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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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none whatsoever. and we go and these things are so incredible. it's a movement and it's a love fest and we love each other and we're going to so well. and before we forget, chris, so important tomorrow, north carolina, you have to go out and vote. you have to vote. >> absolutely. and you've talked a lot at recent rallies about how you want to unguy the country. and how divided the country is by this president. and i think people would love to hear that. >> the country is so guidivided. it's very sad. and even when you have some of the protesters, the level of anger from all sides. including the anger from our side. we're angry. now, we're not angry people. we're not angry people. we're all -- we're good people. but there is a lot of anger. and there is anger at
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incompetence, anger when you look at the trade deals and military where we can't beat isis. and there is anger at the fact that america, the united states, it doesn't win anymore. we don't win on trade, we don't win with the military. we can't take care of our vets who are so important. we'll take care of our vets. education is a disaster. education. common core we're getting rid of, by the way. we'll bring education locally. and -- but you just look at it, and they're chopping away at the second amendment. we're not going to let that happen anymore. we're not going to let it happen. and i have to tell you, obama care is a disaster. we'll repeal and replace it. going to repeal it and replace it. but you know, a certain governor got up and spoke after a
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presidential address. and sort of alluded to the anger. and the next night, i was at a debate they send one every debate i think i have. if they didn't, we wouldn't be here today, right? i would have been like the other people, out. but the question was, it was nickki haley and she said, well there is great anger. like it's a bad thing. and they asked me during the debate, nikki haley said that you and a lot of your supporters have great anger. now, i'm supposed to say, oh, no, we don't have anger, we're wonderful people, we're so happy with the way the country is run. i said wait a minute, i'm going to tell the truth. yes, i'm angry. yes, the millions of people that are supporting trump and i'm supporting them, we're all angry because we're tired of a government that is run incompetently. we have incompetent tent people running our country. and i said we're tired of the
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iran deal where we give iran a terror state, we give iran $150 billion. we have prisoners in their for years. we should have never even started that negotiation until those prisoners were released. >> so a unique look at a trump event this this oone in hickoryh carolina. it is an interview and you can see the interviewer is one new jersey governor chris christie who is standing by as donald trump made an acknowledgement that we haven't heard a lot about so far. a lot of talk about violence at some of his events. he's accused the bernie sanders supporters of being violent in their protests. others have said that he has incited the violence and that his protesters have become violent. nonetheless, he just made the comment acknowledging that some of the anger has been from, quote, our side meaning the trump supporters side. we'll continue to watch this rally, but there are a lot of moving parts everyone. hello, i'm ashleigh banfield.
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welco welcome. we're on the march to super tuesday, folks. and it soon will be in the rearview mirror, but not before they crisscross yet again all the states. one more time now, it's the eve of a multistate delegate sweepstakes. by our count, the four surviving republican candidates and two st surviving democratic candidates have a total of 20 events on their schedule, just today. not tomorrow. just today. hillary clinton giving an economic speech in chicago which happens to be her hometown which appears to be in play thanks to an unpopular mayor who is a long time clinton confidant and employee in the white house, too. in all, three candidates are fighting to win their home states tomorrow. besides clinton in illinois, marco rubio desperate to carry his state of florif flof florid. not looking good. jop ca john kasich says if he doesn't
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win his home state, which is ohio, he fight just stay there and quit the race. missouri and north carolina round out the third super tuesday of the month with a total of 367 republican delegates and 691 democratic delegates in play for all of those contestants. at the moment trump holds a 91 delegate lead over ted cruz with rubio a distant third. secretary clinton is more than halfway to the nomination in the count thanks in large part to the magical unelected superdelegates. it's confusing. google it. but we're coming off a weekend in which donald trump far from taking any responsibility from violence at his rallies says instead that he should be applauded for heading off worse violence. he spoke again just moments ago with our wolf blitzer. >> wolf, there is not much violence. when we have 20,000 and 15,000 and, you know, many more than that in some cases, 35,000
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people in alabama and there were no protests. and there is not much -- first of all, let's not even use the word violence. there is very little disruption generally speaking. it's a function of the president. the press likes to say what they like to say. if one person gets up and starts shouting and the police walk that person out, they try and make it like it's a violence thing. it's not violence. it's a protester, probably a disrupter, because i think they're september by some people on the other side. but it's a disrupter. but there is no violence. nobody has been hurt. >> nobody's been hurt? that is definitely not the true. a few people have been hurt. in fact simple over the last couple of months. hurt truly. just a fact. you can hear the rest of this interview on at 1:00 p.m. eastern. in the meantime, i want to bring
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in chris frates who is live with donald trump in hickory, north carolina. and just as you were sort of coming up to the start of this what is being billed as an interview, it seemed like there was some activity in the hall behind you. was it positive, was it a track kiss? >> reporter: protestors had sign that said turn away from hate.r? >> reporter: protestors had sign that said turn away from hate. there has not been a lot of protesters here today. doesn't look at all like st. louis where we just last week saw a number of protesters interrupting a number of times in a row. not the case here today. is this a pretty mellow crowd. this is a smaller trump event as far as trump events go and there has not been a lot of disruption, not a lot of additional security either. the usual security that we see secret service, local law
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enforcement, as well. but one speakinterruption, but s about it. >> and what about the notion of security, the number of secret service at his events and then also local police that have made arrests actually and outside of those halls. what is the circumstance now, any different than it has been? >> reporter: i can tell you it is not as beefed up as we have seen at other trump rallies. of course for the last seven or ten days, donald trump has had a private security team going throughout these rallies and events hooki s looking for prot and escorting them out quickly. but this is not a big event. there is not a lot of worry from the trump people that there will be any big incidents here today. in fact we heard donald trump address the idea of protesters and he said once again, okay, he told wolf blitzer nobody has been hurt. here he acknowledged maybe a person or two has been hurt, so
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acknowledging that will have been injuries at some of his events. >> good. i like to see that. anybody can misspeak, but if you misspeak over and over again, that becomes a problem. chris frates, i'll let you get back to covering the interview/rally. it looks like the supporters are very excited about being there. thank you for that. and for the clinton campaign, a very close call or even a loss in illinois would be a much bigger blow than the delegate count would suggest. jeff zeleny is with the former secretary in the state of chicago. jeff, it's not just illinois, it's ohio as well, the rust belt, the economics, it's trade. it's the economy, stupid. i always love that line. but walk me through why the polls suggest she should have nothing to worry about and yet all the talk on tv says not so fast. >> reporter: i think it's clear by this point that we shouldn't not always right.because they're
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but we happen to be on at just the right moment for hillary clinton to be taking the stage here west of downtown chicago in a union hall. and there is no coincidence why she's in chicago. they are worried about do belie place where they need to sort of get out this vote. and trade is a central issue among those white working class voters. they believe bernie sanders has a strong message. so hillary clinton is here checking every box and she's working harder for this race today in illinois than she expected. it's because of that michigan wake-up call. >> michigan was a shock. i want to listen in if i can. let's listen to the secretary. >> -- reminded of what a great american city, a great world city that it is. and you just heard from olita what a great story.
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this young woman who now is a proud union member, plumber and inspector just shows you what is possible in this country if we all do our part. if we all are committed to building not walls but knocking down barriers. that's what we have to do. and that's what my campaign is about. i want to thank your senator tick did yo dick durbin who is here. i've worked with dick in the senate. i look forward to working with him if i'm so fortunate enough to be your president to continue to make progress. i want to thank your members of congress. congressman davis and
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congressman rush and congressman foster and congresswoman kelly. thank you. and your attorney general lisa ha madigan, thank you. well, tomorrow is the big day, my friends. and we are going to work until the polls close to try to persuade as many folks across illinois to turn out and or course vote as we can. and their future is at stake because it is at stake. i don't think the stakes have ever been higher or the rhetoric on the other side ever been lower. it is time for us as a country to unite. because we have work to do.
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and it's really important work. i want to make sure we knock down all the economic barriers that stand in the way of every person getting ahead and staying ahead. i'm the only candidate who has laid out comprehensive ideas and plans to make sure we invest in our infrastructure and buput a t of people to work particularly from the trades who can did what ne do what needs to be done in merg. i want to say a special word of appreciation to all the unions that help to build the middle class, help to build america. i'm proud to have the support of so many unions and union members and i'm thrilled to be be here with the plumbers and to have the chance to tell you i'm going to fight for american labor, i'm going to fight for working people, i'm going to fight for
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good jobs with rising incomes. i'm always being told that when i talk to you, i should talk in a very calm and measured voice. and i should not get carried away with my intense feelings about what is going on in the country. so i do try to remind myself of that and try to lower the volume when i remember. but i'm so worried about our country and what could happen if we don't band together to elect a president who can represent all of america.
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and there is a lot going on that i just disagree with. you know, i don't understand why the republicans won't invest in infrastructure. we have work to do. our roads, brim, tunnel, we're falling behind. and what we can't see like our water pipes and sewer systems those are causing real problems. >> the woman who just last week said she's not a professional politician just acknowledges how she's trying to be more of a professional politician. the sweeping rhetoric gets loud from men and women aside. she's been criticized that when she's loud it sounds shrill. something female politicians have had to deal with forever. anchor, too. coming up, i want you to get a broad swathe of all the candidates. and remember 99 and 66. not just a highway or a get smart character.
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these are the winner take home states for the republicans that are huge and they're huge for donald trump. because if he takes those, it's pretty much over by many accounts. and then there is bernie. might bernie actually take some of hillary clinton's words from last night and use them against her some because guess what, the republicans already are. theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. this is the all-new 20wow, it's nice.. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving.
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we're talking super tuesday number three, that's tomorrow. i have a fab four political panel. s.e. cupp, aaron lewis, lou ver rig low, and barcari sellers. first thing i want to play is a mash up of bernie sanders and hillary clinton last night and how they both referred to donald trump. it's quick, so don't miss it. >> donald trump is a
9:21 am
pathological liar. >> what trump has done is like a case of political a are son. he has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up and claims that he shouldn't be held responsible. >> he is saying if you go out and beat somebody up, that's okay. i'll pay the legal fees. that is an outrage. >> so lou, this would be the moment where i say ouch, here are the democrats going after the frontrunner in the gop. but wait, there is more. because it's not just the democrats doing it, it's the republican establishment, as well. the super pac has just come out with this ad, they title it unif unifier. have a look. >> a trump supporter is under arrest tonight after punching a protester at a rally. >> the latest in what some believe is a growing hostile
9:22 am
atmosphere. >> next time we might have to kill him. >> donald trump is too rec rs and dangerous to be president. >> lou, i know that your candidate is used to getting it from all sides and he's done remarkably well december sigspi but this is starting to look really uncomfortable for a lot of voters. 11% in a recent poll of his supporters of donald trump supporters has said this does chain the metrchange the metric. is this a concern for donald trump going forward? >> i think certainly it's a concern. but i don't think donald trump is the person who has ignited it. i think there is a great deal of pent up frustration and there hasn't been and contin intellig discussion in this country about the issue of concerns. things like jobs and obamacare and the list douggoes on. and i think the frustration is turning in to greater hostility.
9:23 am
and i think it needs to be amped down and people need to talk in a compassionate manner about the issues. and i don't think mr. trump is fueling it. i think it is out there, it's been there, and people on both sides of the aisle need to tone it down and start talking about what concerns those of us in middle america. >> so se cupp, donald trump is the master of doubling down on something where everybody sees it as a negative, he will take it, not only double down on it, but he will turn it into his favor and we started to see the results of the violence. he's suggesting these are bernie sanders' organized supporters coming to his rallies and starting it. and that's a tough message. now it looks like there is an equivalency, in some fields a false give leps citequivalenceq.
9:24 am
>> and i think it will only get worse. you've seen a rightful total condemnation of it. i think marco rubio said this is essentially chaos and anarchy and should make us question what kind of a leader trump would be in a country that as lou says is very angry. look, it's what you do with that anger as a leader. and donald trump has decided to meet that anger with anger. exploiting it, fomenting it, growing it, pitting people against one another. and i think it's just a matter of fact that he has suggested and encouraged violence at his rallies. or do you meet the anger with resolve, with courage, with calm, with leadership. and i think clearly trump has opted for the latter at least through the primary. i don't know if he changes that tone in a general, but through the primaries, he's clearly relying on these moments of protests, exploiting he's moments to show how tough he is. and to show how strong he can
9:25 am
be. so i think it's not even just exploiting it. he's depending on these moments. >> moving forward, democrats seized on it last night. . but there was something else that happened last night. and i want you to weigh in on this. last height durinight during th, hillary clinton uttered a phrase with a qualm gifier, but the phe will stand alone. i'm hoping i have the tape. let's play what she said about coalminers. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, tim? and we're going to make it clear that we don't want to forget those people. >> okay. you know as well as i do when
9:26 am
you're cutting political ads, you cut it as thin and clean as you can. and already rand paul from kentucky has come out where a tweet saying hillary clinton brags about destroying coal country just when i thought she couldn't be anymore unqualified. those words, will they come back to haunt her we'll put a lot of coal miners out of work even though she qualified it? >> no, i think we also know ads are many times disingenuous. the country is moving towards expanding the market and hillary clinton is talking about preparing the any for the 21st century and not leaving anyone behind including the coalminers in kentucky. rand paul can throw bashes all he wants. i don't think the hillary clinton is too focused on what rand paul has to say.wants. i don't think the hillary clinton is too focused on what rand paul has to say.
9:27 am
this is somebody who had a plan looking toward the future and the future in this country is clean green energy and i don't think she should apologize for wanting to move in that direction and say we're bringing those people who are left out of that market, we're bringing those coalminers along with us. they don't have to fret. >> okay. i don't know if bernie sanders will take a page out of the republican's book or rapped paul's book and use that as he goes into a critical set of rust belt states tomorrow. could he be scooping away as many delegates as he can without the big win worry? >> right, bernie sanders will get delegates anyplace that he can and in many cases as we learned in 2008 following the example of barack obama, you can actually go into red states that are never in a million years going to go democratic in the general election but if there are pockets of democrats there, you can scoop them up and that's what bernie sanders will try and do. i don't think anybody imagined that kentucky was going to go democratic in november, so there will be a limit to the damage
9:28 am
that hillary clinton did to herself with that remark. it will probably hurt her in west virginia, as well. but the reality is it opens the door on an important environmental discussion that hillary clinton should probably jump into now that she's already sort of given up the game. she's kind of indicate what had a lot of environmentalists are saying which is that we will have to make some big decisions will in the future about whether or not to do what they call stranding carbon resources underground in perpetuity. it's a tough conversation, but that's kicnd of what was behind her comment so she should just own it. >> christine romans said doubling down on dead dinosaurs. it does make a lot of sense. thank you all. lou, i hope i pronounced your name okay. >> yes, you did. >> a good monday. going to be a spruper tuesday a well. >> i need some glasses. >> that's what everybody is
9:29 am
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bernie sanders is looking to close the gap against hillary clinton. they're battling for nearly 700 delegates across these five states tomorrow. sanders is expected to be competitive in the mid western
9:34 am
contest and clip top hnton has in the south. and the senator focusing on ohio, he's already had one rally in the buckeye state, expected to hold another one in the next hour. will it make a difference? want to talk more about this with a sanders supporter. you can tell by the little blue button. he's the author of the essential bernie sanders. but here's the deal. no matter how you slice it, you look at the polls going into these five states and secretary clinton has a solid edge on all of them. is he looking to scramble those numbers of delegates and just keep plodding along until states become more favorable or until his popularity catches up with him? what's the strategy here? >> i just use one word. michigan. and i think actually the polls i saw at one point, and i'm skeptical about polls frankly. >> as we should be.
9:35 am
michigan told us that. >> you're right. he was leading by two points in illinois, a state that he was behind by 25 points. i think we will do very well in ohio, illinois, the rust belt areas as we call them partly because hillary clinton as you well know has supported nafta and many of the bad trade agreements that have destroyed the middle class. i think north carolina and florida will be a bit more challenging. but you in an excellent point. at least in the states where we may not win, we want to have at least a competitive mar begin so the delegates are apportioned relatively close. if it's 51-49 or 55-45, the delegate split is not that dramatic. but the map turns very favorable to bernie sanders once we get past these states. utah will vote on the 22nd. then you get into states like oregon, california, washington where i think we will do very well in the northeast. and i think there is a path where at the end of the day as jeff weaver has said, we will pass hillary clinton in the delegate total. not counting the superdelegates.
9:36 am
>> that's the one that has people shaking their heads saying, wait, what states did i miss. it looks so lopsided. if we could put the count p. 1244, she's more than halfway there. the sanders camp has to be thinking we have to do more than just scrape up some here and there and hope for the best to get to those states. because it might be too far down the line. those states might be too far down the line. she might nail it before then. >> we have new york coming up april 19 which i think bernie will do extremely well there. >> she's the new york senator. >> but she was a new york senator for -- >> she's living in new york. >> yes, okay. fair point. but i think bernie is also very popular. i'm from new york and there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for bernie sanders. i think we could win new york but do very, very well in new york. >> is bernie sanders campaign going to lift the same thing
9:37 am
that rand paul is already tweeting out from last night's cnn town hall, the comment that on stand alone is very unpleasant? we'll put a lot of coalminers out of work. with context, it's and help them to rise in a different industry. but you know how political advertising goes. would bernie sanders stick to that level to get these rust belt votes early on and say look what senator clinton said about putting coalminers out of work? >> the fact is hillary clinton assumed all those wad trade agreements which did cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> bernie sanders is for climate change and promulgating a cleaner environment. and that's exactly what the senator was saying last night when she said those unfortunate word as standalone. >> let me finish. in i >> i'm asking bernie sanders would do that because the republicans are already doing it. >> let me finish the point about the trade agreements. i think that that will play very well for our base for democrats
9:38 am
in favor of bernie sanders in ohio all those rust belt areas because those are very, very -- those are very pungent. people know about those trade agreements, they know at the lost their jobs to nafta. and signed by bill clinton. >> and hillary clinton was the first lady at the time. >> but she had plenty opportunity afterwards outside the white house to vote against -- >> took her a long time, but she did the tpp. >> and congratulations to the activists who essentially forced her hand. the chamber of commerce president has said don't worry about this, hillary clinton is just saying that for the election. he has explicitly said to his members, don't worry, if elected, she come back pro tpp. bernie sanders has a comprehe comprehensive program which will include any -- >> i didn't get your answer, though, as to whether bernie
9:39 am
sanders would use those words. >> i don't know not the ad guy. but i'll be honest about things that i -- >> i have to where it there, but are you busy tomorrow? super tuesday, i don't know if you knew. >> i'll come by. >> and you better rop tter drop wednesday. as we said, all day tomorrow complete coverage of super tuesday part three. and you might think been there done that, but this is kind of like part one in terms of its superness. this could really call the race. florida, illinois, north carolina, missouri, ohio, all up for grabs. our team crossing every one of these contests and we're covering it in every angle all day tomorrow only on cnn. erythih during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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some breaking new as. if you were expecting at noon that sarah palin would be having a cal pan rally in the villages in florida, it's been canceled and it is actually a very serious reason.pan rally in the in florida, it's been canceled and it is actually a very serious reason. her husband, todd, who played a very big role in her own vice presidential campaign has been in a terrible accident up in alaska. a snowmobiling accident. i want to get us right to chris frates with the trump campaign right now to get he is some of t details. this is terrible news. >> reporter: very bad s details. this is terrible news. >> reporter: very bad news. sarah palin was scheduled to speak in florida on behalf of donald trump today. of course a big state for donald trump. but she has canceled that event. we have a source close to the palin family and i'll read what you they are telling cnn. todd palin was in a very serious
9:45 am
snow machine crash currently hospitalized in intensive care. governor palin has been on the phone with doctors and family all morning, will stop by trump up to hall on way to the airport. not travel to ohio or the villages as planned. had been in touch with the trump campaign who has been fantastically understanding as always that family comes first. so the trump campaign understanding this is a very terrible situation. donald trump of course just finishing a one on one interview with chris christie. he did not address this, but certainly this is terrible news, everyone wishing the best to todd palin and to sarah palin as he she heads back to al ras came to be by her husband's side. >> and chris, i want to point out the video that our audience has been watching during this update is from a campaign trail in 2011 in august in des moines, iowa when todd pay lip joined
9:46 am
his wife on the campaign trail. every so often you'll see the flash of the red checkered shirt and that is todd palin. a lot of pea gnome him from her reality show where the palin family was highlighted all the time. and so people became very familiar with todd palin through the show sarah palin's alaska. i just want to read a statement that the trump campaign has also sent out, so in-dudulge me if y will, a statement on governor palin's cancellation. and it says todd palin was in a bad snow machine accident last night and is currently hospitalized. governor palin is returning to alaska to be with her husband and looks forward to being back on the campaign trail soon. mr. trump's thoughts and prayers are with the palin family at this time and if you're just joining us again, todd palin is in very serious condition in the hospital right now after that snowmobiling accident in alaska.
9:47 am
and if i still have you, chris frates, is there any sort of talk or was there any activity that you saw within the trump camp? i know that they have been very thankful for governor palin's endorsement. we just saw the video of the day that she stood with donald trump to enforce him. but is there a flurry of activity, a nervousleness that they are losing this important voice right before an important tuesday? >> reporter: well, donald trump did not bring it up this his conversation with chris christie. and we were not able to see what was going on behind the scenes back stage. we are here on the press riser as this wraps up. and i've not been able to talk with any campaign officials yet as i've been here reporting with you. but certainly this is something that the trump people are going to feel in florida. but remember, he has a big lead in florida. double digits ahead of marco rubio. and so he canceled a florida event today to spend more time in ohio.
9:48 am
sarah palin was going to be his surrogate there. certainly they will miss the governor in florida, but this is not a campaign that feels that florida is something they have to worry too much about. >> yeah, and again, just as a remipd reminder, chris frates is with the trump campaign in hick directory north carolina. todd palin has had a terrible accident, a snowmobiling accident up in alaska. he is in intensive care. governor pay lip has been on the phone apparently according to a source with doctors and family all morning. she's trying to book flights and get back to alaska as quickly as possible canceling her campaign event for donald trump. our thoughts go out as well to the palin family. coming up, the news continues. donald trump now blaming bernie sanders for the disruptive protesters, the pictures of which you have been watching most of this weekend. he has a mess am for the protesters, too. and to the police. he's asking that if they're disruptive, that they're
9:49 am
arrested. but is that legal? just what are their rights in those rallies? and how about the rights of the guy that did the sucker punch. that's next. if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. 8 layers of wheat... mini-wheats®... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult with frosted mini-wheats®. try new kellogg's mini-wheats harvest delights with sweet drizzle and bits made with real fruit.
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there has been an unsettling trend at some donald trump rallies. violence. angry faceoffs between trump supporters, protesters. trump is insisting this is not his fault and he's been denying that he has been inciting his supporters to fight. he blames the ugliness on outsiders and says that they're bernie sanders sander and that is not sitting well with bernie sanders. >> you don't go out and say it's okay, beat somebody up and i'll pay the legal fees. that is not what this country is about. >> dump has gone so far as to say proceed he test tors should be arrested if they disrupt. not for the actual violence, but just for dissenting. jeffrey toobin is senior legal analyst with cnn and you're here to debunk the fact that you can
9:54 am
just ask people to arrest someone who are just sayinging this something you don't like. >> people often use the phrase press charges. it's not up to individual, it's up to the police who get arrested. and that's up to determination if people have committed actual crimes. the question here of course is what amid all this tumult is actually a crime is what is first amendment protected expression. >> so many of trump supporters will say these are tickets and private events and if you come in there with the intention of disrupting it, that is a problem. >> yes, it is a problem. and you can be evicted. that's not a crime. it's very different from someone who disrupts a proceeding to which some people are invited, it is clearly grounds to eviction if you are shouting and disrupting it. but that is not a crime on its
9:55 am
own. >> and if you throw a punch at a trump supporter you don't like? >> i think everyone recognizes a punch is a crime. police have to step in. the guy who ran up on the stage towards trump, i forgot what city that was in -- >> several. >> well, no the one guy who was right up on the stage. >> i think that was in ohio. if you charge the stage, you're also -- >> yes. >> so this is something that comes on the heels of trump saying that he wants to start expanding the liable issues whereby he could sue the press more easily for liable. a lot of people saying encroachment on the first amendment. >> and it's not up to donald trump or any president. the liable laws are defined by the constitution which is enter represent represe enter represented by the supreme court. the idea that the public figures
9:56 am
have less right to sue than private figures do. >> one quick question. donald trump and his supporters have said that the guy who got sucker punched was waving the bird and they said he was spit. i didn't see that on video. and so the guy who did the sucker punch had a right. is that a defense so? >> not a chance in the world. regardless of what the provocation was, you can't do that. >> verbal. >> right. the spitting i suppose you could be -- that might change things a little. but certainly anything that he said, the victim of the sucker punch said, would not be justification to punch a guy. >> and i want to be super clear, i did not see any spitting on the tape and think he was too far away from the accused to have landed anything. >> sounds very implausible. >> so good money thrown after bad for donald trump if he wants to i pat the legy the legal fee.
9:57 am
we'll continue to watch what happens. certainly this is becoming a big headline. jeffrey toobin, thank you. thank you everyone for watching. don't go away, because donald trump calls into cnn and discusses the primaries tomorrow and the disruptions at these recent rally, all of it with wolf blitzer. he gets under way rail just after a short break.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
i'm wolf wlit zblitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we're watching the stage in akron, ohio where bernie sanders is scheduled to speak at any moment. later it hour, we'll also check in on ted cruz holding a rally in illinois. and in just momes,


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