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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that iran is not going to get all of that money, wolf. it has at least half of it tied up in debts to its creditors. the u.s. feels it will get a very small portion of that 100 billion, wolf. >> thank you. that's it for me. thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. next, a special edition "outfront." we are live in miami tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders about to face off after sanders scores the biggest political upset of the year. donald trump says the race is almost over. is he right? dr. ben carson, his first interview since dropping out of the race. let's go "outfront." >> good evening, i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, show down here
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in miami in what could be the most critical debate of the democratic race. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are about to face off. 24 hours after sanders pulled off a major upset. that's an understatement. so unexpected the sanders campaign itself was taken by utter surprise. we are going to be going to that debate stage in just a couple of moments here at miami-dade college. senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton are preparing to face off as we speak. you're going to see here on cnn and on univision. in a state where she led by every single poll up to the last minute and now counting down to next tuesday another round of primaries, make or break. 691 delegates will be at stake across florida, ohio, illinois, missouri, and north carolina.
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clinton holding major leads in north carolina, florida, and ohio. she leads sanders 61% to 34%. ohio even bigger. the polls showing a 30-point lead. 63% to 33% over sanders. sanders' message on the economy worked. will clinton seal the deal? i'm joined by our distinguished panel of political experts all with me here in miami. i want to begin with jeff zeleny. obviously, this is not what hillary clinton wanted or expected to be the story line tonight. >> reporter: erin, no question about that. the clinton campaign hoped by this moment they would be really looking forward to november, looking forward to the summer of building an argument against the republican nominee be it donald trump or someone else. that is all thrown out the window. on monday night on the eve of
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that michigan primary hillary clinton said so herself. she said, come on democrats, the sooner we pick a nominee, the sooner we can go after republicans. she has to again drill down on the differences between her and bernie sanders. particularly on the economic message. his message worked so well in michigan on trade, on other things. so they're going to go back and try to relitigate some of the things. she still leads in delegates of course, but this is not where hillary clinton wanted to be tonight. >> certainly not. i guess the other question is where else does bernie sanders think he can repeat his michigan showing. we're going through those polls in some of the crucial states. hillary clinton with massive leads in the polls as she was heading into michigan. is in anywhere else he can pull off an upset? >> reporter: the clinton campaign isn't looking at those polls at all because they don't believe them. if you look at the demographics,
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the states that fit michigan anticipate tand the others the most are ohio, missouri, and illinois. he knows florida and north carolina are too diverse of an electorate for him. he believes that white working class, particularly in ohio similar to michigan. they believe that could be a launching spot. the sanders campaign says we may not win any other states next week, but there are other states going down the map here. ohio is so similar to michigan. that's what i'm keeping my eye on as we head into next week. erin? >> all right, thank you very much, jeff. as he watches ohio, hits home at one of the major reasons bernie sanders was able to pull off the major upset last night. the americans are outraged over what has happened in this country because of free trade
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policies. sanders beat hillary clinton by 15 points among democrats who say trade deals are taking away american jobs. will this be a clinton achilles heel? >> secretary clinton supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements written by corporate america -- >> reporter: in the labor stronghold of michigan, bernie sanders hit hillary clinton where it hurts, on her past support for trade agreements, including nafta, signed into law by her husband. >> i was on a picket line in the early 1990s -- >> reporter: exit polling shows 1/3 of michigan democrat voters say they're a union household. it's called the transpacific partnership, but in michigan it might as well be a dirty word. after advocating for the tpp 45
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times at the state department, clinton came out as a candidate against it in october. >> as of today, i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> reporter: sanders says it is too little, too late. >> i was one of the first, not one of the last, to be in opposition to the tpp. >> reporter: clinton is trying to cast her opposition as a thoughtful decision. >> i came out against the tpp. after it was finished, i thought it was reasonable to know what was in it before i opposed it. i oppose it. >> reporter: michigan voters don't seem to buy it. sanders beat clinton among voters who believe international trade takes away american jobs. in illinois, trade is likely to come up again. it could follow clinton into the general election if she faces donald trump. donald trump said this to larry king in 1999.
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>> i think you have to be treated fairly by other countries. if other countries aren't going to treat you fairly, they should suffer the consequences. >> reporter: it's an unusual position for a republican, but he's been talking about it over and over on the campaign trail. >> she's not going to bring back trade. michigan has been devastated by bad trade deals. she's not going to bring back trade. she's not going to bring back businesses. she's not going to bring back all the employment that's gone, all the factories that are closed. >> all right. obviously having a little bit of a technical difficulty. i want to go straight to our panel. jeffrey lord joins me here along with nia henderson, donna brazil, and a bernie sanders supporter, and maria cardona.
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you got it? everybody out there, i hope you have memorized it. we saw that great piece by brianna about trade. bernie sanders opposition to trade deals, heard h hurt him i michigan. >> helped him in michigan. we're seeing across both parties. that's what's so interesting. donald trump won that vote of the folks that think trade deals give jobs away and bernie sanders won it. this is the similar appeal that's going on with the populist notion. bernie sanders did himself a lot of good with that message in michigan. i would imagine if you look at states like ohio and illinois and possibly missouri he could be competitive in those states coming up next week as well. >> do you think he can pull off a win in one of those states? >> they're obviously lowering expectations.
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tighter than those poll s suggest. if you spend any time in detroit or the midwest, you're seeing foreclosed homes that have been abandoned by folks. you're seeing main streets that are devastated and people have lost their jobs. he's tapping into the reality of what people have been experiencing and hillary clinton hasn't been able to do that in the same way. >> what went wrong? >> let's start with the obvious fact that the polling that was done stopped before the debate on sunday. second thing, i do believe you had a very large sizable number of independent voters who voted in a democratic primary. that could have underestimated the numbers. but the bottom line is the people in michigan had an opportunity to vote for two strong candidates. at the end of the day, it was a very close vote, but they wanted somebody who promised change.
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we've heard that message before. bernie sanders is running an incredible campaign. a message that resonated on jobs, on talking about trade deals, foreclosure. i think he answered the question that many voters had in their minds, which is will you help us. >> how big of a blow is this to clinton? this was supposed to be an easy win. she was going to have this that was supposed to be the conversation tonight, but it wasn't. >> sure. obviously, people don't like losing. it was very close. it was a blow to the campaign. but let's also remember that she came out of this with more delegates than bernie did at the end of the day. at the end of the day, it is all about the delegates. going back to the message -- >> does it show a weakness in a candidate that can't wrack up big wins? >> i'm going to that because i'm going to the messages. i think we overstate if we're
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saying her message is not resonating. she's done very well in many other states. she came very close in michigan. the fact of the matter is i saw some numbers when she talked about bernie's vote on the auto bailout, she did draw some blood. the late deciders, which were about 15%, they broke for her by four points. that didn't hurt her. it might have helped her. you might have some other union households saying she took union households where there were a lot of union households. a lot of young people came out. i don't know if there was a deficit in the african-american vote. we saw the margins were smaller in terms of her advantage with african-american voters. >> right. jonathan? you did not expect a win. >> i didn't expect us to win honestly, but i thought it would
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be very close. here's why. tens of thousands of volunteers were making phone calls into michigan. this victory goes to the broad movement that bernie has sparked. i want to clarify something. nobody is against trade. every single person i know, including myself, who has opposed nafta and the agreements hillary clinton has supported, is for trade. all it is a bunch of exceptions for corporations on intellectual property. it does nothing for worke eers practically speaking. hillary clinton has come out against the transpacific partnership. i don't think it's a genuine opposition. i think it was entirely done because bernie has defined this election. he's defined what this debate is going to be about, inequality and corporate power. >> or she read a trade deal and she didn't like it. >> i think you guys polled it.
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it is something that has enormous energy among the democratic base and you knew. to your credit, you had to change your position. >> or maybe she read the trade deal and didn't like it. >> secretary clinton opposed cafta. >> one trade agreement. >> facts are facts. >> people get upset when the clinton people mistake their record. i just want to be fair. >> it's not a uniform. >> just to -- cafta, of all those trade agreements, is one of the smallest one. she supported the china deal, which bernie sanders opposed. south korea, you go down the list. cafta was a small thing having to do with central american companies that have very little trade with the united states. >> that's going to be -- >> let me finish, donna. it connected to voters' concerns of her corporate connections and
4:14 pm
the fact that she gets money from goldman sachs. >> it's going to be about future trade deals and future what i call job creation issues that i think democrats want to have a fight about, a conversation that lends itself to how do we build on the success of obama and create jobs. >> florida voters -- >> you're all going to be back. next, donald trump is speaking live to supporters. the other person who has rallied those who do not like trade deals. he's in north carolina tonight. if trump wins florida and ohio next week, is the race over? he said so today. marco rubio getting zero delegates last night. now trailing trump in his home state. my guest tonight dr. ben carson. this and more as we count you down to tonight's democratic presidential debate right here on cnn.
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and we are back live in miami tonight. the stage is set for hillary clinton and bernie sanders to go head to head. their first debate after the major michigan upset. it is a crucial debate you will see right here on cnn. now this is happening as donald trump takes his campaign to
4:19 pm
north carolina speaking to live to supporters right now after wracking up another three significant victories. just moments ago, trump spoke to anderson cooper insisting he will win florida next week and the nomination. >> if you win ohio, kasich drops out and you win florida and rubio is gone and it is just you and cruz. if you don't get all the delegates needed to get the convention -- you think you'll get all the delegates? >> i really think so, yes. >> you knock them out. if you knock them out, nothing can happen. >> reporter: donald trump is sounding like a winner today after taking michigan, mississippi, and hawaii and delivering a major blow to his rivals. >> they're pretty much all gone. pretty much. they didn't do so well tonight,
4:20 pm
folks. >> reporter: the billionaire frontrunner is looking for a major knockout on tuesday in florida and ohio. >> i think we're going to do really well in florida. it's my second home. i love florida. i love florida. i love florida. it's a special place. i think we're going to do really well in ohio. >> reporter: trump is beating his home state rivals. in ohio, john kasich is trailing donald trump by six points. in florida, marco rubio is down 16 points. >> there are only two candidates in this race that have any plausible path of getting to 1237. as this race continues and continues to narrow into a clear two-man race, head to head donald trump loses and loses badly. >> reporter: cruz was the only other republican to win last night scoring a "w" in idaho and
4:21 pm
earning an endorsement from carly fiorina today. >> i checked the box for ted cruz and i'm here to tell you why. >> reporter: cruz is running third in ohio and florida. marco rubio, john kasich, and ted cruz all slated to meet with jeb bush tomorrow before the big cnn republican debate. jeb bush mulling whether or not he's going to endorse before march 15th in his home state. donald trump acted with bravado saying if these guys can't beat him, how can they beat china or russia? maybe they should all get together to stop hillary clinton in november. >> thank you very much. at ur
4:22 pm
at a rally in florida. let me start with you. trump is saying it is pretty much done if he wins florida and ohio. now, here in florida the air waves are flooded with anti-trump ads. so -- >> i don't think they're getting anywhere. i really do think when you have somebody who is a cultural figure like donald trump or ronald reagan or around schwarzenegger, it is impossible to go after them in these negative ads because the american people feel they know these guys. they agree with him on policy and message. this story that came out of georgia which i saw a couple minutes after it posted right
4:23 pm
before i was on your show and mentioned it. holy cow, that thing is all over talk radio where the establishment and ceos of tech companies and members of the house and senate, karl rove, it doesn't get any worse than that for these guys. >> is it true the more they conspire, the more voters are inspired? >> the more trump voters are inspired. there's no doubt about that. we know how loyal his supporters are. that does -- any story about the never trump movement, the establishment taking him down, organizing some convoluted plan for a contested convention, all of that plays to trump's strengths. there's no doubt about that. however, we shouldn't overlook the fact that donald trump, if he does become the nominee, he's going to have a lot of work to do with the party. you heard him start saying it
4:24 pm
last night. unifying, what have you. a new poll out showed 53% of republicans would be satisfied with him as the nominee. that means 47% wouldn't be. that's his to-do list when he emerges or if he emerges with this nomination. >> you've been talking positive. >> i'm formally endorsing ted cruz tonight for one main reason. that is the fact i do not believe donald trump is going to be able to bring everyone together. his record of his past bothers me. it doesn't just bother me. he has not been sweeping. he's not even getting the majority numbers that many claimed he was going to get, above 50%. the reason why is there's more people who are voting against him than are voting in favor of him last night. as long as you have a three-man
4:25 pm
race, that plays to trump's advantage. but there are more conservatives that are more frustrated with donald trump because they are concerned about his past and his flexibility on immigration and his off the record comments and the fraud with trump university and all the students there that have come out. they're also frustrated with the fact that they made up stats that weren't true with the better business to try to get rid of that issue of trump university and they lied about it last week. a lot of conservatives are saying we're not all jumping in on the trump train. there are people questioning him. >> rose, i keep hearing this argument from people who do not support donald trump and yet he keeps winning. >> he does. >> the polls aren't good. then there he was again. >> there he was again. especially for marco rubio, who i favor, marco rubio needs to get out there and be marco
4:26 pm
rubio. >> i thought you were going to say get out. i agree. >> marco rubio needs to be marco rubio. he's got a great presence. he's very articulate. he understands what's going on. the national security establishment, they're coalescing around marco rubio. >> zero last night. >> the debate is tomorrow night. one of the things he'll be doing is talking about national security. that is number one on the minds of the voters. he needs to be heard. >> third place has always been third place. you cannot tell me there's momentum behind you as a candidate. this is a two-man race. ted cruz has won. >> not necessarily. >> donald trump has won and keeps winning. >> and you know what? why is donald trump winning? why in your estimation? because he's loud. everyone's covering him. at some point that anger needs to translate into national security and a concern.
4:27 pm
>> my concern is between donald trump and ted cruz, they're getting 75% of the vote, which tells you how much angst there is out there and upset. >> national security is right there in the forefront. he keeps invoking patton. patton's grandson said, trump, you're no patton. >> he's not going to win in florida. the longer you have a bigger field -- you agree with me. this is great for donald trump right now. >> by the end of next week, 70% of the republican vote and 70% of the delegates will have been chosen. donald trump will either be on a path -- >> and we're going to talk more about the exit polls in
4:28 pm
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we're live in miami tonight. in 90 minutes hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off on this stage in a debate you can only see here right on cnn. the remaining four presidential candidates will debate right here at the university of miami tomorrow. it will be marco rubio's last chance to convince voters here in florida that he can beat donald trump. just moments ago, rubio telling supporters he is in it and he will win florida. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday. i will campaign as long and as
4:33 pm
hard as it takes. we are going to win this nomination. >> cnn's latest polls shows rubio trailing trump by 16 points in this state. rubio is banking on florida. it is a must-win. he has said this. everyone has said this. what was the crowd like? were they eager? were they excited? >> reporter: well, they were excited, but the crowd was relatively small in terms of what we expected here at this stadium. expecting much more people here considering this is hialeah. this is south florida. this is marco rubio country. certainly expecting more than what we saw here based on similar crowds that we've seen before in before. in virginia, much larger crowds. much larger crowds in atlanta. it was held at 5:00 when some
4:34 pm
folks were still at work. having said that, some disappointment in terms of not saying a larger crowd here at this stadium. disappointment in terms of what they saw last night. they were expecting to pick up some delegates. disappointment when it comes to those polls. those polls show him trailing behind trump in two polls. when you speak to the rubio folks, they say we don't believe those polls. they believe rubio is ahead. they are looking at early voting, which they say seems to show voters leaning towards rubio rather than trump. out here tonight, you heard rubio telling those who came out here to support him, look, i need you to go out and vote. i need you to tell other people who support me to go out and vote early as well. >> jason carol, thank you very much. i want to go right back to my panel now. you just heard what jason is reporting. on the plane today, i was
4:35 pm
sitting next to a man who said he's coming down to florida. he splits his time between florida and new york. votes in florida. going to switch his vote to john kasich. but the point is he said, look, if the talk keeps being this way, i'm not going to support him. >> this happens in campaigns where you hit a spiral moment that you have to work your way out of. the rubio campaign really has one shot to work their way out of it and that's tomorrow night on the debate stage. marco rubio needs a killer debate tomorrow night on that debate stage. if he can start to turn the narrative a bit, get a few good headlines, a big victory from the debate stage, you can sell it to donors and reassuring your supporters and start bringing the fight again to your
4:36 pm
opponents. right now, they're in a world of hurt. >> if you can't carry your own state, you're done. you're done. if you win your home state -- >> then what? >> i don't know what he does beyond that. if you think about the states that are voting on tuesday, sure, maybe he'll win florida. he's going to lose all those other states most likely. he doesn't have an infrastructure going forward or a path. in some ways there isn't a rubio lane. >> there's no longer -- >> voters are supporting trump or cruz. marco rubio has come out and talked about the spiral. not specifically, but he said some of these distasteful and rather vulgar comments he made about donald trump. he said he was embarrassed. his children were embarrassed about him. >> his parents got to him. >> in terms of things that have
4:37 pm
to do with personal stuff, yeah. at the end of the day, that's not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it. if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. >> is that going to be enough? >> i think so. i think he can redeem himself and he'll do it tomorrow night. only trump can do trump. no one else can do trump. they shouldn't even try to do trump. sometimes trump doesn't get it right, but marco rubio needs to stay true to who he is. he is a statesman. if he focuses on national security tomorrow, he has already rolled out -- >> he's done that in a lot of debates. >> marco rubio has had consistently good debates. after last night, you have to look at the numbers. he didn't even pull off getting one delegate last night. john kasich had a better night than marco rubio. >> that's one voter. >> if you look at moving forward
4:38 pm
for him, he has a cash problem on hand. he had 5 million on hand. there's not a lot of money left. he doesn't have the infrastructure moving forward. he's put everything into florida. on top of that, he's out of money. where do you go from there? >> he is ahead of john kasich in the delegate count. >> i agree with you there. >> i don't think he's going to win ohio. >> if you're coming down in places where you should be able to pull off delegates -- i think what you're seeing he's been squeezed out of the trump and cruz fight. >> there's a limited number of states in april that could give marco rubio the kind of field to be a player. >> i agree. >> think about a northeastern state, pennsylvania, new york, he has to win. then he has to run the table just to be in the mix. >> part of his problem is that he's run a relatively passive
4:39 pm
campaign until now. for months before that, it was very passive. he kept a light footprint in those early states even though he had a backing of a lot of donors. didn't do a lot of campaigning or identifying with voters. i think it's coming back to bite him. >> that may have been the death punch. >> thank you all very much. don't forget we have the next republican presidential debate tomorrow night. such a crucial night for all of them, particularly for marco rubio and his home state. outfront next, my exclusive interview with dr. ben carson live. is he getting ready to run again? we're counting down to tonight's clinton/sanders debate. that debate on cnn less than 90 minutes away.
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welcome back to the university of miami. just an hour from now, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, facing off on a debate right here on cnn. in just 24 hours, we'll host the
4:44 pm
next republican presidential debate. do or die florida and ohio primaries. dr. ben carson will not be on the debate stage since he took himself out of contention on friday. he has made no public appearances until tonight. i appreciate you're coming outfront. thank you very much, sir. >> my pleasure. >> marco rubio said he was not proud of some of the things that he had said about donald trump. he said it was embarrassing to his children. he embarrassed his children with some of the comments he made and he regrets it. does that surprise you? what do you make of the tone of the things that have been said in the past week and ten days? >> the last debate i attended when i went out into the spin area, the international reporters asked the same question. aren't you embarrassed? yes, i think all of america was embarrassed. i'm glad to see that marco has come to the understanding that
4:45 pm
that is not presidential type behavior. i hope everyone else will come to that soon because the issues that face us as a nation are so incredibly serious. we don't have time for foolishness at this stage of the game. >> we don't have time for foolishness, but people are desperately trying to figure out who is going to be the nominee. donald trump compared your behavior to a child molester back in november. ted cruz is number two behind donald trump. you've excused him of playing dirty tricks with robo calls implying you were getting out of the race before the iowa caucuses. would you support either one of them? >> yes. we have to come up with the
4:46 pm
right situation here. so you have to consider all the information, who is most likely to win, and what kind of shenanigans will drive voters away so they will not participate in the process. we have to be very careful in all those things. >> so will you endorse one of them? you're talking about wanting to pick someone who is ahead, but you don't want shenanigans. what do you make of donald trump? >> well, i think the debate tomorrow will be instructive. is he going to start acting, you know, more presidential, not distracted by attacks that create a circus-like atmosphere and talk about the vision for
4:47 pm
america. i believe all four of the remaining candidates love america. i believe they all want to see solutions. they just have to maintain the kind of discipline they will allow them to talk about those things for the american people so they can make an appropriate decision. those are the same things that i'm looking at too. i'm talking to everybody also. i think in the long run we will make an appropriate decision and behave ourselves in the correct way. in the past, republicans have always found a way to snatch the defeat from the jaws of victory. we just can't let that happen this time. >> you have been talked about by many in florida as possible running for marco rubio's senate seat, which is he is vacating. are you going to run? >> i have no intention of doing
4:48 pm
that, no. that has never been an intention of mine to run for the senate. they were asking me to do that when i was back in maryland also. there are a lot of things that need to be done -- >> thank you very much. >> i want to continue to work on those things that really will save the next generation. that's my focus right now. >> all right. dr. carson, thank you very much. i appreciate your time tonight, sir. he was embarrassed by that debate that so many were embarrassed by and hoping for something more presidential tomorrow. outfront next, we're counting you down to that democratic debate, which is beginning in less than an hour. when we return, the keys to tonight's showdown. that is indeed what it will be.
4:49 pm
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we are counting down to tonight's democratic debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders head-to-head here on cnn here in miami. set to begin in about an hour. my panel is back with me. so, donna, last night was a great night for bernie sanders. it was a horrid night for hillary clinton when it comes to
4:53 pm
michigan. so tonight is going to be exciting -- thank you, donna. >> she still brought home a couple of delegates. >> she did. it's all about delegates. >> it's all about stellar lining. >> i want to know if tonight is going to be a good night for viewers. >> it's going to be a spirited debate. we're in florida. you have to brighten up your wardrobe. come with your poise. probably some tabasco. probably won't be any blood and turmoil like on the republican side. i'm a good judgment of character. we have two really incredible public servants, and they have ideas of how to move the country forward, how to create jobs, keep america safe and strong. we'll have a spirited debateo o issues that divide them. >> are they going to go at it on this auto bailout that she voted against. will we see them come to blows over something like that?
4:54 pm
>> what i can say is, bernie sanders is going to talk about the inequality of corporate greed. >> no, come on. >> astounding. >> he's going to talk about wall street speeches? >> wall street speeches. about trade. but the point i want to make it i never get anxious or particularly amped up about this because bernie is who he is. and everything he's talking about are things he's talked about for 30 and 40 years. he's not taking a poll saying i'm going to say this. i know exactly what he's going to talk about. the only issue and real importance for these debates for bernie is for the american public to hear who he is. >> is that a risk for hillary clinton? because people will see if she starts to act that way as less authentic. with her it may be perceived as the opposite? >> she's a woman and perceptions of women are different in these kind of debates. >> you had to go there? >> it's true.
4:55 pm
it's very true. >> in terms of authenticity. >> in terms of tone. in terms of -- >> even talking about authenticity and passion for what she believes. >> absolutely and she can do that. when she does that, at rallies, when she does that when she's campaigning it works really well for her. here's why i don't think they'll go at it on the auto bailout. let's remember where we are and who is going to be asking the questions. it's going to be univision jorge ramos and maria elena salinas. jorge ramos famously got the promise out of president obama that he was going to deal with immigration in his first 100 days. he's been hammering him ever since because that didn't happen. immigration is going to be a key part of this. and i think what will come up is bernie sanders not so great immigration record which will be something that will be discussed. and as it should, on both sides. but i also think you'll see focus on the economy and latino voters.
4:56 pm
immigration is not the number one issue for latinos. the number one issue is jobs and the economy. >> look at where these two candidates are at this moment in the race. i am looking tonight to see, y all the issue contrasts. i want to see how much did that michigan loss get to hillary? will we see her wear it on her sleeve tonight or shake it off? are we going to see bernie sanders try in some way to position himself for ohio, illinois, missouri. >> and those young voters, latino voters, younger than the average voter. and he's done well with them. >> i'm excited. >> played the other night a clip of bernie sanders the other night saying excuse me, excuse me. which was very, very reminiscent of one donald trump. >> come on. being interrupted repeatedly. if you want to -- if you want to relitigate -- >> bernie is taking lessons from the donald.
4:57 pm
>> i'm happy to relitigate that. >> is he going to -- is he going to try -- >> what we said the other night on the show, this is for new yorkers. we talk with our hands. that's the way we are. >> we will see. i have to say, when that stuff goes down, it gets rather exciting. thank you all. outfront next, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are just an hour away from taking that crucial stage. it's a crucial face-off here on cnn. and we will be right back. cold and cough liquid rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus the market.redict... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience.
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live from miami. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening from miami-dade college. we're now just an hour away from tonight's univision democratic debate seen right here on cnn. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are going to take the stage shortly. she, of course, coming off a win in mississippi, which was expected. what wasn't expected was his win in michigan. no overstatement to call it a shocker especially considering he was down by about 20 points in the polls going in. what happens on the debate stage behind me tonight has taken on a new level


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