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tv   Wolf  CNN  February 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we have breaking news right now. a cnn key race alert. cnn can now report that hillary clinton has won. hillary clinton has won the democratic caucuses in iowa narrowly. very narrowly defeating bernie sanders. bernie sanders comes in second place. an extremely close race. i want to bring in jeff, who is our correspondent. he is covering this. you see what the results there are. these are the results now by the iowa, by the iowa democrats.
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>> there hadn't been an official announcement in iowa. now there's an official announcement. the iowa democrats, swref, say hillary received 700.59 estate delegate ekwifl i wants. those are representatives that will go to the iowa democratic convention. bernie sanders 696.82 state delegate ekwifl ebt with where's. it's official now. hillary clinton camp can properly declare she won the
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iowa caucuses. >> she, in fact, did declare a victory. i'm here in in as away, new hampshire, and she just wrapped up a campaign rally just a few minutes ago, and she said i know what it's like to lose in iowa -- referring to eight years ago -- and i know what it's like to win, and winning feels better. bernie sanders is claiming a moral victory. he said his call for change is call for a revolution. a new -- it was also embraced by iowans. wolf, we're definitely going to hear the clinton campaign doubling down on saying that they were trying to shake the iowa monkey off her back, if you will. throughout the course of her presidential campaign over the last almost a year, the question has been would she be able to win in iowa?
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she got third place eight years ago, but now she can officially say she won iowa. this is going to be a fight for delegates. this is going to be a state by state by state fight for delegates. they're essentially back to the twailt campaign with barack obama and hillary clinton. it became a delegate fight. that's why it went on all the way into june. last night when bernie sanders was flying from new hampshire to -- i asked him how long he thinks this race will go. he said we're going to fight until the convention. while senator sanders also said something else, he said he believes the iowa democratic party should release raw vote totals. they should release a popular vote so he could see how many people actually supported him. many democratic officials believed he would win that. those are not the rules of the iowa caucuses. that's why the caucuses are different than the new hampshire
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primary here. particularly in polk county, in des moines, but we're told they will not dwell on this. he wants to go forward with his message. a narrow defeat for iowa still means one good thing for him. that's fundraising. on-line fundraising doing very well overnight. he raised $20 million in january alone on-line, so they expect to raise much more money because of this iowa thing. so far hillary clinton has declared victory, and now he can say it's official here on cnn. >> they won't say exactly what
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caucus sites. 170,000 iowa democrats participate in the iowa caucuses. they're not breaking down the number. a range. 700.5 state delegates said they are officially called for hillary clinton. 696.82 for bernie sanders. stand by for a moment. i want to bring in paul. you worked for a super pact that supports hillary clinton. it's good news. i think it's good news for both of these candidates. >> but it's better news for hillary. it's better to win narrowly than lose narrowly. bernie has a great campaign. he energizes young people. this is something that's a challenge for hillary to contest them, but she won. no woman has ever won the iowa caucuses, and she has. she's -- she's my friend. i'm happy. i think it was mah atm a goned
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where i -- >> i don't think it was gandhi. >> i think al davis, the great philosopher. >> she can say appropriately she did win the iowa caucus. >> she -- but she's a lot like a heavy weight boxer who has been staggered by a smaller -- like a bantam weight. she went in with a 50 point lead and barely came out with a win, but i think now her campaign has to go into this mode where they want to survive and advance. if you look at iowa and new hampshire, they're particularly well suited for bernie sanders. as this race begins to turn down to south carolina, it goes back to the advantage for clinton, and shen e then she can start to get more momentum and start to put bernie sanders further and further in the rearview mirror. >> do you know why the iowa caucuses -- i have been covering them for -- they won't release the hard numbers, like the republicans do, because they say in this democratic party statement of the chairman, dr. andy mcguire's statement on the caucuses that saw turnout of more than 170,000 iowa. that's a huge number. not as big as 2008, but still a very impressive number. why won't they break that down
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so that people know how many votes hillary clinton won by? >> i don't know. that's the rules that the candidates agreed. i think it has something to do with the rivalry with new hampshire. i noticed last night in our coverage tom foreman was in corralville which is in john son county. the most liberal county in iowa. she won that by 10%. they each got the same number of delegates. it's not at all a foregone conclusion. the iowa system, it makes you go to the grassroots and that's a very good thing. there are some wrinkles that maybe they should take a look at. >> who do the republicans fear most in a head-to-head general election contest? hillary clinton or bernie sanders? >> i don't think fear is the right word. i think we see both of these candidates are particularly flawed. i would have to say that bernie sanders is very far outside the mainstream most americans political thinking. the old hillary clinton who is a
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centrist, i think, would be much more formidable candidate. i expect that would be the one that we may get after you see this new progressive warrior who is trying to be the liberal champion for the democratic party. now in the primary process. let it -- let me be clear. both of them are particularly flawed candidates in general. >> go ahead. >> well, we're not going to get kevin's vote. the truth is, look, hillary clinton can be my party's nominee. i'm impressed with bernie sanders and proud of him and i'm impressed by the campaign that he is running. he is not going to win the democratic nomination. kevin pointed out, he couldn't -- he tied almost. he narrowly lost. he couldn't even win iowa. he is going to win new hampshire in a landslide because it's his neighboring state, and it's very liberal, but last night, for example, in iowa you had almost 70% of caucus attendees describing themselves as very liberal. once you get out to the other states it's 49. if he couldn't win in the most white and the most liberal place
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in my party, that's his base. hillary's base is much more a people of color, a much more diverse coalition. she was a senator from new york. >> he will crush her in new hampshire. >> crush. >> what just took place in iowa. i expect that you're going to see a surge of support again for sand nerz new hampshire. >> i want to bring in our cnn political treshgt. david, walk us through precisely what happened over these past several hours last night. we were on the air for a long time. we got off the air at 2:00 a.m. eastern. we could not project a winner, but now it's official.
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the democrats in iowa, they have said hillary clinton very, very narrowly, raizor-thin margin. she's the winner. walk us through how this materialized. >> we're not, as you know, making a projection on this right now. this is not based on sort of our decision desk analysis of the entrance poll. we are reporting out what the governing authority, the iowa democratic party who runs these caucuses, what they are reporting now. they have collected every last vote from all the precinct caucuses across the state of iowa last night. they have just released their final tally. they're the governing authority. in that final tally, as you said, secretary clinton edges just ahead of bernie sanders. we're talking about four state delegate equivalents. you see .2 percentage point there. a razor-thin margin, but right now that the iowa democratic party, who runs these caucuses has issued their final tally, hillary clinton, we can report,
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has won the iowa caucuses. we do know that since last night as it was hanging in the balance as jeff reported and others that the sanders campaign wanted to take a look. we reported that they said they want to take a look at some raw tally sheets. they're going to be in conversations perhaps with the democratic party of iowa now. that is not stopping the iowa democratic party from releasing the final tally. whatever the sanders campaign chooses to do going forward with the iowa democratic party, that will be a process subsequent to their reporting out hillary clinton as the top vote getter last night. >> david, you know, i'm going to be interviewing live here later this hour, clinton lynne, the winner of the iowa caucuses. we'll have her reaction to this official statement from the iowa democrats. i'm also going to be speaking with jeff weaver, the campaign manager for the bernie sanders campaign. we're going to get his reaction as well and see if they're going to challenge the results of what the democrats in iowa are now saying.
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you remember all of us remember kevin madden remembers this very well four years ago they originally, republicans, said that mitt romney won the iowa caucuses, and then three weeks later they recounted and they discovered they had made a mistake. it was rick santorum that won. here's the question to you. david, do you think the sanders campaign is on strong grounds right now to seek some sort of recount? >> i think the sanders campaign is going to have to figure out exactly what they want to ask the party for. i don't think that there's going to be some state-wide recanvassing of every precinct. i think now the sanders campaign -- they've indicated they're looking into this -- will have to make a very specific request to the iowa democratic party what they are looking to see to make sure that they're comfortable with the final tally reported by the party. again, the party is the governing authority here. i don't think we are going to be in a situation like florida 2000 in seeing a huge state-wide recount. i think we have to wait to see
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how the sanders campaign responds to this news and then we'll understand the next steps for the iowa democratic party. >> all right. i'll be speaking with jeff weaver, the campaign manager. we'll get his reaction. also, david, thanks very much. i'll speak live with hillary clinton later this hour as well. we'll get her reaction to all this news. new hampshire. we'll take a quick break. much more after this.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. breaking news. hillary clinton is the winner in aiowa. this according to the iowa democratic party. they have issued a statement making it official. hillary clinton has won the iowa democratic caucuses, but the vermont senator, bernie sanders, he still has plenty of momentum heading into new hampshire. he came in second. razor-thin margin. swroe johns is in keen, new hampshire. covering the senator's campaign for us. they're going to be holding an event i'm told later. any official reaction or even unofficial reaction from the sanders campaign to the announcement from the iowa democratic party that hillary clinton narrowly beat sanders and is the winner of the iowa
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caucuses? >> no official reaction. i have talked to a campaign aide who did point out the closeness of this race and an indication to me that they're still trying to get their words together, if you will. also, pointing out in earlier conversations while this campaign is asking to see paperwork about what happened in iowa, they're not using the word challenging the result in iowa. right now they have made the pivot hard and fast to here in new hampshire. you can see the evidence of it right behind me at the colonial theat theater. they're still scheduled for a couple of hours away at 2:00 eastern time. no official reaction as of yet. they are not challenging the
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result in iowa. mainly just trying to look at the paperwork at this stage and the pivot has been made to this state where bernie sanders is expected to do very well, wolf, because, as you know, vermont is his home state is so close to new hampshire. back to you. >> so it's clear still at least as of this moment despite hillary clinton hours ago declaring victory in iowa and the iowa democrats have officially declared her the winner. bernie sanders and his campaign, they have not yet conceded defeat, right? >> right. >> they have not.
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>> .2. very close. closer than that. stand by. i've got on the phone now jeff weaver. he is the campaign manager for the bernie sanders campaign. jeff, can you hear me okay? >> sure can, wolf. how are you? >> thanks very much. you saw the statement put out by the iowa democratic party that hillary clinton is the winner. she received 700.59 so-called state delegates. equivalents, 696.82 state delegate equivalents. your reaction? >> well, wolf, you know, when we started this campaign, we were at 5%. secretary clinton in many polls at 67%. you know, at the end of the day we ended up 50-50. we went toe to toe with the establishment, and i think what we demonstrated to people across this country is that the sanders campaign and senator sanders' message galvanizes people, like it did in iowa, and the large
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crowds that we have there will translate into people actually coming out to caucus or vote. we're extremely fwratfied. if you look at the end of the day here, where we are now, we've asked to see tally sheets and there's a storm out there, so it's slowing us down a bit. we would love to see some tally sheets. it's looking at a handful, literally in single digits, of state delegates out of 1,400, which is a fraction of a fraction of 1%, and the truth of the matter, wolf, is it's a little bit of academic exercise because, you know, given the large number of precincts, over 1600, the capacity for human error, the use of new technology that was introduced in this caucus, the fact is as an impeer cal matter, we're really never going to know. even if we do everything who really should have had more delegate on that night. you know, there were a number of these that were decided by a coin toss. it may be the margin was a result of coin tosses in a number of precincts, but all that being said, look, we're looking forward, not backwards.
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we're here in new hampshire. senator sanders had a rally last night here in new hampshire. 300 people were there. it was phenomenal. the enthusiasm for him here in new hampshire is overwhelm. we're going to go on to win next tuesday. >> just to be precise, are you conceding defeat? >> no, we're not. no. we like to get -- look, we're not cob testing the election. i think that the tens and tens and tens of thousands of people who support senator sanders just, you know, they like to understand what exactly went on and, you know, i think it will actually be good for the party as well to understand what can be improved next time around. >> but do you suspect there may have been any irregularities? >> well, look, wolf. when you have a system as complicated as that with over 1,600 precincts and you have a margin that according to the iowa democratic party is as close in the history of the
10:23 am
caucuses in iowa, four or five state delegates out of 1,400, and you have, what, a fraction of 1%, as you know, it's very, very difficult when the margins get passed in to really ascertain who came out on top. the truth of the matter is in many ways it's an academic argument between you and me and a bunch of other people who are into politics because, look, the truth of the matter is it ended up being a tie, and it doesn't matter as far as delegates go. people may not know, but there's a process in iowa now, a multi-layered process that goes all the way to june in which we'll be competing, and the file number of delegates actually in iowa won't be determined until then. >> they won't release the actual numbers. they won't break that down. does that frustrate you as well?
10:24 am
>> well, i mean, i -- anecdotally we certainly won the popular vote in iowa yesterday. more people came out to caucus for senator sanders than they did for secretary clinton. as you know, it's a complicated nuances process. there's new technology and room for human error. people have some concerns about. i mean, i think it would be nice. i think the people in america would love to know what the sort of raw numbers were in terms of who came out and supported which candidate. i think that would be of interest to a lot of your viewers and to the americans. >> i know bernie sanders and hillary clinton will both be at the cnn town hall tomorrow night in new hampshire. anderson cooper will be moderating. what about thursday night? that debate. is that happening or not? >> we're down to one final sticking point, and i have to tell you, it's -- talking about frustrating. i don't really understand why
10:25 am
the clinton campaign refuses to agree to have a debate in new york city, a city that she represented as a united states senator. i don't understand why they don't face the people of new york and think that they deserve to have a debate in their city, so no one has explained why they think this is a bad idea. new york was a critical state for democrats. that's going to be a hotly contested primary in new york state. we intend to -- why the clinton campaign seems unwilling to debate in new york city remains a mystery to me. it would be great in they can explain. watching your news this morning, maybe the lynne people can look into it. >> i'll be speaking later this hour with hillary clinton. i'll ask her what's going on with the debate, and we'll get back to you on that. keep watching cnn, jeff, and you'll get an answer directly from hillary clinton. jeff, thanks very much for
10:26 am
joining us. >> thank you, wolf. always a pleasure. >> thank you. let's take a quick break. we're standing by to speak live with hillary clinton. she's the winner barely, but she is the winner of the iowa caucuses.
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>> the iowa democratic party has announce thad 100% of the precincts have reported that hillary clinton is the winner barely, but is the winner of the iowa caucuses. bernie sanders coming in a very, very close second. we're going to have much more on this. we're standing by to speak live with the winner of the iowa caucuses, hillary clinton. she'll join us in a few minutes.
10:31 am
i want to check in on what's going on in the republican side right now. our senior political reporter is with the rubio campaign in new hampshire right now. he had an impressive third place just behind donald trump, ted cruz. the winner in iowa. the republican side. what's going on today? i guess all of these guys must be pretty enthusiastic looking ahead to new hampshire one week from today. >> that's absolutely right. i mean, marco rube wroe is trying to make this a race -- two-man or three-man race. he is trying to make this a race between him and donald trump and ted cruz. he cannot let some of these more establishment candidates, if you will, sort of get into the mix. that is the key goal going into next week. of course, the saturday debate on abc is going to be a very big deal for that tuesday primary, but as he is trying to make sure that he is just -- it's just a race between him and trump and cruz. other candidates are trying on get in the mix, and throwing some arrows at marco rube wroe. here's a little bit of about
10:32 am
chris christie, and what he had to say earlier today. >> when the guy in the bubble gets here, i hope you ask him some questions. it's time for him to start answering questions. >> some pretty harsh words there from chris christie. we expect those attacks to intensify. it's one reason why marco rubio is spending a lot of money in this state, wolf, on tv advertising. up to $5.2 million he has spent in new hampshire right now, and they came out wan ad today attacking ted cruz and donald trump trying to make the case that marco rubio is the most electable republican. that's going to be a key argument that rubio is going to make over the next week, wolf. electability is what matters
10:33 am
come november. >> yeah, he clearly is enthused as a result of that impressive third place just behind donald trump finish in the iowa caucuses. thanks very much. we're watching what's going on. ted cruz, by the way, he has an event that's going on in windham, new hampshire right now. we'll check in and see what's going on. there's live pictures coming in from windham, new hampshire. up next, hillary clinton, the new will he declared winner of the iowa caucuses. she's standing by to join us live. we have lots of questions for the former secretary of state. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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>> the breaking news this hour. it's now official. hillary clinton has been declared the winner of the iowa
10:38 am
caucuses. she beat bernie sanders by a razor-thin margin. just .2%. her campaign claimed victory overnight, but the iowa democratic party has just issued the final results. they say hillary clinton is the winner of the iowa caucuses. secretary clinton is joining us now from nashua, new hampshire. madam secretary, thanks very much for joining us. what's your reaction to the official results now delayering you the winner of the iowa caucuses? >> i am so thrilled, wolf. i feel really good and very grateful to the feel i had on the ground, to the tens of thousands of iowans who volunteered, knocked on doors, came out and caucused last night. i could feel the energy building in the weeks leading up to the caucus. i was out there making my case about what i want to do and what i think our country must do to get real results with more jobs, rising incomes, build on affordable care act, deal with
10:39 am
climate change, clean energy, defend our rights. all the things i feel passionate about. i could just watch and, in fact, in that last week i had so many people come up to me and say that they had decided to support me, and it could not have been better. it was a great, great night. >> you said last night you breathed a big sigh of relief, your words -- a big sigh of relief. what did you mean by that? >> well, as you recall, my luck was not that good last time around, and it was wonderful to win the caucus, and to have that experience of all the hard work. the grassroots organizing pay off the way it did. now we're here in new hampshire, and we are going to have a contest of ideas. i'm looking forward to the forum tomorrow night on cnn and then a debate thursday night here in new hampshire because i think that democratic voters and other americans want to know what are the principal differences between me and my friend and
10:40 am
opponent senator sanders, and i want to get that information out there. i think it's important you have to have a record of getting red lights, and i'm taking my ideas and my record to the people of new hampshire this week. >> the sanders campaign says they won't have this debate thursday night with you unless you agree to a subsequent debate before the new york primary in new york city. are you willing to agree to that? >> you know, wolf, this is really hard to follow because when we said we would do the debate, they came back with conditions. we met the conditions. then they said they want different conditions. we've tried to be very accommodating, but, you know, we have agreed with everything that they have asked us to do, and i sure hope -- we're in bernie sanders' backyard in new hampshire. i sure hope he intends to show up in his neighboring state and let the people of new hampshire
10:41 am
see us both on the debate stage. >> just to press the point, the debate in new york city that they want, are you accepting that? >> no. we've accepted all of their conditions. we did that last week. they keep trying to add new conditions, which, you know, raises questions about how ready or willing they are to debate here in new hampshire. we met their conditions. we agreed more debates. something i wanted to do because i think it's great to debate and we're ready. i'm going to be there thursday night. >> all right. let's move on. the senator's campaign -- they want to do not necessarily a recount, but they want to check the voting in iowa. is that okay with you? >> you know, look, i -- i can say that i believe the democratic party of iowa ran a good caucus from everything that our people told me. there was an enormous turnout, which everybody said would
10:42 am
tremendously favor senator sanders. if there are legitimate issues, both sides, wronk the democratic party has any problems with that, but from everything we have learned and know, i won, and i'm very proud of that. >> back in 2008 as you well remember you laos iowa, but then you came back to win new hampshire. this time you won iowa. can you win new hampshire one week from today? >> well, i think it's certainly what i'm aiming for. i care a lot about this state. i view it as being the first in the nation primary for a reason. i know that they tend to favor their neighbors. that's the pattern. the history of the primary. senator sanders is a neighbor. i think we will have a good contest, talking about what results we can produce, what our records have been, both in domestic policy, foreign policy, national security, and i think the people of new hampshire will
10:43 am
get a chance to really evaluate both of us. i feel good about my prospects. >> do you describe yourself in your speech last night as a progressive that gets things done. are you suggesting bernie sanders -- he may be a progressive, but he can't get things done? >> i'm talking about my record. i'm talking about the children's health insurance program for eight million kids. i'm talking about getting health care for national guard members. i'm talking about helping to push through a treaty to lower nuclear weapons between us and the russians when i was secretary of state. i'm talking about building the coalition against iran to bring them to the negotiating table and so many other issues. i have a very long record of getting results for people. that's what i care about. you know, i am all for laying out our ideology talking about our ideas. i think that's great, and it gives you the direction that you want to head, but at the end of the day what matters to me is that we move our country forward.
10:44 am
we actually get more good jobs with rising incomes. we get equal pay for women. we actually begin to move toward early childhood education and paid family leave, and we are ready to really go into the rest of the 21st century with the kind of confidence and optimism that i think our country should be having. i'm going to lay out my record, lay out my ideas, and senator sanders can certainly lay out his own, and we'll leave it up to the people of new hampshire to decide what they think is the best choice for them and their families and the results they want to see for themselves in our country. >> as you know, aorganized to the entrance polls in iowa bernie sanders has done a lot better than you did with younger voters, younger men, and even younger women. where do you think is he doing so well with younger voters out there? >> i'm thrilled to see so many young people get into the political process, and i was very proud of all the young people who worked for me, volunteered for me, supported
10:45 am
me. that's all to the good, and it's great for the democratic party, but i'm going to have some work to do to reach out to young voters. maybe first time voters who have to make a tough decision as they evaluate who should be our president. our commander in chief. i intend to do that. laying out my case, where we contrast on the issues and what i think should be done to make college affordable. i think my plan will help who needs it most without ballooning cost. i'm fwog try to restructure college debt, and it's why i think my plan will help more young people really get started with their lives. the emphasis i want to make on small business, my call that young people join our campaign and then be part of making us the clean energy superpower of the 21st century, and i am very proud that i got the endorsement of the planned parenthood action fund, that i got the endorsement of the human rights campaign, that i got the endorsement of
10:46 am
the brady campaign and gabby giffords and mark kelly and so many others because they know me, and they know what i have done. they know the keefe leader i am. i want young people to know that as well. >> as you know, marco rubio did rather well coming in at an impressive third place in the iowa republican caucuses just behind donald trump and ted cruz. ted cruz won iowa. what do you think about the possibility if you do get the democratic nomination of running against senator rubio in a general election? >> you know, wolf, i'm not thinking that far ahead. my tame frame is next tuesday and the primary in new hampshire and then i'll go on to the caucus in nevada and south carolina and then the states that lie ahead. i'm going let the republicans, you know, decide who their nominee will be. i will be prepared to run against and win no matter who they nominate. i think as everybody is well
10:47 am
aware, i am pretty battle tested. it's important to have gone through this, to know what the republicans will do. they're already running $6 million of ads against me along with their, you know, wall street buddies, and so they know who they don't want to be the democratic nominee, and i take that as perversely flattering because they also know that i mean what i say and i'll do what i have said to make sure that they don't ever wreck our economy again. i'm going take them on as i have over the years, and then when i win, i will certainly reach out, work for them, and find common ground whenever we can. >> madam secretary, thank you for joining us. congratulation on your win in iowa. >> thank you so much, wolf. great to talk to you again. >> thank you. this important note to our viewers, here in the united states and around the world, tomorrow night hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they will both take part in a cnn presidential town hall in new hampshire. that will be live on cnn.
10:48 am
a critical moment for both of these candidates to face the voters of new hampshire, answer their questions directly, and make their closing arguments in a presidential town hall. it will be moderated by cnn's anderson cooper. that's wednesday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. up next, we'll take a lowers look at the clinton-sanders race in iowa, and the upcoming race one week from today in new hampshire. we'll break down what we've heard this hour from hillary clinton and from the sanders campaign. much more coming up right after this.
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all right, you heard the breaking news. hillary clinton declared the winner of the iowa caucuses. let's bring in our commentator republican strategist kevin madden, chief political analyst
10:53 am
gloria borger and cnn democratic strategist paul begala who works for a hillary clinton superpac. glor ya, a win is a win, so that's good for her, but he did really well too, bernie sanders, coming in a very close second, as close as possible. >> as close as possible. she seemed very pleased in your interview, wolf, big smile, accepting this victory very happily. but it's very clear what's going to happen from now on is she's going to continue to draw sharper contrasts i believe with bernie sanders. even though they consider this a regional primary. she really does want to do very well in new hampshire. so look for her to continue to criticize bernie sanders as somebody who may have some great ideas, but she's the person, the pragmatist, who can actually get things done, and i think she's going to find sharper and sharper ways to say that very same thing. >> she avoided that kind of criticism in the interview. >> i watched that interview and
10:54 am
i kept thinking thank god for bernie sanders. this is going to shock you. i said this from the beginning. a tough primary produces a tough nominee. it makes you better. she was so much better. even sleep deprived. in that interview than had she been on a post. what i was hearing is a woman who's now dialed in on trying to inspire young voters. >> which is a problem for her. he does a lot better in those entrance polls. >> he beat her by 70 points, okay. but she's watching that, she's learn, okay, i got to get tougher, better, smarter, appeal to young people. she went out of her way to talk about reforming wall street, where senator sanders has attacked her. if they have an argument about who's better to regulate the excesses of corporate america, that's only good for the democratic party. yeah, i'm for hillary, but more importantly, this contest is occurring on the issues i love. >> kevin. >> this pragmatic and practical, i always joke, nobody ever raced to put a bummer sticker on their
10:55 am
car that says pragmatic and practical. emblematic of some of the energy problems she has now. i expect while it may not work with a lot of liberals in places like new hampshire, it will increasingly work. i think the idea that i can get stuff done is going to be her main central appeal to winning some of these voters in the later contests. >> you know who put it on a bumper sticker, rather michael dukakis, that didn't work so well. >> it didn't work so well. >> no, it didn't. >> it's like money and organization on the republican side, that's not inspiring people in this particular environment. >> compared to bernie sanders, she does really well among older voters including a lot of older men and women for that matter, especially women. when it comes to younger voters, though, democrats in iowa, he does, the 74-year-old senator from vermont, does great with young voters, including young women. why? >> well, because they -- even though he's been in office forever, and they consider him something fresh and new, and he
10:56 am
is somebody who has been on the issue of income and equality his entire life. these are the kids with student loans. these are the kids he talks about free tuition at college. it really appeals to them. i think where hillary clinton has a problem if you look at the entrance polls last my is on the question of understands my needs, right, understands my problems. bernie sanders outdoes her, what, 3-1 on that -- >> trust and honesty -- >> same on trust and honesty. she's got to figure out a way to work on that. bernie helps her because -- >> -- precisively on who's most electable in a general election and who's got the most experience. let's talk about the republicans for a moment, kevin. donald trump came in second. did well. didn't come in third. but he didn't win in iowa either. but he does look like he has a very strong position based on the polls in new hampshire, the next contest. >> i would disagree.
10:57 am
he has done nothing but brag about this winning position he held in every single poll. now the first poll that matters, which is voters rendering a decision, he didn't win, he came in second. one of the big problems he faced was for all of their free media and all of the buzz he created, he had very little inf infrastructure to deliver a win where it matters. it similarly matters in a place like new hampshire. if he's going to compete in new hampshire, that's something, if you're going to win in new hampshire, get back that winning mantel of making america great again, he can't keep finishing second. he's going to need an organization to do that. >> we'll see how he does, new hampshire a week from today, and then south carolina. gloria, you hear some of the trump supporters point out, they've said to me during the course of today, remember, four years ago, rick santorum won iowa, didn't exactly work out for him. eight years ago, mike huckabee won iowa, didn't work out for him. ted cruz, he won iowa this time. they're trying to make the suggestion he's going to wind up
10:58 am
like these other guys. >> it doesn't matter, so you go back to the recent history and say, okay, iowa doesn't matter. i think that's not the case in donald trump's case because expectations were set so high for him in iowa and i don't know who did it -- >> including the so-called gold standard polls. >> donald trump is the one who talks about the polls all the time. >> let's not forget, with ted cruz, ted cruz, he is leading in the money in cash on hand now. he has the resources. if you remember santorum and huckabee, they were one-state candidates who were trying to sling shot into the race and then begin to raise resources. cruz is also very well organized. some of these states, through march 1 to march 15th. he's in a better position than other folks who came out of the iowa caucuses. >> paul, you agree that cruz is better positioned than santorum or huckabee was? >> absolutely, terrific win for cruz and puts the monkey on trump's back. trump has to win new hampshire. period. he can go on.
10:59 am
>> yeah. >> but if he can't show that he can beat cruz coming out of an impressive win that cruz had and rubio. you know what you'll hear a lot of, immigration. that's what got him in the race. you're going to hear some very, i think, try dent and strong trump attacks on both rubio and cruz on immigration. >> if you look at entrance polls from last night, the areas that trump did the best were immigration and jobs and the economy. >> right. >> and so immigration is an easy thing for him to turn against both rubio and cruz. because, by the way, they've changed their positions, both of them, over the years. >> tell me the quick observation on that too. trump has been a very untraditional candidate to say the least. right now, he's got a three-front war on his hands and he has to become a traditional candidate. he has to stop some of the momentum he has there. he has to take on cruz in south carolina. at the same time, a lot of the independent money now feels like they have a wounded trump and they're going to go after him, he has to fight them as well. >> we're going to be excited.
11:00 am
one week, one week from today. tomorrow night, don't forget the cnn town hall. >> my personal -- >> the democratic town hall tomorrow night in new hampshire. all right, thank you very much. i'll be back, 5:00 p.m. eastern, in "the situation room." for our international viewers "amanpour" is next. for viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> wolf blitzer, thank you so much, great to be with all of you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. well, it took only about 19 hours but the iowa democratic caucuses are officially history. moments ago, the iowa democratic party released the final results and hillary clinton has edged out bernie sanders by the closest margin iowa democrats have ever seen. clinton claimed victory last night and shared her relief just a short time ago w


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