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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 29, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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. one final note before we go tonight, a moment at the white house, u.s. navy s.e.a.l. edward byers w byers received the medal of honor today saying that it really went to the comrade who died in the 2010 raid who was killed. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. they don't call it super tuesday for nothing and this one could mean everything for donald trump. >> the evangelicals, the tea party people, we're winning with old, we're winning with young, we're winning with highly educated. right? we're winning with a little bit less than highly educated, which is okay. i love you. >> this is cnn tonight.
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i'm don lemon. voters in a dozen states ready to cast ballots tomorrow. hundreds of delegates up for grabs. is donald trump unstoppable? look at this. a new cnn poll gives him a 30-point lead over his gop rivals. some republican leaders growing more nervous by the minute. if trump wins big and sails towards the nomination, could he split the gop in two? and can he recover from his stumble over the ku klux klan? a busy night ahead as we count down to super tuesday indeed. i want to bring in phil mattingly. thank you for joining us. a new poll shows donald trump with a big lead nationwide. 49%. 49%. his nearest rival is marco rubio, ted cruz, 16 and 15% respectively. he has more support than all of his rivals combined. what does that mean for super tuesday tomorrow? >> reporter: it's going to be a
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good night for donald trump, no question about it. but even rival campaigns are willing to say that. but how many delegates can donald trump grab? they are proportional. they are not win or take all. this issue becomes trying to steal delegates from donald trump even if he gets all of the states. the big question for ted cruz can he defend texas? if he's able to take texas away from ted cruz, that could spell the end of his campaign. >> today at a donald trump event, there was an extended protest, some harsh words. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, at a donald trump event in virginia, black lives matter protesters were ushered out. there was a scene with a
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photographer trying to take shots of the protesters and ex chained profanity with him and was choke slammed. don, what this really means that it is showing itself in virginia. >> yeah. it's awful when you look at that video, phil, of what is happening. first of all, the black lives matter protesters and then this reporter who looks like he's being choked, he is being choked and then slammed to the ground. what started this altercation? what are people saying about this? this is awful. >> reporter: well, yeah. don, it looked like it was literally a push for space. one of the thing that happens at donald trump events for reporters, they are penned in once the event starts. the secret service sits outside the pen and prevents reporters from going out. it appeared the photographer was
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trying to move closer to get a shot. they exchanged words and that's when this all blew up. this is not a good look for the secret service and right now the secret service in washington, d.c., is really looking into this to see exactly what happened. >> yeah. it looks more than like a push for space. it looks awful. this guy was choked. the evidence is in the video. he was choked and then pushed to the ground and then tried to kick the secret service agent off of him. he's also under fire -- donald trump beyond that -- for not disavowing support from david duke, the former grand wizard of the kkk. what are his rivals saying about that right now? i'm sure they are taking it head-on. >> reporter: yes. listen to what marco rubio had to say in atlanta this morning. >> you say david duke to me and i say race iflt. immediately. why wouldn't he condemn the ku klux klan?
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[ applause ] there is no room in the conservative movement and there is no room in the republican party for members of the ku klux klan or for racists like david duke. >> reporter: marco rubio essentially saying donald trump not electable, really kind of feeding into this trump movement. conservatives and republicans saying they will never vote for donald trump and john kiss sick is going off on this as well. they believe this makes him unelectable and helps their argument as they head into super tuesday but i'm been surveying rival campaigns throughout the day today, my question, do you think this will actually have any impact on the votes tomorrow across the board? don, the answer, no. >> thank you very much, phil mattingly in jenks, oklahoma.
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hugh hewitt is joining many he from the hugh hewitt show. thank you for joining me. do you think this is going to have any impact on his campaign? >> oh, absolutely. i'm a big believer in momentum in sports and politics. i'm wearing my browns jersey for the convention in cleveland and i'm a browns fan but i wanted to make the point that momentum matters a lot and what happened on jake's show yesterday is what we would call a game changer, equivalent to mitt romney's 47% comment four years ago, equivalent to gerald ford's comment that poland is free. gaffes are a terrible thing but a gaffe about race, when you're offered three chances to denounce david duke and the kkk and you miss three times, when you've done it the day before and you do it the day after is a
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fundamental issue now going forward and i had ted cruz on my show tonight, you had marco rubio earlier, they both have jumped on this and they are not going to let it go. imagine what the democrats will do with this audiotape. so i think donald trump facing a double challenge. he's got to meet expectations tomorrow, probably sweep every state except texas or it will be considered a bad night for him. >> hugh -- hugh, let's hang on here. i want to talk about this more and i'm going to let you talk but i want to play the moment first so that ur viewers are aware of what you're talking about and then you can continue on. he said he had trouble with his ear piece but this is him. here he is on jake's show. >> will you unee kwifly condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or those of other white supremacist in this election? >> just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke or what you're talking about with white supremacy or whip supremacist.
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i don't know. did he endorse me or what's going on? i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacist and so you're asking me a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. >> but i guess the question from the anti-defamation league is, even if you don't know about their endorsement, there are these groups and individuals endorsing you. would you just say unequivocally you condemn them and don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i mean, i don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group that i know nothing about. i'd have to look. if you would send me a list of the groups, i will do research on them and certainly i would disavow if i thought there was something wrong. >> but the ku klux klan. >> it would be very unfair. give me a list of the groups and i'll let you know. >> i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here, but -- >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him and i just don't know
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anything about him. >> hugh, hugh, come on. >> i'm not defending that. i believe what the appropriate response would have been is that the ku klux klan is evil and i want nothing to do with david duke and i denounce him which is what donald trump has to do every day from now until the end of eternity. however, i see in my mind a 30-second ad playing in every swing state the final ten days of the election and every african-american in any kind of district which doesn't give any denuciation but simply repeats the charge and it's the 47% tape times a thousand. it is a game changer. and i think donald trump began to address it today but i think you'll see its impact over two weeks between now and the real super tuesday, the win or take all super tuesday on march 15th and i think our debate on march 10th, he's going to have to come to that debate to say, i denounce david duke. the ku klux klan is evil and we
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cannot afford anything like this in our party whatsoever. he's got to do that every day. >> is it too late? >> it may be too late. i don't know. voters decide that. pundits don't decide that. but in politics like in sports, we're going to end up like in cleveland. we're going to end up in my town of cleveland. everyone wanted to have a fun time but no one expected an open convention. no one expected that would happen. but i think tomorrow night, if ted cruz wins texas, we're on our way to an open convention in cleveland. >> two things for you. so, if you're doing it and donald trump does lots of interviews, if you can't hear something i'm saying, you will say, i'm sorry, don, i didn't hear that, can you repeat it? and then, you know, as donald trump, you would repeat the question back to me as he did, he repeated jake's question back to him. jake understood it. the other thing is -- and i think you were making this point, anything to do with the kkk, the rational response for
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anyone would be anything that has to do with the kkk, i disavow it and i don't want your vote. that seems to be the ration that question. or answer, i should say. >> i've tripped over my tongue so many times, i'm never going to criticize somebody for tripping over their tongue. he may not have heard the kkk part but he repeated back the david duke part twice. i have lots of partners that are trial lawyers, they would play that as an omission against interest in that you are repeating back the name you say you cannot hear. >> right. >> so maybe he didn't recognize it but i'm just thinking of the audio, don. that makes for the most devastating -- it's just like the mitt romney 47% ad. he could talk -- explain it all the way as much as you want. but this is a thousand times worse than that. so i think it will have -- you know how marco rubio's reputation in the debate in new hampshire hurt him badly?
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>> yep. >> this has that kind of effect on donald trump. if it shows up as quickly as tomorrow, that will be truly evidence that the momentum has stalled and shifted but i think two weeks from now is when it will sink in. i already saw one super pac out. there is also another story out here. >> you're talking about this ted cruz attack. look at this. >> i will say, there was a very disturbing story that broke today. that apparently there is a secret tape that "the new york times" editorial board has of donald trump saying that he doesn't believe what he's saying on immigration, that all of his promises to secure the border are not real and if he's president, he doesn't intend to do what he said. that's been reported. "the new york times" apparently has this on tape but it was an off-the-record tape so the "new york times" has said they will not release the tape unless
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donald gives them permission to do so. i call on donald, ask "the new york times" to release the tape and do so today before the super tuesday primary. one of two incidents. it's either false and if donald trump didn't say that to "the new york times," he deserves to have this cleared up and released tape. >> i think this is the story you were talking about. >> absolutely. i interviewed ted on my show today and the senator made the same demand on donald trump. mitt romney echoed that on a tweet later in the evening saying donald trump, tell the times to release a transcript. you add in trump university, trump mortgage, the subject of the piece in "the washington post" this morning, the demand for the tax returns and allegations that they may conceal not just a lower net worth but mob ties or a lack of generosity, it's been a horrible five days for donald trump other than the chris christie endorsement. and if buzz feed is right and the story was originally broke
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by ben smith and buzz feed as to whether or not there is a secret tape, if that exists, it will eventually like. it will like right before the election. that's the -- if you're a republican and you want your nominee to win and you run a show like i do, which is switzerland, everyone is welcomed in and they can say whatever they want, i'll ask everyone the same question, they are all going to talk about this between now and cleveland. this is a set of problems that donald trump has, it's going to be the talking points for john kasich, for marco rubio, for ted cruz and ben carson at both debates and at every single speech. so it's a big problem for him. >> i've got to run. i have to say, anytime someone says the kkk, you just say, look, i have no part of that. >> yeah. >> evil, right? i like your browns sweatshirt. nice work there, sir. >> season ticket holder. i'll take you to a game sometime. >> all right. hugh. thank you. be sure to stay tuned for all day tomorrow as voters in a
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dozen states cast their ballots. still ahead here, though, will trump's handling of the kkk controversy damage his lead in the gop race? up next, i'm going to ask a trump supporter if he's reconsidering. also coming up, did chris rock strike the right tone as the host of the oscars amid the controversy of no black actors being nominated, including will smith? >> i understand will was not nominated for "concussion." i get it. to tell you the truth, i get it. you get mad. it's not fair that will was this good and didn't get nominated. you're right. it's also not fair that will was paid $20 million for wild wild west. okay? if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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as we count down to super tuesday, a donald trump campaign in virginia turned ugly when a secret service agent allegedly choked, slammed a photographer -- why do we say allegedly? you can see it in the video. he puts his hands around his neck and pushes him down to the ground and he was videotaping a shooting of this black lives matter protest after this all unfolded today. while trump is taking criticism
7:20 pm
for these comments on sunday as well. look at this. >> i don't know anything about david duke. okay? i don't know anything about what you're even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. so i don't know. >> joining me now is pastor darryl scott of the new spirit revival church in cleveland. he's a trump supporter. also joining me is a cnn political commentator. if you see the video, there's no allegedly there. he's choking the guy. darryl, he choke slammed him. take a look at the video. that's a choke and that's a slam. there is no allegedly. do you have second thoughts about endorsing donald trump after you see this and his comments about the kkk? >> well, first of all, donald trump didn't choke slam the guy. the united states secret service did. and from what i understand, the guy dropped an f-bomb at the secret serviceman and i don't know if that's part of policy and procedure if somebody drops an f-bomb at you, you get to
7:21 pm
choke slam them but i can't hold donald trump for what the united states secret service did. >> it was at a trump rally. number two, i don't think that if someone yells an f-bomb at you, you get the right to choke them. >> i didn't say he had the right. it speaks for himself. he did it. but trump didn't do it. de. >> it seems like you're condoning what he did. >> let me say if you had the worst day, you don't choke him. >> i'm talking about the agent, pastor. come on now. >> don, do you think donald trump should have had instructions in the back, if somebody does something, make sure you don't choke slam him because i had a bad day. >> listen, i'm not blaming donald trump for the secret service agent. that's two separate things. we can have two thoughts about that. let's talk about the kkk here. is this making you reconsider your support for donald trump
7:22 pm
considering his comments on the kkk? >> well, no. because i happen to know and everyone in america happens to know that donald trump is not a racist. that's a tag that his opponents and media tried to label him with. he's not a racist. he did disavow david duke. he's been disavowing david duke for the last two or three days. hugh said he'll have to disavow him until eternity which he probably will. he just didn't disavow as fast as jake tapper wanted him to do. >> let's show the progression in the so-called disavowing. no worries, hairrry. you're going to get in. let's listen to what he said did david duke on friday. >> how do you feel about the recent endorsement from david duke? >> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke endorse d me? i disavow. >> is there a strategy behind
7:23 pm
this? >> he said he had a bad ear piece. i have to take him for his word. >> because it's ridiculous, pastor, but go ahead. >> it's ridiculous to you but not donald trump because that's what he said and who am i to say otherwise. i can't say what he heard. but if he said on friday, i disavow, why ask him again on saturday? >> because this is a presidential election and you're going to get asked questions over and over again because not everybody watches what happens on friday and as the weekend progressed, you have to remember that donald trump tweeted out a mussolini tweet, for goodness sakes, on sunday morning. there have things that have been piling up and that's not an excuse. donald trump repeated what jake tap per said. we saw the video and it's completely disingenuous to sit here and think that the american people are stupid and think that he didn't hear the question that jake tapper asked him.
7:24 pm
that's an excuse because donald trump never takes responsibility for anything. if other groups like david duke endorsed you, you don't hedge on something like that. you don't hedge on something like that. >> i can't put my words in someone -- >> go ahead, darrell. >> i can't put my words in someone else's mouth that is guarded against the media because they are aware that anything they say the media is going to blast it. >> give me a break. >> wait a minute, darrell. darrell, the media is going to blast it? he's on tv. it's not just nationwide. it's worldwide. >> why hasn't the media -- >> we have the sound bite. we ran it. >> you only ran that one time and run the other 100 time gls
7:25 pm
this whole thing is ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous. donald trump is self-inflicting these wounds on himself. it's not the media, the establishment, some boogie man in the closet. it's donald trump's own behavior and words and inability to take responsibility when he make as mistake and it's an integrity issue. it's his honest and ma nip pew late for. he's bragged about it in his books and being in this very gregarious character in the media. he bragged about it on howard stern when he's talking about sleeping with different women and their body parts. >> darrell, darrell, why do you say -- why do you say everybody is reaching? >> don, do me a favor. tell me one politician that's not a ma nip pew late are to. name one. >> we're talking about donald trump. >> that's not a media ma nip pew
7:26 pm
late for. i think everyone is reaching. >> let me tell you why you are deflecting. >> i'm not deflecting. >> yes, you are. let me tell you why. you're going to tell me what i mean but not what donald trump means? you just said i have to take donald trump at his word. take me at my word when i say you're deflecting. here's why. because if hillary clinton -- if hillary clinton had said if someone asked her a question, if i asked her a question about the kkk and she hedged it, then everyone would be talking about it. if i asked marco rubio about the kkk and he gave the same response that donald trump -- everyone would be talking about it. when it comes to the kkk, the ku klux klan, there is no hedging in america. everyone knows the history of race and racism in this country. everyone knows the history of the kkk. if it's a group that is affiliated with the kkk, why must one sit there and say, i need to know about the group? if someone asks you about the group, the simple answer is
7:27 pm
this, i want nothing to do with the kkk. they are despicable and if you support them, i don't even want your vote. go. >> hugh said it himself, that he didn't know if don even heard -- if donald trump heard the part about kkk. >> no, hugh said he did because he repeated the question back and the name. he said, i'm an attorney and if i was in a courtroom -- no, i heard what he said. i heard exactly what he said. >> hugh just said i don't know if donald trump heard the part about the kkk. hugh just said that. >> he said i don't know anything about the kkk. obviously you're not listening. do you have a bad ear piece right now? >> i must do because i didn't hear him say i don't know anything about the kkk. i heard him say he doesn't know anything about david duke. >> i think we've pretty much established that donald trump is being completely disingenuous about not hearing the question. the fact that anyone is arguing about this is crazy. i go back to the fact that it's
7:28 pm
an integrity issue. when donald trump said he disavowed on friday, he said it like he's doing us a favor. but there was no conviction behind that. where has donald trump said -- >> you can't say that. >> where has his conviction been consistently? what does he actually believe in? because it changes. a couple years ago he believed in x, y and z. now he's saying this. a couple years ago he criticized mitt romney for being too tough on immigration and he gave an interview where he said that you can't just send people out. he's inconsistent because he has no moral compass. >> darrell, i'll give you the last word. >> whatever he is, whatever he is, he's in the lead. and america -- >> so all that matters is winning? >> america is embracing donald trump right now. it began with the amusement. everyone called him a clown. it went from amusement to concern, it went from concern to
7:29 pm
worry, from worry to fear and now it's all out panic and after super tuesday tomorrow, it's going to be red alert. so whatever it is -- >> you should know better. you're a pastor. >> thank you, darrell, tara. appreciate it. interesting conversation. just ahead, what's that sound? is it the republican party splintering? we're going to talk about a third-party candidate that could rock the gop. that's next. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean,
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and we're back. disqualifying, discussing the harshest criticism of donald trump from with inside donald trump's own party. let's talk about this. arizona state treasurer and trump supporter, donna brazile, ryan lizza, correspondent for the new yorker and matt lewis, author of "too dumb to fail." donald trump is under fire for failing to disavow david duke, leader of the ku klux klan on friday. >> when i was on the carol
7:34 pm
costello show, she had to come back to me because they couldn't hear me. i had an ear piece that was all scratchy and looked goofy. i've been there. >> jeff, jeff, jeff, jeff. i do this every day. can we queue up the jake bite, please. i do this every single day of my life. and if guests don't hear me or if i don't hear someone, you know what the response is more than not. hey, i didn't get that, don. can you ask that again? i'm sorry, i didn't hear you. or jeff, can you say that again? i didn't hear you. here it is and i'll let you respond. play it. >> will you unequivocally condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election? >> well, just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. okay? i don't even know what you're talking about with white supremacy or white supremacist.
7:35 pm
so i don't know. did he endorse me or what's going on? you know, i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacist. you're asking me a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. >> but i guess the question from the anti-defamation league is, even if you don't know about their endorsement, there are these groups endorsing and would you say unequivocally you condemn them and don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i mean, i don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group that i know nothing about. i'd have to look. if you would send me a list of the groups, i will do research on them and certainly i would disavow if i thought something was wrong. >> but ku klux klan? >> give me a list of the groups and i'll let you know. >> i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan, but -- >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. i just don't know anything about him. >> come on, jeff.
7:36 pm
be an honest broker here. >> well, the first question is, donald trump completely disavows any form of racism. he disavows david duke. he disavows the kkk. all of us are horrified of any hint of racism -- >> why not come out of that donald trump's mouth instead of your mouth? >> it has come out of his mouth. >> in that interview. >> if you understand he's under pressure, everyone is trying to ask him a gotcha question. i think what he was trying to get to, he said, look, i know nothing about david duke, i know nothing about these groups. what he's trying to get to is what did he say? give me the information first. so many people spring a question on him to get him to say something and then they spring some weird, well, this is what actually happened. i think he just wanted to be told, tell me what happened. he's not a racism guy at all.
7:37 pm
>> i thought it was a broken ifp. >> he repeated every single question asked to him, he repeated the premise of the question. is it a broken ifp -- >> donald trump knows david duke. he said back in 1991, he reputed david duke when he ran for governor of our home state. donald trump said on cnn with larry king, a former colleague, he said on abc in 2000 that david duke represents the kind of racial hostility that has no place in this society. donald trump understands these questions. and the leader of what -- not just disavow but a he had looker would also go on and state just why this type of hate has no place in our country. that's what a he had lookeader should do at this moment.
7:38 pm
at least the organization has a background in being a terrorist, murderous organization. i grew up in a state where people were afraid to go out at night because they were afraid of the remnants of the ku klux klan and the notion that he couldn't hear because of this little thing, it's not true. donald trump should repute ate it and say this has no place and he doesn't want their support. he should say it and come clean. >> i want everyone to stand by. jeff, everyone stand by. i need to take a break. you'll get in as well, matt. don't go anywhere anyone. you totalled your brand new car.
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i'm back with donna and matt and ryan lizza. how does this change the trump campaign? >> i don't think it changes it, unfortunatelily, immediately. hugh hewitt was on here earlier. look, i think this pose as real problem if donald trump becomes the nominee. i think this makes it much more likely you will see republicans split apart, that there could be
7:43 pm
an ungluing, sort of a coming apart of the republican party because, for a lot of republicans, they can't in good conscience now support donald trump. this violates sort of their sense of honor in a sense. this is a big, big deal. and for conservatives, it's a very sensitive issue. and it goes back to william f. buckley who many, many years ago saw there was a danger of the right being cast as a fringe, racist, sort of dark movement. and he wanted to protect that to preserve the ideas of free markets, protecting the right to life, all of the stuff that mainstream conservatives believe in. so buckley policed the right and wrote out fringe element and i fear there's a danger now of redefining conservativism to be something that many of us have for a long time fought against. >> yeah. so matt, let me ask you this. so why is it that when something like this happens, when a
7:44 pm
candidate is not that -- well, he's not being endorsed by the kkk. that's not the point. it's not whether he's being endorsed by the kkk. it's his response to a question about the kkk that was nebulous at best. what is going on here? >> look, i agree. that's a home run. that's a question you want to be asked because it's so easy to dismiss. but i would disagree with you a little bit. i think it is telling that he was endorsed by the kkk. they are not endorsing marco rubio or ted cruz or john kasich. i have to tell you, anytime i write or say something negative about donald trump, i am inundated from tweets by twitter feeds supporting donald trump that have nazi symbols and all sorts of racist groups. maybe it's a coincidence that they just happen to be supporting donald trump. i'm not sure. maybe it's a coincidence but it strikes me as sort of telling.
7:45 pm
>> i'm saying in the course of this questioning people will say the kkk is not endorsing him or what have you. that's not what we're talking about. he can't control whether the kkk endorses him or not but he can control his response to that and say, if you have ties to the kkk, i'm completely not interested in that and don't want your vote. >> thank you. >> reagan did, by the way. that's exactly what ronald reagan did when it happened to him. >> this is what ted cruz had to say about the kkk and trump. >> i would suggest that there are for the many iran rules in politics but one that you can count on 100 prz of the time is the klan is always bad. somehow donald missed that briefing. >> i mean, come on. is he right?
7:46 pm
or is he right? >> that's easy. >> yeah, that's an easy one. a few days ago in arkansas when chris christie was there to endorse donald trump, in the q & a after that, donald trump was asked a very similar question and i don't know the exact phrasing of the question but it was a very, very similar question and right there he said, i disavow it. he disavowed it before this particular thing happened. so when it came up again, he was confused as to why it was being asked, he had a hard time hearing and -- >> well -- >> donna, let ryan get in there. all he had to say is i heard that the other day, i disavowed it. i'm sorry. go ahead, ryan. >> jeff, let's not be fools, okay? we just watched the clip. let's not be stupid here. >> he disavowed it. >> jeff, you're saying he didn't hear. he heard the interview. we've watched it. it's clear as day.
7:47 pm
he repeated every line. let's not let a politician lie and make us all fools and debate whether he heard it or not. >> you can watch my interview from eight days ago on the las vegas strip and i was on cnn and i could not hear for the first ten seconds. >> we all have technical problems. but let's not be fools. >> i could not hear for the first ten seconds. >> call a lie a lie. >> he disavowed it. >> that's a different issue. i just don't want to sit here and debate whether someone lied when he clearly lied. >> he did not lie. >> the issue to me, don, is how stupid and racist does donald trump think the republican base is that he would go on tv and play coy with whether he supports david duke and the kkk. >> he said he does not support -- >> let me finish. he's going into all of these southern states.
7:48 pm
he's the most cynical politician we have ever seen. this is what he thinks the base of the republican party is and he's playing a game. and i think -- >> if he thought that's the case, why is he out disavowing it all over the place if he thought that was the case. >> because wall-to-wall cable news is saying this is insane and he realizes he's finally gone too far. >> i wish i had more time. i don't. >> happy birthday, don. >> thank you. >> tomorrow. march 1st. super tuesday. can you imagine? >> the best thing about super tuesday tomorrow. >> it's uber tuesday for me. coming up, i had a firsthand view of the controversial academy awards hosted by chris rock. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount.
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7:53 pm
nominees some of those years, say, in '62, '63, and black people did not protest. why? because we had real things to protest at the time. to being raped and lynched to who cared about best cinematographer. we like you ronda, but you're not a kappa. joining me is author and activist, hello to you two as well. so good to have both of you here. nischelle, you first. chris rock's monologue, people will be talking about that for a long time to come. what's your reaction? >> i'm honored to be on here with cheryl. second of all, i thought it was fantastic, don. we were all anticipating what he was going to do. i was told a couple of days to get ready, he's cooking up some
7:54 pm
really good stuff. when chris rock walks out on the academy award stage to fight the power of public enemy, you know you should buckle your seat belt and that's exactly what i did. it was awkward and uncomfortable at times and chris rock is probably the best observational comic to ever get on stage. when he's on point like he was last night, i loved every minute of it. and i did. i thought he was fantastic. >> so i was going to ask you if you thought he hit the right tone. >> yeah. >> i did as well. i thought he hit the right tone. being in the room, i'll share my observations. but cheryl lee, what do you think? do you think he hit the right tone? would it have been different if somebody else had hosted? >> it would have been absolutely different but i thought he was right on point. it has been a very long time of not saying anything and now was the time for him to just hit it. and he went right there.
7:55 pm
now, we would also be very naive to think that his notes, his jokes, his writing were not scrutinized, were not by others. so we know that the message he delivered was okayed by many levels of the entertainment industry and i think they chose the absolute correct messenger for it. >> don, can i just say real quick -- >> hey, i'm almost out of time. let me play this and then you can respond. i want to play these celebrities. i had a chance to speak to them on the red carpet. listen. >> do you see something that is wrong with the way the culture works? is it cultural? >> you just addressed the elephant in the room but you do it with professionalism and humor. although you're laughing you're able to look at it and say, wow, it's actually true. >> this is a night that should be celebrated by everyone and nobody should feel left out. >> i want to be part of that
7:56 pm
change and i'm an academy member now. i want to be able to say, hey, i'll be a voice for some of the black, brown people, the people who usually get overlooked. >> we have to make some changes. nothing is going to be okay until we consider all one another one family. >> so those celebrities desighed to comment. spike lee, jada pinkett smith and will smith decided not to attend like those guys decided to. >> chris rock didn't spare anything for anybody? he went at will and jada, the gender equality issue, he went at a lot of other things. even though i thought it was fantastic, i do absolutely understand those people who may not have the same experience as me and who come at this a little differently than i do, not really getting the whole thing and not really understanding why it kept going on and on and on. and i will say this, too, not every joke worked.
7:57 pm
>> oh, my gosh. >> go ahead, sheryl. >> stacy dash just upset me. when stacy dash came out on stage and said, finally i get to do something for my people. happy black history month. that was just a little bit too much to the cooning for me. >> ooh. sheryl. >> i did not like it. didn't appreciate it. >> i think maybe she was part of the joke or she was the butt of the joke. >> but that was the whole thing. that's why i liked it, sheryl. if you were in the room -- a lot of the people in the room didn't get it. it went over a lot of other people's heads and if he was trying to make fun of her, he actually did that and the people who got it, got it. kind of liked it. but i've got to go y'all. see you soon. thank you. we're out of time. i'm two minutes over on this segment. all right. we'll be right back. some research.l, i've g
7:58 pm
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