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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> how about bernie sandwiches? >> sandwich, sandwich. sandwi sandwich. cnn, new york. >> thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan saturdays now. -- starts now. >> hello, friends. >> we do begin with breaking news. hillary clinton picks up a big endorsement. the congressional black caucus, the political wing will endorse hillary clinton any minute. this comes with a big democratic debate airing on cnn tonight as bernie sanders is also picking up more and more support from influential african american leaders. >> both sides in this primary racing to appeal to this key part of the electorate in south carolina and beyond. and right now as john is talking about, the count down is on to
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the other crucial debate. clinton and sanders set to battle it out tonight in milwaukee. we're showing a live picture right now from inside. >> again, we're watching the congressional black caucus event. the endorsement coming any minute. in the meantime, let's go to milwaukee, the site of tonight's debate which is airing on cnn. we are there. brianna. >> reporter: hi. 95 crucial minutes tonight for this debate. the narrative coming out of new hampshire not good for hillary clinton, a stinging loss there. good for bern nir saie sanders on a landslide and has been on a victory lap. hillary clinton was down preparing for tonight. that tells you how important this is for her, trying to turn this narrative around. we'll see more of bernie sanders emphasizing his idea that the economy is rigged. but hillary clinton needs to be
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something. it seems to me needs to create a moment or make an impact and we expect that she's going to be targeting, specifically, tayloring her message to hispanic and african american voters. important in the primaries. a very different demographic diversity in these states compared to what we saw in iowa and new hampshire. behind me at the university of wisconsin milwaukee, you'll see the debate taking place. the two on the stage at the same time, pbs moderating this national debate you can see starting at 9:00 p.m. >> we're also hearing that hillary clinton campaign is going to take a much more aggressive approach to bernie sanders. what do you think that aggressive approach could look
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like on the stage tonight? >> reporter: i think the we got a preview of some of that from former president bill clinton in new hampshire where he was taking aim at bernie sanders. i think hillary clinton largely for the months, going into this period in the race where things have tightened, you saw a lot of times she wouldn't talk about sanders by name. a lot of people who support her say this was the campaign making a misstep. that they allowed bernie sanders to define himself and that hillary clinton was sort of late to the game in defining bernie sanders. she's been trying to define him as unrealistic both in the idea of single payer health care, and also in paying for public university for all americans who should choose to want it. i think we're going to see more of that, but i also think she's going to try to emphasize what she has done for black
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americans, for hispanic americans and really try to show she's been doing this for longer than bernie sanders. we'll be seeing him pushing back on that as well. >> i want to add david chalian. she was reporting something we noticed yesterday. hillary clinton was not on the campaign trail. she was down. bernie sanders was going around and was on the view. to me that says she was having important meetings and making important preparations for this debate tonight. >> right. certainly part of being down is debate prep. she does that often the day before a debate. but she told us before the results were in in new hampshire through her interview, she said, it's going to be time to take stock. and i have no doubt that that was part of what hillary clinton was doing yesterday when she was out of the public eye. she was taking stock of her
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campaign, of the path forward from here. they are looking at terrain that they believe is mored a van tajs to them not just in the next two stat states, but they're looking thod march and looking at the delegate math. more closed primaries. that's something that the clinton camp finds attractive, as well as states where they think she has a an edge right now. they look at the delegate map ahead and feel okay in terms of securing the nomination. they don't feel okay about the sanders campaign claiming they've raised $6 million in 24 hours since he was declared the new hampshire primary winner. and just clearly the momentum that he has right now, how to thwart that and make sure they're retooled for the race. >> even before tonight, another
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big event happening any minute is the expected endorsement of hillary clinton by the congressional black caucus, a political arm of the congressional black caucus. >> it looks like it might be happening right now. >> might be filing in as we speak. we're going to bring it to you as soon as they begin. they'll probably just setting up. could be seconds away. as we're waiting for this, david, the impact of this endorsement, you think for hillary clinton? >> listen, this is a big deal, and obviously rolling out this endorsement just after he was knocked back on her heels with the new hampshire defeat is a key message they're trying to send as they look ahead to south carolina and the african american vote there. it's also -- >> good morning. >> they're talking right now. let's listen. >> in new york and chairman of the congressional black caucuses political action committee. and i want to make sure that is clear. the congressional black caucus,
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political action committee is the political arm, and separate and apart from the cbc who is -- there's republicans and others in the cbc, different than the foundation, different than other entities, but we are the political arm made up of 19 members of our board whose focus is electing democrats around the country because we believe when democrats are elected we become in the majority and many of these members here become chair people of various committees and the issues that are important to our constituents are better heard and made a reality when democrats are in the majority. and so we support not only
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african american members and american candidates. we support candidates across the board who will help democrats being in the majority. that's our focus. and as a result, when we endorse candidates, we go around the country supporting the candidates so that we can make sure that the issues that are important to our constituents and we believe best for america are here in the united states congress to set policy straight. in our deliberations we believe that the partner that the cbc pack has sad over the years to elect democrats across this country has been hillary
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clinton. when we needed someone to come to rally, democrats, and especially african americans and at the request of the cb cpa pa clinton has been there. when the issues important to our constituents, hillary clinton has been there. she's been an outspoken person in regards of the empowerment of democrats, and the democratic agenda in its entirety. and so it is with that background that the cb c pac in its vote with no votes for mr. sanders and two people an staining because of responsibilities voted to make sure that we endorsed hillary clinton to be democratic nominee and the next president of the
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united states of america. [ applause ] and so she's been our partner, long term. we believe she's made a difference and she has helped us and helped this country by helping elect democrats across the board. i'm going to stop there for now and bring up a member of the board, gk butterfield from north carolina. [ applause ] >> let me thank the chairman and the board of the cb c pac for allowing me to say a few words in my capacity as a board member. there is no part of a democracy regardless of whether it's in this country or any other forward-thinking country.
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no part of a democracy that's more important than choosing the chief executive and choosing the commander in chief of the military. this is very serious business. this is very serious business to the cbc, political action committee. that's why we're here today. we live in the greatest and most powerful nation in the world. the united states of america. though we are 5% of the world's population, our economy is 25% of the world economy. we have the greatest military on the planet. but over the years we have struggled as a nation to develop and emerge as the envy of the world. we have turned the corner in this country on race relations. no longer are african americans considered property or second class citizens as we were. through the years we have faced
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huge challenges and many more challenges lie in front of us. the right to vote was given to african americans in 1870. it was taken away in 1900. it was restored in 1965, and the process of taking it away again began in 2013. and so we are engaged in this election as we have never been before. we consider this election, this presidential election to be the most important election of our lifetime, and that's why the vote on the cb c pac board was so overwhelming and near unanimous. every american should pause to consider the consequences of the presidential election. we must have a president who is knowledgeable on both domestic and foreign policy. our new president must
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understand that too many americans languish in persistent poverty every day. black lives are being lost on the streets of america from police misconduct and gang violence. our hsvus are diminishing. joblessness continues, too many black americans are unemployed and underemployed. and so, ladies and gentlemen, we must have a president that understands the racial divide. not someone who just acquired the knowledge recently, but someone who understands the racial divide and has lived it and worked through it down through the years. someone who has experience in bringing people together for a common purpose. we need a president who doesn't simply campaign and just promise wonderful things but things that are politically impossible to achieve. and so the cbc political action
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committee as evaluated. we have evaluated both democratic and republican candidates who are seeking the office of the presidency. after considering the entire field from top to bottom, there is no question in my mind and our minds that one single candidate, one, possesses the qualifications, the experience, and temperament to be the next president of the united states, and that person is none other than secretary hillary clinton. mrs. clinton has demonstrated her leadership skills. she's demonstrated her knowledge of not only domestic affairs but foreign affairs as well. and we care about foreign affairs in the congressional black caucus political action committee. she's labored all of her adult life in various capacities, and now she's ready to occupy the
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highest office in our country. we are honored today to endorse secretary clinton as a democratic nominee and the eventual president and commander in chief of the united states of america. thank you. [ applause ] >> also a member of the cbc board, the questi-- >> you've been listening to the members of the board giving their endorsement a full throated endorsement to former secretary of state, hillary clinton. words like partner and she can make a difference. words like outspoken. words like standing up for democrats. we'll talk more about that in a little bit. >> absolutely. let's continue on this discussion. let's bring back in david challian and paul brathway.
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paul, this is a big deal. this was a full throated endorsement of hillary clinton. your take. >> yeah. this is a very welcome endorsement for the clinton campaign. obviously when you have members who are willing to step forward and say they're going to give not only their moral support but their time and effort and to go to the states on supertuesday and to go to the states in south carolina and nevada on her behalf, i think is welcome to her. so it's a big deal, and these members represent millions of americans across the country, and for a large part of the african american community, they look to members of the congressional black caucus. on the screen there, the only elected member, democratic member from alabama, went to school with the president and the first lady. and is a rising star. she can only be helpful to secretary clinton in her efforts
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for the nomination. >> david, gk butterfield, he said that hillary clinton understands the racial divide. he said he need someone who understands the racial divide, not just someone who discovered the issues. when he said that, kate and i both were like, wow, that seemed to be a pretty harsh blow on bernie sanders. >> clearly trying to point out that bernie sanders is -- although has a history of civil rights activism that we've learned about, has not been known to be closely aligned with the congressional black caucus in his days in congress and certainly one of the big challenges, one of the big questions about bernie sanders' candidacy going forward -- because he's been running in vermont, he hasn't had to have the proven ability to court and win black votes. so no doubt that chairman butterfield there was trying to draw a contrast.
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just looking at this event, i look at this and think back to 1998 for a moment and bill clinton's impeachment, and how critical the congressional black congress was in terms of backing bill clinton and bolstering him at a time when he was knocked back. it's interesting to see the endorsement rolled out in advance of the south carolina primary with the critical african american vote, but two days after hillary clinton was knocked on her heels. not only is it an important endorsement, but it's a shot in the arm for her to receive this kind of support after a pretty crushing defeat on tuesday night. >> and she's not there. she's on her way to milwaukee for the debate tonight. there was a release from the campaign making sure we were all watching this, because it's important to them. david and paul, thank you so much. one programming note. cnn will be simulcasting the
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debate. >> the hillary clinton campaign says it will be far more aggressive in the approach to bern nir sa bernie sanders. what will it look like and how does bern nir sanders respond? we'll discuss the stakes. >> plus marco rubio's reboot includes hard strikes. why he says jeb bush might not be ready for the white house and how is senator is taking on donald trump as well. also new this morning, russia accusing the united states of bombing aleppo. thousands there caught in the middle of a brutal year for wars. cnn goes inside aleppo for a rare look, an important look. see what we discover. the house . and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. tonight, high stakes debate between clinton and sanders. the race turns west and south. questionograp geography that works in clinton's favor. >> clinton is going to get more aggressive. you're looking at live pictures. a high stakes debate. and also just a high impact endorsement for the political
8:24 am
wing of the congressional black cauc caucus. what does that mean? let's bring in some guests. paul, one question on the endorsement. we heard gregory meeks repeat again and again and again that one of the reasons the cbc wing was endorsing hillary clinton was because she stood up for democrats. we kept on hearing democrats, democrats, democrats. and i'm wondering if she was drawing the distinction because bernie sanders is not a registered democratic. why is the cbc drawing that distinction? >> i think that's one point. i think david pointed out in the last segment, look, bernie sanders has been an independent, and has always been an independent. that helped him in new hampshire where a large number of independents were able to participate in the primary a
8:25 am
couple of days ago. and now you're moving into states where democrats are the only ones who will be able to participate. i think what you heard congressman meeks sort of pointing out is that now it's going to sort of be in the party, in the family conversation. but j john, i think i want to go back to a larger point i think they're making as well. many of these members have worked with her as first lady, as senator, as secretary of state, and it isn't lost on folks who have followed many of their careers that these are all about relationships and that's the other point i think that they were trying to draw out here which is, look, we've been working with her now for a number of different years. mr. meeks is from new york. other members worked with her and had oversight when she was secretary of state and the like. that's really, i think another point they're trying to drill home. >> and on that point, how does that point play tonight? what role does that play tonight
8:26 am
if we can make the turn to the debate. if they're hammering home on democrats, is that poll tested? is that a term hillary clinton will make this evening? >> certainly democrats are proud of being democrats, and talking about democratic values is going to work with democrats in a democratic debate between the democratic candidates. i certainly expect them to be talking about things that we pride ourselves as democrats in the party. and i think it's fair to talk about sanders recently becoming a democrat to run for president. although she's caucused for democrats. i think people ultimately, when they're evaluated, and evidenting the candidates, they will be looking at more of a personal connection. an emotional connection to the candidates, an emotional connection to their message, and they're really looking for someone who they think can fight for them and the values and
8:27 am
concerns they have going forward. >> you're talking about emotional connection. sanders picked up a big endorsement, a towering figure in the civil rights movement, paul. just endorsed sanders this morning. said he's voting for bernie sanders. do we have sound? we don't have sound. he posted a youtube video. you can see him right there endorsing bernie sanders. bernie sanders is working on outreach in the african american community and is picking up endorsements. ben jealous also endorsed him. >> i think this points out the african american community is not monolithic. and i've said this over and over again. when i worked for the cbc, even within the congressional black caucuses, but have members from the south. you have members from minnesota and california and new york. and they're all different in the sense that their constituencies are different. i think what you look to is their values, their politics, their priorities, and their
8:28 am
strategic sort of guidance that they can give to campaigns. i mean, these are members who put their names on a boallot an they have been elected. any time you have the elected officials saying they're willing to be helpful to you, i think any candidate would take that willingly. you can't be in multiple places at any one time. as this campaign spreads out now to supertuesday and the nine primaries and the three caucuses happening on march 1st and even beyond that, it's going to be incumbent on you to have folks who have been tested and on a ballot and can command crowds and speak and relate to people and run grass roots campaigns. if they're willing to go out and be on your side and be helpful to you, it can only be helpful at the end of the day. there will be folks who endorse candidates throughout this process. the question is going to be who can they help you bring to the
8:29 am
table -- >> is it wasn't already, it's starting to get interested. thank you very much to both of you. >> thank you. >> all right. on the republican side, the fight is getting personal. getting very south carolina, you might say. hear what marco rubio has to say about his former mentor. >> plus right now a show down is erupting between russia and the united states as moscow accuses american war planes of bombing aleppo. cnn goes inside syria for a startling and revealing look of that city. we'll be right back. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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it must be south carolina because we have fresh attacks this morning in the race for the republican to the white house. marco rubio trying to reboot after a disappointing performance in new hampshire. taking aim at jeb bush. listen. >> jeb bush has no foreign policy experience, period. and i'm an incredible admirer of him and his family. governor bush has no foreign policy experience. >> and moments ago, governor john kasich hit back at bush over his negative campaigning toward him. don't worry. john kasich is still staying positive. >> i'm worried about jeb. it's all negative. how the heck can you sell negative? you know? i want to talk about what i'm for, my vision, my view, my positive. >> he's worried about jeb.
8:35 am
>> help me help you. that's the message here. victor blackville is in south carolina following the bush campaign today. we're going to hear from bush in a little over an hour and also later this afternoon. what are you hearing from the bush campaign today, victor? >> reporter: we're hearing two narratives as it relates to john kasich and rubio in south carolina. first, the campaign believes that what they're hearing from marco rubio is him trying to not just rebuild the momentum that he gained after iowa but stop the slide after the poor performance in the debate and they believe that the governors' national security, his preparedness to be president is his strongest card, especially in a state that treasures military service. that's what they believe about marco rubio. as it relates to john kasich, the campaign believes he has a one state strategy. does not have the ability to run a national campaign, and actually, at the town halls and
8:36 am
rallies across the state over the last 24 hours, governor bush has been more likely to heap praise on john kasich than critici criticism. criticized film her expanding medicaid in ohio, but is this a play for a florida, ohio ticket if the governor gets the nomination. that would be a powerful pair for the republicans. what we're hearing from governor bush, though is a more aggressive attack on donald trump. during the debates we heard from candidates that any of the gop nominees would be a better president than hillary clinton. but last night at a town hall in mt. pleasant, governor bush said that trump would be worse than what we have now, suggesting that donald trump would be a worse president for at least gop interest than president obama. this continued aggressive ramp up of attacks here in south carolina which prove to serve him well in new hampshire. we see he's not going after the other occupants of the more
8:37 am
traditional establishment lane only but going after donald trump who according to the latest polls has a responsible, double digit lead here across the state. john, kate? >> victor, thank you so much. >> we want to bring in the former communications director. doug q if that's not going after people, i can't wait to see what it's like when they start talking about each other. that was the jeb bush front. we heard kasich. we heard a taste of rubio talking about bush. it's interesting the number of targets now for rubio. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in another country isn't foreign policy experience. jeb bush has no foreign policy experien experience. cruz, the only budget he voted for was a budget sponsored by rand paul that bragged about cutting defense spending. >> donald trump, jeb bush, ted cruz. i guess that just leaves rubio
8:38 am
for rubio. if not john kasich. it's interesting to here rubio talk more about other candidates. he seems to be broadening his range of targets right now. >> absolutely. once we get to south carolina, real southern manners go out the window and everybody starts attacking everybody. part of it is because there are so many different -- even though there are less candidates, there are more targets and opportunities. there are people you take more seriously. people weren't criticizing kasich three weeks ago. now he has a target on his back. donald trump has always had a target on his back. and to john kasich's point about how to sell negative, that's been donald trump's entire message. it's worked for him. it's not surprising to see people go after him, especially the way cruz has in his ads recently. >> to this point, the thought is
8:39 am
it's trump and cruz, and then it's everybody else against each other. the others all there. but is that really the case? do you think there's crossover now, especially looking at donald trump? he still took time last night to smack down on jeb bush. what do you think? >> i think it's fair game. southern manners did not go out the window. we just put a smile on ourselves and served a mint julep. we have our manners. the gloves are off. there south carolina likes a good fight. they like people who can take punches. that's what you're seeing in this exchange between jeb and trump. now, you look at marco rubio. i love how he's going after the idea of foreign intelligence saying nobody has experience. jeb was the demander of a
8:40 am
national guard. he has a little bit in his pocket. there's a reason rubio can talk about it. he sits on the committees where he gets to see the information that no one else gets. he can make up his talking points and nobody else realizes it because they don't get the same information. >> you talk about the battle. there's a new wrestler in the ring, doug, this week, george w. bush. he's coming to campaign for jeb bush at some point in the next week. good move? bad move? how will it play? >> george w. bush's popularity in south carolina is over 80%. it's a good and obvious move. for over a year he's campaigned as jeb. we've not heard a lot about the bush name. barbara bush was a great advocate for him in new hampshire. no surprise that george w. bush would be a good advocate for him in south carolina. >> from the trump perspective, do they think this can backfire?
8:41 am
>> yes. it might seem great now. the reason we had barack obama was because of the last two years of the bush margerg administration. we could have elected anybody. i think jesus could have come down and run as a republican and not been elected. there was so much hatred for what the republicans did in congress and the world. i think he points out why we're in the financial crisis we are in today. because of his lack and spending and writing checks to anybody who asks. >> that is south carolina politics right there. >> that's what donald trump and barack obama have in common. they want to blame bush on everything. that's why you see such different approaches between donald trump who last night retweeted a white supremacist again. a terrible message.
8:42 am
>> south carolina, thanks so much. >> ding ding ding, round whatever we're on. >> the final occupiers in the federal building in oregon in the wildlife refuge are expected to come out with a big announce want in the ongoing stand off. we'll take you there. >> plus new this morning, russia is accusing the united states of striking a war torn city in syria. you're going to hear how the u.s. is responding to the accusations and also cnn goes inside syria with a firsthand look at the destruction and desperation as this war carries on years now. we'll be right back. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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new this morning, russia is
8:47 am
accusing the united states of bombing the key syrian city of ap aaleppo. this comes as russia claims it conducted more than 500 air strikes. >> senior international correspondent fred pleitgen is live for us. fred, what did you see? >> reporter: it certainly is. when we were there, we saw massive destruction, essentially in the old town area of aleppo. this is a cultural heritage site. it's absolutely been flattened in the past couple of years of war. actually, also i did manage to get to the place where most of the fighting is taking place right now, the north of aleppo will the syria government is trying to get rebels away from the turkish border and trying to take the territory toward the turkish border. i spoke to people from the syrian military there.
8:48 am
i also spoke to some people from villages there who were prosyrian government, and all of them praised hdd his blau. now they believe that they are on the cusp of possibly dealing a crushing blow to the rebels in that area, and one of the things things they said is they say that america should not intervene in this. there were some people who warned america not to intervene in what's going on right now. right now the syrian military, you can tell they have a lot of confidence at this point in time, and also you can just, the whole time hear airplanes in the sky. there's thuds from bombs being dropped. it is the key battle field at this point in the civil war that has been going on for about five years now. >> no signs it's going to let up. to important to have your
8:49 am
reporting. your first-hand look at the destruction and devastation. >> coming up next for us, the politics, the issues and the voters of south carolina. >> the battle lines, they may not be where you think they are. the players of the advantages may not be who you think they will be. we'll go there live. if you have rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
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as the presidential race hits south to south carolina, the candidates find the political terrain there looks quite a bit different than the contest before it. >> let's bring in jeremy borden, political analyst in south carolina. thank you for being with us. we talk about the evangelical vote. certainly crucial in south carolina. but looks different in some ways in south carolina than other places. it's huge, but it's also divided along economic lines. >> yeah. i mean, it is huge. and i think that one of the big questions that i and, you know, a lot of political journalists have is, can another candidate make in roads in that group. it's expected to be 60% or so of the gop electorate. and so for any of these -- for any of these candidates who want
8:54 am
to do well here, and obviously all of them do, speaking to them and speaking to those issues are going to be important. one of the most interesting things we have seen this election, i think why a lot of people have scratched their heads about trump in particular, is that, you know, he obviously doesn't speak necessarily well on those issues, and had some flubs on the bible and all of that. but he speaks on issues that cut across -- sort of cut across the grain. i mean, i think, especially in the upstate and other areas where you have a lot of evangelical vote, there is a lot of concern about immigration in particular, and economic insecurity. and i think that, you know, in terms of what people miss about him, he speaks to that, you know, a little bit better, i would say, than a lot of the candidates. and, you know, remains to be seen whether they can sort of, you know, move in on the territory. >> and, as you know, ted cruz, he kind of road the evangelical strategy to a win in iowa. you're talking about donald
8:55 am
trump in making in roads there. do you see evidence of that on the ground? donald trump has a sea of support among evangelicals nationally. big support. are you seeing that already in south carolina, from your research? >> yeah. i mean, i would say the events, the trump events that i've covered are really as big as he says they are. i mean, they -- you know, people really do pack the place in. i think a lot of those voters also identify as evangelical. but it's interesting. at least when i've posed this question in terms of -- it's kind of a delicate question to pose, because you're asking about somebody's religion and how that plays into their politics. i mean, in the few instances that i've asked that, it's sort of like they start talking about other issues. and that's interesting. and i think that trump saw something there before other people did. >> jeremy boarden, great to have you with us. thank you so much. we do have to get to breaking news on wall street. the dow plunging.
8:56 am
we're down 319 points right now. oil prices falling to a 13-year low. this is important. it's developing. we'll get you there shortly. plus we're also following some more breaking news. the last occupiers that are holding that federal building hostage in oregon. they are expected to surrender moments from now. we'll take you there. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
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