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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 25, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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of lethal force which what i am seeing is that where you are saying there is no imminent threat. statistics show, and we are talking about law enforcement within 21 feet if an individual a has a knife and he is within 21 feet, and it does not say that he is walking at you, but it could be anywhere. >> i would love to address all of those thing, and we have to do it some other time. and wow, no immediate threat whatsoever, and the supreme court says that he acted unreasonably, and look at the other alternatives. >> you have to take the emotion out. >> and talk to somebody before you shoot them after six seconds. >> and we could debate it, and it is a tough case to overturn, and that is wolf blitzer's turn, and that means that i am done, and happy thanksgiving to both of you. of you. wolf blitzer starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer and it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and 9:00 p.m. in
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ankara, and wherever you are watching, we thank you for joining in. and moments a s ago the preside spoke with his national security team. this is what he said. >> we know of no significant or credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland, and that based based on the latest information i have received in the situation room. it is similar to the information and the briefing that i received on saturday before i left on my trip last week. so as americans travel to be with their loved ones, i want them to know that the law enforcement levels at every level are working overtime. they are continually monitoring threats at home and abroad. continually evaluating our security posture.
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they are constantly working to p protekt all of us. >> let's go the joe johns over at the white house for us. and the president, joe, he was clearly trying to reassure the nation right now on this thanksgiving eve, and had the attorney general, the fbi dr director, and the national security adviser, and he had all of the top national security, and homeland security secretary jeh johnson was there, and a deliberate message to end. >> yes, a show of force, and acknowledgment that number one, people out in the country are worried and es ppecially after paris and the president made reference that it was a post-paris security meeting and acknowledgment that the government is doing what it can to deal with this. and the messages that are coming out of the white house after the
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attacks in paris, and so the president is putting a fine point on that they are doing everything they can to keep people safe, and also to keep people vigilant, wolf. >> when the department of homeland security and the state department, they issue the alerts and the state department and the worldwide travel alert in the next three months, all of the americans to be careful traveling around the world and the department of homeland security, and the fbi tell local law enforcement to be prepared in case a shooter were to e emerge, and that is done out of the strictly abundance of caution, because the president says no specific credible threat. >> and abundance of caution certainly, but if you are loo g looking the whole track record over the last two to three weeks, it has been very disturbing on international terrorism. you have what happened in beirut. the russian aircraft being bombed. and more. paris, of course. and then today, this repofrt a terrorist attack in tunisia, and so there is a lot going on out
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there in the orld wo, and while they can say no specific and credible threat to the homeland, they are very, the big concerns about the tempo that isis has picked up over the the last few days. wolf. >> thank the you, joe johns. and now, picking up to discuss what is going on, congressman peter king who is a member of the house homeland security and member of the select committee on intelligence, and what is your message from the bottom line message from the president, congressman? >> well, i agree with him. there is no specific threat against the united states and we are not aware of any specific plot, but they could be using encryption, and a plot that we are not aware of, and even though all of the homeland department, and other agencies can rekocover the plots even to they are encryption, but it could be the self-starter the lone wolf and the person inspired by isis, and the
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president is right, no specific plot, and we should go about our daily lives, but yet, it is a dangerous world, and if anybody is looking for the absolute guarantee, they won't get it for a while, and again, because isis wants to kill us. al qaeda wants to kill us, and al qaeda of the arabian peninsula wants to kill us, and they are constantly penetrating and trying to find ways to penetrate the defenses. so that is how we have to live in this world. >> that is the bottom line message. as far as isis is concerned in syria and iraq, and the president, i am quoting him now, with we will go after isis wherever it hide, and that is the strategy for more than a year, and is that strategy working? >> no, it is not. the president has been a half hearted type strategy in that he talks a s s about the 65 natio involved in the alliance or coalition, and the fact is that the u.s. is doing all tof the ar strikes and a few countries helping us, and also a real
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restrictions on the air power. for instance, the french the first day they got involved in syria they were able to take the out the command and control center of a training camp and why didn't we take them out in the previous 15 months. too many restrictions on our military as far as civilian casualties. the the reality, wolf, there is always going to be some civilian casualties in war. and the president is trying to minimize it too much, and by doing that, it results in more people being killed. >> what is the security situation in new york city now on the eve of thanksgiving? >> new york realizes that it is always the number one target, and certainly with somebody like is isis, we are clearly the number one target. having said that, the nypd under bill brattin have done a brilliant job, and they have # 1,000 officers just fighting isis and getting intelligence, and that is the mission. they have critical response teams now to get out the to respond. they are everywhere.
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not just what you see on the ground, and what is obvious, but also where you don't see them. i would -- listen, i urge anybody or encourage you if you are going to manhattan, go to brooklyn and queens and the bronx and staten island and new york city is as safe as kit can be. again, dangerous world, and no guarantees, but the safest big city in the world, and the nypd is second to none. >> and the tension now between turkey and the nato ally and russia. and was turkey justified in bringing down the su-24, the russian airplane that violated presumably if you believe the turks violated the air space for less than 30 seconds according to the u.s. military officials, and were they justified in having an f-16 using an air-to-air missile to bring down that russian plane some >> wolf, if in were just a one 30-second type incident i would say no, but there is more involved here than that. russia is constantly penetrating turkey's air space, and
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secondly, russia was bombing the turkmen who are fighting assad, and allied with turkey. so it is really a combination of things, constant penetration of turkey's air space, and the bombing of the resistance forces against assad, and under those conditions, turkey was certainly right in doing it from their perspective. they have to maintain their national sovereignty, and i believe it is important that since turkey is a member of nato and not always a reliable ally of the united states, but they are a member of nato, and it is our obligation to stand with turkey in this confrontation. >> and i believe that the russians and others accuse turkey of being a major source of the revenue that isis is getting, because they are shipping oil to turkey, and they make money out of that. have you heard those allegations? >> i have heard the allegations. also, there is the allegations that turkey's border has not been secure enough. that cur ki is not doing enough to prevent the foreign fighters from going back and forth from
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europe through turkey to syria, and back through turkey again. as i said, turkey is not a perfect ally. many of their actions in recent years, i have been very opposed to including the way they have turned against israel, and going back to 2003 not to allow president bush to bring the troops into iraq. through the northern border, and all of that, i would say, that the i am not crazy about turkey. on the other hand, russia, now, they have violated a number of countries' air space, and being provocative and you have seen what they have done in the ukraine and bombing allied forces with us in syria right now. so under those conditions, i would say in this instance, turkey is right, and the larger issue is that if a nato ally is threatened by russia, and do we stand by the ally, and i say that we have to. >> and there are allegation, and elements of the u.s. military central command pressured to sugar coating some of the intelligence estimates about
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isis, and the war against isis to make it sound more rosy than it was, and there is a full-scale investigation by the department of defense inspector general. i assume as a member of the intelligence committee, you have looked into the allegation, and what can you share with us? >> again, the intelligence committee is aware of these, and i will the tell you that the people i have spoken to and not in classified situations, but people familiar with the situation, and they say that there is unfortunately a lot to allegation allegations, and changes have been made to make it look better than it is. and people who are doing the analysis are very concerned about the way that their reporting has been distorted. there is a lot to this. we have to get to the bottom of it. it is bad enough again that the situation is not doing well on the ground, but it is worse if t the reports go to the president are sort of papering it over, and who is doing that and under whose direction, and is somebody giving you a wink and nod to
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this from the white house. >> interesting development, and we will stay on top of it. congressman peter king from new york, happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> thank you, wolf. happy thanksgiving to, you wolf. thank you very much. >> thank you. and france has announced that they will be stepping up efforts against isis, and amid the news that the another paris attacker had been spending time in syria before slipping back to paris. and this, russia says that turkey had been planning to shoot down its jets for a long time. the best of everything is even better
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take a look at this. jeh johnson, secretary of homeland security is at union station in washington and briefing the reporters on the travel plans in the united states. lit's listen in. >> we continue to know of no specific credible threat of a
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plot on the u.s. homeland by a terrorist organization. however, those of us in law enforcement, homeland security, the intelligence community continue to be vigilant, to work overtime, to monitor what is happening here in this country and for public safety. we are working overtime to protect the homeland. to evaluate and re-evaluate what we see. we also want to encourage the public at the beginning of this holiday season to be vigilant yourself and to be aware if you see something, say something has to be more than a slogan. and so, this holiday season, this thanksgiving weekend, i'd like everybody in the public to
10:16 am
express thanks to those in law enforcement, and homeland security and certainly the u.s. military for keeping us all safe. i have time for a couple of questions. yes, sir? >> [ inaudible ]. >> i can't comment on specific case. we are in contact with our mexican partners in homeland security and law enforcement continually. and so, it is something that we are monitoring very carefully. i am aware of the case that you referred to involving families,
10:17 am
but i can't comment any more specific than that. >> mr. secretary -- >> yes, sir? >> can you comment on the airport security -- [ inaudible ] -- >> in april, i put out a directive to tighten up airport security, specifically around those who work at airports. fewer access points. more continuous random screening of airport personnel, and we are evaluating whether more is necessary right now. that is something that i and tsa have been focused on as recently as today. >> have you seen -- >> well, give n the differentia
10:18 am
and the sizes of the airports and taking atlanta for example, there is something like 63,000 people who work in atlanta, and so there is no one size fits all for every airport in the u.s. airport security is something that tsa works in collaboration with the local airport authorities, the city, the major, the commissioner and the security people at the airport. and so -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> this is something that we began to focus on earlier in the year and continuing to focus on i. >> [ inaudible ]. >> we know of -- we in the u.s. government know of no specific
10:19 am
credible threat of a terrorist plot to the homeland. what we are focused on and continue to be focused on as we have before paris are potential copycat acts and similar to things that occur overseas. we are focused on the lone actor as well. we have seen some of that overe seas and here in recent months. so, this is something that our law enforcement community, the fbi does a very good job of detecting, investigating, int intradictin intradicting, and we will continue. we are aware that the events around the country, there is a reinforcing of existing security measures, and it should be obvious to the public that there is a heightened presence in places like here, and like union
10:20 am
station here sh, at airports, or places, other public events, other public gathering places, and so there is a heightened presence by law enforcement, by security personnel, but in general, we want to encourage the public as the holiday season begins to travel, be with your family, and celebrate the families, and go the public events, and go to public gatherings, but be vigilant and be aware. thanks a lot. all right. so there he is, jeh johnson, the secretary of homeland security with another message to the american public and similar to what we heard from president obama in the white house a while ago and both of the men were at the national security meet manage the white house situation room earlier with the fbi director, the president's national security adviser, the attorney general of the united states, the white house counter
10:21 am
terrorism adviser, all of them sending the same message, no specific credible threat to the united states homeland, however, be careful. if you see something, say something as you go about the thanksgiving and the holiday travel plans. we have more breaking news coming into cnn. we will take a quick break and much more right after this.
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a wreath laying ceremony in paris, and the german president angela merkel there, and along with the president of france francois hollande. and he met yesterday with the pt president of the united states, and tomorrow he going to meet with vladimir putin and met with
10:26 am
david comeron the british prime minister, and also he will be meeting with the leadership in italy as he continues to try to form a new coalition to fight and destroy isil. new developments happening right now, and a source close to the investigation says that a individual that police believe was the driver of the car used in the paris attacks traveled back to syria in 2014, mohammad abrini, and meanwhile, normalcy returning to brussels with heavy police presence on the streets. children returned to school, and subway lines were returned to school, and the is subways began to run. they were shutdown in the days since the paris attacks. for more on this, we go to our international correspondent ivan watson. and ivan, in one of the suspects of the terrorist attacks in
10:27 am
paris, what more can you tell us about mohammad abrini's trip to paris? >> just one moment, because i want to point out that the e french and the german leader is here on the place de la publique. one of the issues is to discuss the serious security problems po posed by the citizens of syria who is like this suspect mohammad abrini who we are learning was believed to be in syria in 2014, and investigators don't know when he came back to europe, but he is wone of the suspects in the investigation. the international arrest warrant was issued yesterday. he joins another suspect salah
10:28 am
abdeslam, a resident of belgium as being some of the most warranted men in europe. they were filmed by security cameras two days before the november 13th paris attacks, and abrini is believed to have dropped off one of the suicide bo bombers at the football stadium here in paris just moments before the attack. so a lot of reason to be looking for them, and nobody knows where he is right now, and the fact that he was able to get back into europe from syria along with several other of the suspect s suspects in the paris attacks really gets to the core of some of the challenges now facing europe, challenges that francois hollande, the french president wants to bring up with the european leaders. it is part of why the government is proposing a $10 billion euro fund to put more money towards strengthening the border security and intelligence sharing to stop the failures like potentially this suspect
10:29 am
getting through the borders from syria back to europe. wolf. >> and the meetings that the french meetings francois hollande are having for instance like this one today with angela merkel, and what does france want germany to do? >> well, france wants to destroy isis, and they are continuing to bomb suspected isis targets not only in syria, but iraq as well. and germany, its assistance on the military front in the middle east in that campaign has not been as robust. it has provided some weapons, and some essential anti-tank missiles to the iraqi kurds fighting against isis in northern iraq, but one of the main initiatives are from the french government is that they want to put together this fund, again, of some 10 billion euros with germany to strengthen security. another big issues is going to be can they get the germans on
10:30 am
board to the u help put more pressure on russia to help to resolve this terrible conflict in syria, wolf. >> and now, president hollande is going to go to moscow tomorrow to meet with president putin. coming up next, the surviving pilot of that downed jet in turkey says that he received no warning at all before the plane was hit. we have new audio. we are going live to turkey and russia. you totalled your brand new car.
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inside of seyria, and to the response of the turkey downing of a russian jet. today, the minister says they that are not prepared to go to war over the incident. let's discuss and to get the latest from both countries. we have becky anderson in istanbul, and matthew chance in russia. becky, they have just released an audio recording of the incident, and tell us about it. >> yes, no official reaction of the russian foreign minister's suggestion that it is planned provocation, but you are right to point out that turkey's military has released this audio of what it claims is their warning to a russian warplane before they shot it down. now, we have listened to it, and listened to it again, and in one portion of the audio, a voice is heard saying, this is turkey air force speaking on guard. you are approaching turkish air space, change your heading south. now, wolf, it is poor quality
10:36 am
which may be standard in the recordings, but under two minutes of audio, you do keep hearing a voice saying, this is turkish air space and change, dot, dot, dot, because we can't make out what was said next. and ankara says they were shot down in self-defense, and now, this is not the first time and they have cited four instances since the air campaign has begun, that russia has entered turkish air space. >> matthew, what are you hearing about the surviving russian pilot? >> well, he's been speaking on t the state television. he's been awarded a russian medal of, you know, of bravery, the hero of russia award, and the highest military honor, and he has been talking on the state television, and giving the account of what happened to the
10:37 am
plane us-24, and he says that there was no communication by the turkish military with the aircraft, a n he denies they crossed the turkish border into the turkish air space, and he is the navigator and he had the read out right in front of him, a and he said they had the line right there and they never crossed it. he also said no visual communication. and he said, look, we are in an us-24 and they are in f-16s and they are much, much quicker, and come up alongside us and made visual contact and got their attention, but the first they knew a turkish rocket blue off their tail on the aircraft and then came streemg down in a fireball.
10:38 am
so it very much an appeal by him on russian tv. >> and becky, in this entrance into the turkish air space it was very brief, under 30 seco seconds, and united states says they understand turkey's complaints about them going after turkmen's positions in syria, but it was a very brief encounter, and very brief encounter of the air space that did not justify shooting down that plane. >> well, ankara has been warning moscow that they would retaliate if their border security was threatened by the operations against the anti-assad turkman whose cause is champion ed by te turkish government. look. president erdogan has no intention of escalating the matter, he says, but he says that turkey has been con ssiste that according to the military rules of engagement, if a aircraft does not heed warnings,
10:39 am
and it continues the fly over turk turkey, it ha as the right to protect its sovereignty, and if it happens again, once again, it will be the same. and today, the turk, and ankara is very insistent that it is not the first time and as many as four incursions have been going on since this air campaign has been started by russia over syria. >> and matthew, are will the russians continue to bomb the turkmen positions, the rebel positions as opposed to bashar al assad's regime, and not far from the turkish border if they don't violate the turkish air space, will russia continue to bomb those sites as becky just said the turks are oppose d the that? >> well, i don't know the plans, but i cannot imagine for one second they will deviate from the plan they have got. maybe they are will intensify the strikes gaiagainst the turk
10:40 am
positions. it is the same turkmen who would film themselves illegally against international llama sheen gunning one of the pilots parachuting to earth after he had ejected from the plane that had been shot down by the turkish military and he didn't make it to the ground, but he was killed before he arrived and a 12-hour special forces rescue there resulted in another death. so despite what the russian foreign minister says there is no war to go to war with turkey, but the idea that russia is going to be letting that slide, and okay, you know what, that is fine is unlikely to say the least. they will be bolstering the fosts in the syria, and doing that in fact. >> and what worries the u.s. officials is if russia continues to hit the turkmen position, and rebel positions inside of turkey, and inside of turkey will turkey respond and come to the defense of their fellow turks which could set the stage
10:41 am
for a serious, serious confrontation. all right. guys, thank you very, very much. we will stay on top of the story, and we will have much more on the downed russian fighter jet. is this in the biggest threat to nato given the serious member of nato. our international diplomat nic robertson is live in washington standing by live. ♪ if you're on medicare, remember, the open enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage
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day after that the turkish military jet shot down a russian jet, u.s. president barack obama called the turkish president erdogan to talk about the need to proceed slowly now sh, and t
10:46 am
talk about their nato partnership at the same time. and joining us now is our cnn international political editor, and now, nic robertson has been doing a bunch of work on this, and so now joining us. thank you, nic. and where is nato? they were involved after 9/11 and involved after afghanistan, and now missing in action with this war on isis? where are they? >> well, if you go become a year ago in wails, they resolved to tighten the noose on isis and double-down on the intelligence sharing and diminish and degrade isis, but trying to do it from the sides, and nato has not come in as a unified entity, and it has been this way pretty much because the national politics in countries back home like britain where the prime minister david cameron cannot get the government to agree to air strike, so they are hobbled by their own politics.
10:47 am
that is part of the problem when you try to bring together this coalition. >> because when the president of the united states says that 65 nation nations are involved in the coalition, and many of the nations may support some refor the cal support for this, but are they doing anything? >> well, sole of the gulf states had a bigger role, and not so much now. and the uae, the united arab emirates is still there, and jordan is still there, and the turkey is playing a role, and allowing the air base access for the u.s. forces, and there was a trade off where we gave support to the kurdish ypg to fight isis inside of turkey, and then we got to use the syrian air base, and now we will see the imperative, because isis is launching attacks way outside of syria, and we have have gone back to backing the kurds, and we are saying that we will
10:48 am
increase the backing for them, and that is a worry for erdogan when you see the plane shot down. and when you look at it in the big round, you have to wonder, as president erdogan is he on a short fuse here with russian involvement? is he concerned about the direction of the way that the fight is going? has he got broader concerns of where the russian aircraft are? is he losing drirection and control over what is happening in syria? >> well, if the russians step up the air strikes against the turkmen inside of syria opposed to the bashar al assad's regime, they don't violate the turkish air space, what are are they going to do? the air force? will they try to protect their fe fellow turks and go the war against russia? >> well, if they do, it is a much tougher fight, and russia is doubling down, and putting up the ante, and going to the surface to air missiles which is less than a couple of clkilomet,
10:49 am
and less than 150 miles from that particular border area that we are talking about. the sophisticated s-400 surface to air missiles have a large variant and capability to fire 300 miles with accuracy, and so if turkey does decide to ramp up, russia is also doubling down, so there is a potential for a serious escalation, and if you want to look at the groundwork being laid, then look no further than the surface to air missile is systems brought in. >> and because if a russian missile brings down a turkish f-16 or another turkish plane, who knows what it will lead to. >> nato has said that it will stand behind turkey, but you have to realize at this point, that nato built the alliance during the toughest times of the cold war, and the steely nerve of the capitals around the nato nations meant that during a massive nuclear build-up when there was armageddon could have been with held on the nation,
10:50 am
and they held for not days, but weeks and months, and turkey shot down an aircraft within seconds when there was a great chance nerve is. not to rush into action like this. >> they're worried about the president of turkey. what is he going to do about this? he's facing a tough challenge from president putin of russia right now. >> different strategic objectives. >> the world is watching pretty much on ed ededge to you for yo still ahead, today is one of the busiest travel days in the united states. the paris attacks have people worried. military and terrorism analysts with here to weigh in on the
10:51 am
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it's one of the business frest travel days here in the united states. many americans deeply worried about terror after the terror attack in paris more than a week ago. president obama addressed the nation last hour to try to reassure the country. >> i want the american people to know entering the holidays that the combined resources of our military, our intelligence, and our homeland security agencies are on the case. they're vigilant, relentless, and effective. in the event of a specific credible threat, the public will be informed. >> let's bring it our next two guests, our military analysts, retired colonel cedric leighton and paul cruickshank. a tough message for the president to deliver, no credible specific threats but at
10:56 am
the same time be prepared, watch what's going on. we're strengthening security precautions in major cities, airports, elsewhere out of an abundance of caution. >> wolf, that's exactly right. what you're dealing with is that a morph is piece of intelligence. you know something could happen, but you have nothing precise to say it is going to happen. that is why it becomes very critical for the president to say some things but he has no other information that he can actually share with the american public as so specific threats so he's left with giving a very nonspecific response. >> when isis puts out a slick propaganda video, paul, as they have over the last few days one saying we're going after times square, herald square in new york, another video saying we're going after the white house, the monuments in washington, d.c., why is that not considered a specific credible threat? because in the past they've actually delivered on their threats. >> well, they threaten all sorts of things in the united states. they're trying to get attention. they've just had these paris
10:57 am
attacks so they know that all of us in the media are going to focus on their statements much more than usually. but there is a threat from isis. they've put the united states on notice. they've said, we're going to attack you. this is the richest terrorist group in history. they've got more western recruits than any terrorist group in history. the terrorist safe haven in iraq and syria is the most dangerous than we've seen including afghanistan at the time of 9/11. and they're really ratcheted up this international terrorism. and the top target is the united states. they're taking the al qaeda playbook where they're training these european and western recruits. they've got passports who can get back into the west and sending them back. and the concern is that, rather than the attack in paris next time, that people could get on planes and come to the united states. >> the other concern, cedric, is that isis, unlike al qaeda, has a ton of money. they've got a billion dollars maybe according to some
10:58 am
estimates, oil revenue, the gold they've stolen from the banks in mosul and other places. all the cash they've taken over, whether they control an area of size of indiana, 5 million, 6 million people, this co-spend that money to launch terror strikes against the west outside of that area. >> absolutely, wolf. you can buy anything with money. you can buy people's allegiance, equipment, explosives, weapons. those rt things that have to worry the intelligence and law enforcement communities because that's the kind of stuff that you can't always predict is going to happen. you don't know when the purchasing is going to take place or how they're going to implement things like that. so the fact that they're the richest terrorist group in history, as paul said, make it's very important nor for us to be extra vigilant. >> their propaganda and social media skills is impressive. >> it is. and that stuff is can inspire the lone wolf terrorists here in united states.
10:59 am
we've seen 50 arrested linked into islamist terrorism in the united states, 15 of those individuals linked to a plot in the ute. a lot of the concern is around the holidays, we saw that with the july 4 weekend and the worry is they may want to do something again this thanksgiving. >> very quickly, when turkey decided to launch air to air missiles to bring down that russian plane, pentagon officials say they only were violating turkish airspace for 30 seconds if that. was that justified by the u.s. nato ally? >> no, not at all in this case. you need a much longer period for an incursion to take place before you do something like a shoot-do shoot-down. >> and a lot of, by the way, syrians and russia maybe for that matter think this violation, if it happened, was in disputed territory to begin with, going back to world war i, if you will, when they drew that line dividing turkey and syria. guys, we'll leave it there. thank forz joining us. >> you bet. >> that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room."
11:00 am
much more news then, full coverage of what the president said today, the secretary of homeland security. in the meantime, "newsroom with brooke baldwin." she's in paris. that starts right now. good evening, 8:00 local time here in beautiful paris, france. i'm brooke baldwin. of course, continuing our special live coverage of the terror attacks. you're watching cnn. today some breaking details about one of the suspects. investigators are trying to hunt down. a source close to the investigation tells cnn that mohammad abrini traveled to syria last year and somehow returned to europe undetected, which is extraordinarily concerning for investigators. keep in mind abrini is the new suspect. this is the same man who we talked about this time yesterday who was caught on camera in a gas station en route from bruls els to paris with t