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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 29, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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now he essentially is a valuable political pawn for the regime as they try to gain leverage, about to get major new sanctions slapped on them, unprecedented sanctions that here in china the chinese government says they will carry out. north korea is facing harsh penalties, and a young american front and center could faces criminal charges, prison time, hard labor as a result of trying to steal a political sign. >> will ripley. thanks so much. that's it for the lead. turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now. breaking news. huge lead. our new poll is out, and it shows donald trump favored by 49% of republican voters nationwide. more than 30 points ahead of marco rubio, despite a stumble over disavowing white supremacist support, growing concern with the gop establishment. is trump now unstoppable march to the nomination? slug fest, a journalist
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wrestled to the ground by the secret service to protesters disrupting a trump event, to unprecedented mud slinging on the campaign trail. has the republican campaign reached a new low? democratic divide. a prominent congresswoman quits a top post at the democratic national committee to back bernie sanders. why now? after a big clinton landslide. and are democrats struggling with a split within their own party? and un-convincing. american college student begs the north korean regime for forgiveness, confessing to taking down a political banner. has north korea turned him into a pawn in high stakes powerplay with the united states? i am wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." it is the final chance for candidates to drum up support,
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turn out the vote, sway the voters before super tuesday. polls start opening hours from now. a dozen states are holding contests. hundreds of delegates are up for grabs. our new poll shows that donald trump and hillary clinton are expected to be the nominations. trump's huge lead, growing momentum sparking alarm within the gop establishment and rival campaigns. we are seeing extraordinary clashes among candidates as marco rubio and ted cruz step up their attacks on the frontrunner. emotions are running high out there on the campaign trail, especially after trump's initial refusal to disavow support from a former kkk leader. dozens of protesters were ejected after disrupting a trump speech today, and we're standing by for another trump rally. i'll speak with a republican congressman, peter king, and democratic congresswoman chelsea gabbert, and analysts and guests have full coverage of today's
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top stories. the new national cnn orc poll shows 49% of republican voters now favor donald trump, much more than all of his rivals put together, that along with comments trump has made has passions and tempers running high right now. we are on the campaign trail in texas. we saw the emotions play out on the campaign trail today. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, wolf, tensions are high among donald trump's rivals who are really wasting no opportunity to blast him every chance they get, knowing how well positioned trump is going into super tuesday. but emotions also breaking out at donald trump's rally tonigh., a chaotic close to campaigning. trump's rally in virginia
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interrupted by protesters. >> get them out of here, please, get them out. are you from mexico? are you from mexico? >> reporter: and a violent scuffle between the secret service and news photographer, slammed to the ground after trying to get a shot of the chaos, all while trump deals with his latest controversy, refusing to disavow former kkk grand wizard david duke and other white supremacists backing his campaign. >> will you unequivocally condemn david duke, say you don't want his vote of other white supremacists in this election? >> just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke, i don't know what you're talking about with white supremacy or white sue prpremac us. >> reporter: doing damage control, tweeting from a press conference friday when he disavowed duke support, pointing to that today. >> we looked at it, looked at the question. i disavowed david duke, all
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weekend on facebook and twitter and obviously it's never enough. >> reporter: all of this gives marco rubio another opening to pounce. >> you say david duke to me, i say racist immediately. >> reporter: rubio with his voice coarse. >> trying to get my white voice here. >> reporter: and keeping up the all out assault on donald trump. >> where was donald in the gang of eight. not only was he nowhere to be found, donald trump was funding the gang of eight. >> reporter: meanwhile, despite pressure from some party elders to exit the race, john kasich says even though he has no hope of winning any states tomorrow, he is staying put. >> marco rubio is trailing in florida by 17 points. you know what, why aren't they telling him to get out, get behind me. i have a better chance of winning in ohio than he does in florida? >> reporter: a new cnn orc poll shows trump with a commanding lead of the field nationally.
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trump 33 points ahead of his closest rival, beating the four remaining components combined. based with this, republican party establishment is in full on panic mode, fearing trump is well on his way to becoming the likely gop nomination. opponents of trump get an assist from late night host john oliver who released a rant on the frontrunner. >> if you are thinking of voting for donald trump, the charismatic guy, promising to make america great again, stop and take a moment to imagine how you feel if you met a guy named donald trump, a litigious liar and support of a former klan leader he can't decide whether or not to condemn. >> reporter: that was a reference to drump by john oliver, a biographer referred to trump's original name before it was changed over two generations
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ago. that's the twitter hash tag, make donald drump again is trending nationwide. >> thanks very much. i want to go to sarah murray on the campaign trail in the other super tuesday state, georgia. what's the mood there, sarah? >> reporter: well, wolf, he has another crowd waiting in georgia. the question is whether donald trump will address the controversies, the kkk and protests we saw earlier. one thing to remember, even though we are jumping from controversy to controversy in the daily news cycle, the trump campaign is jumping from super tuesday state to super tuesday state, places like georgia with open primaries, they feel they could have a leg up. you're not just talking to republican voters, you're talking to independent voters and diseffected democrats. they're hoping it will build a coalition to victory.
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tomorrow he is not only going to ohio but having a super tuesday press conference in florida at mira lago, a jab in the eye to john kasich and rubio as we get past super tuesday. >> sarah, thank you very much. sarah murray reporting for us on the scene. some of donald trump's hard line statements and initial refusal to disavow support from a white supremacist are causing deep divisions in the republican party. joining us now, peter king of new york, member of the intelligence and homeland security committee. and endorsed marco rubio. thanks for coming in. he blamed his earpiece saying he couldn't hear jake tapper appropriately, that's why he was initially refusing to disassociate himself from david duke, the kkk. do you accept that? >> maybe he is going deaf at his
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age. seriously, wolf, nobody accepts that. you and i have done enough television, you've done more than i have. donald trump, is he so shy and afraid he wouldn't say anything? and if you watch, it was clear what jake was saying. this is nonsense. it is donald trump saying one thing, trying to back away, sending mixed messages. the thought that anyone can even listen to a question about david duke, even saying he is a racist, want nothing to do with the klu klux klan was. said he knew who david duke was, didn't know what a white supremacist was. i say this as a catholic, the klan went after blacks, jews, i know what they did to auschwitz and catholics over the years. this is a vicious anti-american organization. by him not denouncing it, it is reflection on him, he is either dumb or a liar. one or the other. also, with the republican party, we are branded as the party of klu klux klan, we will get destroyed. >> you know donald trump. he contributed to your
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campaigns. are you stunned, surprised by what's going on now? >> i don't know him well. he has contributed to my campaigns, i know members of his family and i've met him. i am surprised because i thought a lot of things he was saying in the beginning are things an amateur would say, someone that didn't realize fully they're in a presidential campaign. seems the more the campaign goes, the more extreme it gets. i don't think he is a racist, but he is oblivious to what it means and to the evil of david duke and evil of the klan. coming in and saying whatever he has to say. george bush is a liar, john mccain is not a war hero, disabled reporter should be mocked and laughed at, all this makes unqualified to be president. >> you endorsed marco rubio. is it too late for him? >> it will be tough. i endorsed marco rubio last week, proud to do it. i think there's a chance, we all get together, make it clear to the american people how dangerous donald trump is. most of the people supporting
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donald trump are good people. i see it in my district, talk to them. they don't follow politics on a day-to-day basis, see the overall theme, wants to bring jobs back, make america great. you have to try to explain in detail how vicious some of his statements are and how incomprehendible a number of statements are. >> why marco rubio? i know you had issues with him, didn't support necessarily funding for new york after some superstorm sandy or whatever. you had your issues with him at the time. why not john kasich. worked with him in the house of representatives. you know john kasich well. >> john is a very good guy. if we are talking issues, i strongly disagreed with marco rubio as far as the aid following sandy. on the other hand, he was the only one of the top candidates who did support the 9/11 health care act. give him credit for that, that means a lot to new york and america.
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ted cruz is too extreme, what he would do with the government shutdown is wrong. i think marco rubio has a better sense of winning than john kasich, but you'll never hear me say a bad word about john kasich. >> 11 republican contests tomorrow. can marco rubio win one of them? >> good shot in minnesota, i am not into the process of his campaign, in that inner circle. if he is a strong show, strong second, take one or two states, keeps it going. without trump getting majority, more chance for a republican to win. most rational, qualified on homeland security and national security is marco rubio. >> this is what ben sasse tweeted, republican. if trump becomes the republican nominee, my expectation is i'll look for some third candidate, a conservative option, a constitutionalist. if trump is the nominatiee, cou you vote for him? >> i would have to see.
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sasse is not just republican, he is conservative. to come out as strong as he did, it was a statement of conscience. give him tremendous credit for doing that. shows revulsion of people following what donald trump is saying. >> what about hillary clinton. could you vote for her if she were running against trump? would you be torn? >> i am a republican, want to vote for the republican nominee. i expect it to be marco rubio. i would be happy and proud to vote for him. >> what if it is hillary clinton and mierkal bloomberg. >> he was an outstanding mayor. see what happens. >> you could see yourself not going with the republican, going with a third party candidate? >> right now, i am supporting marco rubio. i am saying i am supporting marco rubio. he is going to win, be the nominee. inaugurate rated as president next january. >> what would happen if trump is the leader of the republican party? >> at best, short term victory,
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bring in new people to the party, old reagan democrats. it is a terrible loss, puts a scar on the party that we won't recover from. >> you feel he would hurt republicans running for re-election like you and others? >> it definitely would. if we are branded as party of the klan, anti-disabled people or thinks john mccain is not a hero, go through the list, yeah, it would make us into some sort of party out of touch with the american people. >> say your candidate marco rubio doesn't win any of the states tomorrow, waits until march 15th when the florida primary, if the polls in florida show he is behind, if he can't carry his own state, he drops out? >> i expect he wins florida. >> what if he doesn't? >> i expect him to win. not getting into that, get quotes out of context. i expect marco rubio to win. so many unpredictable things happened in this campaign. i still think it is far from
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guaranteed that donald trump gets the nomination. too many people didn't take on trump soon enough, and now giving up before it is over. >> i remember a year or so ago or less you were positive. >> i hoped, i really did. strong disagreements with him, john mccain, what he said about banning muslims entering the country, but i think there was potential there for him to tap in in a positive way to diseffected americans, bring in reagan democrats, blue collar americans that felt left out of the democratic party. but he has gone over and beyond, beyond the pale. >> i don't think he will be contributing to your campaigns any more. >> i don't think so. >> how much did he give? >> i think 2 grand. a thousand and a thousand. >> thanks, congressman. a quick break. more coming up. watching several developments unfolding now. donald trump by the way getting
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as donald trump stretches his lead, his rivals step up attacks. bad blood between trump and marco rubio is evident, every stop on the campaign trail. watch this. >> we cannot elect the dog that caught the car. the dog is barking at the car. what are you going to do when you catch the car? >> i have to listen to a little guy like rubio say he's a con man. he's a con man. he had no choice. he had to come up with something, he is getting creamed in the polls, 20 points down in florida.
2:21 pm
in florida where he comes from this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher now. >> he's always calling me little marco. i admit, he is taller than me, 6'2", why i don't understand his hands are the size of someone that's 5'2". have you seen his hands? you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. you can't trust them. >> i'm sitting in a house with florida with a bad earpiece they gave me, you could hardly hear what he was saying. what he heard was various groups. i don't mind disavowing anybody, i disavowed david duke the day before. >> blamed it on a bad earpiece, couldn't hear the question. i don't care how bad the earpiece is, klu klux klan comes through easily. >> he was pouring like he got out of a swimming pool with a suit off. once a choker, always a choker. >> he says i am sweating all the time. it is hot in here.
2:22 pm
am i sweating now? he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from spray tan he uses. donald won't make america great. he will make america orange. >> marco goes out, he buys a house for $179,000. he sells it for $380,000 to a lobbyist. and by the way, the lobbyist was i think doing business with florida, trying to get legislation passed which is part of the problem we have. >> what he's saying to people isn't true. it doesn't match his record. yet somehow it's gotten to this point. >> we're not going to be the dopey people any more, we're not going to be the stupid people any more, we're going to be the brilliant people, the smart people. >> i will go to all 50 states and every territory. i will continue to speak out until i literally have no voice left. i will go anywhere to speak to anyone before i let a con artist get a hold of the republican party and conservative movement. >> let's discuss what we just heard. joining us, cnn political
2:23 pm
commentator peter bine art, and chief political correspondent dana bash and cnn political director david which he ian. rubio is aggressive, going personal, attacking donald trump as we heard. is it too late? >> who knows if it is too late. the rubio campaign sources i talked to say they don't feel like they had any choice, they felt like they needed for several reasons to position him as the guy for the establishment who is going to take on donald trump. but as david and i were talking about privately earlier, what is happening here. this is going on in presidential politics. i don't let my four-year-old watch the news and political news any more because i don't want him to act like that. it is amazing. >> have you ever seen anything like this, personal attacks if you will, including you heard some of that? >> we covered some races with rough and tumble political rhetoric, no doubt about that.
2:24 pm
i've never seen a presidential race get this juvenile in rhetoric back and forth. i can't think of an example. >> peter, "the washington post," an article, republican party's implosion over donald trump. it seems to be building up or bubbling up now. what do you expect will happen? >> we may be witnessing something we have never seen, the collapse of one of america's major political parties. if donald trump is the nominee, there will be some third party which will try to be a conservative party against donald trump. how much support it will get, how long lived it will get we don't know. but if donald trump doesn't win the nomination, he could create another party. we are seeing a seismic change in american politics of a kind none of us have ever witnessed.
2:25 pm
and it is hard to predict how it will play out. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, it is sort of in some ways as i was saying, it is a little shocking, depressing, it is, we have to admit entertaining to watch people doing what they're doing, this isn't entertainment, this is real stuff. i think peter is exactly right. i have had a republican united states senator say to me in the last couple hours that he doesn't think that the republican party is going to survive this. that is a huge statement. and he's not alone. this is a potential cataclysmic moment for the republican party. >> my question is why did the party have to get to this place? this is not unforeseen event. if you look at the history of the republican party in the last ten years, starting with the rebellion in grass roots against george w. bush bailout or push for immigration reform, then into the tea party movement at the beginning of the obama administration, you saw the
2:26 pm
republican party make a decision to harness that energy of the tea party movement, they were voters that were going to pull the lever for their folks, help them win congress, even though they were never perfectly aligned idealogically. but the spillover of wanting to court the votes, they were unable it seems now to keep the arm's distance they wanted to some of the elements they felt at the time republicans were saying this made them less attractive to a general election audience. now here that moment has arrived. we talked for years about this intraparty civil war in the gop. one that a lot of republicans reject as media bias, didn't want to discuss it. it has now fully played out to that very thing. that's what we are seeing in this moment with the leadership in the establishment. >> peter, those of us that studied american history and some of us lived through parts of american history, remember dire warnings from establishment
2:27 pm
republicans when barry goldwater became leader of the republican party, even when ronald reagan became the leader of the republican party, there were fears of a hollywood actor taking over leadership. the republican party survived all that. but you say this is on a whole different level. >> well, what we haven't seen, what we didn't see even with goldwater is a republican nominee who was rejected by large elements of the republican leadership. now, we still don't know to what extent that will happen. there are a lot of people hedging now, if you ask them would they support donald trump. sooner or later if he moves to the nomination, they have to answer that question. it is a terrible choice. they will either have to acquiesce to donald trump's republican party or they have to essentially for the time being leave the republican party by not supporting its leader. what's the larger reality here
2:28 pm
is essentially unprecedented back lash by a certain cadre of white america, old republicans against demographic changes taking place and which are represented by barack obama and by latino population approaching 20% of the american population. republican party will get on the other side of that or as that white back lash party, it will become more and more extreme until it dies. >> i think there's obviously some race to it, but it is mostly class and blow that out, just genuine anger at the man, and the man is the establishment, no matter what it is, media or in this case obviously the political establishment, and i had a senior republican say to me yesterday something that i thought was very astute. the grass roots and donor class
2:29 pm
are completely at odds now with what they want, and in the past that hasn't happened. now it has. >> in the past, donor class wins out. now we're seeing the grass roots -- >> five remaining republican candidates. if there was some thought as other candidates like jeb bush, say they drop out, support goes to someone other than trump, some of that support clearly went to trump. >> clearly. and if you add up the other four candidates in that poll, they add up to 47%. he still beats them with all of them combined. he is winning support of folks that drop out. that's why he says on election night or what have you, he looks and sees somebody drop out, for us to assume that goes just to establishment lane or what have you is clearly not the case. >> quickly, peter. >> look, the idea that donald trump's ideas are marginal in the republican party is a
2:30 pm
fiction. this is a party where plurality of people believed barack obama was muslim since the beginning of his presidency. what donald trump is harnessing here is not marginal republican party, it is something supported by many, many people in the party. >> all of you stand by. we're going to take a quick break. standing by to hear directly from donald trump live, he's holding a rally in southern georgia now, one of the super tuesday states he's hoping to win. we'll also hear from donald trump's wife, melania. she sat down for a rare interview with cnn's anderson cooper. fico score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score.
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democratic presidential nomination, hillary clinton is headed to super tuesday, tomorrow, with a boost of momentum generated by a crushing victory over senator bernie sanders in the south carolina primary. the new cnn orc poll shows hillary clinton widening the lead over bernie sanders nationally, but he isn't giving up by any means. the senator has a rally in milton, massachusetts, one of the super tuesday primary states. senior correspondent brianna keilar is on the scene. massachusetts is a state that sanders hopes he can win tomorrow. not far away from his home state of vermont. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders spending final days as they try to edge each other out. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making their final push to super tuesday. >> i need your help. i need your help to go and vote tomorrow to bring people to vote
2:36 pm
with you. >> we are listening to the american people and their pain and their needs rather than hustling all over the country collecting millions of dollars from the 1%. >> reporter: a new cnn orc poll shows clinton with a big lead nationally, besting sanders by 17 points. >> thank you so much, south carolina! >> reporter: after a huge win in south carolina saturday, hillary clinton sounds like the presumptive democratic nominee. >> i don't think america ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >> reporter: she's no longer calling sanders by name. >> i have a difference with my esteemed opponent. >> reporter: crafting the message for the fight with donald trump, who she's treating like the eventual republican opponent. >> i think we need more love and kindness. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down
2:37 pm
barriers. >> reporter: but clinton has one eye on sanders as her rival looks to rebound from his bruising south carolina loss. >> on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. we got decimated, that's what happened. >> reporter: sanders looking to gain ground with clinton. >> over 800 delegates are at stake, we intend to win many of them. >> reporter: looking to tomorrow, bernie sanders is headed to his home state of vermont, so he will be guaranteed a big win from the vantage point he is tomorrow for super tuesday. >> home state of vermont tomorrow. you have new reporting on bernie sanders' past. what are you learning? >> reporter: that's right. we put out an interesting piece
2:38 pm
on today, wolf, looking at some of bernie sanders' writings from the late '60s and early '70s, these are years he doesn't really talk about. it was interesting to see how his idea of revolution evolved from this idea of revolting against the past generation and social norms to the political revolution he talks about now, increasing minimum wage, providing free college, a number of his writings he talks about everything from sexual relations to traditional education which he clearly found to be soulless at the time to foreign policy, including cuba, successes and failures he saw there. he would go to cuba as mayor of burlington. it is an interesting look at a time he doesn't talk much about, time of hard scrabble years. it is fascinating, certainly something people supporting him might connect with, wolf. >> and i want to recommend that article on people want to learn more about bernie sanders, what he was thinking, what he was writing 40 years or so ago. and read that article.
2:39 pm
thank you very much. joining us in "the situation room," congresswoman gabbert from hawaii, resigned from the democratic national committee to endorse senator bernie sanders. we have a lot to discuss. i need to take a quick break. we will discuss bernie sanders and hillary clinton when we come back. >> very good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
2:40 pm
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congresswoman tulsi gabbard, she just resigned as vice chair of
2:44 pm
the democratic national committee, endorsing bernie sanders for president of the united states. why after the crushing loss in south carolina, what motivated you to do it. some people think it might be too late. >> there's a clear choice, wolf, between our two democratic candidates. our most important quality in the president is their job as commander in chief, as a soldier and war veteran, i know first hand the cost of war. my deployment to iraq, i worked in a medical unit where every single day i saw and experienced the high human cost, every single day. bernie sanders has good judgment and foresight to be able to make decisions about where america should deploy its military power and where it shouldn't deploy its military power. we see a clear contrast with hillary clinton. start with iraq. she voted for the overthrow of saddam hussein. >> you served in iraq.
2:45 pm
>> i did. i saw the cost of that overseas, we are still experiencing that cost economically here at home. number two, libya. she was chief architect in the obama administration to overthrow gadhafi in libya. what's the result? we see a failed state, we see chaos, human suffering, loss of life, and isis and al qaeda having a very strong strong hold there in libya. number three, syria. she has been a champion and strong advocate for overthrow of the syrian government to assad, promises to escalate that war with a flow fly zone if she's president. >> do you think she would be a good commander in chief? >> her judgment is issue. as a soldier i do not have confidence in her ability to be commander in chief, because she would as she stated, continue to take us into these interventionist wars of regime change that cost our country dearly in trillions of dollars, thousands of american lives lost, but to speak of the
2:46 pm
hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the middle east. when we talk about war and peace, i can speak to his vote against the iraq war, the greatest failure in foreign policy in my generation. and looking forward now, he has been vocal in speaking out against the interventionist wars of regime change because he understands what the cost is and the necessity to have foresight, to have this military mindset where you look beyond and answer the question what happens next. what are the consequences of these actions. we have to know that before we take those actions. that's the most important thing we need in our commander in chief. >> how hard for you as a woman to say i'm not going to support at this point the first woman president of the united states. >> you know, there are so many different issues in this particular one. the issue of war and peace. it is not just like all of the rest. war is very real. war is the issue that we should
2:47 pm
be asking about in these candidates who are asking to be our commander in chief because the cost is not only on our troops, on our military families and those who are sacrificing their lives, the cost is at home with our economy and ability to execute important domestic programs and policies to rebuild our nation here at home. when you look at this question of war and peace, there's such a clear difference between the two candidates. the choice was obvious for me to be able to endorse. >> tulsi gabbard, thanks for coming in. coming up, live to a donald trump rally in super tuesday state of georgia. another huge crowd getting ready to hear from him. hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good.
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north korean television is showing a detained u.s. college student making a tearful apology. let's go to cnn's brian todd. what are you learning? >> tonight learning new details about how this young man, a 21-year-old university of virginia student, is very likely being used as a pawn by kim jong-un's regime. he walks stiffly into the room, head bowed, flanked by his north korean guards. then 21-year-old american otto fredrick warmbier appears to break down. >> i entirely beg you, people and government of the dpr korea for your forgiveness. please. i've made the worst mistake of my life. >> he reads a statement saying he committed a crime in the eyes of north korea taking down a
2:53 pm
pro-regime political banner from the staff area of a hotel. >> please act to save me. please. think of my family. >> reporter: cnn cannot verify if he was forced to read from a script but kim jong-un's regime has made others do the same. >> i think he's under great duress. he knows what's transpired in the past with other americans who have been held for significant periods of time. he has no one to seek council to. >> reporter: he was on an organized tour when he was detained january 2nd. north korean officials say he was encouraged to steal the banner by a methodist churches in native ohio and by the zee society, a philanthropic association whose members names are secret. pyongyang says the group has ties to the cia. the ohio church and zee society have no connections with him or the cia.
2:54 pm
the tour operator has commented on the strange news conference. other tour operators tell cnn they pound the message home to their american clients, don't do anything to provoke the north koreans such as taking pictures of soldiers. >> don't take a picture with your hands in your pocket. before we enter any museum, there is typically a mural of the leadership of the countries and tourists are expected to give it a brief bow on their way in. >> reporter: he's being held at a time of high tension with kim jong-un's regime following his nuclear and rocket tests leading some to wonder if tonight this student is also a pawn. >> they are using this to get on the front pages to open themselves up to a dialogue. a dialogue not with respect to the nuclear or missile programs and the sanctions that are being applied to north korea, but now to a humanitarian issue. this is in their interest to change the subject.
2:55 pm
>> reporter: while kim's regime is playing this high-stakes game, warmmier's family is issuing a statement saying otto has apologized for anything he might have done wrong, urging them to consider his youth and allow him to return home. >> one former north korean detainee has made clear after his release that he made a confession after duress. >> this man, merrill newman from california had been held in north korea in 2013 after mentioning while he was on a tour that he had fought in the korean war. after his release, he said his confession was not made voluntarily. he emphasized the bad grammar and strange language the north koreans had crafteded for him. coming up, we're standing by for a donald trump rally. it's getting rough out there on the campaign trail and anything can happen. ht be gearcentric. right now, save up to 40% on desks and filing cabinets!
2:56 pm
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happening now, breaking news. trump towers. donald trump enjoying his biggest lead yet in our new national poll on this, the eve of super tuesday. we're standing by to hear from trump live this hour. how much closer will tomorrow's primaries put him to the gop nomination? brand old implosion. republicans find themselves at a crossroads as trump appears unstoppable. others publicly opposing him, is the gop facing a civil war? hillary's edge. hillary clinton riding high into super tuesday on a wave of momentum from her south carolina landslide victory. could a strong finish tomorrow
3:01 pm
propel her out of bernie sanders' reach? deltsa force. some of the u.s. army's most elet elite forces now working on the ground inside iraq to capture, topple isis. joint operations with iraqi units there now all in place. can this new strategy defeat the terrorist forces? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following breaking political news on this the eve of the single biggest day of the primary season. donald trump pulling in his highest numbers yet in our brand-new cnn/orc poll. widening his commanding lead as white house hopefuls head into super tuesday. we're standing by for a trump rally that's beginning soon.
3:02 pm
momentarily inside georgia. we're also standing by for a rare interview with the woman who could be the next first lady of the united states, melania trump talking one on one to cnn revealing what she disagrees with about -- with her husband. we're covering all of that and much more thisour with our guests, including key trump supporter and tea party activist scottie melhuse. and our experts and analysts are also standing by. let's begin with our latest cnn/orc poll showing donald trump with a huge lead. 49% of republicans nationally asked -- when asked want him to be the republican presidential nominee. his closest rival, senator marco rubio and ted cruz are trailing trump by more than 30 points. our cnn political reporter sara murray is at that trump rally in valdosta, georgia, about to get under way. the trump campaign more confident than ever heading into super tuesday.
3:03 pm
what's the latest? >> the reality is jumping from controversy to controversy has paid big dividends for donald trump in the past and there's no reason for them to believe anything will be different come tomorrow. donald trump's latest firestorm -- >> i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacists. >> reporter: adding fuel to the panic that's royaling the gop. as establishment republicans look for one last hope to stop trump. >> he's unelectable now. >> reporter: the celebrity candidate is in the midst of another raucous day on the trail. marred by protesters -- and a physical altercation between a photo journalist and secret service agent assigned to trump. all of this as some republicans launch an open revolt. refusing to support trump even if he wins the nomination. there is a real chance that the party splinters if donald trump is nominated. >> reporter: the republican rift on full display as chris
3:04 pm
christie and alabama senator jeff sessions line up behind trump and argue it's time for others to do the same. >> we need to make america great again. >> reporter: even before trump's boisterous rally he was already doing damage control today. >> we looked at it and looked at the question, i day vowed david duke. i disavowed david duke all weekend long on facebook, on twitter and, obviously, it's never enough. >> real, real quickly -- >> that's after failing three times to denounce support from white supremacists and former kkk leader david duke. in an interview on cnn's "state of the union." >> i don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group i know nothing about. if you'd send me a list of the groups. >> you say david duke, i say racist. immediately. why wouldn't he condemn the ku klux klan? >> reporter: ted cruz is hoping to head off trump in delegate-rich contests on super
3:05 pm
tuesday. >> at the end of tomorrow, donald trump is in all likelihood going to have a big chunk and we are going to have a big chunk of delegates. and i think everyone else will be way, way, way behind. >> reporter: john kasich is pushing for a campaign beyond insumi insults and outlandish behavior. >> i'm tired of the name-calling and what i consider to be childishness when we're running for president of the united states. this is like every day. it's like a circus. >> reporter: the absurdity is even inspiring late night host john oliver to inleash on trump. >> if you are thinking of voting for donald trump, the charismatic guy promising to make america great again, stop and take a moment to imagine how you'd feel if you just met a guy named donald druf, a serial liar with a string of broken business ventures and the support of a klan leader he can't decide whether or not to condemn.
3:06 pm
>> reporter: in that 20-minute tirade, john oliver was quick to point out that druf was his original last name. my guess is trump will not spend a lot of time on that in his rally tonight but who knows. maybe john oliver will become his top target. >> that was his family name in europe a couple of generations ago. we'll stand by to hear from donald trump. trump win in texas tomorrow could be the end of the ted cruz campaign. he has to win his home state to remain viable. he's there campaigning. sunlen serfaty is with the cruz campaign. she's been covering that campaign. what are you learning from his aides? cruz aides about his chances in tex snas. >> reporter: the cruz campaign tells me they are feeling very optimistic about his chances tomorrow here in texas. but are leaving nothing to chance. and as you said, texas is seen
3:07 pm
as a do or die state. he needs to win here in his home state. if he loses, not only would it be an embarrassing and symbolic defeat but also in terms of when you are looking at the math, the delegates, ted cruz himself has referred to texas as the crown jewel of super tuesday. 155 delegates at stake. the core part of the cruz campaign strategy from the start has been snatching up this treasure trove of delegates here in texas. that's why a large part we have seen ted cruz barnstorm this state in the final week faced with this pressure and reality of the moment for him. spending 4 out of 7 of the last days here in texas and his final day here before super tuesday in his home state searching for last-minute votes. ted cruz today has predicted that tomorrow will be a very good day for him, but, of course, the stakes are very high, wolf, for him to make that happen. >> he won iowa presumably.
3:08 pm
could win his home state of texas. do they think he'll win any other state tomorrow? >> well, the cruz campaign is looking at georgia. we saw ted cruz campaigning there over the weekend. he said to voters there it's neck and neck. so they're looking at places like georgia and oklahoma. really relying on those poor southern states that have always been in large part key to his strategy. we've seen some cracks in that strategy. so tomorrow will be a big test not just in here but in the southern states as well. >> certainly will be. sunlen serfaty, thanks. we stand by to hear from donald trump. let's talk to one of his key supporters, scottie melhuse. she's a tea party leader. here in "the situation room." you think trump can win in texas or cruz has it locked up there? >> the question, is a win enough for ted cruz. let's say he pulls it off and gets a win. >> the biggest prize tomorrow. >> he has to win 51% of the vote nrd to get all 155 delegates.
3:09 pm
anything less it goes proportional. cruz sat 33%. trump at 32%. he's far from that 51% he needs to take all 155 delegates. y he could win the state but is he going to get the 155 delegates for the ultimate prize to stay in this race? >> what do you think of the stumble? he stumbled when being interviewed yesterday on "state of the union." jake asked him three times to disavow david duke, the kkk white supremacist. and he gave awkward answers, at best. >> it's nothing different than what he's done all along. the one reason people like mr. trump is he is human. we are not all perfect all the time giving our answers. in this election we're finding actions speak louder than words. mr. trump disavowed david duke on friday. he disavowed him. why did this all get started? because david duke came out and said i never endorsed mr. trump.
3:10 pm
he didn't endorse him last august or last week or this weekend. and he had clearly said over and over, i don't endorse mr. trump. where is this whole controversy being stirred up from? that showed -- that makes it look a little bit suspicious if this is -- >> he did post some comments that were supportive of donald trump by telling white people in effect, go ahead and vote for him saying the jews control various businesses, lobbies, stuff like that. that's not something that donald trump wants to be associated with at all. >> not at all. that's why he disavowed it. are we going to start holding these candidates accountable for the craziness that -- >> a question for donald trump. he could have easily said, i disassociate. even if he said it on friday, he could have repeated it easily. >> trust me it would have been a much easier morning monday morning for us if he would have just made that clear answer. for some reason or another, the events happened as they were. >> he made a mistake? >> i can't speak on behalf of
3:11 pm
mr. trump. the truth is he did say i know nothing about it. i've already disavowed him. let's go back to 2012. the reason he -- one reason he did not run for president back then was because the party pushing him had some sort of connection to this same group that david duke say part of. he said he didn't want anything to do with it then. he has a long track record of distancing himself. he may not have put it as eloquent as ronald reagan when he made his statement. >> but he should -- >> i think he has. he's been strong against it at his rallies. >> this morning on the "today" show he complained his ear piece was not good, although that certainly didn't come across like that. >> i can't explain mr. trump sometimes. actions speak louder than words. there is no other candidate that has more diverse people out there speaking for him than mr. trump. especially on the gop side. possibly on the democrat side. there's not much diversity in these surrogates. mr. trump has the most out
3:12 pm
there. when you look at the people supporting him, he has a long str track record. >> scottie, stand by. there's a lot more going on. we're getting more information. we're also standing by to hear directly from donald trump. he's at a rally. much more rouight after this.
3:13 pm
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3:17 pm
super tuesday is tomorrow. just getting started, scottie. let's talk for a moment or so before we dip in and listen to what he has to say. a little spat earlier today at another rally where the secret service had to come in. protesters were there. we'll show some of that video for our viewers. not necessarily a pleasant moment, although he's getting more and more used to these interruptions at his respective rallies. you can watch the video there. >> they play to him. they play to his appeal. people are frustrated and angry at disruptors. there are people that waited hours to get in there to listen to what they want to possibly be president. >> does it concern you there was an altercation between a journal uft, photographer and secret service photography? you saw that video as well. it was not very pleasant. >> i have utmost respect for secret service. they are put in a difficult place right now. i'm sure they are very well trained. that guy knew what he was doing. he could compete with most wwe
3:18 pm
wrestlers with that takedown. >> stand by, scottie. he's just getting started. let's listen in to donald trump right now. he's in georgia. >> lying ted cruz, 15%. good guy ben carson, 10%. and kasich 6%. we're 49%. can you believe it? man. and we've got the endorsement yesterday of senator jeff sessions. it's an incredible thing. and we have sarah palin, and we have so many incredible people. we have i'll tell you, jerry falwell jr. you know we're winning at every level with evangelicals. jerry falwell jr. did -- was unbelievable. and maybe that's one of the reasons we've had such help. the evangelicals, tea party people, we're winning with old, young, highly educated, we're --
3:19 pm
right? we're winning with a little bit less than highly educated, which is okay. i love you. and we're win with the veterans. i love the veterans. we're winning with the military. in other words, we're winning with everybody. so i just want to thank everybody. it's been so much fun. who would have known this was going to happen? so i have a special treat. i love nascar. do we love nascar? so we had an endorsement a little while ago, and you know my son don is very, very friendly with the folks at nascar and in particular brian france. is this guy like a winner? and, you know, i've grown up in george steinbrenner, the yankees, a great friend of mine and so many of the owners. and brian france, there's nobody like this man. the job he's done and the family is so incredible.
3:20 pm
so some of the nascar friends came over here because, guess what, they are endorsing donald trump? can you believe this? can you believe this? you know, i'll tell you what. if the people that like it watch nascar vote for donald trump, they can cancel the election right now. nobody can win. nobody. nobody can win. so what i want to do, i'll bring them up individually. first of all, the owner, the whole deal, the big guy, brian france. brian, come on up here. he's getting pretty dapper. look at him. brian, you want to say a few words? >> well, i'll just real quick. i've known donald for over 20 years. i'm going to tell you one thing about him. you know about his winning in business and success. i'm here to tell you, he wins with his family. he does.
3:21 pm
he does. and i'll tell you one thing. if you leave on one other thing, any of his children, you'd be proud to have him as part of your family. that's how i judge a winner. how somebody manages their famil family. >> all right. so we have some of the great drivers. one of the great drivers of the world in history, the great, the legendary bill elliott. come on, bill. [ cheers ] we love bill. >> i don't know what to say. i've known him just a little
3:22 pm
bit, but for what he can do for our country, i'm all for it. we need a change, guys. that's all there is to it. i think this is the man for the job. >> oh, do these guys have guts. i could not press it. i'm telling you. i want to go about 60. that's about it for most of us. so we have ryan newman. great, ryan. come on up here, ryan. we have david -- you don't want me to say? david lee reagan. come in. and then because of genes, he was really helped a lot. bill and his incredible wife had a son, and the son, you got it, and the son, i don't know.
3:23 pm
are you going to be upset if he turns out greater than you, bill, or happy? he's going to be thrilled. that's a good father. that's a good father. i know a lot of fathers have a son that becomes successful, they're not happy. that's a great father. most fathers are that way. chase elliott. the hottest young driver in the world. >> i'm not sure why he let me say anything. just happy to be here. this is a great man, a guy who can do some great things for us. thank you. thanks for having us.
3:24 pm
>> trump! trump! trump! trump! >> thank you, fellas. that's cute. they just said keep that wall going. we're going to keep the wall going. believe me. believe me. so it's been an amazing period of time, and, you know, i just have to thank nascar because that's something that to do is just incredible. these are incredible people. incredible athletes. brian is an incredible guy who i've known for so long, and the job he's done is legendary. so i just could not be happier that they were here. i just want to discuss a few of the things -- tomorrow is a really big day. we have to get out and vote. you know, i don't want your money because i'm self-funding, right? i don't even want brian's money. brian is good for some money, but i don't want brian's money. what i want is i want everybody -- i guess i just heard me have 13,000, 14,000
3:25 pm
people outside. they hear me very well. we have a good mike system. i just want you guys to go out and vote. we have the head of -- one of the top writers of "time" here. he did a story three or four weeks ago talking about a movement. i said what are you talking about? you're going to do another story? where is david? where the hell is david? he did such an amazing story, and he's talking about a movement. this is, in fact, a movement. this isn't about me. it's about you. it's about all -- i'm just the messenger. i'm just the messenger, folks. and there's not -- there's never been -- they've said, i've gotten calls from a lot of the biggest writers. the media is back there, but they're very dishonest people, but some of them are good. oh, they're terrible. they are so terrible. they are terrible. but you know, no, 20% of them are good. 80% are bad. 40% are disgusting. but the end result, it doesn't
3:26 pm
make any difference. what we have going is so special. it's incredible. so the big thing, and i'm going to -- i'll tell you one more time before we finish which will be in a little while. we'll talk about a few things like the wall. we'll talk about -- like not getting ripped off in trade like rebuilding our military, like taking care of our vets. but i just want to say, so i'm self-funding. that means nobody is going to say, oh, please. you've got to help me with the pharmaceutical industry or you have to help me with something. no, no. there's not going to be any of that. do you know in bidding, that we're the largest purchaser of drugs in the world? in the world. by far. so drugs like to make you better, right? and do you know that in bidding we don't bid. it's like if you go out to buy, to get some drugs at your local pharmacy, the government is paying a similar amount of
3:27 pm
money? that we would save billions and billions of dollars. now the problem is that all of these guys that i'm running against are all taken care of by the pharmaceutical industry. they are taken care of by all the industries. when it comes time to bid they say, oh, no, no, you can't have them bid. they gave me a million dollars or $5 million. it's a bad system. we're going to clean it up. do you know, we can save as much as $300 billion if we went out and bid. $300 billion. that gets to be big money, right? the numbers of fraud, waste, abuse in the system are incredible. we're going to take care of social security. we're going to cut in terms of -- not cut what you are getting. we're going to cut all of the waste, fraud abuse and save you social security without cuts. mark my words.
3:28 pm
and we're going to have something that's going to be so exciting. and look. i deal with these people. i've dealt with politicians all my life. donald hasn't been political. i've gotten zone changes. i've been over the world. we're doing 114 projects right now all over the world. i've dealt with politicians worldwide. and i want to tell you, they're never going to get you to the promised land. they're never going to do it. and i saw this like this little marco rubio, this guy. i call him lightweight marco. no, i see him, i'm on the stage. you saw chris christie endorse me the other day, right? great guy. tough guy. and a few weeks ago we're at one of the many debates. they're just brutal. who wants to do any more debates? it's enough. and we have another one coming up, i think, on thursday. the last one i was double-teamed, and i won every single poll had me winning.
3:29 pm
can you believe it? and these two guys, i see them backstage. they're talking. you do this, i'll do that. you do this, don't cut me off. and then high-fiving. there's one picture i'm standing here in the middle. i've been in the middle from the beginning. i've been in the middle from the beginning, from the time i announced -- the middle means like that's the one that's winning. i've been in the middle from the beginning. i see these two guys. there's a picture in the newspaper. i'm standing here like this. there's a little bit of a break and they are both behind me shaking hands like, oh, isn't everything wonderful? so every single online poll, drudge is an incredible guy. drudge, time, slay, everybody. every one of them. every single event i've been number one in this whole thing with the crazy debating. and the reason is, i've never done this before. i'm not a politician. these guys, all they do is talk. it's all talk, no action.
3:30 pm
they debate, they talk. nothing gets done. they then go to get campaign contributions. yep. i promise i'll do this. will you give me a contribution? that's what they do. but i am so convinced that our country can be greater than ever before. i am so convinced. that's why i'm doing this. greater than ever before. but this guy -- i watched him, and he's standing there. think about this negotiating with the chinese. i do a lot of business with the chinese. i have the bank of america building because of the chinese. big chunk of it. i have 1290 avenue of the americas, that's sixth avenue in new york. the largest floor, just about the largest floor. massive building. chinese. i have the largest bank in the world. chinese bank. 400 million customers. largest in the world. tenant of one of my buildings in
3:31 pm
manhattan. i deal t-- carl icahn is one of the -- >> all right. so we're going to continue to watch donald trump. we've got to take a quick break. we'll take a quick break. more of donald trufflmp. more of the news. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
3:35 pm
our brand-new cnn/orc poll shows donald trump more than 30
3:36 pm
points ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio. let's get more on all of this with cnn politics executive editor mike preston, gloria borger, david chalian and the former obama senior adviser david axelrod. the trump comments yesterday, the awkward moment, the stumble in disassociating himself with david duke, the kkk white supremacist. do you think that's going to have an impact? >> if history is a guide, no. the polling doesn't suggest he's losing anything. in the short term, i don't think this is going to hurt him. >> what about the disruptions, the protest, the encounter between the photographer and the secret service. >> we're used to seeing protests at trump rallies. i don't tong this extent. i think it was a response to what happened yesterday with jake tapper. but again, i don't think that
3:37 pm
among those trump supporters who were diehard trump supporters that it's going to make any difference. i think what it does is it gives people who oppose trump and now they are becoming more vocal, including marco rubio most notably, ted cruz, mitt romney, those people coming out and being able to use it against him and say, look. this is not where we want to take the republican party. making him seem more out of the mainstream republican school of thought than he wants to be positioned as, right? >> david, former chairman of the republican national committee ken mehlman wrote this on facebook. leaders don't need to do research to reject klan support and don't mock people with disabilities, insult war heroes, divide people by religion and nationality and insult women. #nevertrump. how significant is this? >> in any normal circumstance, that would be a bombshell that's a former chairman of the national republican committee is being so opposed to the guy that
3:38 pm
is poised to sew up the party's nomination. that would be an earthquake in american politics, much like senator ben sass and his comments he wouldn't be able to -- >> or mitt romney calling him disgusting. >> yet, in this environment, i think that only emboldens trump, and i don't think -- and i don't think -- >> -- establishment support. >> precisely. i think it's significant. ken mehlman has not been one to jump into these fights since he's left has tenure at the rnc. here he's clearly -- >> there's a little civil war erupting within the republican leadership. >> a little bit of a civil war? there's an all-out war. a couple of things. what we saw happen at that trump rally today, i think it's going to repeat itself as we head into the summer. the season i say that is i think you have a very angry electorate. and we've seen that on the republican side. people are very frustrated. and we've seen the trump
3:39 pm
supporters rnsupport ers aren't afraid to mix it up. sometimes he does fuel that fire. so i do think the passion heading into the summer could get even more heated. >> i want to play a little clip. anderson cooper sat down for a rare interview with trump's wife melania today. >> we are both very independent and let him be who he is, and he lets me be who i am. and -- >> you don't try to change him? >> i don't try to change him. he's an adult. he knows the consequences. so i let him be who he is. i give him my opinions many, many times. >> you do? >> yes. i don't agree with everything he says, but that's is normal. i'm my own person. i tell him what i think. i'm standing very strong on the ground on my two feet, and i'm my own person, and i think that's very important in the relationship. >> can you say something where you disagreed with him on?
3:40 pm
>> oh, many things. some language, of course. >> language? >> yes, some language. >> language you hear him using? >> especially out of new hampshire when the woman was shouting out the inappropriate word and i was there and i'm thinking like don't repeat it in my head. just for him. don't repeat it. just don't say it because the next day media, all they will talk about is about that. they did. he goes with the momentum, with the flow, with the people. they're having fun. everybody were cheering. and he said it and the next day -- but he repeated the word. that was not his word. so -- >> he heard from you about that? >> yeah, i told him that, yes. >> gloria, i think she could be a big asset for him in this campaign. >> absolutely. it's clear she didn't think he should have used the language he should and it's clear she gives him advice and doesn't agree with him. i personally agree with everything my husband says.
3:41 pm
i think she can be an asset. she's very cool to his very hot. that's always good. and spouses are character witnesses. >> i think it's all too interesting they are putting her out there. he's had a problem with women. and to have her out there is obviously an attempt to soften his image. and, you know, that's a helpful interview. >> it also validates, yes, softens the image and with women but he can have people of different opinions. her big talking point is that she disagrees. if you are somebody who doesn't agree with some of the things you've heard donald trump say you have an access point in the -- in his world. >> a lot of people realize and you know this as well, his children, whether it's ivanka or sons, they are all pretty impressive as well. will they go out and campaign for him and do these interviews? i think they help the donald trump campaign as well. >> no doubt his best surrogate has been his blood.
3:42 pm
it's been ivanka has been amazing on the campaign trail. his sons have done a good job of going up there and mixing it up with these blue collar voters that he is trying to get. and then, of course, his wife who we haven't heard much from but when she goes out there, the veil is lifted. the mystery of her is gone. you look at her and say she's very accomplished, and she can challenge her husband because many of us don't think that donald trump can be challenged by anybody. in fact, all his people around him do is enable him and then we hear something like that. >> doesn't hurt that she's beautiful either. >> she's -- she's a different kind of political spouse, right? she has an accent. she's a model. >> she could be the first lady. >> she's also a mother. she says her husband listens to her, and we have to take her at her word. >> does she want to take responsibility for that? >> the endorsement today from nascar, going into super tuesday
3:43 pm
with all these -- >> not bad in the s.e.c. >> especially when you are lapping your opponents. >> these nascar drivers -- >> justice trying to signify -- >> you saw the nascar drivers go out there and speaking enthusiastically about donald trump. i suspect that's going to help him. >> this doubles down on the image he's trying to project heading into the southern states. you can hear the full interview, watch it as well. donald trump's wife melania opening up to anderson cooper. that interview will air "ac 360" tonight at 9:8:00 p.m. on cnn. more from our commentators. david axelrod, check out his podcast, the ax files. sign up at i think you'll want to do that. we'll be right back. a vp? then you might be gearcentric. right now, save up to 40% on desks and filing cabinets! office depot officemax. gear up for great®.
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hillary clinton is hoping her crushing victory in south carolina will launch her campaign into a very strong position with democrats nationwide. our new cnn poll shows clinton with a 17-point lead nationally over her rival senator bernie sanders. our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is following the democratic contest for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: wolf, hillary clinton is pushing hard for super tuesday tomorrow night. she hopes it will be the biggest collection of delegates yet. she wrapped up a campaign rally here in virginia a short time ago. she's decided to add minnesota
3:49 pm
on to her campaign schedule. she'll be going there tomorrow. that's a state bernie sanders has been planting his flag in. the sanders campaign is confident of win something states but a short time ago, he told reporters when asked if he could win any state but vermont, he said, i surely hope so. >> tomorrow is super tuesday. massachusetts is right in the middle of it. and i need your help. >> reporter: hillary clinton is riding a wave, hoping her south carolina landslide becomes an even bigger super tuesday victory lap. >> i will work as hard as i can every single day. i will get up and go to work for you and fight for you. >> reporter: the delegate fight with >> reporter: the delegate fight with bernie sanders will go on, but a strong finish could make clinton all but up nstoppable. >> if i was grading some of those republicans, remember the little box that used to be on
3:50 pm
your kids' report cards, play well with others? i'd have to put a big no. democracy requires that we play well with others. >> reporter: she is steadily shifting her focus from sanders to republicans, one in particular. >> yes, i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >> reporter: in battleground virginia, the early outlines of a general election fight starting today. sanders isn't sugar coating his 48-point blowout in south carolina. >> we got decimated. >> reporter: but he says the race is just getting started. he is drawing big crowds in oklahoma to minnesota. he's making it clear he's far from finished with clinton. >> we are listening to the american people and their pain and their needs rather than hustling all over the country
3:51 pm
collecting millions of dollars from the 1%. >> reporter: a new cnn poll shows the majority of democrats across the country favor clinton 55 to 38 over sanders, but it also showing warning signs. 59% say sanders is more honest and trustworthy. tonight in virginia, clinton sounded like she had the general election on her mind. >> because at some point you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. people around the world actually listen to what people running for president say. >> reporter: now that is a central part of clinton's strategy, to show people she's an experienced, steady leader. she reminds audiences at every
3:52 pm
turn they're also electing a commander and chief. that ensures this contest is going to go on for weeks to come. wolf? >> it certainly does. coming up, we're learning new details about an elite group of u.s. soldiers conducting operations against isis inside iraq. can the army unit known as delta force turn the tide in this war against the terrorists? seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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the fight against isis in iraq is getting a boost from an elite u.s. army unit known as delta force. the soldiers are conducting a
3:57 pm
wide range of operations from gathering intelligence to rescuing hostages. barbara, what are you learning? >> wolf, very oddly today the pentagon began to shed new light on some of these very secretive operations. in secret locations across northern iraq, the army's elite delta force is conducting its first operations cnn has learned. today at the pentagon defense secretary ash carter outlining what delta and the expeditionary targeting force has been expected to do. >> freeing hostages and prisoners of isil. the only thing i'll say is the etf is in position. it is having an effect and operating. >> reporter: the timing and location of all operations remains classified. there are about 200 troops in
3:58 pm
northern iraq. they've been setting up safe houses, establishing and paying off informant networks, and gathering intelligence. the plan, attack compounds not just to capture or kill isis, but to grab laptops, cell phones, anything that can provide more intelligence and lead to more raids. >> special operations forces, i have vast experience in iraq and afghanistan using these kinds of tactics and techniques. >> new tech feniques as well. the secretary of defense detailed going after isis in cyberspace. >> to interrupt, disrupt, isil's command and control, to cause them to lose confidence in their networks, to overload their networks so that they can't function. >> reporter: the ultimate goal drive isis off the dark web that the u.s. cannot monitor.
3:59 pm
>> sometimes we do drive them to other means, but it cuts both ways. sometimes those other means are easier for us to listen to. >> reporter: but it could have unintended consequences. >> you're going to end up basically not knowing what they're doing. they could be using everything from couriers to carrier pigeons in order to get the job done for them. >> reporter: all of this as carter is considering sending more troops to the upcoming iraqi operation to retake mosul. >> because of our strategy and our determination to accelerate our campaign, momentum is now on our side and not on isil. >> reporter: but why telegraph so much information about raids, about cyberattacks? it is generally classified. this is now as much as anything a pr war, a public relations
4:00 pm
war, and the pentagon has to show progress to the american people, or at least that's the thinking. >> i want to remind our viewers watch cnn tomorrow for super tuesday coverage that we're bringing you the best political reporting analysis throughout the day as voters head to the polls in 12 states. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. next, a confident donald trump heading into super tuesday do . could rubio lose every state tomorrow and still have a path to the nomination? we're going to show you how with the expert of experts. hillary clinton laying off her opponent. is she pivoting to the general electi election already? let's go "outfront." good evening, i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, donald trump supremely confident heading into super tuesday just hours from now, hours away, republican voters in 11 states are going


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