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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  December 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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y goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york. president-elect donald trump is taking on u.s. intelligence agencies agencies, agencies that he will oversee very soon. in a stunning move, his transition team slamming the cia over reports that they believe russian hackers intervened in the election specifically in an effort to help donald trump win. trump's transition team reading a terse, unsigned statement
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which reads, quote, these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victory ns history. it is now time to move on and make america great again. as for the cia, they are not commenting. trump's assertions that these cia teams are the same as 13 years ago with the failed intelligence, that's just not true. russia has denied any wrongdoing. the republican national committee slamming the cia's assertions as well. first, cnn's ryan nobles joins me from baltimore. that's where donald trump's plane has landed. he will attend the army/navy football game. you just had a moment to speak with john mccain about some very pressing issues. what did he say? >> reporter: poppy, we talked to senator mccain about the selection of secretary of state for president-elect trump. there are reports at cnn reporting that rex tillerson,
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the ceo at exxonmobil, is at the top of the list right now. that's who trump is seriously appointing to that top diplomatic post. senator mccain is a harsh critic of russia and vladmir putin in particular. tillerson has a very close relationship with putin and the russian governor. mccain, who is a republican, says he has concerns about that relationship with putin. to coup lead hld lead him to ca no vote for confirmation. >> i have concerns of reports of his relationship with vladmir putin who is a thug and a murderer but we will have hearings and that issue and other issues concerning him will be examined and then that's the time to make up your mind as to whether to vote yes or no. >> so what kind of questions would ask you rex tillerson that would make you feel comfortable about him in a role like that? >> his view of vladmir putin and
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his role in the world. for example, the fact that boris anymoresauf, who is a leader of the opposition, was murdered on the orders, i believe of vladmir putin in the shadow of the kremlin. >> reporter: he clearly has a close relationship and helped negotiate a deal in which the russian government has the biggest investment in. these will be tough questions for tillerson if he is the person that donald trump picks. no announcements are going to be made today. we shouldn't expect a formal announcement for secretary of state. this will be a big controversy if and when the appointment does happen. poppy. >> also, rex tillerson is managing and received in 2016 the russian order of friendship.
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so a lot of questions there. before i let you go, though, mitt romney, still right up there on the list? still in the running? >> reporter: well, our sources are telling us that tillerson is clearly at the top but we are told that mitt romney has not been completely ruled out. that chief of staff, reince priebus, is still rushing for him. tillerson was at trump tower this morning. he clearly appears to be the leading candidate. >> ryan nobles, have fun at the game. the republican national committee is siding with president-elect. sean spicer casting doubt on the intel claims saying new reports that say that the rnc was also hacked, likely by the russians that those reports are wrong. here is the exchange from michael smerconish. >> i believe that there are people within the agencies that are upset with the outcome of the election and are pushing a personal agenda. the facts don't add up.
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the idea the media immediately sides with these unnamed sources is a problem. >> you are telling me you know to a certainty that the rnc was not hacked by the russians or anyone else? to the extent that anyone repor that the rnc was hacked, sean spicer knows that to be a falsehood. >> i know we have worked with intelligence agencies right now that are saying we have not been hacked. our own systems show we have not been hacked. i'm not a forensic computer person. i can't say it with -- i know the intelligence agencies we are working with tell us with certainly that we haven't been hacked. >> i'm joined by jill dougherty, a global fellow for the woodrow wilson institute and cnn's former moscow bureau chief and also with us, juliet smith,
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serves on the department of homeland security advisory board. jill, let me again with you. the russian government denying any wrongdoing. what is the reaction to all of this from the russian people tonight? >> the people would tend to think and follow what their government is saying, because that's the media they are watching. the russian government isn't specifically answering these charges. they have done this ever since all of this came up. essentially, what they are saying is, you don't have any proof. here is a statement from the kremlin. no new conclusions, no evidence based upon this. in essence, what they are saying, poppy, is you have to provide the proof. where is the proof? show us. that's a real challenge to the administration, because then it forces the administration to say, here is how we know it. here is how we collect data,
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secret data, and get information from you. they are not going to do that. so the russians have done this all along. >> jill, isn't there also this issue of how russia tends to go about navigating things like this, the use of a middleman, a go-between. so there is no direct evidence, perhaps, of a kremlin order saying, delivered this hacked information to wikileaks, et cetera? >> it is kind of a murky field. it's true there are people who don't specifically work for the government, let's say are government employees, but they provide services for the government. that's why when you get senior officials who would say we do not do hacking on a national level, technically, they could be right, because they do have these middle men. it is a very murky world, as we all know. >> juliet, there are two
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scenarios at play when you look at the trump statement, which we can pull up again, basically saying, look, these are the same folks that failed on the intelligence in the weapons of mass destruction. we need to move on. there are two issues at play. either the president-elect is questioning the ver asity of the intelligence or the president-elect is saying that the intelligence agencies he is going to oversee are politicizing it. both are concerning, no? >> yes. both are probably inaccurate. let's just put it bluntly. the intelligence agencies during the bush administration were the ones saying, we are not sure about the conclusiveness of wmd. it was ironically the politics that drove the war in iraq. president-elect bush is going to war with his intelligence agencies before he gets there. to stalk about t
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to talk about the politics, there are not a lot of lefties in the cia. they are probably left of center. there are probably 20,000 employees, maybe a couple dozens of them are political. brennan, who now runs the cia, also worked for president bush. that's the way our intelligence agencies are and the way the american public needs them to be. so the statements are not only factually inaccurate. they really do pose a challenge for america's security once trump becomes the president. who do you trust? who is going to give you the information? do you believe anything that the intelligence agencies are telling you? if you don't, what is going to be the basis of information? it's unprecedented and the seriousness of his tweet or his statement can't be underestimated. >> jill, to both of you, really, and, jill, to you first. when you listen to the last time that donald trump held a press conference, let's go back to july 27, and spoke about this,
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here is what he said regarding hacking. let's play it. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> after that, he said he was completely joking, that the media got it completely wrong but all of this and his past comments about wouldn't it be better if the united states had a closer, warmer relationship with russia, come back to the surface. >> i think, really, when you look at this, the russians had a vested interest in helping donald trump, because, number one, president putin really dislikes hillary clinton to put it mildly. he blames her for starting the demonstrations in the streets here in moscow back in 2012.
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it is quite personal. on the other side, donald trump says good things about mr. putin, about russia. also, they look at the world, i think, in many similar ways. they are both kind of, real politique. let's do a deal. forget about all of the mammby-shambby human rights and all of that. they want to work together right now, let's say, on terrorism. it is a very black and white business type of deal. that is what president putin likes. he sees a guy in donald trump with whom he can really do business. >> i have to be very quick on this. juliette, is that a fair analysis? jill is saying, putting putin and trump on the same level page when it comes to things like human rights? >> yes, or at least international human rights, not certainly in the united states. what we have to be clear about
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is what this new investigation announced by president barack obama is about. it is about whether there was collusion between president trump's campaign and the russians or whether we have new evidence that the russians were talki talking amongst themselves about picking trump. that's why this investigation has to go forward or there is a potential third theory, which is that they have something on trump which hasn't been disclosed yet. >> which there is no evidence of at this point in time. >> the three theories of this case have got to be. >> you will be back with me. i have to get a break in. guys, thank you very much, jill dougherty, thank you. thank you, juliet, as well. first of all, from the interview that you must see with rnc chief strategist sean spicer. michael smerconish will join me live. also ahead, chilling confession. >> i had to do it because
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somebody had to do something. >> the disturbing admission from the young man on trial for murdering nine people at point blank range na in that south carolina state. billionaire, carl icahn, says the stock market is on the rise because of donald trump but he says, the rally is, in his words, a little bit overdone. this year at t-mobile, the holidays are on us! switch your family of four to t-mobile, get unlimited everything, and we'll give you $800. that's right! $800 to spend anywhere you want. plus, all season long, get awesome deals on smartphones, tablets, and accessories. hurry in to t-mobile and get your holidays on us.
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a chilling admission in the charleston massacre. dylan roof, taking nine lives brutally. jurors heard the taped confession of the admitted gunman as he confessed with a laugh. he can be heard telling the fbi,
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he is a white supremacist and he, quote, had to do it. cnn's polo sandoval joins us in charleston where prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. the approach of the defense, what is it? will they call witnesses? >> reporter: at this point, the defense has offered very little argument to the account the government has presented at least the last three days of this federal trial. to answer that second question, it doesn't seem they plan to present any witnesses. so we will have to see, if, in fact, that changes in the days ahead. the main concern here for dylan roof's defense is to save the client's life. they initially had offered a guilty plea in exchange for a life sentence. the government quickly declining that offer. what we've seen in the last several days is an opportunity for both sides here, obviously, for the defense to try to convince a jury to send him to prison the rest of his life as
12:18 pm
opposed to the death penalty and with respect to prosecutors, an opportunity to lay out all of the evidence including the very chilling videotape that was heard for the very first time in open court, this interrogation video, when dylan roof told a group of federal agents, saying, i'm guilty. i did it. >> polo, i know you have been in the courtroom. you have heard all of this play out. they played the tape confession for everyone there. we also know some of the family members that lost loved ones in this massacre were the courtroom. how did they react? what did you see from the defendant? >> obviously, it was very emotional for the individuals there watching the proceedings, including family members themselves. as for dylan roof, there was no reaction. he simply sat at the defense table with this blank stare, not saying anything. no emotion on his face as they played that video for the jury. i want to play a small portion of it, poppy.
12:19 pm
it provides a window to what took place that unholy summer day here in the city of charleston. this particular portion of the interview, he is explaining to federal agents how he did it, how he walked into that fellowship hall and began opening fire. take a listen. >> if i told you nine people died last night, how would that make you feel? >> nine? there wasn't even nine people there. >> there was a little bit over nine. it is hard when you are looking at that. you went in there, six, eight, you really weren't certain. >> are you guys lying to me? >> no, we're not. it's sort of complicated. they were all under the tables. you see what i'm saying? it is not like i was going around shooting people that were already dead or anything like that. it was just when i shot a
12:20 pm
magazine, i just went, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, you see what i'm saying, at one person. >> so when you started shooting, i guess you say you were quick shooting, like maybe they didn't see where it was coming from and they all dove under the table. >> right. everybody dove under the table. >> and then you went around the tables to shoot them. >> no, not exactly. there are some people i didn't shoot. there were two people i didn't even shoot at all. >> that entire video lasting close to two hours and in it, poppy, you can clearly see and hear a cold, callous, calculated killer. two questions you couldn't make out answers to. would you do it again? do you regret it? clearly, a very disturbed individual here. we will have to see what happens next week and what witnesses could be called.
12:21 pm
>> someone who was bound to be in trial and played with those parishioners for an hour before doing this. thank you very much from charleston. breaking news straight ahead out of turkey to tell you about. two explosions rocking istanbul. we know at this hour at least 20 people have been wounded. details, straight ahead. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at find out how american express cards and services you tell your inthey made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake.
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breaking news out of turkey, the first images from istanbul. two large explosions a short time ago outside of a major sports stadium. first official reports are that at least 20 people have been wou wounded. our affiliate is reporting gunfire. that happened after a saturday night soccer game. two explosions, at least 20 people hurt in istanbul. we're following this, of course, we'll update you as soon as we know more. straight ahead, he is one of president-elect donald trump's biggest cheerleaders on and off wall street. even carl icahn thinks that this trump stock market rally has perhaps gotten a little out of hand. my interview with the billionaire investor next. live in the "cnn newsroom."
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another week of record highs on wall street. part of what they are calling the trump rally. a stark contrast to the overnight reaction when futures plunged as it became clear that donald trump would win the u.s. election. while the down futures were sinking, carl icahn was buying literally leaving the trump party to get in on the action. he has often by cited by trump as the kind of business mind he will bring to the white house. carl icahn joins me on the phone. thank you so much for being with me. given this huge rally, did you make a mistake by not betting more the night of the election? >> yes, i did. i was going to say i'm happy that i did buy that night. i'm sad i didn't buy a lot more. t playing the market and trading is a very difficult endeavor.
12:30 pm
very few, if any, can know it. you are never going to be right all the time. that's not what i do anyway. >> how much of this rally, krachcarl, is a direct reaction to the election? how much is about the president-elect? >> it is completely related to trump and the way he has handled it. the world believes that things are going to be very bright. is that the case? there are many problems ahead, many bumps in the road. i think donald is completely on the right track in the things he is trying to do. obviously, it will be difficult to do a lot of them and there will be bumps on the road.
12:31 pm
>> we have seen him taking on individual companies. this week, it was boeing for the $4 billion price tag that he said the new air force one will cost. president obama as you well know, carl, has been criticized for being anti-business and the comments he made about wall street as fat cats. we have seen donald trump take on carrier, boeing, rexford. at what point does that become anti-business? >> i think the big picture is much more important. i think what donald is trying to convey is quite the opposite of what you just said. i don't say you are saying it wrong. i think what he is trying to convey is that we are really going to be more friendly with business. the government is not going to fight business. i think in interpreting what he is doing, at least from my way
12:32 pm
of looking at it is, he says to carrier, don't leave, things are going to change. that is a good thing. to have to be -- this country is showing business and having business perceive the government is not your enemy. it is your friend. if it is your friend, it is not going to have crazy regulations, something i'm involved with with donald as part of behind the scenes, interviewing some of these guys to go into the regulatory arena. i look at it that what he is trying to convey and i think is conveying, that we are going to do things to stimulate business and help invest. you want business to invest. >> we're going to get to some of these pick that is donald trump has made for his team.
12:33 pm
i know you have been integral in some of the decisions. on business, let's talk about the carrier deal in indiana. the president-elect tweeted if united steel workers 1999 was any good, they would have kept those jobs in indiana, spending more time working, less time talking, reduce dues. do you think he is correct to blame the union for using those jobs? >> i am no expert on carrier. i will tell you, i have a lot of companies and many are unionized. many unions, we have good relations with. the unions can be very difficult at times. we found that. so i think donald is sort of saying that. i'm not anti-union. you can't tell me that some unions haven't really made business being very difficult. >> do you think that this presidency will be the beginning of the end for many unions in
12:34 pm
america? >> i don't necessarily think that, no. i think the nlrb has been way too lax and way too much on the side of the union. >> donald trump has tweeted and talked about a company a mile down the road from carrier named readnord. they are laying off 300 workers and those jobs are going to mexico. the vice-president elect, mike pence says, we as an administration are going to take it day by day in terms of singling out these companies. do you think that's the way they should go about it when he is the president? can you do that, carl? >> i personally think. this is my own personal opinion, that you are, shall i say, emphasizing the wrong thing here. that's my own personal opinion.
12:35 pm
we're emphasizing the wrong thing. i think donald is basically -- what donald has been doing by and larnge and this is why the market is going up. the market is not going up because donald has kept carrier from going to mexico. the market is going up and maybe it has got ahead of itself. i am not going to say it hasn't but it is going up because it is perceived this is going to be a very pro business presidency in government. >> do you think the market is a little bit ahead of itself right now, carl? >> i personally want to be the first to say that nobody can really pick what the market is going to do. it is sort of a fool's ernlarne like picking what the dice thrower is going to do. >> you can try. >> you can try. everybody has tried. >> you have been around like me
12:36 pm
a long time. you feel you have some good instincts. i will tell you, if i tell you next week what the market is going to do, it's almost sort of worthless. >> are you buying right now? are you buying today? >> i have a very hedged portfolio. i really don't play the market or try not to play the market. i have a hedge on. i buy stocks that i like a lot and i short others that i don't like. if you say, am i buying, i'm buying certain things and selling certain things. i'm not a trader. we have a huge portfolio. if you are asking me my opinion, i do think that and that's just my opinion, that it has gone too far. i think the reason is that -- a couple reasons. one, when it is perceived your taxes are going to be a lot less next year, obviously, you look at it and say, why don't i wait
12:37 pm
until january 1st to sell or january 3rd to sell. why sell it now? if i believed my taxes -- i'm talking about middle america. i'm talking about certain pension funds. not pension funds. they don't pay taxes but certainly investors are saying, hey, look. why should i sell now? when i can save -- let's say it is even whether it is up or down, when i can save a lot of money by waiting until next year. so what happens is a lot of are not offered. it is very thin. you see this money pouring into etfs and etfs to some extent are mindless. you are just buying an average. i don't blame the guys that run the etfs. people give money to them. they just buy the index. there are a lot of reasons for it going up at this moment in time, which might change on the
12:38 pm
dime. however, i'm not telling anybody here not to buy stocks or to buy stocks. i personally think it is a little overdone. that doesn't mean very much. my thanks to carl icahn. you will hear more from him for donald trump's picks for his cabinets. carl icahn, a big part of decision-making, interviewing some of these kand dat ises the. more with carl icon. much more of o our breaking news ahead here right after a quick break. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. ♪ ♪
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you are looking at pictures from moments ago. president-elect donald trump just arriving at the army/navy football game. reports that the cia has concluded that russian hackers intervened in the russian election with the purpose of helping donald trump win. the intent is what is new here. president-elect trump is taking on the cia in a statement his team just released which reads these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history. it is now time to move on and make america great again. the cia not commenting. russia asks, where is the
12:43 pm
evidence? this as the president-elect continues to form his team, make some major cabinet picks this week. the big one, secretary of state, still up in the air. cnn has learned that exxonmobil ceo, rex tillerson is leading the pack. mitt romney is still in consideration. m we have jamie small, contributor for "time" magazine and andre bauer, republican and former lieutenant governor for south carolina. thanks for being here. a lot to get to. trump's assertion that the intelligence team of today is the same as 13 years ago with the failed wmd intelligence is not true. bigger picture, taking on the intelligence community before you take the oath of office, are you concerned, ryan, that the president-elect is risking a critical feud with the community that he and we all reeye on for top secret briefings on the greatest threats to this
12:44 pm
country. i am not sure it is the best way to deal with it but it is troubling to see them leaking sources to the media. i think it is an attempt to undermine the administration. clearly, everybody is concerned about foreign influence in our elections, whether it is russia, china, everybody. i don't think taking it to the news and litigating it is the best way to do it specially at a time when this president is trying -- >> ryan, is that how you read the end of the president's statement? it is time to move on. does that show great concern for getting to the bottom of it? >> i don't think it is the best way to respond to the intelligence community. i do think it is best to understand that president-elect donald trump will be our president. whether or not there was foreign intervention, i don't know if there was or was not. i think this was a legitimate election. to blame wikileaks for hillary clinton's loss. she ran a bad campaign.
12:45 pm
to try to invalidate the election because of these concerns is wrong. >> what do you make of how president-elect has handled this, andre, going after the cia? >> he is getting ready to put an unbelievable individual, mike pompeo, as the c.i.a. director, first in his class at west point, harvard grad. he is a stellar leader. >> there are going to be a lot of the same employees there. you are insulting the agency. do you approve of that? >> he is challenging what he thinks isn't right. there air lot of bureaucrats there. a lot of feex feolks feel like s the same old same old. nobody is going on record. these are unsubstantiated allegations. >> how are they unsubstantiated when the 17 intelligence agencies of the united states
12:46 pm
have come together and briefed congress in the last week and said this is what we have found? >> among intelligence officials, they have strugd ld to collect viable information on putin and have disagreed on several of these issues and have not got a uniform afwreemt greement as tos happened. sean spicer was on michael's show and said, they say we were hacked and we were not hacked. he is basing the decision. he said, i've invited them in and tried to prove to them that, in fact, we were not hacked. they don't have the hole information they need. >> many people would disagree with you. they do say there are some points of contention where they do disagree. do you believe that president-elect trump is right to say it is time to move on? do you want to see the next president dig on this.
12:47 pm
>> i do want to see us move on. however, just like lindsey graham said, if we really think the russian government was involved in hacking, we do need to get to the bottom of it and there does need to be sanctions and some type of action. >> we either move on or we get to the bottom of it. >> no. donald trump has, i think, kind of stayed the same course. a lot of his folks want to go after hillary clinton. he said, nope, we need to move on. i think he has maintained the same throughout. we are not going to continue to go after some of these issues that were campaign issues, i want to move the country forward. if the united states senate and house think that, in fact, there was meddling, within the russian government in our politics, then, yes, we should engage them. donald trump is trying to work on what he proposed, what he ran on and moving forward? >> i have to get jay in here. thanks for being patient. i have to get your take on this. there is also the bigger picture when you look at the secretary of state's election. cnn is reporting that exxonmobil
12:48 pm
ceo, rex tillerson is at the top of trump's picks. if at the picks him, it would be a controversial pick. one main reason, his ties to russia and his closeness to russian president, vladmir putin. look back to 2011. ex son signed this huge deal with russian giant, rosen, after their biggest share is the russian government. rex tillerson went to russia to receive the russian order of friendship and he has spoken out against some of the u.s. sanctions against russia. would that hurt him in a confirmation process? >> it would be very contentious. even republicans have a lot of concerns, is this man prepared? is it appropriate that he is a secretary of state? he has obviously never been in government. is he able to do diplomacy? would he be biased, specially
12:49 pm
considering his company's vast amount of influence in the markets. there are all these times in the last decade where exxon has really created somewhat controversial foreign policy that has been criticized on the hill. even republican senators, you see saying, hmm, we would have to look at this further. >> he does have relationships that could be very critical with these foreign leaders, which some would say look at that as an asset. he knows these people. you'll all be back. thank you very much, ryan, jay, and andre. for many, this time of year, it should be about giving back. the tenth annual cnn heroes all-star tribute salutes ten people that are putting others first all year long.
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start-studded gala airs live right here on cnn tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. take a look. they are the kind and the caring, the strong and the brave. they are the ones that see a need, fill a void, make a difference. >> i am trying to give them all the opportunities they deserve. >> they don't do it for themselves. they do it for all the rest of us. they are we give them the foundation from which they can thrive. we have transformed the lives of thousands of children. >> cnn presents a very special live event. the cnn heroes all star tribute. >> we're gathered to celebrate extraordinary men and women. who highlight the best of what humanity has to offer. >> we honor 10 extraordinary
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top of the hour, you're live in the cnn newsroom, so glad you're with us, we begin with president-elect donald trump taking on u.s. intelligence agencies. agencies he will soon oversee as commander in chief. his transition team slamming the


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