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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that is it for me. thanks so very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next the breaking news. crump waging a war on his accusers, mocking their stories and their locks. he's speaking live this hour. will he keep up those attacks? plus a former beauty queen with stunning allegations shares her story with me tonight, and a former apprentice contestant telling me donald trump kissed her unexpected but she says she's still voting for him. she's our guest. les go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett and "outfront" we begin with the breaking news. donald trump trashing his accusers. two more women coming forward tonight saying the republican presidential nominee sexual assault they will. trump angeli denying the
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accusations, mocking the appearance of the accusers who came forward on wednesday and said he groped her on a an airplane. >> they are 100% made up. they never happened. they never would happen. oh i was with donald trump in 1980. i was sitting with him on an airplane. and he went after me on the plane. yeah i'm going to go after you. believe me. she would not be my first choice. that i can tell you. you don't know. that would not be my first choice. >> the new accusations coming out tonight are stunning. christen anderson telling the washington post trump groped her in a nightclub in the 1990s. talking with friends when trump put her hand up her skirt and she was very graphic in what happened p. here she is. >> he did touch my vagina through my underwear. >> another new accuser, former
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apprentice contestant says trump kissed her and put his hands on her breasts. a number of women coming forward. one saying trump kissed her against her will. right now live pictures of donald trump going to be rallying supporters on that stage in a few moments in the crucial swing state of the north carolina. first though jessica schneider with much more on the 'cusers coming forward just tonight. their allegations fit with a pattern of behavior. >> reporter: all of these women say these were uninvited incidents of kissing and groping. and all of these women, including the two today say they are coming forward because of donald trump's own comments in that accuracy hollywood tape followed by his denials in sunday night's debate. ♪ do things do things do things ♪ ♪ bad things". >> reporter: summer was a contestant on the apprentice 2005, season six. but after getting the boot in
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the first episode. >> you know what summer, you're fired. >> okay. >> go. thank you. >> she turn to trump to guide her career. >> even after i was fired i continued to see him as the possible mentor and potential employer. >> she says she met with trump twice in 2007, first in his office in new york. >> when i arrived, he kissed me on the lips. i was surprised but felt that perhaps it was just his form of greeting. >> trump asked for her number and they planned to meet up the next time he was in l.a. she says the family and friends she told about the kiss suggested she ignore it. >> reporter: when donald trump called her she agreed to meet him at the bevel hills motel. when she arrived a security guard led her into trump's room.
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>> he started pulling me and kissic me open mouth. i pulled away and sat down in a chair. and attempted to make conversation. he then asked me to sit next to him. i complied. he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. i pulled back and walked to another part of the room. >> zervos said she resisted while the aggression continued. >> i pushed his chest and put space between hus and said come on man, get real. he reet real. he put my words back to me "get real as he begthrusting his genitals. >> she was eventually offered a job at trump's golf course near l.a. but turned it down when the salary was half of what she expected. and she reached outlet in april this year to give him a chance to explain his behavior.
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she never heard back. with a flood of allegations zervos said she felt compelled to speak out. >> you do not have the right to treat women as sexual objects just because you are a star. >> trump say to be clear i never met her at a hotel or greeted her inappropriately a decade ago. that is not who i am as a person and that is not how i've conducted my life. >> christen anderson el telling she too was groped by trump in the 190s. >> the person to my right unbeknownst to me at that time was donald trump. put his hands up my skirt. he did touch my vagina through my underwear. absolutely. i pushed the hand away and got up and turned around. and i see these eyebrows. very distinct eyebrows of donald trump. and i got up and moved and
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continued to talk to my friends. and i got up and i talked to my friends. and i aeu, he's gross. he just put his hand up my skirt. >> the trump campaign responding with this, this is a total fabrication. it did not happen. it is illogical and nonsensical to think donald trump was alone in a nightclub in manhattan and the alleged incident went unnoted with both the woman involved and anyone else in this crowded venue. >> reporter: both of these women claim they told their friends in the minutes and hours following these alleged attack. as for summer zervos she says she contacted her parents. i got in touch with her father tonight but he told me by phone he couldn't talk about this. as for summer zervos she said she is a republican and the reason she came forward aaron is so she can sleep at night. >> thank you very much jessica. i want to go jim acosta at the trump rally right now in charlotte, north carolina. trump vehemently denigh the
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accusations and even commenting on the looks on one of the women making them saying he wouldn't go for her. do you expect more tonight is this. >> reporter: i think that is the big question at this hour, erin. in the last few moments they brought out women supporters for donald trump on the stage behind me to warm up the crowd, followed by a reverend who was holding up a bible and asking the crowd here to receive donald trump the way he says he received donald trump, almost trying to inoculate the gop nominee against some of these damaging stories that have come out in the last several day. donald trump himself said earlier today he was at a rally in greensboro, north carolina, saying that this is a rigged election. that he's the victim of a rigged election that is being put in jeopardy because of lies that he said are being spread by the media. but i can tell you erin, all day long the trump campaign was promising the push back on these revelations by putting out material to us in the news
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media. all they have done all day long is release statements from donald trump, from spokespeople that these stoirsz from he's women are not true and it is starting to have an effect on the officials working in these battleground states. i talked to a top official in a battleground state earlier today that they think there is just going to be one of these scandals coming out every day and they are just resigned to the fact that this is the life they will be living for the next month or so before this campaign is over. in the words of this one official, he's just read for it to end. >> thank you jim. well it is a very substantive issue. you are talking about more than half of the people in this country who are female. "outfront" now. temple taggart. former miss utah. said trump kissed him on the lips first time he met her in 1997 and again in his office at trump tower. she was 221. he was married to marla maples at the time. and trump says it is the clinton
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campaign working with the media. temple thank you so much for talking to me. i know this is not easy for anyone to do to come out and disrupt your life by talking about this. first of all what happened? >> basically at first we were -- it was during the rehearsal at the miss usa competition that day and he had walked in and my dad had seen him. and he introduced himself and introduced me. and first time it was a quick hug and a kiss on the lips and i was shocked. what was that? i had never had anybody greet me like that. and i almost wanted to wipe my mouth because i felt awkward and kind of embarrassed and i kind of excused it ads maybe that is how people greet each other on the east coast. >> and it was a public place. your father saw this happen. >> it was just at the rehearsal. a few parents but mostly contestants and the people on the production team. >> then you had a chance the meet him again at trump tower. >> i did. >> and this time it was similar
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but also different so what happened then is this. >> it was different but it was similar, yeah i -- we were -- i was there with two chaperons. he had invited me out there. he said he was going to introduce me to modelling agencies and he told my sponsor that i had a huge career ahead of me and a great look. so i was excited to go out there and see what i could do. so i went out there, sat outside, his receptionist called him back and when he came out to greet me he gave me another embrace and a kiss. it was a little different this time. it felt like a little more to me. so i felt awkward and i just remembered in my mind going what does he think this ises. i'm thinking he's married. this is awkward for me. he's much older. this is not at all what i came here for. so to me it was like i hope me knows that i'm here for business. i'm not here for anything other than business. >> and it did impact you. >> it did yeah. at that time for sure it did. i was youmg and it was just different.
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instead of staying there the several weeks and finish all the things he had set up for me, i felt awkward. where after the first week i thought i can't do this. and i got myself my own plane ticket and flew myself home. >> that says a lot about how it made you feel. >> yeah. >> trump has responded to your claims. and i just want to read for you what he said. he gave a statement to nbc talking about you specifically temple. i don't know who she is. she claims this took place in a public area. i never kissed her. i emphatically deny this ridiculous game. how do you respond to that is this. >> well it -- it's crazy. because back in may when the "new york times" first came out, originally he tried to deny all -- >> they published a story mentioning your name and the kiss at the pageant. >> and that was something i didn't care -- i didn't think i'd be put in. and i actually had something else i was talking about he had spoken about in his office and i just brought up the fact that he kissed me when he met me and it got put in the article and next
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thing i know he's denying all aelgs allegations. and i kept quiet. i wanted it all to go away. and within a few weeks i noticed the daily mail had posted an article. and oh i do remember miss utah. she was a nice girl. with her parents. i met her before the pageant. and she gave me a hug and i gave her a kiss on the cheek. and i would never somebody of his stature and his celebrity status. i would just never go up to a man and do that. you know i might do that to a friend of mine they know or like my best friend, her husband. i love them. so he'll come up and give me a sideways hug. that's it. sideways hug. not a hug and a direct kiss on the face. so when i hear that and then i hear him say he doesn't even know me. >> three months ago he's quoted saying you were a nice girl and he knew you and giving circumstances of what happened. so completely different.
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>> he flip-flop, for sure. >> when your story first appeared in may, i guess the big question is -- the big question people are is why are people speaking out now. and obviously now there was the "access hollywood" tape but you actually did speak out in may. that's still a long time after this happened. what made you decide to tell your story for the first time then? >> well i had excused it. i had been thru a lot worse with guys since then. so to me that kind of became nothing after a while to me. but when he's a presidential candidate. and he actually made a twitter comment right before the caucus in march and he was making fun of ted cruz. and they were coming to utah and he said lying ted cruz. mormons don't like liars. and i thought wow that's interesting because i had -- i had just a personal experience with trump. >> he had told you to lie about your age, right? >> exactly. so when we went back to niz office he said he wanted me to lie about my age to make me look younger. and i was 21 at time. that confused me. i felt very young.
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he said if we say you are younger like 17 it looks like you might have a longer modelling career for the agents. whereas 21 i think he kind of felt like you are going to be a deadbeat soon. and i told him if i have to lie to get a modelling -- because he's like you wouldn't lie to get a modelling contract and i said if i have to lie it's not worth to it me. he did mock me. it didn't make me feel because i was very zur secure in whattive wlooed at the time but it made me lose instant respect. and you look up to somebody of that stature. so when he's mocking me for that it made me go how many other things does he feel he needs to lie about to get ahead in his life. now as -- he's going potentially to be the president of the united states. it made me a little nervous and i originally spoke out on my facebook page and made a comment about that. >> and you have been criticized. you have had people calling you up criticizing you. you know there are other women who are now coming forward. when i said at the beginning it
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is not easy to come forward. it is not easy. it would have been so much easier for you to say, you know, what, i don't need any part in this. i don't need to put my name and face on this. you actually chose to do it. how has it made you feel? what has it made you think about when you have been getting some of the hateful comments you have been getting? >> it's hard only because -- you -- you look at people that reach out to a complete stranger and say these awful things about me when they know nothing about me or nothing about the truth. and they also don't know how things can twist in the media. but it made me think of the other victims that have had more happen than just a kiss like what i've had. and it makes me sick for them. because i just think that they are receiving such hateful, hurtful words. how is that going to effect them? and it makes me think of other women of sexual assaults and how obviously they wouldn't want to come forward. when they see someone like me or these other women being
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ridiculed and made fun of and told us we're doing this for money and i've not done this for a single thing. and it is really offensive. and even though the comments are hurtful, i actually responded for a couple of them and i apologize, i'm sorry you feel that way about me. but i said this is not at all what it seems to be like to you. i'm sorry you are look at me in these hateful ways and i forgave them. but i -- i don't know. it almost fires me up to want to speak out more. because you know what, if i have the opportunity to talk about this now, maybe i can be an influence for somebody else to help them be powerful. to help them be strong and come forward and speak out. with whatever situation they have gone through in their life. because this type of behavior is not acceptable. and even though it was a kiss when i was 21 and some people are like well that is not a big deal. you know, the first time it was in front of your dad. the second time it was in front of chaperons. it was a big deal to me at that time it. actually made me kind of scared to stay there and even pursue that industry. >> you went home.
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>> i went home. >> could have been transformative in your life. that's significant. when you talk about for others, you have a young daughter. >> i do. >> about 18 months old. >> is she part of this part of why? >> definitely. when i gave the interview for nbc the other day. i broke down. i couldn't even control that. hate drying ingcrying on camer. and you look at. -- i have two boys as well. it is different with a girl. and i've been through so many things with women. and i've chosen to stand up and be strong. and i look at my little daughter and sending her out is there and you want to protect your children from having to go through the same things that you've been through. but it breaks your heart thinking there are men out there that are this way. especially a potential president of the united states that you want your children to look up to. and that is really frightening. is this the type of example we quantity for our children and to
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show this is acceptable in. >> before we go. just to be clear. since trump is saying this is as a conspiracy between the clinton campaign. you are a republican. >> i'm a republican. >> you are not doing this for the clinton campaign. >> you are not even voting for either one. >> actually when he got voted in, i stopped watching the election. so when my phone started blowing up again, i had no idea why. my sister sent me the article and said this is what he said and now nobody can say you made this up. and it does help me to feel so much better going okay there is a little stuff to back it up. and obviously these other women coming forward. i'm glad things are being brought to the spotlight. because this is a big issue for women that needs to be looked t at. >> it certainly is. thank you for coming on and talking about it. ism appreciate it. >> appreciate the opportunity. thank you. >> thank you for talking to me. and donald trump is speaking now in north carolina amid the new allegations tonight. next truch trump if his own
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words. >> she's probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed. how come the deeply troubled women. the deeply deeply troubled. they are also the best in bed. >> plus was donald trump trashing hillary clinton's looks today? >> she walks in front of me. you know. and when she walked in front of me, believe me i wasn't impressed. but she walks in front of me. >> and the produce overt the apprentice, the creator of the whole thing says he can't release the tapes. why is mark burnett holding back? we thought fibers that help you stay regular
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she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move. donald trump about to take the stage in north carolina. in charlotte. standing by to see if he comments further torn latest assault accusations.
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moments ago i spoke to temple taggart, miss utah in 1997. she had this to say about her experience with trump when she was only 21 years old. >> he came out to greet me. a kiss. it felt like a little more to me. i felt awkward and i just remembered in my mind going what does he think this is? he's married. this is awkward for me. he's much older. this is not at all what i wam here for. to me it was like i hope he knows i'm here for business. and it was just different. and instead of saying there the several weeks i was supposed to and finish all the things he had set up for me, i felt awkward. where i think after the first week i thought i can't do this. and i got myself a plane ticket and flew myself home. >> up front, kayleigh mcenany, donald trump supporters. maria cardona, and david gergen, and maggie haberman.
4:24 pm
kayleigh let me give you chance to respond to that. that was a pretty powerful thing she said. she said this changed the trajectory of where her life may have gone. that it may seem to some these were kisses. but to her it was much more. clearly a violation. >> as i've said repeatedly and any time we do segments on this, which is often now, i think every person who has an accusation should come forward. looikz we have to give donald trump the same respect. and i'm sure he would say he'd never do anything inappropriate in front of her father. second, i think this is a big lesson. i sat here 48 hours ago and i said these claims are not litigated on tv and they are litigated in a court of law. and the woman on anderson cooper lath last night said there was a man sitting across the aisle. that man has come forward. he said it was not at all how the woman portrayed it. he said in fact when donald trump went to the bathroom. in fact when donald trump went
4:25 pm
to the bathroom, the woman said to him, i am -- i want to marry donald trump. i hope i get to marry donald trump one day. there are two sides to every story. and i think we need go back to journalism with integrity where we vet stories before but mutt them out. i think the "new york times" did not vet that appropriately. back in paula jones days you waited months and there were debates in courts now everything comes out regardless -- >> just to be clear the man says he has no evidence to back up that claim. >> she has no evidence too. it is he said, she said. >> and that is what all sexual assault cases too. >> his story deserves to be heard too. you can't bury the story of the accuse. if anything donald trump's claim is stronger. we have to air both that is only fair. this man is a father and he deserves the same respect. >> let me play something donald trump said today about his accusers, for all of you to hear. let me play them. >> figured they can slow it down
4:26 pm
to come up with people that are willing to, oh i was with donald trump in 1980. i was sitting with him on an airplane. >> and he went after me on the plane. yeah i'm going to go after you. believe me, she would not be my first choice. i that i can tell you. >> that's just -- that to me underscores that this is a man who does not even understand what sexual assault is. sexual assault is a man who is saying i am powerful, i am dominate over you and you can't do anything about it. you are weak, you are a woman, you are there so that i can use and abuse you and then push you aside whenever i feel like it. that is what sexual assault is. that is what a sexual predator does. and kayleigh, i'm sorry, if it was just one or two or maybe three or four women i would say yes, you know, maybe their stories can be questioned. it is eleven women now. it is eleven women. when is there a breaking point? and not only that, but i know
4:27 pm
that trump supporters in the trump campaign, they are questioning the timing. well let me tell you about the timing. yes it has everything to do with the fact that there is a presidential election in 25 days and these are women who have been victims of the sexual proce predator of this degenerate man and they want to make sure everybody urnss the choice at hand and that choice -- hang on. that choice should not be somebody who better belonges on the national registry. >> i know you want to be judge, jury and execution, but thank goodness we live in the -- >> -- we're discussing it here. >> -- irresponsible. >> we're discussing it here because this is something that the american people deserve -- >> to the american people deserve to hear about the issues. the american people don't deserve national inquiry journalism. they deserve the issues. >> -- asking for a vote to be commander in chief if he's
4:28 pm
demeaned women publicly that is not something -- >> are you talk about the bill clinton? >> no i'm talking about donald trump who has demeaned women on howard stern repeatedly and now has eleven accusers say he has sexual assaulted them. >> i want to bring in maggie but first i want to give a little more information on the man that you are talking about kayleigh just so everyone has this full information. he -- his name is gilbert thorpe. he's 54 years old. which would have meant he was 18, or 19. flying first class. he's british. domestic flight. he made headlines in 2014. he went public with a claim that as a 17-year-old he procured for sex parties with high ranking politicia politicians. >> the american people deserve better. they deserve to hear about the debt, they deserve to hear about isis. >> -- what kind of man is asking for their vote. >> we just heard donald trump in the sound bite say everyone a
4:29 pm
simple investigation would have shown these allegations against me in just about all cases is nonsense. it is false. is that him admitting to some of the cases are true? that is what it sounds like is this. >> i can't fully parse his meaning. he's been pretty emphatic out various points that claims against him are false. he today said there were a larger conspiracy between the media and his accusers to get him and that is his line that he's the victim of an unprecedented assault. we've spoken to voters at his rally whose have a seen it the way he's said it. many of them have said they don't believe that this is real. they don't believe the 'cusers. accusers. he clearly has a very ardent support base, but we are -- we are in uncharted territory in the final three and a half weeks of a presidential election. given what we are discussing right now. >> and david gergen, when trump
4:30 pm
spoke today about jessica leeds, the women kailg was just referring to. here is how he dismissed her claims. let me play it for you. t the. >> the only way they anything your they can slow it down is to come up with people who say they are willing to say oh i was with donald trump in 1980. i was sitting with him on an airplane. and he went after me on the plane. yeah, i'm going to go after you. believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i i can tell you. >> she would not be my first choice david, that is what donald trump said. obviously the pretty clear imp cakes is he's talking about for whatever reason her appearance. her looks at the time. what do you make of that. >> well donald trump would have us believe ha he's a changed man. that he no longer demeans women and that he goes on the air about this women woman who comes forward and demeans her. just as he demeans hillary
4:31 pm
clinton about walking in front of him and he wasn't impressed by what he saw which was clearly open to the interpretation he was talking about her looks. and the problem with kayleigh's argument is that donald trump himself has said that we have the tape that he did all these things and what kayleigh would ask us do is to disbelieve him. that he wasn't honest when he was talking to his friend. and then she would have us disbelieve 11 different women. you know that -- at some point people have to make up their own minds about what common sense says. and yes we're not going to litigate this in a court of law. we are going to litigate in the court of public opinion. that is what presidential campaigns are about, people forming opinions about the character, the quality and the judgment of someone who is nominated to be president. that's why we have campaigns. and this has come forward and people can take it up. some people don't want to believe that he was telling the truth when he was with his friends.
4:32 pm
don't believe any of these 11 women. don't believe there was a conspiracy. i think many americans are going to reach a difference conclusion. >> tonight the white house is not letting up on donald trump. a day after a scathing speech in michelle obama. president o kbam and vice president biden made it a three-pronged attack. jeff zeleny is "outfront." >> hello seattle. >> reporter: tonight hillary clinton seizing on donald trump's latest accusations of sexual assault. >> the whole world has heard how donald trump brags about mistreating women. and the disturbing stories keep coming. >> as she hits the west coast for one final fundraising push she's -- >> donald trump's closing argument is what do you have to lose? the answer is everything. >> i simply do not believe the
4:33 pm
bleak picture of our future that hillary's opponent has painted. >> president obama and former president clinton both blanketing ohio today. part of an all out push from democrats to keep trump from rising out of his downward spiral. but it is the speech from michelle obama that's still reverberating. >> this isn't about politics. it is about basic human decency. >> secretary clinton highlighting it again tonight in seattle. >> as our extraordinary first lady and my friend michelle obama said so powerfully -- [ cheers and applause ] -- when they go low, we go high. >> reporter: the clinton campaign believes mrs. obama makes the strongest and most authentic case against trump. they have turned her speech into this campaign video. >> it's shaken me to a my core in a way i couldn't have pred t
4:34 pm
predicted. >> reporter: as she looks ahead to next week clinton appeared on ellen today. >> he was trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage. and i would just feel this presence behind me -- [ laughter ] -- and i thought, whoa, this is really weird. >> yeah. >> and so i was just trying to stay focused -- >> reporter: in north carolina today trump put it this way. >> i'm standing at my podium. and she walks in front of me. right? she walks in front of me. you know. and when she walked in front of me, believe me i wasn't impressed. but she walks in front of me. >> and even at clinton's path to 270 electoral votes is widening and she leads nationally, the race is dead locked in ohio. trump 42, clinton 41. according to an nbc news wall street journal poll. president obama spent two days in the state. >> if you felt the burn in the
4:35 pm
primaries you need to vote. >> reporter: and republicans who are abandoning trump. >> all that bile. all the exaggeration, all the stuff that was not grounded in fact just kind of bubbled up. started surfacing. they know better. a lot of these folks who ran. and they didn't say anything. >> reporter: just a short time ago in seattle she dropped by a campaign field office, erin and said she takes no satisfaction in any of this that is going on on the other side. she acknowledged that divisions are getting deeper in this electorate here. and she seemed to be more forward looking than before. she said our job does not end on election day. >> jeff, thank you very much. my panel is back with me. kayleigh, donald trump talked about hillary clinton walking in front of him. believe me i was not impressed. does that cross the line? >> i don't think that that was talking about her looks at all. in fact donald trump just yesterday said look the reason
4:36 pm
it looked like i was stalking hillary clinton is because she walked in front of me. so i think it was harkening back to that comment and hillary clinton going back to the days of the rick blaz owe have used what i call frankly the woman card calling blaz owe menacing in that debate. i think she was referring to the sexism game she plays and the game she's playing right now to distract from the issues. so sad for the american people. we should be talking about isis but instead we talk about hillary clinton stalking and sex scandals. >> who's talking about that? your candidate. >> will the hirnt campaign is -- >> your candidate at each and every rally seems to want to litigate -- >> -- >> i didn't interrupt you to don't interrupt me. every single time that donald trump has been in front of the public where he could bring up isis and real issues, he tries to then demean and degrade the women who are coming out as his accusers. and it is just really rich to me when you have the trump
4:37 pm
supporters who say the bill clinton's accusers should be heard. they should be heard. people trying to -- they should be herd. but when it comes to trump's accusers, oh no. this can't be litigated in the court of public opinion. this needs to be in the court. first of all, bill clinton is not on the ballot. >> of course not. >> secondly, what we need to focus on is -- are the issues. and guess what? the way that a potential president treat s 53% of the le ra electorate as inferior. >> we're talk about hillary's actions towards these women. >> and nub of that has been proven. that is an accusation -- >> actually a court document. >> so if you believe your own words where we need the litigate in in the court of law -- >> -- deposition. >> but you can't bring it up anymore. >> there is a deposition. >> because it shouk in the court of law and not public opinion.
4:38 pm
>> there was a poll out today in new hampshire that actually showed the gap narrowing in favor of trump. there are others who show the opposite. and many more of them. but i guess the big question is, how much do the undecided voters in this country, how much are they listening to this debate? how much this possibly going to change their minds? or is this something that donald trump will be able to pass through? can you hear me david? >> yes. i can hear. was that directed at me? i'm sorry. i think there is a group within the trump base. most of the base is clearly very strongly for him. and may be even growing in some places. but i do think this pattern is going to trouble evangelicals. this whole dispute will trouble evangelicals. and some of them may break away. but i think the larger issue is that he has recast his campaign and directing almost entirely at
4:39 pm
his base. and has been said repeatedly on cnn over the last few days, the base is not enough to elect him. he has to bring in new voters. he has to bring in women, college-educated women in the suburbs of the philadelphia. and -- for example. and these kind of arguments are only going depress that vote. they are not going to come over on this basis and they are very much more likely to vote for hillary clinton. i think he's got himself caught in a dilemma. to go to kayleigh's point. listen, i think there are things that are legitimate conversations. i do think it is legitimate to ask questions about hillary and her role with regard to the women in the past. i think that is fair game. i think there are things in these e-mails that have come out that are fair game. but as long as trump keeps up this pattern of speaking in the wild terms that are so news worthy he's drowning out any other conversation, to be hobbs with you. >> final word but you maggie. >> i think trump is --. at the moment he seems to be
4:40 pm
subtracting voters and there are issues he could be talk about the in the wikileaks e-mails. other issues related to hillary clinton. he's not focusing on that. every time he talks about women and sort of matters of personal grievance, it just keeps the focus back on him. >> all right. thank you all. and next a former apprentice contestant says donald trump caught her off guard with a kiss and she's still supporting him for president. >> you dropped to your niece. must be a pretty picture you dropping to your knees. >> is there more explosive material we've not yet seen? pv i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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. breaking news. donald trump speaking to supporters in north carolina, fight back hard against the growing number of charges of sexual assault by women across the country. trump calling these women in his words horrible liars. but not every woman is claiming to have had the same effect from this experience. "outfront" jennifer murphy, a former apprentice contestant and
4:45 pm
she is supporting donald trump. first, how did you meet donald trump. >> i'm thrilled to share my support for donald trump for his run for president. i met him at miss usa when i was miss oregon. i was late to get on stage and backstage, barefoot carrying my shoes and ran right into i him. and he goes who are you? i go i'm miss oregon but i'm late for a pageant, i got to run. and they were laughing. thought it was pretty funny. i had made top ten but i didn't win. and he came straight up to me after the pageant and he said you did great. you would have been my pick but i can't get involved in the judging. i said it's okay. i'm a businesswoman and i i would love to get on the short. he handed me a business card. i proceeded to is a blond moment
4:46 pm
and lost the card and had to try out with everyone else through the regular rounds of competition. >> you got on t"the apprentice." and one of these moments is when the kis hatched. tell us exactly happened. >> a lot happened brve that took place. i've known donald trump for a long time. i made it through over 1.2 million candidates to get on to the last 100 finallyists to potentially get on the show. i was down to about 25 finalists and donald trump stood up for me to mark burnett. mark was going eliminate and said yes she's beautifulicious she's a beauty queen. but she's very smart. congratulations o she's on the show. and donald trump really stood up for me at that moment in time. i think that says a lot for his character. and he saw my business brain and all of my accomplishment asks that right there told me a lot about him as a person. as i competed on the show he
4:47 pm
definitely showed his affection towards me as a person. and he was very positive. >> right. >> and just, you know, i really liked how he was. >> i understand that. and you -- i'm sorry to interrupt you. i want to make sure. i understand that and kro you have made your feelings for him clear. and you do support him for president. the kiss itself happened at trump tower at some point? >> you know, so this is something that frustrates me about the media and journalism. i mentioned at one point yes he kissed me on the lips but that is what they want to focus on. it was a small kiss. it was after he had fired me on "the apprentice." he called me the next day and said i still want to give you an opportunity to work with me. i was very impressed with you. after several meetings and getting to know him more he walked me to the elevator and he did reach in and give plea a little kiss. and i was a little surprised but i wasn't offended. and i could have turned away. and i really think that we need to take these incidents into account and make sure that we don't let the media spin
4:48 pm
anything out of control and put words in our mouth. and that is why i'm excited about the opportunity to speak from my heart and talk about the incident. they are calling it the incident and jennifer murphy speaks out. and, you know, i gave an hour-long interview with a journalist. and all accolades and talking about how donald trump empowered me. and they asked if he had ever kized me or attempted to i said well yes once he gave me a kiss. alls of that is the headline. that is something i don't like. >> which i understand which is why we wanted to put you on so you could tell your story jennifer and have everyone respect that you feel differently than many others. >> i appreciate that, erin. >> i do want to ask you a question. there are now eleven women who have come forward. and it is simply this. do you believe them all? >> i can only speak for my own personal experience. so i really -- i know that i've been falsely accused in my life. i'm out in public. i'm a youtube star. i recently was accused of being
4:49 pm
a racist because i did a funny ninja asian accent in a funny song and they pigeon-holed me as the racist because of one incident. so we have to be careful and we can't jump to conclusions. i really can't speak to that. i want to warn people be cautious with jumping to conclusions. here is a man that is accomplished so much. he's an incredible leader. look at his children. he's an incredible father. i think he would really turn our country back around. and now all of these things are coming out last minute. and trying to distract us from the really important issues at hand. and i think we need to take note of that. >> i appreciate your taking the time. thank you for coming out front. >> thank you. thank you very having me erin. >> and next more calls for the creator of the apprentice to release more tapes of donald trump. will he? that would be it.
4:50 pm
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tonight the creator of the apprentice, the man who made donald trump a star says he can't release things from the show things off camera. some say those tapes could be much more em bashsing. so why won't mark burnett
4:54 pm
release them in the public interest? brian streltser is out front. >> you're fired. >> you're all fired. >> reporter: inside the apprenti apprenti apprentice boardroom, donald trump had all the power. rumors are swirling that outtakes from the apprentice are even more explosive than this bomb shell tape. and could make this casual sexist remark seem like nothing. >> must be a pretty picture you dropping to your knees. >> but "the apprentice" raw footage is inaccessible. nbc says burnett has it. burnett says he cannot legally share it. and the production company mgm says it is restricted from releasing the material. this is contractiual and common in hollywood. sburnt one of the biggest producers in town and has been friends with trump for years. >> my first thoughts ever about donald trump, i was selling tee
4:55 pm
shirts on venice beach reading this book "the art of the deal" by donald trump. >> he wasn't selling tee shirts for long. his participation in that french adventure competition gave him the idea for "survivor." the show was a hit, giving birth to a new genre. the voice and shark tank are among his other money makes. >> generally mark wants me to do exactly what i want to do and he's an incredible guy and a good guy. >> when trump got married in 2005. >> my son cameron was the ring bearer of the wedding of the donald and melania. >> reporter: burnett is also deeply religious. in 2013 he and his wife produced the bible mini series. >> it is a calling. >> reporter: faith could be one reason burnett denies a report calling him pro trump saying my wife and i reject the hatred,
4:56 pm
division and misogyny that's been a very important part of this campaign. what about a midgeny that might been left on the cutting room floor? this reporter el ttells me trum used uncomfortable sexist language behind the scenes. >> including talking openly about which female contestants we wanted to have sex with. >> reporter: now the pressure on burnett is not subsiding and many investigatie ivive journal are trying to obtain videos and transcripts. and this week a group even rented a plane in hollywood, flew over the nbc and mgm offices with a banner that said release the tapes. >> of course it is no laughing matter. thank you and we'll be right back picture
4:57 pm
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thank you for joining us. ac 360 starts rights now. >> good evening. thanks very much for joining us. two more women say donald trump made inappropriate sexual advances towards them. their descriptions, echoing almost word for word what trump was caught on tape boasting he could get away with because he's a star. that came out exactly a week ago, the tape. the actress at the end of it aryan zuker joins us tonight and kristin anderson also joins me for her first television interview. donald trump is speaking tonight in charlotte, north carolina. a look at the way he's making his case and the decision


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