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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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for him. >> now, ferry believes that trump 2.0 may indicate a couple of things, that he is maturing as a candidate, but erin, that he may also be in it for the long haul. erin? >> all right. kyung, thank ryou very much. thank withdrew fyou for joining. sea you "a.c. 360" starts now. candidates crisscrossing the granite state today, the iowa caucus winner, the loser -- the winner who lost by failing to do the same. the ones who by in large -- talking their way toward next tuesday's first in the nation primary. two of those candidates, democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton who virtually tied in iowa, they are getting ready for tomorrow night's cnn town hall in derry, new hampshire, two candidates, one forum, your questions, 9:00 p.m. eastern. we have plenty tonight to deal with first, though, with sara
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murray at a late trump rally. sunlen serfaty. and jeff zeleny following the field which shrunk last night. last night trump congratulated cruz. today he bashed cruz over twitter, said cruz's speech last night was his howard dean moment. what's he saying to the crowd there tonight? anything about marco rubio? >> reporter: anderson, that's right, he's continuing his tough talk today after what was a more conciliatory night last night. he's already gone after ted cruz here at this veevent in new hampshire saying he was beholden to oil interesting. earlier he suggested ted cruz is running a dirty campaign because of some of the mailers he sent out in new hampshire. when it comes to marco rubio, dronald trump seems befuddled today, some reason the story is all about how well marco rubio did. we saw a little bit of a more into spective donald trump in this press conference today where he was sort of looking at how he did in iowa and saying,
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you know, maybe if he knew he had a shot at first place, he would have spent a little more time there, a little more money there, but that he is certainly not humiliated by that second-place finish. anderson? >> just before the rally, former senator scott brown endorsed trump, right? >> reporter: sorry, one more time? i couldn't quite hear you on that. >> scott brown endorsed trump? >> reporter: right. scott brown endorsed donald trump here. i think this is part of what donald trump has been talking about, sort of establishment republicans getting on his team, throwing their support behind him. trump has said he's been seeing this for weeks now. the question, i think, is if you continue to see more endorsements like this, now that we saw marco rubio's stronger than expected performance in iowa, that might give more of these establishment republicans pause, more of a hope one of their original traditional establishment republicans might do better than expected but at least for tonight, trump says he's very happy to have scott brown on the campaign trail with him. anderson? >> all right, sara murray, thanks. if donald trump, the press
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cough f raj coverage in iowa, neither did last night's winner, ted cruz. take a listen. >> two nights ago i was watching tv, stations, every station every pundit said there's no way cruz can win. can't happen. it's impossible. the race is done. but last night the men and women of iowa sent notice across this country that this election is not going to be decided by the media. [ applause ] >> actually didn't hear people say that, but ted cruz, this afternoon, that's what he said. he's already in south carolina, site of the third contest after campaigning all day in new hampshire. sunlen serfaty has the latest on that. she swroin joins us now. after his big night in iowa, he's hoping to keep the momentum going in new hampshire. what else did he talk about? >> reporter: it's all about momentum in new hampshire, anderson. the cruz campaign is very aware
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of the tough slog they have here. they are well behind in the latest polls from donald trump here. and in pointblank, this is not an electorate that favors ted cruz. if you look at the voters here, there are less evangelical voters. there are more moderate republican voters and more independents. that does not favor ted cruz. his campaign fully understanding that. saying really that they do not expect to win here in new hampshire. but saying that their goal is really to exceed expectations. so we saw ted cruz hit the ground here in new hampshire. he had a big crowd here at a church. i mean, he talked to them in a very specific and tailored way really catering to specific new hampshire issues trying to really reach out to new hampshire votesers while also still drawing policy distinctions with donald trump and marco rubio. anderson? >> he's also looking ahead to south carolina. he's already campaigning there. >> reporter: very much so. and this is something that the campaign has been looking ahead to for quite some time. ted cruz tonight in greenville told the audience pointblank
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that south carolina will be pivotal and i think that really speaks volumes to where he sees his campaign going, potentially anticipating not doing well here in new hampshire, going on to south carolina. he knows that's a good state for him. they've invested a lot in that state. so really wanting to get a win there there south carolina. and he spoke to reporters aboard his plane en route there and he had some interesting comments when asked by a reporter, do you view this as a two-man race anymore? that was the core argument the cruz campaign in the final days leading up to iowa was arguing and he said, you know what, i'm going to let the votesers decide. i think that is a small shift but a very important shift at the same time because i think it is a realization on cruz's part that this race really has been reshuffled after last night. anderson? >> sunlen sz serfaty, thanks. the republican who came in third last night but treated like the second coming by some in the gop, we're talking about, of course, senator marco rubio.
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chief political correspondent dana bash at a rubio rally in extor, new hampshire, she joins us. rubio's strong third place, cowell it have an effect on the outcome in new hampshire so far? >> reporter: we're already seeing it, this is an empty room right now because it's only because the event ended about an hour ago. this was jam packed, anderson, and we talked to so in voters here who were streaming out the door. they had to close the door because they had a fire marshal problem. and so many people told us that they came here because of his strong showing in iowa. that they were just starting to come around to decide who they were going to vote for in eight days, they were deciding many of them between john kasich and marco rubio, chris christie and marco rubio, and the one thing that struck me is the thing that i heard so much is that they said that they wanted a winner, and after they saw rubio finish so well in iowa and surpass expectations, they said, you know, he could be our winner. you can't put a price on that.
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that is something that is like gold in politics and right now at this moment, that's what marco rubio has. >> and what are they doing on the ground to try to capitalize on that? >> reporter: well, a lot. i mean, just the fact that they have big rallies, they sign people up during the rallies. rubio was joking with the crowd that, you know, you're going to get e-mails from us, like ten times a day, don't worry it's only going to continue for the next eight days. but that is a big part of getting people, but, again, i can't sort of emphasize the idea of momentum. they call it marco-memtum, that's their buzzword inside the rubio campaign. that is something they're going to try to ride. the other thing we certainly found here is that new hampshire is much smaller. it's maybe a bigger electorate but smaller geographically obviously than iowa, and they really do take their voting seriously. their first in the nation primary status seriously. and so they're going to try to
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have to get out their voters, but right now, it seems like it's very close. it's not that close when it comes to new hampshire voters. a lot of them are late breaking, and right now it's making the sale to people that they should vote for him as opposed to somebody else. once they make that sale, then it's about getting those people out to the polls. >> all right, dana, thanks very much. no shortage of drama on the democratic side certainly. party today officially declaring hillary clinton the victor in iowa. by the slimmest margin. effectively it was a tie but a win is a win in politics which means it can be open to interpretation, though, of course. both sides, more or less anyone else can read into it what they will and they already are. our panel weighs in shortly. let's go to cnn's jeff zeleny in manchester, new hampshire. close numbers in iowa between these two candidates. how is that going to shape the way the people of hn hn vonew h vote, do we know? >> reporter: .3 of 1% is separating these two democrats here right now.
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the people of new hampshire often had a mind of their own. they often look at what happens in iowa but they don't necessarily embrace what they do. so that's what i found on the ground here today. talking to voters, they certainly were bayi inpaying at to what was going on but were not going to necessarily embrace it. this is a different contest on the democratic side. bernie sanders is somewhat of a favorite son. he's from vvermont, of course. they share media markets. he's been over here. bernie sanders has such a strong lead here. the clinton campaign is calling themselves the underdog here. when you're hillary clinton, it's hard to really be the underdog, anderson. >> so are the campaigns doing anything different based on the results in iowa? >> reporter: sure. she is stepping up her -- sharpening her not attacks as much, but just her differences. i noticed today listening to her talk, she's reminding voters that she is the true democrat. she is fighting for the direction of the democratic party.
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he, of course, is an independent, but i talked to senator sanders last night when he was flying here to new hampshire, and he had a bounce in his step. he was very excited by the iowa results and he said one thing that he needs to do is show people that he can win. and he will fight all the way until the convention to build a revolution, a movement. so that worries the clinton campaign somewhat that he intends to go that far with this here. but he says once he shows people he can win, he thinks he will continue to have a very strong knot of march because so many states out there are voting on super tuesdays in other states. he'll be in this race for the long haul. anderson? >> jeff zeleny, thanks very much. let's bring in the panel chief national correspondent john king, host of "cnn inside politics." senior political reporter nia th malika anderson. conservative writer, rubio supporter, mona join joins, jef
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lord and bill press. jeffrey is a trump supporter, former white house political director. bill press is our news contributor. author of "buyers remorse: how obama let progressives down." >> need a break? >> no, i'm good. i'm good. this is snnothing compared to ne hours last night. you see ted cruz -- ex-c kcuse donald trump regrouping going after ted cruz in new hampshire. should trump be more worried about cruz or marco rubio? >> thump should be worried about himself. he's never won a race and lost. he's never been in the room the morning after, what went wrong,. >> he'll say, look, i came in second, people underestimated -- >> let's give voters of iowa their due.
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they turn eed out 53,000 votes, shattered the number in the iowa caucuses. for the iowa caucuses on the republican side, they shattered the records. they squeezed every last republican vote. you go to places where you could not expect the conservative evangelical tea party guy to campaign and found their votesers even there, places where rubio was running big and trump was running second. the cruz people smartly found a couple hundred more voters here and turned them out. trump underperformed his poll numbers. as an organization you're then asked, did we do something wrong, did we not have a good ground game? he has to be asking himself that question when he goes into new hampshire now where he has a bigger lead but private campaign polling shows him a little lower than the public polling. new hampshire always takes a break and thinks again after iowa. trump needs to worry about himself, decide how is he going to campaign? yes, i was joking with amanda about this in the greenroom, how long will it be before he says ted cruz should win here because he's from neighboring canada? he needs to worry about himself and needs to decide how is he running? in the state of new hampshire,
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running as the disrupter, running as the independent voice, running as the new fresh voice. you can get a lot of traction an that in new hampshire. if he worries about everything else, i think that will be his downfall. >> interesting today he was griping about rubio getting so much attention for coming in third but he didn't really go after rubio. >> no, in his press conference, he was chasent. i think he learned politics is not like ratings in television, you can't just flip the channel, it involves a lot more ground game and a lot more work. i think he didn't go after rubio because the enemy of my enemy may be my friend. so let cruz go after rubio, at least right now. and. >> christie. >> and let christie who called rubio the bubble boy or the -- >> the boy in the bubble. >> so let all those guys do it. >> nia, is it going to be harder
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for rubio -- he was able to close the gap with trump in iowa. is it going to be harder for him to do it in new hampshire given you have kasich, christie, bush, competing for the same -- >> it's an establishment cage match in new hampshire. all of those folks you just mentioned have been on the ground and on the air going against marco rubio with bush -- with the right to rise superpac questioning his judgmenjudgment questioning his commitment to the senate. i think it is going to be much tougher. goes in with a head of steam out of iowa. picked up the tim scott endorsement from south carolina. something interesting happened today, rush limbaugh on his radio station sort of rejected this idea that marco rubio is the face of the establishment. he called him a full-throated conservative. gave him a pretty good defense there. so that really underscores marco rubio's primary argument which is that he's the one that can build the coalition between all the -- >> amanda, should we read much into the fact cruz is already in
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south carolina, he did stop in new hampshire but he's in south carolina right now? >> he can certainly be competitive in new hampshire but new hampshire is going to be the proving god for the establishment lane. i have a nintendo theory for what's going on on the republican side. when you played the old school nintendo games you had to fight through the big bosses to get to the next level. ted cruz fought through donald trump. marco rubio has to fight through those people nipping at his heels in order for cruz and rubio to face off in the final match, which i think is where a lot of people hope it goes. a lot of people have to be cleared out before we can get there in south carolina and on to super tuesday. >> mona, how tough is it going to be for marco rubio? >> marco rubio has overcome a tremendous amount. there's been incoming at him from right to rise which spent $22 million they spent on negative advertising was spent on rubio. there's a psychological drama there between bush, views rubio as the protege who was out of order running at the same time.
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it's an interesting psych draod. he was able to overcome the tremendous negative advertising and still perform extremely well in iowa, so now he's using that bump and if the state is a better fit for him, but here's the funny thing. and rush limbaugh's endorsement today, not endorsement, but his recognition of this term, establishment, is late coming but welcome because the notion that marco rubio, the tea party candidate who beat charlie crist, charlie crist was endorsed. rubio was the insurgent. the notion that he represents the establishment, it's become a meaningless term. it's become an epithet. >> i don't think that's what marco rubio wants to bear. he's not trying to pick the fights back with jeb bush. he's been laser focused on taking down ted cruz. >> jeffrey, does it surprise you to hear your candidate, donald trump, say tonight and he tweeted about it, he doesn't think voters have enough appreciation for the fact that he's self-funding his campaign. >> i think he -- i don't think
5:17 pm
he meant it in any insulting fashion, just perhaps they're not paying as much attention to the fact that he is self-funding and he thinks it's important. i don't think there was anything insulting intended on that. as a matter of fact, speaking of rush limbaugh, rush talked about that today and essentially agreed with that, that this was not about insulting any set of voters, it was just about explaining his views on it. >> paul, how much time on the democratic side do you think hillary clinton, who you have a pro-clinton superpac, should spend in new hampshire given the poll numbers, how much time should she be focused on nevada, on south carolina? >> i think actually bernie's going to win new hampshire. he was 20-some odd points ahead before he narrowly lost iowa so he's got momentum going into it. i think momentum is overstated. what matters more is demographics. the demographics of new hampshire are built for bernie sanders, not for hillary clinton. i thought iowa was all white, 91% white. last time we had a new hampshire primary, it was 95% white.
5:18 pm
i have nothing against white people, some of my best friends are white. hillary's strength are in communities of color. she's much better in a broader electorate. >> you don't think -- >> she has nothing to lose in new hampshire. she should run hard there. she won the last time. her husband loves it. she'll run hard there mind point is it's all upside for her, no downside. she loses by 20, she3, she's al losing by 23, so what? she already has the expectations on her side. >> bill, if you are bernie sanders do you spend the week in new hampshire going for a blowout victory or should he be looking past to south carolina where the electorate is going to be more diverse than iowa and new hampshire? >> i would spend a lot of time in new hampshire, cement the victory as big as it is, moving on and take a day off to go to nevada and time down in south carolina and maybe, and maybe beyond. but, you know, it amuses me to hear my good friend, paul and others always put down bernie's victory as, well, it was all
5:19 pm
white in iowa and it's just next door in new hampshire. i think they underestimate the fact that bernie did so well against this huge clinton machine in iowa. i mean, .3 of 1% and hillary had all that time and a 50-point lead at one time and that's the best she could do? i think they underestimate that bernie's message is resonating and that they've got a serious competitor in new hampshire and all the way through. >> are you underestimating, paul? >> no. george bush would say, misunderestimating him? bill is a friend of mine. we're pals. you know this, from the day hillary announced i said he's going to have it tough. i went back and checked, six months ago i said she won't hit 52 in iowa. she didn't. i don't discount it, but i can do math and i can read polls and bernie's strength is among white liberals. white liberals are lovely people but they're not the entire democratic party. he has to grow. barack obama could grow. >> say she lost by -- >> she's losing today by that
5:20 pm
tsh who ca -- who cares? >> i want to say if she loses -- wins, rather, only by .3 of a percent in iowa and loses by 23 in new hampshire, that certainly does not project the aura of invincibility. the other thing is bernie supporters -- look at the young -- look at the young people with bernie. he got, what, 70%, 80% of people under 45. they're the barack obama voters. they're the first-time voters. they're the ones the party really needs in 2016. >> all right. everyone, stick around. coming up next, what donald trump said just moments ago about his defeat last night, what he thinks might have cost him first place. later even though i just tried to get bill press to do it a moment ago we'll talk to the real chess masters behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. later tonight on "360." when you've got a house full of guests on the way and a cold with sinus pressure, you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and
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donald trump might be a complete political newcomer but got more votes last night for second blaprice in iowa than th winner last time around. showing up to support hill and more showing up to stop him. it earned him the runner-up spot. a lot of pundits branded him a loser for that. he's speaking to supporters in milford, new hampshire. listen in. >> we can't send anything of value back to them. we're going to start winning again.
5:25 pm
we are going to make our country. we are going to make this great, great country even greater. we're going to make america great again. i love you all. i love you. >> joining us now by known is trump campaign manager, corey luendowski. corey, thanks for joining us. your candidate on twitter said the loss last night wasn't all that bad and experts said all along he couldn't do well there and ended up in second place. i think yes you said, quote, i'd love to say second place is great, but it's not. you also said, quote, the mindset of this campaign is to go out and work as hard as humanly possible to finish first. on the ground now in new hampshire, are you going to shift your strategy, are you going to work on your ground game? >> well, hey, anderson. thanks for having me on. the short answer is we have a candidate, have the privilege of working for, has never been -- we came in second place last night. we beat incumbent senators, incumbent governors, people who are career politicians, individuals whose brother and father were the president of the
5:26 pm
united states. trump beat them all. i think it's pretty amazing. what we wanted to do from day one is make sure more people were involved in the political process. i think that's exact ly what happened with the turnout in iowa. tonight, people -- the messa message -- what i said was i'd love to have first place. our country wants to be in first place again. second place is fine, but want to be in first -- this campaign is what we want to do for this country which is win again. everyone wants to win again. the country is ready to win again. that's why we're working hard to elect donald trump from president. >> we didn't hear from donald trump today going after senator rubio. he was talking about how rubio got all this attention for coming in third place and trump came in second. do you see, are we going to be hearing a lot more from donald trump about marco rubio in the coming days? >> no. i think his point was the political pundit class has to go out and say, hey, marco rubio
5:27 pm
had an amazing night last night but finished behind donald trump. he's spinning that as a win. this is the amazing part, candidates, 2%, 4%, and he finishes in third place and -- third place is not first place anymore. you want to try to compete for first place. that's what we want to compete for. >> so moving forward, though, how is your ground game in new hampshire? there were a lot of questions about it in iowa. a lot of folks didn't really know much about how you were trying to turn out vote. there were obviously a lot of new voters coming to the polls but it wasn't enough to put your candidate in first place. does anything change in new hampshire? obviously you're doing very well in the polls right now. are you concerned at all about the ground game, are you going to make any changes? >> what we're going to do is continue to work hard. you know, the people of new hampshire, of which i'm a tax paying resident and i'm proud of that, understand the message of smaller government, lower taxes
5:28 pm
and less regulation. a leader is someone who signs not only the back of a check but the front of a paycheck and pays people. create jobs and make sure we don't do terrible trade deals anymore. that's what new hampshire is all about. had a privilege of meeting so many of the great residents. he's here today. he's done meetings in manchester. we've been all over the state today. he's going to be back here all week. going to compete in new hampshire so come tuesday night hopefully we'll have the privilege of being in first place. >> corey lewa fwhrksndowski, i appreciate you being with us. back to the panel. you heard it from john king, the campaign manager. you heard, trump did underperform. do you think they have to take a hard look at their organization? >> yes and no. i think the candidate has to decide where he wants to play. to corey lewandowski's point, he knows new hampshire very well. he's worked in new hampshire.
5:29 pm
he's been up there a couple election cycles. new hampshire -- iowa is built for ted cruz. it does have the evangelical base. new hampshire is built for donald trump in the sense you do have blue collar republicans. suburbanites people who moved up from massachusetts to escape the taxes in massachusetts. the republicans who moved up there. new hampshire does have a great constituency for donald trump. it's a former more industrial state. the rivers go through the mill tine towns. he can make the case about china, about immigration and will have a very receptive audience. the question for me is he going to play the blue collar lane or get caught looking to his right and have a fight? you can find conservative libertarian voters in new hampshire. does he look right and compete there or look at the romney map? if you look at the romney map, more mainstream moderate republicans, you have rubio, kasich, christie, and bush all between 10 and 15 points right now and carly fiorina getting a chunk of that vote, too, maybe 4%, 6%, or 8%. that's a huge chunk of votes. do you fight for that?
5:30 pm
if you fight for that, ted cruz could sneak in, get 17%, 18% and be right there, second place, you know, or in a muddled pack. i'm really interested to see donald trump, yes, he'll have -- of course you have to con test the other candidates. make the case for him and stop getting caught up in daily twitter wars with everybody else. >> he goes for blue collar independents. look at scott brown. i don't think the social issues are where he lives. scott brown, pro-choice. what he's going to try to do is expand his popularity with those voters, those independents who can vote any way they want in this primary, democrat, republican, get them on the trade issues, on the economy issues, immigration not so much a huge issue in new hampshire, but if you look at the polling last night coming out of iowa, trump does well on the economy and on jobs and i think he goes for those disaffected
5:31 pm
independent voters who sometimes can vote democratic but -- >> it's interesting, because as much as the narrative today is trump didn't win in iowa, if trump wins out of new hampshire, that narrative changes completely then he just kind of moves forward. >> that's right and he really needs a win, right? to make this a legitimate candidacy, he can't just keep saying that he's winning the polls, he's got to win an actual contest. i do think you're right, if he wins in new hampshire, i think that sets him up very well for south carolina even though cruz has got a really great ground game there and rubio's sot some early support as well. but this is a real test for donald trump and i do agree it's going it be that sort of blue collar white working class voter and you can hear him saying more often now that he's not bought and sold. he is a self-financed candidate. it's very much in keeping with what bernie sanders is saying. he doesn't have a superpac, all of those other folks in new hampshire to have superpacs. so i think in that way he's trying to tap into the same thing that sanders is.
5:32 pm
>> jeffrey, is new hampshire a must-win for trump? >> i think it's important, no question. absolutely. i mean, he's got to start winning somewhere. that said, there have been plenty of candidates who have lost new hampshire and gone on to win. barack obama lost new hampshire and he's finishing up his second term in the white house. so, but, you know, under the circumstances, yes, i think it's important for him to do it. >> because he lost in iowa. >> right. right. i mean, you want to get this -- i mean, he can, you know, i know people get sick of me saying this, but, you know, back there in 1976 ronald reagan managed to lose iowa, new hampshire, and another three or four states before he finally came up with something in north carolina then it turned around and that was in march and he carried it all the way to the convention floor and lost by 117 delegate votes. so, and delegates, as a matter of fact, anderson, i mean, that ultimately is, of course, the game here.
5:33 pm
so at least when i left last night, left cnn last night, as i understood it, there was eight delegates for ted cruz, seven for donald trump, and six for marco rubio. i don't know if that's changed at all. >> seven. >> in other words, that's where we got to soon focus here and start changing our -- >> right. >> -- gaze here because that's what really counts. >> mona, as somebody who likes rubio, are you concerned about jeb bush? he still has a lot of money. the superpac has a lot of money. they have been hammering rubio pretty strongly. does that whittle away potential momentum? >> you know, you can hope that jeb bush will look into his soul and say to himself, look, you know, less than 3% in iowa after a huge investment of time and money, that this just was not the year for him, that there isn't an appetite for a third bush. it's not jeb's fault. he's a perfectly fine guy, but he could do his party and his
5:34 pm
country a huge favor by just shutting down the negative adds and seeing what the voters say in new hampshire and then politely -- >> how -- i mean -- >> -- stepping out. >> you know the political game, how likely is that? this is now or never for bush, kasich, christie as well. >> the days to south carolina, which is terrible for marco rubio. these guys are going after marco rubio at this time because they pin their hopes on new hampshire or south carolina. neither of them have a very good chance. rubio has the best chance. they all have to take him down in order to be viable. that's hugely problematic. >> trump, we've been treating him on this panel as if he's a normal candidate. and i really don't think that's right. i mean, he has pinned everything on being a winner. >> right. >> he's the winner and anybody -- everybody else is a loser. and now he's the loser. so that has to diminish the brand tremendously and then also what are his policies? you know, appealing to blue collar people, but he has no policies. it's i'm going to make america
5:35 pm
great again and then the rest is fluff. there's no substance there. >> well, there's not a lot of substance but there is an appeal. back to what nia, said, his appeal to those folks is trade protectionism and campaign reform which are two issues not traditionally associated with the republican establishment, but in new hampshire, god bless him, i love this, undecided, undeclareds they're called there can vote that day in either one, so if he -- king was making a point, if he goes to the establishment lane, six or seven opponents. if he goes to that populist message, his opponent is bernie sanders. >> right. >> because he and bernie would not n now be fishing in the same pond. i love this. >> we're going to talk more later in the program. just ahead john king crunches the numbers to show us what iowa means one week tonight in new hampshire.
5:36 pm
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5:39 pm
with a. with iowa in the rearview mirror, new hampshire voters differ from iowa voters in fornt respe important respects. ha happened in iowa could hold clues to what the candidates could face a week from tonight. john king joins us to walk us
5:40 pm
through it. let's talk about ted cruz in new hampshire. what he did impressively in iowa, can he do it here? will. >> here's the state of new hampshire. the national map, orange ted cruz for that. the evangelical population around the country. the darker the purple area, the more evangelical. see in the state of iowa, good concentration of evangelicals, right? pop it out a little bit if you want to see it. a lot of evan yell cagelicals i. this is new hampshire. there are not a lot of evangelicals available to ted cruz. that would be mainmaine. we just touched the border right there. he can't replicate what he did. that does not mean he cannot find in new hampshire if you go back and time and pull it out for mitt romney, i'm hitting maine a lot, touching the border. libertarians. ted cruz can try to tap into them. this dark red is all moitt rom y romney. four years ago. eight years ago, mccain and romney split the state. there are more establishment suburban republicans i would call them than ted cruz voters nationally. that opportunity mean with the cluster in the middle that cruz
5:41 pm
can't get a lot of those votes. let's be honest, he's got iowa under his belt, anderson. i'm going to go back to the evangelical map. ted cruz wants a decent showing in the state of new hampshire. can he win? sure. will he win? probably not. the map goes south, south carolina. look at this. almost all of these states vote in the month of march. ted cruz needs to be a strong, viable candidate. he gets back down here to the bible belt, that is his wheelhouse. >> what about for the trump/rubio battle in new hampshire? >> that, to me, is just fascinating because, remember, you noted before the break, christie and kasich are in their first and last stand. they need to win or come in a strong second in new hampshire or they're done, their money is going to dry out. jeb bush will face a tough decision especially after running solo in the state of iowa. this is the romney red here. the lighter orange, that's jon huntsman, the yellow, who picked up a few counties in new hampshire. they don't call them counties in
5:42 pm
new hampshire. two mainstream guys, romney and mccain slugging it out. this is the big battle between five people essentially. trump and rubio and bush and cakasich and christie, it's goi to get personal because there's ego involved. to mona's play about the psychology, do trump voters say he didn't win, are are more of them available, do rubio voters say he came in a strong third and flock to him? do you rally to kasich because he has to get it? new hampshire has the history of giving iowa the thumb. we'll see what happens. huge competition between five or six guys essentially for the same votes. >> what about the democratic side? >> strap in. let's go back and look at this. this is the clinton/obama race. john edwards had 17% before he flamed out. in iowa, early polls showed barack obama winning. eight years ago, early on obama was leading and a lot of inclination to call it for obama. hillary clinton came back and won this state by doing it down
5:43 pm
here. manchester, nashua, suburban voters, gritty blue collar democrats here. she had a remarkable ground game, run by a kid from dorchester, nice kid, friend of mine who knows how to do this business. the idea she cannot come back in new hampshire is a myth. paul's right. bernie sanders is away head. bernie sanders is from over here in vermont. he has a lot of history here especially along here, see the obama blue up here where you get these liberals. it is tilted in favor of sanders. there's room for a good fight there in the next week. >> we'll watch that. john king, thanks very much. there's a lot more ahead. bernie sanders pulled off a search yu virtual tie in iowa. largely because he clobbered clinton among young voters. i'll talk to his campaign manager about the battle in new hampshire and beyond, next.
5:44 pm
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as we said today the iowa democratic party declared hillary clinton the winners of last night's caucuses. mrs. clinton will receive 23 of iowa's delegates, sanders 21. pledged sup pledg pledged. in new hampshire they'll be battling over delegates. the most recent cnn poll shows
5:48 pm
sanders leading clinton by 23 points in the granite state. joining me, jeff weaver, bernie sanders' campaign manager. always good to have you on the program. >> thanks. >> the iowa democratic party declared clinton winner of the caucuses by a marnarrow margin a winner nonetheless. does sanders accept that result? >> as the result stands right now there's a four county delegate difference out of 1,400 so the result is basically a tie as you can see from this. we started at 5% in this race. we went up to 50%. the clinton campaign started it depending on the poll you looked at at 51%, 67%. what we showed in this race is we can fight the establishment to a tie. now we're going to go to new hampshire and have a win on our hands. >> so you do accent that -- i mean, technically it was a win. you accept that? >> well, you know, we're taking -- we're reviewing some of it. look, anderson, the truth of the matter is you had a complicated
5:49 pm
process, new tech noblg involno involved. when you're dealing with 1,600 precincts, a lot of volunteers who are trained very recently, sometimes there's room for error. human error. i think has an empirical matter, we will probably really never know who got the most delegates, county delegates, at the iowa caucuses. bull but we're not looking backwards, we're looking forwards and we're looking forwards to north dakota, new hampshire, south carolina and the states that follow. >> as impressive as the sanders turnout was, that he may do verm neighboring vermont. how do you respond to that? >> well, i think what we have seen around the country, anderson, is, in fact, senator sanders is moving nationally with voters of all constituencies. there was a recent poll out of california, a field poll, that
5:50 pm
showed that senator sanders was at 35% with latino voters there, 40% with white voters. that same poll back in may, he was at 3.2% with latino voteservotes e ers. 3.2% from latino voters that california to 35%. i think people are going to be surprised by the reception he gets and the ex-tempt to which his message resonates with the democratic matter. >> jeff weaver, thanks were being with us. appreciate it always. >> always a pleasure. just ahead, what hillary clinton's campaign manager has to say about the win in iowa and the strategy for new hampshire. that's ahead. an. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. the market.redict... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments
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when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. hillary clinton is in new hampshire tonight. she won the iowa caucuses, faces obviously a tough fight in the granite state where senator sanders has a strong lead with the week to go before the primaries. joining me, robby mook, clinton's campaign manager. how does your campaign cut into senator sanders' lead particularly for younger voters who went evoverwhelmingly for h last night in iowa? >> well, anderson, you're seen hillary out today campaigning very hard all across the state. she is fighting for every single vote. big crowds today. and she's talking about how she's going to make a real difference in people's lives. she has realistic plans and proven track record of delivering results. young, old voters alike are going to see hillary clinton is
5:55 pm
going to bring real results for their families. >> she was talking about that in iowa and clearly didn't resonate among young voters as much as sanders was saying was resonated. is there something you plan to adjust or work on? >> well, we're reaching out to every voter in every town across the state. obviously in a primary, the turnout is a lot broader, so we expect to see bigger slice of the electorate turn out. and we are going to be fighting hard for young votes in college towns and across the state. >> how much time is secretary clinton actually going to be spending in new hampshire over the next week? obviously we're going to talking to her at her debate in new hampshire. there's a politico report that says as much as she'd like to pull off a win there the campaigns in south carolina and nc nevada are much more strategically important. >> as i said at the beginning, we're fighting for every single vote in every state. she had back to back events all
5:56 pm
day today. similar schedule tomorrow and the town hall as you mentioned. we're going to keep taking this one day at a time. new hampshire voters are going to get to see hillary a lot this week. >> i want to get your take on what we're seeing on the republican side. secretary clinton has taken jabs the last few months highlighting the controversial things he said. you're obviously seeing strong showings by cruz, rubio. there are those who think they could be much more disciplined general election opponents who can also make a generational argument against secretary clinton. does that concern you? >> well, i think what should be concerning to voters about any of the republican candidates is how extreme they have all been. they all chased trump to the right. they've all taken extreme positions. and you don't hear them talking about the issues that secretary clinton's been hearing about on the road, how to afford college, how to get wages rising again, how to create good paying jobs. they're talking about building walls, keeping muslims out of our country, taking away people's right to marry. so i think voters should be distressed generally about the
5:57 pm
entire republican field right now. >> are we going to hear clinton talking about rubio? or is she going to continue -- if she does reference a particular republican, trump? >> i think she's going to continue to call out all the republican candidates on how out of touch and out of date their policies are. but she's focused right now on talking to voters here in hn hv hn hn about her own policies. up next, another hour of "360," marco rubio looking for a boost in new hampshire after a strong show in iowa. he sat down with alisyn. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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