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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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the iowa caucuses continues right now. with a special edition of "ac 360." a good evening to you. if you think this is another sleepy sunday, you're not in iowa tonight. the candidates have been working hard all evening. donald trump in sioux city. marco rubio in davenport. jeb bush in davenport. rand and ron paul in iowa city, all holding events tonight. same for the democrats, just agreed to appear in a cnn town hall with me wednesday night in derry, new hampshire. hillary clinton, bernie sanders with competing rallies right now in des moines. all the candidates campaigning like there is no tomorrow. because for some candidates tomorrow could be the beginning of the end. we'll bring you their closing pitches before iowa voters go and caucus. what's behind the lead polling that gives hillary clinton and donald trump the narrowest of leads and talk about the factors that could move those numbers from precinct captains to lower
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pastors to mother nature itself. any or all of it tomorrow could help propel two candidates toward the white house and send the rest packing. a lot to get to, starting with jim acosta at the trump event in sioux city. has trump done anything different to try to win over last-minute voters? >> i would say anderson, i've covered four campaigns you don't see very often the night before the iowa caucus. the only way i could describe it as late night with jerry falwell junior. the president of liberty university is on stage. interviewing donald trump, asking him questions about what he would do about a variety of topics. at one point during this program they handed out a check to a local veterans group. the money that comes out of that money raised by the donald trump campaign a few days ago. >> it's not very often, anderson when you see a presidential candidate handing out big checks bst iowa caucus. but we're seeing it out here. it shows you this is one unorthodox campaign.
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>> trump tempered his language in iowa a little bit earlier, didn't he? >> he was asked, he was asked, are you going to win iowa. he said you know what, maybe we won't win iowa. a few moments ago here in sioux city on stage with jerry falwell junior. he said maybe it won't work out that i'll win iowa. he said, this is key, he said if we do, we're going to run the table. so they are feeling very confident inside the trump campaign. >> if you look at the "des moines register" poll. his support is rock-solid. 73% saying they've made up their minds -- 71%. the same poll that foreshadowed the rick santorum surge four years ago. they've got a lot to feel good about. trump sons were out on the campaign trail today, four stops, three at the famed pizza ranches of iowa politicking. so they're pulling out all the
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stops. >> jim acosta. thanks. donald trump has jerry falwell's son to help him win evangelicals. ted cruz can call on the fiery support of duck dynasty's phil robertson. a mailer prompted iowa's top election official to denounce it. ted crust is closing argument. what's it sounding like tonight. >> don't roll the dice, what you're hearing from ted cruz is don't roll the dice towards other evangelicals, or donald trump. someone who doesn't have the history on political positions and on ideology. don't roll the dice on marco rubio that doesn't track with what ted cruz has been pushing. what you've seen over the last couple of weeks. particularly in the "des moines register" poll. ted cruz has been losing momentum. belizing evangelicals over the past month. the push for ted cruz over the last 24 hours has been to try to bring them back into the fold.
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try to undercut donald trump a little and focus on cutting out any support for marco rubio. >> what about the mailer that was sent out by the cruz campaign? what did it say? >> what you're get something people were opening their mail boxes and seen what looked like an official document from the government in a red bold box saider voter violation on it and having grades, fs and cs and ds. what it was, if you looked at the bottom was paid for by the cruz campaign. what this is, is a voter persuasion tactic. this is something that's been used by both parties for years. it's a little bit on the seedy side of politics. the iowa secretary of state said it was not in the spirit of what the iowa caucuses are all about. anderson, what this is is essentially an attempt to shame voters to the polls. to shame voters to caucuses, make them turn out. ted cruz has not run away from this. saying he won't apologize for trying to boost turnout for his team. the ted cruz ground operation, what most campaigns say is the best in the state trying to get every possible voter to come
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out. no matter the tactics it takes to get them there. >> phil mattingly, thanks very much. the best panel in politics, the longest intro in television, joining is is cnn nia malika henderson. and david axelrod. chief national correspondent john king, anchor of "inside politics" and van jones, paul begala, paul san adviser to big pro clinton superpac. jeff are lord is served as white house political director during the reagan administration. david, you've been -- >> i'm exhausted. >> david you've been on the ground in iowa with the candidate eight years ago. how accurate, how much dot campaigns know about what's going to happen tomorrow night? >> you don't know because you know what you can which is you know who has given you commitments, you know what number can you bring out. you don't know whether that number is going to be sufficient. and so the big mystery is turnout. that's what both of these races are going to turn on.
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whether it's the sanders/clinton race or trump and cruz. cruz is hoping that the turnout is manageable and that the hard count that he has will suffice. >> the same thing is true for hillary clinton. but nobody knows for sure until tomorrow night. >> do we know much about trump's ground game? they're not letting people in the area where they're making calls. i guess the big question is people willing to wait in line for hours to see him actually going to caucus? a our first clue will come an hour before the caucuses, you have to be in line by 7:00 local. so show up and see if there's a line. are they there to get in? or a lot of people there to register to vote or change their registration that will tell you in the democratic and republican sides, if you have a trump and a sanders crowd. >> one of things interesting about the last poll was the gold standard, the "des moines register" poll has a very good record. the poll projects a relatively average number of new voters. if that's the case, a bad night for donald trump and a bad night for bernie sanders.
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if you have new people who move to the state or new people who decide to play for the first time. it also projects in the last poll, shrinking in the percentage of people who are evangelicals, a significant shrinkage from four years ago and eight years ago. if the "des moines register" has the electorate right even though trump leads in the last poll i could easily see a cruz victory. >> why would there be a shrinkage of evangelicals? is it less people calling themselves evangelicals? or just some opting not to come? >> the pollsters call people and say are you likely to vote? that's the model they run. that's where she came out. running her model, taking the calls and weighing the population and doing what they do with the computer scaling. that's her model. she knows the state better than any pollster in the country and she would concede there's always availables s variables in the end. if the number is higher, it's a better night for cruz. >> the surge of all surges was barack obama's. in 2008.
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57% of democrats said they had not caucused before. >> and for republicans it's 40%. so far at least, anybody can go to a caucus, sign up, decide what they want to do but the early signs are, you're not going to have anything like the surge we saw. >> we knew to john's point and to your point, we knew before the caucuses even began, that we were in really good shape. because there were lines pouring out into the street before those caucus places opened. nothing in this data suggest weers going to see something approaching that. perhaps except in the college towns where there's great enthusiasm for bernie sanders. >> did your data show that? did you know in advance that you were going to have those lines? >> we had an ambitious number that we felt confident about. the turnout was toward 240,000 people which was twice as much
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as four years earlier. nobody anticipated that. >> partly it was because it was so early in the calendar year, right? it was in january so all of those college students were duly home in their different towns, across iowa. so they were able to fan out all across iowa. in a way they're not home this year because it's late in the calendar. i think in those college towns they'll be concentrated there. it won't be the same kind of advantage that obama had last time. for sanders this time. >> we talked about bussing kids back to their home counties. that's never been a very good model. ted cruz all along there's been this expectation that he's going to come in first in iowa. donald trump is now kind of trying to downplay it. whether or not he actually believes he should downplay or not, i don't know. >> if he loses, they go on. and this will fade into the rear-view mirror pretty quickly. if he wins, this is the start of
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a tank rolling through the primaries. so you know we will see. >> and the fact that we're, i don't know who is going to win tomorrow. i know who has already lost. every political expert has lost. except for this one. the idea, i remember when bernie sanders threw his hat in the ring. the people who didn't yawn, laughed, they thought it was going to be dennis ckucinich al over again. a good liberal to fly the flag. before he got destroyed by the clinton machine. maybe he would get 5%, maybe he would get 10%. the idea we're sitting right now, we can't tell if the clinton machine can take out bernie sanders, every political expert on both sides said six months ago, said no way. >> if in fairness, van, i think bernie sanders has run a spectacular campaign. and i wouldn't take it away from him. but iowa is a peculiar place. you say how could she be fighting in this battle with a 74-year-old socialist?
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well a lot of people go to those caucuses are 74-year-old socialists. >> i think tomorrow we'll get our first indication of how valuable or accurate all of these national polls that we've been basing every single prediction really are. these are people who answer landline phone calls to talk to pollsters. i'm not sure how accurate that's going to shake out to be for someone like trump who has been, who has been leading in these polls. i think we'll have our first indication tomorrow how the rest of the mba map is going to look. if we can use the polls or if we've got the new wave of voters, millennials, 20-30, people age 30-40. who don't have land line phones. who can't be polled. i think that will be useful for people like us who have been wrong. >> free speech. free society. >> i second that. >> it's a bunch of garbage.
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>> how do you mean? >> if you look at the assumptions embedded in a poll. there was a poll of iowa democratic caucusgoers that suggested 300,000 people would show up. the average is like 120, 140. barack obama blew it out and hit 240. nobody with a lick of sense thinks that. somebody got paid for that poll. so god bless her or him. the thing that has struck me, looking at david pointed out, the gold standard of the "des moines register." hilla hillary's people were on a forced march, like a soviet grocery store, only one product you have to buy and bernie was the candidate of passion. guess what, in the iowa poll from the "des moines register," hillary supporters are more passionate to pore her than bernie's are to support him. hillary's supporters are happier with her and that bernie's are with him. >> it's interesting, she's done what she didn't do in 2008.
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she has gone to the small towns. she's gone to living rooms, she's gone one-on-one. >> she has taken iowa seriously. bernie sanders has held rallies throughout iowa. but he hasn't done that person-to-person campaigning that hillary clinton has done. frankly she's better at that than she is at big rallies. >> i asked him about it why don't you ever shake hands with the people who come at your rallies? he said because i i have to rush to the next rally. >> hillary had to show that she was accessible. >> the great thing about the caucus environment that most states don't get and most people don't understand if you don't go see one, it's not an all-day voting like a normal primary. you have to show up at one time. to david's point. the campaigns say x number of people are going to vote. to win in this precinct, we need this. they show up, saying we have our number. they thought it was great and they walked in the gyms in the
5:14 pm
community centers and went uh-oh. they saw the obama people across the room. the clinton people, they came earlier and stayed later at every phone bank. >> taking a short break. coming up next, so many candidates running there will not be a landslide tomorrow. whoever there might be a blizzard. the impact and the forecast, when we come back. later we'll dig deeper into the polling on what is shaping up as a three-way gop race. more on the big question, is ted cruz losing momentum in exactly the wrong time or right time depending on which side of the aisle you're on. and precisely why the clinton/sanders race is closer than many ever believed it would be. we'll take a look at the role if any that the state department email controversy is playing among iowa democrats in particular.
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better nutrition. better eggs. you saw at the top of the broadcast, candidates trying to get in one last shot at opponents, making a final appeal for votes. telling anyone they can get to go out tomorrow and caucus tomorrow night. which could mean going out in a blizzard, the two big headlines tomorrow could be caucuses begin and blizzard hits. cnn's tom sayder joins with us what could be a major storm what kind of weather do caucusgoers have to deal with tomorrow? >> it really is going to be more interesting for the western counties, those western precincts. the storm going to be moving quickly. dumping several feet of snow in the central and southern
5:19 pm
rockies. storm warnings in pink. red is blizzard warnings, in yellow it's a blizzard watch. in a matter of hours, this is going to turn red, we're going to have a blizzard warning. notice the sliver not covered in from davenport southward this is going to be problem. des moines could see a foot. i bet the airport will shut down. not just for the campaign managers, the entire teams, the thousands of journalists that are there from around the u.s. and around the world may have to wait a day to get out unless they can get over to the quad cities. it looks like the timing with this has been interesting. it looked like it was a tuesday event and a tuesday event only. now the timing brings it up a little bit sooner. everything in purple is a good seven to 12 inches. we've got over a foot in some areas. in pink when you look at some of the models, anderson, they creep it in a little earlier and a little earlier. this is an 11:00 p.m. at night. when some caucusgoers are still out obviously that's a good swath of snow. if we break it down further and
5:20 pm
give awe timeline, again, the western precincts, we believe the snow could start at 6:00 p.m. 7:00 or 8:00, you get a couple of inches on the ground, if the winds kick up that could be enough to strike fear in some of the older caucusgoers, elderly caucusgoers. no the knowing what to expect they they leave the caucus. we know what blizzard conditions can do on the real country roads in iowa. >> tom, thanks so much. weather or no weather, can you get a good read on how candidates are doing by looking in a few places across the state. to follow along at home tomorrow night, it's "inside politics" anchor john king joins to us break it down by the numbers starting on the republican side. >> let's start quickly reviewing the final numbers in the "des moines register" poll. you have donald trump at 28, ted cruz, 23, marco rubio at 15. it seems like a three-man race at the top. don't forget the people down below. the candidates in second and third tier of the race. now where are we going to look
5:21 pm
for? by this time tomorrow. people will be voting, we'll be getting results and start to fill in the map with actual votes. we can stop talking and start counting. let's go back to 2012. rick santorum won the state bay couple dozen votes. look at all this brown, that's rick santorum. you can see how much of the state he won. you would think a guy who won so many counties in the state would have run up the score. would have won big. he didn't. a couple hundred votes, maybe 300, 500, 800. mitt romney was able to be essentially in a virtual tie, he won at all the population centers, des moines, cedar rapids, quad city where the airport will be open and up in dubuque. he faces kpet frigs marco rubio and jeb bush.
5:22 pm
marco rubio needs to succeed on the romney map. see out here all of this brown, rick santorum four years ago, green was mike huckabee ate years ago, the way to win an iowa caucus is to run up the score in the small rural counties to offset the establishment candidates support in the areas with suburbs. romney wins in the suburbs. rubio wants to win in the suburbs. trump needs to perform strongly in the suburbs. if you're ted cruz you need a map like this, you need the huckabee map or the santorum map. if you see tomorrow a lot of donald trump red up in this part of the state that's trouble for ted cruz. has he made enough inroads with the evangelicals. where's donald trump right now? sioux city. he's trying to make inroads among evangelicals in the western rural part of the state. our 2016 map is blank. tomorrow as we fwil it in, go online and pull up the 2012 or the 2008 republican map. make the comparisons. you'll have some clues as this
5:23 pm
fills in tomorrow who has strength and had may be is underperforming. >> john king thanks very much. >> you know it's interesting. we hear so much about ground game all the candidates say they have a great ground game do we know much about who's ground game on the gop side truly is the best? >> you hear how ted has built this from the ground up. he's from texas where it's too big a state. there's two different time zones. but he has adapted to the person-to-person and frankly church-to-church campaigning that's so important. >> particularly reaching out to pastors. >> the senate race, he won his senate race doing this kind of thing. he was by far the underdog. in that primary race. and he came from behind and won. >> all the tech people rng the data geeks are impressed with ted cruz on that. he's the more data-driven of all the republican candidates. i think that's going to, we're
5:24 pm
going to see if that tech-enabled ground game can deal with the air force. you got a major air war being launched by donald trump and i don't think anybody knows how -- >> it is interesting that trump kind of doubled down in iowa. he would have been forgiven. he's going to abandon iowa, give it up to ted cruz and focus on new hampshire. but he seems to have decided that at a certain point you know what, we're going to try to win this. >> i think his strategy is compete everywhere, try to win everywhere. >> i think when he saw the first couple of months go, the first time he started leading among evangelicals, he said why am i going to write off iowa? he started to if he cufocus. two potential advantages for trump in iowa. in republican caucuses voters are not given a ballot with a bunch of names. in some cases they're given a blank piece of paper. can you write anyone's name down. a lot of iowa caucusgoers are very informed voters.
5:25 pm
but if you've only been marginally paying attention, trump's name is pretty big. you might write that name down and ignore the rest. a democrat can go to a republican caucus, switch the voter registration in that moment and vote for trump. i don't think you're going to see a lot of republicans going to democratic caucuses to vote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. you might see some democrats going to the republican caucuses, switching their registration and voting for trump if those two advantages are you know, work out for donald trump, he could do very well. i think that what we, what we've seen is is in des moines register poll is that trump has some issues here, he's got a huge gender gap. even among women who self-identify as evangelicals. he has a gender gap, 50% of the, 56% of caucusgoers don't like the fact that he supports what's called imminent domain. which means the government can seize your property if it needs to.
5:26 pm
and they don't like the fact that he was once pro choice. and these things are sort of the beginning, i think, of a narrative that cruz has been driving. that could have some effect. moving on. i think we're beginning -- >> that's what cruz has been hammering in commercials most recently. >> i think that's one of the issues here. did people wait to attack donald trump too late? even ted cruz is training his fire much more on marco rubio than donald trump. at this point. in terms of donald trump's other advantages, i think he's also advantaged by the fact that mike huckabee is still in this race. ben carson is still in this race. he's getting about 10% of rick santorum is in this race. they all have rather good ground games and high name i.d. and they're going to eat into the home-schooling evangelical crowd. >> one of the most telling numbers in the poll was that if you ran ted cruz against donald trump in iowa and there were no other candidates, trump would
5:27 pm
lose by 18 points. so that tells you that trump has a ceiling. but he's benefitting from this divided field. >> trump has been running a lot of television commercials in the last couple of days. especially. >> trump is ramping up the ads. marco rubio is running a lot of nice guys you like me ads because he knows other people including superpacs are dumping on ted cruz. some people are dumping on donald trump so if you're marco rubio you're trying to run these hey i'm a nice guy ad. you want them to come to you. to nia's point i think it's important to go to a couple of things. first 2012, we don't have ron paul in this race. he got 21%. ran a very strong third in iowa. he won a lot of counties. he's in iowa tonight campaigning for rand paul. can rand paul surprise? his campaign says they made $1.1 million phone calls. he insists they'll overperform their polling. if they, do a lot of tea party libertarians could come out of ted cruz's poll. let's come back to 2016. you come down here, here's jeb
5:28 pm
bush. jeb bush is tiny single digits in the poll, right? right now where is he campaigning? and where is he seeking votes? on the romney map. jeb bush is active in the same areas where marco rubio saktive and where donald trump needs to get votes, in the population centers, suburbs of des moines, cedar rapids, this is where you have bush, rubio and trump in a three-way competition for the main line establishment votes. one other point, if we come back to 2016. you also look to nia's point about carson, you have ben carson and two past iowa winners, down here, rick santorum and mike huckabee. i lost huckabee on the map, 12 names, hard to keep them in the scroll. if santorum can repeat anywhere, anywhere, even if he's not winning counties if he's getting decent numbers in the counties, he's keeping cruz's total down. if huckabee, i was up with huckabee up here last weekend in winnebago county. 18 people in the room. depressing for a candidate who once won the state if huckabee,
5:29 pm
santorum and carson can drain evangelical votes from ted cruz and keep his margins down and donald trump can do on the population centers, candidates way down ballot could have a huge impact on the guys up top. >> a lot it watch for. >> unlike the democratic caucuses, there isn't a second-choice option. it's not as if you have a second vote. this purely drains votes from probably from cruz all of these evangelical candidates, they're not going to reorganize and support cruz as a second choice, you have do have the option in a democratic caucus. >> we have more to talk about over the next 90 minutes, focusing on the iowa caucuses. digging deeper into the democratic battle. it was epic. i can't believe i got it. that's my boy. woah! look! that's my boy. you're proud to give each other your best every day. and at banquet, we want to give you our best.
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bringing you special coverage oj the blitz of 11th-hour campaigning. the candidates have held two dozen events today. kpo dozen campaign events. live pictures from a bernie sanders rally. a rally for hillary clinton expected to start in 25 minutes. the new "des moines register"/bloomberg politics poll shows clinton leading sanders 45-42%, a three-point lead within the margin of error. joining me is hillary clinton's
5:34 pm
campaign manager robbie muth. are you concerned at all, is secretary clinton of a repeat of the 2008 caucus tomorrow? >> not at all as we go around the state. what we've been hearing, i was just out with our volunteers canvassing this weekend. voters are looking for a president that can get results. get real tangible results for people. help them afford college. help them afford their health care premiums, help lower their prescription drug prices and the voters in iowa know that hillary clinton is a fighter. she sticks with until she gets the job done and she's going to deliver for people in iowa and across the country. >> you think you're going to win tomorrow night? >> we do. we feel really good. i can tell you this weekend i was in our field offices and knocking on doors. the enthusiasm is palpable. people are really excited. they know that they're going to make history in this caucus. begin nominating the first woman
5:35 pm
nominee for a party and hopefully the first woman president. and also picking someone who is going to go to the white house and fight hard for middle class families every single day. >> obviously you know on friday the state department reported it would not release 22 of second clinton's emails that had gone through a private server because they were deemed top secret by the intelligence agency. she was asked about that on abc's "this week" today. she said she wants them to be released. i want do play that for our viewers and ask you about it. >> let's get it out. let's see what it is and let the american people draw their own conclusions. this is very much like benghazi. the republicans are going to continue to use it beat up on me, i understand that. that's the way they are. but after 11 hours of testimony, answering every single question in public which i had requested for many months. i think it's pretty clear they're grasping at straws and this will turn out the same way. >> so is the secretary saying she believes there's a partisan
5:36 pm
motive behind the announcement of these emails. a lot of civil servants tasked with analyzing the emails or classifying them that might take issue with that. >> there are a number of leaks leading up to this announcement from republicans on the hill. we've seen partisan republicans on the hill earlier, rather last year, hauled her in, subjected her to 11 hours of questioning. about benghazi incident. never found a a single thing. so sure, there's a lot of partisan motivation behind this. but i'll tell you i was out this weekend talking to a lot of voters here in iowa, it didn't come up once. i think they're focused on the issues that matter in this race. >> it did come up with bernie sanders who said the email question was quote very serious in an interview on cnn today. is he wrong? >> i think what senator sanders has said in the past and i certainly agree with is that what the voters really care about in this election, is how we help them in their daily
5:37 pm
lives. kban and again, these accusations have been thrown around. the republicans are going after her. they know she will not only be effective in washington, but she's our best chance to make sure that the white house stays in democratic hands. >> the question is do you believe -- that's bernie sanders saying it's very serious today. do you think this is very serious? >> i'll let senator sanders answer for himself. i was out of doors this weekend in iowa. we've been having events all week. this doesn't come up. what the voters care about is affording health care, affording college, affording child care. i'm not hearing about it from the voters. think they take a lot of other issues much more seriously. >> thank you for being on. coming up in the next hour we'll talk to bernie sanders' campaign manager. all three campaigns in
5:38 pm
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the campaign still going on tonight in iowa. live pictures there from the sanders event on the left. rand paul on the right. everyone campaigning hard. because anything could happen. as we said, donald trump's leading ted cruz by five points. in the latest "des moines register" blsh bloomberg politics poll. marco rubio is in third place.
5:42 pm
and iowa voters are known for often waiting until the last minute to make up their mints, that's why the final hours of campaigning are considered crucial. on the eve of the caucuses, all three campaigns are in overdrive. dana bash takes a look. this is molly maddox with the ted cruz campaign. >> hustle at ted cruz iowa headquarters accelerated to a frenzy. to get out the vote. >> can you see this, there's obviously a lot of buzz here. >> we are definitely making a lot of calls. 27,000 calls yesterday. which is just it beats our record. >> cruz campaign aides boldly boast about the size and scope of their operation. >> 2,500 doors yesterday out of this office alone. we have camp cruz, a lot of the people are staying, we have two dorms, 830-plus people. >> when people check in, they put a pin where they're from. so we have people from california, we have a lot from texas.
5:43 pm
a lot from iowa. missouri. florida, georgia, massachusetts. new york. >> still it's the candidate who has to close the deal. he did with some, but james gray still isn't sold. >> are you still on the fence? >> i think i'm probably closer. >> but not 100% sold? >> well you know i'm going to go listen to marco in a little bit. >> iowa congressman steve king is a veteran of the caucuses and a fixture on the trail with cruz. >> i'm going to pick 135,000 republicans as the turnout. and if that number goes well above that, then donald trump has a shot. >> that's because donald trump is trying to turn out first-time caucusgoers like sue elpin who we met a a trump rally. >> have you caucused before? >> no, this is my first time. he's got me charged up. >> to want to low paz told us she's a born-again christian usually drawn to candidates who talk her talk. but not this time. >> right now we don't need a pastor.
5:44 pm
we don't need a sunday school teacher. we need someone who has the authority and the power and the guts to say what's on his mind. >> trump aides are somewhat secretive about their get out the vote operation. but stefrl iowans say the campaign is reaching out. the open question, will the celebrity candidates' crowds translate to votes? it may with stephanie reagan. we talked to her before seeing trump. >> you're not sure if you're going to support him? >> i'm teetering between donald trump and ben carson. >> on the way out, all in for trump. >> after listening to him and thinking about everything that he does. i feel like he resembles the american dream. >> meanwhile at marco rubio headquarters -- >> i learned a new word, marco-memtum. >> tim hutchinson flew from from arkansas to help. >> we'll be driving an hour and a half to one of the caucuses and representing the campaign. >> i've been volunteering since before christmas. >> i've probably made close to 1,000, anyway. >> now volunteers like jill caps
5:45 pm
are calling iowans committed to rubio to make sure they actually show up. because for all the rewritten rules and 2016 -- >> every vote does count. >> that rule will never change. >> dana, i understand the trump campaign has been less forthcoming about the ground operations than some other campaigns, do we know about their final push to turn out voters? >> you might have noticed in that piece i was inside the headquarters of rubio and cruz, but not trump. the trump campaign didn't want us or any media to come in, because they want to keep it kind of mysterious. the answer to your question is in talking to trump sources that they do have a data-driven campaign just like ted cruz and others, they have been making calls over and over again and again, i did find evidence of that just talking to people who were at some trump rallies. but at the end of the day. we're still not exactly sure how many people there are touching and retouching to make sure they get to the caucuses and how much
5:46 pm
they're just depending on a good, old-fashioned motivation. >> dana bash, we'll know tomorrow. just ahead, dana mentioned the evangelical vote. we'll take to you a county in iowa that typically backs the most conservative and most overtly religious candidate what voters there are thinking about their choices this time around.
5:47 pm
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take a look at bernie sanders tonight in des moines with his democratic rival, hillary clinton campaigning across town. jeb bush also on the stump. let's listen now to bernie sanders. >> the future for their kids, they're worried about their parents. and meanwhile, almost all of the new income and wealth in this country is going to the top 1%. what this campaign -- >> they're talking about religion playing a major role. especially outside the big city. sioux county is known for picking the most conservative and religious candidates. we went there to see what people were feeling about the batch of republican candidates. >> at the sioux county livestock company, it's steaks and chops on the menu and politics in the air. who's going to caucus? anyone? >> every member of this family
5:51 pm
is still undecided. they like trump. but aren't sure he's genuinely conservative. >> i just wonder about his beliefs. how deep of a believer or christian he really is. or is he saying that just to kind of win us over. >> he has said that, that he's never asked god for forgiveness, does that bother you? >> yes, that would bother me, because we're all sinners and he needs to ask just like the rest of us. >> that potentially could be a problem for donald trump. >> i'm tired of politicians. i've had this all my life. i'm tired of it. >> farming corn and faith are the cornerstones of life in this part of iowa. most are looking for someone who shares their christian values. that potentially could be a problem for donald trump. >> trump says the bible is his favorite book. you don't believe that? >> i'm sure he does say that that's his favorite book. because right now he is campaigning in iowa. >> and here in sioux county, iowa, conservative christian values run deep this northwestern pocket of the state is known for backing the most
5:52 pm
conservative and the most religious candidates. family is the foundation here. and chump pews are filled every sunday. it's been called the bible belt of iowa. >> which is exactly why this man says he'll caucus for ted cruz. he thinks he's a strong conservative who believes in freedom of religion. though he does acknowledge cruz may have some extreme views. >> candidates that are real strong on moral issues, against abortion, against same-sex marriage. holding up those values in the bible is very important and i think ted cruz embodies that. >> cruz earns points for pushing an amendment that would allow states to decide on same-sex marriage. undermining the supreme court which legalized it. >> god made, created man and female and male and female and he wants us to marry as male and female and i go with god's way, i don't think there should be any change in that. >> cruz's biggest problem here is the ethanol mandate which he
5:53 pm
opposes, farmers and donald trump support it. trump's tough talk on supporting the second amendment helps him here, too. >> i am conservative and the abortions, i'm anti-abortion and like they said, we cling to our guns and our bibles. in this part of the country. >> still, to some here, trump is simply a showman who doesn't belong in the white house. >> i'm a republican. but honestly, if donald trump was my only choice, i would choose not to vote. >> randy kay, cnn, sioux county, iowa. >> hearing from some evangelicals, the president of the ethics commission and author of "onward: engaging the culture without losing the gospel." joining us from nashville. you wrote in the national review, donald trump is not the moral leader we need. if you look at the polls, there's a lot of conservative
5:54 pm
voters, self-identified evangelical voters lining up behind him. why do you think? >> there's a general sense of cynicism and almost a giving up on looking for leaders of good character and of good morals. >> i had to laugh the other day when i saw a journalist post on twitter that his uber driver had said that he worried that donald trump might be the antichrist. but he was probably going to caucus for him, anyway. i think there's a sense in which people have, have such a frustration that they're almost willing to give up on the things they used to value. >> i've heard some people say look, i'm not very religious. i think i heard a pastor say it on cnn the other day. i'm not looking for a pastor in chief. i'm looking for somebody who i think can give the country what it needs as a leader. do you think the self-definition of what it means to be evangelical is changing for some people? or is it just the anger and cynicism that's out there? >> i definitely don't think we
5:55 pm
need a pastor in chief. because i think the qualifications of pastor i think the mission of the church is more important than the mission of the state. we need leaders who have good character and good integrity. i think if evangelical leaders are wanting to say that that has changed. we no longer need to articulate a leader who has good character and good integrity. we need to apologize for the things we've been saying for the past 50 years. instead i think when we're looking at this election, i'm frankly more worried about what's happening within evangelicalism than i am about whoever is up and whoever is down in the polls. because i think evangelical is increasingly becoming an almost meaningless term. when you have people who i mean evangelical means gospel. it's talking about the gospel of jesus christ. evangelical leaders who are suggesting that repentance toward god and faith in jesus christ isn't what makes someone
5:56 pm
a christian. that someone's political opinions or someone's job creation record is enough to demonstrate that one is a christian, then the term really doesn't mean anything any more. so i think you have, i think you have generational divides within evangelicalism from a younger, more theologically-oriented evangelicalism. as opposed to an older, a much more politically activist evangelicalism that's not a theologically focused. i think those divides have become even more exposed through this election cycle and over the past several weeks. >> so you think -- younger evangelicals are more theologically based? >> yes. younger evangelicals are more theologically conservative. more theologically orthodox. more theologically rooted than their parents and grandparents because they don't have the same cultural identity. for most of the 20th century in the bible belt in this country it was easier to leave a teacher's union than it was to leave an evangelical church. you were simply part of it
5:57 pm
because you were born into it. now younger evangelicals are having to articulate what they believe from the time that they're very young. so it's a much more theologically-oriented group of people. what i fear after a really cynical campaign. such as the one we're seeing right now, especially one that is so charged with religion. that we may see groups of evangelicals, younger evangelicals who are even more inclined to disengaging from the political process. which i think is bad for the country. i think that we have to be the people who take our citizenship seriously. even as we don't make it ultimately. we're not americans first, we're christians first, but we are americans and we do have responsibilities to our neighbors. >> russell morris, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. >> thanks, anderson. another live hour of 360 on this iowa caucus eve. a clinton rally about to get under way in des moines. a clinton family event and daughter clel sea will take the
5:58 pm
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