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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 4, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. five days to go before the nation's first primary and clinton and saddenders take the battle to durham, new hampshire tonight. who will take the top spot on tuesday and who is the strongest candidate to go against the gop. can i call you guys the dream team again? anderson sat down with donald trump, the town hall last night and the debate that is about to end, we're going to bring all of that to you. here with me, mr. van jones, hillary rose i don't knon, bob beckel.
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>> it would be a miracle for her to win -- i'm sorry, he's from vermont. i don't have a prayer here. she won the state eight years ago smeech h ago. she has a network in the state. the idea that this is a foreign country to me, i don't have a prayer -- >> they're neighborly. >> is there anything they can say to convince you as voter? i know you have your preferences. >> our numbers show there's huge percentage of undecided voters here. they have to make a decision. they're expecting a high turnout in new hampshire and i think they're looking. we'll see what happens after tonight. but these candidates are spending a lot of time in new hampshire, they're doing a lot of events. there was some question about whether hillary clinton would stay in new hampshire or just
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cede it to bernie sanders and she's not doing that. she p so so he has to state there, too. >> i think right now she's got a window because you still have -- even people who are bernie sanders fanatics, there's still this sense of can he win a general election? what would he do on foreign policy? there are areas where she is trying to reaprssure on those questions. i thought what she did last night is more important than what she did tonight. last night on the cnn town hall, she exposed her heart a little bit, that is a bigger challenge for her, that likability factor. >> take a look at this. >> i am a progressive who gets things done. and the root of that word
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progressive is progress. but i've heard senator sanders' comments and it's really caused me to wonder, who's left in the progressive wing of the democratic party? under his definition, president obama is not progressive because he took donations from wall street. vice president biden is not progressive because he supported keystone. senator shaheen is not progressive because she supports the trade pact. even the late great senator wellstone would not fit this definition because he voted for doma. we have differences and i think weep should be talking about what we want do for the country. with you if we're going to get into labels, i don't think it was particularly progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive to vote to give gun makers and sellers immunity, i don't think it was progressive to vote against ted kennedy's immigrati immigration reform. we can go back and forth like
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this. but most people watching tonight want to know what we've done and what we'll do. >> i think last night was an excellent beginning of this. this was definitely the highlight of the night for hillary in my opinion. ruff goi are you going to come back and say barack obama was not progressive. and one of the questions was is barack obama aggressive? and he said yes. >> she also said i'm going to hammer you on your brady bill vote and derivatives if you keep up this name calling. >> the derivative vote got a little lost, it was a little deep. >> it got a little deep. >> he didn't really have a comeback for that. >> he did not.
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>> many ruc >> she can point out very few things where bernie sanders hasn't been a hard line leftist. she's walking quite a tightrope all the time. she can point to one issue, which is guns and other than that, she can't come from beirne's left on anything and wants to be progressive enough to be acceptable to the base but not so progressive -- >> i think shoop said in te sai lead-up to that that nobody is perfect. >> if being progressive is being perfect, bernie sanders is closer to perfect than she is. >> up said it was an artful smear what got boos and applause. let's listen in and we'll discuss. >> secretary clinton does republican the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans and, by the way, who are not all this enamorred with
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the establishment but i am very proud it are people like keith ellerson in the house, the co-chairman of the house progressive caucus. >> i have to just jump in here because honestly senator sanders i think is the only person who would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. [ cheers and applause ] and i have to tell you it is really quite amazing to me. people support me because they know me, they know my life's work, they have worked with me and many have also worked with senator sanders, and at the end of the day, they endorse me because i get things done. >> being part of the establishment is in the last quarter having a super pac that raised $15 million from wall
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street, that throughout one's life raised a whole lot of money from the drug companies and other special interests. to my mind, if we do not get a handle on money in politics and the degree to which big money controls the political process in this country, nobody is going to bring about the changes that is needed if this country for the middle class and working families. >> yeah, but i think it fair to really ask what's behind that comment puch kn comment. you know, senator sanders has said he wants to run a positive campaign. i tried to keep my disagreements over issues. time and time again by inniuend
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that anybody who has taken speakers fees by any group has to be bought and i absolutely reject that, senator. i don't think these kind of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. and i have stood up and represented my consistetituents the best of my ability. i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been care ooing out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> let us talk about issues. >> we both agree with campaign finance reform. i worked hard for
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mccain-feingold. i want to revrs citizens united. >> let's talk about issues. >> so let's talk about issues. >> let's talk about some issues. i want to welcome our viewers joining us from the democratic debate. we have all the analysis here with our political dream team and they join us. we'll introduce them throughout this hour. bob beckel, who is the most progressive, what are you insinuating, donwhy don't you j say it in my face is this. >> the longest five days is the five days before the primary. people from massachusetts have moved into southern new hampshire. both democrats and republicans, more moderate on both counts, which is something that trump better be careful of. polling in new hampshire is always a dicey game because it will go back and forth on you.
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the problem for bernie sanders is he's setting himself up because we say he's 31 points ahead. how close is she going to come to him? >> did she help herself in this moment is th moment? is that where the gloves came of off, angela? for me i think it's so in the weeds and i understand why people think that people are bought as a result it have but i also think it's not fair. >> it just plays right into the source of bernie sanders's strength, though. she needs a better answer. she and her husband made $104, $105 million in made speechs. it's hard for a blue collar guy
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worried about his kids to understand that. it plays right in bernie sanders's argument that you are getting screwed by the big banks and she's taking a boat load of money from them, who do you trust to stand up to them sm. >> here's none reason why that moment matters. she did not shy away. she faltered a little built on this issue last night, she came back tonight, she was raring to go on it and she did not falter and she pushed hard enough that he then said, all right, let's talk about the issues. he wanted off of the subject. tonight's debate was the first time these two went head to head. add what we saw, i think, was hillary clinton as a good debalter, as a fighter. cuff imagine these two in a debate with republicans. it seemed like you could imagine her much better this a debate with republicans. >> stand by. she was asked about this moment last night on cnn. she struggled with it as hillary rose i don't know just said, the
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question about her wall street speaking fees. let's take a look at that moment and then we'll talk. >> you made three speeches for goldman sachs. you made $675,000 for three speeches. >> i made speechs for a lot of groups. >> but did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> i may not have done the job i should in explaining my record. i did when i left the secretary of state's office, like so many former official, military leads are, journalists, others, i did go on the speaking circuit. i spoke to heart doctor, i spoke
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to camping associations, i spoke to wall street nech wanted me to speak on what my experience has been. but i want people to know i went to wall street before the crash. i was the one saying you're going to wreck the economy because of she's shenanigans with mortgages. i called to end the carried interest loophole at that hedge fund managers enjoy. i proposed changes in ceo compensation, i called for a consumer protection financial bureau before it was created. >> let me just say this. wall street is perhaps pt most powerful economic and political force in this country. you have companies like goldman sachs who recently paid a fine for defrauding investors.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy the economy and ruin the lives of many americans. kid gets caught with marijuana, that kid has a police record. a wall street executive destrous the economy, $5 billion settlement with the government, no criminal record nap is what power is about. that is what corruption is about and that is what has to change in the united states of america. >> so advance jonvan jones, if offered you $675,000 to speak, would you take it?
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>> i would happily take the mon money. i think she played it smart. i think sanders missed an opportunity to say, no, it's not about you personally. there's something happening. it's much more subtle. i don't think people are here's a dollar, i'm going to change my vote been this much money in the system, people subconsciously begin to adapt themselves to that. >> he backs off. he can't debate as well. >> the psychology of him backing off is really interesting. early on i didn't think bernie sanders had a prayer and he backed off a lot but he wanted to make a point, he believes it with all his heart and now he
8:16 pm
receives is there still a steep hill? will he move to south carolina and nevada, places where you have a plurality, people of color, it's really a steep bhichl i think he's okay, he's getting more great and drawing sharp erp contraer contrasts. she's more comfortable. she has more depth on these issues. perhaps some will call him johnny one note. $675,000 for three speechs, i'm a kid from , massachusett
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dorchester, massachusetts, i've been very lucky since then -- >>ism think the assumption and all of america was assume being she was essentially going to be running for president and was likely winner of the presidency in is the achilles heel of the clinton campaign. there is no better answer. and bernie sanders could have hit it harder, been a little tougher on her. the fact of the matter is it's not just a couple hundred thousand dollars here and there for speechz. it's between her and her husband, who was getting paid while she was secretary of state outrageous fees for these kind of speeches. >> he's a former president. >> i understand that. they make hundreds of thousands of dollars for speechs. >> bernie sanders is making the point that the government is up
8:18 pm
for sale and hillary clinton is the poster child. she's the best example you can point to -- >> here's how she rerespon-- re. she's got to get to more of the emotion. >> i have to get to this person because it's important we speak to robbie, a campaign manager for hillary clinton of america. how do you think the secretary did tonight? >> obviously we feel she did a terrific job. you saw one who can get wages rising, get equal pay for equal
8:19 pm
work. i think you saw senator sanders fail that test. he couldn't answer two questions about afghanistan. i think hillary clinton was clear lip o clearly our next president. she even admitted she could have done a better job when she addressed it tonight. do you think she did a good enough job for the american people in new hampshire? >> i think she has always done a good job for people on this issue. she went to wall street before the crash and warned will the reckless practices that were going to crash our economy. second, she has the strongest plan. her plan deals not just with breaking up the banks but with the dangerous practices that caused this crash in the first
8:20 pm
place. i think the proof of all of this is look at who is spending super pac money against her, the wall street hedge fund billionaires are spending millions. here in new hampshire gop super pacs have spent over $5 million attacking hillary clinton since she's gotten in this race. i think her remarks and the facts speak for themselves on this. >> i want to talk to you about the e-mails because she addressed that tonight. when she addressed the transcripts, she faltered a little bit. she said i'm not sure if i'll release them. i'll have to look into it. didn't appear to be a satisfactory answer. >> well, i will let her remarks spector themselves. she's going to look in this. we'll be looking into that over the coming days. >> there is a new state department report that says that colin powell and condoleezza
8:21 pm
rice received classified information from a personal e-mail from her. >> this shows -- she never sent or received anything that was marked chlassified. i trust for secretary powell and officials in secretary rice's office that this was the same thing. people weren't triping to break the rules. what's happening now is retroactively there's an interdepartmental fight over how things should be classified today and it is outrageous and secretary powell has made that clear. all of these e-mails have to be released. let's get everything out there and the american people should judge for themselves. the fact that secretary clinton or powell was on an e-mail chain that contained news articles that now that's somehow classified, that is ridiculous. >> it was just a few e-mails.
8:22 pm
certainly they didn't have their own servers in their homes. the voters continue to have questions about hillary clinton she is seen as not be trustworthy. are they right to question her on that? >> the question in this election is who voters can trust to fight for them and get results. hillary clinton, can you put her up against any of the candidates in this race. for decades she has been fighting and getting results. she took on the insurance companies to get that he can access for every single american. when she didn't succeed, she stuck at it until she got the children's act for 8 million kids, to impose sanctions on iran to start the new defense treat. this is someone who -- -- she was behind in new hampshire in 2008 and she pulled it out.
8:23 pm
but 61% now to 30%, that's a good size margin. do you think at this point she can make up enough ground? can she do it? >> well, new hampshire has some built-in challenges for secretary clinton this time around. in the last 30 years, no -- all border state candidates i should say, have always prevailed here. and if you hook at nate silva's sight. so that's a challenge. with you secretary clinton said we are going to fight this campaign out for every state, every she's not going to leave the state. she is going to stick with this hike she fought in iowa and won.
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>> thanks for the opportunity. >> and we'll get analysis from our panel right after this. when we come right back, more fireworks from the democrats in new hampshire tonight.
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and we are back. i wish you guys to hear the conversations in the break. what it you think of the response from the campaign manager? >> he did a good job. listen, i think that is a disciplined campaign. what you saw from secretary clinton tonight is a disciplined candidate. she figured out where she was weak and was prepared to counterpunch. sanders is very, very good in his lane. he didn't put in the work to anticipate where he was going to get hit and have the great comebacks and stuff. you shoot from mook and secretary clinton a disciplined campaign. i still think this question around around the money is going
8:28 pm
to be a problem. >> it got a little muddled because i asked about the speakers transcript behind said they should be released. i think shehe's talking about t speakers transcript -- >> i think he was going to look into it, kwt was made tonight we're going to look into it on the transcript on the speeches. >> he said i'll let her words stand for herself. do you think she did a good job of handling -- >> i think there's no win on this. pa part of it is there's no common layman understanding of a six-figure speakers fees. >> i think the people who made $23,000 will say for $675,000
8:29 pm
they could buy my vote. ronald reagan made $2 million speaking in japan. $2 million for one speaking fee. it's a lot more than hillary clinton ever made. they all make that. yes, you have to live with it. yes, it's difficult for people to understand. i understand that al in new hampshire is going to wake up and say those speaking fees are driving me crazy. >> mr. weaver, how do you think bernie sanders did? >> i think he did great. the rigged economy, the corrupt campaign finance system and how we're going to turn that around. as he pointed out on issue and issue, we're wareally not goingo make changes in the congress until we can get rid of this big money in politics and its corrupting influence. >> was he prepared for hillary clinton to come and him? she came to play tonight.
8:30 pm
was he red oo for that? >> absolutely. it was fully expected. the dynamics of the race have changed since the first debate. i think you saw it in secretary clinton's, you know, demeanor in the debate. she clearly came looking to tussle and that was fine. >> the question has been from voters, how is he going to accomplish what he's promising? how is he going to pay for it? secretary clinton went after him on that. so how is he going to do that? >> first of all, he has a lot of experience over the years working with republicans in congress. during a ten-year period in the house here, had more amendments pass by recorded vote than any other member of congress. he worked very effectively with john kain where as he has said,
8:31 pm
we have trooly the american people, to stand up against the billionaire class and the people who represent them in the congress and force them to make the changes that we need in this country. as anderson cooper i think may have pointed out last night. one in truth, her proposals are no more likely to pass than but you're going to get the most change by moving the -- >> he said he wasn't going to go negative in this campaign. hill hip tonight accused him are going negative and doing it underhanded. >> i don't think there's anything underhanded about it at
8:32 pm
all. he has pg, why we don't have a prt trade policy, all of these are influenced by big money traying in the process. they think they're getting something back for it. >> we appreciate your time. thanks for coming on cnn. >> thank you. we'll have more on the democratic debate when we come back. your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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>> of course this is after the debate. we all know howard dean running for president -- >> can you give us your favorite dean scream? >> imnot going to do that.
8:37 pm
nobody wants to be remembered for their worst moment. >> and of course from vermont wearing his hillary button. >> you mentioned a better line of attack. >> if is a rigged economy. hillary clinton would do more to just great with him more on that sometimes. just because he has named it and framed it doesn't mean she can't get in there and dress it up a little bit. with you i do think that a better line of attack with democrats is that he hasn't always been there as a democrat. that she hasn't really been, you know, walking the walk. >> he was asked about that tonight. let's listen. >> and it is true. [ applause ] it is true, not to be denied.
8:38 pm
i am the longest serving independent in the history of the united states congress. people are vermont sent moo to washington as an independent nap is true. but, on the other hand, when i was in the house for 16 years, i caucused can democrats. in the senate for nine years caucused with the democrats of course and i was elected pi the democrats to be chair of the veterans committee three years ago, which viechl proud of and now am i ranking member on. budget committee. i am running for president as a democrat. let me be frank. i do want to see major changes in the democratic party. i want to see working people and young people come into the party in a way that doesn't exist now. and you know what? i want a 50-state strategy so
8:39 pm
the democratic party is not just the party of 25 states. >> john can i go, is that realistic and can you be a progressive independent? >> independence are a plurality in the state. they can vote in either primary. you just to show up. we get past this, we're getting into many more states where you have closed primaries. not only do you get more la teen i don -- latinos and african-american. if you look at the polling in new hampshire and take the education out and just people who are democrats, hillary clinton does just fine. when you bring the new young voters who haven't par 'tis patted before, they're left leaning, but in a closed
8:40 pm
primary, sandlers have a tougher time. >> bernie sanders, being somewhat of an outsider, that supports him in that narrative. if you believe politics is broken on the right or the left, or hillary clinton, who despite what see said tonight, the ultimate establishment candidate. and that she would even pretend to walk away from that for a second, adds to the narrative that she's wildly disingenuous. >> we were all assume being there was this massive populist movement running across the country. we've had populism since since the democratic ticket would go right out through aren't.
8:41 pm
and everyin the end, you're going to find this people who are angry populists are not the majority in this country and there will be an establishment presence. >> let me tell you what's good about interest process, though. but these ideas, i don't like trump's ideas, butch he's forced a conversation. i loch bernie as ideas, he's forced a conversation when. you have someone who is willing to stand up and -- when you have somebody willing to stretch that out, it makes the process better. i feel very strongly that bast had her theory is be a good
8:42 pm
technical no democrat. and you can have a debate about whether he's right or he's wrong, but he has a co heerpt theory. >> go get why
8:43 pm
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8:46 pm
. we've heard lots of here's what i'm going to do, promises. it's reality check time, everyone. let's take a look at when the candidates said tonight. tom foreman has that for us. keep it real for us. >> as you noted, bernie sanders has been pounding on hillary clinton about this idea that she's getting so much big money from wall street that she is never going to demand big financial reform. she hit back. >> i think the best evidence that the wall street people know where i stand and where i always stood is because they are trying to beat me in this primary. >> there's no question about it, some of her opponents are getting some big money from wall
8:47 pm
street out there but not as much as she is. here claim out there that wall street is out to get her is false. she went after bernie sanders as well saying she's discounting the progress that's been made under obama, care, he's overreaching for new reforms in ways that may damage obama care. >> the idea that i would dismantle health care in america while we're waiting to pass a medicare for all is just not accurate. i helped write that bill. one by moving forward, rallying the american people, do i believe. we should have health care for all. >> thievhe was on the senate committee crafting obama care but he spent a long time arguing
8:48 pm
the single payer plan. he said maybe he couldn't vote for this at all butch in t, but behind did. to call him a central architect obama as it is today, that's false, to. go to check. >> you have no singing albums, nothing, basketball, fact checks for us tonight? >> it would be great if we did. >> thank you, always a great job. what do you guys think? we had two claims not true tonight. >> the wall street out it get her is complicated. it's harder for her to make the
8:49 pm
case that you took the speaking fees and now you're taking their campaign money but there are super pac ads from wall street against here. >> i heard something earlier where she said it was called hillary care before it was called obama care. can someone fact check that for me? >> sure. >> was it the exact same plan? >> her was more liberal, requiring more government subsidy. >> history is complicated. in fact, she had a more liberal health care prose al. at the same time she was more moderate on trade. so these barbs that go back and forth, i don't understand why hillary clinton took such offense.
8:50 pm
in the middle of the 90s, the clintons brand was -- >> as the country has evolved, she has evolved. that's okay. >> in this regard, you really can't lump her and bill together. i saw something today that her voting record and bernie sanders's voting record was the 5% of the same. one of the things we're going to start to see now that bernie sanders has moved up in the poles, people are going to start examining his 25 years in congress a lot more close. >> he set himself up for that tonight. we're five days away from the new hampshire primaries. did tonight's debate change anybody's mind?
8:51 pm
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have i to ask one of the dreamers here, one of the member of the team, where's your magic wall? >> sorry. >> is it in your hotel room? >> you didn't pay me a high enough speaking fee to be here. >> what are you looking ahead for to tuesday? >> you a state where independents could go either way. it seems trump is holding his lead. new hampshire can break late. in 1992 bill clinton dropped through the floor and then he fought pack in the end for second place. but he moved the numbers with retail campaigns. there's nobody like him. but he just moved the numbers. of the truly undeclared are democrats or republicans, they just don't want to be identified as such. if they decide the republican race is more interesting, it could affect the math a little bit.
8:55 pm
>> here are two important moments towards the end of the campaign tonight. >> would you unite the party by trying to pick sanders as your running mate. >> i'm certainly going to unite the party but i'm not getting ahead of myself. i think that would be a little bit presumptuous. if i'm so for nat to be the nom neat, first person i would call would be senator sanders. >> sometimes things get out of hand. and on our worst days i think it is fair to say we are a hundred times better than any republican candidate for president. [ cheers and applause ] >> bob itching to get in. >> the democrats have not moved farther to the left than the republicans have moved farther to the right. either one of them, hillary clinton will have a much easier time getting to the middle. on the republican side, they've moved self-far to the right, i
8:56 pm
don't know how they can get their bridge over the center. there's a lot more damage being done in the republican race and deep bat debates than this one. >> everyone says i'm going to work with the other side but once they get there -- >> either one getting into the office. >> the idea of the clintons being a uniter. her brand specifically, put aside what her husband's brand was. i thinks that very unlikely. she's a polarizing figure. >> it's even more unlikely when you start talking about bernie sanders, who is pitching medicare for all, which we know doesn't have a chance given the current dynamic. >> high taxes. >> not only that but when they tried to get this done when he was on the health committee, there was a democratic senate majority and democratic house. right now maybe the democrats will win the senate back, they're not going to win the house back.
8:57 pm
>> i think can you take a look at the last seven years or so, barack obama trying to work with republicans or not. there's no reason to believe hillary would be more willing to work with republicans than barack obama. something we haven't had with democrats for a while is both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have talked a lot about legislation in this campaign. and in this debate tonight. and to have candidates actually believe in the legitimaslative process means they most want to go to the hill, get stuff done. and having that conversation tonight, i agree with bob. ism i think the democrats won tonight period. both did a great job. >> i'm looking for the youth vote on tuesday. can hillary improve with young people. if she does, that shows a trajectory very good for her candidacy. >> too late for her to make up the entire ground if the polls
8:58 pm
are right? >> she doesn't have to win, right? >> bernie as going to win new hampshire. >> let the people vote. >> wait a minute, you're the one that talked about -- thank you. thank you for joining us. that's it for us tonight. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. "ac3 "ac360" starts in just a moment.
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voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. good evening from manchester, new hampshire, the granite state, site of the first presidential primary of the 2016 campaign, a primary that is just five days way. the candidates had multiple events scheduled as they try to reach out to as many voters as possible. today that effort brought donald trump to theo's restaurant here in manchester, where he took questions from locals and from me. i asked him about his loss in iowa after which trump went on twitter accusing ted cruz of fraud and calling for a new vote. >> you came in second in iowa to ted cruz. let's talk about cruz. you've basically accused him of fraud, of stealing the election in iowa. you talked about wanting a new election this. have you actually spoken t


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