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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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christianity in iraq is near mosul where the majority of the christians were living. now all are displaced into kurdistan. >> my deepest apologies. i unfortunately am out of time. we will make sure we get the information on how we can help you. thank you. "the lead with jake tapper" starts now. >> thanks, brooke. from russia with lulls, the lead starts right now. a former cia director calls it the political equivalent of 9/11 but the president-elect calls it ridiculous. now new details on the debate within the intelligence community over whether russia was trying to throw the election to donald trump. it's not just democrats who want answers. republicans in congress now saying that they also want an investigation into russia's meddling. one of those leading the charge, senator john mccain.
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he will join me in just a few minutes. every minute feels like death. tweets from a little girl who knows nothing but war. they're still trapped inside aleppo and tell cnn they fear the syrian regime will kill them. good afternoon, welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper. today the senate majority leader voiced support for a full congressional investigation into russian meddling into u.s. elections as we learn new details about russia would have been acting this way though there is some disagreement as to whether the goal was to definitive help donald trump or weaken hillary clinton or if there was some other goal. 17 u.s. intelligence agencies reached a consensus in october that the kremlin had orchestrated hacks of democratic
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party organizations. president-elect trump yesterday expressed doubt that russia was behind the hacking, whatever the reason. >> personally, it could be russia. i don't really think it is, but who knows. i don't know either. they don't know and i don't know. >> cnn is covering all of the angles, working our sources in washington. in moscow, ryan is outside trump tower. as you heard us say earlier, one former cia director called these russian hacks on the u.s. system the political equivalent of 9/11. >> reporter: it's a comparison to not take lightly. despite concerns from the intelligence community and now a powerful group of republican senators, the president-elect remains uncon vinced that this alleged russian hack is a
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serious problem. tonight donald trump is ramping up a showdown over the alleged role russia may have played in the race for president. every major u.s. intelligence agency concluding that russia did in fact interfere with the election. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> reporter: on sunday trump flatly told fox news that he does not believe the reports that the cia believes russia actively attempted to intervene. this morning he doubled down in a series of tweets, writing, quote, can you imagine if the election results were opposite and we tried to play the russia/cia card? it would be called conspiracy theory. trump also claiming that the accusations of russian interference never came up during the election, which it did, and that hackers weren't caught in the act, which they were. this comes as bipartisan senators are calling for a deeper probe. >> it's clear the russians interfered. >> reporter: trump is incorrectly suggesting it is democrats, not the intelligence community, placing the blame on
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russia. >> i'm not sure they put it out. i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politician in this country, and frankly, i think they're putting it out and it's ridiculous. >> which entirely misses the problem of a foreign entity attempting to undermine the integrity of the u.s. election and makes any potential investigation challenging if trump remains opposed to the effort once he takes office. but the senate's most powerful republican is also pushing back arguing that the intelligence is correct and an investigation is needed. >> i agree with senator schumer, chairman mccain, burr and others. this simply cannot be a partisan issue. the russians are not our friends. >> reporter: and now the clinton campaign is backing a command from electoral college electors who are asking for a full intelligence briefing on the matter ahead of their official vote on december 19th. this flap adds to growing concern amongst leaders of the president-elect's own party about his view of russia.
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>> i am an american company. >> reporter: and his likely pick for secretary of state. exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson. florida senator marco rubio tweeting, being a friend of vladimir putin is not an attribute i'm hoping for for a secretary of state. these battles are being waged as trump continues to shape his upcoming administration. making trips to trump tower. >> really cool stuff in his office. >> carly fiorina and former texas governor rick perry, once a sharp critic of trump now considered as the next energy secretary, a department that he suggested be shut down. trump today announcing that he's picked someone to head up the national economics council and that's gary cohen, the current president and coo of goldman sachs, and of course, jake, during the campaign trump very critical of hillary clinton's
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ties to wall street and goldman sachs in particular. jake. >> ryan, thank you so much. diving deeper into the murky world of intelligence, cnn chief national security correspondent jim shoe doe is with me in washington. you have information about why russia was hacking these political targets. >> there's no disagreement about russia hacking the election. the intelligence community, fbi, democrats and republicans believe they hacked the election. >> meaning that they hacked into the dnc and john podesta. >> right. not votes but released those e-mails through wikileaks, et cetera. there's disagreement as to why they did it. our reporting is there is growing confidence in the intelligence community that the goal was to help donald trump. that's based in part on the fact that republicans officials and organizations were also hacked but not nearly as much information was made public.
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a former senior law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the inquiry tells cnn the investigation discovered russian hacking of republican entities, not just the democratic national committee and hillary clinton's top aid john podesta. cnn is told that hackers got hold of information from some republican house members, pundits, a third party entity that held data for the republican national committee and nonprofit groups tied to the party. most of the information relating to the republican party was not released by hackers. that in part led the intelligence community to assess that russia could have been acting to impact the election for trump, though it was not clear whether this was truly for trump or just to weaken clinton. fbi investigators were not as convinced. some of the data appears to have been outdated and perhaps of less value to hackers. tonight the white house said it believes it is clear who russia was trying to help.
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>> these were e-mails from the dnc and john podesta. not from the rnc and steve bannon. >> reporter: this has put president-elect trump and his team at odds with the u.s. intelligence community over this assessment. the president-elect himself is questioning the assessment that russia was involved in any election-related hacking at all. >> once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act you're not going to catch them. they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. >> reporter: trump's transition team is also dis350u9ing a report that the republican national committee was hacked as well, though no information was made public. >> the intelligence is wrong because they're writing that the conclusion that they came to was based in part on the rnc was hacked. it wasn't hacked. >> reporter: investigators do have evidence, republican entities though not the rnc were breached. that's real the key distinction. you heard them say with confidence the rnc was not
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hacked. our reporting is that is true. however, other republican entities were hacked, members of congress, thought tanks, that sort of thing, as well as republican organizations and nonprofits. there were many republican targets that were breached. that information by and large was not made public. the democratic information was and that's why many believe the targeted was hillary clinton. >> that's the assessment and conversation going on within the u.s. intelligence community. what's the reaction in russia? matthew chance is in moscow for us. the kremlin is categorically denying to you that they were behind these hacks. >> reporter: oh, yeah. they've been denying that since october when these reports, these allegations, first surfaced at the height of the presidential campaign. when it comes to the latest cia and fbi assessments, they're again restating that position that they had nothing to do with this. the kremlin spokesman told me
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some time ago russia doesn't hack on a state level. that's the position they've been talking about every since october and the position they're holding today. it happens to be the same position as you just mentioned that donald trump has as well. donald trump himself is saying, look, there is no evidence that russia had anything to do with any kind of hacking. and that's partly true because we haven't seen any digital, any concrete evidence there is a straight line between these hacks of the dnc back to the kremlin. that footprint perhaps doesn't even exist. it's just an allegation at this point and that's the point that the kremlin has been making time and again, jake. >> matthew, both democrats and republicans are expressing concern about the man who is the leading contender to be nominated for secretary of state, exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson. he's known putin for two decades, received an order of friendship from the russian president. what's the view of tillerson from the kremlin? >> reporter: oh, yeah, they don't know what the congress is
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worried about. i mean, as far as the russian parliament is concerned, he's the exact man for the job. he is not just a friend of russia but he's been actually awarded a medal as you mentioned by putin to show that he's a really big friend of putin. it's one of the highest civilian honors that you can have. he's done hundreds of billions worth of dollars of trade deals with russian counterparts to look for oil and gas in this massive country. he's met vladimir putin, the russian president, on countless occasions and has gone on record as being opposed sanctions against russia saying they are ineffective as an instrument of policy. he's someone that the russians have great expectations for, someone they think they can do a deal with. when you step back and look at what russians think about this election, they don't see donald trump as the winner or the republican party. they see the kremlin as the winner. they've got donald trump to take office in the white house. he's been sympathetic towards
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russian points of view about the situation in the world. they've got rex tillerson who is his perspective nominee as the secretary of state. this could be a big win for the russians when it comes to the relationship with the united states. >> of course, that's exactly what has so many american office holders concerned. matthew, thank you so much. donald trump rejects the intelligence community's claims that russia meddled with the u.s. election for whatever reason. now a congressional committee is preparing fo investigate, so will president-elect trump undermine that investigation? we'll talk to senator john mccain next. this is more than just a credit card. it's how adventure begins. and with the miles you can earn, it's always taking you closer to your next unforgettable experience. become a cardmember and start enjoying benefits built to take you further... like group 1 boarding... and no foreign transaction fees.
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welcome back to the lead. staying with politics, one of the few areas of bipartisan agreement right now in washington seems to be that congress should investigate russia's role in hacking the dnc and clinton campaign chairman
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and what its goal was. earlier today mitch mcconnell calling for an official inquiry, a move president-elect donald trump seems unlikely to support. john mccain is calling for a senate investigation. he joins me now. senator, as always, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, jake. >> president-elect trump's response to the intelligence community's assessment that russia interfered in u.s. elections has been to attack the u.s. intelligence community. what do you make of that? >> well, i think that it deserves examination. i don't think there's any doubt that the russians hacked into the campaigns probably of both, although it's not evident yet that it was the republicans as well, although i would think so. they hacked into my campaign back in 2008. but i think the key to this is to try to find out what the russians' intentions were. were they intending to change the outcome of our election?
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if so, it's very serious. a pillar of our democracy is free and fair elections. >> you're launching a bipartisan congressional probe to try to find out the facts. are you worried at all that president-elect trump will try to undermine it? >> no. equal branches of government. what we need to do is coordinate between -- and we will -- between foreign relations, senator corker and senator cardin, and intelligence, senator burr, senator jack reed and myself and we will investigate all of these aspects, but the most important thing, jake, is to recognize -- and we will have a special -- additional subcommittee on cyber that my friend lindsey graham i'm hoping will be the lead on. but we have to look at the whole issue of cyber, the attacks, the capabilities, what they've done as far as industrial espionage
1:18 pm
and military capabilities that they've been able to crack into. the whole challenge of cyber, according to our military leaders, is the biggest challenge that we don't have any advantage over any potential adversary. >> the reason i ask about whether or not he would try to undermine your conclusions, take a look at what donald trump said this morning about the russia hack. he tweeted, quote, unless you catch hackers in the act, it is very hard to determine who was doing the hacking. why wasn't this brought up before the election? as you know, senator, neither of those statements is true. cyber experts say hackers don't need to be caught in the act to be identified, and this issue was brought up before the election over and over, including at a presidential debate. so i guess i'm wondering, are you concerned at all that you will be launching a fact-finding mission on this issue and the president-elect on this issue is rather disregarding of facts? >> well, as i mentioned before,
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we are co-equal branches of government. i want to work with this president in every way possible, including repairing the incredible damage that barack obama has done to our capabilities, including the fact that there is no, from this administration, there is no strategy and no policy as to counter these cyber attacks, nor will there be one. by the way, an investigation of a month isn't going to do much, so i look forward to working with the president and i will do everything i can to assist him. the fact is we will have this investigation and the results of the investigation, i believe, will be credible, especially the fact that the people who are involved in it and it will be bipartisan. it will be us working with democrats and republicans, not trying to gain political advantage. >> you talk about moving forward and there needing to be a policy for cyber attacks. what do you think the
1:20 pm
consequences should be for russia if your review or the other review that president obama ordered shows that they definitively did try to influence the election? >> well, i think some of the other aspects are equally dangerous. frankly, their ability to impair facilities. there's even scenarios where they could shut down satellites in space. it depends on the attack. it depends on the severity of it. it's just like anything else in warfare. you can have exchange of gunfire and that's one example of warfare, and then you can have exchange of all out war. cyber attacks, when you destroy or impact the ability of a nation to function, that is an act of war. but it doesn't mean world war iii. it means that there should be
1:21 pm
proporti proportionate responses and development of capabilities to see that it doesn't happen again. this administration has no policy and no strategy. what i mean is there's no policy on what we do when we see an attack coming, no policy on how to respond. there's no policy on any aspect of it and we need that very badly obviously. >> exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson has called himself a friend of vladimir putin. we know he is trump's top choice for secretary of state. what do you think some of your colleagues who are hawks on the russia issue have expressed serious concerns about picking tillerson given his close relationship with putin. >> i am concerned as well but i also believe the president deserves his nominees to get a fair hearing and i will make no judgment until the hearing takes place and the questions are answered and we go through the process. but, anybody who's a friend of
1:22 pm
vladimir putin must disregard the fact that vladimir putin is a murderer, a thug, a kgb agent whose airplanes as we speak have been targeting with precision hospitals in aleppo who have committed atrocities throughout the region and has destabilized ukraine, invaded ukraine, trying to destabilize baltic countries, and the list goes on and on. this guy is a thug and a murderer and i don't see how anybody could be a friend of this old time kgb agent. >> let me turn to china if i could, senator. cnn has learned that this month for the first time china flew nuclear capable bombers over a dispute area in the china sea. many experts are interpreting this as a warning to donald trump, given some of the things he has said, including suggesting that there doesn't necessarily need to be a one china policy.
1:23 pm
what's your take on this? >> my take is that again the obama administration has had no response to illegal acts on the part of the chinese filling in those islands by violating the commitment that they made to democracy in hong kong when it was turned over by the british, by continuing to prop up the north korean government which is now developing weapons which over time could strike the united states of america with an icbm. and so we need to have a policy towards china and we need to have them understand that we expect them to obey the international -- rules of international law and behavior. i do not foresee conflict between the united states and china because i believe that peace through strength such as we exercised in the past will be
1:24 pm
a sufficient deterrent to china. but their behavior has been in gross violation of international law. by the way, they've been also very active in cyber attacks as well. >> do you have any concern at all, senator, about the phone call that president-elect trump took from the president of taiwan about some of the things he's said on twitter and elsewhere about changing u.s. policy towards china, or do you think it is a healthy shakeup of u.s. posture towards that country? >> i think it's healthy. when you look again at the chinese behavior that i just chronicled, they're an independent nation, taiwan, and i believe in the one china policy but they are a democracy which china is not and i believe that a conversation with the president of a freely elected
1:25 pm
democratic taiwan is more than appropriate. >> all right, senator john mccain, republican of arizona, thank you so much for your time as always, sir. >> thank you, jake. parting shots. senator harry reid is taking his last swings as he retires from the senate. he's not just going after donald trump. then cnn speaks to bana who's on the run from bombs. she's tweeting again and sadly it's not good news. more on that coming up. ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪
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more on our politician tics tick lead. harry reid started his career as a fighter, literally, a boxer. he is going out in much the same way, not on the candidate who didn't bother to visit wisconsin nor on the campaign that failed to get its voters to the polls. he's pointing to fingers of blame, one at the kremlin, the other at the j. edgar hoover fbi building. here's what he told our own cnn political reporter. >> the dnc was hacked, everybody knew that. we knew weikileaks was coming ot drip by drip. they wouldn't do this all at once because they were coordinating with the trump
1:30 pm
foegs and the russians. >> are you saying the russians were trying to steer this election to donald trump? >> my opinion is yes. we got no basis in fact from the fbi. they ignored it. now we're hearing you guys reported it from the intelligence agencies. >> do you think that trump is an illegitimate president because of the russian involvement? >> no. i've never said that. of course, i wish someone else had won even though hillary is going to get about 3 million more votes than he did. we have a system, electoral college system, and he won. we accept that. >> but would trump have won, in your opinion would trump have won this race if russia did not get involved? >> all i know is russia helped a lot. those wikileaks coming out drip, drip, drip hurt her. and comey helped trump significantly. a week before the election he came out with this, oh, we found some more e-mails. as a result of that we lost
1:31 pm
senate seats and i think we lost the presidency. >> manu, just to clarify, did he say that the russians were coordinating with the trump campaign? >> he absolutely did, jake, and i asked him for specific evidence of that and he would not go there. all he would say is, well, it was in press reports. i said what press reports, and he wouldn't cite anything in particular, but this was harry reid defiant until the end, not showing any regret whatsoever for the losses in november. i also talked about some of his colleagues who were up for consideration for the white house post including joe manchin, the west virginia democrat who he took a swipe at and said he actually seems to be campaigning for the job and he does not think the heidi hide camp would take a job with donald trump. one person he said will have a hard time getting confirmed, rex tillerson. but as we know, harry reid will not have a vote next year.
1:32 pm
>> i know you're going to go back and try to get any evidence whatsoever for coordination between the russians and the trump campaign. thank you so much. don't forget the first book from cnn politics, unprecedented, the election that changed everything, is available in stores now. donald trump says he does not need the daily presidential intelligence briefings because he's a smart person and they are often redundant. is this the right point of view to have? that story next.
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♪ share the joy of real cream... ...with reddi-wip. welcome back. i want to bring in my political panel. senior editor of the national review and washington bureau chief for the "daily beast" and josh roggin, thanks for being here. to respond to this baseless allegation that senate minority leader harry reid just made that there was coordination between the russians and the trump campaign, josh, i'm very surprised he said that. >> throughout the campaign harry reid has been in the forefront of making these accusations about kol lugs about the trump
1:36 pm
campaign and the russians. most of them have not panned out. there's no direct evidence that there's direct coordination. they seem to be working parallel at times. there are things they do to help each other but few allegations of direct correlation. harry reid has committed to those allegations but he has declined to provide the evidence. >> given the fact that today we have the speaker of the house and a bunch of republicans taking allegations about russia very seriously, do you think harry reid saying something like that helps or hurts the cause of trying to find out what actually happened? >> absolutely hurts. there is bipartisan interest in investigating this story, but nothing is going to discredit it more than the idea that it becomes a partisan witch hunt with these kinds of loose, baseless allegations being made by harry reid. >> let's talk about capitol hill. there really do seem to be republicans who are very upset about this. you saw marco rubio talking about rex tillerson in a
1:37 pm
personal tweet saying no friend of putin -- oh, he's not looking for a friend of putin as secretary of state. tillerson must be a lightning rod for russia. >> the timing is not great for someone like rex tillerson to be top of mind. of course, because he works for exxon mobil he was in charge of making deals with russia. that was his job. that said, it wasn't his job to get the friend of vladimir putin medal. certainly his confirmation hearing is going to be a contentious one. it's not just marco rubio. it's john mccain, lindsey graham. there aren't a lot of democrats that are willing to lend a hand to donald trump and his nominees. >> senate foreign relations committee which will hold hearing on the tillerson nomination, assuming he's actually nominated, it's pretty evenly divided, ten republican
1:38 pm
seats, nine democratic seats. >> they need three republicans. if you count mccain, graham and rubio, that's three if they all stay opposed to him. susan collins is talked about as another one who might be opposed in the end. the committee is where the vetting takes place. if rex tillerson comes before the committee and he says the right things and says that he supports russia policies that the committee supports, it could be okay. but if more is revealed about his ties to putin and if he continues on with a pro-russian anti-sanctions policy, that will be a big problem. >> let me ask you because marco rubio is on the senate foreign relations committee, if he votes against him and all the democrats vote against him, then he won't get out of committee. >> you have to wonder if the trump team wants to hit reset on this nomination because you don't have this baggage, this set of problems, if you put up mitt romney, john boldin, one of the other people who have been discussed for this position. >> but you do have a problem with their view on russia and
1:39 pm
john bolton's view of the world. >> let's talk about john bolton because he said something the other day. he's being floated as a possible secretary of state or deputy secretary of state. this is what he had to say about the russians hacking the democratic national committee and john podesta. take a listen. >> it's not at all clear to me just viewing this from the outside that this hacking into the dnc and the rnc computers was not a false flag operation. >> are you actually accusing someone here in this administration or in the intelligence community of trying to throw something? >> we just don't know. but i believe that intelligence has been politicized in the obama administration to a very significant degree. >> false flying operation? >> this issue is putting all the republicans in a tough situation and how they react is based on their likelihood to get nominated for a trump administration position on the one hand and facing re-election
1:40 pm
in the near term on the other hand. if you're going for a job in the trump administration you're more sympathetic to the president-elect's view on this. >> intelligence agencies are political organizations and sometimes they shade intelligence reports here and there, not all of them, not always but it's been known to happen. but suggesting that this is a false flag operation, that this was the u.s. doing it to its own citizens and then blaming it on russia seems to me like a fairly wild allegation. >> i didn't hear it that way and his spokesman, bolton's spokesman, has subsequently said that he did not mean to suggest that there was a false flag operation. >> so the chinese did it to protect the russians, i see. not as crazy. >> slightly less crazy. >> let's remember, again, bolton
1:41 pm
is someone who has said that the u.s. policy shouldn't be in russia's interest. we should have an adversarial relationship with russia. he again is someone whose views in the foreign policy arena are very different than what donald trump has espoused. >> in that interview he comes up for investigation as well. >> rex tillerson believes in climate change. they said the science behind climate change was something that's going to come up in the conversation. >> this is going to be a lot of fun. we'll be back here talking about it soon enough. appreciate it. thanks for being here. a sea of humanity pouring out of aleppo as the syrian regime gains ground. where can they even go now? plus a veteran passes away at a v.a. hospital in florida but nine hours later the body is still sitting in a shower room, seemingly forgotten. what went wrong? stay with us. your insurance company
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welcome back. turning to our world lead now, syrian regime forces may be in the final stages of their brutal and relentless offensive to take back aleppo from rebels. syrian troops are closing in on the remaining pockets of the old city held by rebel forces as the
1:46 pm
intense bombing and shelling continue. a mass exodus is growing. tens of thousands of terrified civilians are streaming out of eastern aleppo on foot, many too exhausted, too mall nourished. let me bring in frederick polite kin. he was in aleppo and is monitoring the situation. you saw hundreds if not thousands of syrians fleeing aleppo. tell us about the conditions for them. >> reporter: jake, you know, over the weekend, in fact just a couple of hours ago, we were on the southern front in aleppo and you could really see those tens of thousands of people coming across. the devastating thing about all this is there was a massive battle going on at that point in time. you had jets in the skies, artillery being fired and yet the only way for these people to try to make it to safety was to just plow right through that battlefield with their children, with a lot of elderly people as well. you're right, a lot of these
1:47 pm
folks were very mall nourished, very scared, traumatized, and many of the children way too weak to continue to carry on. many had to be carried by their parents and were too weak to stay awake. the question is what awaits next. there are shelters but not nearly enough for the tens of thousands trying to get out of aleppo. >> how much longer do we think this battle is going to last? how close is the assad government to capturing all of aleppo? >> they say they're in the final stages of their military operations. if you look at some of the opposition sources, they say it really doesn't look as though the rebels are going to be able to hold out much longer. people are saying it could be a matter of hours. there's already pictures being broadcast on syrian government tv, so the pro regime channel showing alleged celebrations in the streets of aleppo in some operations. it really is unclear at this point in time.
1:48 pm
seen the syrian government sources say there are still pockets where the rebels hold control but it really isn't very much anymore. so it looks like it could be on the brink of the rebels losing their final foothold there in the face of devastating fire power. covering the syrian civil war for a very long time now, the amount of the fire power we saw the past couple of days in aleppo is something i haven't seen in that civil war before, the amount of mortars and air strikes is something that seems almost unprecedented even by the standards that we've been seeing in syria over the past couple of years. >> thank you so much. one of the civilians still trapped in eastern aleppo is 7-year-old ba na alabed. today she tweeted something new. she wrote, quote, my dad is injured now, i'm crying. before this tweet, bana and her
1:49 pm
mother explained why they are still in aleppo. >> reporter: jake, since bana's home was bombed, the family has been on the run. there have been fewer tweets and many questions about the family's spate, and also some people have raised doubts about the authenticity of their twitter account. on sunday bana's mother spoke to cnn exclusively from an undisclosed location in eastern aleppo. here's some of what she told us. >> i feel that we are really targeted from the regime people, so i can't tell anyone, even my parents doesn't know where i live really. >> tens of thousands of people have left east aleppo and they've gone out. why are you still there? >> i am afraid to lose one of my kids if i flee with all the
1:50 pm
people because they think i am work against the regime. i don't belong to any side. i am just what i was speaking about the civilian people, about children. >> they denied accusations that they're an anti-regime propaganda tool, but does admit that she helps bana articulate her messages to the world. bana told us that she misses school, her home, her friends, and with little food available, she misses fruit. she was still smiling, and she sang us a song, a 1980s song about children of war.
1:51 pm
>> with today's developments out of eastern aleppo, a lot of concern for the family's safety. she says these are her final tweets. she doesn't know how she's alive, she says, and she says she is sad that the world did nothing to help them. jake? >> thank you so much. new questions about why the remains of a veteran who passed away at a florida v.a. hospital sat in a room for nine hours before being removed. that story next. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
1:52 pm
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also on our world lead today, three days of terror, a wave of deadly terrorist attacks were unleashed across the globe. nearly 200 people were killed in five countries from friday to this weekend. in egypt a suicide bomber blew himself up at a christian church in cairo, killing at least 23 people. in somalia, a car bomb killed 50 people at a port. al shabaab claimed responsibility. while there are reports of two people being killed in a suicide bombing attack in nigeria sunday that bears the hall marks of the islamist terrorist group boka haram. isis claimed responsibility for attacking a military base in yemen, killing 48. twin bomb blasts rattled the
1:56 pm
city of istanbul, killing more than 40 people. arwa damon reports from there. >> reporter: jake, dozens have been killed, even more wounded with concerns that the death toll will only continue to rise. this attack carried out at about 11:00 p.m. on saturday outside of the soccer stadium after the match was over, targeting specifically the security forces, the riot police. it was claimed by a group called toc that is an offshoot of the kurdish separatist group, the pkk. the government promised a swift response and that was executed. we saw numerous fighter jets in northern iraq and a sweeping roundup of around 200 individuals detained for various things to include direct ties to
1:57 pm
the attacks but also people accused of being sympathizers with the pkk, many of them members of the pro kurdish group, the hdp. it must be said that the hdp did fairly well in the elections that happened here early on in the summer, and they have consistently come out and distanced themselves, in fact condemned attacks carried out by both the pkk and tac. turkey is fighting a multi-pronged war on terror. if you'll remember, the isis attack that happened over the summer where they launched a complex assault on the airport and then of course turkey also had that failed military cous, many wondering what is going to happen next. of course turkey has been a key n.a.t.o. ally. it has had a fairly tumultuous relationship with the united
1:58 pm
states. some turkish officials are saying that they are perhaps cautiously optimistic that with the incoming trump administration, given how shaky relations were in the second half of the obama administration, they will find in the united states a stronger ally when the comes to the war against terror than in the past. but as it is with everything worldwide, it must be said at this stage things are very much unclear, jake. >> arwa damon, thank you so much. turning to our buried lead, stories that we don't think are getting enough attention, a disturbing story out of a v.a. hospital in florida. in february staff members moved a veteran's dead body from his hospice bed to a hallway and then to an unused shower room where it remained unattended for more than nine hours. the deceased veteran has not been publicly identified, but according to an internal investigation first reported by the tampa bay times, dispatchers who normally transport corpses from the v.a. to the morgue were
1:59 pm
not immediately notified. the report states that staff members, quote, demonstrated a lack of concern, attention and respect for the veteran and subjected the body to, quote, an increased risk of decomposition. the report found that some employees falsely documented the incident after the fact. over the last several months the hospital says it has retrained staff on the proper response procedures and that appropriate personnel action was taken is including termination. a spokesman said, quote, it is our expectation that each veteran is transported to their final resting place in the timely, respectful and honorable manner that america's heros deserve. nothing less. be sure to follow me on facebook or twitter. then, the first book from cnn politics, unprecedented, the election that changed everything, is available in stores now. that is it for the lead. turning you over to wolf blitzer right next door in the situation room. thanks for watching.
2:00 pm
happening now, ridiculous. donald trump rejects the u.s. intelligence conclusion that russian cyber attacks were intended to interfere with the presidential election. a bipartisan call for investigation is growing. can trump simply dismiss the evidence. intelligence test, trump spurns daily intelligence briefings saying, a smart person doesn't need to be told the same thing every day, but the briefs contain critical national security information. is the president-elect shirking one of the most important duties of the commander-in-chief? russian relations. the clinton campaign now backs a call from at least ten members of the electoral college for an intelligence briefing on trump's ties to russia. now trump is believed to be favoring a ceo close to vladimir putin for secretary of state. is trump planning the biggest shift in u.s. ties to russia in decades? and pl