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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 9, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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all right. welcome to this special morning after super tuesday part two edition of "early start." >> it is wednesday, march 9. it is 3:00 a.m. in the east. >> super tuesday, the sequel. just a really surprising plot twist. bernie sanders pretty much out of nowhere, he wins the michigan primary, upset over hillary clinton. now, hillary clinton did win mississippi by a very big margin, and as a result, she did win the most delegates overnight. but bernie sanders, in some ways the big story of the morning. and even before the result was official, bernie sanders said he knew he was having a fantastic night. >> what tonight means is that the bernie sanders' campaign,
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the people's revolution that we are talking about, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country, and frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> let's look at the delegate math as it stands right now. hillary clinton with more than 1200, bernie sanders at 572. this includes super delegates. if you take out the super delegates, hillary clinton leads by more than 200 delegates. again, she did win more delegates overnight. >> for the republicans, some big news. we got to call hawaii. hawaii, the icing on the cake for donald trump. cnn project donald trump the winner of the caucuses there. three more wins for the gop front-runner. trump scoring big victories in the michigan and mississippi primary. >> you can see that tweet right there, thank you, hawaii. >> dominated the republican field in those other two races, as well. not a bad night for ted cruz.
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he took the gop primary in idaho, at a victory news conference, trump directed his attack ads, what he calls $38 million worth of horrible lies. >> i think what this shows really more than anything else is that advertising isn't as important as competence. there's never been more money spent on hitting somebody than was penlts on me. -- spent on me. >> trump, 461 delegates. ted cruz, 360. marco rubio, 154. john kasich, 54. donald trump having a great night last night. ted cruz solid, okay performance ther there. >> on the delegate math, marco rubio won zero. we're still waiting for hawaii, if he picked up a delegate
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there. so four primaries, marco rubio, maximum will get one or two. an awful, awful night for him. >> let's bring in our panel here. let's talk about the results here, because what we have here is an upset, a real upset in michigan for bernie sanders. that's the big story line on the democratic side. on the republican side, ted cruz, okay, marco rubio not great. and donald trump, another fantastic night. start with them. >> on the democratic side, we saw something that we didn't expect to see. on the republican side, we basically saw what we expected to see. on the democratic side, as you talked about, big upset in michigan. bernie sanders defeating hillary clinton in the state, 49.9% versus 48.2%. so those numbers are getting closer and closer. so this is a very close race. but at the end of the day, hillary clinton did lose and the clinton campaign is already spinning why it is that they
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lost to sanders, a state that they should have won, doing sort of an autopsy of what went wrong in the state, and as they look ahead to march 15, important states like ohio, they're going to be taking a lesson from tonight, making sure they do not repeat the mistakes from tonight. >> on the republican side, people were wondering is donald trump vulnerable? that's what they were saying. the results last night, three wins doesn't look very vulnerable. >> that's right. he is well on his way to the nomination, at least that is what he is telling his supporters and voters. ted cruz also cementing his position as probably the only republican candidate in the field who has sort of a chance of taking on donald trump, giving him a run for his money. all of this is not just because cruz won idaho, but because rubio and kasich did not do well. you mentioned that rubio did not get any delegates, maybe he'll
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pick up a couple in hawaii. but even so, a very good night for rubio. for kasich, as well, even though he did come in third place, a close third place in michigan. >> let's go back to hawaii now. another win for him there, his 15th state. cnn projecting trump as the winner of the hawaii gop caucuses. let's go to the chairman of the hawaiian republican party. fritz, cnn predicting donald trump is the winner there with 44.5% of the vote. you say turnout was fantastic. >> it really was. we're totalling up the numbers, and we are surpassing 2012 for sure. and it will just be a question by how much, and i think it will be maybe by 20%. >> so we are projecting donald trump has won the hawaii republican caucuses. what do you attribute that victory to?
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none of the candidates campaigned in hawaii. how did donald trump pull off the victory? >> it's branding. everybody knows who donald trump is. he starts out with a big advantage, especially in a fractured field. so i think even though he's from new york, people know the trump name in hawaii. and i think people, a lot of hawaii republicans think that he's the right guy. >> fritz, the right guy why? so there's the branding, people know the donald trump name, maybe they've seen it on a resort or on the front of a hotel, but what are the policies that the people in hawaii want to see? >> i think they're looking more at who can be a strong leader for the country. hawaii has always been very supportive of our military. i think they would like to see a
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little more strength being shown internationally. i think that donald trump is somebody that they feel will do that. >> all right. fritz, the chair of the hawaii republican party, thanks for being with us, into the early morning hours. i know it's probably time to head to the bar where you are. so thank you for joining us. take care. let's bring back our pam right now. we just got off the phone, i suppose we should start with the hawaii republican chair. alex, let me start with you. three wins for donald trump tonight. a second place finish for ted cruz. a big, big night. the notion that donald trump was vulnerable, that appears to be a thing of yesterday.
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>> sure. and look, if you see anyone tonight getting a little traction in the campaign against trump, clearly that would be ted cruz. but that's almost by default, that he's the last man standing in a race full of candidates that have fallen short. john kasich, we can't overstate what it is a disappointment for him to come in behind ted cruz in a state like michigan, where he had virtually run a gubernatorial style campaign for almost a month now. what we're seeing looking ahead is a lot of pressure on rubio to ask himself what his future in this race looks like, and a lot of pressure on ted cruz to really show that he can broaden his support beyond the hard core conservative base that's been enough so far to win states like oklahoma and idaho. >> josh, in about three hours we'll get some polling. we're looking at march 15. the ink isn't even dry, and
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we're looking ahead here. what happens if you have donald trump momentum now renewed heading into florida, what does it mean for these other candidates? is the stop trump campaign over? >> no. the stop trump campaign is in high gear. you'll see a flood of ads like never before, especially in florida over the next two weeks. interestingly, those ads weren't up in michigan and mississippi. so there's a feeling that they can still have an effect. the biggest question right now inside these campaigns is, does dropping out help or hurt trump? if rubio gets out, does that hand trump florida? there's an argument to be made that every delegate that trump doesn't get is good. and there's another argument that says the best way to defeat trump is to get to a two-person race, and that's probably going to be cruz versus trump. there's a race in between now and march 15th that marco rubio
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has good chance of winning, that's the d.c. primary. you could be sure that d.c. republicans are not going to elect donald trump or ted cruz. >> of course, everyone will say that's inside the beltway. we saw that in virginia, as well. some of marco rubio's biggest support comes from inside the beltway. let's shift back to the democrats. >> big story. >> the polls had hillary clinton ahead by ten points or more in most cases heading into michigan. bernie sanders, he squeaks out a victory there. it changes the story, not the delegate math, maybe not the math, but it changes the story of this democratic race. > absolutely. let's look ahead again to next tuesday and let's talk about ohio. bernie sanders continues to poll behind hillary clinton by double digits. again, he was polling behind hillary clinton by double digits in michigan. there's a new narrative here about hillary clinton's
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inability to take on bernie sanders in some of these key northern states, some of these rust belt states. and that's a big problem for hillary clinton, not just in terms of sewing up the nomination, but also in terms of proving that she has broad support among the democratic base. if you look at a map, a county by county map across the united states of where hillary clinton has won, you will see that with the exception of massachusetts, it is almost entirely in the south. bernie sanders' support is almost entirely in the north. for a candidate like hillary clinton who months ago, years ago was being viewed as the presumptive nominee of the democratic party, it doesn't look good to lose that many states and counties. tonight, we also saw bernie sanders picking up support, not just among the young voters who he has appealed to for a long time, but making inroads with african-american voters which were her firewall in states like
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south carolina and super tuesday. >> independents broke hard for bernie sanders, too, which might be why some of those polls are off. >> it's a good news and bad news thing. the bad news is, she's losing independents in many of these states. the good news is that she consistently wins democrats and there are a lot of closed primaries coming up, too. stick around, everyone. so much more to discuss. so much more going on, on cnn, starting today in the political world. bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they case off in a univision democratic debate at 9:00 p.m. simulcast on cnn. this debate so much more important, the stakes so much higher because of what happened in michigan. that's at 9:00, followed by a special "ac 360" at 11:00 p.m. eastern. then thursday night, from miami, the republican presidential debate, only here on cnn at the university of miami. jake tapper moderates. huge stakes there, as well. >> and there's more. fresh off his dominant super tuesday showing, republican
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front-runner donald trump is a guest on "new day" at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. >> that should be interesting. >> is he bringing steaks? coming up, the michigan results. what went wrong for hillary clinton? we've got that next. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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pretty much everything, everything pointed to a hillary clinton victory in the michigan
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democratic primary. but bernie sanders scored a shocking upset. how did he do it? cnn's wolf blitzer spoke with the campaign manager, jeff weaver. >> i don't believe even you guys thought that bernie sanders would win in michigan, did you? >> well, we knew it was closing, wolf. you know, obviously in these types of situations, it's hard to know how strongly you are going to close. >> clearly, we saw brianna keilar at the site of what was going to be your rally. presumably you would have waited for a victory speech, right? >> i know it was going to be a late night for a victory speech, given how late we've gone, wolf. he spoke to many thousands of people here at miami earlier. everywhere he goes, he's received by thousands of people. certainly was the case in michigan and let me, on behalf
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of bernie, thank the people of michigan for standing up to the pundits, the establishment, the super pacs, wall street, all the corporate interests who have been trying to stop a bernie sanders' campaign. >> why do you believe he won in michigan tonight? >> i think there were a few reasons, wolf. i think this issue with trade, senator sanders has opposed these disastrous trade deals that have been devastating michigan, ohio and other states for so many years. he's been a consistent supporter of them. people across michigan know that there state has been devastated by the de-industrialization and it's a policy that hillary clinton supported. that message in michigan resonated across racial lines. as you know, michigan once had a vibrant black middle class, the pride of the nation. it's really been devastated. people we met in michigan, african-americans talked about the prosperity that used to be
12:19 am
there in the african-american community, which has been lost. you see it's not just in personal finances but places like flint, michigan and detroit, you see the films of the schools there, how they're falling apart. that's because the tax bases that been destroyed, because factories have left. flint lost 11 automobile factories because of bad trade deals. >> but in terms of her delegate lead right now, you're going to have to win by bigger margins, right? >> the calendar clearly was set up in a way that benefited the secretary in the beginning. she had a lot of strong ties across the south. she developed relationships with people. as we move forward, the calendar moves in our favor. in states like kansas where he
12:20 am
won be 30 plus points and in maine. >> one final question, the debate tomorrow night in miami. what is he going to do, what's his strategy to go after hillary clinton in >> it's not about going after hillary clinton, it's about laying out his agenda for america, how we're going to deal with racial and social injustice. that's the message he took to michigan that resonated so powerfully with people there, that will resonate with people in missouri and illinois, ohio, north carolina and florida on march 15th. >> jeff weaver, congratulations to you. congratulations to the senator on the win in michigan tonight. we'll continue these conversations down the road. we'll see you in miami tomorrow at that debate. cnn will televise that debate 9:00 p.m. eastern, a very important debate. jeff weaver, thank you very much. >> thank you, wolf. a great interview. big upset in michigan. let's get some reaction now.
12:21 am
this has got to be the highst hopes of that campaign, what happened in michigan last night, talking about the sanders' campaign. >> you bet. if you're bernie sanders, managing to get a couple of wins, that's sort of the biggest deal coming out of michigan. ut it's a big state, going forward hillary clinton still has a formidable support with black voters. but this motion that sanders had just a lily white coalition has begun to slip a little bit. >> he chipped into that lead with the black vote. in michigan, it was 65% of the black vote. bernie sanders had more than 30%. m.j., you've been doing some reporting on the clinton campaign, sort of the autopsy. michigan has only been over for a few hours, but they're trying
12:22 am
to figure out what they did wrong. >> i think the bottom line is, campaigning hard matters. even in a state where the clinton campaign thought that they would do well, we saw signs that they were not campaigning as aggressive as they had in nevada or south carolina, for example. those count when people go to the polling stations. clinton only campaigned in places like detroit and flint, and neglected the other parts of the state. that's something the clinton campaign thinks could have hurt her. the clinton campaign now believes that perhaps the former secretary of state started focus on the general election a little too much. she didn't remain focused on many of the democratic nominations. and you could tell in her tone she was aiming her rhetoric at donald trump. often not naming him but it's
12:23 am
clear who she was talking about, and letting it get away from her that this needs to come first, winning the democratic nomination. >> josh, let's talk about going forward here. there are going to be other chances for her to hone her message and to appeal to young people and independents and try to figure out that bernie magic that's resonating so much and show that she can be the candidate to all of them. what does she do heading toward florida now? >> the changes in her message have already been instituted. there's not much more she can do. what she can try to do is to tamp down the heated rhetoric with debate and try in this debate not to get into a real fight with him that will alienate those voters. she looks towards the later states and the general, the biggest question is how can she grow the party and the base? so all of her calculations have
12:24 am
to acknowledge the fact that she still hasn't reached the bernie voters, and at the same time she's going to need them to fight against donald trump, ted cruz, you name it. it's in her best interest to play nice, whether or not bernie sanders will oblige her is another question all together. >> and you are an expert not on just politics but the media. hillary clinton has had a complicated relationship with the media for many, many years. again, she was hoping to turn her focus to the general election and fly under the radar, now that's not going to happen. now the spotlight will be on her once again. hard questions will be asked once again. >> yeah. the chief complaint coming out of the hillary clinton campaign, as it's come out of hillary land or clinton world for so many years is that the media is far more critical of her than it is of her opponents. i think as the media begins to question again whether or not
12:25 am
bernie sanders can sort of take a second crack at this, that is a complaint you're going to be hearing privately, maybe on background from a lot of people in hillary clinton's orbit. i want to address one thing that jeff weaver told wolf blitzer. he talked about how the math favored hillary clinton in the beginning, but will favor bernie sanders going forward. obviously florida favors hillary clinton and she's leading every state in terms of the polls, but the polls haven't always been right. we're talking about states like illinois, ohio next tuesday. after that, states like washington state. and then we go april 5th is wisconsin. so there are a lot of states that bernie sanders can do well in, if he can sustain this momentum, and there's no question he can sustain the money aspect of this campaign. so again, this could be a campaign that goes on well into april, if not longer.
12:26 am
>> last night, he's proven again and again he can raise more money. >> he'll never run out of money, period. that's what ends so many campaigns. that will not end the bernie sanders' campaign. coming up, much more to discuss on this giant upset in michigan. what might have caused it. and also, the republican race. donald trump wins three out of four, when so many people thought he was vulnerable. what does this mean for the never-trump movement. is it, shall we say, never more?
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i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan, who kind of repudiated the polls who had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago. who repudiated the pundits who said that bernie sanders was not going anywhere. >> bernie sanders delivering a michigan shocker. so what's going on in the democratic race? our panel here to weigh in.
12:31 am
m.j., i want to start with you. bernie sanders, his policies will be the largest peacetime tax increase for everybody in history. how would you pay for these promises? doesn't matter. people listen to him and they like what he said about trade. young people liked it, independents liked it. he won this victory. astonishing. >> and that sound bite we just heard is interesting, because he clearly is trying to send this message, do not count me out. i am not ready to be counted out yet. remember, he made a victory speech or an election night speech before he knew that he had won michigan. interesting that is the message he is deciding to send to his supporters saying i am still in this game. and the issues that you talk about i think were especially pertinent in a state like michigan. the two candidates have been going at it on issues that i think a lot of the times we think are little too wonky and not that interesting.
12:32 am
i know you're very into those issues, but a lot of people are not. but you look at the exit poll numbers and you see that sanders' populist message. >> you know it what looks a little bit like michigan? ohio, parts of illinois. ohio and illinois vote next tuesday. so this michigan victory, josh, you would think the sanders' campaign will want to turn that directly into a campaign message directly focused on ohio and parts of illinois. >> this is their chance to get the midwest belt secure, to rack up as much support as possible, as everyone has noted, as they get into the later states, it
12:33 am
gets worse and worse for them. this is the final push. that's why they are spending the money that they have. this is the time that they should use it, so they can rack up these votes. it still doesn't spell a path to the nomination. so the question is, as bernie sanders is really racking up millions of votes, it's astonishing. all these new voters, what will he do with that movement? how will the clinton campaign try to incorporate that into their larger push? the longer that this process goes on, the longer that final negotiation, that final coming together is delayed. >> alex, let's put that map back up, who has won which states. i think it was jeff weaver that said hillary clinton is in danger of becoming a regional candidate. what kind of support that she hope to get -- how does she have to fine tune her message or can she fine tune her message?
12:34 am
>> i think the notion that she's a regional candidate, i think the sanders' campaign knows they're being a little cute there. those are the most racially diverse states that have voted so far. so it's not that she has a distinctive appeal because she's the former first lady of arkansas, she has powerful appeal to black voters and that's who they are in mississippi and alabama. she needs to think about how to lock down black voters even more tightly and broaden her support among the middle income white voters that sanders has been winning and the young voters, in order to make sure a state like illinois doesn't slip away. she is capable of doing that. but this notion that this is the time to pivot to the election,
12:35 am
i'm not sure that holds up. >> hillary clinton spoke tonight while with donald trump was speaking, before michigan was called and her focus again tonight wasn't even on the primary campaign, it appeared to be on donald trump and the general election. let's listen to that. >> i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders' and i are running. [ applause ] we have our differences, which you can see when we debate. but i'll tell you what, those differences pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. every time you think it can't get any uglier, they find a way. and as the rhetoric keeps sinking lower, the steaks in this election keep rising higher. now, running for president shouldn't be about delivering
12:36 am
insults. it should be about delivering results for the american people. >> so to an extent, there is some red meat there for the democratic base. you'll see both candidates doing that. but do you think now, as long as she's in a primary against bernie sanders, she'll start to focus again on the fact that she's running a primary against bernie sanders? >> well, yeah. look, the inability to put this thing away is a problem her campaign is going to have to deal with. i don't think that necessarily means there's going to be a strong pivot away from this forward looking general election, focused all of a sudden feeling like she's in a hotly contested primary. i think her campaign does believe that they have a very strong advantage here. but again, it's a question how the calendar rolls out and narrative and momentum and you look at these states that bernie sanders could pick up. that's not the story that
12:37 am
hillary clinton wants to let him tell. so they're going to -- i think they're going to move very hard to shore up support in states like ohio and illinois, while at the same time continuing to speak to the larger message about making america whole again, building bridges, things of that nature. but yes, they have to take sanders seriously. >> very big night. stick with us, because we'll talk about the republicans after this. donald trump will be the first to tell you he likes to win and that's what he did on super tuesday. three more states. we'll break them down for you, next.
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it was another big super tuesday for that guy, donald trump, the republican front-runner, topping it off with a victory in the hawaii caucuses. after dominating wins in the michigan and mississippi primaries, can trump be stopped? or is it time to stop asking that question? >> we're joined again by our panel. you've written a lot about can trump be stopped? there have been a lot of people say when it gets to be a two-man race that is when donald trump will be stopped. ted cruz won idaho. ted cruz finished second in michigan, despite a feverish effort by john kasich there. ted cruz finished second in mississippi. ted cruz seems to be the only
12:42 am
legitimate threat. save maybe only in ohio right now to donald trump. >> and john, if you look at sort of the movement in the race over the last few weeks, i don't think anybody ten days ago would have pegged ted cruz to finish a strong second place in the state of michigan. that's not a state that's particularly well matched to him. i know there are campaigns or outside grops polling in states like florida and illinois have him doing better. a texas senator that mainly appealed to the far right. so there are indications of real momentum for cruz among voters who are just unequivocally opposed to donald trump. you probably have now one week for somebody like john kasich to make his case. >> ted cruz has an event at 10:00 a.m. this morning in miami. they're advertising anti-rubio ads in florida. what is the ted cruz play in florida right now? >> finish rubio and move on to donald trump, the main event. if you're the rubio campaign, you're trying to make this case that it's ungentlemanly and
12:43 am
hurts the larger cause of stopping trump to kneecap rubio in his home state. as far as cruz sees it, those votes rubio is pulling is coming out of ted cruz's side. >> what is their strategy, ted cruz is not good for marco rubio. >> right. what they say is that if ted cruz achieves his goal and gets some of rubio's votes in florida, that effectively hands florida to donald trump. at which point donald trump would be unstoppable. their argument is, the only way to stop trump is for rubio to win florida and they acknowledge that's a long shot at best. so that's what they're telling their donors and saying. now, the counterargument is that there is some evidence and some polling that shows a two-way race is the best way to stop trump. and the entire narrative of the rubio campaign is we have to
12:44 am
stop trump. that's why they're putting up tens of millions worth of ads. they're warning you haven't seen the worst of it. the trump steaks, the trump water, that's just the first course. just wait till this weak. you'll see some stuff that will definitely shock you. the problem is, it doesn't benefit rubio. >> josh, we're showing these pictures from the donald trump press conference/victory rally, where there are some steaks there and some wine and trump water. >> i can give you a quick preview of what's coming. you've seen some of this come from rubio and cruz. it's about trump's business dealings abroad, trump's relationship with some actors, including gangsters, mobsters. that's where we're going next. so we will be looking at all these trump projects. he builds buildings all over the place and deals with seedy
12:45 am
characters. you'll see those come out conner rather than later. >> sooner? it's the middle of march. it's already later. sooner was two months ago. we do have this debate thursday night. and there's been this ongoing question about donald trump. is restraint possible? could he go on this debate stage thursday night in miami and play it staff? should he try to go on that debate stage, donald trump, thursday night and play it safe? who are your thoughts what we might see on thursday? >> i don't think there's evidence of him showing restraint in any of these past debates. the last debate was the most vicious and lowbrow of all the debates we've seen so far. josh is right, this is about to get even bloodier and more vicious than we've seen at any point to date. it's a very good question to ask why it's taken so long for there to be a concerted effort from
12:46 am
the gop establishment against trump. look, with rubio gunning for trump, it's very hard to see how he sort of sits back and lets that happen. i think we're going to see more of these insults, the presidential tone that trump has tried to cast is one you see on election nights when he's standing alone on the stage. when he's sharing that stage with guys like marco rubio, i think the knives are out. i think the guns are out. >> let's listen to a little bit of sound from donald trump talking about ted cruz last night. >> one of the debates, the one before last, i call him lying ted. he holds the bible high and then he puts the bible down and then he lies. >> that's red meat, no pun intended from last night, for his followers. >> yeah, absolutely red meat. the number one thing that trump has done more successfully than
12:47 am
any other presidential candidate, at least that i'm aware of, is brand the competition. he branded jeb bush as low energy, he's branded ted cruz as lying ted. you go to the drudge report tonight and the lead images of marco rubio, it's called the shrinking campaign and the image has been doctored to bring him down to about a three foot height. there's one thing that trump has done exceedingly well, he's a branding master. we saw that tonight with him laying out all his trump products and more significantly than anything, in the way he's branded the competition. >> all right, guys. stand by. a lot more to discuss and a lot going on, starting tonight here on cnn. a democratic debate, a unidivision, simulcast on cnn, a debate that takes on this new
12:48 am
importance. 9:00 followed by "ac 360" at 11:00 p.m. and thursday night, the cnn republican debate in miami, 8:30 p.m. you just heard us talking about that. what kind of donald trump will we see on that stage? fresh off his dominant super tuesday showing, republican front-runner donald trump is a guest this morning on "new day" 6:30 a.m. eastern time. don't miss that. coming up, more about marco rubio. is it florida or bust for him? as we sit here right now, not a single delegate allocated to him from the contest on this super tuesday. he needs to pick up one or two from hawaii. but not yet. we'll be right back.
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marco rubio trying to put a positive face on his campaign after super tuesday. but truth be told, there's nothing positive on that face. >> no delegates in mississippi, no delegates in michigan or idaho. we're waiting to see if he picks up one or two in hawaii. but looks break. he made a bold prediction. cnn's jason carroll has more on that. >> reporter: a disappointing night for the rubio camp, but not one that was unexpected. the camp not predicting they would have any wins during the
12:53 am
races. what they were hoping for was simply to add to their delegate count. their focus now, which has always been, must win the state of florida. that is where their focus is. that's where they've been campaigning monday and tuesday, and will be campaigning tuesday on wednesday and thursday. rubio addressing the crowd, telling them he needs every single one of their votes. and also making a prediction. >> but i need your help. i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. and so you are given an incredible task. you are given an incredible task a week from now. and i need your help. i need your vote. >> reporter: trump topping rubio in several polls here in the state, but the rubio camp undeterred by those numbers, saying they know how to win the state. but once again, it is a state they must win if rubio has any
12:54 am
hope of moving forward. john, christine? >> jason carroll from rubio world, which is a world right now in a little bit of distress. joining us again, our panel right now. josh was reporting from a donor meeting on thursday in miami prior to the debate thursday night. these donors i have to imagine are getting jittery. i was asking that to m.j. >> i think marco rubio is on very thin ice with donors and also potential donors. when i reported a couple days ago about a meeting that his campaign manager had with donors, it was interesting. there was some potential donors who previously had supported jeb bush. they were sitting in on this meeting trying to decide whether to switch sides. they made it clear, look, we don't want to feel like we've wasted our time and effort. i can guaranty you, looking at how rubio is performing, they're not getting a lot of encouraging signs that they should start
12:55 am
backing rubio, let alone start pouring money into his campaign. >> josh, you weigh in here. >> the donors all think they're strategists and know how to solve this. you can imagine the rubio campaign making all these calls, what do you think we should do? as of a week ago, the donors were coming up with these schemes, a cruz-rubio deal, a rubio-kasich ticket. after tonight, you're not going to hear that anymore. there's no more incentive for cruz to make a deal with rubio or kasich. he might as well just wait them out, so all of those machinations talked about -- >> jeb bush, what does he do? >> you know, jeb bush is probably going to have to make a decision pretty soon. i think what the entire gop
12:56 am
establishment is going to see who wins florida and ohio. in a situation where rubio loses florida, and kasich wins ohio, bush and the establishment are going to have to rethink things. >> alex? >> part of this will depend on this debate coming up at the end of the week. if rubio can stabilize himself and go into florida with what looks like a head of steam, there is going to be pressure on jeb bush to get behind him. short of that, maybe the best you can hope for is a romney-like statement that trump must be stopped and beyond this, this is in god's hands and the hands of the voters. >> thanks, everybody, so much. a big morning ahead. donald trump's big night. bernie sanders with a stunning win. much more special edition of "early start" next. ♪ ♪
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big breaking political news this morning. donald trumpand a stunning upset for bernie sanders. the wednesday after the morning sequel, the entire race shaken up. we'll break down the biggest winners and losers all morning long. good morning, everyone. >> it is wednesday, march 9th. it's 4:00 a.m. in the east. we welcome our viewers around the east and around the world. the stunning upset for bernie sanders, beating hillary clinton on the second of three super tuesdays. it was a super tuesday for him. but clinton wins overwhelmingly in mississippi a triumph that


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