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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 13, 2016 3:00am-5:01am PDT

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it's another been sign. get her out of here. out. >> -- captions by vitac -- sunday morning and so grateful to have your company.
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i'm christi paul. victor blackwell is with us from ohio. good morning victor. >> good morning. i'm victor blackwell live from the camps of the ohio state university. have to put that "the" in there. two days away from the big day. the big event. maybe one of the biggest events of voting in a primary season. super tuesday part three i guess we'll call it. tonight we'll answer questions from voters ahead of the crucial contest coming up. and the for the republican 367 delicates at stake. florida. ohio. winner take allstates of course. trump is calling for people who
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demonstrate at his rallies to poinl be arrested. jim acosta has more for us. >> another donald trump rally interrupted by protesters, in this time in kansas city. there were roughly 30 to 40 demonstrators let out of this theater during the course of the remarks from donald trump but unlikely the situation in chicago, this was a largely peaceful outbreak of the demonstrations. trump was showing frustration throughout the night. at one point he said he's going to start pressing charges against the protesters to make them stop. >> i hope these guys get thrown into that jail. they will never do it again. it will destroy their record. they have to explain to mom and dad why they have a police record and why they can't get a job. and do you know what? i'm going start pressing charges against all these people. okay? and then we won't have a problem. and i don't want to do that.
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i don't want to ruin somebody's life. they are probably good kids. they were probably good kids. i don't want to ruin people's lives but the only way we're going to stop this craziness is if we press charges. >> arrested a number of the demoners. and trump defenders his decision in rally in he also praised secret service for protecting him from a protester earlier in the day who had jumped a barricade. >> thank you so much jim. trump doubling down now in response to his events in chicago on friday. after saying he wasn't responsible for the violence. instead he's placing the blame on democrats. he accused senator sanders of instigating the problems. >> the people that came there, that were invited there.
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thousands and thousands of people. they caused no problem. they were taunted. they are harassed. and by the way some represented bernie, our communist friend. so with bernie he should really get up and say to these people, stop. >> joe johns here with me in ohio, and quickly we heard a response from the sanders campaign. >> there was an extraordinary day in american politics quite frankly. you have donald trump calling bernie sanders a communist. bernie sanders puts out a writtenreferring to donald trump as the pathological liar. and the other thing is bernie sanders did deny that his campaign had anything do with organizing the violence or the protests in chicago. but he did say that essentially
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his supporters were responding to the rhetoric of donald trump. so let's listen to that sound bite. >> what our supporters are doing is responding to a candidate who has in fact in many ways encouraged violence. donald trump has got to be loud and clear and tell his supporters that violence hat rallies is not what america is about and to end it. >> wow. remarkable statement there. and then we also heard from secretary clinton. >> right. she started out the day with a statement that sounded fairly conciliatory. why can't we just get along? but as the day went on she got into the fight as well with much more sharper rhetoric.
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let's listen. >> you know we will always have our differences, won't we? that's what happens in a democracy like ours. but the ugly divisive rhetoric we are hearing from donald trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong and it is dangerous. if you play with matches, you are going to start a fire you can't control. that's not leadership. that is political arson. >> political arson. is what she's calling that. do we know what the next steps are at least for the democrats in responding to what they are hearing? >> the democrats have been talking a lot about donald trump all the way through the campaign and they have used some pretty incendiary rhetoric. but i think we've gone to a
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whole new level with what happened in chicago. and the question will be what happens next. as far as investigations go that is where you get to the bottom line of who did what and when. i have reached out to authorities in chicago just to get someone to say okay. then who did organize this? so far we haven't god any response? >> we'll see if we get an update there. and tense moments of course at the donald trump rally in ohio. as secret service agents rush the surround trump when a protester jumps the barricade and tries to get on the stage. he didn't close but it raises the questions are the trump rallies becoming not just more dangerous but -- is the campaign enjoying? it gives him time to think where
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he's going to go next and the people at the event get to see some pretty good stuff. senior politics editor mark preston there just now. you were there. what was it like? >> let's just take a step back and say what joe said right here. there was an amazing day in politics yesterday. not only for the rhetoric but also for the continued heightened tension in some ways violence. when that gentlemen rushed the stage caught everybody off guard. and he moved so quickly. in addition there were people being thrown out and there were some heated tensions. we've come to a point in our political life right now with a political discourse is just in the gutter at this point. and i can't imagine that it is going to get any better.
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>> whooz who has the shoulders right now calm down the rhetoric. reince priebus released a statement saying everyone has the right to free speech but it should stay there at speech. does have the gravitas needed to bring everything down? it worked for the debate on thursday. >> it is really not on his shoulders. it lie s squarely on the shoulders of the candidates. donald trump needs to come out and tell his supporters to calm it down a little bit. bernie sanders needs to tell his folks it is all about free speech but you got to tone it down a little pit. you are going to have these explosive moments like we saw in chicago like we saw last night in kansas city where someone is eventually going to get really really hurt. >> any -- >> no. and absolutely not. bernie sanders is correct saying it is not his fault necessary
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hi. because you are supporting bernie sanders and you go out and do something dun mean he's condoning it bebut he trump last night just basically heightening. aren't trump rallies fun? so something needs to happen before something bad happens. >> if trump wins in florida, if he wins in ohio. and effectively he's on the march of the nomination that we'll see a reduction in the rallies, a reduction in the campaign events for donald trump? he's already said there have been enough debates. >> and there's something to be said for that. at that point what he's removing is fighting a true front battle. for the primary. i think if you remove that calm it down a little bit. and as you said at the debate the other night, it was so
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amazing this past week is that we had a very civil debate down in florida. we thought the temperature had been lowered a bit. and then what happens the next day? it all breaks loose again. >> fascinating day. mark preston thank you. join us for the cnn tv one democratic presidential town hall happening in this room in advance of tuesday's critical primaries in ohio. voters put questions to both bernie sanders and hint. tonight here an cnn. now you might expect democrats to criticize what we're seeing at trump rarls but now the criticism is coming from fellow republicans. and hillary clinton goes after bernie sanders over healthcare. but did that attack backfire? we'll talk to her campaign strategist later in the show.
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hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. i'm victor blackwell, life at the site of tonight's democratic town hall. let's take a moment and talk about the republicans and what's going on with some of these violent incidents at rallies with donald trump. republicans now joining in in condemning rhetoric from donald trump like this. >> so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato,
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knock the crap out of them would you? seriously. >> and governor kasich said this. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. and that's allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence. there is no place for this in our country. >> i'm joined by kayleigh mcenany and ben ferguson good to have both of you with us this morning. we heard from governor kasich when asked if he would stick to the pledge to support donald trump if he's the nominee he said that it makes it extremely
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difficult. marco rubio asked the same question. that he doesn't know. and it's getting harder every day. does the party pull away from donald trump in a significant way? do they withdraw from these pledges of support? >> i think what you are hearing from the candidates is that they are saying at some point we have to look at donald trump and say is this the rhetoric, is this the type of debate, the type of conversation we want for the presidency of the united states of america. and what they are saying to supporters is think about how low we've gotten and this is an individual that doesn't just attack the left, he attacks the right as well. he mocks marco rubio. he mocks ted cruz. he mocks every candidate that he's been on staining with. when you have this type of rhetoric that we've seen from donald trump, this is what you should have expected to happen. there is going to be chaos and i
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think there are two different parts that need to be clarified here. i'm not saying that these protesters are not disgusting individual whose are wanting to get into a fight. who are wanting to disrupt freedom of speech. and force these events to shut down. they are responsible for that. but at the same time donald trump has to acknowledge and take responsibility for the fact that when you go out there and you trash talk on this level and when you talk about wanting to hit people and saying you will give legal defense for someone to hit somebody and saying, i wish we were in the days when a guy could leave on a stretcher, you should have expected that this is exactly what is going to happen at your rally. donald trump is not a victim here. donald trump created an atmosphere of hey let's go, let's fight. let's get it on and he brought it here and this is what he should have expected.
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>> stewart stevens told the washington post, he says that trump sounds like george wallace, the segregationist who wan back in '68. he said i don't know what's in trump's heart but i don't care. what he's saying is hateful. what did the democratic party do with wallace? they rejected him. republicans are hearing echoes of wallace in trump's rhetoric. and should he have a moment of punctuation, not just passing references to i don't condone this to something deliberately where he reject this is kind of violence. >> he said four times friday he reject this is kind of violence and then hannity once again. and i think he's been very clear that he rejects violence. and stewart said on friday one of the cnn programs that he thinks donald trump want this is, despite the fact that donald
3:20 am
trump has said nearly ten times that he does wot want violence. when you look at what's happening just yesterday you did not see a donald trump supporters throwing punches. what you saw was a the protester lunge at donald trump where secret service had to protect him. and there was an article how protesters were fighting and had to be broken up with pepper spray. you are seeing protesters organized by the left warning trump supporters, more is coming. and the fact that now because donald trump couldn't be toppled personally by the establishment, now they are trying to blame him for the violence of left wing supporters. it is stream logic and anyone with a few brain cells will sit
3:21 am
back and understand what's happening. that pinning donald trump is just really strained logic. >> kayleigh, i've got some brain cells. and i'm smart enough to connect dots. donald trump cannot control the protesters. i agree with that. but when you claim that donald trump is trying to be a peaceful non violent guy, when for months, you're talking about the last 48 hours. for months donald trump has been talking about wanting to beat up protesters. he has not gone after his supporters who threw the punch. he didn't go out there on teenage early enough and get control of this. there was a point, the water is boiling and now he's saying like an arsonist who calls 911, i should get credit for calling 911. he created an atmosphere where
3:22 am
this is acceptable. trump supporters have been doing this online for months. i've receive more death threats in my career from trump supporters than i have from democrats. and the trump supporters are angry and they will go after anyone who disagrees with this with vile and vulgar language. >> kayleigh? >> why ben are we not seeing endless videos of trump supporters throwing punches. there is the same video run over and over again. and instead i don't understand where you are not playing the blaim on bernie sanders. >> kayleigh, let me ask you this. there is a difference. there is an important difference between what you sea and hear from a candidate's supporters -- and they are not blameless here.
3:23 am
from bernie sanders or other candidate supports and what you hear from the candidate. donald trump himself is asking supporters to punch other people in the face and he will pay for their legal fees. you are not hearing that from any other candidate. why is donald trump himself claiming those things but also saying he doesn't want violence. >> i would refer to barack obama's fight where he says if they bring a knife to a bight -- >> we're talking about the 2016 and the people who are on the stage right now. ive heard the barack obama reference. we're talk about who's playing right now. >> let's turn to 2016. bernie sanders supporters have actually engaged in violence and so where are the calls for bernie sanders to come out and denounce physical violence
3:24 am
that -- i don't understand why he's not enduring similar calls. >> those calls have been made and jeb weaver will be on the show. his campaign manager scheduled to be on the show today. we'll have that conversation. but there is a difference between what we're hearing from supporters of a candidate and the candidate himself. kayleigh and ben thank you so much. christi back to you in atlanta. a riot in an alabama prison. corrections officers are hurt. now a broad sweep for contrab d contraband. >> apple is, what country now is pressuring the tech company to help.
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so... what else about me? 28 minutes past the hour. alabama inmates stand a warden and a correctional officer and then set a hallway on fire. one inmate shared this cell phone video from inside the maximum security facility. wait a minute, they have a cell phone? yes it is illegal for inmates to have cell phones or use social media. officers broke up the riot and now they are searching that prison for phones and other contin contraband. the coast guard is suspending a search in a tug
3:29 am
boat incident. one body has been recovered. no one on board the barge was injured. and french authorities have not been able to break into the iphones of the paris attackers. the efforts come of course as the fbi is trying to force apple to unlock the iphones of the san bernardino shooters as well. >> donald trump fed up with protesters interrupting his campaign rallies and one event yesterday police even unleashed some pepper spray. that's coming up. now comes with an incredible double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it, love it or get double your money back. always discreet. ♪
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then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. i'm victor blackwell. live on the campus of ohio state university the site of tonight's presidential democrat town hall. trump want his protesters to face charges. let's take you to vendalia,
3:34 am
ohio. a man rushed the stage. secret service jumped in to protect trump. and the candidate was not injured. >> in kansas city, missouri dozens of -- here is cnn's ryan young. >> so the big wonder was what was going to happen here with the trouble after what occurred in chicago. a lot of people in the community talking about it would not be out of control. protesters across the. at 33:00 more than a thousand
3:35 am
people were still in line. as you look back this direction the line stretched all the way down but trump was interrupted several times because protesters made their way in and made themselves hurt. [inaudible] >> the conversations did get tense out here. there was some pushing and shoving. reporting in kansas city, ryan young cnn. >> two days away from the next big contest. the super tuesday part three here. so many people are asking how did donald trump get to where he is today? and the cusp of potentially getting the party's nomination, what is fuelling his rise to becoming the nominee and quite possibly the next president. let's bring back mark preston. you were at these events
3:36 am
yesterday and you spoke with some people what did they tell you. >> when donald trump goes out there and says people are angry in america he's right. and in dayton ohio, when i asked what do you want to hear from donald trump? they want to hear him continue to talk straight, not to be politically correct and they are supporting him right now because they are frustrated about where they are right now and they think the economy is not working to their advantage. they are also very upset over the past eight years of what they say is an obama presidency that's left them behind. >> because they didn't come up through the rnc system it is difficult for reince priebus or any of the leaders to wrangle him in or the rhetoric or any of that. >> the his personality is too big right now. specifically at the rallies.
3:37 am
we saw the pictures in chicago. there was an incredible amount of pepper spray. and as joe said, what is the end game in this and that is exactly right. what is the end game? >> the of course the programming note, a empressive lineup of the presidential candidates join jake tapper this morning. governor john kasich, donald trump, senators marco rubio and bernie sanders. that is on state of the union today at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. a look at the auditorium where the democratic candidates will participate in the town hall tonight. hillary clinton had some sharp words to bernie sanders over his work on healthcare. the sanders campaign is firing right back. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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i'm never going back to a manual brush. new this morning, hillary clinton is slamming bernie sanders. questioning his work on healthcare in the nineties when she led the effort as first lady. listen to what she said. >> we're going to pull together and stand up against those powerful forces. and i always get a little chuckle when i hear my opponent talking about doing it. well i don't know where he was when i was trying to get healthcare in '93 and '94, standing up against the insurance companies and the drug companies. >> so that was hillary clinton yesterday in st. louis. let's welcome in joel bettenson. good morning.
3:42 am
>> good morning victor. >> so the sanders campaign after hearing that sent out this tweet of bernie sanders standing behind hillary clinton and the quick snap here, hit rally standing right behind her. this is the wrong photograph but this is also a tweet sent out by a reporter from bloomberg that was a photograph of the two and a note from hillary clinton thanking him for his work dedicated to real healthcare. so where was he? he now see where he was. what is your reaction to that. >> he was standing this a that picture behind her but anybody who remembers that fight in the 1990s knows that hillary clinton was at the epicenter of the fight to take on the big insurance company. she was the most vocal person in the fight with other leads of congress pushing back against
3:43 am
universal healthcare. it was a long brutal fight and she was on the front lines. it was called hillary care. it wasn't called hibernie care. she championed that fight. and she was the one taking all of the incoming. >> i don't think there is anybody who questions her dedication in the nineties to passing healthcare reform and legislation. but her inference that bernz was nowhere around, we literally now see from two examples the video of that still where she thinks then congressman sanders and she wrote a personal note to him thanking for his dedication. so that would be at least a misrepresentation of his work in the nineties to say she didn't know where he was. she thanked him for being nearby. literally and figuratively.
3:44 am
>> i think there were democrats standing on the front lines with her. senator sanders has been for healthcare. so has hillary clinton. she's said that all the way through the campaign. but when you go out and make the claim as he has, and frankly most americans never heard of bernie sanders in the 1990s. they knew what hillary clinton was and the fight she was taking on. this is the kind of thing. we're having a discussion about healthcare today. she wants to build on the obamacare affordable care act, get the job the rest of the way. wring down drug costs. senator sanders wants to undo obamacare here and make a difference in people's lives, get them ahead economically.
3:45 am
we're going to have to push for an extensive jobs plan to create the. >> let me ask you, as this plays into a narrative and a question that's spreading out over the last several days. this element -- and i understand your point here about healthcare and their relative roles in the nineties. but when you add that to what we saw in the conversation with msnbc about nancy reagan's record as an advocate for those with aids and hiv and having to apologize and her questions in mother emanuel massacre and her statement of donald trump's rallies. is she having a series of unforced errors here sh. >> i think she went out and did what few politicians did and said she misspoke when she
3:46 am
spoke. it dates back to her role of first lady where she led the revolution and lgbt human rights. she acknowledged it. senator sanders has not acknowledged many mistakes. i haven't heard him acknowledge any. he still defends a vote against immigration reform. and remember this was a bill authored by ted kennedy and voted by for by barack obama. and i don't think -- let's talk about where the american people are in this campaign -- >> -- tonight.
3:47 am
thank you so much for being with us this morning. we'll hear much more of this conversation tonight at the town hall in this very room at the theater. the next hour we'll be talk to jeff weaver, campaign manager for bernie sanders. also a programming reminder. ohio voters put questions to both bernie sanders and hillary clinton. here on cnn. clashes obviously between antitrump protesters and his supporters seem to be on the rise. we're talk aing about what's behind that rage and who if anyone can extinguish at this point? you may have inactive follicles. reactivate them with women's rogaine® foam. the only once a day treatment proven to regrow new hairs up to 48% thicker. revive your va-va-voom. and save $10.
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>> to leave my home, come here and say ya basta enough.
3:52 am
and histic. because when you stop a bully once. you stop bully enough. and chicago showed people how to stop bully. >> and many say they saw this come. >> reporters have felt that this kind of moment was inevitable. that this has been building and building for months and what e with saw on friday in chicago was the inevitable conclusion of that. some people want to support him and others want to protest him. and in some ways it reminds me what we saw in baltimore. even ferguson. not necessarily people who want to go and commit crimes but be part of the spectacle.
3:53 am
and the television cameras there. the reporters are there and lots of attention is on these places so they become like stages. we saw cbs reporter arrested the other day. other reporters have had concerns about violence as well. so it is something that -- and no one really knows how this ends but i think what we're seeing is something that is the inevitable by-product of months and months of rhetoric. >> trump's campaign manager tells this to the washington post, the american people are angry, upset at the way the country country's been run. and went on to say his candidate donald trump does not plan do anything to calm his supporters. so if donald trump has the ability to get people so riled up, is he even at this point capable of deescalating what've seen? or is it even beyond that point. >> i think it is more of a group issue or a collective issue.
3:54 am
the solution to free speech is more free speech. so have trump speak and have his opponents speak. that's always been the solution in american life to anything you don't like. it is not to try to shut it down necessarily. we can debate the merits of that. it is about being able to speak yourself as well. even my taxi driver this morning had a lot to say about donald trump. >> it's everywhere. can't get away from it. brian thanks. and be sure to watch brian's show reliable sources tonight here at 11:00 a.m. and saturday night live unleashing on donald trump as well. mocking the violence. we'll show you. stay close. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ]
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saturday night live known for not shying away from a good punch line. donald trump, some of his rallies and even some of his key supporters. >> we're getting word now of yet another incident of violence at a donald trump rally. apparently the victim was this man, dr. ben carson. who was attacked moments ago by an angry mob that mistook him for a protester. we go there now. >> it's okay. i'm fine. >> guys what did i say? not this one. this is one of the good ones. i'm sorry ben. >> hey they're just lucky i don't have any knife on me. i've been known a cut a
3:59 am
[ bleep ]. >> don't worry. we've got a very classy trump steak on his eye. and to the media, please don't use this as an excuse to call me racist. >> donald trump's actually got a lot of black friends. amarosa, dennis rodman. >> the list goes on. >> mike tyson. >> the list ends. >>. ha ha. i'm always just a little bit nervous victor. always just a little bit at what they are going to come up with. >> yeah. it is always good to have a well placed trump steak right there on your eye i guess for that actor. christi thank you so much. the next hour of your "new day" starts right now. >> it is another bernie sign, get her out of here -- -- captions by vitac --
4:00 am
more anger, tension, and violence at donald trump rallies now and the clinton campaign slamming him for his divisive remarks. aim christi paul. victor blackwell coming to us from my home state in ohio. >> yes, your beloved home state. >> good morning victor. >> the mershonn auditorium on the campus of the ohio state university in columbus ohio. two days from one of the biggest
4:01 am
days of the election, the voting day here this is season. super tuesday three we're calling it. for the republicans 367 delegates are on the line for march 16th. gop front runner donald trump is escalating his tone against protester whose on saturday interrupted his events in ohio and missouri several times. and now he's calling for people who demonstrate at his rallies to be arrested potentially. jim acos that is more for us. >> another donald trump rally interrupted by protesters this time in kansas city. there were roughly 30 to 40 demonstrators who were let out of this theerd during the course of these remarks from donald trump. but unlike the situation in chicago which exploded into a violent melee this was a largely
4:02 am
peaceful outbreak of demonstrations. donald trump at one point he said jese going to start pressing charges against these protesters to take make them stop. >> i hope these guys get thrown into a jail. they will never do it again. it will destroy their record. >> they will to explain to mom and dad why they have a police record and why they can't get a job and do you know what? i'm going to start pressing charges against these people. and then we'll have a problem. i don't want to do that. i don't want to ruin people's lives. but the only way we're going stop this craziness is if we press charges. >> a number of demonstrators, even using pepper spray on some of them. meanwhile trump defended his decision to cancel the rally in chicago. and praises secret service for
4:03 am
protecting him from someone earlier in the day who protected him from the barricade. >> as what we've seen over the past couple days help or hurt donald trump heading into these counties? >> i think hit helps him with his hard core supporters. it is going to em boenld them. they think that donald trump is speaking to power and quite frankly giving voice to folks who have been very frustrated with where they are with the economy and any kind of path forward. however people on the fence you have to wonder who have been looking at donald trump and wonder can i support him and they see the violence that we see in chicago right now. and you got to wonder if some of those folks are thinking twice about supporting him. >> does that put any of these states in jeopardy? how wide is the margin between
4:04 am
trump andem soft other contenders. >> i think f you have to go state by state. donald trump i think comes out a winner no matter what on tuesday. the support he has is so loyal and so fervegt right now that by midnight tuesday donald trump will be declaring vectorry whether he wins ohio or not. >> i spoke with kayleigh mcenany, do we expect he's going to come out and talk about this violence that is happening at his rallies? >> well he is certainly shifting blame entirely on to those who are coming and disrupting his rallies and saying that listen, it is not my supporters who are doing it, these folks are coming and disrupting my rallies. in kansas city he gave a speech and the first 20 minute he was calling people out and pointing
4:05 am
get him out. it was almost like a side show. but waez saw the pictures as well last night the pepper spray being shot like a water canon basically in the crowd. >> these people who were protesting at the time? who were holding signs? or was he identifying people who he expected would be protesters. >> he would call them out who they were being pulled away. and then he would say who else is out there? and that would incite somebody else and it was a circus atmosphere. >> thanks so much. trump is doubling down on his response to friday's events in chicago saying he was not responsible for the violence as mark said. instead he's now placing the blame on the democrats. yesterday trump accused bernie sanders of instigaing. >> the people that were there
4:06 am
that came there, that were invited there, thousands and thousands of people, they caused no problem. they were taunted. they were harassed by these other people. these other people. by the way some represented bernie our communist friend. so with bernie, so he should really get up to his people and say stop. >> joe johns joins me now. so we're not talking about issues anymore. >> no. >> the last 48 hours have been about protests and protesters and we're hearing strong pushback from saturdays. >> we are. and first trump calls him a communist. bernie sanders puts out another statement saying trump is a pathological liar. so as the lot of name calling quite frapgly. the one thing the sanders campaign is trying to make clear is they say their campaign was not involved in what was going on in chicago. they also say that their supporters were involved.
4:07 am
but this was essentially a question of sanders supporters reacting to the rhetoric of donald trump. hillary clinton for her part has kind of taken a completely different tact. she put out a statement at first that sounded very conciliatory but later still managed a zinger directed at trump. >> you know we will always have our difference, won't we? that's what happens in a democracy like ours. but the ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from donald trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong and dangerous. if you are playing with matches you are going to start a fire you can't control. that is not leadership.
4:08 am
that is political arson. >> important also to say that bernie sanders for his part is not denying the fact that his supporters were involved in chicago. and he's not apologizing for it either. i think that is very important to say that sanders is admitting that some of his supporters, as we can see from the signs on the street and in other places, some of his supporters were certainly involved in all the excitement in chicago. >> and not just outside. we have video of some of the bernie sanders supporters holding signs and chanting inside of the arena there in chicago. joe johns thank you so must have much. and i told you last hour our schedule was to have jeff weaver, bernie sanders campaign manager with us to discuss some of the concerns from the trump campaign. also some of the protesters inside that event on chicago. but since i told you that jeff weaver called in. he is not feeling well this morning. so he won't be joining us.
4:09 am
we are working feverishly to bring someone else in answer some questions and discuss some of the concerns and should he, bernie sanders, have a moment speak to his supporters about protests as well. so we're working on that. also of course this will be a topic of discussion tonight at the presidential town hall happening here in this room. of course in advance of tuesday's critical primaries. ohio voters will put questions to sanders and clinton. tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. so why marco rubio says the violence in chicago could be a sign of things to come. plus a closer look at the state of his campaign just two days ahead of the florida prime rismt his home state. that of course playing a crucial role.
4:10 am
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4:13 am
i'm victor blackwell. inside the site of tonight's democratic town hall where bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be taking questions. that is at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. let's get back to the republicans. marco rubio appearing to waiver the donald trump is the nominee and now telling voters that chicago could be a sign of things to come. if he doesn't win his home state of florida on tuesday this could be the end of the race for him. >> that senator rubio saying what happened in chicago is just another example of why donald trump is not the nominee, is not prepared to be the nominee and he says another example of a reason why donald trump is not someone who can unite the party. senator rubio saying he is the candidate who can unite the party. and when asked a little earlier
4:14 am
today about whether or not if donald trump were to become the nominee, if he could get behind him, here is what rubio had to say about that. >> i don't know. i already talked about the fact that i think hillary clinton would be terrible for this country. but the fact you are asking me that question i still at this point tend to support the republican nominee but it's getting harder every day. >> trying to take every vote possible from trump so he does not become the nominee. and he's going to try to stop him right here in his home state of florida. he's trailing in the polls here. they don't believe in those poles and are working hard for every single vote and telling people that a vote for kasich or a vote for cruz is essentially a vote for trump. >> marco rubio's rivals are
4:15 am
saying that his campaign has stalled and marco rubio needs to win in florida on tuesday if he wants to stay in this race and he's saying so himself on the campaign trail. watch. >> so as usually is the case florida, it comes down to you. and i hopeky earn your support so we can continue this campaign into other parts of the country moving forward. joining me now, state representative there in florida, also chairman of the republican party of florida. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so if marco rubio does not win on tuesday, is there a rationale for him to stay in the race? >> senator rubio staying in the race after march 15th whether he
4:16 am
wins or loses is up to the senator. we don't get involved in trying to mandate what candidates should or should not do after these races. >> it is interesting. i had a conversation with the ohio gop chair. and that state party, here, has endorsed governor kasich. and i understand why early on the gop in florida wouldn't endorse one or another because governor bush was still in the race but at this point why not jump behind marco rubio in the contest of four? >> well look. snoosh h senator rubio has a lot of support in our state. but the republican party of florida has traditionally stayed out oaf these races. we feel it is better for all involved that the party doesn't weigh in. it is just a preference and that is just what we chose to do. >> gotcha.
4:17 am
gotcha. let me ask you about this trump tweet. he tweeted early world is voting in florida is very dishonest. word is they are working overtime trying to rig the votes. what is your response to that? >> well when i first read that tweet i was a little taken aback. because i didn't know if he was talking about us, the state party and me personally as the party chairman or if he was talking about marco rubio's statewide chairman. but i will tell you that the republican party of florida we have remained neutral in this race. i have remained neutral in this race. but the thing that we are most concerned about is making sure that hillary clinton does not see the inside of the oval office. so i don't know where he got that information. we have checked with the 67 independent state election at
4:18 am
state of florida and we have not heard of anything being done like that in the state of florida so i don't know what mr. trump is talking about on this. >> you saad florida is a diverse state with lots of nuances and the candidate who understands those will win the primary. as evidenced by governor bush having struggled in the polls in florida. we see the difficult time that b marco rubio is having. did bush and is rubio -- are they out of touch? are they not aware of these nuances? >> these are both men who are elected statewide. why are they struggling in florida now? >> well the first thing obviously, it is a year where people are very very frustrated with what's going on in washington d.c. and i think a lot of that is resonating. but look florida is important. we are winner take all. we offer 99 delegates to the
4:19 am
winner. and in terms of the state we have a large state very diverse, multi media markets and person who can understand those nuances is going to be rewarded with our full slate of 99 demgts. and what that affords is an opportunity for tuesday somebody to catch up in the delegate race or in the case of mr. trump to expand the lead. so it is an exciting time: we believe that the polls are a lot tighter. the race is a lot tighter than the polls suggest. and we are looking forward to tuesday. >> you know what i find fas make, and i worked and lived in florida for several years, north florida and south florida, that this race has been casted a a home turf for marco rubio but not for donald trump. when donald trump has mar-a-lago and many trump properties all over the state?
4:20 am
>> i think the state is a must win for all of the candidates. and we are a pretty conservative state despite what some people say. and in terms of the nuances in the state of florida, northern florida people would typically tend to think it would go with mr. trump in this scenario and the i-4 corder and especially down south in miami dade, we think that is traditionally marco rubio company. and when you take those o into effect it is going b to close race. >> state representative and chairman of the republican party of florida. >> thank you. >> don't forget to tune into the town hall tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern here an cnn.
4:21 am
christi with that back to you in atlanta. we do have some other things to talk about this morning. a riot in a alabama prison. corrections officers are injured. why authorities now are doing a sweep for continraband and what they are looking for there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most exciting lineup of suvs ever. including the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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4:25 am
there friday night. one inmate shared this cell phone video from inside the facility. i know you are wondering are they supposed to have cell phones? >> and the israeli air force s carried out several strikes in gaza. after several rockets were launched at israel. no one was hurt there.
4:26 am
french authorities have not been able to break into the iphones and the french foreign minister says tech companies including apple will not assist him. all as fbi is trying to force apple to unlock the iphones of the san bernardino shooters. if. >> the signs were professionally made. bernie, you will have to check. it is probably the same location. get them out. get them out. >> seems like this is becoming all too common on the campaign trail lately. how is trump dealing with it now? and does he have any power to stop it even if he wanted to? >> get em out? ct with real turkd venison has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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better eggs. i'm victor blackwell live from the auditorium on the campus of the ohio state university in columbus ohio for tonight's presidential town hall. first, donald trump wants disruptive protesters to face charges. his campaign events were interrupted several times yesterday after the rally that turned violent in chicago. actually the rally was canceled and the aftermath of that cancellation turned violent. look here. this is ohio. you saw this man rush the stage. the secret service jumped in to protect mr. trump. the man was taken away and arrested. trump was not injured.
4:31 am
>> dozens of protesters inside and outside interrupted donald trump by the end of the night calling for arrests of protesters who interrupt his rallies. >> the big thing was what was going to happen after the trouble in chicago? kansas city said they were prepared. protesters across the street. you can see how police set up a dividing line to keep protesters and trump supporters apart. but as a long line stretched around the building thousands showed up for trump. and at 2:30 more than a thousand were still in line. but trump was interrupted several times because protesters made their way in and made their voices heard.
4:32 am
[inaudible] -- conversations did get tense out here. there was some pushing and shoving. some punches were thrown but police were able to get that pretty much under wraps pretty quickly. ryan young cnn. >> mark preston back with us now. mark, of course what we've been talking about will loom large at the town hall tonight. but can bernie sanders do in ohio what he did in michigan? he is certainly hoping to. they are looking for delegates. why this is critical now is because he has talked to his whole entire campaign about this time in the campaign right now. they needed to get out of south because they did not have the support of african americans in the south but they thought when they got to the industrial mid
4:33 am
west they would do well. ohio, illinois, missouri on tuesday. and of all of those states they some think missouri might be their best bet. >> in michigan there was the issue of the auto bail out. in which hillary clinton said he voted against it. his defense was he voted for the bail out on its own but against the larger bank bail out as he could called it. and i wondered about this reference yesterday about hillary clinton and healthcare. and where were you? and his response i was right behind you. >> and they were able to come out very quickly and say we were right there certainly diffuses the argument he wasn't there at that time. of course that goes back when her husband was in office and
4:34 am
she was leading the charge. and when it comes to the auto industry we really all would have thought that attack line would have worked and it did on't. and that argument they made in michigan they were hoping to work there and then boomerang into these three states is probably not going to work. >> we have i believe on the phone simone sanders for the sanders campaign. you hear me? >> yes. how you doing victor? >> good to have you with us this morning. first, what does bernie sanders need to do tonight to close the gap here but also pull off what many did not expect was possible, that win in michigan? how he can do that in one of the states on tuesday? >> you know, i think senator sanders has to go out there and
4:35 am
do what we have been doing is talk about the issues. and the issue of unfettered free trade deals and how they have literally devastated communities in the state of ohio is something we are going to talk about. we are going to talk about how he's been strong when it comes to standing up for hard working american people, standing up to wall street. i assume we are going to talk about healthcare tonight, issues that are extremely important. and senator sanders has always been there for the healthcare fight. so i think those are some of the things that we are going to talk about. i think the people of ohio, the american people are ready for the conversation and those are the kind of things they want to talk about. >> undoubtedly something you are going to want to talk about not only the protest and violence we
4:36 am
saw in chicago at donald trump rallies, many of the people who were outside and some of the people who were inside were bernie sanders supporters, and there have been calls for donald trump to speak clearly and distinctly and have a moment of punctuatuation with his supporters, why haven't his supporters -- should he also have a moment of punctuation? >> i think what's happening is a direct result of the things donald trump had talked about. so this is not -- i think those are things we need to focus on. our campaign is not
4:37 am
orchestrating anyone going into donald trump rallies and what not. but what this is is the american people are fed up and they are tired. they would like to speak about the issues and when you see folks -- >> let me jump in here please and i ha it to interrupt. there is a bit of a delay between the phone call and my being here in ohio. but did the sanders supporters not just hand a gift to donald trump? any time there is a protester he can just say see? they handed him a gift by holding up your candidate's signs, chanting his name and now trump has been validated every time there is a supporter to call out your candidate's name. >> look victor, look victor. donald trump is showing the american people that he is literally a pathological liar as
4:38 am
the senator would say. obviously we appreciate that we have supporters at the rally in chicago but again our campaign did not organize those protests. and i want or the clear, what caused the protests at the trump rally is a candidate that has promoted hatred and division. and we don't have to look far. he's promoted against muslims and women in this country latino, people with disabilities. african americans. his birther attack against the legitimacy of president obama. so again we are not orchestra orchestrating anyone going into the donald trump rallies. whether causes this violence is the campaign and his words and actions have encouragement on the part of his supporters. donald trump says i want to punch him in the face. donald trump trump yearned for the olden days when protesters
4:39 am
punched and carried out an stretcher. >> no question there have been people -- >> -- over trump. >> -- of the democrats and republicans have called for a calming of the rhetoric. simone sanders on the phone with us. i know it was a last minute call after jeff weaver got a little sick. so i appreciate you getting on the phone with us this morning. >> my pleasure, thank you for having me. >> certainly. enjoy your sunday. remember the tune in tonight. 8:00 eastern right here on that stage. it is all set up ready for tonight right here on cnn. also an impressive lineup of candidates. jake tapper has all of them. kasich, trump, rubio, sanders. all of them right here on cnn. all eyes on ohio, ahead of
4:40 am
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that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. governor john kasich says very clearly all eyes are on ohio. and he's right about that. the voters need to step up in his words. watch. >> in this election here next tuesday it is not the eyes of the united states that are on ohio. it is the eyes of the world. and we can send a message.
4:44 am
>> presumably that message, send donald trump packing. and joining me now matt borges. the executive director of the ohio republican party. matt, is the state party has endorsed governor kasich. why make the call to endorse the governor? >> well this governor has turned the state around from 400,000 job loss to 415,000 new private sector jobs. governing as the conservative. it is exactly the kind of recipe we need for washington. we're very proud of our governor and looking ifrd to seeing him win here on tuesday. >> let me throe in a tweet. donald trump saying john kasich
4:45 am
was for nafta. the state never recovered. now he wants to bring t.p.p. to the nation. we're putting up the exact tweet there. ohio steel and coal dying. your response to whether we're hearing from donald trump? >> certainly not the only thing we've heard donald trump say that's been wrong on this campaign and voters are going to remember that on tuesday. and donald trump doesn't like to lose and he's about to lose here on tuesday and this race then takes a entirely different turn. >> if you are wrong. if governor kasich does not win here, if he does not win here. is there a rationale for him to stay in the race? having won nowhere else? >> i'm not dealing with that. everything is trending his way. he's surging late in new hampshire and michigan. he'll do it again here in ohio and i think he'll win here on tuesday.
4:46 am
>> does he have simply a state message and not a national message? you support the governor but he's not won in any contest. he's come in second place most notably in new hampshire but why hasn't that resonated? >> well we had a larger field. the field has narrowed. i think will even more after tuesday and the map and calendar start to become more friendly for a candidate like john kasich. as we get to the northern state contests and the rust belt, the mid west, it all starts here in ohio on tuesday. >> so there was this ruling from a judge of 17-year-olds here in the state who will be 18 by election day in november will be able to participate in the primary on tuesday. the secretary of state says he's not going to appeal that. we know that plays well for the democrat u well for bernie sanders winning that block of
4:47 am
voters. who does it play for well in the gop field? >> you know who may answer is going to be. john kasich of course. >> but does rubio play better with younger voters. >> no this is a situation where our secretary of state was properly interpreting the law. a judge said the low should be interpreted differently and that's what is going to stand for tuesday. we don't need any more chaos or confusion with regard to way the judges make up the rules and law as we go along. so those voters will be able to cast their ballots on tuesday and if they are smart they will vote for john kasich. >> john kasich says it is getting harder to support trump if he's the nominee. should he break from this pledge? ? >> he makes it hard, doesn't he? no. i think our governor has said that when you are arena, which he is, you take a different approach to your fellow
4:48 am
competitors. and when we get to cleveland, we have the convention coming back here to the buckeye state for the first time in 80 years in july, we'll know who our winner eventually is and that person will be the person we strongly support for president of the united states. >> matt borges, good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> and remember to tune in to the cnn democratic presidential town hall at 8:00 eastern right e here on cnn. still ahead. the judge ruled in favor of 17-year-olds voting. up next i'll chat with the chairman of the ohio democrat party to get his reaction. volksy is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems...
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we're live from the campus of the ohio state university in columbus, ohio. tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take questions from voters right there on that stage in a town hall event here on cnn. then on tuesday 691 delegates are up for grabs for the candidates as voters head to the polls in five states, including ohio. joining me now is the chair of the ohio democratic party, david pepper. good to have you in this morning. >> good to be here. >> i just want to start with the question after that major upset win many call it for bernie
4:53 am
sanders in michigan. can he do the same thing here in ohio, and specifically in michigan the exchange in the last cnn debate over the auto bailouts. many credit with bernie sanders' ability to win michigan. this exchange we're seeing over health care now, can that help bernie sanders here? >> i think either way it's going to be tight in ohio. we've known that for some time. we've seen it tighten a lot in the last couple weeks, so i think issues like health care but especially issues like trade, you are see candidates pushing those points. i think it will be tied all the way to the end. >> if it's tight the impact of this ruling from a judge that the 17-year-olds who will be 18 by election day in november can participate in the primary, are we talking about a substantial number that could push bernie sanders over the limit here? >> you know, i don't know how many. i'm just thrilled the judge ruled that way. we have seen years -- every year the republicans are trying to
4:54 am
keep people from voting, and here even though the law has been clear since 1971 that 17-year-olds with vote as long as they're by age in november, it was terrible the secretary of state tried to stop that. he lost to a group of 17-year-olds to took him to court. some are republicans and they're going to vote in that primary, some are democrats. i'm excitemented they simply have the right to vote. >> you were here just passing by matt and we know the gop has endorsed governor kasich. my question for you, why no endorsement from the ohio democrats? >> almost no party in it's entire country has endorsed in either presidential primary. i think new jersey did and now christie is out so that one is irrelevant. the ohio republican party to my knowledge is the only party that endorsed their home state candidate. not even vermont endorsed bernie sanders. but big picture, the deck is certainly stacked for john kasich. he has urban meyer, they're
4:55 am
handing out sample ballots with hus name on every one. he should win ohio. ted cruz won texas 44%/27%. didn't have his own party's endorsement. in a way everything is in favor of him here. i would expect if he doesn't win by a big amount it actually doesn't look very good for him because it's such a home field advantage at this point. no other state party in the krunt so far has endorsed their home state candidate. >> david pepper, head of the democratic party here in ohio. i appreciate you coming in this morning. big night here. stage is set and the questions will be flying tonight. thank you so much. >> great to be here. >> all right. again, the democratic presidential town hall is tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn just two days ahead of the big contests, one of them being here in ohio. for the republicans it's winner-take-all, proportional for the democrats. let me send it back to you in atlanta. >> thank you so much.
4:56 am
enjoy ohio. it's a pretty awesome state, just saying. >> it's a lovely place. i'm just here for maybe 18 hours or so, but i have enjoyed it thus far. >> i know, i know. well, enjoy it, nonetheless. i know everybody in the buckeye state will be good to you. i'm just a little biased and i admit it. i'm very open about it. thank you, victor. always good to spend my morning with you and with all of you who are out there. thank you for starting your morning with us. we certainly appreciate it and love your company. "inside politics" starts right after a quick break for you. stay close. nothing seems to work. your hair is still thinning. you may have inactive follicles. reactivate them with women's rogaine® foam. the only once a day treatment proven to regrow new hairs up to 48% thicker.
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comcast business. built for business. chaos in chicago sets off a presidential blame game. >> my people aren't violent. it's these people that come in. >> that he has created a toxic atmosphere of dividing us. that's undeniable. >> will the images and outcry impact trump's presidential hopes? as for two candidates, tuesday could be the last stand. >> leadership is about using the langer to motivate us, not to define us. and a defining day in the democratic race. >> american workers should not be forced to compete against desperate people.


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