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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 10, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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ty is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. it is 2:00 p.m. i am boris sanchez in for fredricka whitfield. they are demanding full information on claims that a
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russian hack p intel helped donald trump win the white house. chuck schumer issued this statement writing, it is imperative our intelligence community turns over any relevant information so congress can conduct a full investigation. in the meantime, harry reid is blaming fbi director, james comy, calling him the new j. edgar hoover. >> the fbi had this material for a long time. he kept comey, who is, of course, a republican, refused to divulge this information in the presidential election. he violated the orders of attorney general, president and good taste by getting involved in the election like he had. i am so disappointed in comey. he has let the country down for partisan purposes. that's why i called him the new j. edgar hoover. >> the trump transition team
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issued this defiant statement discrediting not just claims but the entire cia. >> these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history. it is now time to move on and make america great again. let's talk with elise. the cia not commenting publicly. you have spoken to your sources personally within the agency. do they foresee this becoming a feud between donald trump and the us intelligence community? >> i think it is too soon to tell, boris. obviously, in making this statement, donald trump and the prek a president-elect are taking issue with agency that is going to be advicing him on critical national security issues going forward. it does set up a little bit of
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an adversarial relationship. it remains to be seen whether it is isolated to this political issue on the hacking and russian interference in the election. that plays into the defensive of the president-elect that he didn't win the election fair and square. people are talking about not whether this actually affected the outcome. some democrats are saying this. the investigation that this administration is under way right now is really about what happened. i think administration officials i talked to say it is impossible to know why voters voted the way they did, whether this mix of fake news, any russian hacking, what fbi director, comey released, whether that played into voters decisions. it remains to be seen. if it is an isolated incident about the russian hacking, that
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could be resolved. the larger question in a lot of people's minds is, does the president-elect trust the intelligence community that's going to be advising him for the next four years. if he doesn't, if there is going to be some kind of wholesale intel reform, i think there is a lot of anxiety about that. >> specially in the manner he has gone after them so aggressively. elise labott, thank you. >> let's chat with matt lewis and julian zelitzer. he is a professor at princeton university. harry reid is blaming james comey. adam schiff says the obama administration had this information for months and neglected to be more aggressive. this is a story that went on
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during the election. the story about the russians trying to intervene in the election was out there. there were also stories about whether there was any connection between the trump campaign and this intervention. many democrats are frustrated to learn about this. so close to the electoral college meeting. this all remained buried. >> they have come out and said this is the work of a few people in the cia that were upset with the outcome of the election, saying it was a way to delegitimize trump's win. do you agree? >> look, i don't think we know. the sources that i saw are anonymous sources. having said that, i don't have a hard time believing that russia actually did try to intervene. i have sort of always thought that. they don't like hillary clinton.
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donald trump has been much more friendly rhetorically toward putin. we know some of the dnc stuff has been leaked towards wikileaks. i don't think it was dispositive. hillary clinton did a lot of unwise things. she set up a private server that might have made her more vulnerable to hacking. i don't think this would change the results of the election but we need to investigate the likelihood that russia did try to tamper in this election. >> let's talk about trump's reaction. his team going out of their way to point out the failures before the invasion of iraq saying that -- comparing this new intelligence to the reports about wmds in iraq. is that fair? in the sense that colin powell was very convincing at the united nations when he made his
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presentation. the information turned out to not be ftrue. there are 17 different agencies backing this. do you see that as an equivalent or does this not make sense to you. >> this is connecting different issues. obviously, there was an intelligence failure with the war in iraq. that's not what this is about. he is being selective in what failures he points to. other times when he boasts of what intelligence agencies are doing, the questions are very straightforward. one, did the russians interfere with the election and what was the interference? the second is, was there any kind of connection with the trump campaign, which is the obvious other issue that is out there, where there is no evidence there was a connection. i think democrats want to know that. i think president-elect trump is doing what he often does. he is turning attention to something else at a moment where he feels defensive as a way to try to explain what is going on
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or distract the public and the press. >> he has certainly been sensitive to any question about his victory. you recall the tweet about illegal voters. getting back to russia, there appears to be some division between republicans about how they should handle russia, namely, john mccain, lindsey graham. how are you reading the way republicans on the hill are responding to this versus the folks on trump's transition team? >> i think this is going to be very, very interesting to see what happens. i grew up in a conservative movement and a republican party with ronald reagan talking about an evil empire. now, we have a republican party that seems to be divided over russia. obviously, the soviet union is no longer around. over russia, which is headed by a former kgb agent. there are reports that donald trump may soon pick a secretary of state who has some ties to
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russia. it will be interesting to see what the sort of republican hawks do. would john mccain, tom cotton, lindsey graham, these republican senators who are hawkish, very concerned about putin and russia. will they suck it up and support president trump's nominees or stand up and oppose them. i think it is going to be very interesting to see if these republican senators stand on principle or if they say, look, trump is the guy. he is our guy now. let's get with the program. >> julian, i turn that question to you. how do you see this playing out amongst republicans? >> this is a test of how united government is going to work. the argument is that republicans in congress, who control congress, won't want to cause trouble for this investigation, won't do things like oversight and investigate. this is often a dynamic when both branches are controlled by
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the same party. this will test it like no other, because of the controversy over russia that matt just spoke about. also, because of the issue, itself. the allegation of tampering in election is something that will concern many republicans. this will be the first big test of whether united government will hold or whether it will break apart earlier than some. >> matt lewis, julian zeliz echt r, thank you so much for the time on the weekend. an erery confession from dylan roof while telling the fbi "i did it." or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
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the gunman in the charleston church massacre confessed with a laugh. he tells the fbi he had to do it. polo sandoval has the latest from charleston. >> i went to that church in charleston and i did if. >> did what? did you shoot them? >> yes. >> the confession video is overexposed by dylan roof's motive is crystal clear. >> so your deal -- >> so is it?
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>> to agitate racial relations. he told them he researched black-on-white crime during the george zimmerman trial. it was then he started down a path towards hate crimes z do you consider yourself a white supremacist? >> sure. white people are superior if that's what you mean. >> short surveillance video shows roof entering the house of worship in june of last year. he was inside for about 45 minutes and then roof peeks his head out with glock .45 caliber pistol walks out of the door of the church. >> i was in absolute awe that there was nobody out there after i shot that many bullets. when i walked out that door, you know, i peeked out the door, i thought there was going to be somebody there ready to shoot me. >> reporter: roof was prepared to kill himself but didn't when he saw no flashing lights he told officials. in the video confession, he laughs owe 235iccasionally. he appears shocked when they tell him he murdered nine
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people. >> there wasn't even nine people there. >> are you guys lying to me? >> no, we are not. >> reporter: he also wrote a 2000 word statement and posted it online. in it, roof said he thought black people were stupid and inferior to whites and violent. he goes on to say, we have no skinheads, no real kkk, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world. i guess that has to be me. charged with 33 federal counts, including hate crimes, roof's defense team has conceded that he committed the slayings and has instead focused on trying to spare him the death penalty. >> there were no cameras allowed in the courtroom but i can tell you as we were watching this video along with the jury, we also kept our eye on roof. no emotion there, boris. he simply sat there at the defense table with that blank stair stare on his face.
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we do expect another witness to be called. you talk to people here in charleston. it is not a matter of if he will be convicted but when that actually happens and that leads to the question, what punishment will the jury hand out? will they put him to death or will he go to prison the rest of his life? >> so difficult to watch that video. polo sandoval, thanks for the update. still ahead, much wider news. a countdown to kickoff. arguably football's greatest rivalry, army versus navy. we are live from baltimore with a preview next.
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a big day for college football. tonight, the heisman trophy will be awarded. the 117th army/navy face-off. in attendance, a big name, president-elect donald trump. coy wire is at the game. we are about 30 minutes from kickoff. who you got? >> reporter: you are going to put me on the spot again and i like it. navy has won 14 straight, boris. that's pretty substantial. this game has been played since
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1890. an incredible rivalry. can you imagine if you play for navy. say you run the ball and your father is one of army's greatest running backs of all time. that's the case with calvin cash jr. i am here now with his parents. i am here with miss marcella cash and calvin cash sr. this is really unique. how does it feel to be one of army's all-time great runners and you are out there watching your son playing for the opposing team? >> well, this is a great game. i am just proud of my son that he actually has an opportunity to play in this game. it is very special. i actually had someone at my job the other day say, what's the big deal with the army/navy game. i said, imagine playing your brother. you want to beat the is not out your brother. once it is over, he is still your brother. at the end of the game, you are going to serve side by side with your brother. it is a great opportunity.
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>> reporter: miss marcella, you have had an opportunity to watch your husband and your son playing this iconic rivalry. she has missed her first game of her son's career earlier this year. she hadn't missed one. your son got a little emotional talking about when he talked about his mom. >> it was great. it was great for her. she loves coming to the games. that was the first game back. she was in tears. the fans are very emotional because she is back. the fans know her. she is very animated. the stadium was very welcoming and i was specially excited to see her back there. >> reporter: where will she be for this game? >> she will be in the stands wearing her navy gear and screaming her loud defendant for her son right in front of her husband's face. >> reporter: i love it. le miss marcella, she has some
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tears going behind these sunglasses. how is it going to feel to watch your son play in his very last army/navy game? >> i had thought about this this morning. i had watched the videos last nice of him talking about his last game and it really is hard. that means graduation is right around the corner. he is going to be off serving his country. i am so excited he is having this opportunity and going to get out there. he is going to do something for his mommy, his mumsy. >> reporter: and something for our entire nation. we are not going to miss you. mr. calvin sr., you have your army grad, navy dad shirt on. the 117th edition of the army/na army/navy game. we'll see, since i'm with you,
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go, navy! >> win. all i want for christmas. >> reporter: i couldn't say beat army. >> i love how mom is decked out, total spirit going and dad is just incognito. no response. coy wire, thank you. we'll be right back after this.
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ash carter says as many as 200 troops will join the fight against isis in syria. john kerry is pushing for them to stop bombing rebel fires. they want a cease-fire. gatlinburg is getting back to business. shops and tourist spot ns the tennessee resort town are reopening after wildfires tore through killing 14 and destroying some 2500 buildings. nearly 38 million people are
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being wornd being warned of extreme weather across the country. a strong storm pushing into the midwest today and tomorrow. chicago and other parts of the midwest could get as much as a foot of snow this weekend. we thank you so much for watching ne"newsroom" today. vit "vital signs" starts right now. what if you had to live somewhere and could never go outside, never experience weather, like a rainstorm or the warm sun. what if you had to live that way for nearly six months? could you do that? this is "vital


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