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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  February 7, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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digging by rescuers, maverick is back home with his family in missouri. they spent days searching for the 12-year-old german shepherd after he ran away from home and they heard a howl and they found him in that hole. thanks for watching this morning. >> special edition of "inside politics" is with you now. ted cruz sets his sights on another win, and on donald trump. >> donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like, a trumper tantrum. >> i like to win. >> and is there really marcomentum? >> when everyone's attacking, you must be doing something right. >> bernie sanders turns up the heat on hillary's wall street ties. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> testing time again this tuesday.
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"inside politics," the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters, now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. we're live this morning for the full hour from the foundry restaurant in manchester, new hampshire. new hampshire's presidential primary is tuesday, and fresh from a feisty republican debate last night, here are three big questions. can donald trump get a victory and bounce back from his slip to second in iowa? >> when i came out, i hit immigration. i hit it very hard. everybody said oh, the temperament -- because i talked about illegal immigration. now everybody's coming to me. they're all trying to say he's right, we have to come to him. >> there's another question. scorching criticism at last night's debate slowed marco rubio's post-iowa momentum. >> when you're president of the united states, when you're governor of a state, the 30-second speech where you talk
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about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. >> and on the democratic side, will hillary clinton feel the burn or mount a late comeback as she did here in 2008? >> i want to take on the issues that are really tugging at people's lives. that are making it so difficult for so many to get on with their lives. >> with us this morning to share their reporting and insights, jonathan martin and maggie haberman. brand-new numbers. with two days until new hampshire votes, look at the numbers. donald trump leading the republican field with 33%. marco rubio at second at 16%. ted cruz is third at 14%. john kasich fourth at 11%. in the bottom of the pack, jeb bush fifth. carly fiorina is next at sixth. chris christie seventh at 4%.
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ben carson eighth at 2%. the trend is often as important as the numbers in these tracking polls. so let's look at that. trump is up since thursday. rubio down two points. cruz ticked up a point. kasich down one. at the back half of the pack, bush lost some ground and carly fiorina gained a little, perhaps benefiting from all the media coverage of abc's decision to exclude her last night. this poll was completed last night just before the debate. that's important, because only 45% of likely republican voters say they have definitely decided who gets their vote on tuesday, so the debate could have changed some minds. let's get straight to it. the morning newspapers and the headlines and conversations might change some minds, too. the "boston herald," a lot of people in new hampshire read the "boston herald." look at this front page of the "boston herald" today. marco rubio, choke. that is not the headline you want two days before new hampshire votes, when there was a possibility -- the conversation heading into that debate was if marco rubio had a good night, a strong second was probably in his grasp already, and perhaps he could catch
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trump. >> look, i think that is a brutal headline. i think a lot of the headlines today are going to be brutal. he had a very rough night. i think it let loose a lot of questions about whether he has a glass jaw. people have been asking this for a while. i think you saw chris christie really take a swing at that jaw and see if he could make it break apart. chris christie was really just essentially a chain saw coming at him unleashed. and there was a bit of a murder-suicide thing there. i don't know how much that actually helps christie at the end of the day. but christie, who is clearly angry that the rubio superpack has been airing a lot of ads against him, just swung back very, very hard. rubio knew he was going to be the center of a four-car pile-on, but he basically froze. christie just moved in for the kill. he never quite recovered. he did a bit at the end. i don't know as we head into a super bowl tonight and as we have basically one more full day of anybody paying attention, it might not hurt him as much as it
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would otherwise. that's his pest hope. >> i want to get to some of this sound. the rubio team and the senator himself knew all week long the other candidates are saying we need to stop marco. didn't want him to come in strong second and be the center-right guy because that would wipe out those other guys in the race. you also know it's a huge debate. it's a big night. do you play well in the big game? or do you not play well in the big game? christie did this right from the beginning. he signaled very early on in the debate. he had one target. it was marco rubio essentially saying nice guy, but you're not ready to be president. >> i'm proud of my service in the united states senate, and before that in the florida legislature. i will say if politics becomes and the presidency becomes about electing the people who have been in congress or the senate the longest, we should all rally around joe biden. he's been around a thousand years. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you just simply haven't. the fact is when you talk about hezbollah sanctions act as you list as one of your actions, you
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weren't even there to vote for it. that's not leadership, that's truancy. >> that's just one of the examples. they went at it again and again and again. marco tried to get back at governor christie saying you had to be forced to go home to deal with the snowstorm. maybe scored a little bit there. it was rubio on his heels for most of those exchanges. >> absolutely. this was maybe the toughest moment that we've seen. even tougher than some of those trump moments in previous debates. i do agree with maggie, though. for christie to go that hard, there was a level of bullying about it that may not resonate well with new hampshire voters here. but i think that he took what are marco rubio's strengths in the sense of being young, the fresh new face of the party, and really turned that on him to charge ahead with a readiness argument. and i think that a lot of people who watched that debate now are going to be questioning that. and it wasn't just christie. you know, then you had the others come in too and make that same argument.
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and it just was -- just not a good night. >> new hampshire is so important, for obvious reasons being the first in the nation primary. but also because for marco rubio, he's going to continue on to south carolina no matter what. the question is what does chris christie do? he's right now at the polls at 4%. if he's at 4%, how does he continue to south carolina? if he's no longer in this race after new hampshire, that's going to help marco rubio because chris christie can go after him the way that no other candidate does. >> but to that point, though, he has offered a legacy even after he perhaps enters the political afterlife, and he has bequeathed the rest of the field damning video of showing this bright young star in the party being exposed as somebody who has simply memorized a good 25-second speech. >> and that went viral on twitter, too. the loop of rubio coming back to the same answer over and over again. >> that was the perplexing
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thing. because going into it, that had been the criticism. all week christie had been saying that. it's been an issue for rubio. and he still fell back on it after being called out in the debate. really surprise. >> and that's the micro legacy of christie, is that now marco is going to have that video loop coming back at him. i'm sure on paid tv at some point in the next few days going to south carolina. the macro legacy of chris christie, assuming he does does not somehow find a way -- by the way, he only has a million dollars in the bank. he has potentially prolonged this race. there was a feeling this week that marco rubio could really get a strong second. or even come close to beating trump here. and there was that sort of train leaving the station vibe that all of us kind of felt that the party really wants this to happen. people were endorsing him every day. >> donors were waiting. >> absolutely. >> chris christie last night may have prolonged this race, not just in south carolina and
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nevada. >> could prevent other big force names in the party from standing behind him. >> if you're jeb, after that, that performance last night by rubio, you want to stay in the race as long as you can. >> south carolina is not that far away. if you're jeb, you have a decent argument. >> and jeb probably had his best performance last night. >> absolutely. both jeb and kasich last night had strong performances. very smooth. it was sort of the night of the governors in that debate last night. and a lot of voters watching that and thinking about electability and experience may be looking more toward them. and both of them have spent so much time here. >> i want to talk more about them in a minute. but donald trump has a big lead here. he was left almost untouched. ted cruz looking for a strong second or strong third here. this is all he wants here because this is not his state. virtually untouched. one of the most interesting moments for me with trump is
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this is not an ideological primary, as you expect most primary races are. gets asked about politics 101. define a conservative. >> well, i think i am. to me, i view the word conservative as a derivative of the word conserve. we want to conserve our money. we want to conserve our wealth. we want to be smart. we want to be smart where we go, where we spend, how we spend. we want to conserve our country. >> an interesting moment there. >> how about that? >> it's a strange answer for a guy running in a republican primary. what are we eight debits, nine debates in. and after, he was asked about a lot of criticism in iowa. although he turned in a record number of votes if ted cruz hadn't beat him. there was a lot of questions. do you have data contact with your vote sners? can you turn them out? >> personally i think the debate tonight is more important than the ground game.
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in new hampshire, the people, they like you and they're going to go out and vote and they're going to go back. there's not so much of a ground game. i think our ground game is good, but i really think the debate was more important than the ground game. >> if you're the republican establishment -- >> ground game. >> if you're the republican establishment and you so dislike trump and cruz, you want them to go away, why does he get a pass in this debate? >> i think a couple of reasons. i think people continue to not take him seriously or know what to make of him. they are afraid have him turn on them with whatever spray he has in past debates and that has dominated the debate performances of a lot of these folks onstage for months. rubio was a more immediate threat. people had to really slow him down. and so i think people figured that trump would implode of his own. as it happens, i think trump prepared a lot for that debate based on what we saw. we saw the most sort of normalized, basic politician debate. he acted like a frontrunner. he did have his sort of trump moments, including stabbing a
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jeb and throwing a dart at cruz, attacking the audience. i actually thought that worked for him. throwing a dart at ted cruz as the debate was about to end. so because of that, i think that trump probably won by default. and he has a huge lead. you still have to assume he's the favorite. all i'm willing to say right now with certainty is rubio had a bad night and i don't know who benefits. >> got to fight for second place here. that's why all of the jostling has been around marco rubio, who can become that trump alternative. that's why -- but what was surprising to me on that, though, is that cruz had an opportunity to attack trump very early on in the debate. and was asked if he wants to stick by his criticism to donald trump. and he refused to do so. >> let's get to that. that was interesting maybe because ted cruz campaigns are scornful about this. i'm the conservative with a spine of steel. unlike everybody else who's campaigned for this job before, i'm not going to say this and then not do it. he said he did not trust donald trump as commander in chief.
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so david muir of abc news said, senator, go for it. >> senator, you did say of trump's behavior this week, that's not the temperament of a leader to keep this safe. why not? >> well, you know, david, the assessment the voters are making here in new hampshire and across the country is they're evaluating each and every one of us. >> i did ask about mr. trump. you said he dunn haoesn't have temperament to be commander in chief. >> i think that is an assessment the voters will make and they'll make it of each and every one of us. >> cruz who says i never back down from a fight, he backed down from a fight. and then the others didn't jump in. somebody could have jumped in and said ted, i thought you were the man of steel, and go after trump. >> what was interesting was the person who took cruz on for being a politician the most was trump. he used that at the very beginning and said ted you're not answering the question, with all due respect. and between carson and trump, they clearly had found a way to
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handle cruz, for i think the first time in this debate. to your question in terms of trump, i think that everybody has assumed he's going to fall of his own weight and that's the only way to go at him. we saw in iowa he is susceptible to negative ads and i think you'll see a lot more of those heading into south carolina. but people will have to change their approach. >> it's so important to remember all of those people in iowa who were changing their minds within that last week. drifted away from trump. and we don't know here in new hampshire how soft his support is in the polls. we don't know whether or not those first-time voters were so excited by him, are really going to turn out. and there is a possibility -- it feels very volatile on the ground. >> one warning sign for trump is that the polls actually -- one of the cnn polls last week said 36% of new hampshire voters have ruled out voting for trump. that is way more. >> and it's surprising that he didn't learn from the ground game issues that he had in iowa. i mean, that's going to be important here. >> given the questions about whether his support is soft and whether you can move it or collapse it or get it to stay
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welcome back. for a long time, governors were thought to have an advantage in presidential politics. after all, before they moved to the white house, it was governor ronald reagan, governor bill clinton, governor george w. bush. but the governors have been struggling this cycle, as voters look for something new. and it's a safe bet at least one of these men, possibly two, will be gone from the race by the end of this week. governor chris christie, governor john kasich, and governor jeb bush. survival was their debate strategy last night. christie picking a fight with marco rubio. kasich talked about 100-plus new hampshire town halls and his record in ohio. jeb bush promised he'd be a steady hand as commander in chief and he picked a fight or two with donald trump, this one over eminent domain. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city.
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that is downright wrong. >> jeb wants to be a tough guy. i didn't take the property. >> property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk -- quiet. [ audience booing ] that's all of his donors and special interests out there. >> that was one of the most interesting moments, particularly because bush has backed off from those confrontations in the past when trump gives him the quiet, or shut up. and he had the energy -- >> that was high-energy jeb bush. >> that was bush's best debate by far. i think it is coming rather late in the process. but if bush has any chance of keeping going with credibility into south carolina, keeping his supporters with him, this gave him ammunition. >> and particularly on this issue, eminent domain, which is so important here in new hampshire. jeb knew his audience. he's been out doing all these town halls. and he really drew blood in that exchange. >> i was at one of jeb's events
5:21 am
yesterday in bedford, and the anti-trump contingent there was really, really strong. i mean, among the jeb supporters, one voter actually stood up and said i want you to throw a punch at donald trump tonight. clearly there was a feeling that he needs to come out -- >> like the blue steel thing. >> playing to a segment that is college educated, that is frankly appalled by donald trump and the idea of donald trump. he has gone after them with gusto. i think that might be enough to sort of at least keep his campaign going. but real fast, though, the problem that jeb has here is that he's not alone doing that. john kasich is appealing to the same voters. if kasich wasn't on the ballot, jeb would almost certainly take it -- it's harder, though, now. >> but to your point, trump has been basically capped at a certain rage. there was this big question about his ceiling, and his supporters get angry when we talk about his ceiling. there's the largest section that says they will not vote for
5:22 am
someone, are not voting for him. and what you saw in iowa, you saw this enormous turnout. a lot of his was trump, a lot of was was stop trump. i do wonder what you'll see in terms of that here. how many people are going to be motivated? i heard in iowa, a lot of people said i will vote against that guy. >> but who do they pick is the issue. i was there yesterday. ten minutes before i was at a chris christie event. the mile up the road. looking for the same suburban voters in bedford. and kasich is going after largely the same crowd. he wants a little bit more independence coming in. i listened to kasich last night. nobody runs a completely positive campaign. but he has tried to create his own lane, this blue collar republican. last night he tried to close by saying look at what i've done in ohio. >> when you go from 8 billion in the hole to 2 billion in the black, when you cut taxes by $5 billion and you grow over 400,000 jobs, that is a record
5:23 am
that i can take to washington. >> if you add it up, kasich, bush, christie, put carly fiorina in there, even though she's an outside establishment voters, and marco rubio, donald trump would be in the rear-view mirror. but you have this cluster. >> and for kasich, the question is -- he may do well here, but where is he going to do well afterwards? it's hard to see him doing well in south carolina or the super tuesday states. and he does not have the kind of organization that he's built that could actually compete for a national campaign. that is the one thing that jeb does have going for him, while he has burned through a lot of money -- >> it's why ted cruz's campaign is quietly cheering for jeb bush. the ultimate representative of the establishment. but cruz's folks are cheering for jeb here in new hampshire because they want jeb, and more importantly, they want jeb's super pac to keep going to south carolina and keeping its fire on marco. >> we know there are a lot of evangelical tea party members in the south. we don't know about trump's
5:24 am
staying power, but if he gets a new hampshire victory, he's back to being a winner and that makes him still a force in the race as we go forward. we thought new hampshire was going to give us the establishment alternative. looks like it may not. >> just looking to keep everything going for months and months. >> but do they have the money? >> look, in the case of jeb, i think, at least to south carolina, that's all you can look at right now. so initially, it looked like we might see maybe three people go into south carolina and then a bunch of bloody stumps marching on. i now think you're going to see people who are doing a little bit better. it is only 11 days from now. after that, it becomes a much bigger problem. but martin o'malley ran on no money, alone, his staffers working for freebasically three months. >> the question is how much money does jeb bush's super pac had? they had 50 million on cash at hand but that was at the end of the year and they spent a lot of money in iowa. >> you also do have nevada in there in the middle. and that's a big wild card, too, because if jeb can show some strength, try to argue that he
5:25 am
would have broader appeal in a general election, a state with a big latino population, that could kind of throw some juice his way, too. >> somebody will come back from somewhere down the road. maybe not here. up next, our new poll numbers in the democratic race that is getting more and more personal. and this week's installment of "politicians say the darnedest things." think of it this way. wealthy larry david and poor bernie sanders look for a vote on "saturday night live's" take on the titanic. >> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. [ laughter ] [ applause ] number is number! >> sounds like socialism to me! >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference? >> huge difference! want to get their hands on.
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if they could ever catch you.
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welcome back. want to move on to the democratic race now and share with you our new tracking poll. it shows bernie sanders continuing to hold a big lead here in new hampshire. look at those numbers. the vermont senator is the choice of 58% of likely democratic voters. hillary clinton runs a distant second at 35%. now the trend line among the democrats, sanders lost three points over the past three days. clinton gained five. sanders says in every interview and in most speeches, he thinks the race is actually closer. >> this campaign is trying to do -- to ask the american people to think big and not small. >> now, if his ideas are big, it's pretty clear who he regards maybe as small. and she takes offense. >> i have spent my entire adult life trying to knock down barriers. trying to even the odds. >> there's the tension between the candidates of late, and listen to this one, the surrogates are turning


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