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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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he's in pain all the time. >> reporter: yeah. arthritis in his hands. we spent some time with him. chris cuomo was here for our super bowl special. he was talking about some of the ailments that joe was sharing with him. >> all right. thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bou bolduan starts now. >> hello. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. good morning from manchester, new hampshire. center of the political universe right now. just 13 hours now until the critical primary begins in this state. and that means if you're running for president, you are literally running across this state right now. for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are fighting for every last vote. >> on the republican side, it's an old fashioned battle. maybe not for first place. donald trump seems to be solidly
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in the lead, but it is a mess back in the pack. look at the cnn poll of polls. marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, jeb bush in a traffic jam with some 30% of republican voters yet to make up their minds, and it's all up for grabs. as we speak, the candidates, they are out clawing for votes. you can see right there, there's john kasich on your left. he's nearby in manchester, new hampshire right now. donald trump is speaking in salem. he has another event later this hour. manu raju is waiting for trump. >> he's doing something unusual behind me. he's addressing voters in a town hall, getting questions from voters. it's common among candidates doing this in this state that's known for its retail politics, but it's something that donald trump is not known for. he's been doing huge rallies
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instead. he'll have one later today. he increasingly is getting into a war of words with one of his rivals j jeb bush. he took direct aim at him when talking to voters earlier today. >> he's a stiff, jeb bush. here's a guy, honestly, if you weren't in government, if he weren't in government, you wouldn't hire him to do anything. okay? you wouldn't hire him. if you had a company, you wouldn't hire him. he's on every show. donald trump said that and that, and then he says said, i'm the only one taking on donald trump. i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's like a child. he's like a spoiled child. he spent $110 million on a campaign, and he's nowhere. >> reporter: really, really rough words there from donald trump. but jeb bush didn't hold back his. he took to twitter and shot back. i'll read you what he said. donald trump, you aren't just a loser. you're a liar and a whiner.
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john mccain is a hero, over and out. now, this goes to show you sort of the two front war that jeb bush is waging in the state. he's really the only candidate going after donald trump as he saw in saturday night's debat. and he's also worried about folks in the so-called establishment lane, rubio as well, to get a second, third, or fourth place finish, end up strong here. when you talk to a lot of voters here, there's a strong anti-trump contingent. about 36% of voters have ruled out supporting donald trump. that's far more than anybody else in the race. clearly jeb bush sees opportunity to grow there if he picks off some of those potential trump supporters. we'll see if he has success. he's been low in recent polls. can he end up in second to fourth place? what would that mean heading into south carolina for jeb bush?
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>> if he is nowhere, then why is donald trump taking him on, you have to wonder. john makes a good point. what happened to the kinder, gentler donald trump? >> we were all talking about the nice guy, donald trump coasting from primary day. not so much now, huh? >>. >> reporter: it's interesting. when someone goes after donald trump, it gets under his skin. that's what we're seeing here. jeb bush went after him about the eminent domain. and donald trump got to mad. no one else is going after donald trump. marco rubio has avoided going after trump at all costs because that's part of his debate strategy. he doesn't want to get into back and forth with donald trump. once you begin to pick that fight, trump will punch back very hard. >> and now jeb bush has called him a loser and a liar. i don't think he meant it in a nice way. >> only when you say it to me does it feel like love.
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i don't know why. >> on the democratic side, something we have not seen before. bill clinton naming names. really for the first time he went right at bernie sanders, going after his record, his health care plan, and accusing some of his supporters of being sexist. listen to this. >> people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. and attacks that are literally too profane, often, not to mention sexist, to repeat. >> uh-huh. jeff zeleny with the clinton campaign. you've been watching this all play out. jeff, what is the clinton campaign saying about this this morning, and what more -- you heard from a sanders spokesperson. are we going to hear from sanders himself, responding to this? >> well, kate, the clinton campaign is saying bill clinton
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knows what he's doing. he speaks for himself. he's not necessarily telegraphing hillary clinton's message. they know it gets attention. that's exactly what this -- one of the best minds in politics is doing. he's trying to draw voter's attention to what he ploobelievs a candidate who hasn't been scrutinized. this is coming from bill clinton. he came back to new hampshire and he's asking the voters of new hampshire to do the same for his wife. he's calling for voters to look closely at bernie sanders' record. is it possible and doable? has he been on pure as fund raising? i was struck by how specific bill clinton was in bringing up bernie sanders' record. he mentioned names of regional newspapers across new hampshire who endorsed the clinton campaign. he mentioned specific things in
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all those. he mentioned a report that said bernie sanders attended a lot of fundraisers over the years in martha's vineyard where there were goldman sachs representatives. he's paying attention to sanders. a sign he believes this is a real campaign. the sanders campaign said it's disappointing that clinton has decided to launch attacks. obviously the race has changed in new hampshire and elsewhere in recent days. that could be an understatement. the race is on in new hampshire. bernie sanders has a lead. this race is going to go on well beyond hp new hampshire into so carolina. bill clinton is trying to get people to focus on bernie sanders' specific record. i don't believe he'll repeat the words here today when he appears at a rally with hillary clinton and chelsea clinton. we'll find out when he takes the
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stage here. >> jeff, that was no drive by campaign attack. he went armed with information and to say those things. as you say, it will be interesting to see what he says when he takes the stage in a little bit. we'll take it live when it happens. jeff zeleny, thanks so much. >> let's bring in maeve reston as well as hillary rosa, a democratic strategist. and donna brazil. it is great to have us all together in new hampshire. on this bill clinton issue, why now, hillary? tell me what you think. >> there's very much a view within the clinton camp that bernie sanders has not been defined by the clinton team and that they maybe missed their opportunity to do it earlier. and i think now people are looking. look, sanders has performed well. he has now got to be subject to the same kind of scrutiny that
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hillary has been subject to. and when you look at some of those things, it infuriates them, like, he did participate in a campaign committee fund raising outreach to investment banks and to other kinds of big corporations that he rails against now. i think it's a level of frustration and strategic. >> up until now, bill clinton has not said a thing about sanders. i was with him in iowa. he spoke for 40 minutes. did not mention the name, bernie sanders. >> people are saying he was becoming nonissue, really. >> this was a big difference to see what he said last night, and in 20 08, a lot of democratic voters thought he went too far going after barack obama. what are the risks here? >> first of all, i understand why former president bill clinton had to speak up. over the last couple of days we've seen incidents where people have come down hard on the clinton gore administration.
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i had to defend the clinton gore administration last week. and i am just -- i understood the context of the conversation whether it was criminal justice reform, welfare reform. the battles we had in the 1990s, in the democratic party and the country are a lot similar to some of the battles we're having today, but it's a different conversation. and bill clinton is defending his record. that's what he's doing. these allegations that somehow or another that bill clinton was asleep at the wheel while millions of americans was jailed, i mean, he found -- it's offensive to bill clinton. that's why he's speaking up now, and i also believe that these allegations of sexism, look, women have faced unequal treatment throughout history. women have faced different barriers to political participation, and again, some of the sexist things. that being said, bernie sanders has been on the front lines helping democratic candidates. he's raised membershoney and be there campaigning for democratic
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candidates. this is interesting. it's a great battle we have in the democratic party. we're not demonizing muslims. we're trying to find the best candidate who can take on the issues and challenges of our time. >> in this conversation, you're not hearing the clinton campaign talk about their policy proposals. they're talking about women's issues, but you also have bill clinton just simply attacking the record and padding his endorsement resume of bernie sanders. what does that say to you about where hillary clinton's campaign, where they think they are? >> i think they think they're in a difficult spot. they're tried to lower expectations here. i will say that when hillary clinton is on the stump as i was with her this weekend, she really is talking about all of those issues. so it's interesting that you're seeing bill clinton come in here as the attack dog. and she, of course, has been a lot -- you know, stiffer in her criticism of bernie sanders as well, saying that his ideas
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can't be accomplished, that she's the one with the progressive record. but i do think that there is a risk of going a step too far with this women thing, you know, i was at the rally with madeleine albright where she said there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women. this is at an introduction to cloin hillary clinton. i talked to young women in the crowd who were taken back. i know bernie sanders supporters who heard that were offended. there is a risk in alien ating women by almost shaming a little bit. >> donna -- >> go ahead. >> yesterday bern nir saie sandd i don't like it when my supporters go after women. i don't like the sexist behavior. an hour ago on air someone said we don't want that kind of support. bernie rejects it totally. in many respects, they both
8:13 am
recognize that it's really happening, that this is a real phenomenon, the sexist attacks for their supporters, and they're appropriately rejecting it. >> and it isn't the campaign. a lot of bad things are said on twitter and facebook. we all know that. i want to backtrack a little bit. you're neutral in this race. you haven't supported anyone. it it seems to me that you said bill clinton is asking reasonable questions. do you think that bill clinton has a gripe here. it interests me because we have you on a lot. you're pretty careful. it seems like you threw a play. >> can i tell you something? we don't have a therapist. act as my therapist. in 2008, i'm black. can you notice that? but i'm also a female, and so people say you're black. you're female. i didn't want to come down.
8:14 am
i didn't want to split myself apart, and i kept telling them, i'm getting old and grumpy. i could be for john mccain so back off. the truth is this is a campaign. bill clinton has every right to defend his record. his record is being brought into the conversation. and then they're saying well, he did this in the 1990s, so because he's married to hillary, that's her record. that's not her record. she has her record in the united states senate as secretary of state, and let's campaign on her record. if you want to go back to the 1990s and campaign on bill clinton's record, fine. but hillary clinton has her record, and she's on the ballot. that's where the efforts should be focussed. gloria steinem and madeleine albright have been phenomenal women. but they have been daring all their adult lives. and gloria said she's sorry for the unfortunate remarks she made about young women. young women need to understand
8:15 am
what's at stake in this election, and they have two incredible candidates who will fight for them to be at the table. that's what this battle is about. who will make sure they're at the table. i can't speak for republicans. some of them good, but i can speak for hillary clinton and bernie sanders on those issues. thank you, therapists. >> and you can pay me in love and hugs. >> i got a credit card. >> thank you. coming up for us. after his take down of rubio, chris christie is hammering him again saying rubio isn't electable. is the damage that was done, is it overstated or is it right on? >> we're right on, that's for sure. right on. plus the race for second place, chris christie, john kasich, jeb bush, what about ted cruz? they say there can be only one. but has that changed now here in new hampshire? cnn special live coverage. stay with us.
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is marco rubio looking for a reset button after the weekend debate performance that was widely seen as lackluster? if you see marco rubio on the trail, he would say no. he is out there and moving on.
8:20 am
he is getting ready for retail politics here in manchester. he did take a wholesale bashing for his repetitive answers. his rivals are making the most of it. >> we've heard from a number of campaigns who say this is the break they need to get back into this race. jeb bush supporter and friend, at least, until yesterday, of marco rubio, anna morrow. also joined by matt lewis and paul stinehowser. matt, i want to start with you. these other campaigns, christie, kasich, bush. they th they think they have a new life. listen to what was said this morning. >> i don't think there's anybody who thinks now he's the most electable. >> the question is, is marco
8:21 am
rubio really that damaged or are we making too much of this and how much of an opportunity is there for these guys? >> it's the only debate between iowa and new hampshire. rubio finished third. he declared victory. it was an opportunity. rubio was poised to go into new hampshire to finish a strong second and to basically close out that establishment lane, to make it a three-man race with trump, cruise, and rubio. he botched that, and now it is muddled, and i think that it was -- i wouldn't say it was so much a disaster for him as a huge missed opportunity. >> a huge missed opportunity quickly with 24 hours out. does that become a disaster? >> you know, it really was the wrong place for this to happen. it's new hampshire where genuineness and authenticity and giving real answers to real people with real problems matters. they show up at the town halls and they expect that for you.
8:22 am
it was the wrong time. it was exactly when he was on the rides, when he had the momentum out of iowa, and just a couple of days before the primary. it was the wrong issue. it was a place that is his achilles heal thatel and is see weakness for him. i think it's a problem for him, and he should acknowledge. he could deal with it with a sense of humor. he has a great sense of humor. we saw that when he had the water bottle issue a few years ago after the state of the union. he dealt with it with humor. by him not addressing it, and just kind of la laughing it off. >> saying i said it, i meant it. he said it again yesterday. we're all about the future here, paul. the question is what does this mean going forward? you've been talking to kasich. others say this changes to equation out of new hampshire heading down to south carolina. it may not just be three or four
8:23 am
guys. there may be no reason for the field to winnow after tomorrow. >> if we have a close contest between the governors and trump and rubio, they all may go onto south carolina. when i spoke to cakasich, he canted to stay positive. christie, i talked to him last night, and he was very happy with his performance, and he said that he did what he wanted to do which was show the difference between him and rubio when it comes to experience and who can take on hillary clinton. i spoke to voters yesterday at a kasich event. they were rubio supporters until saturday night. they said they are probably not going to vote for rubio anymore and they want to look at kasich. it could change things. >> we have to talk about donald trump. we have to -- >> america, she's being
8:24 am
sarcastic. >> you couldn't sense that in does everyone assume that trump just wins this? is that a foregone conclusion? >> i think so. i think trump wins. unlike iowa, new hampshire is tailor made for donald trump. the new york stingthing doesn't him, the new york values. it's more liberal republican voters. the evangelical voters in iowa, obviously hurt trump. i think if trump is to win anywhere, this is the place. he's up big. i think you have to pencil in donald trump. the race for second then becomes the issue. >> i have to idea. every single poll had him four or five points up in iowa, and he ended up losing by four points. >> this is have15, though. >> but here's the question. the question we still have with donald trump is are all these people that show up to his rallies and his events turning up to vote for him? >> can i tell you, i met at a
8:25 am
donald trump rally yesterday. i met a former obama supporter telling me he's voting for chris christie at a trump rally. this is only new hampshire. >> it's wonderful. i met a guy yesterday who was from pennsylvania but was there with his son because he wanted to expose him to the political process. it is democracy in action in new hampshire. >> paul, i want to give you the last word on new hampshire and the issue of donald trump. he's going at it with jeb bush, back and forth. i'm not going to play the sound. it's too long. he called bjeb bush a spoiled brat. >> and. >> jeb bush didn't get a million dollars from his daddy. >> he called him a stiff and a liar. how do they respond? >> it's funny. that's the kind of stuff you hear in the media interviews. at the town halls, you don't hear that nearly as much.
8:26 am
the candidates don't bring it up as much. and the voters are asking about the issues. is it a real turn off to voters? they are savvy. politics is a state sport here in new hampshire. >> i'll tell you the accounts kn -- candidates know it. i was standing in the lobby this morning, jeb bush came in to greet the waitresses and the chef at the hotel. he knows them and he says it was great to see them and walking through the lobby talking to people. they're not letting anything get past them. >> great to have you all with us. thank you so much. >> the former secretary of state not named hillary clinton has a harsh message for women voters who are not supporting clinton. madeleine albright saying there's a special place for them. the clinton campaign is here to respond to the backlash. that's next.
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you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. new charges flying back and forth in the democratic race for president right now in the state of new hampshire. madeleine albright raised eyebrows saying it is the duty of young women to support hillary clinton or else. listen to this. >> a lot of you younger women don't think you have to -- it's been done. it's not done. and you have to help hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> something many of us have heard madeleine albright say many times before. had a very different tone, it seems it was taken when she was
8:32 am
on the teenage with hillary clinton. and also bill clinton accusing sanders' supporters of launching sexist attacks against his wife. all this as clinton is trailing among voters in new hampshire. let's talk to a deputy director for the clinton campaign. let's talk about bill clinton taking on bernie sanders accusing his supporters of sexist attacks against hillary. also accusing bernie of padding his resume in terms of endorsements. was this a planned moment? >> he's a passionate advocate for his wife. he was an extraordinary president. he knows what it takes to do the job, and he knows his wife is the best person in the race to build on the progress of obama. he's very passionate. he's been out there making the case for her. i think what we've seen here is we -- both campaigns said from the beginning that they really wanted this to be about issues.
8:33 am
the last few weeks we've seen the sanders campaign make some kind of personal attacks on hillary, both her character and integrity. some of the facts are being pointed out about some of the things he's been doing that he's participated you. >> you said bill clinton was off script? he went there with a list of endorsements and with clear things in his head to say. this was all on his own? the campaign had no knowledge. >> i will say he's out there making the case for her. what he was pointing out was true. senator sanders has been attacking hillary for having the support of superpacs and the donations of wall street. we saw they reported that senator sanders has gotten more support from superpacs than hillary has, and we saw in reporting this weekend that he's actually a prolific fund raising from wall street and lobbyists. i think those are fair to point out the facts in this case.
8:34 am
>> will bill clinton be continuing this? a lot of folks when they see this side of bill clinton, when he can effectively take on attacks, a lot of people point to 2008 where a lot of people saw he went too far in some of his comparisons, some of his attacks on barack obama. is bill clinton going to continue with his message? >> he's out there making the case for hillary. he was point pointing out the facts. it's is sanders campaign that made the attacks on hillary clinton, he was responding and setting the record straight. >> it wasn't the sanders campaign who said the sexist things. >> that's true. we were happy to see senator sanders come autoand ask his supporters to stop doing that. it's something that's real when women are voicing their opinions. they're getting trolled and attacked online. >> let's talk about madeleine
8:35 am
albright. she said this before. she said it at a hillary clinton campaign event. generationally, there are young women who say, yeah, you know, this is not how we are making our decisions right now. and if you look at the polls, bernie sanders is leading among women in new hampshire. >> i have to say that hillary has been a close friend of madeleine albright for years. loves and respects her. as you know, she's been an incredible leader for women, breaking down barrier for women for years. it's a well known quote of hers. she has said it for a long time. hillary has never asked anyone to support her because she's a woman. of course she believes in women helping women. she's asking women to support her because she has the best plans to make the difference of life in women in this race. she understands that she has room to grow with young women?
8:36 am
when you ta >> when you talk about room to grow, we're less than 24 hours out. what is a win in new hampshire other than the obvious? >> she's working her heart out. it's an uphill climb. it says a lot about her character. some told her to skip the state because sanders is from the neighboring state. >> she wanted to do -- >> she wasn't running against somebody from a neighboring state. she loves new hampshire. she was never going to give up the race. >> if she loses, is it because he's from vermont. >> traditionally it's been somebody from the neighboring state that won. proud of iowa win. we'll go on from new hampshire. she's doing the best she can here. she was never going to give up on this state. >> john mccain did beat mitt romney here. you can beat a neighboring politician. >> we understand that he's doing really well here. she was just never going to give up on this state. she's out there campaigning her heart out. >> flint, michigan, she went
8:37 am
yesterday. there's a cnn debate there march 6th before the michigan pry na primary. any plans to go back before the debate? >> she said she's going to keep the attention on flint, michigan. i think it shows a lot about hillary that she chose to go there. she's not a person who believes in rhetoric. she doesn't ploobelieve in only talking about problems or calling on someone else to do something. for her the answer is what can i do. when she learned about flint, michigan, she called the mayor and said what can i do? >> she said bring attention and help us solve the problem for the children of flint. she's a problem solver. we're working on her schedule. you have to see. we're spending a lot of time in the next states. i'm sure you'll see her continue to spend time in flint and focus on it. >> thank you for coming in.
8:38 am
>> we have one programming note. this thursday, february 11th, cnn will be sum aamel casting. back here to new hampshire, chris christie, he is going across this state ahead of tomorrow's primary. he has a big night at the debate saturday night. he had a lot of fun. we saw him practically skipping through this bureau over the weekend. he keeps on hitting marco rubio and hitting him hard. he's got an event today. will he hit him again, and most importantly for chris christie, is it going to make any difference for him? we'll take you live to the christie town hall when it happens. also kasich riding moment up after -- momentum. he said he spent more time here than any other republican candidate. does that mean he can pull off a big surprise in?
8:39 am
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chris christie is doubling down on his attacks on rubio after the debate in new hampshire. today christie is making the rounds and is holding a town hall coming up soon. >> phil mattingly with the latest. chris christie thinks he's the guy who has turn third down race upside down. what is he saying on the trail? >> reporter: sfor the second da in a row, christie saying the race is now wide open. taking a bit of a victory lap after the saturday night debate
8:44 am
performance where team christie thinks they found their moment. it will not come as a surprise to you that this, his first of four town halls took him about four minutes to continue his attacks on rubio. even quoting i'm sure your favorite political philosopher. take a listen. >> that great political fl philosoph philosopher, mike tyson. he said everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face. it wasn't like i came out of that hard, or it wasn't a sucker punch. i was -- >> he knew it was coming. >> i was telling him all week she he's scripted. he's not a leader. >> reporter: and i think one of the most interesting things as i've been with christie, he t l telegraphed every moment of that fight and still feels like he
8:45 am
got the better of it. the big question is what does this mean going forward? does this hurt rubio or will chris christie be able to pivot and take something from the attack? christie says clearly he believes he's benefitting from it. cede today he converted two or three voters. a third of the voters are undecided. chris christie is trying to close the deal today. >> chris christie clearly riding this. it couldn't come at a better time to have a moment like this. see this type of momentum especially in a state like new hampshire. are they detelegraphing what a n is. you said, is it helping kasich or bush? who is sending roads to whom here? >> reporter: the metric has
8:46 am
moved the last three weeks coming out of here the first among governors. beating kasich and bush. one of the most interesting things, and it's a question i've asked, why are you talking rubio if you think you need to beat kasich and bush? i think what team christie is thinking right now is they need to come out in a good place. it's not necessarily the place. christie says he thinks four or five people may come out of here. usually there's only about three. one thing that's true, they came into 2016 low on cash, just over $1 million. they've had an okay month of fund raising but he needs a big performance to move forward in south carolina. christie saying they've made reservations in south carolina. they have ads purchased for south carolina. but they need a big performance here. clearly top four or five, kate. >> phil. just for the record, mike tyson not my favorite philosopher.
8:47 am
>> close second. and thanks so much, phil. moments from now donald trump getting ready to hold an event here. shockingly, in new hampshire as the feud between donald trump and jeb bush erupts even further ere if that is possible. bush just called donald trump a whiner, a loser, and a liar. what else could you add to the list? >> jeb bush supporter, peyton manning, he was not on the campaign trail last night because he was busy doing something else. we will reveal what that is right after the break. see see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop.
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and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. we have breaking news. not about politics but on the terror front. a source tells cnn that intelligence obtained before the paris attacks in november indicated as many as 60 isis fighters had been deployed to
8:52 am
europe to launch attacks in five cities. those cities included paris, london, berlin, and a major hub in belgium. >> cnn's terrorism analyst has the details. paul, what more are you picking up? 60 isis fighters? that's amazing. >> yes, we're told by senior intelligence that the information received before the paris attacks indicated as many as 60 isis fighters had been deployed to europe, and they were back on european soil tasked to launch attacks against these five cities. there was no indication in intelligence that they were to be simultaneous attacks. the intelligence suggested that the driving force behind these plans was the head of isis' external operations operation, a very senior operative in the
8:53 am
group. described to me as the most dangerous terrorist in the world today. the intelligence which was received before the paris attacks was farmry. it was -- fragmentary. it was difficult and vague to act on. they're clearly taking a another look at the intelligence given what played out in narz november. and of course -- in paris in november. and of course, the worry as expressed to me is it could be up to 40 isis operatives in europe planning attacks. >> that's the problem, paul, isn't it? bad math here. you have people on the ground potentially still plotting terror. what is being done to identify them, and root them out? >> well, european security agencies are working overtime to try to prevent the next attack. they're under a lot of strain at
8:54 am
the moment. the threat is higher than it's ever been. there are more than 6,000 european extremists that have traveled to syria and iraq, almost 2,000 have come back to europe. so these are worrying times indeed, as we move forward. it appears that isis is pivoting increasingly toward international terrorism. that it's trying to focus on the european countries who are part of that anti-isis coalition to strike them in retaliation for the strikes that they are launching on isis in syria and iraq. there's a worry that as pressure ramps up on isis in syria and iraq that it could move more toward international terrorism, guys. >> all right, breaking news. word that as many as 60 isis fighters deployed to europe before the paris attacks. and there could be 40 still at large. thanks to you.
8:55 am
turning back to politics, moments from now, donald trump is getting ready to hold an event in new hampshire as the feud between trump and jeb bush gets even more personal now. bush just calling donald trump a whiner, a loser and liar. donald trump just responded himself. we'll be right back. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please.
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here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the legendary peyton manning for the second time in his career raised the lombardi trophy as super bowl schampyon. he became the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history. many think this was his last game. he was asked about that moments
9:00 am
after the game. here's what he had to say -- >> i don't know the answer to that. it's been an emotional week. i think i'll make a good decision, and i think i'll be at peace with it, whichever way it goes. >> peyton manning having won one super bowl title with the colts and now one with the broncos becomes the first quarterback in nfl history to win the big game with two different teams. if the season is the final chapter of peyton manning's unfathomable football stori, it now has a fairytale ending, one of the greatest figures in american sports history. what a privilege it has been to watch peyton manning's storied nfl career. cnn sports. "legal view" takes it from here. hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." it is finally here, the last chance for people who ought to be president to line up,


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