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tv   Wolf  CNN  July 23, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello. i'm jake tapper in for wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington, d.c. 6:00 p.m. in london. 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you are watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. we begin with what could be a nightmare scenario for the republican party, donald trump, who surprised almost everyone with his lead in the polls among his fellow republican candidates is now threatening to run as a third party candidate if the rnc, the republican national committee, is unfair to him during the primary season. he told "the hill" newspaper, quote, the rnc has not been supportive. they were always supportive when i was a contributor. i was their fair-haired boy.
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i'll have to see how i'm being treated by the republicans if they're not fair that would be a factor. trump also did not mince words when it came to some of his rivals in the republican presidential race. here's what he told our own anderson cooper. >> i get called all these horrible names by lindsey graham who i don't even know. i couldn't care less about lindsey graham. he's registered zero in the polls. by rick perry. he was up in my office. i have a picture of him looking for money and support. they're saying horrible things. i don't even know these people. now am i supposed to just say, oh it's okay for them to say -- i guess it was lindsey graham called me a jackass. am i supposed to say it's okay? you have to fight back. the country has to fight back. everyone is pushing our country around.
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we can't allow that anderson. >> is it presidential though? to give out a personal phone number. >> well, that was a ng lo storylong story. he wanted to get on "fox and friends" and he called me up out of the blue. i never met the guy. he want eded to come in for campaign contributions. and then he starts hitting me years later, and i happened to have this crazy phone number and i held it up. i said this guy was over here and actually as you probably know the room was packed. it was standing room only. in fact, they had other theaters. there were overflow crowds. the place went wild. we all had a good time. >> but is that presidential? >> i think so. >> when you're president, you would give out a congressman's phone number? >> i was hit unfairly. i was called names. somebody hitting me saying what a bad guy i am was up in my office asking for money and asking if i could get him on television. >> when you're president of the united states you're going to be hit by half the country.
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>> that's true. >> you'll be called dumb stupid. >> i think that's different. right now i'm trying to do something to make the country great again. politicians will never make this country great again. >> as president you would change your tone? >> oh, i think so. >> let's bring in cnn's dana bash. will talk about illegal immigration. more on that in a moment. first, dana explain to our viewers why a trump third party run would have so many republican officials unable to sleep at night. >> reporter: because of history, in 1992 there was a wealthy third party candidate named ross perot and he effectively took the keys or made sure that the keys would not stay in george h.w. bush's hands, and bill clinton ended up winning the white house.
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now they're actually -- there's data to back up republican jitters and i'll show it to you. first of all, if there's just a two-way race, a head-to-head race between hillary clinton and jeb bush just for example it would be 50-44. look what happens if donald trump is in the mix as an independent candidate. hillary clinton takes a little bit of a hit. four-point hit. but jeb bush takes a 14-point hit, goes down to 30 and trump gets 20. so that is a perfect example. this is an abc news/"washington post" poll. a perfect example why republicans are nervous and so they have been doing this kind of private kabuki dance trying to figure out how far they can push donald trump and distance themselves from trump on some pretty controversial comments he's made but not push him so hard that they push him right out of the party. >> right. they are supposed to be neutral arbiters. of course trump not happy when the rnc issued a statement after
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trump went after john mccain's war record the rnc say inging there's no place in the party or the country for somebody to make comments like that. let's talk about trump's trips to the border. what can we expect when he lands? we expect him to land just about an hour from now. >> reporter: besides a lot of wind we can expect he's going to come here and he is going to actually you know try to turn the conversation back to where he wants it jake and where he wants it is on his position on illegal immigration. he is very fond of saying he inserted that topic back into the conversation within the republican primary nominating process to the point where a lot of republicans aren't comfortable which is why we had that whole conversation about a third-party run. he believes this is where he is most resonant with a lot of members of the republican party. those who are looking for somebody to continue the conversation about being tough on illegal immigration.
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he is going to go to the border. he is going to meet with border agents and amplify the message that we've heard from new york from south carolina from iowa and elsewhere, the backdrop of the u.s./mexican border jake. >> dana bash at the border in laredo texas. a local union of border patrol was supposed to host the trip. this morning that local union backed out saying quote, after careful consideration of all of the factors involved in this event it has been decided by local 2455 to pull out of all events involving donald trump. trump's campaign responded saying quote, the nationalrd boer patrol counselcil invited donald trump. they were directed by superiors in washington. despite the great danger mr. trump is traveling to proceed with the visit to the border. joining me now maricopa county sheriff and donald trump supporter sheriff joe aropio.
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do you know why they pulled out? >> i was surprised to hear they were going to be there. i think politics is involved. border patrol worked for homeland security and i have a feeling that they were told not to participate. let's see if hillary comes down there whether she'll be welcome. it's a great organization. i smell politics in this whole situation. >> we should note that you're not exactly a disinterested player in this debate over illegal immigration and, in fact in the push and pull between state and local affiliates and national and local, the department of justice has accused you and your deputies of racially profiling latinos. they charge that jail officials refer to them as quote,
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wetbacks and stupid mexicans. they say in a book you voiced, quote, bias opinion of the latino culture. i want to give you an opportunity to comment about the case and these accusations. >> which i'm not going to do. it's still in the court system. we do not racial profile. that's as far as i'm going. if you want to talk about my years as a top federal drug enforcement official in mexico city, texas, arizona, in 23 years as the elected sheriff, i think i proved a point i know what i'm doing. that question is not appropriate when you're in court. >> all right, mr. trump has seemed to suggest that the mexican government is deliberately sending drug dealers and rapists into the united states and that that element constitutes most of who is crossing the border illegally. now, according to polls, most americans and most republicans do not see it that way.
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they say most of the undocumented workers are coming here for a better life. you obviously have a unique perspective. what is your take? >> no i work closely with the mexican government the president in my other job that i mentioned. people come here to work. you don't violate the law. if you come into this country you should be held accountable. most of the people that live in mexico are good people. when you say that they encourage, i don't know. i think they give pamphlets out before they cross the border the mexican officials, on how to take care of yourself when you're in the desert to survive. i can go on and on. but maybe we should crack down on the situation in mexico before the drugs -- everybody forgets the drug traffic, which is very interesting why we talk about illegal immigration.
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but crack down and like when i worked in mexico city in mexico we worked with the army. i was out there on the street with the army my agents. let's get the u.s. army working bilateral with the mexican government to clean up the mess on that side of the border. >> we hear about the corruption within the mexican government the corruption within law enforcement in mexico. how difficult does that make cooperation across the border? >> i don't know. when i was there, worked on big international investigations there were not jeopardized and, by the way, i think we had a little corruption in the united states of america, unfortunately. so they do have a problem in mexico with corruption. i admit that. but you don't surrender. you don't always blame corruption as a reason we're not
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doing anything in mexico. where is the secretary of state? where are all of these senators? do you ever see them go to mexico? they go all over the world, but they never go to mexico which is a critical country for drugs, illegal immigration. so i don't know. secretary of states are very critical. how many times do they go to mexico? how many times does the president go to mexico? he should spend a little more time in mexico. >> i don't have the count. i know he's been there at least two or three times. i take the point. >> two or three times in seven years? that's a disgrace. >> you supported governor rick perry, the last presidential election cycle. perry is now calling trump a, quote, cancer on conservatism and you are supporting trump over perry. why? >> now wait a minute. i never endorsed trump. where are you getting that from? i introduced him at the republican party. no no let's get this straight. i haven't endorsed anyone running for president yet.
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>> okay. thanks for clarifying that. i was under a different impression. let me ask you in addition to that something else you and donald trump have in common in addition to making the issue of illegal immigration a real focus is that you both trafficked in this rather preposterous notion president obama was not born in the united states and that he may have forged his birth certificate that he released. why would you risk your credibility on issues you care about like illegal immigration, like law enforcement, by getting involved in this nonsense? >> what do you mean risk? i'm the chief law enforcement officer voted by the people. i have the right to speak out. i'm not talking about where he came from. i don't care where he came from. we're working on a fraudulent forged government document. that's what we are doing. >> you're maintaining that the birth certificate the president of the united states revealed
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and released to the public you're maintaining that is fraudulent? >> that's right. >> is there anyone any credible law enforcement person outside of you and your organization your contractors, who has any agreement with you on this? >> no they haven't looked at it. what are you kidding? i'm probably the only law enforcement official that's looked into it. nobody looks into it. they shy away from it. >> because the president was born in hawaii. >> i'm talking about a fraudulent government document a birth certificate. that's all i'm concerned with. and that seems to be in violation of the law. >> and you say that because there are glitches in some of the printing is that right? >> i'm not going to get into all the technical details. i have a smith corona
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typewriter i don't have a computer but i have people that look into it. i've been around a long time. i'm not stupid enough to even talk to you about it if i even think there was a lot of smoke and fire there. >> all right. we appreciate your time sheriff arpaio. still ahead, secretary of state john kerry grilled on capitol hill. his warning to senators if the u.s. rejects a nuclear deal with iran. plus one-on-one with ohio governor john kasich. he just joined a very crowded presidential race. how he plans to set himself apart. plus the pressure to raise his poll numbers before a major debate two weeks from today that will only include the top ten republicans.
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welcome back. you're looking at live pictures of the procession to take chattanooga victim skip wells to his final resting place, home in marietta, georgia.
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his body arrived in hartsfield jackson international airport. a gunman opened fire on two military sites. a sailor injured in the attacks later died of his wounds. a motorcade, several area police agencies is escorting wells' body to a funeral home in georgia north of atlanta. the city and its police and fire departments are coordinating a public welcome of wells' remains. he will be buried on sunday. there is no fantasy alternative to the iran deal. the senate foreign relations committee. he's trying to sell the plan to capitol hill. >> we set out to dismantle their ability to be able to build a nuclear weapon and we've achieved that. >> global affairs correspondent elise labott joins us. this is the start of the 60-day period lawmakers have to review the deal according to the law
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that president obama passed. how is it going? as bad as it looks? >> not going so well. there was a warm welcome for secretary kerry by the public when he limped in on crutches thank you, thank you, john kerry. as soon as he sat down it was pretty clear that the lawmakers weren't buying what john kerry was selling in terms of this defense of the deal he called it saying there was no viable alternative to what the republican lawmakers were calling, calling it a unicorn. some of them on the committee, for instance marco rubio, warning this deal is only as good as this president, and that perhaps the next president, i.e. him, might be able to undo it. take a listen. >> we will coordinate in every possible way with israel with respect to israel's concern -- >> so if israel conducts a cyber attack against the iranian nuclear program, are we
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obligated to help them defend themselves against the israeli cyber attack? >> no. i assure you we will be coordinating very very closely with israel as we do on every aspect of israel's security. >> that's not how i read this. >> i don't see any way possible that we would be in conflict with israel with respect to what we might want to do there, and i think we just have to wait until we get to that point. but i do think, senator, i listened to a long list of your objections about it but there was no alternative you or anyone else has proposed. >> i sure have secretary kerry. >> i know marco rubio is objecting to that and he has laid out what he thinks the alternative should be which is tougher sanctions, force iran to do more. i want to ask you about israel because it has not escaped notice president obama keeps on going out there and talking about lobbyists. don't listen to the lobbyists.
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he's talking about pro-israel lobbyists. >> secretary kerry was referring to some tv ads and a lot of these groups have these ads on television warning against what would happen with the iran deal. israel is vociferously lobbying behind the scenes. the israeli ambassador has met upwards of 40 members of congress. prime minister netanyahu you saw when he came to give his famous speech before lawmakers there's a lot of support and what the israelis are trying to do is they realize most of the republicans will reject this deal now they're trying to pick off some of the democrats so they can have a veto-proof majority. >> right. the bill against it is going to fail -- or the bill against the deal is going to pass. they're just trying to preserve a veto. >> that's right. >> elise labott he's the 16th major candidate to join the republican race for president. so how does ohio governor john
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welcome back. ohio governor john kasich is wrapping up a three-day campaign swing through new hampshire. then it is off to lunch with mitt romney. kasich kicked off his bid for the republican presidential nomination tuesday at ohio state university his alma mater. it is a crowded republican field. kasich is the 16th gop candidate to get into the race. governor kasich joins us now live from wolfboro in the great granite state of new hampshire. thanks for being with us. god to see good to see us again. you're off to have lunch with mitt romney after this interview. you're currently at 2% in the polls, not in the top ten which you'll need to be to be in the
10:28 am
first debate and second debate with me in september. how are you planning to move up? >> well jake kind of worry about polls, i wasn't trying to go around the country and take care of myself. but we're having a good announcement. having good trips. we'll see what happens. i'm not so much in the process. we've been having a lot of town hall meetings here. they've been well attended and getting a lot of people to sign up. we'll see what happens, jake. i don't worry about all of that stuff. i am excited about being able to be with you, though. that's going to be great. >> in an interview with abc news on tuesday you said quote, if you're poor if you're black, if you're brown, if you're struggling we care about you and we're going to work to make sure you're included in the american dream, unity is such a big part right now. this is part of your pitch expanding the republican tent. how do you go about attracting latino and black voters who traditionally in larger numbers have supported democrats?
10:29 am
>> yeah. well as you know jake i received 26% of the after ri african-american vote in ohio because we are sincere about the fact that everybody has to feel a part of everything so there are things that we have done from criminal justice reform to the ability to set some of our state contracts aside to give them a chance to build entrepreneurship. it really is about message, it's about reaching out, and it's about activity and action. so i think it's critical jake that we first of all, have strong economic growth but then we need to make sure that people don't think that's an end unto itself. it needs to be a means to an end and everybody has to feel lifted and that includes also the rural poor. so i mean the beauty of america is the american dream. everybody can rise. everybody can do well. and i'm a believer in it. i've always operated that way. >> abby huntsman the daughter of former utah governor and failed 2012 republican candidate jon huntsman tweeted the other day kasich's rollout reminds me
10:30 am
of my dad's, same team, same timing similar strategy. hope it ends better for him. how do you avoid becoming the 2016 jon huntsman? >> well look i think, jake i have the most unique resume with both national security experience and the ability to balance the federal budget. i was one of the chief architects when we did it. an executive in a big state like ohio where we've had a significant economic turnaround and the decisive victory in a state like ohio. no one goes to the white house unless they go through ohio. and, jake the other thing is people want to ask me well how do you stand out? and i think you know jake from the years you've known me my problem has never been standing out. sometimes it's been standing out too much. it's going to be me. the proof is in the pudding. you come up here to new hampshire, come to the town halls and you'll see what's happening on the grounds. we'll do that. we'll do that. speaking of standing out, let it
10:31 am
be known i asked three questions before i brought up the name of donald trump. but he is number one in polls right now. he's causing a lot of stress among party leaders for his comments about john mccain's war heroism, his comments about mexicans. do you think he's hurting the republican party brand? >> i don't worry about the republican party brand right now, jake. i mean the fact is whoever the nominee is is going to carry that message. i hope it's one that's positive and of inclusion. what i'm most focused on are the number of days i have left to get out here get out, get around do the town halls, have people see me and not only here but, of course in south carolina iowa and michigan. i don't have time to waste thinking about what the heck is going on with everybody else. i know what my brand is. i know what my record is. i think it's pretty good. >> let's talk about the economy. you had a unique perspective on the economic meltdown because you were an executive at lehman brothers when it collapsed.
10:32 am
in the past you've said you learned a lot about how america works from that experience. a lot of people lost their job, life savings when the bank went belly up because of bad bets by those in charge. what did you learn there that would help the average american? what did you learn there that would help avoid a future problem, a future economic crisis? >> right. well first of all, jake i'm thrilled that i had the opportunity to be at lehman brothers because i got to travel the country. i was an investment banker not whatever an executive means. i traveled around the country and met with entrepreneurs. i worked with the steel industry. i worked with financial services companies, with banks. i mean i learned how the economy works. and because of that i took that knowledge to ohio and we went from an $8 billion hole to a $2 billion surplus, $350,000 person job loss to 350,000 job gain and $5 billion in tax cuts. i kind of know what i'm doing in this area.
10:33 am
i think it's important that we review everything including the ability to give people these balloon loans where they don't play any principal up front. there are things that can be put in place. we don't want to strangle the regional banks, the local banks who have to work with you and me in order to be successful. but the lehman brothers experience taught me an awful lot about how ceos and job creators think, and i put it to work. and i'm sure glad i was there. >> i think i hear the police are about to arrest tom weaver. >> get weaver. you know he's hanging here on the porch. what are you asking me? >> there is an apb out. >> bless you. >> for the latest on the race to the white house head over to cnn politics. the director of the fbi speaking out about what keeps him up at night. still ahead, james comey's one-on-one interview with wolf blitzer. what he says is the biggest threat to the u.s. next.
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isis is not your parent's al qaeda qaeda, that from james comey in a one-on-one interview with our wolf blitzer. comey was discussing bigger threats to the u.s., in particular isis. take a listen. >> the threat isil presents to the united states is different in kind and type and degree than al qaeda. isil is not your parents' al qaeda. it's a very different model. and by virtue of that model it's currently the threat we're worrying about in the homeland most of all. >> the biggest threat in the homeland. let's talk about this now via skype from irvine california. cnn intelligence and security analyst and former cia operative bob bair and from new york former fbi special agent and former navy s.e.a.l. jonathan gillian. gentlemen, thanks so much pour
10:39 am
being here. bob, is the fbi director right? is isis a greater threat to the u.s. than al qaeda? >> yes, absolutely jake. i've been talking to the fbi field agents that are out there working this problem, and this is what scares them most is people inspired by the islamic state, lonewolves the guy in chattanooga, and these people have learned recently to stay off the phones stay off the internet. they've been reading snowden. they know they're vulnerable. i totally agree with him. these guys are a real threat. >> what do you mean bob, they're reading snowden? just the idea that cell phones are being monitored? >> it's a reminder that algorithms can tie numbers together that we're on social media, the fbi is. they're on twitter. they're watching these people. they're watching for people buying tickets to syria, for instance. at that point the fbi can arrest
10:40 am
them if they take one overt act. so what they've come to understand is very clear is that if they stay off the internet and they stay off social media in particular they can get people to act in this country and not come to the notice of the fbi and the fbi's hand are very much tied. a need until a haystack. how do you find these people? >> jonathan wolf also talked with director comey about what let abdulazeez to carry out the chattanooga attack. >> the killer of these four marines, the one sailor he was not inspired by isis or isil, was he? >> we're still combing through his entire life including his electronic media to understand who was he communicating with. >> the assumption he was inspired like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the
10:41 am
american-born cleric who was killed in a u.s. drone strike back in 2011 but whose messages are still out there, right? >> the messages are still very much out there. that's a dimension to the threat we haven't taken our eye off of. there are those motivated by the poise andon that bounces around the internet. we're not sure yet with abdulazeez. we're still combing through his life. >> he spent time with his uncle who is now under arrest by the jordanian authorities. the fbi is there in jordan right now. there's obviously an fbi presence. you've sent over experts to find out what was going on during those seven months right? >> correct. that's part of combing through his life to understand what happened in jordan who influenced him, who did he meet what did he consume, that sort of thing, yes. >> so jonathan what's your take on this? is it generally that even if abdulazeez was not inspired by isis but rather by al awlaki it
10:42 am
still points to what a nearly impossible task it is? >> one of the mistakes we're making jake we are concentrating -- which we have to in some cases -- we're concentrating on these different groups. we're looking at al qaeda and yemen, al qaeda overall. we're looking at isis. isis in iraq. the reality is this is fundamental islam. it is the thread that needles all these things together and really when it comes to home grown operatives it is important to see where the radicalization came from but overall you can 100% determine that it came from the study of fundamental islam. that is the thing that overall globally is on the rise and growing faster than we can get a handle on. >> all right. thank you both. you can watch more of wolf's interview with fbi director james comey on "the situation room" today at 5:00 eastern here on cnn. still ahead, hillary clinton
10:43 am
sounding off on a topic that has tripped up her competitors in the past. her message when asked about racism and inequality in america and what that could mean for her campaign going forward. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap.
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democratic front-runner hillary clinton talking about racism and inequality during her campaign swing through south carolina. clinton embracing the slogan that has become a rallying cry for many protesters. black lives matter. senior washington correspondent, jeff describe the scene. hillary stumbled on this. all lives matter which offended people. what happened? >> she was? st. louis then and said that and she was criticized at the time. today in south carolina she was talking about the death of
10:48 am
sandra bland and she said that if she used that as an opportunity to talk about racial injustice and the need for reform throughout that system and she talked very bluntly about this. let's take a listen. >> it's heartbreaking to read about another death of a young woman, sandra bland, in texas. another young african-american life cut short. and that's why i think it is essential that we all stand up and say loudly and clearly, yes, black lives matter. [ applause ] >> and by saying that directly she is not going to be criticized because the issue here jake is black lives matter all lives matter. some people believe that by saying all lives matter you are diminishing the horrific situation that we've seen in the country through ferguson and other things so she is squarely on message with the black lives
10:49 am
matter. >> the idea being that of course white lives matter, black activists saying ours matters, too. jeff zeleny thank you. straight talk on religion and about personal faith and whether trump feels compelled to ask god for forgiveness. [baby cooing] your baby looks at the world... ...through those delicate little baby lashes. and one of those chubby baby hands... ...latches onto your finger so hard... it's like she's saying i love you. that's why aveeno® baby lotions... naturals® oat formula... designed for your baby's sensitive skin. because, while you count each miraculous toe... know they're counting on you. [baby coos] aveeno®. naturally beautiful babies.
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. you're looking at live pictures out of laredo texas, a very windy laredo texas. presidential candidate donald trump has just arrived in that border town. he's focusing on illegal immigration. his trip began with controversy when the union representative who invited him to speak with them said they were backing out of this tour. trump will still tour the u.s./mexico border with other agents and we'll bring his
10:53 am
remarks. mr. trump, never short on words or controversy. so far, his comments about religion we are told by attendees at one event, did not endear him to republican base voters who are largely evangelical. listen to his answer about whether he had ever asked for forgiveness from god. >> i'm not sure i have. i just go and try to do a better job from there. i don't think so. i think if i do something wrong, i think i just try and make it right. >> a lot of voters in that state, iowa in the first caucus state taking issue with that. anderson cooper trying to push him on this issue in his one-on-one interview with him. take a listen. >> the notion of forgiveness, that's not a central point for you? >> i try not to make mistakes where i ask for forgiveness, for one thing. i don't like to make a lot of mistakes, so -- >> and the idea of repentence
10:54 am
is than an idea for you? >> i think it's a good thing. >> but do you feel a need to? >> if i make a mistake, yeah i think it's great. but i try not to make mistakes. why do i have to repent? why do i have to ask for forgiveness if you're not making mistakes? i work hard. i've employed tens and thousands of people. >> you give millions to charity. >> i built the vietnam memorial in lower manhattan. >> earlier i spoke with anderson about his interview and asked him about the fallout over trump's remarks about religion. >> rick perry hit him about that yesterday saying anybody who is too self-absorbed -- and i'm quoted -- arrogant to ask for forgiveness is exactly the kind of person john adams prayed
10:55 am
would not get into the white house. among evangelical supporters that's why i was trying to get more out of donald trump about that yesterday. >> i know. it's very interesting, especially for the key early states. iowa south carolina where there are so many christian conservatives who want to hear about a candidate's religious faith. donald trump in your interview was quite critical of we in the media. let's take a listen to that. >> i find that 60 70% of the political media is really really dishonest. and, you know i tell the story, the american dream, i talk about the american dream in speeches. the american dream is dead but i'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. the american dream is dead but i'm going to make it bigger and stronger than ever. the audience goes crazy. i come home and my wife says darling, that was so bad.
10:56 am
i said, what was so bad? she said what you said. and she said, the american dream is dead. >> cut. >> on one of the major networks. >> so his major criticisms were quoting him out of context, i guess? >> yes. but what really set him off in the interview, i was asking him about a survey which shows that he and hillary clinton have high unfavorabilities among three swing states. i pointed out that he was doing well among republican voters leading the polls, but in this survey which had just come out, he has very high unfavorable. he was upset that i asked about a negative poll when there's so many positive polls. >> let's listen to what trump says about what he wants to do as president. >> the other night in new york -- new york was shut down because obama is here to go to a broadway play. he's here to -- you know when you're in the white house for a limited period of time i'd be
10:57 am
there all the time working. working. i wouldn't even have time to comb my hair the way i comb it. i would probably just have to comb it back. >> once again, did mr. trump give any specifics in terms of what he would do in office beyond restoring the american dream, beyond bringing jobs back and beyond the not combing his hair? >> well you know he does not -- it's hard to pin him down on. he has said he would be tougher on isis and everybody else. when you actually pin him down on what that means, and i talked to him extensively about this again yesterday for the second time his policy towards isis is bomb the hell out of them in the oil fields in iraq and in syria because there's not many oil fields in iraq that they have full control over. it's mostly in syria. he says send in oil exxon and
10:58 am
mobile take the oil, send in troops to take it. >> trump said he could possibly -- he left it out as a tantalizing possibility to run as an independent if he doesn't get the vote for republican nomination and the party doesn't treat him well. do you have a sense whether he will go through with that? >> he said the same thing the last time i talked to him and to others he's hinted that before. i think the newest part of that is kind of a more direct warning to the rnc and that's what makes it particularly interesting. i don't know what sort of support he believes the rnc should be giving him. the rnc is obviously not in the role of supporting individual candidates at this stage. that's not what they do. >> right. you could argue, though that they are coming out with a
10:59 am
statement pointed at donald trump, defending john mccain and saying there's no place in the party or the country for somebody who bad mouths the war heroes the veterans that that is stepping behind their role as mutual mutual arbitrar. >> he will say the best chance to win is as a republican. he says he's a conservative republican. clearly he has -- he believes ross perot cost the republicans the race when ross perot was in the race and so i think he knows how disruptive a third-party challenge would be whether or not he is concerned about that you know we'll certainly basically have to wait and see. >> anderson thank you so much. watch more of anderson's interview with donald trump on
11:00 am
"ac 360" tonight at 8:00 eastern. that's it for me. i'll be back in a few hours at 4:00 eastern on "the lead" but the news of course continues right now. here we go. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. it's 1:00 in laredo texas, which means right now, donald trump is about to step foot -- we're all watching right here to see donald trump get off the plane. essentially his campaign is calling it the danger zone the billionaire all set for a tour of the u.s./mexico border despite the fact that his tour guides the border patrol union has now backed out, pulling its agents from the trip. we'll get more on that in a minute. first, think about this. it has been all of five weeks since donald trump launched his run for the white house, five weeks since calling mexican immigrants rapists even