy sights are are somehow occupied territory that israel should move out. i agree with chuck shumer and diane fine stein -- >> ben final thought -- >>[chatter]. >> history is going to show something. this is the day in time where barack obama is going to be remembered over the last eight years where he really has not every truly stood up and been a genuine ally to israel. and when he left office this was a clear mental to go down as
4:39 pm
this. -- >> we're out of time guys. thank you very much. "outfront," donald trump and president obama on key policy issues. why the obama administration is saying one president at a time. and karrie fisher suffered a heart attack. we have the latest on her condition live from los angeles state ahead together. hello-yellow-belt kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support with align junior. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand, now for kids. yeah, chevy was great in that. who played the wife? beverly d'angelo! juliette lewis costarred as the daughter. e called claymation... narwhals really exist... actually guys, it was the ghost of christmas past... never stick your tongue on a frozen flag pole... yukon cornelius... "die hard" is considered a christmas movie!
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>> translator: today the russian federation is stronger than any potential aggressor. if someone accelerates and speeds up the arms race, it is not us. >> reporter: the president elect did not back down. a co-host of morning joe said he told her off camera. let it be an arms race. he'll outlast them at every pass and out last them all. >> he said he's going to be a president that defends the american interests and american people. >> reporter: and on it goes. at the united nations the president elect urged the white house to veto a resolution to stop israeli settlements.
4:45 pm
the measure abstained and the measure passed. and the tweeting followed. rarely so openly. and it could be rissy. >> if you hear two different voice, especially from people tw two different perspective, a countries over seas or interests here in the united states might not know exactly what's going on. >> on the democratic side what you hear a lot of is people saying look when barack obama was taking office for his first time they were already a lot of things going on with the economy he didn't like but he didn't say a whole lot about it until he after he took the oath. >> "outfront" next. carrie fisher of "star wars" fame suffering a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. we have the latest on her condition tonight.
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tonight, actress carrie fisher, in the hospital after suffering a cardiac event. best known for her role as princess leia in "star wars." was on a flight from london to
4:50 pm
los angeles when she fell ill. >> live tonight at los angeles following the breaking news. obviously everyone is wondering how she's doing. what is the latest. >> reporter: devastation for people to hear this. obviously she's a much-loved actress and also screen writer as well and people really worried about the situation with her. we know she had this cardiac event on the plane and that fire department did respond to them. we know she is still in intensive care at a hospital in los angeles. the family asking for people to pray at this point, poppy.
4:51 pm
>> do we know what could have sparked this? she was to be plane. near the end of a flight. a long flight from london to los angeles. and sounds like some passengers were helping. >> reporter: this was happening as the flight was approaching landing at lax. approaching landing here she started to feel ill. they asked for medical personnel on the flight and she was attended to people on the flight as well as passengers and they radioed in, as you heard, asked for them to meet them at the gate. and they were waiting for her and transferring her to the hospital for further care. but when you look at this, so many people taking to twitter. people on the flight with her, who saw this happen to her. and also coming up from mark hamill from "star wars." and people tweeting their love and respect and hoping she makes
4:52 pm
a full recovery. >> and i want to go now to michelle turner. what has the response been what from you are hearing from people across hollywood to this? >> it's been wide spread. you heard stephanie talk about her co-stars. we just saw her sister also take to twitter and give well wishes. her sister is also in a play in laguna beach out here in california right now. and we do know within the last hour she has canceled her performance -- she's in "sleeping beauty." she has canceled her performance tonight. we don't know if she's going to
4:53 pm
return in the future but we do know it is because of the incident on the plane with her sister. she wants to make sure she's okay. we saw her reprise her role in "star wars" and she's had a long career. we do know she was actually in london filming the amazon television series "catastrophe" and apparently coming home for the holidays to spend with her family and also her daughter, who lives here in los angeles. she's been on a book tour as well. a very popular book out now and traveling and doing a lot of interviews about her life and career. >> and any nominated actress beloved by so many. and she's been so visible lately. she's 60 years old. obviously filming right now for this series. on a book tour. nothing had been slowing her down. >> you are correct. 60 years old is not old.
4:54 pm
and she's been very -- [inaudible] we were with her on november 23rd and she was in great spirits. she looked good. she sounded good. was very very funny. trading --. having a lot of fun. you know she has made headlines lately because of her love life. she came out and admitted her and harrison ford had an affair when filming "star wars" all those many moons ago. now wishes she hadn't admitted it was a it grew legs and became a story. and thinks it was a mistake to talk about it now. but she's so funny and loved by so many in hollywood and we've seen so many people -- >> and we know actor mark hasmal, who played luke
4:55 pm
skywalker tweeted, as if 2016 couldn't get any worse, tweeting all of our love @carrie fisher. >> he did do that today. and also -- >> and this is the last thing that anyone wanted to see right now at the end of 2016. we're all sending her well-wishes as welt. a lovely lady. we're all pulling for her. >> one of a kind for sure. michelle turner thank you so much. and the headline, carrie fisher hospitalized in los angeles after this cardiac event on the flight. quick break. we'll be right back. pv hi, we're the hulford quads.
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sthoongs much for joining us. have a great holiday. a great weekend. ac 360 begins right now. good evening. john berman for anderson here tonight. the aftershocks in today's seismic events in this country's relationship with israel. first time in 36 years the u.s. stood back and let the u.n. pass a measure condemning the --. and whatever else you think of it. it up ends is it world order when it comes to israel, at least for the next 28 days until donald trump becomes president. we darwin with the immediate and ominous. new warnings about isis. warning the terror group wants to target churches and other christmas celebrations. cnn is working


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