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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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it's time to pull his mask off, so that people can see what we're dealing with here. what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. he is a con artist. first of all, he runs on this idea that he is fighting for the little guy. but he has spent his entire career sticking it to the little guy. his entire career. all right, every business that he has ever run that's gone bankrupt, this guy bankrupted a casino. how do you bankrupt a casino. how do you bankrupt a casino? all right, but when all of these projects went bankrupt, you know the first people that didn't get paid, the leelectricians and subcontractors, some went out of business because he didn't pay them. he's fighting for the little guy, what about the students that signed up for trump university. a fake school. some of them took out loans,
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told them go max your credit cards, $36,000, the end of the course, you got a paper certificate and a picture with a cardboard cutout of donald trump. he says he is fighting for the little guy. but in florida, my home state, right now, he is hiring workers from other countries because he claims no americans will do those jobs. this is the guy that says he is fighting to protect the american worker in florida. there are 300 people that said we'll take those jobs, americans, he doesn't hire them. instead, he brings in workers from abroad to do the jobs, and he goes on television saying, oh, we can't find qualified people to do that work. there are qualified people raising their hands saying we'll do that work. we have a guy at that last night spent literally 30 seconds defending planned parenthood. he did it better than harry reid does it. this is what is trying to take over the conservative movement.
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it is time to open our eyes and see what's happening here. for the first time in 36 years, if donald trump is elected, the conservati conservative movement will be headed up by somebody who says when it comes to israel and palesti palestine, he is not taking sides. i'm taking sides. i'm with israel. wed a guy yesterday saying on the stage oh, if you don't support government take over of health care, then you're in favor of letting people die in the streets. i've heard that before in the democratic debate from bernie sanders and hillary clinton and barack obama. so it's time. the charade is up. this a con job where he is going to americans struggling, hurting, and implying i'm fighting for you because i am a tough guy. a tough guy? this guy inherited $200 million.
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he has never faced any struggle. he told a procetester, i'm goin to punch you in the face. donald trump never punched anyone in the face. the first guy to ask for secret service protection. he inherited $200 million. i said it last night. if he had not, right now, he would be selling watches in times square. or be doing one of those infomercils that teaches you how to flip properties. it's time for you to unmask him as well. you all have friends, you all have friends thinking about voting for donald trump. friends do not let friends vote for con artists. all right, so you want to have a
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little fun? all right, what is donald trump do when things go wrong. he takes to twitter. i have him right here. let's read some. you'll have fun. all right, number one, here's the first one. lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is, he is a chalker. and once a chalker, always a choker, i guess that's what he meant to say, he spelled it chalker. he called me mr. meltdown. let me tell you something, during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, he went backstage, he was having a meltdown. first, he had this little makeup thing applying, like makeup around his mustache, because he had one of those sweat mustaches. he wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants
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weren't wet. i don't know. then i see him pacing back and forth, and then he is huddled in the corner talking to somebody, waiving his arm up and down and the person trying to calm him down. any way, but i'm a chalker. all right, next tweet. lete weight chalker marco rubio looks like a little boy on stage. he meant to say lightweight, but he spelled it lete, so he got it wrong. looks like a little boy on stage. it it's not that i look like a little boy, so you start to worry, because he would be older. >> all right, last one, wow, every poll said i won the debate last night. now, this is him about himself, okay. great honer.
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i think he meant to say honor. i don't know how he got that wrong, because the e and o are nowhere near each other oh thern the keyboard. that's what i'm thinking, so how do this guy three tweets misspell words so badly. i only reach two conclusions. number one, that's how they spell those words at the wharton school of business where he went. or number two, just like trump tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets. all right, so guys, we have a con artist as the front-runner in the republican party. a guy, a guy who has made a career out of telling people lies so they come in and buy his product or whatever he does. you ever heard of trump vodka. you have? well, it isn't around any more. or trump mattress, or trump air,
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or trump ice or trump water. those are all businesses that are gone, because they were disasters. trump hot air, yeah. so we cannot allow the conservative movement to be taken over by a con artist, because the stakes are too high. this country faces an election in which our very identity as a people is at stake. for over two centuries, this has been a special country, unique in the history of all mankind. that was never an accident. that happened because the people who came before us, made the right choices. incredible sacrifices. now the time has come for this generation to do its part. here is what i want you to believe in, it's not a slogan. the truth. if we do what needs to be done right now in this election, we have a chance to make this nation greater and more prosperous and freer than it has ever been in its trhistory.
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that's the opportunity before us. but not if we stay on the road we're on right now. not if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins this election. and they'll win if we do not when it comes to donald trump, look, i had articles written about me that i had ten traffic attacks, or my wife had traffic attacks, because of a red light scam, that's another thing we should get rid of. i had a reporter go back and say, find that when i was 18 years old, a friends and i went to a park after i see some young kids, i'm against this, but i'm going to tell you what i did when i was 18. we went to drink beer in a park after hours at 18. i knew you would cheer that in texas. you're cheering. but this guy, donald trump, has a lawsuit against them for fraud. you don't hear anything. it's crickets, because they know, he is the nominee, we're going to have someone as the
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republican nominee that defends planned parenthood, someone who defen defends single payer for healthcare, who won't take sides with israel, and a dream for them. as soon as he gets the nomination, they will shred him to pieces. they are looking for this. they're encouraging this to happen. we cannot nominate someone who will get shredded to pieces. the consequences are, bernie sanders a socialist, or hillary clinton, someone who is unqualified to be commander in chief, who put classified information on her e-mail server. someone who lied to the families of the victims of bcan never be the commander in chief of the united states of america. we cannot lose this election. you nominate me, we will not
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lose this election. you nominate me, the only way you'll have a conservative, you will have a conservative that uniteds the republican party and brings us together after the circuit act we've had to live with for nine months. you'll have someone that will grow this party, not by changing our principles, we're going to who are living today the way i - grew up. people who have lived paycheck to paycheck, like i've lived. people that have had to borrow money to go to school, real schools, not fake universities, like people who -- people who are trying to raise their families from the 21st century and how hard it has become to instill in your family the right values, the right values they teach in our teaches, instead of what they ram down our throats. we're going to unite the conservative movement and we'll win the election when we do. and then we have a lot of work to do, because we have a lot of
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damage to undo. first of all, elect me president for the first time in eight years, you'll have a president that protects defends and follows the constitution of the united states of america. on my first day in office, as soon as i walk into the oval office, i will repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. you will have a president that defends your first amendment right to live out the teachings of your faith. not to just believe what yever u want in every aspect in your life. you will have a president that defends your second amendment right to protect yourself and your family. you will have a president, once again, that believes that the federal government is supposed to be a limited one. that most of the answers in our society don't belong to
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government. they belong in our lives in our homes and our families. the most important job i will ever have, the most important job you will ever have is the job of a husband, wife, father, mother. that's where the real difference is made in america. and if government has a role, it is probably at the state level. not at the federal level. you will have a president that follows and honors and believes in the 10th amendment, which means power belongs to the people through the states, not at the federal government. you will have a president that believes that the constitution is not a living and breathing document. designed to mean whatever you want it to mean. if it means whatever you want it to mean, it means nothing. the constitution is supposed to be applied as originally meant. which means when i'm president of the united states, i will appoint people to the supreme court like justice scalia, god rest his soul, who understood the constitution is to be applied according to its original meaning.
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there is a way to change the constitution. it's not the court system. it's called article 5. i think there should be two changes to the constitution. two additions. we need a balanced budget amendment. we need term limits on congress and term limits on judges. you elect me president, you'll have a president that believes in free enterprise again. real. not corporate. a system in which people use all the money, use their influence to get the laws they want, leaves them in power and leaves everybody out. my father was a bartender, my mother was a made. >> john berman, with kate, all we can say is oh, my god. >> it is on. >> it is on. after eight months of barely mentioning donald trump in his campaign, donald trump is the
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main focus now of marco rubio's campaign. saw it in last night's cnn republican debate in houston. you're looking at it right now. marco rubio at an event in dallas, texas, his first event since that debate. we're honestly everything changed in the last few minutes, marco rubio suggested donald trump wet his pants last night. he called him a con artist, and flat out cold him old. >> the charade is up. this is a con job. friends do not let friends vote for a con artist, and then he went on, reading donald trump's tweet, mocking him, making fun of his spelling, among other things. truly amazing to see the change in this campaign in the first minute taking it to donald trump. a lot to discuss. oh, and by the way, we just heard speaking of twitter, we saw from donald trump on twitter that he is teasing a very big announcement that he is going to have at his event coming up shortly. we're keeping an eye on that in
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fort worth, texas. let's bring in veteran journalist and moderate ter david gregory, communications director at the rnc, now a "wall street journal" contributor, and commentator for senator ted cruz, amanda carpenter, and columnist and commentator, kaley, she is also a donald trump supporter. great to see you all. i can't talk, but there is a lot to talk about. david gregory, what do you see in what you just heard from marco rubio? >> well, i mean, i have to say, look, i mean, i don't want to be prudish about this thing, but it's sad to see the level of discourse that we saw last nietd and seeing it in politics 2016, we have candidates reading insults off of twitter and responding with their own ridicule and their own insults, but that's where we are. no question that marco rubio has found himself, and kind of found
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a new gear in his campaign to not only argue for himself, but to argue for the stakes in the campaign. talked about electability in the fall, but really, make a sustained attack on donald trump. i think it's interesting, because we've seen attacks on trump's temperament. we've seen attacks on ideology, but i think this is different now. i think those attack, and they've come from jeb bush, cruz, they haven't worked. here is rubio saying the guy is not for real. he is actually conning you. you think he'll stand up for the little guy. he'll stick it to the little guy. this is rubio trying to speak to the trump supporter, saying what you're in for here, what you're supporting, is a con job. you should take a look at this and get more serious. we don't know if it's going to work. we don't know if this is in time. but certainly a novel approach from rubio and found a gear and he understands he has to do this in a sustained way. it can't be about one debate. >> kaley, do you think any of these hits, any of these swings,
8:17 am
punches being thrown by marco rubio again and again and again are they landing? >> i don't think that they're very viable attacks, really when you look behind them and look at what he is saying, he says donald trump is not for the little guy, when in facts, drth has employed thousands and thousands of people in this country. and has built a great business on the foundation of propping up and helping other people along the way. you look at the substance of his attacks, he is saying donald trump in 1979, hired a subcontractor who employed polish immigrants, polish illegal immigrants. if that's your best attack, i don't think you have much ground to stand on at all. i would also encourage marco rubio last night in the debate, i was disappointed, when he was questioning donald trump acumen, he didn't even have the ability to look him in the eye. he looked down at his papers, the audience, he would not look at him in the eye. if you're going to attack someone. donald trump does and ted cruz does when they attack people.
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marco rubio needs to do the same. >> it seems very clear that marco rubio is trying to speak, not to donald trump, speak to the audience in making his case last night, as he is continuing trying to make the case right now doug, you're no fan of donald trump, you've talked about the need for republicans to make a sustained attack against donald trump. >> yeah. >> taking donald trump on in the donald trump way, this is very, very much what we're seeing here from marco rubio, is that the way to do it? >> well, it certainly may be a way. look, we've see limited criticism of donald trump in the past. a debate here and there. what's remarkable, he is following up on the speech with every little bit of fire that he has. he is connecting with an audience and connecting with certain things. the emperor doesn't have any clothes not just in the debate last night, obviously no stranger to cnn audiences asked donald trump about hiring illegal immigrants and his answer was about his hair.
8:19 am
we know there is no substance, when you press him on issues, we see there is no substance. i would urge the rubio campaign, i would urge ted cruz, keep on trucking with this. keep pushing and pushing and pushing on donald trump, and we'll see there is nothing of substance behind it. whether you're tacking him on his business past, record on lack of conservativism, a lot of material there and keep going. >> you know, amanda, some of the analysis i've seen, pretty smart analysis, not about landing blows, it's about throwing blows. the fight is an end in itself in this election. people want to see you standing up there and fighting. it may not be, you know, as seemingly as david gregory would like it to be, but the reality of where we are in this campaign. and if that is the reality of where we are in this campaign, you know, where is ted cruz this morning? at this point, it looks like marco rubio and donald trump are going after each other. does cruz risk this slipping into a two person race?
8:20 am
>> well, i think that marco rubio and ted cruz are kind of getting at the same thing. ted cruz is saying over and over again last night that donald trump is a deal maker, you can't trust. marco rubio is alleging that donald trump is a con artist. i want to give marco rubio his due. that was awesome what he just did in that presser. he has exposed donald trump for the character that he is, and he speaks for a lot of conservatives, republicans like me who don't want to see him take ahold of the republican party. he has already swept up a lot of the tea party movement, exposed them as frauds i think because they're not committed to the values that we thought they were committed to. he is touching on a lot of things that are very sensitive to us right now. and also, it's fun to watch. finally, we have broken out of the mold, we're doing these talking points and don't connect with people. i think rubio was lose. he was effective. and he got a lot of laughing. so this needs to keep going. there is really a lot to this
8:21 am
con artist idea, he is a deal maker, and you can't trust him. >> can i just say -- >> stand by. i do need to say, we're going to hear from donald trump. donald trump is holding a news conference. donald trump says he is about to make a big announcement. this will be donald trump's first chance to respond to that litany of attacks we just heard from marco rubio. that news conference coming up very shortly. we will take it live when it happens. >> also a lot to discuss looking forward to super tuesday and beyond. a lot of questions after this debate. is marco rubio preparing now for a contested convention. is mitt romney the trump slayer, the establishment has been waiting for? stay with us. ♪
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do you want to have a little fun? all right, what does donald trump do when things go wrong. he takes to twitter. i have them right here. let's read some. you'll have fun. all right, number one, here is the first one, lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is, he is a chalker.
8:26 am
and once a chalker, always a choker, i guess that's what he meant to say. he spelled it choker. >> he went on to say maybe donald trump doesn't know how to spell, or a foreign worker doing donald trump's tweets right there. a small sample of an event still going on. marco rubio just lighting it to donald trump. a relentless barrage of attacks on donald trump. you saw the beginning last night in the debate. happening right now at this stage in dallas, texas. get this. donald trump just announced he is holding a news conference very soon. no doubt respond to this. he also says he has a big announcement to make. the first member to endorse or - donald trump. chris collins from new york. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. i hope you had a chance to hear some, at least, of what marco
8:27 am
rubio said. >> i did. >> he said the charade is up. donald trump is a con artist and he says to all of the folks in the audience, friends do not let friends vote for a con artist. it started last night and it definitely shows no signs of letting up, if you look at marco rubio today. what do you say to this? >> clearly donald trump is the chief executive left standing. he is the chief executive, not a chief politician. we saw it last night. they're going to throw everything but the kitchen sink as his juggernaught at the end of tuesday, they're responding to donald trump's message, make america great again, bring the jobs back from china, secure the border, stand firm against vladimir putin and the others, and the american public, you know, is responding to that. but the, you know, political establishment, they're going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at donald trump and it's
8:28 am
not going to work. >> is donald trump a con artist as marco rubio suggests, congressman? >> donald trump is a chief executive. not a chief politician. you're seeing the politicians react. but donald trump, as the chief executive in the room, that has experience doing that, he took it from all sides last night. he did just fine. >> he did take it from all sides last night. you saw an attack coming from marco rubio and ted cruz, and some of the issues they took him on included his tax returns. the fact that donald trump now says that he is being audited. he cannot release his tax returns until those audits are wrapped up. do you think donald trump should release the tax returns? >> kate, i'll go back to, this is another one of those red herrings, the establishment is going to throw this on. i can't speak to his tax returns or audits. that's not for my place. i can tell you -- >> do you think people running for president should release their tax returns?
8:29 am
>> as donald trump said, at some point, he is going to do it. he is taking his lead from his attorneys. i'm not going to step into that, but again, it is a red herring, you're going to see this flying fast and furious from now through super tuesday, and until we have the primary in florida, but again, donald trump is effectively unstoppable now. >> effectively unstoppable. you say you think he is going to win, he is the chief executive. the question remains, anything you've heard over the last 24 hours, you know, you're new to the donald trump bandwagon, you only endorsed him two days ago. before that, you were with jeb bush. is anything you've heard in the last day given you reason for concern, for pause, second thoughts? >> no. there is nothing i've heard that makes me pause. what i've seen is desperation by the remaining candidates who realize that come super tuesday, the show is all but over, and you're going to see and you heard donald trump say last night is he now realizes, he is
8:30 am
going to be in a general election fight with hillary clinton and i can assure you, the republican are going to coalesce around the republican candidate, donald trump, because our country, which is at a tipping point, supreme court justice cannot survive four or eight years of a hillary clinton administration. so come super tuesday, maybe we get into a couple of the other win or take you'll elections, we're going to coalesce. everyone will be coalescing around donald trump to stop the progressive liberals as in bernie sanders and hillary clinton from destroying this country, and having our children live the american nightmare, instead of the american dream. >> congressman, real quick. you say what you're hearing last night and this morning from trump's rivals is the establishment throwing the chick kitchen sink at donald trump. >> right. >> a lot of folks see marco rubio taking on donald trump, and taking him on in a donald trump way. he calls donald trump a con
8:31 am
artist, but that's in response to donald trump calling him a choke artist. donald trump calling ted cruz a liar. a fraud, and ted cruz should be ashamed he doesn't picked up any endorsements in the senate. that's just what popped in my head right now. a longer list. can you acknowledge that donald trump started this? >> well, you have to admit, if somebody is losing their state by 18 points, they're going to pull out all the stops and say obviously america is not responding to my message, you know, as a politician. we're going to adopt somewhat of the donald trump. it's too late. too late. i believe people have made up their mind. they say in florida today, less than 5% of the public still on the fence. it's a done deal. so again, donald trump is going to be the republican nominee. and as we take the fight to what we think will be hillary clinton, the future of our country is at stake. >> just quickly, last question. do you know of any other members of congress who are about to endorse donald trump? >> no, john, i'm guessing most
8:32 am
of them are going to sit on the sidelines, but i can tell you many members came up to me yesterday and for one reason or another, they say i can't formally endorse donald trump, but i'm not only with him, but i'm going to be aggressively with him once he wins the nomination. >> how many? can you give us a number of how many people have said that to you. >> just yesterday, i had 10, 15, 20, on the house floor and we're not there for a long period of time. i was getting a few high-fives and a few fist pumps. i would say aren't you ready to endorse mr. trump, and they say i have some issues in my district, issues with donors, but i'm with him. he is going to be our nominee. the feeling in congress, donald trump will be representing the republican party in the fight against probably hillary clinton. >> congressman chris collins, the first member of congress to endorse donald trump, 10 to 15 saying they're backing donald trump if not publicly, thanks so
8:33 am
much for being with us. >> thank you, john, thank you, kate. >> thanks, congressman. so coming up any minute now, donald trump will be taking the stage in fort worth, texas. a live picture of the room right there. his chance to respond not only to the hits coming out of last night, but this morning, marco rubio who just called him once again a con artist. called him old and suggested that he possibly hired foreign workers to compose his tweets today. it's a whole new game, folks. we're going to bring that to you live. >> plus, donald trump says he can't release his tax returns yet, because he is being audited. is that true? pretty revealing fact check as republicans pile up, pile on, on the current front-runner. >> how could that be? my party is going that crazy. ew. to keep things unbiased, we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay.
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what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. he is is a con artist. first of all, he runs on this idea he is fighting for the little guy. but he has spent his entire career sticking it to the little guy. his entire career. all right, every business that he has ever run that's gone bankrupt, this guy bankrupted a casino. how do you bankrupt a casino. >> moments ago, senator marco rubio going after donald trump harder than he ever has. eight months, barely mentioning his name, until the entire event which was mostly about donald trump. we should tell you, donald trump will respond with his onwn news
8:39 am
conference. he says he has a big announcement to make. joining us again, david gregory, kaley, a donald trump supporter and doug, who has done many things in his life, and has many leather bound books. david, i want to start with you, here. we spoke to chris collins, the first member of congress to endorse donald trump. he said he thought the attacks were desperate and they were too late. now, taken with a grain of salt, because that's from a trump supporter, but a legitimate question here. whether marco rubio is starting this whole antihfr tru-trump th. too late. >> certainly late. we'll find out if it's too late. it's certainly overdue, as a political practice points. i actually want to underline something amanda said a couple of segments ago that was really important. it is good political practice, as ridiculous as it is to read the tweets from donald trump d
8:40 am
start trolling him and good style and political practice for rub kbr rubio to say i'm going to meet him on his level, a taunt and fight with him and trade-in sults to show that i can stand up to this bully, and then pivot and make his case to voters. he has to try to reach trump voters who might be sort in their allegiance and begin to show his own base of support where he wants to consolidate, cruz, kasich or just sitting out, that he has got the fight to take this to trump to win it, kind of on the schoolyard level, but also to win it on substance. >> you talk about, we saw that this morning and that all started last night. i want to play one exchange, and there were plenty, that having encapsulates this new fight, this new fire, coming at donald trump.
8:41 am
that he is spending off. listen to this. >> i also think that if you're going to claim that you're the only one that lifted this into the campaign, that you acknowledge that for example you're the only person on the stage that's been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage that has hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> folks, not named trump folks who are not for a man named trump, they've been waiting for this fire to come at him, kaley. as a trump supporter, where do you see the fight going from here? >> you know, he is going to be attacked, just what we saw last night, only the beginning. we saw rubio attacking him on the campaign trail. that's going to continue and continue and continue. as long as donald trump is the fron front-runner and he'll continue to be the front-runner. nine of the 12 super tuesdays, ahead in massachusetts, likewise, ahead in southern states, with different demographics. he'll be attacked. we know this about donald trump.
8:42 am
whenever he is attacked, he succeeds. when jeb bush attacked him in las vegas, everyone said jeb bush had the greatest night of his life. so if history is any indicator, attacking donald trump is just going to mean you falling in the polls and stifling and tripping up on the campaign trail. >> what about that, doug? we've learned in this campaign so far is that the debates have mattered. the debates have changed the trajectory of this race. i mean, marco rubio slipped after he had that issue in new hampshire. donald trump had that dust up in south carolina, and he still won south carolina, but his lead was not by as much as it had been. so is there enough time for this to sink in before tuesday and you know, will it have the effect that a lot of the pundits think it will have? >> obviously donald trump has been impervious to most political realities that we've known over the last millennia, but it may be late in the game but i don't think it's too late
8:43 am
yet. republicans have gone through three stages with donald trump. first was don't attack him, he is not serious. don't attack him, he won't last too long. it won't work. and then the third was don't attack him, it's too late. it's not too late. what has to be done is exactly what marco rubio has been doing, but it can't be a one attack and move on. it has to be sustained, because we know whether it's at the upcoming press conference or something else later in the day, donald trump is going to create another outrage that's going to get us all talking about something that has nothing to do really with the problems that we're facing in this country or anything to do with substantially with this campaign. if you're marco rubio, you keep going on the attacks and you don't let up. it may work, it may not work. but it has to be sustained. >> david, final word. do you think this is now effectively after last night a two person race, but it being donald trump and marco rubio, even ted cruz would like to say it's a two person race and his name is in there? >> yeah, i don't think we can say that yet. there is a lot of momentum
8:44 am
within the party, within the party establishment, among donors, and marco rubio has helped, and even true in the media as well, pushing towards rubio. but super tuesday will tell us a lot about particularly in texas, whether cruz still has some strengths moving forward. i also agree with doug on this. this is not just about throwing the kitchen sink at him. it's about substantive attacks, electability, temperament, insults, where he is thin, donald trump is thin on policy prescriptions. on whether he is consistent on some of his views, policy in the middle east more generally, that's how you get to the larger point he is not for real. he is a con artist. you have to deconstruct him in a way that would make him look less goods among his supporters. i think to the point that i made, a lot of work to be done to achieve that. >> great to see you guys, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and right now, on the
8:45 am
democratic side, bernie sanders is holding a live rally in minnesota as he races to the finish trying to win over more supporters ahead of super tuesday, more specifically, ahead of south carolina. the big primary there this saturday. get this. he is now getting some help from top republican donors and hitting hillary for her wall street speeches. >> plus, mitt romney now part of the 2016 race in his twitter war before, during after the debate. he continues to say trump has no good reason to keep his tax returns private. trump says he can't do anything while the irs is auditing him. what does the irs say about this? new developments ahead.
8:46 am
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so what is donald trump hiding in his tax returns? that's the very question that the 2012 republican nominee, mitt romney, is continuing to push against the gop front-runner this time. saying this, that's mitt romney, on twitter last night during the debate. he tweeted this. no legitimate reason donald trump can't release returns while being audited, but if scared, release earlier returns, no longer under audit. >> here is how donald trump addressed that issue last night. >> i will absolutely give my returns, but i'm being audited for two or three years, so i can't do it until the audit is finished obviously. i think people would understand
8:50 am
that. >> can't do it? obviously? is it obvious. let's bring in krnk chie in kre correspondent. >> we talked to the irs, you own there's no reason why those couldn't be released or prior years. the irs not commenting specifically about donald trump saying you can relowe's even having an audit. you can release the tax information. talk about mitt romney here because he did release two tax returns, 2010, 2011, about a month before the general election, i think. september maybe of that election year an he released a 20-year summary. interesting here, irs audits are actually down but not for millionaires. the irs is going after the big fish. the budget is down and going after big fish. millionaires like donald trump are the ones who are being audited so if you make a lot of money, more likely to be audited right now. not the regular guy. what are we looking at here?
8:51 am
what will these returns show? how much money he makes, obviously. showing what kind of donations he may have given and even going back several years, a lot of conservatives want the know what kind of people was he giving money to and the organizations or was he doing that through a foundation or business income? what kind of deductions did he take and the effective tax rate. donald trump said, you guys, many times publicly he works hard to pay as little as tax as possible but how little tax did he pay? and just what is the extent of his income and wealth? financial journalists for years as you know questioned whether he has the money he says he does. tax returns would show that. >> it shows the income. not necessarily net worth. >> that's right. it would show year by year adjusted gross income. that's right. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> stand by. there's more to talk about. moments away from donald trump making the first public appearance since the debate. his first public comments since
8:52 am
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donald trump will be facing reporters in just a few moments. you're taking a live look there and in the room his first appearance since last night's rumble in houston. we'll bring it to you live and just before the break, we were looking in to this new focus on donald trump's taxes, the audit he says prevents him from releasing the returns and the drum beat now coming from mitt romney and others to push them out. >> let's bring back cnn's chief business correspondent. strategist margaret hoover. ryan williams, himself, a veteran of a presidential campaign.
8:57 am
he worked for mitt romney last time around and also steve, seni senior adviser of ron paul. ryan, your guy, mitt romney, who ran four years ago was all of a sudden in the middle of the 2016 race going after donald trump for the tax returns saying he should release them and no reason an audit to prevent that. where does this end? do you think? >> well, it should end with donald trump releasing the tax returns. governor romney is saying why won't he release them? a standard question that republicans and democrats up and down the ballot asked to release them. senator rubio, senator cruz, governor kasich said they're willing to do it. the excuse of being austin daye y audited. it's the question of what is he hiding? what is donald trump trying to keep from the public? >> even if it's -- if it's something or nothing, i think the question really, steve, is
8:58 am
what kind of legs do you think this issue has? do you think and most importantly do you think donald trump supporters care about it? >> no. absolutely not. donald trump one third of the party but where these attacks make a difference is on the ceiling. if you look at the polls in the last three months, donald trump has been frozen in the 30s. we have had 12 out of 17 candidates drop out and if you look at the last six polls he is at 31, 35, 26, 35 and 35. he has a frozen base but what the attack dos is give him a frozen ceiling, as well. >> christine romans, you cover the business circuit, not necessarily just the tax issue and the questions those might raise and could be an issue going forward but you think legitimate business questions about donald trump's business practices coming to immigrant labor. >> resonates a lot of people supporting him. because he as marco rubio said,
8:59 am
championed him as a crusader of immigration and peeling it back, you can see that right now the resort in florida, he is using a worker free visa programs, bringing in foreign labor to do jobs that at least down there some of the job bank people say americans would do the jobs and he had that famous lawsuit from the '80s, polish workers. you heard about that last night, as well. he is dinged by a court for illegally hiring workers. so on the illegal immigration an legal immigration, he has used i guess the dysfunction of the system for the advantage of his companies. will that resonate with american work earls that seem to like him? >> one of the things marco rubio hitting on, hitting on, hitting on last night. seems like a new day after the debate between at least a new line of attack coming from marco rubio. >> nobody expected that marco rubio would go so aggressively at donald trump.
9:00 am
people are delighted and -- >> hearing from donald trump, you are not a trump when you say perrer. no question about that. what do you think -- what do you think -- does he change strategy? >> divert. deflect. insult. deflect. keep the ball moving. keep people distracted, shifting people's attention. i can only imagine whatever it will be it will be to focus our attention on the shiny bright object for five more minutes and don't look at what's possible vulnerabilities are. you're right. immigration is a vulnerability. no one attack works with donald trump. >> ryan williams, i want to give you a 30-second last word here. you know, again, you are no donald trump fan. how would you advise him to push forward toward super tuesday right now is. >> put the tax returns out right now. rip the band-aid off. we have the problem with governor romney in 2012 and released the taxes and after months of bad press, put them out now and get it orr with. >>


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