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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we continue on, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with us. any moment now, just a heads up to you, we are awaiting to see hillary clinton step up there in dade city, florida, and address the cloud. her stop in dade city, by the way, is one of three stops she is making today in this one key state of florida as we are now officially in the home stretch of a pretty intense election season, we can say. here's the map for you. you can see who's out for everyone. hillary clinton, her top surrogates as well as donald trump, mike pence they're over the country crisscrossing several key states as cnn's poll of polls shows the race is tightening nationally. look at these numbers, seven days to go. in this final week, hillary clinton is trying to shift the focus back to her qualifications and away from that latest e-mail controversy involving a top ade. she just released a new ad
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attacking trump's character. >> putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready, i go through the roof. grab them by the [ bleep ], when you're a star, you can do it, they let you do anything. >> more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. >> i'll go backstage before a show and everyone's getting dressed. >> donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants -- some as young as 15 -- were changing. >> let's go to maeve reston joining me live ahead of this rally here as we wait for hillary clinton, take away from the ad using trump's own words. >> tough ad. >> yeah using his own words and also speaking to women, talk to me about the young woman who will be introducing her in florida in a moment.
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>> today clinton will be introduced by alicia machado who was the miss universe contestant who came out and talked about how donald trump had made fun of her weight gain and said other things she found to be derogatory and insulting. clearly what clinton is trying to do here after being on defense over the last couple days is shift the conversation back to donald trump and women as we just saw in that very tough ad right there. what clinton needs to do is get female voters excited. we're seeing a dip in enthusiasm in tracking polls for her campai campaign and that's what she's trying to do by having machado come out and introduce her in florida, which is where a state where clinton needs rally young millennials, latinos in particular so machado can help with that. >> maeve, thank you. let me bring in my panel,
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kirsten colin powellers is a "usa today" columnist. carl bernstein is a pulitzer prize winning journalist and author of "a woman in charge, the life of hillary rodham clinton." ladies, you heard maeve talking about hillary clinton camp trying to bring up that enthusiasm, speaking to women, more of the scathing ad they've released in battleground states. is it enough? >> i think it will end up being enough but the main problem she has is getting people amped up to vote for her because people are not excited about these candidates because they have high disapproval ratings but for hillary clinton i think one of her best organizing principles would be around donald trump and the fact people don't want to vote for donald trump and in particular women don't want to vote for donald trump so has to
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hit that message hard. >> carl, we were on tv on friday when all h,ll was breaking lose, you wrote the book on her. is this a sign of success in the attempts to turn the ship in the conversation away from what's happening in wa sfwha. >> two things, i think since the comey "bombshell" we've seen her at her best. in battle, staying calm and being on point, making the conduct of the director of the fbi rather than the conduct of herself or huma abedin the real issue here and the conduct and life of donald trump, the more she hits at those themes, the better off she is and she seems very successful at having some proportion she is conveying to the voters about this.
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>> do you think, kirsten, with all that's going on, do you think the hillary clinton camp is confident or are they nervous? >> well, you're going to be nervous because the polls have tightened up but in talking to people on the clinton campaign, they have a lot of confidence in their ground game and the fact that they're ready for this and that the map is much more friendly to her in terms of getting the -- to the electoral college count, that she's in better shape than he is. it's not just that she has a good ground game, it's that he doesn't have a ground game to speak of so going in as long as she's a couple points up and then a good ground game gets you one or two points, you know, i think she's probably in the end going to pull it out but nobody wants it to be this close and there's the big unanswered question, will we have people turn out who don't typically turn out, these people excited about donald trump? >> which is exactly why you see
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someone like president obama out campaigning today in ohio, he will be out multiple times this week saying to those younger african-american or hispanic voters get out, vote. carl, do you think the with president and his popularity, can he help pull hillary clinton across the finish line? >> as you know, i wrote a piece about four weeks ago saying it might take obama to drag her across the finish line. >> drag, right. >> by stressing those common principles that they share, to go to the democratic party base, but let's look al what's happening here in terms of this is a close race and hillary clinton i think needs to say the house on fire, the national house is on fire unless we save it. >> isn't she doing that in these ads? >> i think she's doing in the the ads. i think there is a cohort of very, very specific people that have to be reached that are still undecided and the message
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has to be we cannot put this country in the hands of a sociopath. and whether that message gets through and reaches those it has to, that it goes to the base as well as these undecided voters and there's another factor in this and that is the horrible threat of the third parties and that they could take votes -- particularly the libertarians and jill stein -- from hillary clinton here in a few battleground states. bill weld, the candidate for vice president on the libertarian line has more or less said i want to see hillary win this thing but he hasn't gone so far yet as he said and indicated he was going do a few weeks ago to saying look, don't vote for me, vote for hillary clinton, we cannot have donald trump as president of the united states. we are really down to the wire he
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here. >> donald trump and mike pence were on message. the most powerful republican on capitol hill saying yes i voted and voted for the republican nominee but he couldn't say his name, here was speaker ryan. >> i stand where i stood all fall and summer. i voted here in jamesville for our nominee last week in early voting. we need to support our entire republican ticket. >> if republicans kirsten are trying to say to fellow republicans who haven't gotten there, come home, somehow that helping them come home? >>. >> let's give trump his due here. he has so much of the leadership of the republican party against him and he's faring as well as the polls, a couple point difference between him and hillary and republicans are
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coming home so i think the -- he needs them to come home more but they are coming home for the most part so i think the issue is you have people who want a real change and you have the added fact that people don't like hillary clinton so donald trump is the one representing change and that sort of is where the argument is happening in the final days, it's going to be people decide dog i want to change? am i willing to take a risk on this person or has hillary clinton convinced me that it's too dangerous. even doe i don't like her i'm going to go with her because i don't want to take a chance of donald trump. >> donald trump has been saying if you go with her you'll have years of drama and investigation so vote for me. it's close, carl bernstein and kirsten powers, thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> good to be with you. a lot of people have already voted. coming up, i have new numbers i want to share with you, early voting numbers in the cnn decision desk. we will see if the clinton campaign to my question a second ago, if they have reason to be
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nervous. also, if clinton wins, how would she and the director of the fbi who just announced the reopening of this investigation, how would they work together? would they even work together? let's talk about that. and one of the nastiest attacks of this campaign season here in 2016, this white supremacist supporting donald trump launches a robocall calling evan mcmullin the independent candidate for president a quote/unquote closet homosexual. the trump camp has denounced this but let's discuss what's happening in 2016. we'll be right back. when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn, i'm brook baldwin. thank you for being with me. fbi director james comey and attorney general loretta lynch have just recently seen one another face to face. sources tell cnn the two talked monday on the sidelines of a national security meeting but it was the first time they spoke since director comey revealed the fbi is reviewing e-mails that could be connected to hillary clinton's use of a private server when she was secretary of state. so with me now, jeffrey toobin, our cnn senior legal analyst.
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jeffrey toobin, officials have said the conversation was friend friendly we know the deal, we know lynch disagreed with comey's decision to do this. we weren't there, but what do you think that conversation looked like? >> well, what's done is done and i think that loretta lynch made clear her view and the justice department made clear its view that comey should haven't done what he did, but he did and he's still the director of the fbi, she's still the attorney general, they have a lot of serious work to do together. national security. prevention of terrorism. they are big enough people to put this controversy aside but it's a real controversy and it's not going away. >> it's not and james comey is an obama appointee. let's play this out. he has seven years left on his ten-year appointment. if, jeffrey toobin, if hillary
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clinton gets elected after this, would she clean house? replace him or others or would he beat her to the punch? >> i don't think there is any way hillary clinton politically could fire him. now she would have the legal right as president. keep in mind her husband bill clinton did fire the head of the fbi when he was president, he fired bill sessions and named louis freeh to replace him. as it turned out, bill clinton wound up having a very frosty, even poisonous relationship with louis freeh so this kind of relationship between the ps and the fbi director is not unprecedented but i think clearly the last thing hillary clinton needs upon taking office would be the kind of firestorm that would be generated by firing director comey, i think they would have to figure out a way to work together and they're
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both serious people, they recognize how important that job is to the whole country so they have to deal with each other. >> what do you think made those relationships, that you just mentioned, so tenuous? >> you know, the fbi director can be very -- it's a very high profile job that deals with very much controversial subjects. there was not a lot of controversy about bill clinton's decision to fire bill sessions. that was not something that generated a lot of controversy but louis freeh decided he thought clinton fund-raising -- bill clinton's fund-raising deserved criminal investigation. he worked very closely with the congressional republicans on that and that was something that generated tremendous tension with the rouse, here you have a situation where hillary clinton, if she wins would go into office having overcome this reals on dhal director comey through her in path to the white house.
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no nobody would mistake them were being best friends. i would love to be a fly on the wall the first time they see each other but again think both have to recognize this is a very serious job with very serious responsibilities and they have to put their problems aside. >> one more for you. we've learned a senior clinton aide just talked to reporters on the campaign plane and they said that huma abedin is in brooklyn, she's there, available to fbi investigators for questioning but apparently the fbi hasn't reached out yet. these were her e-mails seized on her estranged husband's laptop. does that surprise you the fbi hasn't reached out to her? >> not really, they don't know what to ask her until they read the e-mails and know what was on her families' computer. that will take a while. the one thing we more to for sure is that every lawyer in the world, including hillary clinton's lawyer and huma abedin's lawyer will tell them both don't discuss this matter
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with each other. don't open yourself up to the possibility that someone is saying you're obstructing justice, you're lining up your stories so huma abedin and hillary clinton can talk about the election, they can talk about their families, they can talk about whatever but they can not talk about their e-mails without risk -- serious risk to both of them. >> well, we know huma abedin hasn't been on the plane the last couple of days and we have to imagine the has to do with that. >> i think so. >> you think so? >> i think so. >> jeffrey toobin, thank you. >> she you, brooke. >> next, the trump campaign is denouncing this nasty robocall from an avowed white nationalist and he's a trump supporter, the outrageous accusations he is making against the independent candidate for president evan mcmullin who has a shot at winning utah. your live channels, ch all on your devices, data-free. switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years.
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. >> one week till election day, it's a mad dash to close the deal with you, the voter. hillary clinton and donald trump stumping in battleground states and getting help from big name surrogates on the campaign trail. in trump's case, an unwelcome supporter is being condemned by his campaign, it's important we point that out. this after a white nationalist started making inflammatory robocalls in the state of utah against third party candidate evan mcmullin. >> hello, my name is william johnson, i'm a farmer and white nationalist. i make this call against evan mcmullin and in support of
12:26 pm
donald trump. evan mcmullin is an open borders amnesty supporter. evan has two mommies, his mother is a lesbian married to another woman. evan is okay with that. indeed, evan supports the supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage. evan is over 40 years old and is not married and doesn't even have a girlfriend. i believe evan is a closet homosexual. don't vote for evan mcmullin, vote for donald trump. >> ridiculous. ridiculous. former virginia governor and republican presidential candidate jim gilmore is joining us, he's a trump supporter. also a senior political correspondent for the "national review" who cannot stand mr. trump so gentlemen, thank you both for being here. governor, to you first, and let me just say again the trump campaign has denounced that ridiculous robocall. my question to you, sir, is this really how low this race has gone? >> well, i just don't think it's important, brooke as far as the trump campaign goes, the trump campaign doesn't have anything to do with it. it's one of those unfortunate
12:27 pm
things that happens sometimes in campaigning but it's truly unconnected to the real political process. >> thousands and thousands of calls going out, this is someone who could win utah. jim, to you, north carolina. the battle is close. also important we have a republican senator there in a tough reelection race. he is out there talking about putting a bull's-eye on hillary clinton. listen. >> it doesn't make me feel any better that i walked into a gun shopp i think yesterday in oxford and there was a copy of "rifleman" on the count er. it's got a picture of hillary clinton a on the front of it. i was a little shocked at that. it didn't have a bull's-eye on it. [ laughter ] >> you hear the laughter, senator burr has apologized. we don't have to spend a lot of time on the robocall but, jim, is this the kind of comment that could really potentially shift a
12:28 pm
race? especially in a state so important like north carolina. >> i'm sure richard burr doesn't want it to, i'm sure he'd prefer to be judged by his whole career. i think the chuckling at the end, the reaction of other people thinking that was fine and okay and nothing to be upset about is a little disconcerting. that statement is going fine, going fine, then you cringe at the idea of "why didn't somebody put a bull's-eye on it"? there are times this can be overhyped. you remember the "new york times" making a big issue out of the bull's-eyes drawn on certain congressional districts on sarah palin's web site before the tucson shooting. say something doesn't make a nut job do something but having saying that you don't say things like this one week before election day. don't give the opposition a stick to hit you with. but then i shouldn't they because if somebody hits her with a stick i'm in trouble. >> go ahead, governor. >> the real key to this election at this point seven days throughout is hillary clinton and this misbehavior with the
12:29 pm
e-mails, the fact that more e-mails have showed up. the fbi director had to correct the record, she was saying the whole e-mail thing was over with, that was not true. he had to correct the record. she has an economic program that will slow growth policy and keep people out of work. these are the issues confronting the day and that's why i think at the end of the day trump carries more states and may win the election. >> i'm glad you brought up the e-mails because i wanted to ask, you governor, about the fbi director, about james comey. came out early july, said the investigation not criminal, this summer he was slammed by republicans, praised by democrats, now it's total 180. >> complete reversal. >> i have evan perez, our justice correspondent, talking to his law enforcement sources saying comey doesn't have a partisan bone in his body. he stands by his decision. what do you make of that? >> well, his reputation is
12:30 pm
impeccable and i've met him before and i know his reputation is just terrific but here's the deal. he was actually drawn into this by the attorney general of the united states who said, well, after the meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac she wasn't going to make the prosecutorial decision, she was going to leave that to the director of the fbi. >> that didn't help. >> and it's totally improper. he was drawn into this thing, he put a statement that helps hillary clinton and said the whole thing was over with but that wasn't true so now you have to correct the record otherwise he was going to be accused of covering up hillary clinton so i think comey is doing the best he can do and a commendable job as director of the fbi. >> on republicans, jim garrety here, the ohio governor has revealed he wrote in john mccain for president on the ballot. in the last hour i was talking to former senator rick santorum
12:31 pm
who was calling out governor kasich and also governor jeb bush. in case you missed it, here it was highlight. >> john kasich, if you're watching, you signed a pledge saying you would support the republican nominee for president. you signed a pledge to get on the ballot in south carolina, you promised you would follow through and you knew donald trump had a chance because he was leading in the polls to be our nominee and you signed it anyway. you can't say a man who's not going to keep his word is something that, frankly, should be paid attention to when it comes to how he's going to vote. >> so he was saying to to both jeb bush and john kasich shame on you, you signed this pledge. jim, what do you think? do you think voters care about pledges with seven days to go? >> please tell me we won't watch john kasich arguing with rick santorum and jeb bush three years from now in the next presidential primary. i feel like we're in groundhog
12:32 pm
day. i'd much rather watch governor gilmore. >> governor gilmore, did you enjoy that? >> did john kasich make the pledge? yes. you know what? this is going to hurt anymore in the 2016 republican primary. the republican primary voter will hold that against him. >> 2020, you mean? >> no, he's still running this time. i believe he's still running for president of ohio what's what his campaign amounted to. john kasich is continuing the strong tradition of republicans named john being advised by john weaver and running as the republican for candidate for people who don't like republicans. he tried the same one jon huntsman ran, the same one john mccain ran. we see where it got him. i don't see republicans clamoring for another -- give us another shot at john kasich four years from now. i think john kasich is about ready to ride off into the sunset but maybe he can do it with a clear conscience now. >> i agree with jim garrety on that. i just don't think that you run
12:33 pm
for statewide or national office and call on the loyalties of rank-and-file republicans to put up yard signs and go door to door and turn around and tell them you won't support their candidate. that's not loyal and proper and i would never do it. >> am i the only one surprised he didn't write in himself? >> yeah, well that would be one voigt, anyway. >> ouch! >> jim gilmore slamming john kasich for not getting a lot of votes. >> loyalty. unity and loyalty is the only way we'll beat hillary clinton and keep her out of the white house and that's what i'm trying to do. all right, gentlemen, governor gilmore and jim garrety, thank you, thank you so much. not a lot of love for john kasich on this show today with my guests. just into cnn, new figures on how many people have voted early, how they're identifying politically. there was good news and bad news for both parties, especially in certain key battleground states. imy moderate to severeng crohn's disease.
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seven days away from election day, got some good news and bad news for republicans and democrats in some of these key battleground states. cnn has partnered with catalyst, a data company that works with progressive candidates and groups to get detailed information on early voting this year and we have new numbers just in from some of these key states. with me, cnn politics executive editor mark preston, reed wilson is with us today, national correspondent at the hill. guys great to have you on. mark, what are the numbers?
12:39 pm
>> in 38 states people are already voting, election week a week ago i. 24.5 million people have already cast their ballot. let's see where they are in the battleground states. . about 12.5 million people in the battleground states have already cast their votes so that's the states right now where hillary clinton, donald trump and their surrogates are spending all of their time. let's look at two specific states. florida, 3.6 million people have already cast their vote in the state of florida, the breakdown right now is about even at this point, republicans have a little bit of an edge, this would normally be very good news for democrats but let's not go too quick. look at the advantage at this time back in 2008, democrats had the edge and they're off by about 2.9%, that's significant and democrats will try to make that up in the next week or so. then look at this right here.
12:40 pm
this is the independent vote nearly a fifth of the electorate, more than 700,000 people are either independents or aligned with another political party. look at arizona, about one million people have already voted, we dig into these numbers and look where we are, republicans have an advantage four points but not so fast again, when you go deeper into the numbers look at the advantage they had back then, back in 2012. it was about 10 points. it's been cut to four points that the point. what's interesting about arizona, brooke, donald trump has spent zero dollars in this state of suzuki suzuki in terms of political advertising, he has held big rallies and, of course, hillary clinton is trying to make a run at it but we'll see what happens, brooke. >> now to you reed, we get these numbers, we salivate over the early voting numbers and it's in
12:41 pm
surprise more and more people are early voting. my question for you is is this any indicator of how a race can go in any state on election day? >> it is and mark is smart to put up the context from 2012 and we'll been looking an context from earlier years as well. about 40% of americans will cast their ballot before election day and the two parties are combing through their list of supporters, the voter files they have in these states and they're trying to turn out as many of their cocore supporters as possible so they can focus their dollars on actual persuasion the big difference between the two sides is bemts have a paid field team that is about three times the size of the paid field team the republicans have, look at the battleground state, add in the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee and there are more than 5,100 paid democratic staffers in the key states that will determine this election. on the republican side, about
12:42 pm
1400. that's not everything but at the end of the day in a one two-point race, that number of people turning out as many voters as possible is where you can change an election. >> quickly on florida, i was just there this weekend and i was struck by how so many people were undecided. what was your biggest take away? >> florida is a great example of where the numbers in context are hugely important. democrats are not necessarily doing as well as they have been doing in the past. the key in florida just like a lot of the states is the unaffiliated voters how are they breaking down? independent voters have tended to favor the republican candidate in the last couple presidential elections, self-identified moderate voters tend to favor the democratic candidates. how are the voters breaking down? especially new voters in a state like florida who are overwhelmingly likely to be younger, who favor democrats, minorities and immigrants both of whom favor democrats as well. >> speaking of florida, reed,
12:43 pm
thank you very much. let's go to florida. let's go to this hillary clinton rally. former miss universe alicia machado you remember she was thrust in the thick of controversies involving donald trump and tweeting at 3:00 in the morning. let's listen. >> i was the first miss universe after trump bought the pageant. i was honored to represent my country venezuela. [ cheers and applause ] and to be miss universe 1996. but i was only 18 years old, a little girl there was still so much i didn't know. trump was overwhelming i was scared of him. he made fun of me and i didn't know how to respond.
12:44 pm
he told me that i looked ugly and i was massive. he even called me names. he said to me miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss eating machine. [ boos ] soon, it became a joke. alicia machado was the fat miss universe. it was really painful for me. he was cruel. for years afterwards i was sick, fighting back eating disorders. [ speaking spanish ]
12:45 pm
[ speaking spanish ] it's clear, it's really clear that he does not respect women [ cheers and applause ] he just judges us on our looks. he thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. well, now i'm standing here on behalf of women and latinos across the country. [ cheers and applause ] americans who have been horrified with his dangerous
12:46 pm
ideas and vision of america. and together we are going to say loudly and clearly no trump. he's not getting away with it. [ crowd chanting "no trump" ] hillary has been fighting for women, children, and latinos, just average people like me and you her entire life. when she was still a student, she traveled across texas to register latino voters and make sure they were able to make their voices heard. when she was first lady she
12:47 pm
organized the first ever white house conference on hispanic children and when she was in the senate she fought for comprehensive immigration reform with a past to citizenship. [ cheers and applause ] those are just a few reasons why i support hillary clinton. she's going to fight to fix our broken immigration system so families can stay together and everyone can take part in the american dream. [ cheers and applause ] that's important to me and so many other people in florida. she's going to make sure that women finally get equal pay for their work.
12:48 pm
[ cheers and applause ] and she's going to work to make jobs better for families so everyone can be a good worker and a good parent i've been talking to voters, signing up volunteers and making calls. there is so much enthusiasm for hillary across the state so to all my fellow floridians who have the right to vote, vote early, vote today and to all the latinos, this is our election, this is our election, latinos. [ cheers and applause ] [ speaking spanish ]
12:49 pm
let's work our hearts out so we can finally say "madam president." [ cheers and applause ] on november 8. now it's my really honor and my pleasure to introduce the next president of the united states of america, hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ]machado. we just wanted to make sure we dipped in. that was alicia machado former miss usa. she outlined it outline. how she was embroiled in the thick of this controversy which was addressed at one of the debates here between hillary clinton and donald trump. obviously they're reaching out to floridianfloridians, young p hispanics. they want people to vote and vote as early as they can. let's listen. >> hello dade city!
12:50 pm
wow! i am so excited about being here. thank you all for this really warm, wonderful welcome. [ cheers and applause ] and i think, on behalf of all of us, i want to thank alicia machado for that introduction and for sharing, sharing her story with us. alicia will be voting for the very first time in this election. and si i am very grateful for h support. i am also delighted that we're joined today by your great senator, bill nelson, and his wife grace. [ cheers and applause ] >> i also want to thank representative amanda hickman from the florida state house,
12:51 pm
michael cox, chairman of the greater pasco chamber of commerce. michael ledbetter, who is the pasco county democratic executive committee chair and his wife beverly. and thanks to retired colonel wilson elton brown for his pledge of allegiance, and thanks to all of the elected officials here. i especially want to thank all of you for, not just joining us, but helping us to get out the vote in this last week! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. so, hillary clinton there. dade city, florida, one of multiple stops she is making there. phil mattingly is at the event. i just mentioned in listening to alicia machado intro her, we know obviously who they're trying to target, who they want to vote. you know, florida. multiple stops. both hillary clinton and her husband.
12:52 pm
can you hear me, phil? >> reporter: yeah, i got you, brooke. i think the interesting thing here, obviously, is if you look over the dynamic over the course of the last 72 hours, huge news on friday, what the clinton campaign has done since. you have seen them, obviously, attack regularly james comey, attack the letter he sent to capitol hill. you've also seen them move in a series of directions to try to kind of get past it. you've seen hillary clinton try to maintain her strategy. you've also seen things like what we just saw behind me. alicia machado obviously became a huge negative issue of the campaign for donald trump, introducing hillary clinton. part of a stratey you have seen in florida repeatedly over the last couple of days, brooke. hillary clinton went to volusia county to target african-american voters. she went to a different part of the state to target lgbt voters. they're getting their coalition
12:53 pm
to come out to vote. here in north carolina, here in florida, a bunch of different battleground states. that's how they win and get past everything that's clogged up the campaign for them over the course of the last couple of days, brooke. >> phil, thank you so much in florida. as we listen in to hillary there. we know that one of her tip-top surrogates, the president of the united states, he will be speaking in the battleground state of ohio. we're going to listen for him momentarily. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
12:54 pm
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12:57 pm
iraqi troops are now within just a couple hundred yards of entering the city of mosul after sealing off the last village on the city's outskirts, this is the final push to flush out isis terrorists. and cnn cameras were there. we really wanted to share this with you today. look at this moment. this is an emotional reunion
12:58 pm
between an iraqi soldier and his family who he hasn't seen in two years. the lieutenant was working to clear mosul when he spotted his young son and parents in a group of fleeing refugees. i want to bring in retired air force colonel and cnn analyst cedrick layton. good to have you back. we've been talking to our correspondents there, a little over a million people in the city. reports that people there are being held against their will. from a military perspective, knowing what's happening here in the city, what do you do with those civilians? >> that's going to be the biggest, biggest problem, brooke, because it's a problem from the sense of a military invasion. any type of activity that you use to try to get into a city like this, it's going to have to take these civilians into account. and the fact that they are there and the fact that isis may probably use them as human
12:59 pm
shields really compounds the problem that ne force is going to have to try to liberate that city. this is going to be a really difficult thing for the iraqi forces, kurdish forces and all the coalition members to deal with. it's going to be a very risky endeavor, but it can be done, but it will take a lot of time and it's going to take really deliberate planning on the part of the iraqi forces to do this right. >> one more for you, colonel. 30 seconds. the significance of, you know, now these iraqi forces fighting side by side with the curb peshmerga. >> this shows a capacity to really unify iraq. if the administration of hadder al abadi, the iraqi prime minister, capitalizes on this, they could come out of this with a very unified country, much more than it was just a few years ago. we're watching the race at the white house so closely but a massive peace halfway across the
1:00 pm
world. colonel leighton, thank you so: i appreciate all of you as well. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. watching and waiting for the president of the united states speaking in ohio, stumping for hillary clinton. stay right here. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. thanks, brooke. real numbers from real voters coming in. who has the edge at this second? "the lead" starts right now. the polls getting tighter than a tick, clinton's lead shrinking as a new ad targeting trump tries to destroy his chances with women by quoting him. one of the biggest bombshells to ever drop this late in any presidential race. we still don't know if it's a dud. fewer ru furious democrats demanding a probe. a white supremacist supporting don