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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 4, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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civics book. $750. that's it for "the lead." we'll be live in beautiful hanover, new hampshire, tomorrow. until then i turn you over to wolf blitzer who is right next door in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. shakeup. our new poll just out shows donald trump leading in new hampshire, but marco rubio is surging into second as ted cruz slips into a battle for third place with a pair of so-called establishment candidates. trump's old tricks. the gop front-runner again casting himself as the outsider, attacking other politicians as he drops another s-bomb in front of a campaign crowd. i'll talk to the voters he's trying to win over. final push. hillary clinton scrambling to catch up to bernie sanders in new hampshire after a revealing personal performance at cnn's town hall. can she persuade voters to change their minds? we're standing by for our new
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democratic poll results in new hampshire. and countdown, north korea starts fueling a rocket for what it says is a satellite launch, but concern is growing that it's really testing a long-range missile that could one day carry a nuclear warhead. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." the breaking news, a stunning shakeup in the first primary state. our brand new cnn/wmur poll is just out and it shows donald trump with a big lead but marco rubio is now charging into second place, passing ted cruz, who's in a fight for third with john kasich and jeb bush. while the republican race is a slugfest, the two remaining democrats are going sort of touchy feely talking about faith, spirituality and their own mistakes in our cnn town hall. but hillary clinton and bernie sanders most likely, they will
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take the gloves off before primary day. we're standing by for our latest new hampshire democratic poll results as well. and there are now signs that north korea may be fueling a rocket, which it says will launch a satellite into space. but there's growing concern that a launch will be simply a cover for testing a long-range missile which could one day threaten the u.s. with a nuclear warhead. our correspondents, analysts and guests will have full coverage of all the day's top stories. the republican candidates, they're going all out in new hampshire right now where for some the upcoming primary may be all or nothing. cnn political reporter sara murray is in new hampshire for us. sara, it's getting pretty rough out there on the campaign trail. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, wolf, donald trump is on top in new hampshire but he is certainly not taking any chances, barnstorming today and doubling his schedule. tonight donald trump still on
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top in new hampshire. >> folks, february 9th, it's the beginning. we're going to take our country back. >> reporter: and taking incoming fire from iowa winner, ted cruz. >> donald trump is very rattled right now. >> reporter: in the final days before new hampshire, cruz is unloading everything he can at trump, looking to bite into the businessman's lead. >> he told the entire world he was going to win iowa. and then he didn't win. >> reporter: this time trump is not quite predicting victory. >> i don't know if i'm going to win but i have a good chance. >> reporter: as he tries to fend off his rivals in the granite state. >> it's called crunch time, right? >> reporter: trump using some bombastic language to slam his fellow contenders as insincere politicians. >> these people, i'd like to use really foul language. i won't do it. i was going to say they were full of [ bleep ] but i won't say that. no, it's true. >> reporter: all while cruz aims at trump's core, using jimmy
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carter's suggestion that he would prefer a president trump over cruz. >> if i had a choice between cruz and trump, i think i would choose trump. >> reporter: and turning it to his advantage. >> jimmy carter yesterday, he said between donald trump and ted cruz, i would support donald trump. and he explained why. carter said because trump is malleable. he doesn't have any core beliefs. so he'll work with us and do what we want. but cruz, that guy believes this stuf stuff. >> reporter: for some republicans, new hampshire could be their last shot at victory. >> we haven't even gone to the first primary yet. i would say take a chill pill. >> reporter: and now is the time to punch up, with marco rubio moving up to second place in new hampshire, chris christie is throwing everything he has at him. even painting his anti-abortion views as too extreme. >> he's made it very clear that on the issue of pro-life, marco
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rubio is not for an exception for rape, incest or life of the mother. now, i think that's the kind of position that new hampshire voters would be really concerned about. >> reporter: with sleep-deprived candidates spending weeks on the trail, the campaign was bound to take on a zany twist. >> every ad is either for a politician or for geico. you know the one where the guy is fighting on the roof and his mom calls him. i love the line she says. the squirrels are back. i'm way off topic. >> seriously, who would want to leave? although i'm building a hotel right next door. you know, i have my alternative. if this doesn't work out, i'll still be on pennsylvania avenue one way or another. >> would it kill republicans to tell a joke? actually some of them i think it might. you know, have some fun. >> reporter: now, wolf, that's the lighter side of the campaign trail, but you can expect things to get tougher in the upcoming
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days. we've seen ted cruz go after donald trump and plenty of people start going after marco rubio. but i think the big question is when does marco rubio start going after donald trump here in the granite state. >> we'll see what happens. thanks very much, sara. the breaking news, our new cnn/wmur poll conducted by the university of new hampshire survey center shows donald trump with a big lead but marco rubio is surging into second place. let's go to our cnn political director in new hampshire with the results. david, what are you learning about this new poll? >> wolf, let's take a look at those numbers because they're pretty eye-popping. look at these top two contenders in new hampshire. you've got donald trump maintaining that big lead he has had in new hampshire all along with 29% and now marco rubio in that second place slot with that 18%. then take a look at that battle for the next tier, because a lot of folks are bunched up there. you've got ted cruz at 13%, john kasich at 12, jeb bush at 10 and
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chris christie trying to break into that tier, a little lower down. >> how does all this compare to the new hampshire polls before the iowa caucuses? >> it's such an important question, wolf, it's why we took sort of the measure of the new hampshire electorate right before iowa to see its impact. you see donald trump has maintained his strength. the biggest differences you see between pre-iowa and post-iowa is in that establishment lane. marco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush, all making significant progress from their pre-iowa pe their minds in new hampshire? for example, does trump have room to move up or down? >> it's really interesting, wolf, because a third of the republican electorate says they're still open-minded about this. that is a huge swath of voters available with just five days to go. lots of undecideds. so we will definitely be on the
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lookout to see how the candidates are changing their appeals, making their appeals to still persuade and win people over, not just lock up their base of support. if you look at this one last number that's really interesting in the poll, 37% of new hampshire republican primary voters, likely republican primary voters, say they would not vote for donald trump under any circumstance, none whatsoever. that's a big chunk of the electorate that he now has to leave on the sideline and focus where he can be sure to maintain and protect the lead that he has. >> is it fair to say, david, that polls in a primary like new hampshire are more accurate than polls going into a caucus state like iowa, because in a primary people go in, go to the voting booth, they vote, they leave, they don't have to listen to speeches, they don't have to go to corners, they don't have to be in public, they don't have to be cajoled so presumably these polls are more accurate than there were in iowa. >> one thing it's definitely
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easier in a primary state and that's the part of the campaign to get their voters out. it's easier to get them to go and cast their vote and on their way to work and the rest of the day and they don't have to commit to the long meeting at the caucus site. in terms of polling, it is difficult to poll a caucus state because of the nature of the event. i don't know if i can say these polls are any more accurate or less accurate. i think each poll is on its way that way. but that's what we have to go on. looking at the preponderance of the data available to us, donald trump's lead is still quite significant here in new hampshire, despite his second place showing in iowa. >> all right, david, thanks very much. joining us now in "the situation room," the trump campaign national spokeswoman, katrina pierson. thanks very much for joining us. your reaction to these new cnn/wmur numbers. >> hi, wolf, it's great to be here. we are really excited about our position in new hampshire. again, this is much different than iowa. new hampshire is the live free or die state so it's a little more tailored to mr. trump's
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policies and positions as a businessman wanting to hold government accountable and get things done in washington. >> he's still way ahead with 29% but look at marco rubio up since the last poll firmly in second place. what do you make of that? >> i think coming out of iowa, he showed a little bit better than predicted. i think that's really helped him and given him a bounce. but at the same time new hampshire is definitely a state that is tailor made for someone like donald trump who really isn't interested in telling you how to live your life but more interested on governing and giving you the environment to succeed on your own. so i think what we're going to see next week is a very different turnout for mr. trump and i do think we're going to do well in new hampshire. but we are definitely there, we are fighting, we have added more campaign stops and not taking anything for granted. >> what if he loses in new hampshire? >> i don't think he is going to lose in new hampshire, but if he does, we're on to south carolina. >> take a look a little deeper and david was just point this out to our viewers, the new
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cnn/wmur poll. it says trump has been ruled out by more of the likely voters than any of the other republicans in the field, 37% say they would never vote for donald trump. does that worry you? >> it doesn't, because in all states you have a cutout of voters who won't consider you. mr. trump, you know, he's brand new to politics and there are some people that still prefer your simple politician that's going to go out there and tell you what you want to hear to get your vote and govern differently. there's going to be those slivers of groups in all states. new hampshire, though, i think we're going to see something different. i feel very good about mr. trump's chances out there, particularly this cycle when people are very tired of the same old politicians with the same old promises. >> is senator rubio now donald trump's main threat in new hampshire? >> senator rubio is moving up in the polls but i think the competition will be for second place. here we are again having the same discussion and the polls are probably going to be more likely to be spot-on than they
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breaking news. a brand new just-released cnn/wmur poll showing donald trump clearly in first place heading into next week's primary but with senator marco rubio soaring into second place. senator ted cruz is locked in a
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fight for third place with governor john kasich and former governor jeb bush. we're back with the donald trump campaign, national spokeswoman katrina pierson. katrina, we saw a more combative donald trump last night. earlier today he seemed to have dropped that softer, more presidential tone that he initially took right after his second place finish in iowa. does that seem to be the case? is there a shift going on back to the -- let's say the old donald trump? >> i think what we've seen is after the iowa caucus, as things began to trickle out like some of the things we're still hearing today with the dirty tricks that have happened, mr. trump, one of his biggest tenets is the fact that he hates this corruption and the lying and cheating in politics. that's one of the reasons why he's running, he wants to put an end to that. now that we've seen what happened to dr. carson in iowa, he actually wanted to get out there and let everybody know just how wrong it was. so that's what we've been seeing over the last couple of days. >> following his second place finish in iowa, can we expect
2:18 pm
donald trump to change his strategy on the ground, for example, in new hampshire and then moving on to south carolina? >> well, definitely, wolf. he's definitely putting more time and more energy into the ground game. i'm just remind you in iowa, this was a state where no one thought he had a chance just because of the makeup, which is completely opposite of new hampshire. so he didn't spend a lot of time and a lot of money in that state. he would spend about a quarter million dollars compared to tens of millions of dollars of other candidates and still came in second place so we're very proud of how he produced in iowa. moving toward, we've had organizations in place quite some time and they have been out there working very hard. >> we know he's been very tough in going after ted cruz. is he going to start doing the same thing to marco rubio, now that rubio has surged into second place in our brand new cnn poll in new hampshire? >> well, mr. trump has always had this concept of not going after anyone until they go after him. he has pretty much held true to that. you know, this whole thing with
2:19 pm
senator cruz started when he was talking bad about mr. trump that leaked from a private room meeting. and if marco rubio goes after trump, mr. trump is going to respond in kind. this really isn't about being where you are in the polls, it's about defending yourself. >> his ground game in new hampshire seems to be accelerating. today there were, what, four different events scheduled for him. that's pretty unusual, isn't it? >> well, it is. he's definitely added events. like i said, we're not going to take anything for granted. we have a very strong lead in new hampshire. we have a lot of supporters in new hampshire. we want to let them know we support them just as much. >> katrina peer zierson, spokes for the trump campaign. thanks very much. >> thanks, wolf. good to be here. >> anderson cooper and new hampshire voters will ask donald trump some tough questions. you'll see it later tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern on "ac 360." right now let's get the insights we need from our political experts. joining us, bakari sellers, a
2:20 pm
former member of the south carolina state house of representatives, ron brownstein is the editorial director of the national journal. also with us, our politics executive editor mark preston and cnn political commentator, s.e. cupp. just stand by for a moment. i want to take a quick break. i want to get this new information coming in. we've got lots to discuss. much more right after this. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill?
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. let's get back to the breaking news. a just-released cnn/wm uftur tracking poll shows donald trump holding on to a big lead in new hampshire. we're back with our political
2:25 pm
experts. mark, you studied this poll closely. trump is still in the lead in new hampshire. is it make-or-break in new hampshire for him right now. if he wins obviously tuesday, great news. what happens if he doesn't? >> well, wolf, a couple things. one, there's the expectations game and the reality. now, the expectations game was created by donald trump because he said he was such a winner. he always talked about the polls. certainly in iowa and how well he was doing. the media loves a good story so when donald trump is supposed to win in iowa and yet comes in second place, it's an amazing story. ted cruz comes out of nowhere. donald trump has an incredible amount of money, he has the fuel to keep his campaign going. we're looking at marco rubio who came in in third place and a lot of people think he has the momentum to get the nomination. donald trump comes in second in iowa, has spent zero money basically, is up 11 points in the state of new hampshire, he could keep going. as much as we talk about it, wolf, that donald trump might
2:26 pm
have a problem if he doesn't win here in new hampshire, it's not the end of his candidacy. he's got enough fuel, enough money to keep it going. >> right now he does have a double-digit lead over marco rubio in new hampshire according to a new poll. bakari, rubio has jumped into a strong second place. some democrats suggest he's the candidate that makes them most nervous in a general election. are democrats nervous about rubio's rise? >> well, i think any democrat that's honest with themselves and honest with the american public would say that marco rubio is the most appealing candidate, inspirational candidate that the republican party has on their side. with that being said, marco rubio also has the ability to appeal to nonwhite voters, depending on his immigration stance for that day of the week. but marco rubio has one major flaw in that no one can point out a gop primary state that marco rubio can be successful in and actually get a "w." i know he's counting on south carolina but right now he's running behind ted cruz and
2:27 pm
donald trump. i'm not sure marco rubio will get the nomination, but to answer your question specifically, marco rubio does pose some problems for democrats in november. not anything we can't overcome but he does pose problems. >> chris christie according to our new poll not doing so well in new hampshire. i assume he's losing some votes to marco rubio. if you take a look, donald trump 29, rubio 18. but christie is down at 4% right now. >> yeah. as rubio has surged, he has eaten into what was a comfortable position for chris christie in new hampshire. he had gotten that union leader endorsement, he was doing really well, but marco rubio is on the rise. that's why you've seen chris christie train his sights on marco rubio, really going at him hard. we should have expected chris christie to turn to the senators and question their experience. he's a sitting governor. that makes total sense. but what chris christie has to understand is coming out of iowa, among voters who said that political experience was the most important criterion for
2:28 pm
them, marco rubio led. so it's not -- it's just not hammering the effect that chris christie wants to have with rubio and his supporters. >> ron, chris christie has really been attacking marco rubio, almost nonstop over the past few days. why is it rubio hitting right back at christie? >> rubio is more focused in the other direction. he's more focused eating into the trump and cruz support. the view inside the rubio campaign is eventually all of the other centrist candidates will fade away, kasich, bush, christie and those voters will have to gravitate to rubio who they see more preferable than cruz and trump. you do have out of iowa a way to cement three-way race. if you have ted cruz consolidating evangelicals and in iowa, the blue collar ones went with trump. rubio already won in iowa the
2:29 pm
white collar voters who aren't evangelicals. that is the biggest single block in new hampshire so he may have room to grow if he can separate more from christie, kasich and bush. >> mark, george w. bush, the former president, now a -- appearing in a new ad for his brother, jeb bush. is that a good strategy? >> it is a good strategy, certainly when you look at where the race goes next, south carolina. george w. bush is very well liked down there. the big question about george w. bush playing a role in his brother's campaign is why did it take this long. now, we could go back and forth and say that he still has problems. the iraq war still dogged by that, the economy collapsed at the end of his presidency, but yet with republican voters, if you go back and ask them what they think of george w. bush, they still like george w. bush. so i think that when we do a dissection of this campaign when it's all said and done, wolf, i think one of the main points is going to be that george w. bush probably should have played a bigger role in his brother's
2:30 pm
campaign. >> you know what, let's listen to a little bit of that. we'll hear a little piece of this new george w. bush ad supporting his brother. >> the job of the president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror, and he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> jeb bush, right to rise usa is responsible -- >> the job of the president is to protect -- >> it's interesting, ron brownstein, initially jeb bush was running under the name jeb! the bush wasn't even there and now his mother is coming to campaign for him in new hampshire. we see george w. bush with this new ad. he seems to be running back much more assertively towards his family trying to get them involved on behalf of his
2:31 pm
campaign. >> you know, if you think about this in the long sweep, wolf, the tea party began initially more as a reaction to george w. bush than to barack obama. it began as kind of a backlash against the sense that bush had been a, quote, big government conservative. i think when jeb bush started this campaign and was looking at appealing across the gop spectrum, george w. bush was more of a dual-edged sword. now he has been squeezed out anything well to the right of centering. his sole hope is to consolidating that center right establishment lane and with those voters i think that he thinks george w. bush is probably more of an asset than he was when he was looking to appeal more broadly across the republican spectrum. >> all right, guys, stand by. we have a lot more to assess, including the democratic side. the fallout from the cnn town hall. bernie and hillary, what's the result. stay with us.
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we're getting some breaking news in hillary clinton's campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. news her campaign probably will appreciate. a brand new report from state department investigators has just revealed that classified information has now turned up in the personal e-mails of two other former secretaries of state, colin powell and condoleezza rice staffers, top aides to condoleezza rice, not condoleezza rice herself. clinton's e-mail, as you know, under fbi investigation right
2:37 pm
now. hovering, sort of a cloud over her campaign right now. let's go to our senior washington correspondent, jeff zeleny who's following the democratic race. i assume this is good news for the hillary clinton's campaign. she's not the first secretary of state to have classified information in her private e-mail account. >> reporter: no question, wolf. this is something the clinton campaign has been point out all along. she said she did nothing that different from previous secretaries of state. she did set up her own e-mail server, that's slightly different, but she said none of her information was classified at the time. but while that's sort of on the back burner now, hillary clinton has another fight on her hands here in new hampshire with bernie sanders. the ballottle lines are drawn f hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who's a progressive. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street.
2:38 pm
>> reporter: the cnn presidential town hall shined new light on their competing visions for the democratic party and competing definitions of what it means to be a progressive, otherwise moknown liberal. >> secretary clinton said some people call me -- i'm paraphrasing. some people call me a moderate, and i proudly say that i am a moderate. that's what she said. >> reporter: under that standard, clinton said few democrats would fit the bill. >> barack obama would not be a progressive, joe biden would not be a progressive. >> reporter: five days before the new hampshire primary, a sharp point of contention, wall street. and today, sanders solicited $3 donations, telling his supporters that the ceo of goldman sachs called his campaign dangerous. a not so subtle reminder of how clinton struggled to explain her speaking fees in 2013 from that same investment bank. >> look, i made speeches to lots of groups. i told them what i thought. i answered questions.
2:39 pm
>> but did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. >> reporter: sanders faces obstacles of his own, even among admirers who aren't sure he could actually govern. >> you have worked for many years to say it's my way or the highway. >> people may portray me in this respect. it is not accurate to say that it's my way or the highway. >>. >> reporter: he embraces an outsiders appeal, but sanders served in congress for a quarter century. as a former chairman of the veterans affairs committee, he conceded to being slow to react to the veterans scandal. a rabbi asked clinton how she balances ego and humility. >> i don't know that there is any ever absolute answer. like okay, universe, here i am, watch me roar or, oh my gosh, i can't do it, it's just
2:40 pm
overwhelming. i have to retreat. >> reporter: she says she's guided by faith. >> i get a scripture lesson every morning from a minister that i have a really close personal relationship with. >> reporter: sanders says he's guided more by spirituality. >> so my spirituality is that we are all in this together. and that when children go hungry, when veterans sleep out on the street, it impacts me. >> reporter: and there's no question that this campaign in the next five days, it's an uphill battle for hillary clinton. bernie sanders holds a commanding lead but they are not taking anything for granted. the rally behind me is just about to start. they're going to be campaigning aggressively for the next five days until the new hampshire primary, the second stop on the road to the white house is next tuesday. wolf. >> at the top of the hour we'll release our new cnn/wmur poll numbers on the democratic race. i think viewers will be interested to see what's going
2:41 pm
on. stand by for that. in the meantime let's go back to our political experts. mark, what do you make of this new development, colin powell and staffers, top staffers to condoleezza rice both condoleezza rice and colin powell while they were serving as secretary of state under george w. bush also received classified information on their personal e-mail accounts. how is this going to play out as far as the hillary clinton campaign is concerned? >> reporter: certainly they're going to try to use it as cover to say she wasn't the first to do it and that this was a common practice, not only during her tenure but also previous secretary of states, but it's not going to quell the criticism that she has received for doing it and certainly will not quell the criticism for the fact that she had a private server in her house, wolf. you know, the bottom line is, is that this is going to be an issue that is going to dog her. it's not necessarily going to dog her here in the primary, although it will cast some doubt on democrats who are comparing between her and bernie sanders. if she wins the nomination,
2:42 pm
that's where it's going to become an issue or republicans will try to make it an issue. >> ron, do you think when hillary clinton was asked last night by anderson cooper if she prefers being considered the underdog right now, do you think that could actually help her in new hampshire, that she's not necessarily favored to win? >> well, it certainly did last time, you know, in 2008 and there was an emotional moment in a diner where she seemed to be on the brink and tears and that definitely propelled her forward. you know, i don't think a lot of voters really are moved by that kind of question. the big issue for hillary clinton and bernie sanders is not going to be settled in new hampshire. new hampshire is likely to kind of reinforce the lines we saw in iowa where generation, age more than gender or anything else, loomed as the biggest divide in this race. the big remaining question we're not going to see answered until we get to nevada and south carolina, which is how that diversity of the democratic party weighs in. african-american and hispanic voters, bernie sanders has to improve among them to really contest this. >> we're going to head to south carolina, bakari.
2:43 pm
does bernie sanders have the same support among young, let's say minority voters in south carolina. there's a much bigger percentage of democrats who are minorities in south carolina than either iowa or new hampshire for that matter. does he have what it takes potentially to win in south carolina? >> well, that's a question that's yet to be answered. what we do know is from the election in iowa, bernie sanders lost nonwhite voters by 24 points to hillary clinton. that trend will probably move forward into new hampshire and ooez going to have to see if his message can be tested here in south carolina and in nevada. what we're talking about is an overwhelming swath, a majority of voters in south carolina in the democratic primary are african-american. hillary clinton has the infrastructure, she has the message, but what you saw last night in that democratic forum was bernie sanders in criminal justice reform and other issues begin to talk to voters in south carolina. i'm not saying that bernie sanders is going to get blown out, but it's definitely going to be an uphill battle for him here in south carolina, a lot like it is for hillary in new
2:44 pm
hampshire. >> very quickly, among women voters according to our entrance polls in iowa, hillary clinton did much better with older women. the younger women overwhelmingly went with bernie sanders. that's pretty unusual. >> yeah, bernie sanders is really tapped into millennial support, especially among women. that's significant. however, if we look at past elections with high youth voter turnout, for example, 2008, obama still would have won had all of those youth voters stayed home. so bernie will have to do a lot better with other coalitions to turn that youth vote into a nomination win. we're about to release new details of our brand new poll showing how the democratic presidential candidates are standing right now in the crucial first primary state of new hampshire. we'll release those right at the top of the hour. meanwhile, there are now some more disturbing signs that north korea is fueling a rocket which pyongyang says will lift a satellite into space, but the u.s. is deeply concerned right
2:45 pm
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there's growing activity at a site where north korea says it will soon launch a satellite. there's growing concern about kim jong-un's real intonightint. brian todd is tracking it. >> reporter: we're getting indications that a launch is imminent. we've got these new satellite images showing vehicles, some of them for personnel at the launch site. and kim jong-un could give the go order as early as sunday in
2:50 pm
the u.s. new indications that kim jong-un is about to launch a long-range rocket into space. a u.s. official tells cnn north korea may already be fueling a rocket at its site. >> whenever they get real close is when it will get moved to the launch pad. >> reporter: newly released satellite images from the group 38 north show vehicles, including buses for personnel at the launch site. the images show another ominous sign about the launch tower. >> they've made it ten meterses higher since the last time. >> what does that mean. >> it could mean it's a bigger rocket. >> reporter: a bigger rocket with a bigger range capable of reaching the u.s. they already indicated they'll launch a satellite into space. experts say it's a cover.
2:51 pm
>> they can claim it's a civil ian rocket. >> reporter: it has the u.s., south korean and japanese militaries on alert tonight. the first stage of the rock set supposed to drop into the yellow sea off the coast of korea. a cover for the actual satellite should fall into the east china sea. then another stage drops into the philippine sea but the u.s. and allies say they'll shoot these components out of the sky if they go astray. coming on the heels of north korea's fourth nuclear bomb test, they believe he's doing this to build his stature inside the country. but they worry the young violent dictator might miscalculate. >> we know less about him than his father and grandfather. we even have concerns that perhaps he doesn't understand the concepts of red lines. might stumble upon a red line that his father or grandfather would have known to stop short of. >> reporter: they worry about
2:52 pm
kim's dangerous partnerships. north korea cooperates a great deal with iran on missile and nucle nuclear technology. one wouldn't be surprised if when this is launched there are several iranian scientists at the site. they want to learn about north korea's missile technology and possibly buy some of it. >> there's a lot of concern about this north korean cooperation with iran. what are the main obstacles their regime has to overcome to send a nuclear warhead to the united states? >> what they have not done yet is test whether these missiles can carry something as heavy as a warhead that far. and they have to go into space and then re-enter the atmosphere near their targets. the north koreans have not yet tested the capability of these to hold together upon re-entry into the atmosphere. but as evidenced here, they're working on all of that. meanwhile, washington is watchi ining all of this very,
2:53 pm
closely. let's bring in elise levitt. how concerned is the u.s. baseod all the interviews you've conducted about this possible launch? >> they are very concerned. whether the launch is successful or not, every time north korea does one of these launches, as we've been saying, they're perfecting their long-range capability. given the advances in other areas, where we call weaponization, fitting a warehead on a missile, the u.s. is very concerned that eventually north korea will have all the components to put together an intercontinental ballistic missile to hit the united states. this is on the heels of the north korean nuclear test. usually they wait for a launch to see if the international community will respond with sanctions. this time they're just going for it and consequences be damned. and officials say this signals how erratic and unpredictable kim jong-un is. >> what if anything, can the
2:54 pm
u.s. do about this? >> they are considering a lot of things. the main action is that the united nations in new york to respond to this nuclear test. the main thing is the chinese are dragging their feet right now, as usual. i was in beijing with secretary kerry last week. some very tense meetings there. u.s. also considering some other unilateral sanctions. and then they are also looking to boost missile defense, not just in seoul but also possibly in hawaii and alaska, in the united states. but right now the main action is at the u.n. they fieel they want to see wha they can get out of the u.s. any unilateral actions are bound to -- >> how concerned are u.s. officials about north korean nuclear cooperation with iran? the north koreans helped syria build a nuclear reactor which they blew up, but what about iran? >> it's something they're watching very closely, not just in terms of iran gaining more ballistic missile and other
2:55 pm
capabilities. that's a very big concern, but also they want to deny north korea that source of income. so it's a two-prong concern, really. denying north korea any more money to continue its nuclear program and also denying iran missile capability because the u.s. is very concerned about that. >> and the iranians have billions of dollars more to potentially spend that money. i know there's a lot of concern about that. thanks very much, elise. coming up, our brand-new poll shows donald trump leading in new hampshire. marco rubio surging into second place among the republicans. we're standing by. moments away, we'll be releasing our brand-new poll results for the two democratic presidential contenders. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals.
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happening now, breaking news. bernie's big number. a new cnn poll just being released right now shows senator bernie sanders with a commanding lead over hillary clinton in a state she won in 2008. can hillary clinton turn it around before the first primary of 2016. republican reversal. our exclusive poll shows changes of fortune in the gop field after iowa. donald trump holding a double-digit lead in new hampshire with marco rubio in second place. trump just sat down with cnn. we'll hear from him this hour. explosive confirmation. cnn learned investigators believe it was, in fact, military grade tnt that blew a hole in the side of a passenger plane in flight. who planted it on board and why? isis expansion. terrorist forces now streaming, streaming into libya.
3:01 pm
u.s. officials sounding the alarm as thousands of isis fighters work to establish a stronghold. will libya be a launchhold for new attacks on the west. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following the breaking news. exclusive poll numbers on the battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in new hampshire. telephone interviews conducted by new hampshire survey center for cnn and wmur show sanders with a 2-1 lead over hillary clinton with just five days to go until the first in the nation primary. also breaking, donald trump talking to cnn's anderson cooper about his battle with rival ted cruz and his accusation that the cruz campaign engaged in fraud to steal the iowa caucuses.
3:02 pm
he also reacts to our exclusive new poll that shows marco rubio in second place in new hampshire. will trump be stepping up his attacks on rubio. and there's more breaking news. a source is telling cnn the explosion that ripped a hole in the side of a somali airliner in flight is now believed to have been caused by military grade tnt. one passenger was apparently sucked out of the plane which managed to land safely. at least two other passengers were injured. we're covering all of that, much more this hour with our guests, including senator lindsey graham, a former republican presidential candidate. a key member of the senate armed services committees. and/or correspondents and analysts are also standing by. let's begin with the breaking political news. bernie sanders growing his lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. let's go to david in new hampshire for us tonight. david, this is a state that hillary clinton won over barack obama back in 2008. now these poll numbers shoi
3:03 pm
bernie sanders with a significant lead. >> that's right, wolf. these numbers which are breaking just now, these cnn/wmur brand-new poll numbers are showing that hillary clinton has a steep mountain to climb here in new hampshire. 61% of likely democratic primary voters for bernie sanders. 30% for hillary clinton. that's a 2-1 margin. and the race is not that terribly different than it was right before the iowa caucuses. in fact, bernie sanders has gone up a few and secretary clinton has gone down a few. she was looking for that win out of iowa to propel her in a way to start denting away at bernie sanders' huge lead in new hampshire. because she emerged from iowa eking out a victory and basically in a tie out of iowa, it's not given her that bolt of momentum we've seen yet. five days to go. but this is a steep mountain to climb. >> bernie sanders, it's amazing, 61%. 30% for hillary clinton.
3:04 pm
and he's gone up as you point out since the last poll we took. >> that's right. he was at 57%. but here's the key. it's all about the expectation setting right now. obviously this poll is a huge lead for bernie sanders. not many think that he is actually going to defeat hillary clinton by 30 points if he wins here. but it's a game of expectations. it's why the clinton campaign keeps saying bernie sanders lives next door in vermont. of course he's doing so well. as you mentioned, new hampshire has been really good ground for the clinton family. it's where bill clinton declared himself the comeback kid in 1992 and where hillary clinton revived her candidacy after suffering a big defeat in barack obama in iowa. this may be too big a hill to climb for her. she'll spend the next tyfive da trying to chip away at bernie sanders' lead and say, at least we bested expectations.
3:05 pm
>> this poll was taken completely after the iowa caucuses. her razor thin victory over bernie sanders in iowa. most of the poll was done before the cnn town hall last night, right? >> that is right. and we'll see what impact that has. she got strong reviews out of that, as did senator sanders. a pretty good night for them. they'll have a debate tonight and five days of hammerng out every piece of land here, every door to knock ophone calls, real traditional get out the vote effort to make sure their folks get to the polls on tuesday. not much time left but enough where you can really still alter this gap. i don't know if she can overtake him but both sides are going to try to do their best between now and tuesday to get their voters out there. >> big percentage of people have not made up their mind as well. david chalian, thank yeoh. hillary clinton and bernie sanders made their case in cnn's
3:06 pm
democratic town hall where each of them claim to be more aggressive than the other. and their questions highlighted each candidate's strengths and weaknesses. joe johns is also in new hampshire for us tonight. joe, you have more. >> reporter: wolf, that's right. what we're told is that bernie sanders is just starting an event right now in rochester, new hampshire. my colleague jeff zeleny who is there says the first thing out of his mouth was about wall street and the superpacs. they were strong on both sides last night and even as we look at this situation in new hampshire, they are pushing in the final days toward the big vote next week. it is turning into a battle for the left. the democratic contenders with strong performances, making their cases to new hampshire vote irs at the cnn town hall sparring over who is the true progressive.
3:07 pm
bernie sanders slamming hillary clinton for saying she pleads guilty to being a moderate. >> you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on the other. >> reporter: clinton saying she reaches across the aisle to get things done. >> i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. senator sanders has set himself up to be the gate keeper on who is a progressive. >> sanders attacking clinton hoar record. >> there are other issues where i think she is not progressive. i do not know any progressive who has a superpac and takes $15 million from wall street. the progressive community was pretty united in saying don't listen to bush. don't go to war. secretary clinton voted to go to war. >> i don't think it helps for the senator to be making those kinds of comparisons because, clearly, we all share a lot of the same hopes and aspirations
3:08 pm
for our country that we want to see achieved. >> each with personal moments answering questions from voters about how their faith guides them in daily life. >> my spirituality is that we are all in this together. and that when children go hungry, when veterans sleep out on the street, it impacts me. that's my very strong spiritual feeling. >> but when you put yourself out into the public arena, i think it's incumbent upon you to be as self-conscious as possible but at the end be grateful. practice the discipline of gratitude and that's helped me enormously. >> clinton and sanders both have their stumbles. >> your point is fair that we should have acted sooner. we should have known what was going on in phoenix. those long waiting lines and the lies that some administrators were telling us.
3:09 pm
>> reporter: and clinton seemingly ill-equipped to answer why she accepted almost $700,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> i made speeches a lot to groups. i told them what i thought. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. so, you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> and in was word today that the hillary clinton campaign has gotten 17, almost $18 million from financial interests, including banks, through december, according to the center for responsive politics. the campaign has said in the past that she was the senator from new york so there are some longstanding financial ties there with wall street, wolf. >> joe johns reporting for us. thank you. on the republican side, our new cnn/wmur poll shows donald trump maintaining his
3:10 pm
double-digit lead in new hampshire. now marco rubio his closest rival in new hampshire with ted cruz bunched in third with john kasich and jeb bush. let's go to cnn's sunlen serfaty. quite a shake-occupy the republican side with only only five days to go before the new hampshire primary. >> reporter: this poll was done entirely after the iowa caucuses. and it shows absolutely no bump in the polls for ted cruz coming out of his win there. and tonight shows donald trump holding tight to his lead. on the ground in new hampshire, the race taking new shape. the new cnn/wmur poll showing donald trump well in the lead. with marco rubio surging to second. close behind ted cruz, john kasich and jeb bush. today, the iowa winner in portsmouth taunting trump. >> donald trump is very rattled right now.
3:11 pm
he told the entire world he was going to win iowa, and then he didn't win. >> reporter: his latest weapon, former democratic president jimmy carter. the cruz campaign is out with a web video highlighting what carter said this week about trump. >> if i had a choice between cruz and trump, i think i would choose trump. the reason is that trump has proven already that he's comple completely malleable. >> that is real. jimmy carter yesterday said between donald trump and ted cruz, i would support donald trump. >> trump is returning to basics. the hallmarks of his early campaign. >> we're talking about a serious wall. a trump wall. this will be a wall that works. >> reporter: but noticeably absent, his ticking through all the polls that have him leading and attacks on cruz. trump blasting all politicians using profanity. >> i'd like to use really foul
3:12 pm
language. i won't do it. i was going to say they're [ bleep ]. i won't. >> reporter: going unconventional after his loss. not only holding a big rally but beefing up his schedule with four classic retail-style stops. meeting with business leaders and holding town halls. this comes after it's erupting into an all-out war erupting a barrage of attacks hammering down on marco rubio. >> he acts like the king of england. he's been protected and coddled his entire political career. >> i think it's fair game to suggest the two leading senators who have been successful politicians most of their adult life but haven't had a record of accomplishment they can point to. >> christie making a play at independence in new hampshire bridging the new argument that rubio is too far to the right on
3:13 pm
abortion. >> on the issue of pro-life, marco rubio is not for an exception for rape, incest or the life of the mother. that's the kind of position that new hampshire voters would be really concerned about. >> and for the establishment candidates, new hampshire is so key for them. many have really pinned their hopes on this state so they do have a lot to gain to kind of team up against marco rubio. stop his momentum going forward. wolf? >> sunlen, thanks. let's get more on this. joining us republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina. a member of the armed services committee. former republican presidential candidate. senator graham, thanks for joining us. let's talk about politics before we get to some other issues. you support jeb bush. you want him to be the next president of the united states. he's bunched in third place right now. trump, rubio, cruz, kasich and bush. all close within the margin of
3:14 pm
error. how important is new hampshire for bush? >> he has a ground game better than john mccain's. john won there twice. i've been up there to help jeb several times. i'm very impressed with his ground game. this poll has a margin of error of 6.9%. i can say donald has a double-digit lead and that second and third is really bunched up and the ground game will matter. >> let's say jeb bush doesn't finish first, second or third, what happens? >> i think the key is that he improves his standing versus iowa. >> iowa, he did terrible. >> he's going to be very competitive in his lane and when he gets to south carolina, he'll do exceedingly well. his brother has an ad up. the right to rise people have an ad up. there are more veterans per capita in south carolina than almost any state in the nation. commander in chief credentials
3:15 pm
will matter. a record where you've actually accomplished something will matter. so i like jeb's chances in south carolina. the better he does in new hampshire, the better he'll do in south carolina. >> you have no doubt he'll continue up to south carolina. >> if he comes in fifth or sixth in new hampshire, what happens then? >> it's not going to happen. i am very comfortable the idea that the people of new hampshire are going to start looking electability and ready to be president on day one. and i like marco. i like ted cruz personally, dui don't think either one of them in a first term of the senate has -- will be able to carry the day in a general election. >> who do you like more as commander in chief of the united states among let's say the three top republicans right now, cruz, rubio and trump? >> rubio. >> you think rubio is -- >> all i can say is a world view consistent with mine. cruz is going after the
3:16 pm
libertarian vote. he says he's the naturaler inheriter of the ron paul vote. he's right. if you like ron paul foreign policy you'll love ted cruz foreign policy. he at his heart say libertarian. not a ronald reagan republican, and donald trump, foreign policy is complete gibberish. so, yes, marco has a world view consistent with reason and reality versus the other two. >> why do so many of his republican colleagues in the senate dislike ted cruz? >> because he gets ahead at our expense. when he shut the government down to repeal obamacare, if the democrats shut the government down to repeal the tax cuts, we'd say that's stupid. when some of us said we need to reopen the government and can't repeal obamacare this way he accused us all of being for obamacare. that kind of behavior doesn't go down well with your colleagues when you accuse them of something they're not. >> are you suggesting that
3:17 pm
senator cruz san isolationist? >> oh, y i'm definitely suggesting that's. i'm not suggesting it. his record proves it. he opiposed going into libya after gadhafi fell. he opposed helping the free syrian army at a time when it would have mattered three years popping he opposed taking military action after assad crossed the red line. absolutely in ted cruz's world, dictators do very well. this carpet bombing stuff is a joke. we had 100,000 ground troops going into the first gulf war. you'll not win the war from the air. absolutely, he wants to read miranda rights to terrorists. i've seen him in action every time the libertarian cause was in trouble, he was with them. >> you don't have any confidence in him to be commander in chief? >> i think he's been just as wrong as obama, if not worse. >> you think he's worse than trump? >> i don't know if somebody anybody is worse than trump.
3:18 pm
you asked jimmy carter who would you vote for? nobody cares what jimmy carter thinks in our primary. if you are a republican and your choice is donald trump and ted cruz and it's the difference between poison or shot, you're still dead. >> and michael bloomberg were to throw his hat in the ring, if it were cruz or trump, you'd go with michael bloomberg? >> no, i'm going to support the republican nominee. >> even if that republican nominee is not qualified? why would you report a republican nominee -- >> because i'm a republican. >> the country is really important but it's also important that my party understand what awaits them. i'm trying to tell my party for what it's worth, these guys did far better than i'm doing. to win a general election you have to have the temp erament ad judgment and experience to win. donald trump's foreign policy is gibberish. ted cruz at his core is an
3:19 pm
opportunist. an ideological bent that won't sell with the american people, and when it came time to say what ted cruz has done in the senate, what he's done is run down other republicans. he doesn't solved and problems. jeb bush has a record most people in south carolina are going to appreciate. a steady hand, a temperment i want. i don't want people going into war based on a donald trump or ted cruz approach to things. >> very quickly, why would you even support somebody like that when you could support somebody like a michael bloomberg if he was to throw his hat into the ring? >> because i'm a republican, not an independent. >> would hillary clinton support bernie sanders? i think bernie sanders is a disaster. i think bernie sanders is a disaster equal to donald trump. >> the only point, there's something very often party affiliation is important. the health of the country is more important than the party -- >> i think i've proved i'm an independent minded guy and will do what i think is best for the country. we're talking about nom nating someone to be the republican
3:20 pm
standard bearer. >> we're getting some more comments from donald trump right now. just sat down with anderson cooper. i'm going fo plto play that. a lot more coming up. senator lindsey graham is with us. we'll be right back. ntures look, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here.
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so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. we're back with senator lindsey graham. republican presidential candidate donald trump talking to cnn about his allegation of fraud by the ted cruz campaign in his iowa victory. here's what trump sold ctold cn anderson cooper. the rise of marco rubio and more. watch this. >> you came in second in iowa to ted cruz. let's talk about cruz. you have basically accused him
3:25 pm
of fraud, of stealing the election in iowa. you talked about wanting a new eheks there. have you spoken to republican party officials about that? >> i'm into new hampshire now. it's just one of those things. a lot of strange things. i like ben carson very much. he got pretty roughed up, frankly, although it affected me maybe more than ben. but i'm so much, because i've been here for two days, i'm so much into this, into new hampshire that i just don't care about that anymore. >> do you think ted cruz was spread -- >> i don't care. we'll see what hatppens. he picked up a lot of delegates. second. picked up one less than he did. that's not even going to be a factor. but this is the place that i'm focused. >> will you be focusing on rubio in speeches? >> i may, but i don't think so much. i think the people have to make up their mind. i'm going to do things nobody else can do. i built an unbelievable company.
3:26 pm
everybody went down there and looked. my company that i built, very little debt. tremendous cash flow. some of the greatest assets of the world. that's the kind of thinking we need in this country. $19 trillion in debt. we have $19 trillion in debt. now with this horrible deal they just negotiated with the budget two weeks ago, that's going to add another $2 trillion in debt. we need somebody that has the kind of thinking i have. whether we like that thinking or doi don't, it's really good for what we're talking about. >> cruz said you had a trumper-tantrum. have you heard that before? >> i haven't. i like that phrase. i'm going to trademark it before he does. look, we need a strong tone when you talk about tantrums. you can't build great businesses if you have tantrums.
3:27 pm
but we need somebody with a strong tone. >> see anderson's full interview later tonight on "ac 360 at "8:00 p.m. eastern. i think you'll want to see much more of this. we're back with republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina. what did you think? >> i thought his tone was better but we don't need a president who believes most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers, because they're not. we don't need a president who says we can afford 11 million illegal immigrants, including their children. they are as much citizens as you or i. if he understood anything about this war, he knows we need partners over there. and when you declare war on their religion, it's hard to get partners. the only thing i can tell you, his judgment and understanding of this war is tremendous three flawed. >> you've been watching and i've
3:28 pm
been watching, fascinating, chris christie really going after marco rubio right now on a whole host of issues saying he's not qualified to be president of the united states. but specifically saying earlier this morning that rubio opposes abortion rights for women, even including cases of rape, incest or the life of a mother. how is that going to play with republicans, let's say in new hampshire and other states. >> all i can say about this. i've been a prosecutor. and i have stayed up all night with women who have been raped. this is an area i'm very pro-life. i understand that the baby is an innocent victim here, but i could not tell a raped woman she's got to carry the child of the rapist. i've always had an exception for that. marco has an exception for the life of the mother. but most americans are becoming more pro-life. when it comes to a woman being raped, the idea of requiring her to carry the child of a rapist
3:29 pm
is a bridge too far for a lot of people. i know what happened in indiana and missouri when two republican senatorial candidates embraced that position. i do believe that will not sell with the american people at large. i am very pro-life. i understand those people who are very sincere to have no exceptions, but this is a country very diverse. i don't think it helps the pro-life movement in terms of growing, so whether or not marco is the most electable person is yet to be determined. he's a fine man with a lot of talent. i can tell you this. i pick jeb bush, knowing marco rubio, ted cruz and everybody else because i believe he's a good pro-life governor. he does have exceptions for rape and incest. his list of exceptions as governor are impressive, but he called me and asked my advice about what to do with isil and syria and iraq, and i think he has a world vision and a
3:30 pm
temperament that would make him the most electable republican and president. >> jeb bush invited his mother to come into new hampshire to campaign. she's a very popular woman. i think she's almost 90. she's 90 years old but in great shape. and now george w. bush, the former president, is doing a campaign commercial on his behalf. smart? >> yeah, very smart. w. is very popular in south carolina. every day that goes by, we appreciate his strength. he made mistakes in iraq. clearly he did, but he corrected his mistakes. the surge did work. i blame obama for the rise of isil, not bush and people appreciate president bush's resolve. yes, it will help to have president bush. n when it comes to electability, we're going to win this race unless we do something to lose it. hillary clinton is not trusted. people want to go in a new direction, not a third term of barack obama. i don't want an election about rape. i want an election about a pro-life candidate that can grow
3:31 pm
the pro-life movement but also about a republican who has an optimistic view of the future, ready to be commander in chief on day one and tell the american people, here's what's i've done in the private sector and public sector that would make the americ american people believe i can trust you. >> colin powell had a private e-mail account. it was classified information they now discovered on that account and that staffers, top staffers for condoleezza rice while she was secretary of state, they had private e-mail accounts and classified information on those accounts as well. >> yeah, i'd like to know more about that. none of them had a private server in their basement. >> explain what's the difference if you have a gmail or aol account and classified information there. those are very vulnerable as you well know or a private e-mail account on your private server. that's potentially vulare neraby but private server may be more secure than a gmail account.
3:32 pm
>> i don't think in this case you can make that argument. if you are a public servant and you dooare doing business for t united states government, you are supposed to do it through a transparent system. most of these e-mails we wouldn't have known about if the congress hadn't insisted they be turned over. you can't let a public official conduct public business and have a system they can hide from the public things they don't want people to know, particularly benghazi. it's a trust issue more than anything else. this issue if you allowed people running the government to have systems like this, people in your business would really be shut out. >> always good to have you on the show. senator graham, thanks for coming in. coming up next, much more. we're following other breaking developments. we'll be right back. parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds.
3:33 pm
it's an awesome experience.
3:34 pm
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3:37 pm
we're following the breaking news, the just released cnn/wmur poll showing donald trump in first place heading into next tuesday's new hampshire primary. senator marco rubio now clearly in second place. the iowa caucus winner, senator ted cruz, locked in a close battle for third with ohio governor john kasich and former florida governor jeb bush. let's dig deeper with our chief political analyst gloria borger,
3:38 pm
david chalian and former governor of philadelphia, michael nutter. when asked why he refuses to attack trump, senator rubio said, he said when the time comes and it's appropriate, we'll do so. we see his rise in the polls in new hampshire right now. is it the time to go after cruz and trump right now? >> i don't think so right now. i think he wants cruz and trump to go after each other, and that strategy seems to be working pretty well for him. if you talk to his campaign, as i do, their whole strategy all along was placed third in iowa, second in new hampshire and then move on to win somewhere next, perhaps south carolina. and so right now, i think they are trying to stay largely positive and let cruz and trump go after each other, and i was with cruz earlier today.
3:39 pm
and he seems to have backed off that a little bit. but, you know, he is going to continue taking on trump and vice versa. >> david, new hampshire certainly can propel candidates. we're showing live pictures of cruz and rubio right now at various events in new hampshire. there's rubio in salem, new hampshire. how does rubio use the momentum he got coming out of iowa and potentially go on, do really well in new hampshire and maybe win south carolina? >> well, you said the mo world there, momentum. that's what marco rubio is trying to do. i was at be event with him. he's not changing his stump speech at all. he's sticking to his message because his team and he believe that's what's working for them. they're trying to roll out some endorsements, point to new poll numbers showing imhim increasin
3:40 pm
his momentum. and that he is the establishment lane candidate with momentum. i don't know that we'll see that yet. we'll see how it turns out on tuesday, but it is clearly what the campaign is trying to create day in and day out with the press and creating this narrative that he is on the rise. that is -- they believe, part of their success right now. nothing breeds success in politics like success so they're looking to keep capitalizing on what was that strong performance in iowa. >> michael nutter if you take a closer look on the republican side on this new cnn/wmur poll, you see trump in first place, rubio in second. there's a real battle for third place. cruz 13, kasich 12, bush 10. you go farther down, dr. ben carson is only 2%. it's beginning to shake out, isn't it? >> oh, it absolutely is. and i think you'll continue to see candidates dropping.
3:41 pm
anyone who is in single digits at this point in time, they'll have to really e-evaluate what they're doing at this moment and whether they should really continue pursuing the presidency. >> listen to what gloria -- i want to play for you a clip. this is chris christie earlier today on msnbc. >> marco rubio hasn't accomplished one thing in his entire career, joe. he's done only one thing in the united states senate. that was write an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants and run away from it when the heat got turned up. >> are you surprised he's going so strongly and bitterly against rubio like that? >> no, this is christie's moment. and if he doesn't make it here in new hampshire, he's not going to make it anywhere. he's got to go after rubio and get him out of his lane which is what he's trying to do. and cruz now also has to do this. and when i was with cruz earlier
3:42 pm
today, he tried to portray rubio as a media creation that, you know, he raises a question. how can somebody who won the bronze medal suddenly be the favorite coming out of iowa? so rubio has a target on his back, doesn't he? >> he does. michael nutter, hillary clinton's campaign was outraised by bernie sanders campaign in january by about $5 million. they both raised a lot of money, but what does that say to you as a politician? >> you know, $5 million in a month in a presidential race is almost no money. and so there will be months between these two candidates where someone is going to outraise the other one. i think that is so inside baseball as to be, a, immaterial. >> that's just campaign stuff. >> he did get an endorsement
3:43 pm
from ben jealous, the former naacp leader, bernie sanders. >> yeah, i heard a little something about that. but, you know, people will endorse whoever they endorse for whatever reasons are. i know ben. i don't think he lives in new hampshire. and secretary clinton and her team are focused on new hampshire, then on to nevada and south carolina, all of those places. i find it interesting new hampshire, great state in the united states of america but i do find it interesting the population of new hampshire is 1.3 million people. that's smaller than philadelphia. and certainly the demographics are very different than in most other places in the united states of america. >> guys, stand by. we're going to be staying on top of this story. there's other news, though, we're following as well. we are just getting new details on that midair explosion that ripped a hole in the side of a passenger plane.
3:44 pm
they believe an al qaeda affiliate planted tnt on board. plus, almost 2,000 foreign fighters returning to europe from iraq and syria. one official now tells us the terror threat is, quote, as high as ever. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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3:49 pm
one passenger apparently was sucked out of the plane. our justice reporter evan perez is joining us with jim sciutto. evan, you are getting new details on this explosive device. what happened in that plane? what are you learning? >> investigators have found indications of military grade tnt. they believe a bomb ripped apart this hole in this aircraft and caused -- brought the plane down while they had to crash land the plane. the fbi is helping the somalis investigate this, wolf, and they believe that the group shabab is behind this explosion. >> al shabab which is an al qaeda affiliate? >> that's right. >> which is worrisome. if they can do it on this plane they can do it other places as well. >> there's a lot of worry about isis but this always reminds now shabab is a potent force to this day.
3:50 pm
>> this hole exploded at the relatively low altitude. if they would have waited a little more, it would have -- >> this plane was late in taking off so that explains why it did not go off at altitude. and all this is happening as there is a new terror threat level in europe right now. >> u.s. intelligence concerned that european intelligence its capabilities are stretched then as a result of the terror threat and the number of groups there capable of planning attacks. in in addition to that, being stretched thin, there's a concern from u.s. intelligence that european intelligence doesn't have a complete picture of the terror threat in europe right now. the two countries under the greatest threat level are considered france and belgium coming off two major attacks last year. u.s. intelligence agencies working with their european
3:51 pm
counterparts as best they can, but really just the scale of the threat there, the number of players, the number of fighters coming back from iraq and syria, is an order of magnitude bigger than we have in the u.s. when you look at those counterterrorism agencies, they don't have the same resources that we have here in the u.s. >> it's not just that. i'm told that french security services and belgium security services, they're really not working together. >> there has been talk about that. the view from the u.s. is they're working on it better. in belgium, they're concerned inside belgium there's a lack of communication between services there. >> different languages. >> you almost have two countries in effect there and difficulty of cooperation. >> french officials have told me they're really worried about belgium. all right, guys. thanks very, very much. u.s. officials sounding the alarm that thousands of isis
3:52 pm
fighters are streaming in libya and north africa looking to capture a stronghold. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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...bigger... ...smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back! the x1 voice remote is here. there are troubling new developments in the war against isis right now. a surge in the number of fighters in libya raising deep concern that terrorists forces are establishing a new stronghold. our pentagon correspondent b barbara staar is working the story. >> with libya sitting just along europe southern flank, the isis presence there very much now
3:57 pm
under pentagon scrutiny. a shocking new estimate libya may now have more than 6,000 isis fighters. isis is investing heavily, constantly sending fighters from syria and iraq and sending in fresh recruits as well. u.s. officials say with no u.s. troops on the ground, they don't really know how many fighters are in libya, but there's plenty of reason to sound an alarm. >> they're establishing installations where they train people. they're welcoming foreign fighters to flock there the way in years past they did in syria and iraq. >> reporter: another major concern. isis could generate cash from libya's oil. >> that country has resources. the last thing in the world you want is a false caliphate with
3:58 pm
access to billions of dollars of oil revenue. >> reporter: just last month, isis attacked oil storage tanks setti inting fires that raged f days, but oil revenue may just be the first step. >> libya is going to be a launch pad for an attack on europe, particularly italy, spain, france. >> reporter: general joseph dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, has said military action in libya may be needed. the u.s. may start by sending in drones to locate isis targets. >> you can then map out where they are and how they conduct business. once you do that, you can figure out what amounts to a pattern of life analysis and when you know their pattern of life, then you can target them much more easily than if you didn't have that intelligence. >> reporter: for now, many isis fighters tend to be around the
3:59 pm
central coastline. they can expand and control the coastline from tripoli to benghazi, giving them unfettered access to shipping in the mediterranean. what about those 6,000 isis fighters in libya? some in the u.s. government don't think the number yet is quite that high. tonight, libya appears to be a third isis front after syria and iraq. wolf? >> after gaddafi, there was so much hope. barbara, what about concerns that isis fighters in libya may be able to get relatively easily italy, spain, and france? >> they believe now there is a, quote, major risk that isis will, in fact, try to do it. think about the mediterranean. refugee boats, commercial
4:00 pm
shipping, cruise ships. it is full of maritime traffic and a lot of concern that isis will try and take advantage of that as they make their way to southern europe. >> what an awful situation. thanks very much. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. next up, breaking news. a brand-new poll showing donald trump leading in new hampshire. marco rubio passing ted cruz. my guest tonight the cruz campaign co-chairman. more breaking news. the state department reeling tonight that classified e-mails were sent to the private accounts of colin powell and staffers for condi rice. what does that mean for hillary clinton? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. donald trump with the


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