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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 3  CNN  March 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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represent this argument. a lot of progressives feel that the democratic party hasn't represented them in years and years and they were disappointed obama was center left and he's going to stay in it. our coverage of super tuesday continues right now. >> tonight it's clearer than ever that this may be one of the most campaigns in our lifetime. >> while today my campaign is suspended the fact that i've come this far is evidence of how truly special america is. >> i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. >> my god, we're probably going to be covering a contested republican convention. >> the anti-trump movement is reminding us don't call it a contested convention, call it an open convention. >> we're going to win. we're going to win for the
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country. we're going to win, win, win and we're not stopping. >> what trump is about is escape goating minorities, turning one group against another group, but we are too smart to fall for that. >> super tuesday still not over. we're watching two key races that are very close right now. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center and this is our special live coverage. there have been some major victories tonight. we're going to get to that in a minute. let's get to the two races we're watching closely right now. take a look at this. in missouri on the republican side look at how close it is between donald trump and ted cruz. donald trump has a very slight advantage in missouri right now. 40.8% to 40.7%.
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donald trump is ahead by only 1,636 votes, 99% of the expected vote is in. we're watching missouri on the republican side. similarly on the democratic side look at close it is between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. she has 49.6%. he has 49.4%. she is ahead by 1,131 votes. 99% of the expected vote is in. very close. the republican field got smaller tonight. donald trump won florida and pushed marco rubio out of the race. donald trump desperately wanted ohio, but john kasich fended off the front-runner. hillary clinton has to be smiling. ohio and illinois did not follow michigan's lead. bernie sanders was hoping for wins in those states. he did not get them and that means his path to the nomination now becomes even slimmer.
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for the republicans we have no indications tonight that the never trump movement is staying hold. the establishment lost the obvious choice, marco rubio. will enough republicans get behind ted cruz or john kasich to block trump. kasich, cruz and trump all making their cases tonight. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever and today while my campaign is suspended the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> i think we can rally the people in washington because i'm going to remind them that before we're republicans and democrats we're americas and we have an obligation to our children. >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. everybody's writing about it all over europe, all over the world they're talking about it.
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millions of people are coming in to vote. >> only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. not once, not twice, not three times, but nine times all across the country from alaska to main. >> let's bring in john king. missouri both of these contests it doesn't get much closer on the republican and democratic sides. >> 1,530 votes on the democratic side it's 1,600 and change. on the republican side hillary clinton pulled ahead. we told you we were waiting for the final votes to come in. they're in. they're in now and hillary clinton that's how she pulled ahead. in jackson county and the suburbs and st. louis county suburbs outside. i was looking because we had a couple of counties that were
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still out and one of them was here, but it just came in when you were resetting at the top of the hour. sanders won there and he picked up a few votes and not enough, and the other county was up here, and again a place where sanders is winning, but it's a smaller county and we're now at 100%. it says we're at 99%. i've been searching to find any missing votes. 1,531 on the democratic side, a very narrow lead. she came back again. you come over to the republican side, look at that. yoo ur in 1,600 vote territory. the distinction there if this were the democratic race you would say who cares, but in the republican state the statewide winner gets you 12 and if you overlay a congressional district map donald trump is going to get the bulk of the delegates and it looks like we've got to wait to get it certified, but it looks
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like he'll get the 12 for the statewide winner. ted cruz did something very interesting in missouri tonight. i'm circling these areas for a reason in green. watch that. i want to circle -- mark this out here in yellow. if you go back and look at how he won here and here, if you go back to the last time we had a very competitive presidential primary here, this was mccain and romney and huckabee. so down here is the evangelical voters, you would think that would be cruz territory, here you have romney, what happened tonight donald trump won a lot of areas where the evangelicals are and ted cruz competed much stronger than he has in previous states in the suburban areas. ted cruz did a good job in missouri cutting into some more mainstream republican areas. he did a good job cutting into it, but as we get down to the
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final votes it doesn't look like it was enough and there's no moral victory here in being so close because when you pull it out not only would donald trump get the 12 statewide delegates and congressional delegates you heard ted cruz talking he was a winner, look at the map. yes cruz has some wins in the middle of the country, but that was supposed to be his wheelhouse, it's all trump. >> in terms of delegates it's not going to make a huge amount of difference, but bragging rights if hillary clinton wins all five of these contests tonight she'll be able to brag about them and if donald trump wins four with john kasich winning ohio that will be a huge bragging right as well. >> mark, one of the things we haven't talked about tonight is what this means on the republican side for house races for senate races.
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does donald trump do the house races and those running for senate do they follow donald trump, do they -- does he have coat tails they can ride? >> i've talked to a lot of strategists and right now they see donald trump has being too radioactive to be connected to him at this point. what they're being told by the leadership is run your own races, do not connect yourself to donald trump. we do see this every four years when these elections do come up, you need to run your own race, but this is a very unique time in history where donald trump says very inflammatory things that some candidates do not want to be associated with. so right now the message to these candidates that are running and the senate is on the line right now, these candidates are being told run your own race, stay away, try not to answer any questions. >> the hard part is whether you embrace or run away from the presidential candidate, increasingly you are tied to them whether you like it or not. the pattern in presidential
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voting is over 80%, close to 90% of voters are voting the same way for the president and the senate. democrats have 80% of the senate seats. so whether they want to embrace donald trump or not, if he is the nominee they're going to be on ballot with him just as democrats are going to be on the ballot with hillary clinton. >> you see that in 2014 and democrats tried to run away from president obama and it didn't work so well. all the ads that the republicans ran they were tying people, senator and congress folks to -- >> i was talking to somebody who is involved in a lot of these senate races and he said to me our candidates can answer questions about ted cruz. there are a lot of questions they can't answer about donald trump and that's a real problem. >> there's not only two choices of whether to embrace him or not
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embrace him, there's the choice to actively reject him. i think in some states you may see that. in miami in south florida he has come out and embraced the never trump movement. i think in ohio it's going to be a question about what rob portman is going to do and in new hampshire, some of these folks are going to have to make the decision do we embrace him, ignore him. >> if donald trump were the nominee people will need someone to run to. they will run to the arms of paul ryan. they will start identifying themselves as ryan republicans. paul ryan is speaker of the house. he can exploit that and roll out his own agenda. and a person to identify with who is very positive that has high favoritability and is not named donald trump. >> the flip side of this is
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donald trump is getting new voters coming in. there are a lot of folks that want to gravitate to him. >> they're not going to be very happy with candidates that reject him. when we're talking about passion and the passion vote and all these people surging out to vote for donald trump and they find out that the guy that's in their party is rejecting him -- >> he's radioactive in the republican party's in much deeper trouble than i thought and maybe i should give you the kofin. >> we're not falling for it donna. >> you had -- you got north carolina, florida, illinois, missouri, ohio, we have big senate races in these states and if the republican party is walking away from the nominee because he's radioactive -- >> in the house races there are people looking at these house races and trump is running really well. everybody is going to have to
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cherry pick. >> people are going to have to look at their own circumstances. it's going to be the old politics saying all poll ticks is local. donald trump polls 12% with hispanics. he is more popular than donald trump with hispanics. >> we should note this, that running a house race is much different because it is concentrated and especially in the south where we saw donald trump doing well running a statewide race is more difficult because you're appealing to different voters in different parts of the states. >> the other factors you have a series of republicans who are
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defending democratic leaning states. when did they run last? in an off year when the electorate is older to begin with it. it was a challenge without donald trump. all of these states are much tougher for republicans to hold. you add to the unpredictability of donald trump he could turn out more voters oral alien ate. this is why party leaders are so worried because not only is the presidency at stake and this is not to say that donald trump could not win the presidency because he could, it's because the house and senate are -- >> and the supreme court. >> of course. >> if you're in a state like
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florida, which is a purple state where hillary clinton is popular and bill clinton was very plo popular if you are the republican nominee and you saw tonight's results -- >> last weekend's events -- >> hillary clinton received more votes tonight than donald trump in florida. he calls it his second home. she received more votes in florida tonight. >> there's more candidates on the republican side. that's not a fair comparison. >> she's resilient and i just think -- i'm saying. >> i'll give it to you. >> bernie sanders practically didn't step foot in the state. >> i'll give you that if you give me a seat. we're going to take a short break. to travel for work.
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you better believe it's about america, pulling us together, not pulling us apart. it is about usa. exactly. >> let's go right to a key race alert. the only two contests remaining outstanding in missouri very close, donald trump maintains a slight advantage over ted cruz right now. 40 point % to 40.6%. a very small lead for donald trump. 99% of the expected vote now is. similarly on the democratic side in missouri hillary clinton has a very slight lead over bernie sanders, 49.6% to 49.4%. a tiny lead right now, 99% of that vote is in right now.
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let's look at the states won so far on this important night. on the republican side, donald trump has won in florida, illinois and north carolina. john kasich won his home state of ohio. he needed a win to continue. he won ohio. on the democratic side hillary clinton has won florida, north carolina, ohio and illinois. we're only waiting for missouri. that's the only outstanding race. let's look at the map right now on the democratic and republican side to see states that they've won. on the republican side you see the dark red, all those southern states with the exception of texas you see donald trump he's done really well including in florida which he won today. donald trump there you see cruz with that pink, he's not done well so far. we'll see what happens in missouri. rubio has dropped out. on the democratic side, hillary clinton doing remarkably well. a clean sweep including in texas
10:21 pm
and now in florida for hillary clinton, that dark blue are all the states you see over there on that map of the united states where hillary clinton has won that lighter blue and bernie sanders wins right now. let's walk back over to jake and dana. i have to tell you we're waiting for missouri. could be potentially a clean sweep on the democratic side for hillary. >> it could be five out of six for mr. donald trump. one of the big questions that we've been asking and talking to republican commentators over the past few weeks is can republicans gather around donald trump has the front-runner should he end up securing the presidential nomination. a lot of people have been very negative about donald trump, but his crowds seem to get bigger and his vote county gets larger and he is the front-runner. let's go to the political director who has some exit poll results from the states of ohio,
10:22 pm
florida and north carolina, three states that donald trump won. david, will voters come around and support donald trump, those who voted against him today? >> we have some evidence tonight in the exit polls from those three states that they will, but he'll have some work to do, which is not unusual for a nominee will come through a bitter nomination fight. we looked at those three because they're the three general election battle ground states that voted today. let's state with ohio, if donald trump wins the nomination would you vote for him. 30% said probably not. 47% would vote for him. in florida 24% say they would not vote for him, 16% probably
10:23 pm
and 57% would definitely vote for him. look at north carolina, there 23% not vote for him, 21% probably not vote for him and 55% say would vote for him. they asked a question about senator cruz and senator rubio as well and the numbers are similar. so donald trump's work ahead to get the party to rally around him should he emerge with the nomination, although we are hearing about this stop trump movement the numbers show us the voters are about equally prepared to join with whoever gets the nomination. he has work to do, but as we know the party does tend to come around its nominee. >> that's what i wanted to ask you. when we've done this question in the past, do we have any way of gauging how much these voters are caught up in the heat of the moment or lying to themselves
10:24 pm
about who they're ultimately going to vote for? i can imagine there are some rubio voters who went to the poll today who thought there is no way i will ever vote for donald trump and should he end up getting the nomination quite a few of them probably. >> right. we don't have a great exit poll history, but if you look at non-exit polls, just regular polls we've taken each cycle about will you rally around, we did it with barack obama and hillary clinton and yes in the heat of battle people are resistant but then when somebody emerges with the nomination people do tend to revert to form. >> thanks. do you remember the hillary clinton supporters, they were not going to support barack obama obviously quite a few of them came around.
10:25 pm
>> they did. i agree with you that certainly in our lifetime covering politics there has always been that sense of oh my gosh, never, never and then they fall in line. but this feels different because so many republicans think of donald trump as an enter loeper. the fact that marco rubio was talking about him as a con man. obviously that didn't work, but he was giving voice to what republicans do feel. that is something that donald trump has to turn around, which is different from convincing people from within the party. >> speaking of party un unity we understand that senator ted cruz did reach out to marco rubio, did call marco rubio -- the two have been -- i wouldn't call them close friends, but they have been friends. they were both elected around the same time and they're
10:26 pm
roughly the same age and they were very heated at one point, but in the last few weeks when they realized that trump was the one who was going to walk away with the nomination, they were more friendly, but apparently cruz got voice mail and he wasn't able to get through with senator rubio. >> i thought you were going to say they know how to use the decline button on their phone. not saying that marco rubio was screening ted cruz's call, but if i were marco rubio i wouldn't want to talk to anybody. the two of them didn't clash so much as of late, but they did at the beginning of the cycle. if i were marco rubio right now i would turn my phone off and i would go hang out with my wife and kids and call it a night. >> you can argue that ted cruz did more damage to marco rubio in terms of rubio's support of the gang of eight immigration reform bill, but by-gones are --
10:27 pm
>> they would all like to pick up marco rubio supporters. how like lip do yly do you thin rubio endorses somebody. >> i'm waiting for jeb bush to endorse somebody and i was told tonight he's waiting. >> waiting for what? >> i don't know. that's what i asked and i got no response. i think if i were rubio i would wait to see how this thing se s settles out and i think he'd be more likely to endorse cruz than anybody else. >> rubio's speech was very pointed tonight. he took it to donald trump and really republican leadership in a way that was unexpected. >> it was cruz likeifyou ill. here the irony is you have the
10:28 pm
republican establishment trying to figure out a way to love and hug ted cruz and tonight ted cruz gives an anti-establishment speech. >> john kasich has bn sort of hinting that in the coming days he's going to make some sort of announcement or something about donald trump. when i asked him point blank yesterday if he will still support the enominee, he wouldnt answer. >> he's got to get more aggressive. he's got to get aggressive about trump because he's now running against him and may run against him at the convention. >> now that you have kasich and cruz bracketing trump, you can imagine a tag team. kasich is a stronger candidate in coast al states. cruz remains predominantly a red
10:29 pm
state candidate. very conservative and evangelical voters. stronger for him. so you can imagine this inform division although ted cruz when given that opportunity going into this week chose not to play that way. >> this republican e-mailed manage he cruz gets the red states and kasich does well in the mid atlantic states. >> there's no proof so far that it works. they've tried these tag teams before. kasich hasn't really shown much strength in any of the -- he should have done well. >> it's because trump's coalition transends the divide. donald trump's a different cut. >> i think this campaign has been about moments in time and i just received an e-mail who said 24 to 48 hours right now if we
10:30 pm
don't get behind ted cruz it's over. the game is over and donald trump is going to be the nominee. but it's a moment in time. if we go about nine days ago, it was a cruz and rubio ticket about trying to put themming to. the principals never spoke, but there were forces within the republican party trying to make that happen. could there be a kasich/cruz, but it will have to happen seen. we have to take a short break. we could do tacos. we could do some thai. ooo... how 'bout sushi, eh? [weird dog moan/squeak] why not? [dog yawning/squeaking] no, we're not, we're not having barbecue... again. [quiet dog groan] why? because you're on four legs, and i'm on two... and i'm driving. that's why. [dog whine] sushi it is. ♪ (singing alougetting to know you. getting to know all about you...
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the politics of resentment against other people will not just leave us a fractured party, it will leave us a fractured nation. people are going to hate each other because they have different political opinions. that we found ourselves at this
10:35 pm
point is not surprising for the warning signs have been here for close to a decade. >> senator marco rubio earlier tonight dropping out of this race for president of the united states after suffering a defeat in his home state of florida. donald trump won florida tonight. rubio now suspending his campaign. let's look at a key race alert. the only two contests outstanding right now, 99% of the vote is in, donald trump maintains his slight lead over ted cruz, 40.8%, to 40.6%. we'll see what happens there, but trump maintains that lead. similarly on the democratic side hillary clinton maintains her very slight over bernie sanders in missouri right now, 49.6% to 49.4%. her lead only 1,531 votes, 99% of the vote is in in missouri as well. two key races still undecided.
10:36 pm
we're watching them closely. let's go to jake and dana. we may not know for a while because they have to count some absentee ballots. it's close on the democrat and republican side. >> now they know why they call it the show me state. cnn does have some news. our supreme court team has putting to the following reporting which is that president obama has finished vetting the possible supreme court nominees and an announcement could come as early as later today, wednesday, about who he has picked. we are told that the likely nominee will come from an appellate court. it could be two choices from the d.c. court of appeals or a choice from the ninth circuit court of appeals from california. cnn does not have enough information to say who it will be, but we are confident that
10:37 pm
president obama has finished vetting and will soon make his pick. it could be as early as wednesday and this could be another curve ball thrown into the presidential race. >> we've talked about this before since the death of justice scalia that the possibility of a supreme court nominee usually gets up the republican base more than the democrat base. there's no way that will be the way this time around if republicans keep their promise not to give the nominee a hearing or have a face-to-face meeting, there's little doubt in my mind that democrats out in the country who are going to the voting booth never mind in the primary season, but more importantly in the general election are going to say this is not the way it's supposed to be. republicans are general
10:38 pm
gentlemanjammed up about the supreme court pick. >> what's interesting is that usually the supreme court nominee and the fact that the next president will pick at least two or three supreme court justices it's an argument and only resonate with people who care about the supreme court decisions, but it's not there. truly whether or not justice scalia whether or not he is replaced by a conservative or by a liberal or progressive could have an enormous impact on what the united states will look like over the next generation. >> you better be sure that both candidates, both general election candidates are going to play that to the nth degree.
10:39 pm
why wouldn't they? more importantly it really is a real difference that could make a difference in people's lives that people every day think about who they're going to vote for, but it really is a supreme court justice, especially as you said in this case which could make a difference in these issues. >> food for thought for you. >> is this one of the reasons you're not as concerned about the so-called enthusiasm gap that come democrats have expressed concerns about because the issue of a supreme court nominee. >> well in 2000 al gore did not get a lot of primary votes and in the general election we won the popular vote. i'm not as concerned right now. let's find out what happens after this three -- >> lord. >> sorry. they're over here. they're so sad.
10:40 pm
>> the question was about -- >> i like how they're sadness overwhelmed you with joy. >> you break into giggles. >> let's talk about politics. >> i'm very interested in the fact that president obama's going to throw down the gauntette on judges. at the same time you also have senate minority leader harry reid scheduled in for a big speech in downtown d.c. to put a blow torch to republican leadership over donald trump. democrats who are still in power in washington are going to flex their muscle tomorrow and show republicans that they are still in charge, they know how to run
10:41 pm
things and harry reid is going to have fun doing what hillary clinton wishes she could, but can't right now. >> the out of the box prediction would be if donald trump continues to steam roll toward the nomination and did not look better as a general election candidate, not inconceivable that mitch mcconnell decides he can get a better deal on whoever president obama nominates. the situation the republicans are in now is extraordinary. donald trump is unpredictable to them. now they are linked to him not only for the presidency, but given the correlation for the way people vote for the senate and also potentially for the stree supreme court. the entire control could be in the hands of someone who he don't know what he may say or do. an extraordinary moment for the
10:42 pm
party. >> they may not like ted cruz, but they know he's a constitutional conservative and that it's dependable to your point and that nothing -- there's no higher stake. >> not saying we don't like ted cruz. it's like a rash that you have affection for. >> president obama is going to fulfill his constitutional duty and the senate do its job and not obstruct the president. i think he's going to announce a very qualified person with peckable credential address as and it's going to be up to the republicans. >> i've been through five of these things when i worked in the white house and then a friend of mine was a bush 43 nominee for the circuit. the fact of the matter is the democrats have no credibility on this. they will say and do anything. if they're in they want these people confirmed. if they're out they will obstruct until the cows come
10:43 pm
home. it's up to the republicans to deliver that message to illustrate how this goes and lord knows there's plenty of videotape out there that will illustrate the point. >> don't you think if the democrats win the white house and senate, they will end the filibuster on supreme court nominees. that was one thing that was preserved before. if you lose the white house and you lose the sneet aenate and y a nominee -- >> donald trump is going to be a guest on new day tomorrow morning. we're still watching the races on the republican and democrat side on missouri. still votes to be counted. we'll be right back. e thought it be a little more tense. you miss the drama? yeah. [ technician ] ask him whatever you want. okay. ♪ do you think my sister's prettier than me? ♪ [ laughs ]
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oh that's the look of someone whose phone is at 4 percent. wanna plug in? i'm all charged up! it's point a big night for the democrats and republicans as far as the presidential nominations are concerned. let's look at the states won so far on this night on the republican side. donald trump the frufont-runner has won florida, illinois and north carolina. john kasich has won his home state of ohio. he needed to win to stay in the race. on the democratic side hillary clinton has had a very good night. florida, north carolina, ohio and illinois, four big wins for
10:48 pm
hillary clinton. there's a key race alert. want to update you on the two outstanding contests. missouri, let's look at the republican side. almost all of the votes counted, 99% in. donald trump maintains a slight lead over ted cruz, 48.8%, to 40.6%. donald trump has a slight lead in missouri w. on the democratic side hillary clinton maintains a slight lead over bernie sanders, 49.6% to 49.4%. 99% of the vote is in. two close races. we have not projected winners in missouri for the republicans or democrat. let's walk over to john king who
10:49 pm
is looking at missouri close r e right now. >> it doesn't get much closer than this. there are some absentee and provisional ballots. two precincts out in jackson county. ted cruz is winning in that part of the state. is it enough to make up the difference, most likely not. it makes a big difference in missouri on the republican side, because it's going to be very close, the statewide winner gets 12 delegates to start with. with we may not get official certification until tomorrow, but what a race there. on the democratic side same exact area. jackson county is where hillary clinton has been ahead in this county so there's no reason to believe it will change the results if the two precincts are out. it looks like hillary clinton will end the night with an
10:50 pm
narrow lead in missouri. there's no reason to believe that at least unofficially those aren't your results. you get a national map when you pull this out very impressive night for hillary clinton. she sweeps as long as missouri holds she sweeps and increases her delegate lead. she has to win 59% of the remaining pledged delegates. if she needed them she could pull out the super delegates. when it kochcomes to the republ race, donald trump's number will go higher because of missouri and we just did some math. it's a ballpark number. we will make up tomorrow morning with the contest remaining. donald trump will need about 54%, but about 54% of the
10:51 pm
remaining delegates donald trump would need to get to 1237 which is the magic number. the stop trump people want to block him. that's a number that will be tough, but it's within reach. >> marco rubio has 170 pledged delegates, but he's dropped out of the race. we'll see what happens with those delegates. let's go back to anderson. >> anderson cnn has spoken to the missouri secretary of state and they have stopped counting because there's nothing left to count. what they're going to do is start up again tomorrow and look at the provisional ballots, the absentee ballots, need to get into the country into their hands by noon on friday, they're going to recanvass the entire state to make sure the vote is accurate.
10:52 pm
if it's less than 1% than a candidate can ask for a recount. four candidates can ask for the recount. so as we're sitting here talking about what could happen, expect the lawyers to start flying into st. louis to make sure and also the state capital as well to make sure -- >> can i tell you that you are able to explain that to coher t coherently at 1:52 in the morning, they need to pay you more. >> you know what this sounds like, it sounds like a good warm up for an open convention. >> let's get some final thoughts. we started off tonight talked about is there going to be clarity, is there clarity. >> you continue to see hillary clinton and donald trump steam rolling to what could be an epic confrontati confrontation.
10:53 pm
trump is the embodiment of the republican conservative bloelie that the way to win is turn out for conservative whites and if you turn out this coalition of the minorities, that is now the majority in presidential politics. there is nothing that happened tonight that doesn't bring us closer to it. >> part of that fight is going do be case issue versus trump. how is kasich going to unload on trump. does kasich come out in the coming days and say listen trump is somebody i could never support. >> he has been hinting at and he's been changing his rhetoric in the last couple of days. >> the establishment if they want to stop trump they have days if not hours to try to figure out how to stop him. however donald trump can turn it around and if he wants the establishment to come to him he needs to change his rhetoric. >> i think after tonight never
10:54 pm
trump looks like neverland. they don't have a plan. there is not one plan. there's each man for himself still. it doesn't work. >> donald -- huge night for hillary clinton. >> you cannot underestimate just the percentage -- the lead she has now with superior delegates. we still have about 27, 28 more contests on the democratic side, bernie sanders will continue to compete, there's no question she has real momentum going into the next few contests. >> ana? >> if never trump is neverland some of us are going there. i think on the republican side what's clear is that they a polarized. i think this is going to the convention. >> i think people should envision what a trump versus hillary election looks like. it would come down to which side
10:55 pm
hates the other side the most. maybe we deserve this election, but i think it would be bitter. >> with that happy thought. >> trump is capable of unifying the party. it's the fights between sanders and clinton and on the republican side with donald trump and the establishment. >> hillary clinton wins big. her message tonight focus on the general election. is donald trump expecting a fight at the republican kwun convention. we'll ask the republican front-runner at 7:00 a.m. eastern. our live coverage continues after this.
10:56 pm
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good morning, everyone. welcome to a special post-super tuesday edition of early start. i'm john berman. >> and i'm chris teeb romans. we welcome all of our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. >> it was a big, big night for the front-runners on both sides. donald trump. donald trump won at least three states. right now he is locked in a very, very tight race in missouri with ted cruz. look at that. separated by 1,700 votes. the outcome of that, we are told, they are done counting for the night in missouri. they're going to look at provisional ballots and absen e absentees when they wake up. we may not get an official word from missouri for some time. but the big story, florida. winner take all state, 99 delegates at stake. donald trump won every last won of them. this is what he said. >> we have a great opportunity, and the people that


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