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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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eastern, on your local pbs station and here on cnn. with that, i thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. i'll see you tomorrow. in the meantime we send it to washington. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. i'm back from new hampshire. as donald trump might say, there was so much winning going on. "the lead" starts right now. there will be blood. donald trump moves on to south carolina with ted cruz in his cross-hairs. if you thought the race was chaotic and ugly before, wait until you see the tv ads running today. going national. bernie sanders getting a huge fund-raising bump after his blowout win in new hampshire. can he break through in friendly territory for hillary clinton? determined to attack. the top u.s. security official warning isis could strike inside the u.s. this year. and we may not see the terrorists coming.
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hello, everyone, welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our politics lead today, new hampshire narrowing the republican field. carly fiorina announcing she is suspending her campaign today. governor chris christie expected to do the same. while tuesday spelled the end for some, it was a momentous night for senator bernie sanders. his parents never would have thunk it. a year ago very few in washington would have thunk it. but the 74-year-old independent from vermont won the new hampshire democratic primary with the biggest margin in a contested democratic primary since senator john f. kennedy in 1960. and since the victory, sanders has banked $5.2 million in the last 18 hours, according to his campaign. of course, there are questions. does sanders have enough momentum to cut into hillary clinton's so-called firewall in south carolina and other larger states? can he withstand the increased scrutiny of his record that his status will bring? cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns is in new york city trailing sanders today.
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joe, something big on the agenda today for sanders. >> reporter: that's for sure, jake. it's safe to say also the heat is just beginning. groups that are considering supporting sanders in south carolina are already taking a closer look at his voting record on issues affecting african-americans and he's already been scrutinized for everything from the guest worker programs to fixing the problems at va hospitals. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge, we won. >> reporter: bernie sanders is taking a victory lap today after his big new hampshire primary win, as he also turns his attention to the battles ahead. >> and now it's on to nevada, south carolina and beyond. >> reporter: part of sanders' challenge going forward, making inroads with african-american voters, a key piece of the democratic electorate in the south carolina primary later
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this month. that's why one of his first stops today was in harlem for a meeting with civil rights leader al sharpton. sharpton said he would not make an endorsement until after he meets with hillary clinton next week. >> no endorsements this morning. >> reporter: after tasting victory last night, sanders got to sample the ben and jerry's flavor he inspired, bernie's yearning during an appearance on "the view." >> this is the first time i've tasted it. >> did you like it? >> excellent. >> reporter: sanders using the setting to highlight his populist message. >> the message that we are bringing forth, that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness, and we're not seeing that fairness right now. >> reporter: and making the case that his success in new hampshire will be seen in other contests down the road. >> what happened here in new hampshire in terms of an enthusiastic and aroused electorate, people who came out
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in large numbers, that is what will happen all over this country. >> reporter: to help sanders on his way, a huge fund-raising haul of $5.2 million since the polls closed tuesday night. >> i still love new hampshire and i always will. >> reporter: following her disappointing finish in new hampshire, clinton today taking a break from the trail, readying herself and her supporters for a long campaign. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> reporter: and taking stock of where her campaign needs to improve, including expanding her appeal to younger voters. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people, but i will repeat again what i have said this week. even -- even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. >> reporter: that
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sanders-sharpton meeting was another clear sign that the candidate, despite his strong showing in new hampshire, has a lot of work to do with the minority part of the democratic base. a source familiar with reverend sharpton's thinking told cnn today one big concern is whether sanders can implement the proposals he talks about on the campaign trail. jake, back to you. >> all right, joe johns, thanks so much. a tectonic shift in the republican race as well and one big question out of new hampshire is the republican establishment dead? the granite state was supposed to be a key moment for one of the so-called establishment candidates, the guys not named trump or cruz, the ones acceptable to big money donors. republican power brokers, lawmakers in washington, d.c. republican establishment figures thought, hoped, they would have some clarity this morning on which one of these candidates to coalesce around. well, much like everything else that was supposed to happen this election cycle, virtually none of that came to pass. ohio governor john kasich placed second but he has maybe the most
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difficult path to the nomination of anyone left in the race not named ben carson. jeb bush and marco rubio did not have the night either one needed but neither one is going anywhere. everything is still very much up in the air. sunlen serfaty is in spartanburg, south carolina, today. the cruz campaign must be doing kick flips after last night's finish but what are they saying today about their prospects in the palmetto state? >> reporter: well, the cruz campaign feels very strong about their path forward here in south carolina. they feel that they have already invested a significant amount of time and money and groundwork here in this state. and ted cruz himself really raising the stakes here a bit in an e-mail to supporters overnight saying that south carolina will be the tipping point in this race, but it will likely be a fierce and tough battle with donald trump ahead. ♪ after a decisive new hampshire win -- >> we are going to make america
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great again. >> reporter: donald trump is zeroing in on south carolina. >> we've already had dirty tricks in this campaign, so, you know, i'm ready for whatever they want to throw at me and that's fine. >> reporter: and he's setting his sights on rival ted cruz, already running this tv ad. >> what kind of man talks from both sides of his mouth on amnesty for illegals on national television and still denies it? >> reporter: just a small preview of the absolute collision course in south carolina. the two insurgent candidates now both with a win under their belt, gunning for the other. >> iowa and new hampshire have performed their historic role, they're narrowing the field, they're narrowing the choices. and now it's up to south carolina to pick a president. >> reporter: in a web video, cruz painting trump as a fake republican. >> hey, hillary, i'll give you money to be my friend. >> check out my house, mr. trump. >> that's a lousy house. i'm going to take your house
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with eminent domain and park my limos there. >> reporter: as they brace for impact, the dust settling from new hampshire has left little clarity on who might emerge as the clear establishment candidate to take on the mantle as the alternative to trump. >> they pushed the pause button, so everybody is going to have to make their case. >> reporter: after getting help from his mother in new hampshire -- >> vote for jeb. >> reporter: the florida governor is leaning on his older brother, president george w. bush, with this radio ad. >> there's no doubt in my mind that jeb bush will be a great commander in chief for our military. >> reporter: and anticipated visit to the state too. others will have to resort to other means to build on new hampshire momentum. ohio governor john kasich hoping to capitalize on his solid second-place finish but he faces an uphill climb. money, support and infrastructure, all huge hurdles as he looks to survive until the campaign moves to the midwest.
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marco rubio arriving today in south carolina bruised and looking to reboot. >> in my mind you learn from it. >> reporter: the senator taking the blame, admitting he screwed up. his overly scripted debate performance cost him votes. >> just didn't finish strong. we wanted to do a lot better in new hampshire. clearly my performance on saturday had an impact down the stretch. >> reporter: and the gop field did get a little smaller today. carly fiorina dropping out of the race after her poor showing in new hampshire. cnn has also learned according to sources close to the chris christie campaign that tonight chris christie will also likely suspend his bid. jake. >> all right, no formal announcements yet from christie but that's anticipated. sunlan ser faulen serfaty, than. sean spicer, thanks for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> trump won new hampshire, cruz won iowa. you couldn't have two candidates who hate the republican establishment more and the
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feeling seems to be what mutual. when you look at the exit polls, your voters are mad and they're mad at the republican establishment. what's it like to watch this rejection of the establishment from the rnc? >> well, i think there's a big difference between the rnc and the establishment. if voters are mad, rightfully so. i think the american people out there are tired of a government that's not performing. and so all of our candidates on our side are talking about solutions that will get this country back on track and stop taking no for an answer so we can have a government that we hold accountable. so i don't think that that's that unique. i don't view it as a repudiation of anything but what we're seeing in washington, which is people getting fed up with where it's at. >> but the republicans control the house and the senate. >> right, but we do have a small problem constitutionally because the man in the white house is a democrat that doesn't work well with republicans. so i think our answer is, look, if you give us the opportunity to govern again, put a republican in the white house,
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we will get results for you in america and start having accountability, start reforming the programs that need reforming. but yeah, there's a key problem. the president has used executive order to go around the congress and get his way. congress doesn't have that ability, and i think the solution that we've proposed to the american people is trust us again with the white house, we'll put this country back on track. >> i'm not sure that that's what the voters are saying. i don't think they're only mad at obama, but let's move on. is there an effort by republicans in washington to encourage two of the three establishment candidates remaining, either rubio or bush or kasich, to drop out, to stop cruz and/or trump from getting the nomination to get the party behind one person? >> absolutely not, no. this is and always has been about the voters. if you look at what the chairman did at the beginning of the cycle and changed the calendar, if you will, we have more states and more voters that will be involved in this process than ever before. we're going to go through this
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process of the carve-out states with iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, and then immediately go into 11 states on march 1st. that's going to put more voters into this process, helping some candidates to stay in longer, giving the boost they need, maybe making a decision for others that they don't have the support. but it will be the voters that ultimately decide what delegates get elected and go to the convention, but it is not going to be anybody in washington. one more point that's really interesting is when you look at both iowa and new hampshire, there were record turnouts on the republican side. we were up 60,000 in iowa, 25,000 in new hampshire. that's a record for our party. it's true on the democratic side. so what the takeaway for me is, is that there is energy, enthusiasm, intensity on the republican side. new people are coming into this party. they want to be part of the effort. they like a lot of the candidates that they're seeing on our side. i'm really heartened about coming out in new hampshire. i think if you're a democrat, and let's face it, any democrat realizes the only horse that you have is hillary clinton.
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when you look at the fact that 60% of young people rejected hillary clinton and chose a 75-year-old -- 74-year-old gadfly socialist from vermont, that's not good. when you look at the majority of women rejected hillary clinton and chose a 74-year-old man, that's not a good sign. so as much as there's concern about our party, i think that the real concern about what's really going on in the democratic right now. >> i take your point but i don't think it's fair to call senator sanders a gadfly, but you are the communications director for the rnc so i understand. sean spicer, thanks so much, i appreciate it. last night was not ladies night for hillary clinton. her campaign never said she would beat bernie sanders in new hampshire but the lack of female support sean was referencing might be the most troubling sign for the secretary of state. that story is next.
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welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. frankly it was a terrible night for the establishment in new hampshire. hillary clinton's campaign stunned, again. an opponent they had initially written off is showing huge
1:18 pm
strength and the republican party still waiting for a consensus candidate to emerge for the establishment as donald trump wins new hampshire by the biggest margin in 16 years. joining me to talk about yesterday's results and the path forward, patty slezdoyle and jamie madden. john kasich was just interviewed by jamie gangel and here's what he said finding a target on his back after his big night. >> south carolina, some of these other states, the attack ads are already on the air. are you going to hit back? >> well, i'm not going to sit there and be a, you know, a marshmallow or some kind of a pin cushion, people just pound me. where i come from, the blue collar town that i come from, you know, if you came in and beat our football team, we just broke all the windows on your bus. that's just a joke, by the way. but the fact is i'm not going to just sit there and let somebody pound on me.
1:19 pm
but, you know, and i can't predict exactly what the future is, but i believe that this message of we can, we're americans before we're republicans and democrats, these problems that we have can be solved, that we can get the shine back in america, you know, leave no one behind, i just think these are very important messages, more than me spending my time being negative about somebody else. >> kevin, south carolina politics is a rough, rough thing. they don't play pretty down there. is what kasich is selling going -- is anyone going to buy it down there? can you be sunny and optimistic and talk about bringing people together? >> you can, but he's going to have to really draw -- continue to be ready to draw contrasts at a moment's notice with his opponents. the big risk for john kasich is that on monday night a lot of people went to bed not knowing who john kasich was and woke up on tuesday morning knowing a
1:20 pm
little bit more about him because of his win here in new hampshire. and the risk is that so many of his opponents are going to try and define john kasich in the eyes of south carolina voters or any of these other states before he will. and the race is now on. any time they try to introduce that negative information, he's going to have to fight back with reckless abandon. when he told the story about his mckeys rocks roots and there's a lot of glass on the ground, ideally if he comes out with a much better position in south carolina, there will still be a lot of glass on the ground from having fought back. >> patty, this must be a familiar feeling for you, what's going on right now, although this time she won iowa and lost new hampshire. >> right. >> we're hearing talk from the clinton campaign about the need to take stock, reassess, figure out what's going on next. former advisor david axelrod tweeted after these stories started coming out, when the exact same problems crop up in separate campaigns with different staff, at what point do the principals say, hey,
1:21 pm
maybe it's us? a tough commentary from david axelrod saying, hey, the problem isn't the staff, the problem might be the clintons. is that fair? >> you know, look, i think they definitely had a very hard night last night. it was a rough night. she lost across the board. she lost women, she lost blue collar workers, she lost young people. >> just a second, she lost women. think about that, she lost women. >> yeah. so of course there's going to be taking stock, of course there's going to be reassessing. if i were the clinton campaign i'd be worried about two things rightsanders' appeal to young voters. if he can appeal to young women voters he can appeal to young hispanic voters and young african-american voters and i'd be most concerned about his ability to raise money. apparently he raised $5 million today, and that's a concern. >> kevin, marco rubio gave a very unusual speech last night, basically blaming himself for the fifth place finish, talking
1:22 pm
about his panned performance at the debate. i guess the big question is should he have done that sunday morning instead of -- instead of tuesday night? could it have made a difference? >> yeah, the most important thing he could have done last night, ideally it's the period at the end of the sentence, that now he'll put that in his past and start to move on. i think the problem that they had in that intervening 48 hours after the debate was that they offered a new version of the same mistake that they made during the debate, that he made during the debate and that caused negative information flow with voters and just caused the media to obsess over it. this has to be his exclamation point and move forward and start to talk more about this race as a contest for the future. marco rubio does his best as a candidate when he is putting himself forward to voters as the best way to draw a contrast with the past, whether it's eight years of the obama administration, or having
1:23 pm
somebody like hillary clinton or jeb bush who has been associated with the last 25 years in american politics. so i think let's hope that -- i think if you're a marco rubio supporter right now, you're hoping that that was the last we've heard of him talking about the debate on saturday night and start fresh. >> kevin madden, patti, thank you so much. tune into "the situation room" for more of jamie gangel's interview with john kasich, surprise second-place finisher in new hampshire. isis terrorists blending in and hiding in plain sight. that's the top concern as officials guarantee an isis strike inside the u.s. this year. and you wouldn't think barbie dolls and eminent dough nail have anything in common but they do. a look at the latest attack ads being rolled out in south carolina.
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welcome back to "the lead." the world lead now, a cry for help from those giving in aleppo, the city once known for business and trade, it's now the center of that bloody civil war. the red cross said today that it estimates some 50,000 people are trying to escape the daily gunfire and fighting. this month syria's government cut off a main road between aleppo into turkey and, sure, that does keep the rebels back but stops a flow of food and supplies from humanitarian groups into syria. today the united nations security council met to discuss the situation and fred pleitgen traveled to aleppo to get a sense of what is going on. >> reporter: we are right in the heart of aleppo and it's fairly
1:29 pm
close to the front line but it's also one of the main places held by the syrian government. now, as you can see in this area there are a lot of products that are actually available, food, also a lot of other products as well. however, the people here, it is very, very difficult for them. there's almost no electricity. most of it comes from generators. and of course because we're so close to the front line, there is also shelling here and it's quite dangerous for the folks who live here. >> translator: i believe we have already endured about 80% of the hardship, this man says, and i hope the remaining 20% will end soon. the situation is very tough right now, he adds, but we are steadfast and believe the power will be on the correct side. and this man says we have had very tough times, but thanks to the victory of the army, we have survived these hard times. >> reporter: aleppo is also currently the key battleground in syria's civil war.
1:30 pm
the syrian government under bashar al assad has started a brutal offensive in this part of the country, backed by russian air power and pro-iranian militias as well, and they believe that if they are able to deal a crushing blow to the rebels in this part of syria, that they could decide the syrian civil war for themselves. of course that still is unclear. they don't know how solid their gains are at this point or whether or not the rebels might try to launch a counterattack, but at this point in time aleppo is certainly one of the toughest battlegrounds in the civil war that's been going on for about five years. fred pleitgen, cnn, aleppo. >> our thanks to fred pleitgen for that story. isis is a dire threat in syria and a growing one here in the u.s., according to intelligence officials, who revealed this week that members of isis are not only hiding among refugees from places such as syria, but planning attacks on the u.s. homeland and hoping to strike in
1:31 pm
the very near future. let's bring in jim sciutto. jim, intelligence officials saying they may be using last year's attack in san bernardino as inspiration? >> the key is even more than inspiration, possibly taking an alarming step forward from inspiring attacks like in san bernardino to actively directing and coordinating attacks on u.s. soil like those attacks in paris in november. the director of national intelligence and director of the defense intelligence agency warning congress that isis is determined to bring terror to the u.s. homeland. san bernardino, the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, inspired by isis. now the nation's top spies warn that the terror group will attempt to direct new attacks on the homeland this year. >> isil's leaders are determined to strike the u.s. homeland. beyond inspiring homegrown violent extremist attacks. >> isil will probably attempt to
1:32 pm
conduct additional attacks in europe and attempt to direct attacks on the u.s. homeland in 2016. >> reporter: isis, described as president obama, as solely a regional threat just over a year ago, is now global, active in eight countries and counting. and it has a growing focus on carrying out attacks in the west. >> spectacular external attacks demonstrate isil's relevance and reach, its foreign fight eer cadre, and it will pose a challenge for western services. >> reporter: intelligence officials warn isis is hiding operatives and fighters inside the enormous human exodus from syria and iraq to plant terrorists in the west. manufacturing false passports and false identities so their fighters can pose as refugees. >> one technique they have used is taking advantage of the torrent of migrants to insert
1:33 pm
operatives into that flow. they also have available to them and are pretty skilled at phony passports, so they can travel ostensibly as legitimate travelers as well. >> reporter: here in the u.s., the fbi is still trying to unravel the san bernardino plot for clues as to where and how isis might strike next. but investigators have yet to unlock one of the attacker's cell phones, a sign of how violent extremists can go dark using encryption. >> we still have one of those killer's phones that we have not been able to open and it's been over two months now. we're still working on it. >> reporter: director clapper made clear that terror groups are thriving as the number of failed states thrive. extremists are operationally active in 40 countries. more terror safe havens the director said than at any time in history. back to our politics lead. bye-bye granite state, hello palmetto state.
1:34 pm
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. breaking news now, we have a key race alert. the dominos in the republican race for president keep falling. first carly fiorina earlier today. now a source close to chris christie's campaign says the new jersey governor is suspending his presidential campaign. his announcement came after hinting at that decision last night after a disappointing sixth place finish in the new hampshire primary. let's bring in david chalian, what have you learned?
1:39 pm
>> there was a conference call just a few moments ago where the entire christie campaign staff convened and they were notified that governor christie would be suspending his campaign for president. this is after governor christie made calls to donors throughout the day, to friends, to supporters as he was working through what he said last night in new hampshire. he and mary pat, his wife, were going home to new jersey to reassess where things stand. that happened all day long and just now the campaign staff has ben notified he is suspending his presidential campaign. >> looking at the race, i don't think that the bridge scandal in new jersey is necessarily a contributing factor at all as to why there wasn't a lane for him. it seemed like his governance and record were just too liberal, moderate, kwaup rat with democrats for this electorate, is that fair? >> no doubt that it's fair. i think his record was always going to be a problem. anyone looking at chris christie from a blue state governing that
1:40 pm
way as the governor of new jersey, trying to make a play for the republican nomination was always going to be complicated for exactly the reasons you're saying. i wonder, i always ask the question of myself and to his advisers saying if there wasn't the bridge scandal, would he have gotten more of a hearing to try to explain his record, to try to make the appeal to the conservative electorate in the republican nominating race in a way that the bridge scandal prevented him from getting that hearing. that's where i think the bridge scandal had its biggest impact. >> very interesting. all right, david, thanks very much for that breaking news. appreciate it. let's bring in cnn political commentator david axelrod. david, your immediate reaction to this news, chris christie dropping out of the race. there are democrats that thought christie could have been a real challenge for the democratic nominee, presumably hillary clinton. although maybe we should stop making that presumption. >> my first reaction, jake, is how the heck are we going to get up an undercard debate now with all these candidates dropping
1:41 pm
out. it's a big loss to the political process. but look, i think chris christie is a very formidable guy. you're quite right that in this republican party, his record as the governor of an eastern state, northeastern state who has, you know, committed the sin of cooperating with democrats was probably at the end of the day going to nail him. and that's the issues -- those were the issues that were used against him in attack ads that marco rubio ran in january when christie was starting to get some thrust in new hampshire. so those issues were very, very tough on him. i do believe the bridge thing knocked him back to the point where he really had to try and rehabilitate himself in new hampshire and just as he was getting that -- getting some velocity, that's when rubio came and clocked him and now rubio -- out the door christie has gotten
1:42 pm
his revenge, i think, a little bit. he has really hurt rubio going into this next round of primaries. >> yeah, he brought a shiff to that debate saturday night. i'm interested in what you think of some of these new ads running in south carolina. first let's look at the new donald trump ad attacking ted cruz. >> what kind of man talks from both sides of his mouth on amnesty for illegals on national television and still denies it? ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider, who just can't be trusted. >> until this point trump's ads have mostly recycled video from his own stump speeches. this is a very, very tough ad. what do you think of it. >> yeah, it was a classic -- you know, it's funny. donald trump says he's not a politician, but this is a classic negative ad. and the information that's contained within it is information that tested very
1:43 pm
well against ted cruz in iowa. and so, you know, i suspect that it will have some impact in south carolina as well. obviously branding him as a washington politician doesn't help cruz at all. i think this is an effective ad. it's not very elegant, but i think it's effective. >> i don't know that elegance plays in south carolina, really, but i guess we'll see what the voters think. cruz is counterpunching with a web ad showing children playing with a donald trump doll. take a look. >> look at my house, mr. trump. >> that's a lousy house. i'm going to take your house with eminent domain and park my limos there. >> eminent domain! >> now, no one i know doesn't like looking at kids playing, but one south carolina voter that tweeted to me that he thinks this ad is hard to understand and too silly to be effect i've in the palmetto
1:44 pm
do you think? >> or any state. i agree with that. look, i think this ad was intended for political insiders and reporters to chew on in response to the trump ad. it was a way of saying we're not going to sit back and take this. but i don't think it's very effective. you know, it's not well documented, it's unclear. sometimes in this business people who produce these things, and i've been guilty of it when i was in this business, fall in love with their own creative and when the straight-ahead approach is a lot more effective. >> sometimes you get too cute for your own good. david axelrod, thanks so much, appreciate it. >> right. okay, jake, good to see you. the democratic candidates will meet on stage tomorrow night in the first debate since bernie sanders' blowout win over hillarary clinton. you can watch the pbs news hour here on cnn or your local pbs station. first carly fiorina, then chris christie. so what will dr. carson do after
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." we're going to continue the breaking news in our politics lead, breaking in just the past few minutes. sources close to the campaign say governor chris christie is ending his presidential bid. the big talking new jersey governor promised to tell it like it is but it didn't jibe with enough voters. last night in new hampshire dr. carson had a disappointing finish, garnering 2% of the votes, fewer votes than any other candidates in the republican race. let's bring him in. he's in mt. pleasant, south carolina, right now. dr. carson, thank you for joining us. moments ago we learned chris christie is dropping out of the race, carly fiorina as well. your reaction? >> you know, i like both of
1:50 pm
them. i'm sorry to see them go, but certainly understand that there are other pressures that might interject themselves into that decision-making. >> both of them did better than you in new hampshire, although right now when it comes to the delegate count, because of your fourth place finish in iowa, you're tied with jeb bush. are you getting any pressure from anyone to suspend your campaign or is it onward? >> not getting any pressure from any of our millions of supporters. you know, i'm getting a lot of pressure to make sure that i stay in the race. you know, they're reminding me that i'm here because i responded to their imploring me to get involved. and i respect that, and i'm not just going to walk away from, you know, the millions of people who are supporting me. >> you're in south carolina right now. tell us the path forward. what is a state that you can win? >> i think i can win south carolina. we're going to be putting a lot
1:51 pm
of resources, time and effort in here and i think we're going to do extraordinarily well. the people here align extremely well with the kind of philosophies that i have. and i think you'll see the evidence of that. >> so with all due respect, the most recent poll numbers out of south carolina have you in fifth place. how do you get up to first? how do you turnpike th that aro? >> you did see. as more and more people get an opportunity to hear me, and i'm going to be here extensively, i think you'll see those numbers turn around very rapidly. >> you are mentioned in a new tv ad in south carolina. donald trump's ad against ted cruz, donald trump's ad says cruz, quote, runs a campaign, accused of dirty tricks and tried to sabotage ben carson with false rumors, unquote. do you think that's a fair description of what happened? >> i don't know if it was ted cruz himself or just his people. he says he really didn't know
1:52 pm
that they were doing that, so we should probably try to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> has he taken enough responsibility for the behavior of his staffers, do you think? >> i don't want to spend time salve annuvaging him. i think the evidence is very clear for everyone to see and to make their own decision. >> what issues are you going to be talking about in south carolina to bring the republican electorate to you? >> well, i just got through doing a little news conference about eminent domain issue here where the city council is threatening to take away land for a park. and, you know, these are established businesses. it's absolutely an absurd use of eminent domain. you know, i stand squarely with those individuals. we need -- if the government would just do what it's supposed to do, it wouldn't have time to be messing with people. that's one of the things that i
1:53 pm
have strongly emphasized, the need to let the government do what it was designed to do. there's no need for 645 federal agencies and subagencies and 4.1 million federal employees. it's absolutely absurd. it's not that i'm an anti-government person, but government was never supposed to be in every aspect of our lives. >> earlier this month when you announced that you were reducing some of your campaign staff there were speculation and reports that your campaign might be running out of money. today "the washington post" reports that you spent more money per vote in new hampshire than any other candidate, more than $2300 per vote. right now do you have enough funds to continue in this race and to wage an effective campaign in south carolina? >> well, i will say that we didn't spend nearly as much money in new hampshire as many others. many others spend millions of dollars there. and we didn't spend near millions of dollars there, recognizing, you know, that there were certain things that
1:54 pm
were going to happen there. so you have to pick your battles very carefully. we're doing just fine. people continue to support us. we will continue to move forward. >> when you start talking about eminent domain and trying to draw a contrast, it would seem with some of your rivals, is that focused on donald trump? obviously he is someboy who believes in -- >> has nothing -- >> nothing to do with donald trump? >> it has nothing to do with him, it has to do with an issue here in the charleston area that is very important to the people here. >> all right, dr. ben carson, thank you so much. we'll see you on the campaign trail. >> a pleasure, always. they say money doesn't grow on trees, but sometimes it comes in bags. $200,000 oscar gift bags, that is. all the nominees are about to get a $275 roll of toilet paper. might as well just be money on a roll. you thought you were living large. ir and harp music. ♪ this place, it's the best-kept secret in football since...
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paper which promises your next trip to the bathroom will be sublime. okay, i'll take your word for it. follow me on facebook and twitter, i'm jake tapper. that's it for "the lead." i turn you over to my friend wolf blitzer who's next door in a place i like to call "the situation room." reshaped race, thanks to the voters of new hampshire, donald trump is reclaiming his huge lead. other republicans are calling it quits and john kasich is suddenly emerging as a force to be reckoned with. tonight cnn is talking with kasich out there on the campaign trail. heading south. bernie sanders savors a sweet victory after scoring a big win. now he faces a new challenge as hillary clinton hunkers down to retool her campaign. can bernie sanders win over african-american voters? i'll ask the powerful south carolina congressman who helped start the shift from clinton to obama back in


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