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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 10, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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candlelight vigil as thousands of people watched on facebook live. at this moment at trump tower, the work is under way to launch the trump presidency. 72 days until the inauguration. donald trump needs to fill 4,000 executive branch jobs. more than 1,100 need senate confirmation. before that, a picture that many americans would never have imagined. most democrats may not have dreamed of and it is hard to believe if president obama considered this possibility. president obama will meet president-elect trump in the oval office. for the latest on this meeting and transition, let's bring in cnn's sunlen serfaty in washington. >> reporter: good morning, john. this is the first real meeting of president obama and president-elect trump. we know their storied
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relationship from a the birther movement and the fiery rhetoric on the campaign trail. that said, white house officials say this is not going to be an easy meeting for president obama, but they say he is very committed to making sure there is a successful transfer of power between the two administrations and it is something that president obama talked about when he spoke yesterday in the rose garden. >> and i'm looking forward to doing everything i can to make sure the next president is successful in that. i've said before i think of this job as being a relay runner. you take the baton, you run your best race and hopefully by the time you hand it off you are a little further ahead. you made a little progress. and i can say we have done that. i want to make sure the handoff is well executed because ultimately we're all on the same
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team. >> reporter: and melania trump will meet with first lady michelle obama. that will be a private meeting. mike pence has a number of meetings. he meets with joe biden and both will sit down with paul ryan. a lot on the agenda, john and christine, but the symbolism of the meetings, especially with president obama so important that transition starts in earnest. >> we will watch that body language. sunlen serfaty, thank you. some of donald trump's earliest an pointmenppointments top white house jobs. they are likely to go to trump supporters who quote took a lot of crap for backing trump. newt gingrich looked at for chief of staff or secretary of state. former mayor rudy giuliani being considered or chief the staff or maybe secretary of state or
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homeland security. the transition chairman, chris christie, said to be under consideration for chief of staff or attorney general. i heard a lot of people speculating about reince priebus. a huge embrace of those two when trump gave his speech at 3:00. >> there are a lot of times that are considering this. this is a way of saying thank you if you even are not considering someone. if you are considering someone for secretary of state, it is a compliment. >> considering you as a co--anchor. >> float that out there. two of donald trump's outspoken critics are offering an olive branch of sorts. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. so in a letter to the boston globe, warren writes, donald
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trump promises to rebuild our economy for working people and i offer to put aside our differences and work with him on that task. when he takes the oath of office as the leader of our democracy, i hope we can work together. and bernie sanders says i am prepared to work with him. if he prepares to pursue the racist and sexist and anti-environment policies, we will vigorously oppose him. vice president joe biden vowed american support will not waiver for the state of israel. >> i have to doubt that in the
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trump administration there will be no demeaning issue of support as the consequence of this transition. even if the new administration were inclined to reduce a commitment, which it is not, congress would never let it happen. the american people would never let it happen. >> biden said he was responding to concerns from friends in the jewish community who were anxious in the change in power in the most divisive campaign in modern memory. kelly ayotte in new hampshire, the sitting senator, lost her seat. she conceded to maggie hassan. the republicans did easily keep control of both houses of congress. now some people are saying this shows donald trump did not have coat tails. it shows the opposite. he had coat tails for people who supported him. kelly ayotte, not one of them.
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she split from trump. joe heck in nevada, he split from trump and mark kirk lost and split from trump. this is something that kelly anne conway said all along. if you are not going to support us, you are going down. and roy cooper has declared victory. state officials say that race remains too close to call. cooper is some 5,000 votes ahead of incumbent pat mccrory. the race could hand tens of thousands of absentee and military ballots. cnn has not made a projection. you want to see a representation of the transition? this is the campaign plane used by tim kaine with the decals torn off. this is happening in richmond, virginia overnight. the secret service detail drove
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tim kaine and his family home and left. >> it is amazing how much time they spend and then when it's over, it's over. >> this is the first time he has ever lost an election. he has never run for office and not run before. he personally has never felt this before. >> all right. let's talk about money. wall street emphatic welcome to president-elect trump. an early freakout in global markets and a rally. the dow jumping 256 points. now just 46 points away from an all-time high. it will not take much. spitting distance to a record high. nasdaq and s&p had a 1% gain yesterday. why the turn around from the 900 drop as trump was winning the race? glob markets were freaking out when trump was winning and spent
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the day turning around. trump raising hopes he will help the economy and scrap the extreme campaign positions. plus with the gop control of congress, he could get stuff done that the markets like. the clinton graceful concession and more gains are possible today. the markets just opened an hour ago. shares in asia rebounded overnight. and generally, investors are saying if this is going to be a more traditional transition and you don't have real division in america. you have gop in control of the white house and congress. you could have a rollback of regulations. >> you will. >> a tax reform. >> i think you will see tax cuts. >> cut and simplify personal taxes. you could have an infrastructure to help the stocks pop yesterday. repeal and replace obamacare.
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making a lot of moves in hospital and drug stocks. a lot to think about. all right. now that the election is over, the whole part of governing this giant country begins. how will trump do that? who will he hire as part of his administration and what does this all mean? when "early start" continues. why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories.
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[ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. president-elect trump arrives at the white house this morning to meet with president obama. this happens at 11:00 a.m. during "at this hour" which i anchor. watch it. the pair begins the process of bringing the country together. it has begun with the speeches of trump and hillary clinton. joining us now to discuss this is ellis henican and symone
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sanders and eugene scott. we heard from president obama already today during this broadcast. donald trump meets with paul ryan in washington. i want to play what paul ryan said yesterday. it relates to where we are this morning. listen. >> many of our fellow citizens feel alienated and lost faith in our core institutions. they don't feel heard and they don't feel represented by those in office, but donald trump heard a voice out in the country that no one else heard. he connected in ways with people know one else did. >> so there's truth in what paul ryan just said, ellis henican. i want to juxtapose what we saw on the streets protesting and upset over the results of the
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election feeling like they are unheard. >> it is a targeting question. a lot of alienation out there. depending on whether your sympathies lie, indicates who it is you sympathize with. is it the white working class people whose jobs have gone off to china or the dreamers trying to make lives for themselves or african-americans who suffer tremendous unemployment. you tell me what you care about and i'll tell you who is on your list. >> john, i was trying to figure out this yesterday. he congratulated donald trump for pulling off this feat. paul ryan was not out campaigning with him. a lot of people kept wondering does trump like paul ryan? mike pence had to be asked four times if he supported paul ryan. what did you hear when you heard paul ryan speaking in. >> i heard we won. i heard republicans declaring victory and saying that it all
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worked. eugene, it is interesting. paul ryan did not work for donald trump at the end there. he did open the door or help keep that door open for republicans across the country to come home. without that, which really happened over the last three weeks of the campaign. whether because of james comey or the obamacare premiums or donald trump stopped tweeting. republicans decided to rally behind their candidate and president-elect may be what pushes him through the first 100 days. >> he invited many republican voters to come home, but they are coming home to a mess. those who voted for donald trump did not approve or are not excited about voting for him. >> they voted for him anywhere. when i saw they did not have the temperament or scared or concerned about the trump presidency, but they voted for him anyway.
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>> they did. many would say it is a vote against hillary clinton. at the end of the day, you had a choice and you chose trump. a lot of conversation of division among the country with the protests that we see. there is significant division within the republican party and if they will be able to accomplish everything trump proposes remains to be seen. there are people not on the same page. >> some of it is tribal. people come home. they come home. >> that's what i do every day after work. >> i like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, your old boss. these are people who really shared some of the concerns of the trump populism of the trump supporters. we heard the statements yesterday. what role do they have to appealing to the working american voter ansxt? >> they appeal to the populism.
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we talk about white working class, but there is a black working class. nafta and normal trade relations with china. i used to do trade work. we studied this. the role that people like bernie sanders and people like elizabeth warren have is they are legislators. that is where you saw the statements come out. senator sanders takes the job as legislator seriously. there were times in the primary we could not get him to come out to the campaign trail because he had to go to the senate. we have to get some work done as democrats somewhere. that's what you saw senator sanders and elizabeth warren doing. mind you, other progressives and activists that are party officials and some folks in the street and some are people that voted. they don't like the outcome. they are not ready to go where senator sanders and senator warren have gone. there are people still ready to
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shut stuff down and flip stuff over. they are calling for the revolution. they don't want to work for donald trump and calling for obstructionism we saw from republicans with president obama elected. we still have to do some reckoning within our party as well. >> symone sanders and everybody, stay with us. really great conversation. so much to talk about. this is the cornerstone of trump's campaign. vowing to wipe out isis fast. now the terrorists are mocking the president-elect insisting he will destroy america for them. where does the fight against isis go from here? really compelling report next.
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defeating isis was one of the cornerstones of trump's campaign. he promised to wipe out the terrorists fast. can he deliver? some in isis are referring to trump as a donkey who will destroy america by himself. one wrote 9/11 was the beginning of the renaissance. 11/9 will be the beginning of the fall. we have nic robertson with us live from irbil, iraq. the push to retake mosul and now 72 days until a new president takes over. >> reporter: this president-elect trump will inherit if you will, a middle east which has never been so chaotic coming into office. the middle east is inheriting a president more than previous
1:25 am
presidents, they have worries and questions about the comments about muslims has many worrying the relationship with the region will be. they hear that he will fight isis. they like that idea. you know you have the iraqi prime minister here congratul e congratulating donald trump here and they want to double down on isis and fight terrorism. and there is handing the reins over to neighbor syria and russia. if you do that, you are giving support to assad and iranians and united states, big allies here and spending billions of dollars in weapons and other gulf states and turkey as well, would not look kindly upon that. there is a brewing sectarian relationship. this is a deck of cards built on
1:26 am
sand. you move any one of the cards and you risk taking it down. if you do nothing and your enemies can take advantage. this is a very troublesome region for trump to deal with. >> a deck of cards built on sand. thank you for that metaphor. thank you, nik. protests across the country. how does the president-elect heal this division? does he try? it's coming up. my bud d way better es since we started shopping at first down! as close as two friends trying to annihilate each other can be. ahh, interception! that's because with we can shop over 700,000 items from brand names like samsung, keurig and sony. go to to get low monthly payments and the credit you deserve. and get great stuff like this awesome flat screen tv. [doorbell rings] fingerhut man's here! oooh! maybe he brought you some defense. 'cause that's a touchdown, buttercup! ♪
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all right. the breaking news overnight. we saw protests coast to coast over the results of the election. so what will it take to bring this country together? step one toward healing starts in a matter of hours.
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president-elect trump meets with the president and the house speaker to talk about the transer of power. welcome back to early start. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. nice to see you. 30 minutes past the hour. welcome viewers here in the united states and all around the world. the breaking news. many celebrating the election of donald trump. others are not. protests in cities across the country against the results of the election. against the man that voters picked to be the 45th president of the united states. this was dozens of cities from boston to portland. protesters chanted not my president. not today. protesters in los angeles brought traffic to a standstill. this is the 101. thousands more filled the streets in oakland. they lit fires blocking some thoroughfares. one woman suffered injuries walking into traffic. and in new york, 5,000 people demonstrated in front of trump
1:32 am
tower. some expressed fear for the fate of women and minorities under the trump presidency. >> donald trump will reenact harsh stop and frisk. >> and a woman and latina, i feel very upset and oppressed. >> we should tell you, these pictures are from new york and california. those were states that did not vote for donald trump. enough did. thousands did march in front of chicago's trump tower. blocking traffic on lake shore drive. there was a demonstration in front of the white house overnight. the candlelight vigil with songs and protests. >> donald trump may have won the election, but just at the start of the very long road to the oval office. there are now 72 days until president-elect trump is
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inaugurated. in that time, he has to make more than 4,000 executive branch appointments. more than 1,100 requires senate confirmation. step one is president obama meets with president-elect trump in the oval office. the transition now under way. let's bring in cnn's sunlen serfaty in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, christine. this is the first meeting that president obama and president-elect trump have ever had. we all know so much about their storied relationship in the past from trump's role in the birther movement and president obama's fiery rhetoric in the last months. campaign against trump. white house officials admit the meeting with them today will not be an easy one for president obama, but that said, he says he is certainly committed to make sure there is a successful transfer of power with the administrations. this is something that president obama touched on yesterday when
1:34 am
he spoke in the rose garden. >> and i'm looking forward to doing everything i can to make sure the next president is successful in that. i've said before, i think of this job as being a relay runner. take the baton, run your best race and hopefully by the time you hand it off, you're a little further ahead. you made a little progress. i can say we have done that and i want to make sure the handoff is well executed. ultimately we're all on the same team. >> reporter: melania trump is meeting with first lady michelle obama in the white house residence. mike pence will be in town with trump. he has a number of meetings. he will meet with joe biden and trump and pence will sit down with paul ryan this afternoon. a lot on the agenda. we cannot overstate the importance of the moment,
1:35 am
christine, for when president obama and trump sit down. >> remarkable. remarkable moment. we will be watching closely. as far as filling those key jobs in the trump administration, sources tell cnn, the jobs are likely to go to supporters who quote took a lot of crap. newt gingrich as possible chief of staff or secretary of state. rudy giuliani maybe as chief the staff or secretary-general. the transition chairman is chris christie. he is said to be under consideration for possibly chief of staff or attorney general. you will hear a lot of names. i will add michael flynn to that group. they are all floated around for senior positions. rudy giuliani said he is not sure he wants to do it. >> and the econ team. he has billionaires backing him.
1:36 am
would they want to be treasury secretary? you are a billionaire? >> his finance chair is the leading candidate for that. >> steve manuchin. you know, peter thiel. who knows? that would be interesting to see. vice president joe biden made his first public comments following the trump victory. he is trying to reassure the jewish leaders at the world jewish congress. he vowed american support will not waiver. >> i stand here to tell you that i have no doubt, none whatsoever, that in the trump administration there will be no deminution as a consequence of this transition. even if the administration would
1:37 am
be inclined to reduce the support, congress would never let it happen. the american people would never let it happen. >> biden said he was responding to concerns from friends in the jewish community anxious about the change of power following the most divisive campaigns in american history. we have new results from the election overnight. kelly ayotte lost by a few hundred votes to the democratic challenger maggie hassan. they picked up two seats in the senate. that was not enough to take control of the senate. they did not take control of the house. republicans maintain control. kelly ayotte split from donald trump and she lost. we saw other examples of that, too, where people who split from donald trump did not enjoy the success that perhaps they thought they would. >> you know, kellyanne conway said the media's perception of that.
1:38 am
people trying to distance themselves from trump was backwards. she said that all along. she turned out to be right. north carolina attorney general roy cooper declared victory in the race for governor. the race is too close to call. cooper is 5,000 votes ahead of republican pat mccrory. the race could hinge on tens of thousands of outstanding absentee and military ballots. cnn has not made a projection in the north carolina race. if you want to see a visual representation of what a transition is, this is the tim kaine campaign plane. you can see the clinton logo decals being pulled off the plane. this happened overnight in richmond. the flight took kaine back to richmond. after the plane was stripped down. tim kaine driven home and secret service dropped him off and left. >> you say he has never lost an
1:39 am
election. >> tim kaine has never been on the ballot and lost before. mayor of richmond and governor and senator and now this. one of the first things donald trump plans to do as president is repeal and replace obamacare. it will take a huge effort. trump says on day one, he will ask congress to repeal obamacare. that won't happen overnight. the house voted more than 60 times to repeal or defund obamacare. there may be more motivation following the election. they could tinker with the implication of obamacare. that could affect health care coverage. so why would trump replace obamacare? what would he replace it with? he would set insurers sell across state lines and make the premiums tax deductible and allow prescription drugs imported. there is work already done to
1:40 am
make sure that people who are 26 years old and younger to stay on the parents insurance. you would not throw people out with pre-existing conditions. they will have to make sure those safety nets are in place or it will not be popular. >> we don't know the contours of what will happen. you should assume there will be changes and big changes to obamacare. republicans have the votes. donald trump will sign it and there is very little the democrats can do to stop it because there are maneuvers to get past it. >> a republican theme song for years now and it will make donald trump more popular with the republicans whom he is trying to heal. >> the first thing they will more than likely do. six hours from now, president-elect trump meets in the oval office with the current president barack obama. these two men have a long, long difficult history. what will that meeting be like and what does it mean for the
1:41 am
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the big story is that america woke up this morning and was like -- did i do that? >> that's right. donald trump is going to be president. republicans hope he will keep his promise to build the wall and democrats hope he keeps his promise not to accept the election results. >> the republican party spent the entirety of the election in panic. trying to stop donald trump from being their nominee. when they could not, surprise! they won the presidency, both houses of congress and soon, a new seat on the supreme court. it's like the gop got caught in a plunging elevator and they all fell screaming ten stories down and landed gently and have the
1:46 am
doors open on a candy store. >> it was a weird night. weird night. felt weird to watch the news. if you were flipping around, every news anchor on every channel was going ahhh! let's just go to commercial. >> and my wife and i went to watch the election returns at a friend's house. before we left, we put our 8-month-old son to bed. i was holding him. i said when you wake up tomorrow, we may have our first female president. when we came home around midnight i went into his room and shook him and screamed we have to get out of here. >> the hosts have made a play on the hillary clinton presidency and they were stunned. you could see it. >> it speaks a lot to the divide in this country. the west coast and east coast. >> the urban suburban. >> a lot the folks in the middle
1:47 am
felt differently. >> we have ellis henican and eugene scott and symone sanders. ellis, it is a little soon for these guys to be making fun of the electoral process. they had a different tone. >> they are having their own stages of grief. listen, it is always disappointing to lose in the election. we always pulled for people. >> i don't remember late night being 100% in one camp before. >> this is different. it was more raw and more personal campaign than used to. i think it will take comics a while to get used to it. >> i just am struck by a lot of, you know, finger pointing and self loathing. >> cloth ripping? >> the national polls were not wrong. hillary clinton won the popular vote and it will probably grow.
1:48 am
most of the polls were very close. in that sense, it wasn't wrong. the statewide polls were hanky. a little bit different. it was very close there. so, the idea of what was missed here, eugene, it seems a fairly narrow and hugely significant thing. it was the amount of axsnt felt by the voters in the section of the country. we are talking about the rustbelt. the part left behind. >> very much so. we had an idea that would happen to some degree. what we were not sure about is he got support beyond that. he won most white women and most white men. i said he could not win going beyond his base. >> he won the large percentage of latino and black voters. >> slightly. he didn't get crushed. >> 16% of black men.
1:49 am
>> the things he said were going to kill him with the groups. conventional wisdom was wrong. >> it was wrong. i found out yesterday in my family, close family members, older black men voted for donald trump. i was shocked. i think we were all shocked. we all didn't necessarily have a great handle on who the electorate was. now we know. now we know where we are. the question is where do we go moving forward and how does this shake out for later in 2017? i want to hit on trade. we have a lot of conversation about trade and tpp. the reality is out of the 29 chapters in the trans-pacific partnership, three have to do with trade. the others are environmentalism and bio-medicals and intellectual property. and where our food comes from. pharmaceuticals. there is real nuance
1:50 am
implications and things the american people did not discuss. trade is a complex thing that people don't know about. donald trump ran on we can bring jobs back. some of the jobs are not coming back. what do we do? where do we stand with our american trade policy. a lot of republicans voted for trade promotion authority because they saw the future past obama being able to have the power of unilaterally deciding trade agreements. >> tpp ain't happening. at this point. i think it wasn't happening already. now it is not happening with an exclamation point. i think there are other things as well. interesting what you said about your family members who voted for donald trump. again, eugene, i'm not so sure that what we were seeing in the polls was wrong as people chose to believe. the conventional wisdom was absolutely wrong. you know, what you were hearing
1:51 am
from late night comics was not reflective necessarily of what a lot of people in the country felt. there is clearly, clearly a disconnect there that is something that i'm sure we in the media have to address and the democratic party moving forward. >> to symone's point i had a similar experience. kellyanne conway said this. there are a lot of closeted trump supporters. when it was time to chose a candidate, they chose him and he ultimately won. the reality is i don't know how you qualify for support that is not telling you they will support him. the polls to some degree said what they said because people didn't say. >> the polls were not as wrong as people were saying. if that is true, it is only happening in pennsylvania where he out performed in the polls. there were a few places it
1:52 am
happened, but not as universal wave of misinformation. >> it was also white women. 53% of white women voted for donald trump. moderate republicans that democrats thought would break for secretary clinton did not. they went back to donald trump. i mean this is unprecedented. people wonder how it happened. it is because people made a very clear decision tuesday night. they voted for what they thought would preserve their place in society. >> 60% of the people made their decision before september. guys, everyone, thank you. we'll be right back.
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let's get a check on money stream. the dow 46 points away from the
1:57 am
record high. big gains wednesday. investors watch trump's victory speech and clinton's concession speech. the tone erased deep losses in futures. the election results came in, the dow went down 900 points. stocks in europe and asia are all higher right now. wall street welcoming donald trump, but ceos are cautious. starbucks ceo writes we must honor the democratic process and it is our responsibility as citizens to give him the opportunity to govern well and bring our country together. he supported hillary clinton. >> how about make coffee that tastes better. >> jpmorgan chase jamie dimon. we heard that frustration so many people have with the lack of economic opportunities and challenges they face, we need to listen. and mark zuckerberg posted
1:58 am
watching the results with his daughter inspired him to work harder to fix the world's problems. a lot of the folks in silicon valley, others trying to get a petition to secede from the united states. some of the silicon valley executives are not as nice about it. >> interesting. >> that's early start for today. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. there was reaction all night. protests on the streets all night over the election. today, another chance to bring the country together. "new day" picks it up right now. now it is time to unify. >> we must look to the result and look to the future. >> this needs to be a time of redemption. not recrimination. >> i promise you i will not let
1:59 am
you down. >> we're not democrats first. we're not republicans first. we are americans first. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to new day. it is thursday, november 10th. 5:00 in the east. breaking news. thousands of people taking to the streets in cities across the country to protest president-elect trump. demonstrators stopping traffic on major freeways and some setting fires in the street. >> democracy is about a fair process. not outcomes that everyone likes. everyone is experiencing a range of negative reactions. the idea of two americas. president-elect trump heading to washington to begin the transition of power. we have it all covered for you. let's start with deborah feyerick live outside trump tower in new york. i was down there last night.
2:00 am
a lot of angry voices. >> reporter: a lot of angry voices and people chanting not my president. also, hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. you could feel this in the streets here and across the country. people feeling that hillary clinton who predicted to be the winner of the election having failed to clinch the win. they are very upset and disappointed and they are taking that anger to the streets. >> not my president. not my president. >> reporter: protests breaking out in at least 25 cities. hundreds of demonstrators stopping traffic in los angeles on the busy 101 freeway. while thousands more protested on the streets of l.a. burning trump's head in effigy. police arresting hundreds. in chicago, thousands


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