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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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screen, a roundtable discussion with the attorney general, loretta lynch. she's at a muslim center to discuss hate crimes and the uptick in violence since the election was held. for now, he's scoffing at reports that russia helped put him in the white house but four senators are concerned. they are demanding an investigation. and they say the findings of russian interference should, quote, alarm every american. we're following it all. manu raju is live on capitol hill. let's start with you, manu. >> reporter: good morning. this news conference is designed for mitch mcconnell to talk about the accomplishments in the 114th congress but expect a lot of questions about russia, especially given the facts that senator mcconnell sits on these top briefings that not other members get because he's the senate majority leader. whether or not he supports calls
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for a bipartisan investigation, look, he's stepping in right now. >> well, i think this has been one heck of a year. i hate to see it end. it was topped off saturday night. you see i have my global sweater on. topping off a terrific year for the things that i care about, like holding the senate and electing a president. i know the main subject you were interested in this morning and i'm going to read a statement which i typically don't do at these but i want to make sure you fully understand what i have to say on the issue that mostly undermines this morning. obviously any foreign breach of our cybersecurity measures is
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disturbing and i strongly condemn any such efforts. the russian government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from u.s. persons and institutions, including from u.s. political organizations. that is what the intelligence community believes can be said in unclassified remarks without risking sources or methods. anything else, anything else is irresponsible, likely illegal, and potentially for partisan political gain. i agree with senator schumer, chairman mccain, burr and others, this simply cannot be a partisan issue. let me remind all of you that the senate intelligence committee on which i and the chairman sit as ex-officio members and senator schumer will
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join us on the committee and he can review this matter through the regular order. i have every confidence in chairman burr that he'll review it in a responsible way. the obama administration is now launching a review and when the office of the director of national intelligence completes its review, there will be additional information released to the public in a responsible manner. chairman mccain has announced he will conduct a review within the armed services committee of the threat we face from cyberattacks that will be useful as we need to integrate our cybercapabilities into our overall war-fighting doctrine. the obama administration for eight years attempted to reset relations with russia and sat back while russia expanded its sphere of influence, eastern ukraine, syria and attempted to bully the baltic countries. it defies belief that somehow
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republicans in the senate are reluctant to either review russian tactics or ignore them. so last, let me say that i have the highest confidence in the intelligence committee and especially in the intelligence agencies. the cia is faced with selfless patriots who anonymously risk their lives for the american people. excuse me. can i have some water? let me just say, in wrapping up the congress -- and then i'll open it up for your questions, i think by any objective standard, the 114th congress looks good compared to the previous one. everything from the nda bills, first long-time highway bill.
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florida, water resources bill, permanent tax relief, we address the opioid bill and a complete rewrite and transportation authority and many others. so even though there were obviously pretty big differences in a time of divided government, i think we were able to search for the things that it was my desire to search for the things that we had some agreement on and make some progress for the country. and there were a number of things upon which we were able to score some points for the american people. so with that, let me throw it open. >> senator, from what you understand, do you believe the russian government was intentionally trying to sway
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this election to donald trump? >> manu, as i indicated, the reason i read that statement, i think that thoroughly covers what i was trying to say. >> do you want to do this through the intelligence committee? >> we're going to follow the regular order. it's an important subject and we intend to review it on a bipartisan basis. >> the obama administration [ inaudible ] likewise concern you the different attitude, orientation and more friendliness towards russia? >> let me speak for myself. the russians are not our friends. invaded crimea, senator mccain and i and our democratic friends met with the delegation from the
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baltic countries just this past week. to say that they are nervous about the russians, to put it mildly, let me also say, as i said last year, nato is important, we intend to keep the commitments that are made in the nato agreement, by any objectives, senator sanders is one of the most successful military alliance in history and i think we ought to approach all of these issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> senator mcconnell, is it a problem that the incoming president is sending resource signals to russia that he is and what do you say about his supposed appointment of rex tillerson? >> well, i'm going to say this a lot of time by saying i just addressed how i feel about the
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russians. and i hope that those who were going to be in a position of responsibility in the new administration share my view. >> you mentioned you're confident in the u.s. intelligent agencies. are you concerned that the president-elect continues to deny their conclusion that russia was behind the hacking and that he's now questioning the credibility of the cia? >> look, i've already addressed my own view about where we are on those issues and i really don't have any intention of further elaborating. yeah? >> should president-elect trump nominate rex tillerson as secretary of state? [ inaudible ]? >> well, i've been very impressed with the nominations so far and we'll have to wait and see who is nominated for secretary of state and we'll obviously treat whoever that is with respect.
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they will go through the regular process and respond to questions and we'll see where it comes out. >> do you think rex tillerson would be confirmed in the senate if he was nominated? >> let's wait until we get the nominees. of the nominees we're already aware of, i think i'm optimistic that they will all be confirmed. but i don't want to comment on a kind of nominee today. yeah? >> mr. leader, can you clarify for us, it was reported over the weekend that there is an expressed skepticism about the intelligence. can you just clarify for us if that is accurate? >> i clarified for you what i had to say about that in the statement that i read at our opening. >> do you think this president-elect is getting off on bad footing?
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that's the general, you know, trajectory that he's getting right now? >> well, i'll comment on who has been nominated so far. i think mike pompeo is an outstanding choice, general mattis is an outstanding choice for defense. i'm optimistic that the president is going to have a good national security team, all aspects of it in place. >> with regard to his relationship with the intelligence agency? >> i think i've pretty well covered that. >> there is a three-year transition to replace obamacare. outside conservatives are saying that's too long. do you agree it's too long to wait three years to replace obamacare? >> status quo is not
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sustainable. the current law to implode is unacceptable. i hope everyone believes no action is possible or appropriate. >> with me now, democratic congressman of new york. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> i'll ask you the same question asked of mr. mcconnell. do you believe russia interfered in u.s. elections to elect donald trump? >> i think it's naive to think that the russians weren't interfering because they wanted to elect their preferred candidate. i think that the president-elect has been a little bit naive when it comes to russian's intentions and putin's intentions. we're really beyond that. nobody is saying there needs to be a redo of the election.
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>> this should not be a partisan issue. we need to be outraged if indeed the russians and it seems like it's true from the assessment of the cia -- >> let me ask you about that because you're a ranking member of the house foreign affairs committee. did you hear from intelligence sources that russia's intent was to put donald trump in the white house? >> i haven't heard from intelligence sources. i only know what i'm reading in the newspapers. and i'm calling on the intelligence sources to brief the members of congress to give us a thorough briefing as to what they know and why they came to the conclusion that they came
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with. i'm also calling on the house to hold hearings on the ranking member of the foreign affairs committee. i think it's appropriate some other committees might want to hold hearings. we've had all kinds of hearings about benghazi, about planned parenthood, about hillary clinton's e-mails. i certainly think that the house ought to do hearings involving this very, very serious breach. >> let me ask you this. donald trump has been tweeting about this very subject this morning and i'll read you a few of them. donald trump tweeted, "unless you catch hackers in the act, it's very hard to determine who was doing the hacking. why wasn't this brought up before the election? can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and we tried to play the russia's cia card, it would be called a conspiracy. what's your reaction? >> no one is saying they should redo the election seriously. this is much more serious.
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this is mr. putin, who invaded crimea, who invaded ukraine, invading syria and killing people who wishes us harm, who is our adversary, trying to influence the u.s. elections. this is very, very serious and senator mcconnell is right. this needs to be done on a bipartisan basis from the point of view that we don't want an enemy of the united states having access to influence a u.s. election. both democrats and republicans should want to do this. >> congressman, thank you for joining me. i'll be right back. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast).
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all right. i want to take you to trump tower. that is carly fiorina entering the trump tower with trump's senior adviser, kelly an con an conway. let's head to trump tower. jason carroll is there. hi, jason. >> reporter: it's widely speculated that carly fiorina could be one of the lead folks up forth director of national intelligence, or perhaps that's why she's having her meeting with donald trump and his team. president-elect multitasking, taking meetings this morning here at trump tower as mentioned in your last segment.
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the president-elect said he's not at this point buying into the intelligence committee and what they are saying about russia. he says that perhaps this time the intelligence community is wrong about russia as well. >> what he said yesterday is what he's calling ridiculous, george, is the specific con cushion that what russia did led to his victory and hillary clinton's defeat. that's where our beef is. he respects the intelligence community. >> the intelligence community obviously very concerned that the president-elect seems to be dismissing some of their findings. team trump for their part basically saying whatever may have happened, if anything happened with russia being involved with hacking, it had
7:20 am
nothing to do with trump winning the election. and as i was saying before, once again meeting with carly fiorina today and also naming john kelly, general john kelly, he now will be named as secretary to the department of homeland security. also today, meeting with joe manchin. he's expected to be one of those in the lead for secretary of energy. so the president-elect taking a number of meetings today, also taking a lot of heat from the intelligence community over what he believes did not happen with russia. carol? >> jason carroll reporting live outside of trump tower, thanks. let's talk about that and more. with me is lynn sweet and andre bauer. welcome to both of you. andre, i want to start with you. does donald trump trust american
7:21 am
intelligence services? >> well, i haven't spoken with him directly. among the agencies themselves, they have different understanding. they don't all agree as well. the cia has a different director than the fbi. the fbi has almost like an a.g. they have to make sure that they have enough to prosecute where the cia goes. a lot more on what they feel to be the situation. agencies disagree but i think anybody is fair and reasonable to question if they believe everything they've heard from their government. you know, i love my government but that doesn't mean i always take everything they tell me. as president of the united states, i hope he questions the same old and same old in washington because that's why he got elected. >> the fbi and cia are on the same pages. they both think it was russia
7:22 am
and the cia thinks the russians did it to put donald trump in the white house. so they are not completely on different pages but the difference is the cia has a russian motive and the fbi does not. >> here's my whole argument to understand and we could all understand as we delve into the story, carol and andre. first, question one is, were the russians involved? that's what you have the intelligence agencies looking at. they have input into the presidential daily briefing. the ones that are the most famous are the cia and fbi, the main players in this case. so, one, the analysis is the russians were players. the disagreement is on the analysis of the motivation and that's where you have a discussion and different agencies see it differently. the point is, you can't just dismiss information saying it's not relevant. you know, what the president
7:23 am
does is in the end, because he's the decider, take this incoming and decide what should be done in terms of crafting a policy or response. so it's not -- the point isn't that there's disagreement if you have a sense that the foundation is there and we know from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, he found the intelligence credible, he found there is evidence of russian meddling. so there's more to be done and the view of president-elect trump of figuring out -- no, he said the intelligence was ridiculous. let's separate the poor facts and then the analytic conclusions that the agencies come to. >> so if all of these high-powered people are agreeing there's something up with russia and the american elections, why isn't donald trump all in when it comes to holding congressional hearings and finding out exactly what happened? >> well, a couple points. number one, as a taxpayer, i
7:24 am
wonder why we have 16, 17 different agencies. surely we can reduce the number of those. that's seems to be an overlay. >> not necessarily for one of them gli don them. >> i don't want to focus on that right now, andre. why wouldn't donald trump want to look into the russians interfering with american democracy? why of all people wouldn't he be all in? >> because this is sidetracking from his agenda, the things that he focused on working on. if the u.s. senate, which i applaud senator mccain and lindsey graham for looking into, great, that's their job. he has a directive to move america forward. julian assange has said they didn't get this from russia. >> so donald trump is going to believe russia and julian assange and not the fbi and cia? is that what you're saying? >> they have a history of being able to enter and not even leave
7:25 am
a footprint. again, several different agencies have not all agreed on all of the facts that have been pointed out. >> no. 17 intelligence agencies in the united states have agreed that russia was tampering with the u.s. elections. the cia came out and said that -- >> not all of them agree on that. >> yes, they have. 17 agencies have agreed. yes, they have. i'm just asking, if that's true and why wouldn't donald trump want to get to the bottom -- if he thinks all of these people are lying, all of our intelligence services are wrong, shouldn't congress get to the bottom of that as well? >> sure. and i said, lindsey graham and john mccain are working on that and that's great. that's where their focus is and they have the committees to investigate that. if he gets sidetracked every time what should be the next issue, he's not going to be able to focus on what he wants to do and i think we've all seen donald trump is not going to let the media dictate where he wants to move this country forward. >> well, if i may say, donald
7:26 am
trump, many people, presidents, members of senate, you do several things at once. if you look at a presidential schedule each day, there are many, many issues, sir. i'm not here to argue. carol, i agree, just on the issue that we came here to talk about, it seems the issue is here about if the russians meddled with the election. it doesn't preclude so many other issues that are on a presidential plate, many of them put on by trump for his first 100 agenda. there's a multitude of things he wants to do and now things come up new all the time. this is an issue now that members of congress want to resolve, even if president plump is not interested in them. >> if he doesn't trust the cia, he's not attending as many intelligence briefings as
7:27 am
previous presidents-elect. he's leaving that to mike pence. they have to work with the intelligence services to quell these uprisings and around the world. >> representative mike pompeo, somebody he trusts for information and i don't blame him for not wanting to meet every day. unless there's new information, why would he want the redundancy? that's what he has said, he's said if there's new information, then update me. i don't want to sit there every day because he's got too many other things to do. he's a business guy. he's not a bureaucrat. i've been in those day in and day out and burn up his time
7:28 am
when he has so much of it. >> again, carol, you're going to find this interesting. president truman started the president daily brief. it's tailored to the president. bring to me something that's new and maybe he could tailor it to them. and if he thinks he's not ten things he should know about today from whatever hemisphere, it could be done that way. so i think what probably the briefers heard is that they didn't like the way that he was getting his brief. but it doesn't preclude getting it. so the redundancy issue could be resolved and they now noah his complaint was. the brief is designed for the president. >> got to leave it there.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. mitch mcconnell said he's all the for a bipartisan investigation into russia's alleged meddling into the u.s. election. manu raju was there. he had the front row seat. tell us more, manu. >> he does support a bipartisan
7:33 am
review. he's calling for a bipartisan commission, like a 9/11 commission, that some folks want to do about russia. now, through this press conference, he knew he had to respond on russia and came out with a statement at the top saying that any hack into the political systems should be condemned and also made very clear about his own personal views on russia. take a listen. >> the russians are not our friend. they invaded crimea. senator mccain and i, some of our democratic friends, met with the delegation of the baltic countries just this week. to say that they are nervous about the russians, to put it mildly. >> now, carol, mcconnell is very careful not to criticize donald trump. he would not talk about donald trump's views on russia. i asked him specifically, do you think the russians were trying
7:34 am
to steer the election to donald trump and he would not comment and would only stick to the opening statement. and rex tillerson, the likely secretary of state pick for donald trump. he was very careful. >> manu raju, what mitch mcconnell said today, it is likely some hearings will be held on capitol hill about russia and the u.s. election? >> yeah. that's absolutely right. we're expecting that to happen and through the senate armed services committee, john mccain, chairman of that committee and subcommittees on that panel as well, senator lindsey graham. watch for that. also, classified hearings. so this issue is not going away. >> russia interfered with the u.s. election to help put donald trump in the white house. a former acting director of the intelligence agency michael
7:35 am
morrell says, if that is true, it is the political equivalent of 9/11. analyst and former cia operative bob baer took it a step farther. >> so that is extreme because nobody in the united states is calling for a new election. but it is an intriguing question, right? what would it take to delegitimatize an american election? with me is a political science professor at uc irvine. welcome, sir. >> how you doing? >> good. it's been kind of an incredible morning. so richard, what does it take to delegitimatize an american election? >> if you're talking about what it would take to cause a new election, if we weren't talking about a presidential election, what we're looking for is fraud and how the votes are counted or
7:36 am
people who are voting in such large numbers that it would make a judge think that the election was not done in a way where you express the will of the voters. it wouldn't be based on just the leaking or stealing of information that's given to voters and that might influence the outcome of the election. it's more complicated because we have a single election date for the president and there really isn't a provision for a do-over even if courts thought it needed to be done. >> so is there a -- when you talk about delegitimatizing an election, is there a difference between a foreign entity influencing an election by hacking into e-mails and computers, disseminating information through another entity, as through wikileaks, and then actually hacking into voter systems across the country and tampering with the election in that way? >> right. i think it's very important to note that, despite all the talk
7:37 am
we're hearing about hacking and problems with how the election was run, there really is no indication that the voting machines themselves were hacked, that the vote totals were changed. we have a recount going on now in wisconsin. the numbers are changing very little. so this is not the kind of situation where we think the actual numbers of votes have been manipulated by a foreign entity. if that were the situation, we'd be in a very different posture and, as i said, if it were not a presidential election, that would be the situation for a do-over. >> okay. so let me ask you the question this way. is it possible that russia could have influenced americans to vote in a certain way? is that possible in america? >> some new bombshell you can
7:38 am
think of the "access hollywood" tape, too. >> so when the former acting director of the intelligence agency, mike morell, says this is the political equivalent of 9/11, is he exaggerating? >> that's for someone else to judge. how important this is is a matter of foreign interference in the american election. i do think it's an issue about the integrity of our democracy that needs to be thoroughly investigated. >> richard hasen, thank you for joining me. coming up, a one-on-one with the first muslim-american olympian. >> when you have someone who sits in the seat of power, who makes hateful statements about your race, about your religion, about your gender, it's hard for
7:39 am
us to get over these things. it's hard for to us say, okay, we accept it.
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7:42 am
all right. at any minute, loretta lynch will speak at one of the nation's largest mosque to detail the efforts to combat hate crimes in america. she's meeting with religious and community leaders. this comes as the fbi says hate crimes are up. we'll listen to her speech and bring you any details as they come in. but this woman who won a bronze medal in fencing is on board with attorney general lynch. they fears for muslim-americans in our current political
7:43 am
environment. >> how have the olympics changed your life? >> from the moment i qualified for the olympics, it felt so much bigger for me in the sense that it was this moment for me to meet the platform to change the story line for the muslim community, to change the narrative of who a muslim woman is. >> how do you heal a divided nation? >> i feel like that's a question that we all ask, what do we do next? >> i think there's been a significant increase in hate crimes and just the rhetoric that i feel like we hear within the last few months specifically. and i don't think that it's in our heads. it's actually happening and we have to acknowledge that it's happening. >> now that donald trump is president-elect, do you feel more discrimination? have you experienced more hardship because of that.
7:44 am
? >> i personally haven't but i can't ignore the things that i read and see in the news. i think of myself as a strong person. i believe in who i am and in my religious beliefs and i'm a confident person but i don't think i'm any different by the fact that i can easily be a hate crime victim. >> some supporters say it's time to just get over it. donald trump is going to be the president of the united states. what would you say to someone? >> when you have someone who sits in the seat of power who makes hateful statements about your race, about your religion, about your gender, it's hard for us to get over these things. it's hard for us to just say, okay, we accept it. that's not the america that i know. >> why do you believe that some of white america think they've been forgotten? >> it's hard for me to believe that president-elect trump has had the support of middle america, people who don't fall
7:45 am
in the 1 percent america. >> you think donald trump is fooling that constituency that voted for him? >> i think there will be quite a few groups who supported him throughout his run for president, who will be unpleasantly surprised with the outcome. i don't think someone like me, who is not part of the 1%, who is not white, who is not a male is going to benefit from a donald trump presidency. >> what would you say to those people who think that minorities get everything? >> i think that's a laughable statement. it's difficult in this time to walk down the street as a woman, to walk down the street as a minority and those aren't ideas that we kind of pull out of thin air. >> i've heard from so many trump supporters who say, you know, he
7:46 am
doesn't mean everything he says. >> when you make racially charged statements and bigoted statements, you incite fear, hate, you incite violence. when you tell a people at a rally you wish someone would purge someone at a face and it happens, you can't say, oh, i didn't know that they would actually do those things. you can't be surprised that it's happening. >> i also talked to her about her work with young woman and said told them to be proud of who you are and don't allow anyone to dictate your journey. we'll be right back. e nimble, j, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him
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three cities hit by a terror attack. it happened during a worship service. and then a deadly car bomb in somalia leaves at least 20 people dead. the attack targeted police officers and police also the target at an attack in istanbul, turkey. we're live in istanbul with
7:51 am
more. >> reporter: hi, carol. overnight, turkish warplanes targeted militants. 24 separate air strikes on 12 locations. we're starting to see some of the revenge that the turkish president said would happen. over 200 people have been arrested for suspected links to kurdish groups. because there's still a state of emergency here in turkey, those people arrested and detained could wind up behind bars for weeks, if not months. more than 40 people at a soccer match and more than 40 were police officers on duty providing crowd control when these two explosions went off. >> many thanks to you. today marks six months as the deadliest mass public
7:52 am
shooting in u.s. history since 9/11. 49 people died and 53 wounded at orlando's pulse nightclub. this morning, a moment of silence was held for the victims of the attack. only those directly connected to the shootings were involved. later on today, there will be a public event with a performance by the orlando gay chorus. i'll be right back. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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the gunman who shot and killed will smith after after a traffic stop has been convicted of manslaughter. 29-year-old cardell hayes has been convicted of manslaughter for wounding smith's wife. the jury convicted him on lesser counts. boeing make as deal with iran, agreeing to sell eight jets to iranian deal. this is the biggest deal in nearly 40 years. it was all made possible after the u.s. lifted sanctions against iran in september. boeing says the agreement will support tens of thousands of u.s. jobs. factory workers from two companies, including carrier, are praying for a christmas miracle. they are hoping a plan for pending job cuts will not happen. this is what it looked like over the weekend as employees gathered for a prayer vigil.
7:57 am
as you know, last week, president-elect trump came under fire for inflating the number of jobs saved through a deal made with the company. and the nominees for the golden globes are -- >> best motion picture, musical or comedy, 20th century women, "deadpool," "florence foster jenkins, "lala land." >> picking up seven nominations including best picture and best director. kasey affleck, denzel washington getting a nod and nominees, jessica chastain and amy adams and this year's host is jimmy fallon. frosty the snowman is
7:58 am
injured. >> reporter: it's kind of chilling to hear that -- ♪ >> he's been stabbed? the diabolical attack on his inflatable snowman was discovered when he came home from work. >> i saw a big hole gashed in his side. >> reporter: he immediately checked his surveillance video and at 11:22, a masked passengers jumps out of a pickup and makes a beeline for frosty, viciously stabbing him and then trying to cut the rope and finally escaping in the getaway vehicle. what could be sadder than watching frosty slowly, slowly ever so slowly deflate? the good news -- >> i am alive. >> but he did require extensive surgery. >> i put nine stitches in him and he's doing well. >> to pay frosty's medical bills, he jokingly set up a
7:59 am
gofund me page and the proceeds will actually go to charity. and he used how the grinch stole christmas to attack the attacker by posting the sound track -- ♪ you're a mean one mr. grinch ♪ you really are a >> he didn't bother to call police, figuring they have more important things to investigate. so the frosty slasher remains at large. and you can't blame frosty for being nervous after experiencing this -- ♪ you're a monster, mr. grinch >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. it's amazing how fast that
8:00 am
deflated. hello, i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. yesterday the president-elect called the cia's claim ridiculous. says it's another excuse to undermine his victory. and why wasn't this brought up before the election? in fact, it was brought up before the election, a lot. back in july, we learned that the computer networks and democratic committee has been hacked and brought up in this joint statement by the department of homeland security and director of national intelligence one month before the election. >> and moments ago, the republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made very clear he thinks this is a big deal. and said this, the russians are


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