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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake tapper. we are following two big breaking stories. new video just in of one of the world's most wanted men captured today in mexico. drug kingpin "el chapo," juan guzman, now in police custody. you will see him being transferred to an airplane here. he walks out of that car, moving into an airplane. there he is. that is our first sight of him since he was captured in a dramatic raid. we are waiting for a news conference from the mexican president, that is expected to begin any minute. but first, breaking news in our national lead. an urgent warning going out to law enforcement after a gunman tried to execute a police
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officer at practically point-blank range in philadelphia. police say the gunman later confessed to doing it in the name of the islamic state, isis. surveillance cameras captured the attack and show the gunman, you can see it right there, with his weapon inside the officer's patrol car. cnn's miguel marquez joins us now from philadelphia at police headquarters. miguel, this creates so many new questions about terrorism, police safety, the possibility of copycats. what's the very latest? >> reporter: and this is exactly what police are now digging into. trying to find any shred of evidence that links this gunman to terrorism. but strip all that away, the actions of that philadelphia police officer, jesse hartnett, were nothing short of heroic. these photos show a man firing his gun directly into a philadelphia police officer's car. and police say he claims to have done it in the name of radical islam. >> shots fired. i've been shot! i'm bleeding heavily!
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>> reporter: the suspect, 30-year-old philadelphia resident edward archer, allegedly ambushed officer jesse hartnett at close range firing at least 11 shots from his .9 millimeter pistol. >> he pledges allegiance to have the islamic state. >> reporter: hartnett managed to get out of the car and return fire hitting the gunman in the buttocks. police arrested him and recovered the gun. >> the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> reporter: but it was revealed by the police commissioner that the weapon used was a stolen police gun. >> it was stolen back in october of 2013. it was reported. and that is one of the things that you absolutely regret the most when an officer's gun is stolen that it is used against one of your own. >> reporter: the fbi confirms
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its involvement releasing a statement, we are working side by side with the philadelphia police department. but made it clear philadelphia police are the lead agency in the case. in response to this shooting and another attack on police in paris, the new york police department issued an internal memo urging officers to exercise heightened vigilance and implement proactive measures at all times. reminding them that isis has called for supporters to carry out attacks on law enforcement. >> our main concern at the moment today is the well-being and the health and recovery and rehabilitation of officer hartnett. >> it's both confounding and astonishing that he was able to escape it like this. and i can't say enough for his bravery and how he conducted himself. >> reporter: now, authorities are now digging into the life and the past of mr. archer trying to figure out if there is any lipg to terrorism.
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they are serving search warrants on several properties around the philadelphia area to try to come up with anything there. as for the officer himself, while he survived, he did lose a lot of blood. he was shot almost point-blank in the arm breaking the bone in one place, a lot of nerve damage. a long way to go before he is back on the force and working, but just an unbelievable job he did, john. >> indeed. obviously our thoughts go out to him. such bravery, such presence of mind. miguel marquez, thank you so much. so what does this attack mean for law enforcement agencies across the country? cnn national correspondent deborah feyerick has been working her law enforcement sources, joins me right now. deb, we heard miguel say the new york police department sent out a warning saying be on alert right now. enormous concern i have to believe across the can you want. >> there really is. that's the whole thing. isis made very clear that law enforcement, with the military, that any related to government that could be a potential target and therefore everybody right now on high alert. the police commissioner was asked why the officer was alone in his vehicle, and he responded
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that that's the way they do it in philadelphia. it's unclear whether they're planning on pairing people up in the short-term, but this is under investigation nationwide. the fbi is standing by. they are there to provide assistance. so for example if the police department needs any sort of forensic analysis, whether it be computers or cell phones or -- they're looking also at databases that may exist where he could potentially appear. they have issued search warrants to these two homes. others are also being looked at. anywhere that he may have laid his head, according to the police commissioner. so they're going over this to see whether there was any sort of nexus to terrorism. that's what they really want to know. it was very interesting to listen to the police commissioner, john, who was really talking about the fact that, you know, he immediately when he was shot and questioned by homicide detectives he basically said, look, i did this in the name of religion, i did this in the name of isis but stopped short of implicating anybody else in the conspiracy. that's according to police. so that's what they have to look at because they do say he was just a little too clever.
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he didn't give anybody up. he didn't say more than he had to. he kept repeating the same phrase over and over again that he pledged allegiance to the islamic state and that he was following allah and he was called upon to do this because of his following of allah, john. >> that statement in and of itself alarming. deborah feyerick, stick around. we'll come back to you in a moment. first, bringing in cnn intelligence security analyst bob baer, former cia operative, also tim clemente, former fbi counterterrorism agent. bob, the homeland security chairman says could be connected to isis headquarters in raqqah, in syria. listen to his comments today. >> when you look at the internet activity coming out of raqqah, syria, into the united states every day, 200,000 tweets per day, the message is clear. kill military, attack military installations and kill police officers. it's in my judgment this individual's carrying out these
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directives, these orders if you will, coming out of raqqah, syria, from isis. >> bob, carrying out the directives, carrying out the orders of raqqah in syria, does that seem likely to you? does it even matter here whether it's inspired or directed by isis? what's the significance of the difference? >> well, i think the fact there was a uniformed officer attacked tells a big story. some people here are responding to the call from raqqah to attack people in uniform, whether it's military or the police. this is really has taken a turn for the worse that people are responding and apparently this man was a convert. and somebody very difficult to find out. i mean, to become a muslim, so become a convert to the islamic state, all you have to do is say the -- go get a stolen gun and you can carry out this war here. and the police should be concerned because i know they suspect there's a lot more of them out there ready to go after them. >> answering the call, tim.
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and isn't that the concern? i've spoken to officials today within law enforcement and they say, look, there are two things going on right now that frankly cause alarm. number one, you have more planned coordinated attacks like you saw in paris and perhaps san bernardino. and maybe this, in philadelphia the lone wolf, one off, that can't be predicted. how can law enforcement simultaneously plan for both? >> john, it's nearly impossible, but it's a task that they're going to face no matter how daunting it is. i mean, not only the fbi but local law enforcement and, you know, my thoughts and prayers go out to not only this officer but his family and all those affected by this. very heroic act on his part. vigilance is very important for officers at all times because there have been other cases where officers have been ambushed in their cars. we saw in new york last year the two officers that were attacked. so, you know, an officer is always in danger. that's why they wear body armor. that's why they carry guns. it's just one more thing that we throw at them when you have a situation like this where you have individuals that are
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radicalized could be in a cave somewhere, could be in their basement in brooklyn, could be anywhere. and become radicalized. and the orders as bob just said, the orders coming from isis are orders that go out broadly. anyone that's willing to answer that call becomes a member of isis once they pledge to abu bakr al baghdadi and the organization isis. it's not something that takes a long drawn out process like al qaeda may have required in the past. this is something done instantaneously by their actions. >> bob, the significance of attacking someone in uniform, what is it to isis? >> they want to portray this as a conflict between one state and another, the islamic state against the united states. we are cast as you know the crusaders if you like. if they attack us on a military level, it justifies the violence as opposed to something like san bernardino, which there was no call to attack that target. but the uniformed target is
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something different. the islamic state is in a lot of trouble right now, but it would truly like to portray itself as the defenders of sunni against in particular the united states. and if they have to do it inside this country, so be it. they would like to cast this as a war. >> jim, we heard from deborah feyerick a short time ago who said they got this confession of sorts from the alleged gunman who essentially said i'm doing this in the name of isis. he did this for isis. how do you connect that statement? look, he admits it to finding out what conversations he might have had, what level of coordination he might have had, whether he's just saying this to mess with investigators right now. >> well, john, i don't have any reason to disbelieve what he's saying. the fact he says he's doing it for isis is clear by, again, by his actions. and all you need to do is commit that act and say you're doing it for isis for isis to then welcome you with open arms. now, the benefit here is that this individual's alive, unlike in the few cases like garland,
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texas and in san bernardino where we did not have the individual to interrogate after the fact. we have this guy. his statements are out there because he made them plainly. he's bragging. he's bragging that he is a terrorist. he's a member of isis by saying he did this for isis. so now we're going to see over the period of weeks and months that come down the road how the fbi and the philadelphia police will hopefully get a lot more information from this individual, how exactly he was radicalized, who exactly he communicated with if he did have any direct communication and/or what sites he visited and what literature he was reading that gave him this mindset to go out and do this heinous act. >> crucial questions already being asked. and we have seen some pictures of the fbi bringing things out of his home already. no doubt looking for some of the answers here. bob baer, tim clemente, thank you so much. the other breaking story in our world lead, the drug kingpin juan guzman "el chapo," he has been caught. this after he walked out of a mexican prison, tunnelling out.
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or women who are nursing,pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness; feel unusually tired; have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. ask for the crestor $3 card. ask your doctor about crestor. welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake. we have breaking news in our world lead. the world's most wanted drug lord, joaquin "el chapo" guzman captured. look at this. we just got this in this new photo taken of guzman today showing the drug kingpin in
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custody in handcuffs. this guy, you know, one of the wealthiest drug kingpins in the world in that dirty, filthy shirt. mexican authorities say they got him after a deadly fire fight this morning. he's been on the run since july when he tunnelled out of a maximum security mexican prison right from under the nose of so many guards and officials there. he is wanted here in the united states on drug trafficking and money laundering charges as well. let's get right to cnn justice correspondent pamela brown. pamela, what do we know about how this went down? >> well, now the justice department is responding. and essentially everyone here is elated about this development that "el chapo" has been captured. and this is what loretta lynch, the attorney general said. she says, today's capture of joaquin "el chapo" guzman by mexican authorities is a blow to the international drug trafficking syndicate. he's alleged a victory of both mexico and the united states and vindication of the rule of law and our countries. u.s. law enforcement official i've been speaking with says
1:16 pm
u.s. officials were actually aware of this operation to capture "el chapo." the u.s. official says that the u.s. did provide some support, some assistance in the search for "el chapo," but his capture was the mexican government's operation. mexican authorities have been closing in on "el chapo" since at least yesterday, i'm told by officials. and i'm also told this isn't a surprise that he was captured in sinaloa. this is his home turf. there was a belief he was there all along. one official i spoke to said it would be a surprise if he had not been captured there. i will say, john, there has been some skepticism among officials ever since "el chapo" escaped from prison for a second time this past summer that he would ever be captured again let alone alive. so this is welcome news to u.s. law enforcement officials. as we know, john, the u.s. has sought his extradition before in the past from mexico when he was arrested. and so it is likely that will
1:17 pm
happen again. he is a wanted man in many u.s. cities, john. >> yeah, i think there is understandable skepticism, pamela, given that he's escaped twice if not with the assistance of authorities at least with some level of complicity. it's hard to imagine there wasn't someone on the inside involved. so how can it be guaranteed over the coming days and weeks there won't be an escape again? >> well, that's a good question. i think the big concern among u.s. officials and the concern that was there even before this when he was being held in mexico is that he will pay off his guards, or somehow figure out a way to escape. we saw that elaborate tunnel that was created for him to escape through where he got on a motorcycle and then was able to roam free for several months before being captured today. so the big concern is that there could be another inside job. you're going to see a big push, i think, john, by u.s. officials from the doj to extradite him to the u.s. so that he will be held here. >> understandable why they want the extradition too. pamela brown, thank you so much. i'm joined by david aguilar,
1:18 pm
the former deputy commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection. but first, i want to go to lady depaul who joins us on the phone. he's an expert involved in this huge manhunt for "el chapo" and also former chief inspector and commander at the u.s. marshal service. lenia, what do you know about this manhunt, the capture, how it all came to an end? >> hi, john. good afternoon. i mean, with respect to the capture itself, and i'm pretty confident the u.s. marshal, dea, along with the mexican authorities it was a joint effort. this raid went down this morning as an intense shootout that went on. several people are dead. several in custody. most importantly he's in custody. so it will be interesting to see how this thing plays out with respect to extradition to the united states. now you have several more people dead, other pending charges in mexico. so it will be an intense negotiation i'm sure between the u.s. and the mexican authorities. >> you know, lenny, you can understand the skepticism now
1:19 pm
given how he escaped twice and in the most recent escape tunnelling out from under the noses there. you can understand the concerns now about what measures are being taken to keep him in custody. but let's talk about how he was found this time. how did they do it? >> well, i mean, without getting into the trade secrets and the magic especially with a target like "el chapo." i mean, he was the most wanted guy in the world pretty much by a lot of authorities, the 11 indictments that are ongoing here in the united states. everybody's looking for him. i mean, the prison in mexico was supposed to be a maximum security prison. no one has ever escaped from there, john. they assured the united states that he would be, you know, in custody there and secured. but that didn't happen. so bringing him back here to the united states would be the best bet for everybody. get him in a federal penitentiary in a secured maximum secured facility here in the u.s. and then move on. he's going to be spending less of his life in prison no matter
1:20 pm
where he's at. >> well, let's hope that's the case. lenny, standby. david aguilar, let me bring you into this conversation. let's just go big picture here. the significance that he is now in custody after all these months on the run. >> oh, it's a tremendous accomplishment. it's a victory for mexico, for the united states, for north america as a whole. and the law enforcement community absolutely came together in making this happen. this accomplishment can only be done by the collective effort in the case of somebody like this, collective effort of binational relations, a tremendous liaison that's occurred and effort from multiple law enforcement agencies. >> you know, we see that photo of him just a moment ago. we saw him, you know, in that dirty undershirt right there. here's a guy a multimillionaire, drug kingpin. how has he hidden for so long? what do we know at this point how he managed to evade authorities? and ultimately what it was that brought his run to an end? >> well, it's a tremendous amount of resources that this individual has at-hand.
1:21 pm
therefore the capabilities he can bring to bear in everything from hiding from the authorities, eluding them, being able to hide out in his own backyard as was said previously, in his home state of sinaloa. he owns literally municipalities, he owns police organizations in mexico, unfortunately through corruptness and things of this nature. so it is a capability due to the resources he owns. look, at one time he was gauged as the tenth richest man in mexico. he is responsible for over 35% of all the smuggling of cocaine out of colombia. he is responsible for over 80% of all meth cocaine and marijuana smuggled into chicago. we know what's happening in chicago today. >> and he is now in custody after months on the run. and he is now very much desired by u.s. officials to be extradited here to the united states to serve time here, hopefully where he will never be able to escape. david aguilar, lenny depaul, thank you so much. other big breaking story
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake tapper. turning back to our top story, a philadelphia police officer ambushed in his patrol car by a man pledging allegiance to isis. officer jesse hartnett, 33, he survived. but this attack really is in so many ways a nightmare scenario
1:26 pm
for law enforcement not just in philadelphia but around the country. want to get right to cnn international correspondent deborah feyerick. deb, you've been talking to law enforcement sources. what are they saying now? >> what they're saying is this was an ambush. this came out of nowhere. this man had one intent and one intent only and that was to assassinate this police officer. he walked up to the marked squad car and fired 11 shots from a stolen .9 millimeter gun and hit this man at close range. it's remarkable everyone is saying that this officer even survived. he did -- the officer was able to get out of the car, shoot the suspect. the suspect was brought to headquarters and questioned by homicide detectives. and that's when he confessed saying he had done this on -- he had pledged allegiance to isis and was doing this in the name of allah. he did not implicate anyone else. did not release any kind of information suggesting there was a conspiracy. but right now the feds are looking very, very closely to see whether in fact there is some sort of nexus to terrorism. they're looking at databases and there are search warrants being
1:27 pm
executed right now, confiscating computers, cell phones, looking for any kind of evidence that might suggest that this was a direct contact with isis or whether this was isis inspired, something that they're looking at right now, john, very closely. >> deborah feyerick, thank you so much. want to bring in senator lindsey graham, republican from south carolina who serves in the armed services committee. senator graham, thanks so much for being here. just a short time ago the chairman at a house homeland security committee, mike mccaul, he said he believed this man was carrying out orders from raqqah, from isis headquarters, does that seem likely to you? >> i would be surprised quite frankly. might know more about it than i do. to me it's probably a guy, you know, just nuts and wanted to do this in the name of isis and not directed by people in syria. but having said that, i really don't know. you're going to have more of this as long as they're perceived as winning. people don't pledge allegiance to losers.
1:28 pm
so we'll see what happens. >> and that's just the thing. in a way being inspired by isis even if you're not following direct orders there is just as dangerous here in the united states, isn't it? >> sure. it is to the cop. hats off to the cop. he did a great thing. i'm glad he's alive. and i'm glad he fought back. but there are really two threats from isis. the organization itself that can recruit people and plan sophisticated attacks like paris. and something like this, somebody inspired. been an uptick in these kind of attacks as isil has seen to have done well against the west and beginning to accumulate power. again, the day that you take the caliphate down and destroy it, a lot of this goes away. >> we talked to bob baer, former cia operative, he said uniformed officers in the country, cops, military personnel, obvious targets for isis. what's your message to the men and women on the streets here in the united states trying to keep
1:29 pm
people safe? >> we're in a war and you're a target. and god bless you for being willing to risk your life in everyday criminal events, but you're now part of a greater war. the fact that we attack them and they attack us should be no surprise. what surprises me is how the west is not showing the resolve we need to end this conflict with isil. they're not ten feet tall. they're not the jayvee team. if you don't destroy the caliphate at its roots, at its source in raqqah, syria, there are going to be more inspired attacks, but i fear a planned attack more than an inspired attack. so, mr. president, your strategy to destroy isil is not working. we need to strange strategy, or more of this is coming our way. >> senator lindsey graham, standby for a moment cht i want to go to mexico right now where the mexican president enrique peno nieto is holding a press conference on the drug kingpin "el chapo" captured this
1:30 pm
morning. >> translator: the attorney general office of the republic and the security investigation center of information, this action against impunity is the result of work of dynamic elements of our institutions which for days and nights dedicated themselves to perform the mission that ordered them to perform, recapture this criminal and turn him over to justice. to each one of them i express my recognition both institutional as well as personal. i express the recognition of all of mexico. pride to our nation. this arrest as i promise d had o
1:31 pm
happen. for months careful intelligence work has been carried out which allowed us to identify, disarm and infiltrate the network of this institution. -- to face and overcome anyone who threatens the tranquility of mexican families. when mexicans work together, there is no adversity that cannot be overcome. every -- can be reached if we trust in the slo lidty and strength of our operations.
1:32 pm
with this operation this is 98 out of 122 of the most sought after criminals who no longer represent a threat to mexican society. these are criminals who for years have been harming our country. we will continue to face with intelligence systems, with coordination, efficiency, we will face up to organized crime. we will continue to do this performing our duty because we have the support of millions of mexicans who want to live in a country under a rule of law and liberties. because of that today's arrest is extremely important for the security institutions of the government of this republic. today our demonstrations have
1:33 pm
demonstrated one more time that citizens can trust us. and our institutions are at the level needed to have the strength and determination to perform any mission that is granted to them. faced with a great national challenges, mexicans government that is sided and is determined to build a better country. today once again we have prove this. there is no strength like the strength of mexicans working together, once again, here, from the national palace i express my strongest recognition to all personnel, to all elements of
1:34 pm
all the institutions of security of our country who participated in the re-capture of this criminal that we have been looking for. thank you very much. and in the commands of the institutions, they are here. i want to ask them to transfer my recognition in the transportation of this criminal. thank you very much and good afternoon. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> that's the mexican president right now finishing up a speech. he just praised all the law enforcement and military personnel involved in the
1:35 pm
dramatic capture of juan guzman "el chapo," the most wanted drug kingpin in the world. he thanked each and every one of the people involved. he also sent a message to the drug dealers and kingpins and masterminds all around his country. and it is a big problem there. that they are next. he said he will continue the fight against these people. and he sent a really interesting message to the citizens of mexico. he said our citizens can trust us. that has been in question since "el chapo" walked out of a tunnel, escaped from a mexican prison, the second time he's escaped over the last 20 years despite being watched by so many inside that facility. i'm joined now by our chief justice correspondent pamela brown. pamela, again, we just heard from the mexican leader talking about this success. today's success after six months of futility hunting for this man, "el chapo," who walked out of a mexican prison. >> i can tell you that law enforcement officials here in the united states, department of
1:36 pm
justice officials, they are elated with his capture. i have to say, john, there was a lot of skepticism after he escaped from prison a second time of whether or not he would ever be captured again let alone alive. he has a lot of people around him protecting him. he is a very rich man. the thought was that perhaps mexican officials didn't have the gumption to go after him and capture him. and clearly they did. this was a mexican-led operation to capture him. the u.s. did provide some assistance and support along the way in the search for "el chapo," but the mexican military they were the ones to go in and actually capture him. he was there in his home turf in sinaloa, and officials i've been speaking with say this was not a big surprise that he was actually there. that is where his safe haven was in a sense. his refuge where he was most protected. in fact, one official i spoke to said it would have been a big surprise had he not been there. but given the fact that they were closing in on him couple months ago and that fell
1:37 pm
through, i think there was a lot of doubts. and this is a big victory not only for mexico but also for the u.s. he's a wanted man in several u.s. jurisdictions including the eastern district of new york. there is an indictment there. and i'm told by a department of justice officials that they are in the process of working up a formal extradition request to mexican authorities that was done before and denied, but perhaps it will be different this time around given the fact he escaped from prison for a second time in mexico. >> yeah. u.s. officials want him here. that is the only way i think they believe they can keep him inside a prison for the rest of his life. pamela brown, thank you so much. again, the dramatic news the capture of "el chapo," the mexican president enrique pe pena nieto thanking those involved. our other major story today, a philadelphia police officer attacked by a man pledging allegiance to isis. the officer is alive tonight. we have new developments after this.
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welcome back to "the lead." more breaking news in our world lead. two attackers snuck into an egyptian hotel, popular with westerners and tourists, and tried to kill unsuspecting guests with knives. that hotel is in hurghada in egypt. it's not far from the snooi peninsula where terrorists shot down russian passenger jet last year. this assault just ended. cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto working his sources right now. jim, what do we know about this attack? >> well frrks what it looks like it was a pretty low rent attack. two attackers bearing knives into this hotel popular with foreigners. it was as they were leaving the hotel they were able to injure two european tourists there while they were inside. as they were leaving police -- security guards rather spotted them and shot one of them, killed him, shot and injured the other one. it's a popular place with foreigners as you can see on the map. it's right across the map from
1:42 pm
where that metrojet took off from sharpm el sheikh. this is the ultimate of soft targets, john. it shows all you need -- you know, we kind of saw the whole gamut today. saw one guy in philadelphia attack a cop, you see two attackers in an egyptian resort with two knives attack tourists there at a soft target, and you saw a guy in france with a meat cleaver try to attack a police station. it shows just how little you need to go after soft targets in a number of countries inspired possibly by isis in all of these cases and carry out attacks like this. really difficult to prevent these attacks. >> all right. jim sciutto in washington for us, thank you so much. moments ago i was speaking with republican senator lindsey graham who serves on the armed services committee. he was nice enough to stick around so we could talk to him a little bit more. senator graham, you know, we just heard from jim sciutto about this attack in cairo. he notes that comes on the same day we see this attack on an officer in philadelphia.
1:43 pm
this comes a day after we saw an attack on a police station in paris with a meat cleaver. this is happening all over the world at so-called soft targets. >> yeah. well, the way to stop this is go to the source of the problem, which is destroy the caliphate. if you could take raqqah, syria, back away from isil, most of this ends. again, i'm not worried -- i am worried about all kind of attacks, but what worries me the most is a paris style attack with a chemical or biological weapon on our homeland. every day that goes by, every day that isil stays in business is an opportunity for them to plan, recruit, train and penetrate the american homeland. so i'd rather fight them in their backyard than fight them in ours. and president obama doesn't have the sense of urgency that i think we need to destroy the caliphate. >> what does need to be done though in our yard? what does need to be done to protect the police officers around the country who could be
1:44 pm
targeted right now? >> well, number one, you need to revive the nsa program so we can intercept transmissions from overseas inside to the country to direct or recruit people to help isil or any other terrorist organization. you need to have better intelligence gathering apparatus. but all i can say to our police officers, you're a part of this war. you're a symbol of our country. you represent the good guys and gals. and just be on your toes to any military member and their family. these guys are after you too. so what i want to do is disrupt them. i want them to be worried about today being their last day by having a ground component that would be more effective in putting pressure on isil so this ends. and it will never end as long as the caliphate exist. >> senator graham, one political question if you will give me the chance, you just got out, you suspended your presidential campaign. >> sure. >> your friend, senator john mccain, has been saying that
1:45 pm
there are legitimate questions about whether ted cruz is eligible to run for president. you, sir, you're a lawyer. you know the law. what's your message to your friend senator mccain about the eligibility of ted cruz to run? >> well, if i'm john i would say the same thing because they challenged him. here's where -- here's my take. i think senator cruz is eligible to run for president of the united states. that his mother was an american citizen. and it's not where you're born, it's your connection to american citizenship. so if a baby is born in germany to an american soldier, or a spouse of an american soldier, i just want to let you know you're eligible to run for president, in my view. but i understand what senator mccain's saying because people are going to ask these questions. but lindsey graham has no doubt that senator cruz is constitutionally eligible to run for president of the united states. and i have no doubt that i can't support him. >> but your friend senator john mccain is stirring the pot here,
1:46 pm
right? i mean, you could just tell him, senator, there's no issue here. >> well, there are other people who've challenged john. we went through a lot of inquiry when he was running because he was born in the panama canal. people challenge barry goldwater. i say the same thing about cruz i'm saying about john. i don't think this is an issue. i'm not a constitutional scholar, but i'm comfortable with the fact senator cruz is eligible to run for president of the united states. >> maybe your friend senator john mccain will take your word for it. lindsey graham, thank you so much for being with us. senator, appreciate it. >> thank you. u.s. law enforcement catches a pair of suspected terrorists, men who allegedly vow to fight in the name of isis, but how they got into the u.s. raising some red flags. that's next. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy?
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welcome back to "the lead." john berman in for jake today. our national lead, troubling new developments in the domestic terror front. federal authorities have arrested two refugees, one living in california and the other in texas, on terror related charges. we have new video of the suspect from houston. you can see him right there. both of these men, the one right there and the one in california accused of lying to immigration officials about ties to terrorist organizations. and we are now learning more about their alleged activities once they arrived here in the united states. once again for us cnn justice correspondent pamela brown, pamela, you're very busy. what do we know about these two men? >> well, these two men were here in the u.s. they were born in iraq, came here as refugees. one of them is 24-year-old omar al harden from houston and the
1:51 pm
other of sacramento. they had been living in the u.s. for several years and had apparently communicated with one another according to the fbi about linking up with terrorists in syria. now, both men are from iraq. they were born there. one of them actually immigrated from syria and then later returned to syria a year later after being in the u.s. to fight with terrorists that later joined isis. he was allowed back into the u.s. a year later. the other man from houston had a lawful permanent residency since 2011. he is charged with providing material support to isis john, these arrests come amid a heated debate about whether refugee screening in the u.s. is sufficient. mike mccaul held a press conference today saying these arrests show why the u.s. should clamp don oun letting refugees
1:52 pm
in from syria. the process is much more rigid, includes multiple layers especially for those coming from syria. >> indeed we have already heard about this as a political issue on the campaign trail today. pamela brown in washington, thanks so much mpkts our top story, the breaking news out of philadelphia, the attempted assassination of a philadelphia police officer shot repeatedly at point-blank range in his patrol car. you're looking at that picture right there. we have new developments right after this.
1:53 pm
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1:55 pm
welcome back to "the lead." the asempted assassination of a philadelphia police officer in the name of isis. look at the video. shows a gunman approaching a police officer in his patrol car
1:56 pm
and extreme moments of bravery as the officer calls for help. >> i'm shot! i'm bleeding heavily! >> police say the gunman fired 13 times, 13 times at officer jesse hartnett. the officer shot back. he managed to survive. so too did the gunman. and he later confessed to police. he said he did this in the name of the islamic state, for isis. cnn law enforcement analyst jonathan gilliam joins me in new york. cnn analyst bob baer joins me. first of all, the claim this man did it for isis. people will be digging into the fact has he had conversation with isis over the last weeks or months, but even if he did, this claim, this pledge to isis now is significant in and of itself. >> oh, john, this is a huge turning point for us where you've got somebody like this answering the call of raqqah to attack people in uniform. does it matter if this was coordinated from raqqah? no. it's the fact people believe in this and are willing to pick up
1:57 pm
weapons and shoot at law enforcement or military. and for the longest time i didn't think this was going to happen, now it's come to pass. this is very bad. >> you know, jonathan, in your myriad of jobs you've been a police officer, you've been in these patrol cars at night. when you see this in new york here they put out a warning for people to protect themselves, for officers to protect themselves. they are concerned here. i've talked to people on the force. they're worried. >> sure. >> if you're a cop on the streets in the cities of the u.s. right now, what do you do to be safe? >> well, i think first and foremost you have to get rid of complacency because it can happen at any time. secondly, i want to say officer hartnett, the fact that he continued to engage this individual and didn't assume i'm shot i'm going to die, that is probably one of the greatest lessons that we've learned in law enforcement is that if you keep fighting as though you're alive, you'll probably stay alive. and officers need to be aware. and if they get themselves into this situation, they have to stay in the fight until the fight is over and their partners get there. >> the attacker, the shooter,
1:58 pm
he's only in custody right now most likely because officer jesse hartnett shot him in the behind. they cap hured him, he is now in custody. which, bob, brings up this question. what do you do with this guy now? how do you work him to find out information about why he did this, if he was talking to anyone. how much can you learn here? >> is that for me, john? >> yes, bob. >> yeah, well, they're going to go to internet connections, telephone and the rest of it. i think they'll be able to piece this together fairly clearly. it's not something that would have been caught in advance. you know, simply getting on witnesses, looking at islamic state propaganda, you know, and the rest of it or even getting on social networks and talking about this isn't enough to get you arrested. i think they'll piece together that this man had converted himself. and i guess right now that this attack was not ordered from raqqah. that's something that could be picked up by the national security agency very quickly.
1:59 pm
so i think we'll get a very clear picture in the next 48 hours of what motivated this man. >> yeah. and, john than, maybe nothing that they could have detected beforehand, which again begs the question. you know, police officers on the streets in patrol cars, you know, they can't be in full body armor all the time, in an armored vehicle all the time. heff to be with the people. >> i tell you one of the things i think that needs to start right now is that they need to trace back where this individual went to mosque, who he worshipped with. and people need to start stepping forward. if there was any sign that anybody knew that this person was being radicalized, then they should start being held accountable for not coming to law enforcement and notifying them. >> yeah. any sign of that. or any sign of any, you know, desire for violence apart from islam as well these people need to come forward right now. john than g-- jonathan gilliam, bob baer, thank you so much.
2:00 pm
that is all for "the lead" today. i'm john berman in for jake tapper. now i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. philly terror attack. a white robe gunman fires 13 bullets at a police officer but is wounded and captured. police say he's confessed to acting in the name of isis, but was he acting on his own? u.s. terror arrests, two middle east refugees living in texas and california face charges related to terrorism. officials say they communicated about going to fight in syria. how many others are out there? "el chapo" captured. the world's most dangerous drug lord finally tracked down and apprehended in a bloody raid half a year after tunnelling out of a mexican prison. will he now be extradited to the united states? and, bill and tony? transcripts are released of private conversations between