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tv   The Wonder List With Bill Weir  CNN  December 18, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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wow, you took it seriously. >> chen: you become more and more chinese now. >> the museum at 7:00 a.m. they let me in before the crowds for a priceless moment alone. rembrandt. red light district, midnight. here the crowd considers the price of a moment alone with her. for centuries this town has catered to those in search of
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pleasure. for eye and soul, flesh and ego. welcome to amsterdam, the world's most liberal city for 500 years and now they want to be the most liveable city, a model for a better urban future. but the tides are rising for both ocean and human. i wonder, what happens to such an open minded place with so many minds and borders are slamming shut? my name is bill weir and i'm a story teller. i have seen so much change all
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over the world. i may list the most wonderful places to explore before they change forever. this is the wonder list. i have been a new yorker now about a quarter of my life and i never realized how much we owe to the dutch. the basic ideals of melting pot america, freedom of trade and religion of speech and democracy and the soul of new amsterdam would not exist without old amsterdam. the impossible capital of an impossible country. life above museum square.
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that is natural sea level. all of this should be sen feet under water, but the dutchy crafty. it took salty swamp to make a country. dig a canal and throw the mud on the side. build a house and rinse and repeat. they carved a country where no one wanted it. the dutch have always ruled themselves. kmund keeps them dry and empathy for same-sex marriage and euthanasia. at the same time the cutting edge dutch can be old fashioned.
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exhibit a. newborn dutch see the world from the back of a bicycle. or the front of a bicycle. when they are four, they learn to get on a bicycle. when it rains, sleeds or snows, they ride faster. at age 4, they learn how to ride. only a bonehead carrying a brand-new iphone in his back pocket. palittle number belongs to her. thank you for loaning me the dutch experience. >> you did very well. >> she is a dutch journalist and a proud amsterdamer. >> when a boy picks you up on a
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date, does he pick you up on his bicycle? >> yes and it's romantic to sit on the back of the bike and you go to a bar. it's romantic. >> when people said amsterdam, i would think of drugs and sex. >> yeah. >> what do you think of that. >> that's something that -- that hits me. >> for has to be offensive. >> a little because it's a city full of culture and architecture and there is so much happening. i don't see the whole idea of coming here only to do -- >> sin. >> yeah. >> if you do, the locals will likely roll their eyes and roll on by. a few people will crowdly embrace the idea of live and
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lead live. i wonder what made the dutch so dutch and amsterdam so progressive so soon. i found some clues. at least for a week we rended this canal house and it's an illustration of the mind set that framed this place to see even the richest merchandises lived in homes no wider than the neighbors. servants lived in a place like this under the house, but were treated like members of the family. they would be shocked to see a maid eating with the family. of course in a man made place like this, every square inch is put to good use you may call it cramped. they call it cozy. back in the day, the first floor was the store and polite
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visitors would take off their clogs before crossing the line into the concept known as home. the success of the home depended on dad's ability to stand in a spot like this and imagine the possibilities. think before the united states was even born and enjoyed this view. this view that is so full of possibilities. this was a merchant town. your ability to make a living detended on the ability to have an open mind and kk strangers and new ideas. all of that together made amsterdam one-of-a-kind. >> i have been here almost 50 years and every morning i sakele along a canal and it's a feeling thaw wake up next to a beautiful partner. a beautiful wife and feel good.
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he is an esteemed author and amsterd amsterdamer. they give a glimpse of the wealth and energy. holding it all together, dutch cooperation. >> i was reading the story of a little dutch boy. it was written by the community. they are the heroes of the story. >> the enormous store and the dike goes down. >> we have to put away a lot of wane water. >> they are being tested along
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with the liberal ideas. >> dozens of the coffee shops have been shut down. sex workers feel under siege. how long will the dutch tolerate toleran tolerance?
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i wonder what rembrandt would make of modern amsterdam. proud of the lights. in tours of industry driven by sex, drugs, and art. he used local prostitutes as models.
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he actually loved amsterdam in the age of instagram. dutch masters invented capturing ordinary shmows and the night watch men and reserved for gaza. it's not hard to imagine what they would do. the crowds get bigger and attitudes get tighter. >> not all of them. . >> talk to that 16-year-old girl
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who wanted the german shepherd. >> what would you tell her? >> girl, what were you thinking? >> 20,000 and most of them south america and eastern europe. getting here is harder and harder to make a living. she rallies sympathizers to march with them in protest. >> it's called project 10-12. i believe it's actually a plan and we have too many key tourists and low standard businesses. >> the red light neighborhood is for resident who is embraced their naughty neighbors. they are overrun by waves of tourists and most who are not buying, but looking.
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>> it's unbelievable that people see sex workers in the windows as objects and not human beings. i worked in the early 80s in the windows and sometimes i felt like a monkey in the zoo. they made me completely crazy. >> i hear a similar lament over the world famous green house where they consider themselves heirs to the sailors of fortune. instead of spices and silk, they import the finest marijuana. >> do your kids know what dad does for a living?
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>> i'm smoking a joint with snoop dogg. >> explain the rules. they are not really legal. >> it's not really legal. they will follow some rules. >> no under 18 involved in a coffee shops. they are back to the states that is very low. it is legal for a shop to sell, but not legal to buy the weed. >> where do they think you are getting it? >> the business in the u.s. is already much more advanced. because the dutch are forever tangled in a moral tug of war, trying to figure out just the
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right amount of wrong. >> you think it should be legal everywhere? >> yes. where in the world can you find religions like a muslim and atheist and christian and have a nice discussion with each other. very few places in the world. >> the u nilted nations. >> exactly. >> explain the word joint. >> i have more and more learned to appreciate this beautiful thing. this is a man charged with finding the balance in decadence. >> we are wrestling with legalization in marijuana and trying to find the best way forward. what lessons can we learn?
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>> i can find examples of too much freedom, but it can happen. >> too many coffee shops on one block drive people away. >> they have 40 coffee shops. for instance. >> coffee shops were getting so many border hopping tokers, belgium and germany, they had a weed pass. >> only people from holland can enter a coffee shop. there were so many people coming to try. >> you have about nine million? >> we don't know. we stopped doing it.
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>> this is the story. the story about the biggest fights and fear in the netherlands today. >> i am from palestine and i grew up in syria. >> his dad played and he fell in love with the sound of this instrument. at 21, he started a school to
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spread that love. this is what his hometown looks like today. >> when did you decide to leave?
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did you know where to go and how to cross? >> no. >> not really. just look everything you had? >> and so began a journey from this to this. in one, he started a music school and this is proof of life and hope. >> that was for me. not about my students being online. >> we are still there. we loved the life. not just war. >> did you know you wanted to come to the netherlands?
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>> yes. >> why? >> i looked to the netherlands and we see this very nice. they started in the middle of the garden. >> he had no idea that the netherlands was going through hard and angry times. the open hearted and open minded dutch were worried about the borders and the future. few people articulated the fears better than this man who work just a few miles from his new home in the hang. you have been called the dutch donald trump. >> i travel. >> he is a very brave man.
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certainly in america. >> he believes holland is being overrun with muslims and 20% of the country was pleased with him. he was convicted of discrimination and given no punishment. >> they are not racist or bigots. they are concerned about their own in islam. it's far more sophisticated and better than islamic culture. >> the dutch people are very direct. they are blunt, right?
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it's just say what you think. you don't need to go around. you have to go around. i hated that. just go. >> say what you mean. and just how far are they willing to go to get rid of him. >> how can amsterdam be without your ideas? >> that's a good question. welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for aeach and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility.
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and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. >> amsterdam became this intellectual rich capital because it was the most open minded, accepting, tolerant society of the time. >> yes. >> going everything i thought
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the dutch were about. how can amsterdam be amsterdam with your ideas? >> i think the problem is that the company are not the authority. in the process of the last decade to be made one mistake. that is that we started to become tolerant as well. the ideology of hate became tolerant as well. we have in holland whether you like it or not. they are offering that and i didn't mean they are wrong or evil or all moroccans should
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leave. i would never say that. the turks don't even think of joining the eu. by nature, a violent religion. what do you say to military or law enforcement officials who believe that we need, they need the billion and a half on their side and by insighting this fear, you are making that harter. islam is given this year to dominate. they are welcome to stay with
7:36 pm
anybody else in the society. don't be fooled. islam has noplace in the free society. that's a total lack of freedom and civil society. >> i leave wondering what they must think as the ideas catch fire. 5% practice islam including a o moroccan who came here and learned dutch by volunteers. >> i had no money to buy a bus. no money for bicycles. they fall and get out.
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>> huh to learn to ride a bike before you could speak the language. >> yeah. >> it's more amazing now that he is the mayor and the political counter weight to here. >> telling the people if i smash the muslims out of the country. he knows that. the people are very des rate in need for answers. >> how long did it take you to feel dutch? >> i think 15 years. and don't ask immigrants about living in other culture. >> he told muslim extremists to f off. that was a rare outburst. when builders attacked islam on
7:38 pm
a daily basis, his poll numbers go up among those outside the cities. it's easy to live in a canal house in amsterdam and talk about liberal values and tolerance for all. if you are in a farming village and they build an asylum and your property value goes down? that tests your values. >> for example, the financial crisis gave a lot of fears as well. they are afraid of their jobs and then the immigrants are coming now. i get why they are tense and afraid. >> it's the same wedge of fear that split britain from the eu and tear mot earn europe apart. in the meantime after years in the system, five different settlement camps, he has his own
7:39 pm
place. seems he got in just in time. >> you can stay in the netherlands. now almost three years and i can take care of me with everything. i have to do that. >> you feel that. >> he teaches music to dutch kids and touring the nation. >> i would like one day to talk to him like this. >> if you meet somebody like this.
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>> i have very good friends. if anyone understands like this.
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>> going to paris, they have the best clubs in the world. playing jazz is so beautiful. it's a unique experience. the world is full of surprising moments.
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they're everywhere. and as a marriot rewards member, i can embrace them all. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts at
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>> the dutch were early adopters. they were all over the book and the newspaper, microscopes, telescopes, the stock market. but this is the invention that made them rich. this spot was the silicon valley
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of the 1700s. there were over 1,000 mills here using wind and salt lumber and even grind pigment of rembrandt's paint. the sea faring nation could not have been building so many ships so fast. now they want to use it to power all their trains. by next year. they want to ban gasoline-powered cars by 2025 and power everything, posters to school buses. can i climb in with you? >> in the land of innovation, this is a school bus. they are the grandchild of edwin who clogged tiny streets.
7:45 pm
>> that's the safety, etc. >> low-carb on footprints. >> quiet, but also socially. >> they have 1200 of these babies zipping around the netherlands. imagine a day when delivery men can partner outside of town and show up to your door on something this small, clean, and quiet. this guy? he gets paid to think about that future every day. >> you are the chief technology officer not of a company, but a city. how does that happen? >> our city was rethinking center strategy and we need to adapt quicker to change in the society from social networks. they need to create the thinking in the city. >> through the years, not all
7:46 pm
efforts to make amsterdam smarter were warmly embraced. plans to run a subway let to that. bad urban planning created suburbs and detached ghettos. so today they want to try something else. they want to think more george jetson. take the vickle house, for example. the cardboard wrapping machine rolls to your space and cranks out an inex-penive hole. built to last a century. >> every piece is around 5,000 or 6,000. >> money in every year. make your house payment bigger. >> they imagine low tech water towers to manage floods and
7:47 pm
living walls to help manage wastewater. >> the water filters. >> you can drink it if you try. >> natural filtration. >> historians at why yale mapped the explosion of cities through time. this is what they looked like through the height of the roman empire. by the time amsterdam was born, it's dramatic until you see through the industrial revolution. if anyone has a head start on figuring out life on a crowded planet, it's the folk who is made a country out of flooded wasteland. >> this used to be a classroom. >> instead of bulldozing old buildings, they encourage families to renovate the groups to submit bids and those are the smartest ideas for 100 years. >> will you show me around?
7:48 pm
>> yeah, yeah. this is the kitchen and we love cooking. >> mario lane and her husband and neighbors are pioneers to let individuals create their own energy. it used to be one power company in town and now there are 50. >> you have a roof terrace. here are the sodas. >> how much of your power is generated cleanly? >> like 80, 85%. >> they are breaking down the traditional structures. >> why buy a bridge from a far away factory when a robot can print one out over the canal. this is along with a few colleagues. they figured out a way to 3d
7:49 pm
print bicycles and benches. now he hopes to eventually print out entire cities. they want another bridge and he can print another shape. you name it. ornaments and with the same ease. the whole concept that you have. you have different cuts. >> the temporary highway for a festival going back to grass. >> you can do it in a sustainable way. >> he wants to update his city the way tech companies update apps. use smart lamp posts to monitor crowds and big data to refine the way we live. >> everything happens in the city will be an implication from amsterdam. >>
7:50 pm
a lot of people thinking it is a joke. cities filled with people and we are not tech saavy. so the smart team really does not know what to do. it is becoming a negative category. >> interesting. that's a problem. >> there is that tension between old fashion concern and modern creativity as they carve out new ways of learning. i am wondering what other lessons we can take or what the rest of the world can borrow or steal. t now with 30 brands and over 100 countries, the wonder list. the world is full of
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amsterdam may get all the buzz, the netherlands creative tin ty knows the city border. along with the holographic simulations of sea level in museum squares and the world's
7:55 pm
largest manmade rainbow. >> perfectly sits the historical under 25-year-old arch. every night it pops up for 10 or 15 minutes and it transforms the station into rain owe statibow . >> artists, innovators and hollande celebrated wily wonka of early improvements. >> one we are building now is this small free tower, it sucks up polluted air and purified 35 cubic. >> this is rather than smoke. >> is it really? >> this is the stuff that we are sucking up from the sky. >> no kidding. it is incredibly disgusting. we looked at this bag of stuff and realized that 42% of this is made out of carbon. and carbon under high pressure,
7:56 pm
you get diamonds. so we decided to make small free jewelry, small free rings. by sharing aring, you donated a thousand cubic liter of clean air to the city. [ laughs ] >> that's amazing. >> how would you character the dutch's point of view. is there something about this space and this light and these people giving us these modern ideas? >> yeah, i think the desire to cultivate the left and to experience. >> right. sort of -- not trying to fit in the rules. sort of this healthy criticism. >> yeah, yeah. also, helps. >> yeah. >> i mean you need a certain level of arrogance to live below sea level, don't you? >> it is confidence.
7:57 pm
>> he's confidence enough to reinvent street lights. imagine road that is need no electricity to guide drivers in the dark but glow like jelly bugs. putting starry nights underneath your feet and tires. hello. >> oh, it is cool. >> the most fitting van gogh's quote that i can find is normality is the paved road, comfortable to walk but no flowers go on it. you see this you got to wonder what would he think of his homeland and trying to redefine no normali normality. whimsical concepts don't pay the
7:58 pm
bills or create jobs. a town where electronic giant phillips once employed everyone in town. >> it started of this live boat. >> in the '70s, he's among the tens of thousands cranking out tvs and oh, you know the rest. all the jobs went to asia. >> one thing stayed here. that's behind all of them. >> the goal is research and developments. >> yes. >> that did not move away. >>. >> after governments and industry and academia, of work and play is all right here. >> this is incredible. >> it is the first time i have been an all out company town.
7:59 pm
>> full of light. >> you got kids playing at the courtyard of a tv factor and engineer and artists partying. >> exactly. >> do you think this could happen in destroy? >> this cannot happen, i believe that. but, what kind of people? that's the question pushing this nation to the brink. ♪ did you know that tulips is not native to the netherlands. it was imported by muslims and nurtured from turkey. god made the world. the dutch made how? the question now, can it hold in the age of important terror and can they build protection against the ocean of dams and
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against hatred. we are hoping that these natural innovators will find a way and share it. here is to the dutch. long may they bloom.


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