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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 10, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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of humor anymore. you know, we do a show at 5:00 and then at 8:00 we do the air show and in between the writers would punch up and add to and john ritter and myself had isolated cameras where when the audience was there if something happened that we didn't rehearse, that way we could just free form. and so much of that free form ended up on the air which made it such a delicious experience. did i answer your question? >> "delicious experience" is a great way to say it. i adored it then and i adore you now. thank you for being with us today. i want to remind people don't forget we're doing our '70s look back at the good bad, revolutionary in tv. our original series premiers tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. our thanks to suzanne somers. wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington
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6:00 p.m. in london 7:00 p.m. in vatican city 8:00 p.m. in ramadi. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we've got breaking news in the war against isis. president obama is now planning to send another 450 u.s. troops to iraq after confessing just daysing that the u.s. lacked a complete strategy for fighting the terrorist group. the white house now says those 450 additional troops will not serve in a combat role but rather will train, advise and assist iraqi security forces on the front lines in the anbar province. that's been the site of many setbacks recently in the anti-isis campaign. in particular, the fall of ramadi in anbar last month. the president has also authorized the delivery in weapons and equipment to peshmerga and sunni fighters under iraqi command and share a common goal of defeating isis. those weapons will still go through the central iraqi government in baghdad.
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right now, the u.s. haas roughly 3,000 forces serving in iraq with these additional troops there will be 3,500 or so bringing the hundreds of new trainers in. l satisfy not necessarily satisfy the critics, though who say the u.s. needs to be fighting more on the front lines and have spotters on the front lines to help in the air war against isis. let's talk a little bit more about this latest strategy by the white house and the pentagon. joining us from west palm beach in florida, retired lieutenant colonel james reese, cnn global affairs analyst and former delta force commander. also joining us from irvine california bob baer our cnn intelligence and security analyst, a former cia operative. guys thanks very much for joining us. colonel reese, on monday the president at that news conference in germany said there was a lock of good sunni recruits. said it was delaying the strategy in iraq. today the white house says that more trainers will be sent
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directly to anbar province to start directly training those sunnis. colonel, what changed between monday and today? because monday the president said there were more u.s. trainers than needed. they can't even find the recruits. >> well wolf you know between then and now is you had the discussions with the president by the iraqi president abadi. >> prime minister. >> he's asking for help. sorry, the prime minister correct. we've known that. central command and the pentagon has these phased plans going in. so if the president makes a decision they can move quickly. i think this shows the u.s. is committed even though i think it's a dribble of support from my perspective. but it shows that perspective. there are concerns about the sunnis but i think it shows the sunnis that we are committed that if they get people coming to these bases that we will have people to train.
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those extra 450 to 500 soldiers they're not all trainers. half of them will be for security and logistics and all those other places. so you have to look at that number for what it is. >> bob baer, in a statement, the white house made it clear -- and i'm reading now "these additional u.s. troops will not serve in a combat role will augment the 3100 u.s. troops who have already deployed to iraq." because the big criticism is the u.s. really needs combat troops on the front line spotters if you will, to help pinpoint those air strikes, right? >> well wolf, i think it goes back to to the fact that the central government, the abadi government, is not responsive. it's still a sectarian government, the army is not being paid like it should be. weapons going to the kurds are not getting through. it hasn't assembled sunni support so the more we get in there, the more it's starting to look like mission creep and
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frankly i don't think we can turn this around without u.s. combat soldiers. i'm not recommending that but only we or iranians which is not a very good alternative, can change this. because right now the islamic state is still on the move. yesterday they were around baghdad, they're in syria and everywhere else. i don't see this stopping. we need a change in strategy. 400, 500 more trainers is a start but not enough. >> the statement also says colonel reese that the u.s. will provide weapons to the peshmerga, the kurdish fighters to sunni tribal fighters as well mooed rat sunnis in an mar and elsewhere. but only -- these are the key words -- only in coordination with the central government in baghdad meaning all those weapons that might wind up in the hands of the kurds or the sunnis have to go through the central government. you know those sunnis and kurds, they don't tlaus sherust that shi'a-led central government, do they? >> well there is a mistrust at
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some point and prime minister abadi is trying to get this trust back. but this is where, again, the advise and assist role is across the spectrum not just with the combat soldiers going out, it's with the logistics the supplies the leadership. there should be a diplomatic advise-and-assist mission going on to help the iraqis. we can't just pick and choose. if we're going to support the central government of iraq we have to do it this way. we need to have the oversight and help the iraqis learn and assist them to get the weapons where they need to go. especially in erbil with the kurds and out best in the sunnis in anbar. >> yesterday i spoke the iraqi ambassador to the united states. he was here with me in the studio. he blamed the united states, saying the u.s. abandoned iraq at the end of 2011 when the u.s. pulled out its troops. he made a point several times to say the u.s. left iraq at that
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time without a single fighter plane remaining in iraq. what do you make of his point that the u.s. is at least partially to blame with what has happened in iraq over the last full years and with isis? >> i don't agree with that at all. there was a status of forces they asked us to leave long before that three years before. we left a lot of equipment. the country is making a lot of none oil, they could have bought their own aircraft. we left a well-trained army. maliki, the previous prime minister hollowed that army out with militias a lot of that money was stolen, a lot of that commitment because they gave up to the islamic state in june. i don't hold us responsible for this at all. iraq is a failed state they're barely doing any better now. wolf i think the situation is so dire i keep hearing rumors that the kurds are furious with the abadi government they're not getting enough weapons,
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weapons meant for them they're not getting oil income and they're talking about breaking away from iraq which would be a huge step. but i don't know that that's going to happen but it tell i don't say how bad things are. >> we'll see what happens. guys this is a major development today. we'll stay on top of it. colonel reese, thank you. bob baer thanks to you as well. we'll have much more ahead on this major u.s. decision to send yet more troops into iraq. we'll get reaction from both sides of the aisle on capitol hill. the senate intelligence committee member james risch is standing by. and ranking member adam schiff is standing by as well. plus after new information comes to light, police are back in neighborhoods near the clinton correctional facility in upstate new york where two convicted killers escaped over the weekend. we have new information coming in. stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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let's get back to the breaking news our top story, the white house decision to send an additional 450 troops to iraq to train anti-isis forces there and to send more weapons to sunni, shi'a, and kurdish peshmerga fighters. joining us flow capitol hill is the california democrat congressman adam schiff, the ranking member on the house intelligence committee. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. i want to get some perspective on what's going on in iraq. here's what the president said back at the end of 2011. listen to this. >> so today i can report that as promised the rest of our troops
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in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. america >> america's war in iraq clearly is not over. what happened? >> i this i this maliki government as greg baer was pointing out, hollowed out the military force we trained up and equipped and as a result inflamed these sectarian tensions he continue to marginalize the sunnis and what we helped build up collapsed. and this points out, i think, one of the central challenges going forward and that is we can help the iraqis win battles, but they're not going to stay won unless these political sectarian problems are addressed so this potential troop increase that it looks like the administration will move forward with i hope it's accompanied by a new commitment from the iraqi government that it will step up the integration of sunnis in the military force of sunnis in the
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government governance of iraq so sunni tribes can be peeled away from isis otherwise these incremental increases in american troops or the spotters that many of my gop colleagues want none of this is going to make much of a difference if we can't get those iraqi tribes peeled away from isis. >> yesterday, the iraqi ambassador to the united states was here on our program. he blamed the u.s. at least in mayor part for abandoning iraq pulling out all those u.s. forces at the end of 2011 not even leaving one fighter jet behind to fight the enemy. what do you say to the ambassador? >> what i sty the ambassador is that's what the status of forces agreement required. we made an effort to extend our troop presence there and iraqis didn't want it. some iraqis said privately they wanted us to stay but publicly they weren't willing to sell the idea to their own people. so the iraqis are very good at blaming others but unfortunately the responsibility for the deterioration in iraq over the last several years and the growth of isil can be laid at the feet of those iraqi leaders
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who governed in a purely sectarian way. it's a matter of plain fact that these sunni tribes are not going to want to submit to an iraqi government that doesn't include them and even worse that they perceive as being run out of tehran so that is a governance problem that the iraqis are going to have to address and no amount of american military training will overcome that. so i hope that part of the bargain for any additional american troops on the ground there in a training capacity is a real commitment that we will arm the sunnis, we will train the sunnis we will incorporate the sunnis into governance because that political problem still hasn't been addressed. >> as you know when the u.s. pulled the u.s. autoout of iraq, 25b9 about 200 people were left in baghdad, then it went to 1500 then 2,000, now today announcing
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another 450, about 3,500. already you're hearing critics say this is mission creep reminiscent of what started in the '06' the '60s in vietnam to what which you say? >> we have to be on guard against that. it's very much a risk. although i think frankly other things we're doing pose a much greater risk of escalation. the special forces raid for example, in syria, where we captured or tried to capture abu sayyaf and resulted in his killing, that had risk associated with it more than sending trainers to iraq had one of our delta forces people ended up in a cage the way the poor jordanian pilot did you can imagine the pressure to escalate then. so there's a real risk of escalation. it's part of the reason why i'm so emphatic about trying to address the political problems in iraq because i'm not willing and i don't think the american people are willing to put americans in risk in harms way, to solve political problems for the iraqis.
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>> you want congress to pass legislation authorizing the use of military force against isis in iraq? the war has been going on now for ten months. we keep hearing about legislation. it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. >> well it hasn't gone anywhere obviously. >> and that's a great tragedy and frankly we have only ourselves and congress to blame. it's our constitutional responsibility. we have some moves i think in the senate. tim kaine has been one of the leaders on this. we've been much less successful in moving this issue forward in the house. i plan to offer an amendment to the defense appropriations bill that will require us to have a vote and authorization to use force. we'll see if i can be successful with that. >> congressman schiff thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks wolf. up next we'll get a different perspective. a republican take on the new strategy tweak as far as the war in iraq is concerned. idaho senator james risch is a member of the senate intelligence committee. he's standing by we'll discuss
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what's going on. plus there are so many questions surrounding the escape of two convicted killers from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. now police may be getting some of the answers they need. we have new details. stay with us.
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as many as an additional 450 troops could soon be headed there to the anbar province to help sunni forces get ready to try to fight isis. up on capitol hill joining us right now is the idaho republican senator james risch, he's a member of the senate foreign relations and the senate intelligence committee. thanks very much senator, for joining us. what's your reaction when you heard this latest development? >> well wolf i think it's pretty ubiquitous up here that people are looking at that and saying okay what's the purpose of this? our problem is we can't get a clear definition of what the strategy is in the middle east let alone what the specific strategy is for iraq and, for that matter, for syria. so people want to help people want to do something, but the question is what's the point here? what is the goal? what are you trying to accomplish? >> the pentagon put out a statement which concluded with these words defining their strategy "this effort the
10:23 am
latest development, another 450 troops, this effort is in keeping with our overarching strategy to work with partners on the ground to degrade and ultimately defeat isil." that's their strategy. is that good enough? >> well it's pretty general. i mean we all want to do that. we all want to defeat isil isis daesh, whatever you want to call it. everybody wants to do that. our difficulty is how you do that. when you talk about "work with our partners," okay what are you talking about? these 450 are supposed to train iraqi troops. now, we've had two really serious disappointments with the iraqi troops. the first was when isis first crossed into iraq and two divisions just dissipated. they dropped their wednesday, uniforms and went home. the second one was the ramadi. there were substantially more iraqi forces there than there were of isis and yet, again, they fled. so you know, they -- we've got
10:24 am
to have a bert strategy than this general statement to what you're talking about. >> so what's your recommendation senator? what would you do? >> well i think first of all they need to negotiate with congress a specific strategy on the middle east and then drill it down to the -- to iraq and to syria. i think one of the things that needs to be done -- and it's always left out of this equation -- are the people in iraq who are actually willing to fight. you've got the kurds there who are good friends of ours who are fierce fighters who are willing to do what we ask them to do. they come to washington, d.c. all the time to ask us for help the administration says no we have to go through baghdad for that. so that's one thing that could be brought into the equation. but simply to -- look this -- we either should or we shouldn't. this middle-of-the-road thing, well, we'll just kind of keep throwing a bit at it and hopefully this will go away or at least stay as it is until the next administration takes over
10:25 am
this just didn't cutting it and meanwhile everyday isis gets stronger and we really need a specific strategy to deal with it. not just 450 people. they're talking about well they're going to train some more. the training isn't the problem. we spent hundreds of millions of dollars training the iraqis the iraqi military forces already. and look what we're getting for it -- not much if anything. >> i would say billions of dollars not just hundreds of millions if you add it all up over the decades that the u.s. was deployed there with 150,000 troops at some point. you want the u.s. to arm the peshmerga kurdish fighters directly. here's what the white house says in their announcement today. they say this and i'll read it to you. "this will only happen" the weapons that will go to the kurds "in coordination with the central government operating under iraqi command to ensure our partners have the equipment needed to effectively fight isil." you don't trust the central
10:26 am
iraqi government. you want the u.s. to provide those weapons directly to the peshmerga, is that right? >> well, the words the white house put out interpreted means this isn't going to happen. because the kurds are autonomous. they fight by themselves. they're very good. to try to -- look they've been trying for a long time to coordinate this and it isn't working. the kurds don't trust the central government in iraq, the central government certainly doesn't trust the kurds. this just is not going to work. having said that, if we dealt directly with them i think we would have some success. you know i'll do with both sides all the time i've watched the performance of both sides and we know that one is successful and one isn't. so which one would you partner with? >> james risch, senator, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you so much. thanks, wolf glad to be here. >> thank you. we'll move on to other news. they planned their escape with amazing precision but richard matt and david sweat may have had problems with their get away. but it could be the break that police law enforcement, need
10:27 am
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tell your doctor about any medical conditions medications you are taking and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. law enforcement officials are going door too door today in dannemora. that's in upstate new york. they're searching homes near the clinton correctional facility looking for two escaped prisoners. there have been two possible sightings of richard matt and david sweat. investigators think a woman who
10:31 am
worked with the paur at the prison planned to pick up the convicted killers after they broke out of the maximum security prison but then changed her mind. that's what a source at least, is telling cnn. another source says joyce mitchell went to the hospital because of panic attacks. mitchell supervised both inmates when they worked in the tailoring shop within the facility. the public information officer for the new york state department of directions tells cnn prisoners use sew magazines and other sewing tools and that any inmate could apply for a job in the tailor shop. meanwhile, the son of richard matt is speaking out about his father's prison escape. comprehend at first. just shocking. nobody would really expect that. it's in his nature. he escaped from attica before too. so i don't know. >> our national correspondent polo sand valueoval is joining us from dannemora dannemora. how is the community coping with
10:32 am
what's going on? >> wolf i can tell you it is business as usual for now. the main headline at this hour is that much of the focus of the investigation has shifted back on to this community since the search started five days ago. the new york state police saying they're really no specific tip or lead that brought them back here to the gates of the clinton correctional facility but they simply want to retrace the steps that they made in the days and really perhaps hours following the discovery of that jail escape that search continues at this hour for richard matt and david sweat. we want to share these images that i'm sure you've seen already of new york state police officers wearing body armor, heavily armed, walking the streets of dannemora, much of the attention focusing on here. many of these images seem to indicate they may not have one solid strong lead taking them in another direction so coming back
10:33 am
to square one as they search for these two individuals that are dangerous, wolf. >> are people -- the authority there is where you are urging people to stay indoors or to simply go about their business? >> they're asking they go about their business. simply stay alert. just to put things in perspective, we watched some of these police officers walking down the street is but moments later we watched a mother and her two toddlers going out for a walk. speaking of them they're not really afraid they're simply alert, so i think that that's the tone we're seeing in this town. many people here used to just living in the shadow of a prison. some of the folks we've spoken to in the last several days not necessarily surprised. they were -- at least they were surprised it took this long for something like this to happen. but in the meantime school buses are running, people are driving around except they are having to stop for some of these checkpoints. those are still throughout the community here wolf. >> polo sandoval on the scene
10:34 am
for us. polo thanks very much. we're now hearing from a man who knows better than most just how sadistic the fugitive richard matt can be. as matt's accomplice back in 1997 lee bates watched him kidnap, torture and then murder a man, a man he later dismembered and dumped in the niagra river. here's what bates told our anderson cooper last night. >> if you wanted to take a pictures of the devil that's the face you would see. >> can you explain what he did to his boss? it was a long ordeal. i understand he tortured him. >> he used duct tape to tie mr. rickerson up. he beat him with anything and everything he could, a knife sharpener, a security device, the club for my automobile. he physically grabbed mr. rickerson's hands and pulled his fingers back until they snapped. punching him, beating him.
10:35 am
>> this is while he was duct taped in the trunk of the car? >> even before. starting throughout the car ride and then eventually well he opened the truck and mr. rickerson told him "i'll take you to the money, let me out." and richard matt then said "i don't believe you. i don't believe you. you've been playing games with me i don't believe you." and in a fit of rage he reached into the car, grabbed mr. rickerson by his head and snapped his neck in front of me. >> you actually saw that? you heard the? >> yes, i did, sir. >> it was bates' testimony about the crime that helped prosecutors get richard matt a sentence of 25 years to life. meanwhile, there's another new development in the manhunt for these two convicted killers who
10:36 am
escaped from that maximum security prison. we'll have details of that when we come back.
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10:39 am
willsboro, new york, is one of the areas where there was a possible sighting of the escaped convicts richard matt and david sweat. the town is about 30 miles or so south of the clinton correctional facility, that's the maximum security prison. on the line joining us right now
10:40 am
is sean gilla slandland, the town supervisor. sean, what's happened over the past 24 hours in your town? are they still there, the law enforcement authorities, en masse? >> yes, they are. they've redeployed somewhere between 50 and 100 corrections officers again today. they're on the ground and pretty much the same area that they were working yesterday. you know looking in every structure and going through the woods and swamps and fields and thing things. kind of engts anding more than yesterday but they're still working it. . we haven't gotten any reports one way or the other but simply that they are continuing to search. >> i see a police on the ground law enforcement. what about in the air? are there surveillance helicopters? planes flying over with infrared devices to get some sort of
10:41 am
search going? >> we have not seen any helicopters today. they are definitely being used yesterday between the thunderstorms. >> you're the town supervisor, what are the authorities, state, local, federal, telling you? >> they -- i talk extensively with our county sheriff, richard cutting, and he's been the law enforcement liaison with all the other agencies i asked him basically do they move south or whatever. and he said "they're still looking in this area for a reason." that's all he would tell me. >> are there a lot of
10:42 am
campgrounds over there? camping grounds or like cottages cabins where people may have summer homes that are usually empty or maybe this time of the year before the full summer comes into play where potentially they're looking through cabin by cabin. >> the town of essex has a very large seasonal population with camps and summer homes and things like that. it's mostly full time residents and farms so i don't believe that they've been going to targeting any seasonal home ss. >> and as far as you know there've been no additional sightings of two suspicious individuals or one individual in your area right?
10:43 am
>> not since the initial one on monday night, that's correct. >> how's the community dealing with this? >> i think they were apprehensive yesterday. but i think -- i guess a feeling of calm has kind of come in. i mean, no additional things have happened and we also -- you know you see a lot of law enforcement presence in town so people -- life seems to be going back to more normal. >> sean gilliland, we'll stay in close touch. thank you. >> thank you, wolf. up next jeb bush meeting with world leaders, including angela merkel. but he's stepping up his criticism of another world leader we're talking about vladimir putin. we have details from the next stop on jeb bush's european journey.
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the national transportation safety board says the operator of the amtrak train that crashed in philadelphia on may 12 was not on his cell phone. the ntsb says phone records indicate brandon bostian was not texts, talking or on the internet as he operated the train. the agency is trying to determine whether the phone was off. the ntsb is investigating why the train went into a curve at more than twice the speed limit from 50 miles an hour to over 100 miles an hour. it derailed killing eight people injuring more than 200. turning overseas pope francis today welcomed russian president vladimir putin to the vatican. the only other time the two have met was back in 2013 just five
10:48 am
months before russia invaded the ukrainian territory of crimea. this latest visit comes as the ukrainian catholic church asked the pontiff to protect its followers from russia. also prior to the meeting, the united states had been urging pope francis to condemn russia'sarussia's russia's actions in ukraine. i spoke with the prime minister last night, he called on the west to give ukraine more defensive weapons to help protect it saying russia is actively engaged in its country with troops on the ground. they deny there are any russian troops in ukraine right now. these are all ukrainian -- they say these are ukrainian forces who may be loyal to russia but these are ukrainian citizens fighting your government. >> i want to be very clear. more than 10,000 russian military boots are on the ukrainian soil and in addition about 30,000 of russian-led
10:49 am
terrorists trained by the russian army. >> jeb bush is also stepping up his criticism of the russian president vladimir putin over the crisis in ukraine. the former florida governor is headed to warsaw, the second leg of his european trip. in a news conference in berlin he called president putin a bully and he took a swipe at the obama administration's response to russia's aggression. >> ultimately russia needs to be a european country. and ultimately i think as the deal with putin you need to deal from strength. he's a bully and bullies don't -- you enable bad behavior when you're nuanced with a guy like that and i think just being clear. i'm not talking about being bellicose but saying here are the consequences of your actions and that would deter the kind of bad outcome that we don't want to see. >> dana bash is joining us from warsaw. dana this trip is clearly a chance for jeb bush to outline his foreign policy credentials, if you will before kicking off his formal presidential campaign
10:50 am
on monday. how's he doing over there? >> reporter: well you just certainly played a clip of what he is hoping his big message is going to be here which is if you want somebody who is going to stand strong against what he believes and many others believe is the biggest threat to countries like where i am right now in poland which is jeb bush's second stop then he will be the guy to stand up to putin even though it was, of course his brother back in 2001 who called putin trustworthy, and he said he knew that because he looked into his eyes. so you certainly have kind of jeb bush wanting to be that guy who is a leader that america can count on and even these countries here in europe can count on but, again, he's got the baggage of his brother, not just when it comes to the iraq war, not just when comes to other issues that europeans are concerned about, like surveillance but also about the
10:51 am
kind of maybe relationship that he did or didn't have with vladimir putin. >> what else is on his agenda during this five-day visit to europe? >> reporter: well he was in germany, and jeb bush not only gave a speech but was able to get a quick audience with the german chancellor angela merkel which is something that his aides are quick to point out that she doesn't often do. she tries to stay very far away from american domestic politics. now he is here in poland and he actually made an unannounced stop at auschwitz, of course the concentration camp before he came here to warsaw. that was something that they didn't put on the schedule. they didn't take any press probably for obvious reasons but here he's going to do a similar thing that he did in germany. wolf. he's going to meet with the leaders, the president and president-elect and will be a tourist as well and sightseeing before he goes on to estonia,
10:52 am
and the theme here especially in these former soviet countries as i mentioned at the start of this discussion wolf talking about how he believes america needs to be much more robust in defending these countries and supporting these countries not just financially but perhaps militarily. >> dana bash in poland covering jeb bush's visit there. we'll stay in touch. thanks very much. just ahead, we will stay on american politics. marco rubio's campaign firing back over a report in the "new york times" on his financial troubles over the years. some political analysts say this actually wind up helping rubio connect with voters. ron brownstein standing by will assess. h type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days
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marco rubio's presidential campaign here in the united states ask trying to turn the tables on a "new york times" report outlining his financial struggles. "times" points to rubio's disclosures he owed $150,000 in student loans and $30,000 in other debt in 2000 and his decision to liquidate $6,000 in retirement account resulting hefty taxes and a purchase of $80,000 speed boat when his finances improved among other things. let's bring in our political analyst ron brownstein. does this report in the "new york times," does it hurt rubio's campaign? >> running against the media never hurts you in a republican primary. this is really about judgment not resources. i think the underlying issue they are trying to raise is -- i think this might raise for some voters it is whether this is someone, especially because he's a young senator, first-term senator, whether he's had the judgment made the right kind of decisions that give you
10:57 am
confidence to make decisions on the big stage. similar to my view about the clinton ethical controversies. a certain number of voters this will matter to but we've learned over the last 20 years voters have a high tolerance to imperfections among the candidates and i don't think this will be dispositive. >> the rubio campaigning blasting the "new york times" as elitist. first the "new york times" attacked marco over traffic tickets and now they think he doesn't have enough money. of course if he was worth millions the "times" would attack him for being too rich like mitt romney. what do you think of that response? >> republican primary never hurts to go after the media, particularly kind of the big establishment institutions like the "new york times" so in that sense it's fine for iowa and new hampshire. the underlying issue that i think this is really raising is as i said about the judgment the choices that he's made and what kind of -- how that makes you feel about his ability to make choices on the bigger stage. i think in the end, as i said, there are some voters who will kind of recoil from this or make them feel a little queasy given
10:58 am
his background but i don't think it's going to be a big decisive issue. >> as you know if you're running for president of the united states almost everything is -- got to assume is going to be out there right? >> and as i say, what makes this especially kind of a little more tricky for him than it would be for somebody else is that he is a young first-term senator after we have had a young first-term senator as president that many republicans argue was not officially seasoned and tested so in that sense it could kind of point to an existing challenge or vulnerability for him. look i think voters kind of -- the idea -- the way he's trying to convert it or turn it and i am like you. i have been economically squeezed. that's not a bad response but that isn't really the real issue that the article i think is raising. >> because i've had student loops, trying to pay back the student loans. allotted of people can certainly relate to that. the other point in the first article noting he and his wife had a whole bunch of speeding tickets. everybody gets speedingtics especially with the cameras out on the streets nowadays. what was that all about?
10:59 am
>> i wasn't -- i wasn't in the editorial room when they decided, but i think that was a strange story and goes to the underlying question going is this someone who has exhibited the judgment and choices in his life that would give you confidence for him in sitting in that big chair, and as i said i said there are going to be some voters for whom all of this does raise some doubts but i don't think -- rubio challenges more about finding a spot in the race between jeb bush and scott walker the two poles. gop at this point and has to find a way to emerge between them. >> these attacks in the "new york times," the stories in the "new york times," potentially could help him. >> in the near term but i do think that -- i do think an overriding challenge for him is you have a lot republican voters who after the obama experience only the third sitting senator in american history elected president. a lot of republicans are looking for executive experience something rubio will have to overcome and this sort of thing is just another little thumb on the scale kind of having to show that you have the experience
11:00 am
judgment and gravitas for the top job. >> ron brownstein thanks for coming in. >> thanks, wolf. >> i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern for "the situation room." "amman "amanpour" is next for our international viewers and "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> wolf thank you so much i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we begin with the manhunt for the two escaped killers that's taken now the shocking new turn because here's what we know now. a source making some pretty explosive allegations about this woman here. this is joyce mitchell. she's a female prison worker. she's a mother and wife who apparently befriended convicted killer richard matt while working in the prison tailor shop. according to this source they say she was supposed to be waiting in a getaway car for these two but apparently she had a change of heart, perhaps cold feet. she bailed and her son though not buying it.