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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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"kickoff by the bay." that's saturday afternoon 2:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. next, donald trump a no-show in new hampshire. will it matter? the issue that just won't go away for hillary clinton, her ties to big banks. will she be able to convince voters semesthe's not in wall street's pocket. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, snowed out. donald trump left new hampshire last night to go home to new york city. this morning tweeting, quote, big storm in new hampshire moved
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my event to monday. will be there the next four days. the frontrunner missed his only schedule e ed event in new hampe today. all the rest of the republican candidates were out in force around the state today. trump was the only one not there. our daily cnn wmur tracking poll shows trump holding steady in first place today. that lead though has been shr k shrinking. marco rubio is a solid second. cruz and kasich are tied for third. jim, this is his only event of the day. sort of hard to believe as we're in the countdown to new hampshire. >> reporter: that's right. the only event of the day and it's in south carolina. donald trump is missing crucial time on the campaign trail. he was forced to cancel that event up in new hampshire earlier today because his plane
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could not make it out of new york city, but trump is scheduled to come out at any moment here in south carolina has his rivals try to take advantage of his absence. >> reporter: just four days to the new hampshire primary, donald trump's schedule in the state was frozen. trump flew back to new york city last night, trapping his private plane at the airport and forcing him to scrap his lone event of the day in new hampshire. trump said, big storm, moved my event to monday. he released a video message from his office. >> it means liberty. it means freedom. what a great slogan. >> reporter: jeb bush mocked trump on twitter. tweeting, my 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. candidates trudging through the
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pre-primary snow is a new hampshire tradition. marco rubio joked trump was behind the winter storm. >> i'll make america snow again, vie right? >> reporter: trump's lead in new hampshire may be shrinking. gop rivals are catching up with 1/3 of the voters surveyed undecided. rubio is taking a pounding from candidates in the so-called establishment campaign. >> i love that my wife has spent double the days in this state than rubio spent. >> it's so unfair. >> reporter: the publisher of the new hampshire union leader who has endorsed chris christie piled on. rubio just got out of day care adding, yoi don't think he's go to gravitas that three of the other governors in the race have. this has been his strategy all
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along. he likes to jump ahead and speak in front of big crowds in states where contests loom down the campaign calendar. trump will be back in new hampshire tomorrow. he's scheduled to have events all day there tomorrow. no question about it. this is an unorthodox campaign for the candidate not to be in new hampshire so close to that primary. it's almost unprecedented. >> thank you very much. let's go straight now to our chief national correspondent john king, our political contributor, maggie haberman, anticipa and our political director david challian. you've been traveling the ground, traveling the state, talking to voters. those slams against marco rubio, sort of jaw drops. they are harsh. you've just heard he's been getting knocked by so many of his rivals. is this affecting his supporters or not?
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>> had to move it from the cafeteria to the gym because he has a bigger crowd. they think the bigger crowds are the sign he has momentum. some people think they can get close, if not, catch up to donald trump. they think he has momentum. they also know he's under attack, which makes saturday's debate incredibly critical for marco rubio. third place in iowa was good. but the rubio campaign knows he has to back it up here in new hampshire. what their hope is that he can convince voters who are torn between bush and rubio, turn between kasich and rubio, turn between trump and rubio. they're trying to convert those voters in the final days to get him a strong second to move on. >> four days can be a political eternity. maggie, when we look at these polls and now we'rie getting thm every single day, still deciding
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30%. when you add them all together, kasich, bush, christie, you're getting to, what, 24%? is this still anybody's game in new hampshire? >> look, it is a very, very fluid race here. it has been for a long time. this has been the challenge for donald trump all along. he had to get basically every vote that would. i think tomorrow night's debate is going to be incredibly important for him. he really needs a strong one. both he and rubio who have notched wins by default. ups the ante here for how he has to do. he has to seem not too aggressive against ted cruz. i think that's been an issue in the past. i think in iowa that harmed him. how aggressive he went at cruz who was pretty liked by a lot of caucusgoers. you've seen donald trump be a little more careful in the last
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24 hours about sounding too aggressi aggressive. >> david, air trump never left new york for new hampshire today. he was citing the snowstorm. instead he is going ahead with his rally tonight in south carolina. he's going to new hampshire tomorrow. is he risking his lead? is this something that could matter? >> skipping a day is not a good idea for any candidate, especially one who is trying to protect his lead. i think donald trump, who missed the last one, has to show up and look like he's fighting for those votes. not just trying to sit on his lead. without him on the stage, all the slings and arrows came to ted cruz because he was the other iowa frontrunner. marco rubio beware tomorrow night. i was on the trail today with chris christie and jeb bush.
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they are not pulling punches right now. >> donald trump, as you can see right now, taking the stage in south carolina at this moment, getting ready to speak to voters there at a big rally. john, monmouth polling did a post mmortem on how the polls i iowa got it wrong. they found trump didn't lose because of turnout. you can't blame it on that. they say according to their poll he lost because of things he did. that half of the voters who originally planned to vote for trump and then ended up not voting for trump in iowa said they changed that vote because of his personality and the skip of the final debate. how important is tomorrow's debate for donald trump? >> it's incredible important. trump came under attack in a sustained way from ted cruz about his views on social issues, from other candidates about his views on social security or past things he said about taxes or health care.
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once trump became more engaged and he didn't have a good ground game, some voters turned on him. trump is often laid back in the debates. the debates have not been trump's strength. he usually -- it's been survival or funny quips. the stakes for him in this debate are incredibly important because you have ted cruz looking for a strong finisher. marco rubio is going up now. trump has flat lined at best. this is the biggest test for donald trump on a debate stage. >> maggie, what's your feeling about donald trump's momentum? is he going to be able to build his numbers at all? >> i have to go back to what david said. i think missing a day on the campaign trail is really problematic. in new hampshire a lot of what happens depends on what happened right before in iowa. donald trump came in second and frankly had he not built up expectations about how he would do that would seem fantastic.
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marco rubio went on stage immediately on caucuses night and said essentially, i won. i'm the comeback kid. trump could have done that. he didn't do it and he cost himself in the process. i agree. i think he's struggling to maintain what he had. getting off the trail today is snot a not advisable. >> we're seeing marco rubio with momentum in the polling numbers, but don't forget trump still has a significant lead. it's just that time is limited here and things move pretty quickly. >> there's a special hour long edition of "inside politics" hosted by john king. it is this sunday at 8:00 eastern. outfront next -- >> who are you going to raise taxes on? >> if you look at actual raise, some very wealthy are going to be raised, some people getting unfair deductions are going to be raised?
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>> we're going to ask trump and his billionaire friends to pay more taxes. >> how donald trump and bernie sanders are sounding more and more alike. plus, he skipped iowa to head to new hampshire. outfront tonight john kasich. clinton and sanders in one of their most heated exchanges yet. >> i think it's time to end the artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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tonight, a big boost for bernie sanders. a new poll showing sanders is the man to beat. in head to head matchups he beats donald trump and ted cruz. clinton only beats donald trump, so clinton is upping her game using her harshest rhetoric yet. >> i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you and enough is a enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly, but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> bernie sanders is not going to let this issue go away, is he?
4:16 pm
>> reporter: he certainly isn't. he says it everywhere he goes. he reminds people that she raises money from hedge fund donors. tonight she was supposed to raise money from a boston hedge fund owner. bernie sanders believes this is an essential part of his argument. listen to how he responded to her last night. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street or special interests. >> reporter: so that's what he says everywhere he goes, that he doesn't have a superp pac. that is what she was calling him on him to do. as the campaign continues in the coming days, the clinton campaign believes the burden is
4:17 pm
on him to show how she's been compromised. the voters will have the final say here in new hampshire again on tuesday. >> thank you so much. outfront now, barney frank of dodd-frank fame. nobody knows about big banks and financial reform more than he does. he is a hillary clinton suppo supporter and sally kuhn both join me. congressman frank, hillary clinton said this last night about the big banks. it goes to the heart of your great achievement in dodd-frank. let me play it for you. >> you know, we now have power under the dodd-frank legislation to break up banks. and i've said i will use that power if they pose a systemic risk. >> the big banks, many of them are much bigger than they were before the financial crisis. why won't she say she'll force them to break up? she says if they suppose a
4:18 pm
systemic threat. they pose a systemic threat. >> everything he accuses her of, of course, barack obama has done. it's his administration that has decided it is not yet time to break up the banks. the administration is using many of these powers to reduce the risk. size alone is not the issue. by the way, a couple of them are bigger because the federal government asked them to take on other failing institutions during the bush years to prevent the kind of problems that we had. we have much higher capital charges. the problem is not simply the size. it is the degree to which they pose risks. this notion that wall street regulates congress -- wall street did not like the vogel
4:19 pm
rule jammed down their throats. what hillary clinton is saying is if the current records don't work, requirements they stand behind their derivatives, et cete cetera, then you begin to break them up. it's not one size fits all. they don't all fit the same pattern. you go after each individual bank if it's a problem. >> sally, what do you say to that? >> this is no attack or critique on dodd-frank, which i think no one would -- at least on this side of the debate -- would agree this is a strong piece of legislation. this is how far you continue to go. i think both sides is important to note. the democrats in general would do more to hold wall street accountable and help the middle
4:20 pm
class and reign in big business, but you have to go further. the banks were big before. now they're bigger. taxes on financial regulations. there are many steps to take, period. i think this is about senator sanders wanting to take more of those steps. >> a number of hundreds of economists on the other side. the key point however is this. we have taken steps to prevent them from gambling with taxpayers' money did. no one can do the kinds of things aig did. if you made jpmorgan chase and bank of america and wells fargo divest their securities industries, you'd still have banks that are too big to fail. what we did was to say if they
4:21 pm
do fail, if they can't pay their debts, they fail. we have a method in there, unlike what we had before, whereby they get dissolved, taken over, and the taxpayers do not have to pay those debts. >> congressman frank, i want to just ask you another issue. some have been critical of sanders about not giving specifics about what hillary clinton has compromised on. hillary clinton says her votes have never been influenced by wall street. in her first year in the senate, she supported a bill that made it harder for consumers to walk away from their debt. she supported that bill. it was a bill that she opposed before she became senator of new york. she voted for something the banks wants. elizabeth warren is a anti-bank champion and called her out for it. mrs. clinton had been persuaded the bill was bad for families.
4:22 pm
>> i disagree with opposition on that regard. by the way, i should say i dislike the sanders attack probably because i've taken money from the banks, so i helped other members of my committee to take money from the banks. i want to change the system, but i don't think democrats, progressives, ought to give up the money until -- and put ourselves at a greatest advantage. i am trying to respond. i am trying to respond. the fact is the bankruptcy was a separate issue from financial regulation. i disagreed with her, but on the questions of financial regulation on ending too big to fail by saying they will be dissolved if they can't pay their debts and the taxpayers will not be on the hook in the consumer financial protection bureau in restricting mortgages
4:23 pm
and restricting the use of derivativ derivatives, she's been for all of those, all that are opposed by the big banks. >> sally, what do you say about this particular vote? she was against it and then she was for it when she became senator representing the banks. is it because of the money? >> i don't know why it happened, but it is pretty damning, right? you had one opinion before you became a senator and raised campaign cash from wall street. then you change your position to be what the banks look like. does it look tainted? it does. i don't think it matters if she has a concrete opinion you can point to. senator sanders point is that we have a broken system where politi politicians have to go begging to the people they would be regulating. let me say here there's nothing wrong with secretary clinton saying she's a centrist who can work with wall street, who wants to hold wall street accountable, but also has strong
4:24 pm
relationships with wall street. if that's who she is, be that. her saying i can regulate wall street better than bernie sanders, give me a break. that's not true. >> he's criticizing dodd-frank and president obama. he keeps say congress doesn't regulation wall street. wall street regulates congress. that is a repudiation of things we adopted over congress' passage of this bill. the fact is that we did do some very tough things. as far as changing the system, of course we should. but let's be very clear. there's only one way we're going to change the financial system. it's by electing a president who appoints supreme court justices to change citizens united and those other attacks. >> we can agree on that. >> until then, all you're doing is telling liberals who can get
4:25 pm
money from financial institutions to engage in unilateral disarmament. >> sally, to this point, let me ask you about something. bernie sanders has said he wants to break up the banks. he wants to charge a tax on anybody who trades. hillary clinton is saying he can't keep these promises. he said it would raise $3 billion a year. every time you buy or sell a stock you pay tax. he says that would hit wall street. 90% of mutual funds in america are owned by middle class regular families and they would be paying that tax. it isn't going to be the rich people paying that tax. >> 80% of americans think we need to tax the very wealthy more. they're frustrated that a disproportionate share of wealth and income in this country is going to the very rich. in our economic recovery, that share has only gotten greater.
4:26 pm
>> this would tax a lot of people. >> it would still disproportionately affect the rich. no matter what we have done or what's on the table to be done, the american people are fed up. they feel washington is working harder for big business and wall street than the people. dodd-frank, great. good job. but people are still mad that people lost their homes, lost their jobs, and not a single banker lost their jobs. that's the problem here. that's why people are fed up. >> all right, first of all, you made a serious mistake there. no banks have gone to jail and i wish some have. a lot of them lost their jobs. >> sorry, none of them went to jail. you're right. >> let me finish. of course, we want higher taxes. so does hillary clinton. we want to tax carried interest on hedge funds, which they hate. i'm sorry. may i finish? you said we want to raise taxes. erin made a good point about the
4:27 pm
specific impact on one particular tax, but hillary clinton and others are united in raising taxes. by the way, senator sanders was a fairly senior senator during that period of president obama's presidency. he was not able to accomplish any of the things he now says he can do. i don't fault him for many of those ideas. i agree with them. i fault him for making it sound much easier than it is and denigrating anything else we do. when you announce wall stre you are denying the importance of the consumer protection bureau, of banning sub prime mortgages. that's the problem i have. yes, it is good to advocate those things, but not in a way that diminishes what we can accomplish. >> i appreciate both of you taking the time tonight. this is a conversation that's going to continue.
4:28 pm
it is the fault line right in the center for the democratic party. outfront next, is his strategy working? my guest governor john kasich is next. two very different candidates who sound shockingly alike. >> i'm calling on all candidates to disavow their super pacs. it's a scam. they know it. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill?
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so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. the newest cnn wmur tracking poll shows john kasich tied with ted cruz. he's risen a point since yesterday. but their new hampshire motto isn't leave free or die. it is do or die. we are at a jeb bush event in concord, new hampshire. there are nine republican candidates coming into the primary. there are so many of them, but a lot of them are vying for one core group of voters. how many will come out alive on the other side? >> reporter: clearly, this is a
4:33 pm
state that's going to significantly narrow the field. candidates will be out come wednesday and thursday, or they'll be limping into south carolina. the top tier candidates will advance. that includes ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio. they seem well positioned to go into the next state of south carolina. then we look at john kasich, chris christie, jeb bush. it is do or die for them. they have invested an enormous amount of money into this state and they do not have an organization to go beyond to south carolina. jeb bush has a more national organization. in this event he made it clear he needs to do well in new hampshire. he's going to continue on to south carolina trying to quell any speculation he might drop out. it's going to have a huge impact to determine who could become
4:34 pm
the republican nominee, erin. >> while the other candidates are throwing mud, john kasich is throwing snow. getting himself in a snowball fight with reporters and aides. he joins me now. governor, you've made more campaign stops than any other republican candidate, more than twice as many as marco rubio, who is now surging in the polls. why do you think he is gaining so quickly? >> well, look, we think we're in second place, so we think we're going extremely well. i think the report that just gave you that report i don't agree with virtually most of what he said. we have the best ground game in this state. we've been consistently in the top two. that's why all these campaigns has been somewhere between 6 and $8 million beating me up out
4:35 pm
here, hoping to take my numbers down. we think we're going to do extremely well. we're already organizing south carolina and the south. we're moving on. it's just that simple. we're going to finish here in a really strong position. >> you have come under fire as you have risen in the polls. chris christie, for example, who is competing for the same voters you are, let me play something he had to say about you. >> listen. john is traditionally been a guy who speaks his mind and that's good. all of a sudden, he's trying to have a facelift [ inaudible ] prince of sun and light, something like that. i'
4:36 pm
>> what do you think of that? >> unfortunately, i didn't hear him. i'm not bothered by any of that. we have the best ground game in 40 years. i'm not going down that rabbit hole. what i've been doing is telling people about the record of creating jobs of reforming. i'm not in any lane, erin. i'm not establishment guy, but i'm not an anti-bliestablishmen guy. i've operated between the two of them. i fought a republican president on budget matters. going to ohio and challenging all the special interests. i'm somebody who makes the establishment pretty nervous, but i'm not anti-establishment because we've got to come together and we've got to raise people. our town halls are jammed. they're electric. we just finished our 100th. we'll be able to move on, but i don't have time for the negative. we're going to show that you can
4:37 pm
actually run a positive campaign without trashing other people and be able to win. >> you have a reputation for getting emotional on your campaign stops. we've seen that several times. here's you talking with a voter who had children with disabilities. let me play it. >> we have to care about their kids, don't we? we have to care about their kids because they have a right to have a life just like we do. >> you know, this is an emotional thing for you and an emotional process. even who does this puts their heart and soul into it. how personal is this race for you at this point, governor? >> well, look, i'm a human being. it's not just -- these town halls have been amazing. yeah, they're thinking about the struggles that families have to be able to boost their children and get them a decent life, but
4:38 pm
we have people that come to our town halls who i think feel as though they can talk about their wins and their losses. and these town halls can become very emotional because i think a lot of people feel like they've got nobody to talk to. and if we all slow down a little bit and listen to one another, both our successes and our failures, we're going to be a stronger country. so the town halls have been unique. you know, i don't know call names. i tell people that america's got its challenges, but we're strong and we can lick them and come together and be americans before we're republicans or democrats, erin. >> governor kasich, thank you very much. good to talk to you tonight. outfront next, our special report on the surprising similarities between the trump and sanders campaigns. yes, you heard me correctly. hillary clinton trying for one more new hampshire comeback. does she need another moment like this one? >> it's about our country. it's about our kids' futures. it's really about all of us together. king, where self-proclaimed financial superstars
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reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! donald trump and bernie sanders speaking to voters tonight. the two breakout stars drawing the biggest crowds this season, but the similarities don't end there. in fact, they share a surprisingly similar message. listen in. >> i'm calling on all candidates to disavow their super pacs.
4:43 pm
it's a scam. they know it. it's a joke. i mean, it's a joke. >> i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. >> we do have $7, $10, $19, that kind of donation i want because they have invested in the campaign. >> we have received $200 million individual contributions. let me tell you what i'm boasting about and what i'm very proud of. our average contribution is $27. >> i'm turning down millions of dollars for the campaign. everybody is offering me money and i don't want it. i'm turning down millions of dollars and no interest. >> we do not represent the interests of the billionaire class, wall street, or corporate america. we don't want their money. >> i'm not using the lobbyists. i'm not using donors.
4:44 pm
i don't care. i'm really rich. >> we don't want money from wall street, we don't want money from the drug companies, we don't want money from corporate america. >> some very wealthy are going to be raised. some people getting unfair deductions are going to be ra e raised. >> we're asking donald trump and his billionaire friends to pay more in taxes. >> i mean, it's pretty amazing, james, how much they sound alike, right? people might say, what, are you cra cra crazy. independents on the ground can vote in new hampshire. you have people who say they're going to bernie sanders and donald trump. they're deciding between the two of them. why is both of their messages resonating so much there? >> this is history repeating
4:45 pm
itself. the last time we had such income inequality was during the gilded age. there was the teapot dome scandal. what came out of that was the progressive movement. teddy roosevelt and others that transformed american politics to focus more on the people and less on elites. that's what we're seeing right now. the roots of this have been since the 1970s when we see the middle class again to shrink and the wealthy getting wealthier. you hear republicans and democrats, both of them, calling washington just a game. i think you're seeing both of these candidates really grabbing on to that type of message. the cleavage wasn't in the 90s i believe. it was the last recession. you started to see the tea party movement and the populist movement. we're seeing it take place and
4:46 pm
flourish in this campaign. >> donald trump self-funded. bernie sanders funded by small donors. neither taking big money from special interests. the clintons earned $153 million from speeches over 14 years. it is a stark contrast to that. >> it is. for two different reasons. obviously donald trump doesn't need anybody's money. if anybody missed that montage of clips, he will tell you he's very, very rich. he doesn't need anyone's money. bernie sanders has been fighting against the power and influence of big banks and big corporations his whole career in washington. his whole campaign is being fueled by small donations. it is funny when you look at them and you see they come together on this one issue, erin. next hillary clinton trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire, but the state has been very good to both clintons in the past.
4:47 pm
>> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. >> can hillary clinton be the next comeback kid? (two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone)
4:48 pm
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4:50 pm see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. tonight, just four days until the first primary of the 2016 race and hillary clinton is stepping up her attacks trying to close the gap in new hampshire. new hampshire is the key to a clinton comeback. jeff zeleny is outfront. >> reporter: the clintons in new hampshire. >> being back in new hampshire is an absolute joy. >> i survived the new hampshire primary when i ran for president the first time on dunkin donuts. >> reporter: it will be tested more than ever in next week's new hampshire primary. it's the state that famously made a little known arkansas governor the comeback kid. a second place finish that revived his bid for the white house. >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback
4:51 pm
kid. >> reporter: 25 years and four campaigns later, hillary clinton is turning to the state for a comeback of her own. she's running far behind bernie sanders. a senator from neighboring vermont. on the campaign trail today, she made's plea for help. >> this state has been so good to my husband and me and my family. >> reporter: hillary clinton has been campaigning alongside her husband since the beginning. terry shoemaker is a new hampshire tour guide for out-of-town democrats with white house ambitions. >> they knew he was somebody but had no idea who he was. that was the beginning of what has become a mutual admiration society between the clintons and new hampshire. >> reporter: as she does now, hillary kept her own schedule back then. >> absolutely. she was here a lot in 1991 and '92. people came up and said, why isn't she running for president. >> all the way back then? >> back in 1991. >> did you ever think at that point in time she would?
4:52 pm
>> i always thought she could but i didn't think she would after being first lady. >> reporter: when her own presidential campaign needed a lifeline after losing in iowa eight years ago, new hampshire delivered. >> i just don't want to see us fall backwards. >> reporter: marianne still can't believe it created such a stir. >> why did you ask her that of all things to ask her? >> because i identify with her as a working woman, and i just wanted to know how she ticked, and i didn't care about the rhetoric, national issues and all that stuff. >> reporter: a day later, clinton won new hampshire. >> i listened to you, and in the process, i found my own voice. >> reporter: now she's hoping to reprise that feeling. a loss here means an even longer campaign ahead. it's a moment that once again calls for two clintons. >> this state has been so good to me and to hillary. >> new hampshire, come with me
4:53 pm
this week. make this journey with me. stand up for me! fight for me! >> jeff, with all this history of a state that's done so well with the clintons, how is she not doing better in new hampshire this time? >> it's a great question. they have so much history and she won here in 2008 and has been campaigning almost a year here. it's the independent voters that aren't accepting her candidacy. they like bernie sanders more. part of it is because he's from neighboring vermont. that's not all. when i talk to voters, they like what he's saying about wall street, about the anti-establishment. so she's been in government longer now. she's been around longer now. some of those voters aren't resonating with all that history here. i'm not sure she's down as far as some polls suggest. our poll yesterday showed she was 30 points down here. but i believe it will be much, much closer than that. also playing a bit of an expectations game.
4:54 pm
she's trying to lower expectations so she does not lose by that much. it looks more like a win. they aren't nearly as confident as they were in iowa and that was so, so close. there's no doubt this race will go on well beyond new hampshire. she's hoping for a respectable showing and a win here would take some of the air out of bernie sanders' sails. >> when your down by 30 if you finish down 15 or 20, you'll look pretty good. one of the greatest players in the history of the game. could super bowl 50 be peyton manning's last? day. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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4:58 pm
tonight the final countdown under way for the biggest football game of the year, super bowl 50, less than 48 hours away. it could be the last time peyton manning walks on the field as a player. will the legendary quarterback go out on top? i hope so. coy wire is outfront. could be an ending most players
4:59 pm
only get to dream about. >> absolutely. a dreamy ending it would be for sure. he's had an entire career that most players only dream about. 18 years in the league. the average career is 3 1/2. thises should fourth super bowl. he's already won one. he is 39 years old. set to become the oldest starting quarterback in nfl history. he's missed six games with a foot injury. he's had three neck surgeries. he says he's learning to deal with them and has had great practices all week. how about the panthers' defense? the carolina panthers defense play a nasty and naughty style like a bunch of pit bulls on redbull. they led the league in takeaways. and teams who have won the turnover battle in the super bowl of 36-4 all-time. >> this will be an incredible game to watch. pretty much everyone will be watching. coy, thank you so much. don't miss kickoff by the bay, a cnn bleacher report special
5:00 pm
hosted by chris cuomo and dan marino, otherwise known as twins separated by birth. that's tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 eastern. set your dvr. you can record outfront and watch the show any time. we'll be back for a special edition of "outfront after the republican national debate. ac 360 starts now. >> new polling and late developments for the blizzard of candidates now blanketing new hampshire. there's the candidates and where they were today. the dotted line is for trump who canceled his appearance today in london derry. he's taking heat from rivals he left behind. jeb bush tweeting, my 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. that's 5-year-old destiny on the left. and the former first lady doing pretty well at the diner in derry, new hampshire. they also sat down with


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