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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  December 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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twisters, floods, blizzards, four soldiers among those who have died in massive and dangerous storms across america. see where the extreme weather is heading next. is isis getting weaker? breaking now -- iraqi forces raising their flag over one. terror group's strongholds. but the fight may not be over. and chicago on edge. rahm emanuel taking heat for his vacation as police shoot and kill an unarmed college student and grandmother. a march against the mayor begin. ♪ hello, everyone, i'm deborah feyerick, john and kate are off today. deadly storms sweeping much of the country spawning rain, tornados, storms and tornadoes. flooding streets, sweeping away
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cars and destroying homes reducing them to tinder. the dallas area has been hardest hit. 11 people there have lost their lives. several tornados struck the area this weekend. eight people were killed by one tornado in garland, texas. dozens of others in the other lost their homes. >> that sound, i just can't get that sound out of my head. you hear something roar, buildings cracking, ripping stuff up. all we could do is run to the closet and pray. >> i stepped out i heard the roaring, that's when i saw it. seemed like 20 seconds it lasted. then it got real quiet, i stepped out and saw this. that was -- at that point trying to figure out how i was going to get out of the house. >> and cnn correspondent nick valencia is joining me now from garland, texas, where residents are looking at all of the damage
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and already bracing for more bad weather. nick, describe the situation there. describe what you're seeing. what you're feeling, even what you're smelling. >> i mean, just in one word, it's just lastbreaking here, deb. it's just been really difficult to talk to some of these residents and hear their stories of survival. i just spoke to one resident named josh white who said he had no indication there was anything wrong. the sirens didn't go off. he couldn't hear them. the only indication he had, his house started shaking. he lived in apartment complexes here right behind us. you could just see the force with which this tornado came through here. this is a direct path that this tornado took, taking out large swaths of this apartment complex. many people were home, like josh white, many of those families don't have renters insurance. many had to spend the night in
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shelters established by the red cross. mayor pro tem here, i just spoke to him a while ago, he said so many people are in shelters. and getting back to incredible stories of survival. people trying to pick up what little is left of their lives. the story of josh touched us. he was riding out the storm with his wife and his 5-year-old. they ran into the bathroom taking shelter. that's when they were hit by their tornado. that's actually what's left of his house. if you could see that over there if you could have the cameraman mark the yellow pen over there. that blue section there that was the wall, is completely torn off. the debris from this, just an extraordinary debris field. about a quarter mile when we got here yesterday. we were a quarter mile away yesterday. the debris from this area actually landing in the spot that we're at yesterday. people going through they do only describe it as the worst. the worst fears realize.
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we spoke to another survivor here who said he was on the interstate watching cars flip over. some that perished in the storm. he actually saw those on the interstate with no luck. just really in the last 48 hours, this community has gone through so much. the anxiety and stress a very real issue here in garland, texas. >> nick, very quickly, yesterday, the governor greg abbott he was telling people that they should shelter in place and that they should be very aware of rising waters. is that a concern still? >> right now, the weather has let up, that's the good news. if we can deliver any good news, it's that the rain has stopped and it's been that way for the last couple of hours. we can only imagine that flash flood warnings and watches aren't really an issue going forwards. of course, dallas metroplex
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reporter can tell us more about the weather. >> millions at risk for severe weather. joining us now is meteorologist jennifer gray with details. bl what are we looking at? >> well, we're into that severe threat in the dallas area which is good they still have the water rescues going on today. we do have snow and icing wet for today in the oklahoma city area and the kansas city area. we still have the flood threat for the middle part of the country. and even a winter storm watch for the northeast. and in fact, it is going to be the first snow of the season for a lot of folks in that area. so the current radar, all of this rain, heavy rain, thunderstorms pushing to the east. as you can see that snow in northeastern oklahoma. a little bit of a wintry mix there. even a little bit of a changeover in chicago. you're going to get a wintry mix. i was going to see quite a bit of snow that's going to pull into the great lakes area as we go into the afternoon and overnight hours. the main threat will be that
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severe weather threat, damaging winds a possibility of isolated tornados, birmingham, memphis includes in that. we do have that tornado watch in effect currently for places like birmingham, mobile, we have seen a couple tornado warnings across the western panhandle of florida, still ongoing. those are pulling into sections of alabama. be on the lookout if you're on the florida panhandle. take cover. we are seeing that wintry mix pushing through portions of new england as we go through tomorrow morning. and we are expecting snow even in the boston area, not a lot where we could see an inch or two and we are going to see it quickly change over and the rain pulling in it's been so warm, the past couple of weeks week not expecting it to stay there long. it's going to melt quickly. all of that is going to pushing out quickly as well and clear out by the time we get to wednesday. but that icing threat is going to be a huge concern around
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oklahoma city, as well as kansas city and pulling into the chicago area. we could see a quarter inch, half an inch of ice, deb, we know a little bit of that ice can bring down power lines. we're possibly going to see power outages. a lot of this is travel as well across the country. >> and it's really incredible seeing how large the swath of this violent weather is cutting across the southeast there. jennifer gray, thank you. and for more on how you can help the victims of these deadly storms, logon to and protesters in chicago are demanding the resignation of mayor rahm emanuel after chicago police shot and killed two people. one of them a 19-year-old man who may have had mental health issues. the other, a bystander who was opening the door for officers arriving on scene. 19-year-old quintonio legrier's father called police because legrier threatened him with a bat. the father called his downstairs
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neighbor to ask her to open the door for police when they arrived. police opened fire, killing legrier carrying an aluminum bat. that grandmother is asking for answers and action from rahm emanuel. >> no mother should have to bury her child, especially under these circumstances. you call for help. the police supposed to serve us and protect us. it's a badge to kill. i mean, where do we get our help? when is the mayor going to step up? >> and joining me now with more, correspondent rosa flores. mayor emanuel has issued a statement from his vacation in cuba. he said it was preplanned. and he does it pretty quickly issuing a statement. what is he saying today? >> well, the mayor in that
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statement saying he's asking independent review of the chicago police department and check the training and evaluate specifically the crisis intervention training this involves calls involving mental health crises. the mayor wants them to re-evaluate and to make changes to make sure this doesn't happen, again, i should also add, in recent weeks, the mayor replaced the heads of both of those agencies, and this was following the laquan mcdonald shooting. and the release of the laquan mcdonald shooting video. so there are many changes here in chicago, deb. the big question, of course, from these families that you just described the chain of events leading to these two killings is that these families are asking why. why? why was lethal force used? why were not tasers used, for example, and those are very good questions. now, we should add that the police officer in this case is
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on administrative duty for 30 days. we should also add that this is another policy change. the interim superintendent john escalante making that announcement saying from now on, that's going to be the policy. whenever there's an officer-involved shooting that officer will be out of the field and on administrative duty while they assess if that officer is fit to go back into the field and work as a police officer. >> rosa flores, thank you. we will continue to monitor this. obviously, calls for chicago mayor rahm emanuel to resign are growing louder and louder. he was already under scrutiny after delaying the release of the video of the laquan mcdonald shooting. he fired his superintendent gary mccarthy who you see there and he revamped his independent review board. the justice department is reviewing the chicago police
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department. emanuel is calling for changes in police training. will it be enough to satisfy residents calling for a change in the administration altogether? joining me on the phone from chicago is reverend marshall hatch. you're the pastor of the children that betty jones attendsed. the new mission baptist church. you're also the leader of the church in chicago. let's talk about the family members of betty jones are doing. her neighbor had asked her for help when police arrived, and she was shot. >> yeah, well, obviously, the family is absolutely devastated. the fact of the matter is that miss jones was simply being a good neighbor. and that the preliminary evidence suggests that the first bullet went through the door before the door was open. so there was no irate young man with a bat to be confronted when the first shot was fired.
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and the evidence suggests also that betty was shot first. this is -- this is now become unconscionable that we would have police acting this recklessless when we have the department of justice overseeing policies and practices. it suggests that the whole situation with the police and community is out of control. >> and a preliminary autopsy has been done and they're waiting for further results, the same with the forensic evidence. let me ask you, you met, reverend, with mayor emanuel before vacation. he is under siege. you can see how much anger and rancor there is in the community. calling for the mayor to step down. what is his perspective in this one-on-one that you had with him? what are his views? >> well, obviously, he's under a lot of pressure and i suggested to him privately and publicly
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that the only way out is total and complete transparency. and apparently, i said the mayor took some offense to my suggest that we have a full airing of how laquan mcdonald case was handled before the election. because this mistrust is going to be unhealthy for our city going forwards. i mean, he may hang on to the job and not be effective when you don't have a trusting city. now, you have the case of betty jones, several days later, and the community still does not know the name of the officer who shot and killed betty jones. an incident good neighbor who was opening the door to assist the police. and that name has still not been released. so we have the same processes of cover-up in chicago that just totally is making the situation here just chaotic and a feeling
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of being under siege in some of these communities. >> what you're referring to in terms of laquan mcdonald. the city paid him $5 million. the family, $5 million before the video came out and during mayor emanuel's election campaign. let me ask you do you think the mayor should resign? do you think he's doing a good job or time to go? because he said he's not going to do so. >> some of us may be interested in calling for his resignation if he not he did retire, i don't know that he would. i think what the mayor is going to have to consider, what we're going to have to consider here in chicago, is if he hangs on, how effective is he going to be unless there's a total transformation in the way this administration conducts business. that's number one, change should be total transparency. i mean, the initial reports
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about what happened to betty jones, were totally misleading from the police department. it has them showing up, confronting an irate person. and officer discharged his weapon, and two people are killed. >> they were starting to call an emotional disturbed person. the mayor has not come back from vacation in cuba. do you think he should, yes or no? >> yes, i think he should come back to chicago. absolutely. there's a crisis in his city. and all chief executives have to delay their vacations. i would suggest that he gets back here. >> reverend marshall hatch knew one of the victims betty jones. we thank you for your insights and we thank you for your time. >> thank you so much. and a new warning that isis could attack european communities in the next few days. it comes as the group appears to have lost one of its strongholds. plus, moments ago the only
8:16 am
other woman running for president says hillary clinton calls everyone a sexism. hear why she agrees that clinton is playing the gender card. and is donald trump at war at war with members of his own party? both sides are calling each other bullies. who wins this fight?
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know better sleep with sleep number. iraqi security forces are declaring a major victory over i.c. iceis claiming a key pallet in ramadi raising the iraqi flag over the building. insisting now they've taken back control of the city which fell under ices' control in may.
8:20 am
cnn nima elbagir joins me with the latest. are they convinced any of driven out isis and that those fighters simply won't go to other cities? >> reporter: well, of course, that is absolutely the question, we're hearing from corner terrorism here in iraq. they're waiting to see that, that withdrawal of major stronghold of mosul. in fact, they say they've been clashing just to the left, another strategic town of baiji. so they are aware. they know this is just the beginning. in spite of that, back and forth between them and even the pentagon who are congratulating iraqi over continued successes in ramadi. not quite ready it seems themselves to call it liberated. there's absolutely no underplaying how strategic getting this nra ramadi is. this is a town who is full to
8:21 am
isis. we've seen pictures of fleeing in front of those isiisis-advang troops but also for washington because it really meant they had to re-evaluate everything that needed to be done in terms of working alongside the iraqi government to push back isis after they broke the borders coming in from syria. so this isn't just about the iraqi government. this about is a reinvigorated u.s.-led coalition. what it means for other cities in isis control, we're expecting that over the next few days, we will get a final clear from the iraqi government. but it is understandable, given how tough it was for them when ramadi fell that they might be calling it a tiny bit too early, deb. >> not just a victory for iraq but a victory for iraq. tribes men are holding that
8:22 am
town. and the fact that sunni civilians who are there have on some levels been liberated. they have to piece everything back together. nima elbagir, thank you so much. we appreciate your insights and reporting there from ramadi and baghdad. let's talk more about this cnn global affairs analyst kimberly dozier. we've heard iraqi forces say they've taken a town. but then all of a sudden, a couple of weeks, a couple of months pass, and then those victories are exaggerated. can we trust what the iraqi military is saying? and their assessment that isis has been driven out? or have they just created a different problem in a different city? >> well, they've had a few false starts over the past 48 hours declaring the town taken and saying okay there are still a few pockets. they have caveated their announcement say they go have the government center, there are pockets of resistance that the army will now have to clear out
8:23 am
throughout the rest of this really densely packed town. they also have to figure out how to declare a neighborhood safe enough to bring sunni families back. a lot of them have fled. and they destroyed much of the town in the taking of it. they took out a lot of the bridges. and those air strikes were devastating, when you look at the video from street to street. you know, it took them, the iraqi government, months to get the electricity back on and water flowing in the town of tikrit, which was another sunni area. so, now the town of ramadi will be a new test. >> and what's also interesting about this is the impact of sunni tribes. this is not the shia militias that are sort of working in conjunction with the iraqi government. but the sunnis were brought into this as critical players to hold these areas and to fight isis. it seems sort of a broadening and perhaps diminishment of sectarian tensions.
8:24 am
is that an overstatement? >> well, my understanding is that as you said, the sunni militias that are u.s.-trained have been brought to the area. but they haven't been able to fan out through the whole town yet. this will be a test of their capability to keep the peace. and inspire confidence. and also, to in terms of taking a authority, to prove that they, too, can have a role in governing. long-term, though, the iraqi government hasn't proven very good at bringing in its different ethnic parts. and what isis, i think you're going to see doing, they're just going to evolve back into a mostly insurgents terrorist forcing. we're all right seeing car bombs strike shiite areas and civilian areas across iraq. it's just not getting as much air place because we're focused on the fight for this town. >> the final question is, in a
8:25 am
new cnn/orc poll, more americans believe that the terrorists are winning their war against the united states. how significant is this defeat in ramadi? could it give americans hope that the u.s. is in fact winning the war, at least making gains? >> it's not enough, not yet. you're going to have to see the town of fallujah fall. that is right now encircled by iraqi troops. and you're going to have to see real progress made to drive the isil forces out of mosul. but i've had estimates from u.s. officials that it could take as much as a year to take on the city of mosul. so, a long way to go. >> kimberly dozier there, thank you for those insights. it's going to be interesting to watch. appreciate that. and donald trump is in a fighting mood, attacking everyone from the republican party in virginia, to hillary and bill clinton. should the former president be fair game? plus, new help for marco rubio. congressman trey gowdy giving
8:26 am
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and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. a new battle is under way between donald trump and state leaders from his own party. the gop front-runner is now slamming a new move by the republican party of virginia, which requires primary voters to sign a statement confirming that they are republican. in typical trump fashion, he took his fight to twitter, first saying, quote it begins. republican party of virginia controlled by the rnc is working hard to disallow independent,
8:30 am
unaffiliated new voters. bad. also the republican party has lost seven times in a row. will now not allow desperately needed new voters. cnn political reporter mia mallika henderson joins me now. why donald trump sees it as an affront to his campaign that he's basically being slapped on the wrist by his own party? >> it's simply a nine-word pledge that you have to sign if you participate in virginia's open primary which falls march 1st saying your signature indicates you're republican. donald trump who likes to mix it up with anybody is now saying this is the rnc, state party in virginia, moving to block the voters more likely to be more independent and maybe hasn't participated in the process before. he's fighting mad about this.
8:31 am
he's tweeted out, his discontents. of course, we remember that donald trump has been in trouble with the national rnc. he himself would have to sign a pledge saying he's supporting the eventual nominee and not have a third party bid. now folks in virginia have basically shot back from donald trump. we've got something from a delegate there. david romanov has come back and said our party, our rules, your money and your bullying do not work in the commonwealth and he's calling him a moron. we know that donald trumps loves to be in a fight. >> just quickly by signing a pledge of loyalty that you're a republican, is this legally binding? or are they going to check to see if they're republican? >> that's the thing, right.
8:32 am
it wouldn't be legally binding. and one of the things that that would probably do is provide the state party with essentially names of people that they could cull back later in a voter list of republicans. and there's also a place where you can put your e-mail. and that would also build e-mail lists. but in terms of being legally bindsing i don't think it would be. >> nia-malika henderson. i appreciate that. i want to bring in scotty nils hughes. and former communications director for ted cruz. and democratic strategic and cnn commentator hilary rosen. >> scotty, i want to start with you, is this another example of trump believing certain members of the republican establishment are out to sabotage him. would trump continue threatening
8:33 am
a run if they don't continue to support him? >> i don't think this is the rnc, i think this is the rnc that has had an issue going back to primaries depending on what their board prefers for the candidate they're supporting. i think it comes down to the fact you that have a very unprofessional chairman in virginia that issued a tweet like. if you're acting like a child don't respond by acting like a child. i would envision this as a long discourse with the gop who is said to have a chairman who has come out and specifically called one of the candidates of the gop a moron which means he's already biased which is why donald trump is having this reaction. i think if he would have shut up and not said anything on his twitter account we could have said this is how virginia does the gop. >> trump is now coming out against hillary clinton after she accused him of being sexist.
8:34 am
now, he's going there, calling out her husband bill clinton. listen to donald trump yesterday. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled to put it mildly because of all of the things that she's talking to me about. she's mentioned sexism. i actually turned her exact words, i don't know if you saw the following tweet, but i turned her exact words against her from that standpoint. >> so he's referring to what hillary clinton said trump has a penchant for sexism. turning around and saying, look, it's your husband who has a history with women. is bill clinton sexist, or does he simply like women? he had many high-powered women in his cabinet everything from ruth bader ginsburg.
8:35 am
janet reno. secretary albright. let's go to you, hillary. >> i just want you to stop the presses there. i'm going to agree with donald trump. i think you have an open primary or you don't. people get to vote how they want to or they don't in an open primary. having said that, you know, to build my trump credibility here, i will say that this stuff about him attacking bill clinton for being sexist is completely ridiculous. there's no scenario on earth where bill clinton and donald trump can even be put in the same category when it comes to thoughtfulness around comments about women and how he behaves. and, you know, this just shows that donald trump will lash at anybody. because if you're going to take on the best politician in the world, you better watch out. the idea that bill clinton really would be kind of fair game for donald trump is, you know, for the clinton team,
8:36 am
bring it on. they'll take that matchup any day. >> amanda do you see this as sort preemptive, that it's really not about sexism, per se, but about simply highlighting bill clinton's infidelities and does that make him a good campaigner on the trail especially with conservatives? >> here's the thing about donald trump he says very provocative things in a very combustible ways but also things that people talk about among themselves. bill clinton at times it's very delicate, as someone who didn't live through the clinton administration. was in high school saw what was going on on "people" magazine, i do think some people are going to be shocked when they go back and relearn everything that happened. judging by the standards of 2015 standards in the workplace, how women expect to be treated, it doesn't match up to what we're used to today. i lot of people, they look at bill clinton now and see someone who ruined a young woman's life
8:37 am
and it became a punch line. i think that touches a lot of women. is donald trump handling this the best way? no. is this something that people are talking about amongst themselves as voters? absolutely. >> scottie, fiorina who actually knocked down trump in one of the debates she actually agreed with trump. >> hillary clinton first of all calls everybody a sexist. that's not fair game. she called bernie sanders a sexist because he criticized her. she's going to play that card. of course, she's going to talk about the republican war on women which doesn't exist. in fact, hillary clinton policies are bad for women yes, bill clinton is fair game. but my point is attacking bill clinton won't defeat hillary clinton. the only way to defeat hillary clinton is to attack hillary clinton's track record. maybe donald trump has problems doing that because his positions on key issues like health care
8:38 am
are so close to hillary clinton's. >> scottie, your reaction, is donald trump's track record a match against donald trump's track record? >> it's completely different. hillary clinton, women earn 80 cents to a dollar of every male member. donald trump's organization, there are more females in his company than men. let's define what sexism is. it means lack of respect. i believe bill clinton is very much sexist, he had not a lack of respect for one woman but several women. whether you want to call it infidelity, it was a lack of respect for the women that he continued to use as basically sexual octobers as we found that he did. that's why bill clinton is considered sexist is because he doesn't have respect for women. he used -- >> sexism is defined as
8:39 am
discrimination. chauvinism, you say, hilary, it's not true. >> here's where voters will conservative right wing think tank decide, big shock, here's where i think voters are going to be, which is hillary clinton talks about economic policies that support women and families? and the answer will be, yes. did bill clinton's administration do well for american families, incomes were up, the economy was strong. people feel like that credibility is what's going to end up being most important. the second most important issue on people's minds, national security. are people going to feel safer and better with hillary clinton or donald trump with that finger on that red button. there's no question that people are going to. donald trump can do this whole sort of distraction thing with name calling. it's just not going to work in a
8:40 am
general election. he's trying to appeal to a conservative base by taking her on now. every time he does, i think he embarrassing himself. >> let me bring in amanda, as the conservative in the group. how do you think donald trump or hillary clinton play to that conservative base that ted cruz is going after? >> well, both of them, i think it's about keeping america safe, free and strong. those are the thee big things, liberty, economy, and keeping people safe. i think hillary clinton has a lot of flaws i don't think it's necessarily the person she's married to. but she's forced to carry the baggage of two previous administrations. the clinton administration and the obama administration. certainly we can harken back to the days of the clinton administration and think of a better economy. but the obama administration has been so bad the world has not been safer under her watch and i
8:41 am
think that is her single biggest vulnerability going into 2016. >> thanks so much for the debate. we appreciate it. and chicago police are under the microscope, as cops killed two people this weekend during a call. the mayor vowed swift action. many now want the mayor simply to go. marie callender starts her a crust made from scratch, and fills it with all white meat chicken and a rich, delicious gravy. because making the perfect dinner isn't easy as pie... but finding someone to enjoy it with, sure is. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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chicago resident and families of the victims in the latest fatal police shootings are demanding answers this morning. police shot and killed 19-year-old quintonio legrier and his downstairs neighbor 55-year-old betty jones after legrier's father put in a call
8:45 am
to police saying his son was threatening had him with a baseball bat. chicago police acknowledged that jones was shot by accident and the officer was put on a 30-day administrative duty. they released few other details. cnn analyst bill holloway, a former police trainer. also joining me is laura cote a former district foreign for the zriskt columbia. and also the author of a new book "you have the right, a constitutional guide to policing the police." a question to you, police training and how they deal with mental health crisis. do you think a taser would have been effective, as some neighbors are saying, given perhaps the speed with which legrier was traveling towards him with a bat, according to initial reports? >> well, let me first start by saying the criminal justice system in general is ill equipped to deal with mental
8:46 am
health issues. and this extends all the way to police. they get very little training in it. at least nationwide. individual departments, of course, can command expand on t. you talk about less than legal options that's the least option that a police officer wants to consider if possible. we don't know yet, there's two questions, first was the use of force authorized under the law. but the secondly question really has to be, if it was authorized, did they carry out their actions lawfully, or negligently? you don't fire a weapon, basically, unless you know basically what the target is and what the target is behind it. that's basic 101. that is my big problem with this case at this point. i do not know if the shooting was justified or the use of force was justified. i'm troubled in the manner in which it was carried out. >> laura, do you think it would make a difference. you don't fire until you know
8:47 am
what's in front of you, but what's behind that. do you think it makes a difference, laura, that police have said this was an accident, we didn't mean to shoot betty jones. how does that help or hurt? >> no, it's important to rec nice, this is one of the first instants where you have an officer admitting to an accidental shooting in a tragic event that occurred. and the issue you have here, there are two separate things to evaluate. one is whether quintonio legrier was provoking that particular attack. we don't know that incident. we have a 911 call from the foredescribing the son was in a volatile state or in some way dangerous. then you have the second victim betty jones, whether or not she was in fact an innocent bystander shot through the door. we do know that the officers know the information having immediately acknowledged there was an error made by at least one of them.
8:48 am
it remains to be seen whether mr. legrier was also somebody who was an unprotected victim. >> to watch this, the reaction of the community, how fast it was. how quick it was. they're clearly angry. there's a lot of rancor towards the mayor. what sort of changes, i'll ask you philip, quickly, have to be made to set this community right, philip? >> well throughout the country, police are generally required only to fire 50 or so rounds a year with 70%, 80% accuracy. that is just woefully inadequate. individual departments can and should focus more on judgmental shooting scenario-based training and that sort of thing because that is what it's going to take to prepare officers for real life encounters, like the one they found themselves in unfortunately this past weekend. >> and laura, i'm going to laura for the final word, what do you think needs to happen to regain the trust of the community?
8:49 am
>> the doj investigation currently under way needs to be investigated. they need to know whether or not the actual shooting was based on more than simply recklessness by the officer. they have to have an expedited investigation by the department. otherwise there will no resolution and peace in chicago. >> phil, laura, thank you.
8:50 am
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in these days of rampant social media use, current events can be summed up in one hashtag. we will countdown the biggest trending stories of 2015. >> social media's role in breaking news is undeniable, but sometimes it is the hashes that that start a movie. here are the top ten hashtags.
8:53 am
guacamole with peas. and when there was peas, people were skeptical and people jumping on twitter not showing the love and the president of the united states jumped in and i did a taste test, and it was kind of delicious. number nine, a little girl's body washed ashore in the boston harbor and so the massachusetts state police jumped on social media to try to get people to identify this baby doe, and more than 50 million people viewed this composite, and after 85 days she was identified as bella bond. >> and this very child whose name means beauty was murder ed >> her mother was charged with ak es ri to murder and her boyfriend, murder. and ahmed mohammad was
8:54 am
detained at school after he brought a homemade clock to school. he was then #i stand with ahmed and later invited to the white house. and then there was caitlyn jennifer who introduced herself on the cover of "vanity fair." she reached in guinness world record book time four hours and ten minutes over # 1 million hits. and then as people in syria and other countries fled war. >> people are emotion ally and mentally and physically can't take it anymore, and so they are going to eventually decide to take matters into their own hands. >> thousands used the #refuge
8:55 am
#refugeeswelcome. and pluto may not be a full-sized planet, but as nasa released this photograph, twitter users took notice. and #pluto flyby jep rated 1 million tweets as the stunning images were transported back to earth. and number fonow, choose yo colors carefully as you have is this blue and gold or white and gold and so people tweeted. and with the rainbow colored flags and #love wins.
8:56 am
twitter registered 6.2 million tweets and counting. number two, #black lives matter started in 2014, but it became an equal rights movement in 2015. other hashtags were used alongside black lives matter to bring other controversial assaults to light. and one was #school support. >> and then after the attacks that killed the employees of
8:57 am
charley hebie hebdo, there were terrorist attack in france that brought out #peace in paris. and we will be back with more. on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. havi
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-- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. oh, it is massive. >> oh! >> let's talk about the torna tornadoes, the blizzards, the flooding. it is all coming from this monster storm system affecting about 100 million people. >> at least 43 deaths in seven states in days. >> oh, no. >> and the force of the ever-4 tornado was so loud that it muffled the warning system. >> i saw it coming, but all of the grandkids and the great wiandkids in the hall, and the


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