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tv   CNN Special Program  CNN  March 13, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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top of the hour, 6:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we have quite an hour ahead for you. this is cnn special live coverage in the leadup to tonight's cnn democratic town hall. the candidates gearing up for their final pitch to voters on the same stage tonight before tuesday's winner-take-all primaries in florida and ohio. will clinton deliver a lead that is tough to surpass or will rival bernie sanders be able to convince voters he should survive and perhaps unexpectedly take another state like michigan. could he take ohio? we are expecting bernie sanders to speak this hour. we'll bring that to you live, that comes in the wake of a big attack republican front-runner donald trump putting the blame squarely on bernie sanders to
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are what can only be described as a weekend of campaign chaos. rally canceled, trump here on cnn accusing bernie sanders of instigating all of it. >> i say things like i'd like to punch him, frankly, this was a person that was absolutely violent, and was like a crazed individual. lot of them are, you know, i don't call them protesters. i call them disrupters. lot of them come from bernie sanders, whether he wants to say it or not and if he says no then he's lying. >> we have every angle of this covered. senior washington correspondent brk bring is with us, executive editor for cnn politics mark preston, cnn political reporter nia-malika henderson and bill press, bernie sanders supporter and political contributor to n cnn, michael nutter a hillary clinton supporter and former
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mayor as well. thank you all for being with us. brianna, give us the lay of the land. what can we expect tonight? >> reporter: i think we're expecting perhaps fireworks. you remember the last couple of debates the most testy exchanges between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. he's been calling for her to release transcripts of speeches she's given between the time she was secretary of state and she was a candidate, and i think we can expect more of that. i think we're expecting hillary clinton to come swinging at bernie sanders again over the auto bailout. some people said that was something really backfired, but i think the clinton campaign thinks that she finally found her message at the last debate when she said if everyone voted the way bernie sanders voted, there wouldn't have been an auto rescue. she bungled her initial framing of that, that bernie sanders he had voted for standalone auto bailout bill but ultimately the money that did go for the auto
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rescue he did not vote for it. i think we're going to have a lot of attacks from bernie sanders on hillary clinton for her past trade positions. certainly what he thought worked in michigan, he thinks is going to work in ohio. we'll see more of it. >> it absolutely could, when you look at just the jobs picture in ohio and michigan, especially with factory jobs, et cetera. mark preston, to you. who do you think does better in this format, the town hall format? i prefer them to debates because you get to know much more personal things about the candidates and get to see hem directly answer the voter questions. >> in these town halls came at a moment in time in the campaign where they really did fit into the dialogue of what was happening. we'd seen them debate several times and knew where they were in their positions. we saw where the flash points were. the town halls allows us to see how they'd play to an audience about these attacks that they have, bernie sanders on trade, hillary clinton on the auto bailout, but they don't have the
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opponent next to them so they feel a little bit more free wheeling. my favorite part of the town halls when you get into the personal questions and ask them things that they normally don't get asked at during an interview or certainly during a debate. you ask about their family, you ask about religion and really kind of get a peek inside their soul in some ways, which i really find fascinating to look. voters vote on policy issues clearly but they also vote on the person and that's why i think the town halls are so important. >> absolutely. remember the moment when i think it was anderson cooper moderating and ted cruz started to sing a little bit? he sang to us about how he sang to his wife? brianna, you covered hillary clinton so closely, there is that issue of sort of likability. this was an issue brought up by then senator obama in 2008. how does she do on likability in the formats? >> i think this is a chance for her to kind of let her hair down a little bit and be more
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comfortable. the issue has to do with trust worthiness. lot of people think bernie sanders is more trustworthy, think he is more of a straight shooter. the clinton campaign thinks this is sort of baked in, so entrenched, how do you really deal with it? maybe they can't. so i think what her tactic is, is to try to show that she is going to be more effective, right, that she's going to get the job done, cast bernie sanders as someone who makes all of these big promises, promises of things he won't be able to deliver on and hoping that's something the voter also connect with and believe in. >> the pragmatism versus idealism. the clinton camp doesn't like it put that way. stay with us. nia, to you. bernie sanders said this today on "state of the union" about hillary clinton that stood out to me. let's play it. >> i think that secretary clinton is getting a little bit nervous. she lost last week in michigan. i think she understands that the momentum in this campaign and
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the energy is with us, and that we have a good chance to win a number of states on tuesday. >> do the numbers nia back him up on that, nervous? >> i think the momentum certainly backs him up, big win in michigan, i think it caught everybody by surprise that they were able to win by three points or so, but in terms of the way this democratic race is set up, and sort of democratic math, hillary clinton is favored still to win the nomination. the way it's set up is that it's hard to pull ahead but it's also hard if you're bernie sanders to catch up. but also if you're bernie sanders it's very easy to make a lot of, get a lot of donations, so he's going to be flush with cash for many, many weeks after his michigan win i think he was able to raise something like $5 million. hillary clinton herself said listen i stayed in 'til the bitter end in 2008 so bernie
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sanders should, too, if that's what he wants to do. but surely i think of the clinton campaign must be a little bit nervous particularly on this trade issue, because it is something that bernie sanders i think has effectively argued against her. >> we saw how it resonated with voters in the polls. >> people are living this. >> if you were running that campaign what are you going to do when bernie sanders says i was clear on trade all along. look what hillary clinton did with her husband's administration, look how late she was to come out an tpp. >> well i mean the senator is going to keep saying what he's saying and if it's working for him i would expect he would keep doing it. the reality is that hillary clinton has a clear record on getting things done. she makes things happen. that's her stock and trade. >> but that is hitting home with people. >> if you supported something, you're not going to suddenly dial it back. if there are other things where you clearly think you made a mistake, supporting something, so you go to the 1994 crime
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bill, she said try to fix things as a senator. senator sanders never explained why he voted for that. so they're each going to have their points. >> she's not going to say nafta was a mistake. focus on where the wins are. >> we'll see what happens tonight. i'm not anticipating that's going to be it but you know, senator sanders has some votes he needs to explain as well. >> bill, you're a sanders supporter. i want your response to nia's. the numbers are the numbers >> absolutely. first of all i enjoyed bernie sanders saying hillary is getting nervous. we all, mia's been a candidate, i've been a candidate, you try to play in the other person's head to put that out there and i thought that was pretty clever but bernie's had a big win in michigan as mia malika said and a chance to win ohio and a chance to win illinois. if he does it will be a whole new ball game. >> you think there's a chance to win ohio despite the polling? >> 17 points behind in michigan and he won. be clear about this, this democratic primary is not going
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to be over tonight. it is going to continue for all the reasons that nia-malika said. senator sanders is winning primaries and got the money and this is good for the party. i have to disagree with brianna a little bit. i don't think you'll see fireworks tonight. i think you'll see clear differences in opinions which, and policies. the mayor mentioned a couple of them which we've seen before. they'll have a chance to elaborate on those and i'm looking forward to a good discussion on the issues and i agree with you town hall format any time. >> the one thing we've seen clearly at least on a democratic side and whether they're debating or in a town hall format it will be substantive and real issues. you'll get to know the candidates as more personable as they are in a different kind of format as opposed to kind of going back and forth in a debate. i mean, the setup is the setup, but it will be a good night for both and for the democratic party. >> i got to break in, hold that
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thought. you're with me all hour. we have a lot of time, we're going to talk about all of this and the republicans when we get back. be sure to join us for the cnn tv one democratic presidential town hall. jake tapper moderates. ohio voters put their questions to bernie sanders and hillary clinton in advance of tuesday's critical primaries here 8:00 p.m. tonight on cnn. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. donald trump now part of the democratic race for president. yes, i said the democratic race for president, because he's now blaming bernie sanders for
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violent clashes in chicago this weekend that took place before a trumped -- before a trump rally. the trump campaign canceled the rally friday night after this happened. trump called sanders his "communist friend" and said hillary clinton supporters didn't have enough fervor to bother with protesting his event. both sanders and clinton quickly responded. >> we should take mr. trump's words with a grain of salt because i think as almost everybody knows, this man cannot stop lying about anything. to call me a communist is a lie. to talk about our organization, our campaign, disrupting his meeting is a lie. >> i want to say a few words about what happened last night in chicago. >> woo! >> you know, we will always have our differences. that's what happens in a democracy, and it is healthy for us to debate, to dialogue, to disagree, but the ugly, divisive
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rhetoric we are hearing from donald trump and the encouragement he has given to violence and aggression is not only wrong, it's dangerous, my friends. [ cheers and applause ] >> our panel back with me, senior political reporter for cnn nia-malika henderson, former mayor michael nutter and bill preston, thank you for being back with me. does the trump campaign benefit politically from slamming sanders? walk me through the thinking behind this. >> i think so. i think they were able to quickly turn this around. the initial kind of discourse and dialogue about it is was all about trump in fighting this from are his rallies i wish i could punch the guy or you should punch the guy. all of a sudden he turned himself into something of a victim with bernie sanders and bernie sanders' supporters on the other side and most importantly he's given his followers which are millions and millions of people, something
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like 35% of the vote cast, where he's given them something to say, kind of comeback about all this violence that has happened at these rallies and some of the rhetoric so they can now blame it on bernie sanders, this communist, so i think this works for donald trump. we'll have to see on tuesday what happens. >> bernie sanders, bernie's supporters get the credit for this, right and hillary clinton on the other side of it, i just wonder if you think mayor as a clinton supporter, this is in a way showing that perhaps donald trump sees bernie sanders as a more formidable threat in say a general? >> no, think it shows donald trump being the usual irresponsible donald trump, who is not taking any responsibility for virtually anything that happens in a campaign, and he could have obviously blamed senator sanders and next week he could be blaming secretary clinton. you know, when you're running for office, there is a level of responsibility that goes with being the candidate, and while you might not be able to control
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what 10,000 or 20,000 people do if you're blowing the dog whistle morning, noon and night, saying things out of your mouth that you can control that may tend to incite or excite people in a negative way, you have to take responsibility for that. he takes responsibility for nothing. he's immediately pawned it off on senator sanders and says nothing of any substance to his own supporters, when he should take a moment to say, look, cut it out. we'll not stand for, end of frgs c conversation. >> he did that last night over the loud speaker, just saying what the campaign said. >> there will be more than a few protests whether at his rallies or from my perspective god forbid i was sitting at 1600 pennsylvania there's a demonstration every day. you have to send the right message. >> bill do you think sanders is being helped in a sense by this, that this will energize his supporters for those on the iffence to get out to the polls for him, given these trump
3:18 pm
attacks? >> first i must say i'm surprised that donald trump didn't find a way to blame this on president obama, because he blames everything else on president obama, so aside from that -- >> not going to have to run against president obama. he might have to run against sanders. >> i think we are all hurt by this, the american political system is hurt by this. donald trump has not helped, bernie has not helped, the whole crowd is hurt by this. it's disgusting, it's appalling, it is dangerous and let's be clear. there's only one person responsible, come on, just cut it. he can blame whomever he wants. it's donald trump at the podium who has said i'd like to punch that guy in the face myself. i'd like to see them carried out on stretchers. i remember the good old days when crowds used to beat up on protesters. words have consequences, goes back to proverb, you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. we have to get away from playing the game of donald trump and say he is the most irresponsible politician we've ever seen on the scene. he's the one instigating it and
3:19 pm
the only one who can stop it, the only one. >> nia, let's talk about bernie sanders, images of him speaking live in columbus ahead of our town hall. do you, from the trump supporters that you have spoken with, do you believe he can stop it if he were to come out and say what mayor nutter wants to hear from him? will they all just stop or is this a group that is just going to say what they think? >> i think the groo up is going to say what they think. they're angry as we've heard many, many times before, very much attached to donald trump but i think for the good of the country, for the good of just how people feel, i mean, it was scary to watch all those images on tv for everyone i imagine. so i think cocome out and say listen, let's have a calm rally. we've had fun at these rallies, let's just kind of calm this down -- >> cool it. >> just cool the temperature. >> i have to take a break. lots better with and you have a commercial to think it through. coming up, bernie sanders
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out to prove his surprise win in michigan was just the beginning of perhaps a rust belt revolt. he is rallying ohio voters ahead of the cnn democratic town hall tonight, and this moment stunned a crowd at a donald trump event yesterday. what happened may have been more shocking. trump accused the man who stormed the stage of being an isis sympathizer. our very own martin savage sis down with the man to ask him all about it. >> i in no way harmed anyone, intended to harm anyone. i'm not a member of isis. i have no known ties to isis. i've never been out of the country, i only speak english. >> christian? >> christian, yes. >> our exclusive interview with the man who rushed the stage ahead what else he said about why he did it and what happens next, coming up.
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you're looking at live pictures of senator bernie sanders at a rally that is in columbus, ohio. he's speaking before taking the stage tonight at cnn's town hall debate with hillary clinton, moderated by our jake tapper.
3:25 pm
let's listen in. >> -- what the average contribution is? i love that, i really do, when i hear that. $27. when i talk about a political revolution transforming america, that is already one of the things that we have accomplished, what we have told everybody, guess what? you can run a winning national campaign without being dependent on wall street or the drug companies for your money.
3:26 pm
♪ crowd cha [ crowd chanting ]. >> you know what? you're right! >> jeff zeleny is covering this event and campaign before the town hall tonight. this is a moment for them to take questions from ohio voters directly. it's always so nice to sort of see that side, not just the debate format but when you look at the numbers, jeff, the math is on hillary clinton's side right now in terms of delegate support but you know what? the younger voters may come out for sanders because this ruling by a judge in ohio that 17-year-olds can vote might change things. does that have the clinton camp nervous? is. >> the clinton campaign is
3:27 pm
definitely nervous. the young voters could offset some students on spring break next week. not all students in ohio but some are on spring break. the 17-year-olds being able to vote is helpful. the clinton campaign is more nervous about that chant you just heard, you could hear the crowds here going really supporting bernie sanders because he doesn't have a super pack. he they said bernie sanders has our back, he doesn't have a super pack. it sounds trite but one thing that's really driving this campaign, the money in politics is such a big issue in this campaign and one of the best ways for bernie sanders to show he's an outsider, he dunt a have a super pack. the clinton campaign is nerve bus ohio, nervous about illinois and missouri, three states that could be very close on tuesday. >> do you think, jeff, that it will be, if either way it falls in ohio, is it going to come down -- we know the economy is
3:28 pm
issue number one, that's what the polling shows for democratic voters. is it going to come down to the trade issue like it appears it did in michigan? >> certainly those trade issues are very important here in ohio. i think ohio is a little different. the economy is much more diverse than michigan's economy. ohio's economy is doing much better than the auto industry in michigan, of course, but it is those for democratic voters the trade policies are very controversial. we could hear senator sanders talking about it right now behind me the trade policies are something that are really troublesome for the clinton campaign. she's been opposed to some trade agreements. she supported some other trade agreements, but the nafta trade agreement that bernie sanders is talking about right now is a real challenge for the clinton campaign here in ohio and in other states, poppy. >> you wonder what it will mean for the entire rust belt, what will it mean for illinois where
3:29 pm
clinton is in the lead, how big does this get and the policies that she supported are the policies she supported so there's only so much for her team to argue there. we'll watch it. jeff, thank you so much, live from the bernie sanders event in columbus. we are also waiting for donald trump to take the stage at a campaign event in south florida. you're looking at live pictures from the sunset cove amphitheater in boca raton. security there is tight after two took place this weekend especially in chicago friday night. we'll take you there live to listen to trump as soon as he starts speaking. a local writer takes us to one of atlanta's most relaxing ways where business travelers can recharge while on the road, something fun to do while you are off the clock. >> hi, i'm kate, a food and travel writer based here in atlanta. today i'm taking you to one of my favorite hidden gems in the city, jay jusana. korean spa perfect for business travelers looking to unwind, detox and relax. ton of mind/body/health benefits
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just over one hour from now the democratic presidential candidates will take questions from jake tapper and from the audience at cnn's town hall event tonight in columbus, ohio, the ohio state university hosting the event tonight. take a look, live look at these pictures. this is where hillary clinton and bernie sanders will try to convince voters they are the might person and nominate for president. this comes ahead of super tuesday three as it has become called. the primaries in florida and ohio, winner-take-all states along with illinois, missouri and north carolina, in total 691 delegates are up for grabs on tuesday. the republicans also looking for the same states for their own delegates, trying to get more in the bag. front-runner donald trump trying to shake off protests and some of the violent rallies that happened over the weekend. he is expected to take the stage at any moment in boca raton, florida. security has been ramped up for this event, with us now sarah
3:35 pm
murray, cnn political reporter. what are you seeing after the canceled rally in chicago friday night and a lot of protesters showing up last night in kansas city? >> reporter: that's right. poppy it's a little bit of a calmer atmosphere here in florida, which i think is kind of what you'd expect we're in boca, out here in the suburbs. on the way in there was a group of protesters certainly lively, but there was no sort of tense, very tense interaction, in physical interaction between them and the trump supporters. there's a sizeable number of officers out monitoring that closely, shooting video of it essentially to sort of ensure that it doesn't escalate from where it is. inside we do see a visible security presence as you would expect. i would say it is about on par with what we saw yesterday in ohio. it hasn't scaled up from there. the trump campaign is not really eager to talk about their security presence. of course when we rifz he will have secret service with him. we already see them skaucuring .
3:36 pm
>> is he responding to the protester that rushed the stage yesterday in columbus, in ohio? marty savidge just interviewed him and denied any link to isis that donald trump tweeted about this morning. any word from the trump camp on that? >> reporter: we have asked the campaign about that. we have yet to hear back from them. he did a television interview earlier today he essentially said he saw it on the internet and so he believed it, but we're still waiting to hear whether they have any more of a statement on that in light of this interview that martin savidge did, in light of the fact this man says he has no affiliation with isis but you know, we have seen this with donald trump, he has a tendency to retweet things or put things out there that he finds on the internet without him or his staff doing vetting. this seems to be another incident of that. >> we'll come back to you as soon as donald trump starts to speak. thank you. looking ahead to super
3:37 pm
tuesday three, that is what they are calling it now, we've got those five states, florida, illinois, north carolina, missouri, ohio, all voting on tuesday. lot of delegates up for grabs. we will have all day coverage on cnn. coming up, a preview of a fascinating new cnn original series and the political lessons learned from an election held more than 150 years ago. abraham lincoln versus steven douglas, the fascinating similarities between that race and what we are seeing play out right now next. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
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in the upcoming episode of cnn's original series "race for the white house" we revisit the election of 1860 and the bitter matchup between abraham lincoln and steven douglas. race defined by vicious mudslinging, heated debates and racially charged attacks. >> douglas focuses his attack on lincoln. >> if you desire nero citiz citizenship then support mr. lincoln and the black republican party. >> his weapon, race hate. >> he accuses lincoln of being in favor of race mixing in favor of black equality, calls him a black republican. he calls him things far worse. >> lincoln did a lot of things that today seem unethical but he never appealed to the darker angels of our nature and dug laz did and steven douglas should
3:42 pm
have been ashamed of himself. >> the very union itself is coming apart under the pressure of the election. down south the homes of republican sympathizers are attacked. >> the prospect of a lincoln presidency drives southerners to extremes. they prepare politically, they prepare militarily. their state arsenals are opened up, their militia companies begin to drill. >> one newspaper declares "let the boys arm." abolitionism is at your doors with torch and knife in hand. >> it is fascinating episode, i must say so and to talk to us about it historian tim naftali, former director of the nixon presidential library and author of "george h.w. bush." >> is great to be with you poppy. >> you start watching the series, two so far, the second
3:43 pm
airs tonight, it pulls you in so, so much. it's fascinating. i wonder we keep hearing about the lincoln/douglas debates. at least this isn't the lincoln/douglas debates. are we romanticizing what it was like back then in the debates a little bit too much? >> yes and no. we are romanticizing the fact that steven douglas used very divisive language but we're not romanticizing the fact that abraham lincoln, who had been a congressman, but that's all, becomes a national figure because of the power of his rhetoric, not because he's a blowhard. >> right. >> it's not by screaming. it's by persuasion. >> his words. he didn't even have the appearance as you see in this of presidential at all. >> no, and he comes to cooper union here in new york city and he's unkempt and his audience is moved not by how he looks, but what he says, and what he says
3:44 pm
is, remember the declaration of independence. remember the fact that it doesn't say we're all created equal but african americans or negroes, as they would say then, but all of us, and what does that mean and what does that mean for our country? he not only repeated that phrase but he gave reasons why the political culture of this country had to change. that's why we have good reason to romanticize those debates and the fact that this man was chosen as the national candidate for a new republican party. >> right, and let's talk about conventions ahead of all of this talk right now in this election of potentially a brokered convention on the republican side, you see the race of 1860 is a reminder of when conventions mattered. >> yes and the importance of good alcohol as viewer also see tonight. alcohol played a little bit of a role, and i assume alcohol is pretty good in cleveland, as well. conventions mattered. that was a time before there were primaries. that was a time before americans
3:45 pm
participated to the extent that they participate today. in that era, you had groups of delegates who were controlled by party bosses and the party bosses were from various parts of the country and the idea was to convince the party boss to support you. so you had to say well you'll be a cabinet member, you'll be a cabinet secretary >> and lincoln wrote he didn't want to hear about that at all. >> he was great. he understood presidential deniability. >> don't even tell me about it. >> no? you'll see. he said do what you do but make it clear that i'm not involved. >> right. >> here is the thing that's most important tonight. it's watch the change in steven douglas. steven douglas of the lincoln/douglas debates he is going to be the democratic candidate in the 1860 election. the democratic party splits over the is livery issue. steven douglas is vicious in attacking abraham lincoln because he says to lincoln you treat african-americans negroes as they were called then as if
3:46 pm
they were equals. they're not our equals. when he realizes the power of hadis rhetoric and the effect that it's having on his country, or our country, he shifts, not that he begins to embrace equality for all but he stops the attacks in the 1860 campaign. he recognized the power of rhetoric and how you can tear this country apart, if you say things without thinking. >> fascinating comparing it to today, right? >> i think so. >> fantastic. tim know thank you so much. i appreciate it. you can watch more of the political drama, the upcoming episode of ra"race for the whit house" tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. moderated about ed by that voicu cannot mistake kevin spacey. coming up next my interview with the billionaire head of a giant silicon valley of the company. surprising during the interview he gave me his endorsement for
3:47 pm
2016. who is he backing and why next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. . he is an outspoken ceo. he does not mince his words. the head of silicone valley tech giant sales sat down with me this week and gave me his take on a lot of things, including the 2016 race. what candidate he's backing for president and more. here's our conversation.
3:51 pm
you don't qualify yourself or classify yourself as dem krt or republican, correct? >> i am an democrat or a republican. i'm an american. and i learned along the way that that's where i'm most effective as the ceo of sales force. >> you like anyone? you backing anyone? >> i do. i like hillary clinton. i like somebody who is experienced and somebody who has the depth of understanding. and mostly the reason i like hillary clinton is because i believe that if we don't focus on the education of our children, especially in pre-k, that we are going to create more inequality in this world and a lot of inequality comes from not getting our kids off on the right track. you probably know i funded two major children's hospitals in the bay area and oakland. i funded those hospitals to get kids on to the right track from an educational standpoint. and i like hillary because she is deeply committed to getting kids on to the right track and i
3:52 pm
think this is our number one issue in fighting inequality today. >> let me ask you this. hp ceo meg whitman came out last week and said that donald trump is quote a dishonest demagogue and went on to say quote his plan to put 35% tariff on goods imported would sink this country into a recession. is she right? >> well i think that's probably true. you know, i think that you can look to and you can shift to the economic system very rapidly in this discussion. i want to shift this discussion to the education system. i'm deeply worried about the kids. i'm deeply worried about the kids that are being born right now. i want to make sure those kids get off on the right track. the set by five years old. that research is black and white. and i think that we've got to focus on that fact and that's where i am disappointed that i
3:53 pm
haven't heard more of that narrative and i feel like the one person who has delivered that discussion over and over again, including her too small to fail initiative is hillary clinton and that's why i'm backing her. >> would we ever see mark benioff run for office? for vice president, senator? >> no. you can see i'm anything but a politician. and what i am really good at is being the ceo of a software company. that's what i enjoy doing. but for you, friends of mine, who know me, no i'm quite not a politician. >> mark benioff, thank you for that. much more of my interview with him. including his calls an what he is doing to close the gender pay gap. coming up, delegate math as they are having super tuesday 3, they are calling it.
3:54 pm
bernie sanders is having a rally in south carolina before he heads over to our town hall tonight. ♪
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we want to look ahead to super tuesday 3, as they're calling it. what is at stake for the democrats when voters go to the polls? nearly 30% of the delegates need to clench the nation wp john
3:58 pm
king takes a look at numbers. john? >> poppy, the big question of the democratic race, can bernie sanders become a viable contender for the nomination or is he just a message candidate? let's look at the states on tuesday. five states up and big ones, florida, north caroline grab ohio, illinois and missouri. delegates at stake, 691 delegates. 29% of what it takes to winter nomination. big day tuesday gets you on the path to winning. let's look at how we start. hillary clinton with a healthy deg gate lead right now. these are pledge delegates only. even after setback m michigan last week, she is hoping to run the board. if hillary clinton wins all five even by modest margins, she will start to stretch it out. democratic rules proportional. sanders will still stay in the hunt. but democrats will tell you if she ends up out here somewhere, yes, she probably can't clench until may or june, but the map
3:59 pm
and math, would say that hillary clinton will be the nominee. bernie sanders can stay in but he can't win. which is why this is so important. he won michigan last week. if bernie sanders can win, in ohio, and if bernie sanders with upset hillary clinton in her birth state of illinois, if the map looks like this, look, the math doesn't change all that dramatically because of those proportional rules. hillary clinton will still be ahead if bernie sanders win in these two states. but the conversation will change. if bernie sanders can win three industrial battle grounds in the midwest, yes hillary clinton will still have a lead in the delegate chase. but can you bet. y, the conversation among democrats will change. so if the map looks like this late tuesday night, wednesday morning, there will be a lot of buzz about sanders. the hillary campaign will hope it looks like this. michigan was a surprise. threat over. i'm in command.
4:00 pm
poppy? >> thank you so much for that. do not miss john's show "inside politics. must-watch television here on cnn. it is 7:00 p.m. eastern on sunday night and what a night we have for you here on cnn. welcome to cnn special coverage of the cnn ohio democratic town hall. i'm poppy harlow live with you here in new york for the next hour. then i will hand it over to my colleague jake tapper, who is moderating this evening. in just over an hour, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be face-to-face with voters in ohio. they may get grilled and they will make their final push ahead of tuesday's crucial primaries. the results in ohio, those results could very well decide the next president of the united states. why? because of history. in fact, this is a bell weather state that has voted in the winning candidate in every single election since 1960. d


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