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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 28, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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considerable amount of methamphetamines was found in the car. there you have it apguy who drives his getaway car in a slow lane busted for a drug mownknown as speed. i'm brooke baldwin, "newsroom" back tomorrow. meantime jake tapper with "the lead" starts now. and the agency doesn't have enough man power to stop isis here in the u.s. i'm jake tapper. this is the larry david. -- "the lead." with the help of police how can isis be stopped with so many recruit flying under the radar. in national. a jaw-dropping look at the floodwaters that caused so much death and destruction in texas claiming more than a dozen lives. many families fearing they may still be in danger with a threat of more storms on the way.
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also today -- he hopped into the cockpit of a private plane with his young son ignoring air traffic control and crashing the plane. want until you hear what police say he was doing before he got behind the controls. good afternoon afternoon. welcome to "the lead" everyone. i'm jake tapper. a disturbing and unprecedented admission upon the people we count to protect us from tear rage. tear original. the fbi asking for help dealing with the huge surge of isis sympathizers here in the u.s. some perhaps online loners others could be quite dangerous and hell-bent on carrying out an attack in the homeland. we have evidence this is a real problem. evan perez joins me now. part of this plea for help is an admission they did not have the man power to stop the shooting outside that cartoon of the prophet muhammad contest in garland, texas. >> jake they're facing two
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problems really. they can't stop what they can't see, and secondly they don't have enough people to keep an eye on what they say are hundreds of isis supporters that they think bear watching and so what they're turning to the lapd and los angeles police department increasing surveillance to help the fbi. jim comey, director of the fbi, made an appeal really to police departments earlier this month on a secure conference call saying i need your help because there's too many of these people and as you said garland was the thing that brought it to mind. we asked mr. comey a the a press conference in brooklyn about this. here's what he had to say. >> what is an incredibly difficult task we are enlisting all federal and state and local partners in and i can't stand here with high confidence when i face a world that's continually dark and say i've got it covered. >> saying "dark" talking about
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the use of encrypted communications, peer to peer communications they found that in the garland case. elton simpson communicating with encrypted communications. that's is what unnerved him, really and what they're finding, jake, is that they don't have enough people. each one of these suspects takes dozens of people to watch, and in this case in elton simpson's case they had fbi watching him, lost him for a couple of days. didn't know he was headed to garland, texas, to carry out this attack. >> wow. evan perez, thank you so much. let's talk more about this with cnn counterterrorism analyst phil mudd and ron hosco former director of the investigations division of the fbi. thank you both for being here. phil start with you. is it unusual for the fbi to acknowledge that they are essentially overwhelmed by the task at hand? >> i think you should take this a step further. what we have here is not justify a law enforcement problem but a
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fundamental change in the way counterterrorism works. if you're at the krib kribcia or fbi threat table, you're looking at a place like pakistan mapping across the united states and advising fbi state locals et cetera periodically a player on your turf turf. transitioning, across america, new york california arizona, a spread's al qaeda ideology beyond a few cases and we have a plea from the fbi director saying be my eyes and ears be, we can't focus on a few isolated plots from one core place in pakistan. >> so much is being done on social media and in enkrichtcrypted technology evan said. >> right. a resource multiplier for the fbi. the fbi is very good at what it does however not ominousant
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and not omnipresent. if you can use the help of 800,000 state and local law enforcement officers to be additional eyes and ears very much a team effort. this isn't just law enforcement, isn't just the intelligence community, this is the community. this is citizens, looking for indicateors indicators. looking for changes. the fbi acts based on indicators based on intelligence, and if you have millions of people looking and thinking about this as a possibility and sharing that information, then the fbi has an easier job of sorting through it and prioritizing. >> phil has isis changed the way local police do their jobs? >> i think it has. look how isis is transmitting communication. back in the day, the message would be communicated face to face. al qaeda had to talk to somebody in the 1990s, for example the at a camp in afghanistan. we need closed clandestine cells and keep them secret.
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it's hard to find operatives to get into the united states. fast-forward, 2015 isis is crowd sourcing terrorism. no effort to keep it secret. tens of thousands read it. if 1/10 of 1,000 of them it's a total change in the terrorism world and they win. >> the threat posed by isis will get worse before it gets better. what do you mean by that? >> as phil knows quite well from sitting around that table at fbi headquarters, once five ten years ago, we saw defined pathways to jihad, to violent extremism. frequently that involved citizens here traveling to waziristan and nafada. now the recruitment effort is on your tv screen on your computer at home. penetrating not only who might be motivated but understanding their mind-set and at any given time is extremely difficult. >> all right. thank you both.
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appreciate it. also breaking in national we have learned that more than two dozen lab workers including four in the united states are now being traded for exposure to the deadly bacteria anthrax an that bizarre blunder by the u.s. military. live anthrax samples, we told you yesterday, mistakenly shipped by fed eddex by an army lab in utah and shipped to a military base in south korea. while the pentagon is stressing, there is no threat to the general public it is still quite inexplicable how a potentially deadly bioweapon could have been handled, really carelessly. bring in cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. the centers for d.c.isease control is involved. what role do they play? >> reporter: at this point thetaking the lead looking at everything the pentagon did. the problem is the pentagon doesn't know what it did. 22 shipments, all potentially
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live anthrax and worse, for over a year nobody knew it. the military now scrambling to explain how it could have happened. >> it's a great question and that's exactly why we brought in the center for disease control and their investigators. >> reporter: the army contracted with fedex for the shipments. the company says it's working with the federal government. the anthrax was to be shipped as dead agent, supposedly a less dangerous form. >> that doesn't have much meaning to me. anthrax can exist for decades, centuries, underground in a spore form. this hard crusted inatment form that eventually can change into an active poisonous-type form. >> reporter: weeks after the 9/11 attacks, letters laced with anthrax were sent killing five americans in what the fbi calms the worst biological attack in
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u.s. history. this time no indication of a deliberate act, and the pentagon says no one is sick. a growing investigation is spreading across nine states and overseas to ohaeea osan air base receiving antibiotics and vaccinations after a potential exposure during a training exercise. they began medical care may 22nd, five days after the pentagon first received word it got live shipments not dead agent for research. the pentagon says it's looking into why the late notification. the anthrax was in south korea for over a year. no one knowing it was live. it all began last year on march 18th, 2014 at dugway proving grounds, an army base in utah. a load of anthrax irradiated. the intent, to kill the live agent before shipment. over the next year the material
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was divided into a number of lots and it was shipped 22 times until last friday when a maryland lab discovered it had live anthrax. >> now look it's really important to draw distinctions. in 25078 2001 loose agent in envelopes very much designed to harm people. this time the material was shipped in secure containers. the pentagon says. it should have been more secure because it was live agent, it was dead agent but still it was shipped in what the pentagon believes was a secure fashion. nobody is sick but the bottom line is all of this under investigation, because the pentagon cannot be sure at this point exactly what it is dealing with. jake? >> barbara starr at the bening thank you so much. no relief in sight for parts of texas. even a small amount of additional rain could mean an emergency situation. downpours are now predicted for some of the hit areas already hardest hit and now one city's
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mayor is ordering evacuations hoping to save lives as the colorado river gets close to overflowing, that's next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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eight missing including laura mccomb and her two children. cnn meteorologist jennifer graydowns live in women ber wimberley, texas. >> reporter: the ground is completely saturated. any additional rain is just going to make matters worse. look behind me that's the blanco river, still running high even though it's gone down considerably and not only getting rain in this area but anywhere north of there, upstream all the water will flow down like the river behind me and create problems across the region jake. >> obviously, we're most concerned about the loss of life in additional floods but this is also going to be a big challenge for the search crews still trying to find people? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. there are still eight people missing, and they have been out all day long for the past five days searching for people.
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and when it rains, that creates a problem. first of all, you don't want fluctuation in the liver level because of all of the debris they are sifting through. down the river, they have debris piles as tall as these trees they're going through. more rain it displaces some debrie and makes it really challenging. three people identified one pending identification and one of the most recent ones we learned about today was michelle charba found the rest of her family unfortunately missing. her husband, son and her parents. they told us today these crews will be out no matter what and will keep searching until the rest of the victims are found, jake. >> jennifer it's not just south texas getting the severe weather. the right? >> reporter: absolutely. in fact we had a tornado in the panhandle yesterday. in fact three people were injured from that. it hit an oil rig area and hit
1:18 pm
these houses what they call dog houses where they store their tools. that's what was hit. the people had to be rushed to the hospital but it was so challenging, because the weather was still severe when they're trying to get them to the hospital. one person describes it as "seeming like tornadoes were touching down everywhere." he said the ambulances were trying to travel through the mud and the rain and the severe weather, trying to get these people help. it has ban wild week for weather, and it has been tragic here in wimberley, texas, with off the flooding and then we've had the tornadoes and so you know it's been a rough week for the folks here but they've all come together helping each other out and the search crews are determined to find the rest of the families 0 ut there. >> jennifer gray thank you so much. go now to wharton, texas, about 2.5 hours closer to the gulf coast. the mayor there, domingo mantabo jr. joins me on the phone. mayor, thanks for joining us. as i understand it you're a lifelong wharton resident. have you ever seen anything like this before?
1:19 pm
>> well we've experienced some flooding like this before and fortunately, we can plan. it's -- we certainly -- our hearts go out to the folks with the flash flooding upon them and surprised them, but we're very fortunate here to be able to plan. # . we have time to get folks out of harm's way. >> as i understand it the concern are for those who live on the west side of wharton. are most people listening to your calls and those from other emergency officials for voluntary evacuations? >> yes, sir. i think that's the advantage of being born and raised here, and knowing most of the people. the people that live here in the community. they are taking heed to the warning. the other thing is we are a small community. so we're able to touch every door in order to make sure that all of our citizens get the information, the correct information, and they've been having a mass exodus out of that
1:20 pm
area, and we're playraying we don't get nor rain because with the river up as it is if it rains in town the water's going to stay basically here in the town. there's nowhere for the water to drain off to the reason the west side of your town there is the most concern about that part that's where the colorado river runs alongside, and experts are saying that it could crest, the river, sometime friday night, maybe saturday. are you prepared? is your town ready to deal with this, if that happens? >> yes, sir. having experiences in '95 and several other floods here we we're very prepared. certainly when you face mother nature there's a lot of variables that come into it but we're as prepared as we can be. we can't move the river, but we can certainly move the people out of the way. >> the fire chief expressed concern earlier today in that press conference where you two spoke, and the chief said that
1:21 pm
he was worried too many people in your town seemed to be taking their time packing, taking their time evacuating. why is that? >> well i know that there's been people ever since yesterday that have been packing up. we went and rode through the west part of wharton and saw a lot of people that were getting, moving out of the way. so it's been my take that they are taking it seriously, and that we're moving right along. >> all right. the national weather service saying that many homes in your area already have three feet of flooding. have you seen enough of a state and/or federal response to the needs of the people of wharton, texas? >> you know having floods before we were always pleased with the response from the state and the federal government. and we're extremely glad to have the cooperation of the river authority. the lcra lower colorado river
1:22 pm
authority, and having worked and lived here and gone through it it's kind of a -- we've had a lot of dress rehearsals in order to be able to affectively protect our citizens. >> all right. wharton, texas, mayor, domingo montalvo jr., our thoughts and prayers are with the people in the region in general. thanks for talking to us. >> thank you. coming up d.c. police taking a closer look at the assistant of the man murdered in the home. why texts and instagram messages are raising questions about what he was doing the day of the murders. plus another one of vladimir putin's critics surprisingly ending up in the hospital. what doctors are saying about claims he might have been poisoned. that's coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead." police could be close to a major brukup through in the brutal murder of a wealthy d.c. family and their housekeeper, the savopoulos family including their 10-year-old son philip tortured inside their own home and then their home set on fire. law enforcement suspects others were named in the crime. as of now daron wint was the only one charged. others remain murky including that of an assistant for savvas
1:28 pm
savopoulos. what have you learned? >> reporter: i spoke to a friend who tells me he has been cooperating with police. one of several stell under investigation related to the quadruple homicide. tonight we are learning more about a key witness in the quadruple homicide. the assistant of savvas savopoulos trying to launch a car racing career and began working as savopoulos' driver just a few months ago according to a source. police say his last earned for his boss drop off $40,000 in cash at the family's home while they were held hostage saying his phone had a number of text mempgs and calm ss and calls with mr. savopoulos. >> the person selecteded to get the $40,000 back to the house. he'll play a hugely important role in resolving this case. >> reporter: listed as once one in court documents, the assistant changed his account of events regarding where he left the package, when told to get the package and how he received
1:29 pm
the package tells authorities he lied when he stated the money was in a manila envelope. police say he texted the picture of the money in a red bag to another witness on the morning of the mudders. >> is it possible that you misremember putting money in a manila envelope as opposed to red bags? it's possible. but starts to become less possible when a few hours ago you texted a picture of that same bag. >> reporter: according to local washington affiliate wttg the assistant's instagram account shows pictures of fancy cars including from inside his boss' blue porsche where he writes another day on the job. my office today is pretty nice. #porsche. #turbo. #911 #911 #work. according to police records a witness says the driver of the
1:30 pm
stolen porsche had short groomed hair. wint has mid-lengthed dread locks. arrested when his dna was found on a pizza crust where the murders took place. >> almost like a crime novel with an elaborate, complex plot and we're only given pieces. >> reporter: still a lot to learn. police to investigate the people with darin wenton wint when arrested including his brother, cousin and two women who allegedly purchased money orders with the money. >> all let go? >> within 24 hours and that doesn't mean they're off the hook. >> thanks. and some suggesting senator rand paul should run as a dell. a new poll shows there's a reason some critics should be concerned. does he rand paul have the best shot at beating hillary clinton? the race for 2016 is next. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business,
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our politics lead the wras for 2016 and soon easier to tell you which republicans are not running for president. two more gop hopefuls entered the ever didn't growering field. despite having official and unofficial candidates to choose from the latest polling found none of them as of now would defeat democratic front-runner hillary clinton. of course that's just if the election wb held today. is it all good news for the former secretary of state? well, not quite. call it the clinton conundrum. not trusted by a majority of the majority people, but favored to be their president. in a brand new quinnipiac poll more than half says clinton is not honest nor trustworthy but
1:36 pm
manages to beat out any other candidate for overall support including each of the republicans currently in a five-way tie for first place, with 10% of gop voters support. >> i'm a candidate for the republican nomination. >> former new york governor george pataki came to new hampshire today, standee before a rather wrinkled flag and vowed to iron out washington's problems. >> let's let every washington politician know from now on you're going to live under the same rules and laws we do. >> reporter: former pennsylvania senator rick santorum declared his presidential candidacy wednesday. >> i am running for president of the united states. >> reporter: santorum came in second for the gop nomination in 2012 but as of now is barely registering in the national poll. seemingly sweeping only immediate family and friends. >> i divide food for my family and i wasn't in front of your tv often over the last three years. >> reporter: kentucky senator rand paul is nearly omnipresent
1:37 pm
from filibusters and tv appearances to signing copies of his new book in iowa today. paul is taking a lot of hits. new jersey governor chris christie lashes out at him wednesday. >> not nice to disagree you're probably in the wrong race. >> reporter: in las vegas, marco rubio visits one of his more interesting endorsers. one of the stars of the reality show "pawn stars" on the history channel. >> it's a starting point. >> reporter: history in the making. i suppose. just 530 days to go before the finish line for 2016. and joining me to talk about the race for 2016 is republican strategist and cnn poll commentateor and democratic strategist steve mcmahon. guys thanks for being here. steve, talk about conundrum. majority find her not honest or trustworthy yet are picking her. this is the top number -- hon
1:38 pm
nefrt and trustworthy, most people yes, 39%. no 53%. independents yes, 31%. no 61%. 61% of independent voters do not find clinton hon echt or trust worth e! trustworthy. she has to turn it around? >> right, and she will. the country is pollaryized. republicans overwhelmingly represented even the republican independents. no question the coverage of the e-mail situation and some of the clinton foundation news that's been focused on lately is probably reflected in some of these numbers but i expect when you have a race against a republican most people find the policies of that candidate fairly objectionable. it's going to look a lot different. >> s.e. ask you the same poll shows in head-to-head matchups two candidates come within striking distance of hillary clinton. it's early yet, obviously. they are marco rubio and rand paul each one four points
1:39 pm
behind. do you think there's some something they -- is it because they're both younger fresher? >> fresh, yeah. i think so. and we've been hearing a lot from marco rubio and rand paul, which i think usually that is reflective in polls. i expect those numbers to shift over the next few weeks. i expect someone like mike huckabee's numbers to go down. rick santorum's to go up as he gets more vocal. so but that sounds about right. i think marco rubio is absolute absolutely a rising star and candidate to watch. rand palm is having a tough time now and i expect his numbers to drop as well. they're the new upstarts. the fresh upstarts. the people that republicans are certainly watching to see what they say on all of these issues going forward. >> occupying the space that governor walker was occupying a couple months ago when he was the fresh, new upstart and the scrutiny will start to come and attention comes and seeing articles about marco rubio that aren't at flattering as the articles from six or eight
1:40 pm
months ago and rand paul is going through it today, right now, in realtime. his republican opponents are beating him senseless on some comments he made recently about the -- hawks. >> blaming republican hawks. >> this is the point. all republican contenders and would-be contenders are answers questions, making news and you see it reflected in the polls. hillary clinton is not really doing that. her nushs are stick. >> she's winning, though. there's an argument to be made the strategy the clinton campaign is executing now 0 is working because there's nos a republican who's ahead of her in any poll that's been published at kniss time in-- in the last year. >> and until november -- >> no no. she won't. she'll answer questions. look she believes and her campaign believes this campaign should be about the voters not the reporters covering it and she'll answer the questions, but if she's not there to answer reporter's question there to talk to voters. people vitt sized her for last time walled herself off from
1:41 pm
not just the press but voters. they're not making that mistake again. >> i don't think anybody's criticizing her for talking to voters. >> before though, jake. a lot of speeches a lot of big events behind a podium. now she's right in there. >> i don't blame hillary for this strategy. rewarded for it. i blame members of of the media for peddling puff pieces while he refuses to talk to them i. want to move on to interesting news from today. mother jones magazine did a profile of bernie sanders, senator from vermont, democrat, challenges hillary clinton. and there was this essay he wrote when e had was 30 years old in 1971. an old essay but rights a man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. a woman on her knees a woman tied up woman fantasizes beraped by three men simultaneously. talk answer gender rules. it is very strange and obviously there is a lot to object to in this steve?
1:42 pm
>> there is. i'm not going to defend it. leave it to the sanders campaign. >> we have yet to get a response back, by the way. >> i'm sure they'll is a a long time ago. >> it was. >> he was 30. >> 30 years old. >> and providing analysis not his own views but no question that this is going to be a challenge for them although i will say more relevant when he's more relevant. right now he's not very relevant and probably this won't be either. >> you want to talk about that? >> it's just so uncomfortable. a very uncomfortable moment and if george bush's college grades were relevant if rand paul's fraternity high jinx were relevant there are relevant questions to ask bernie sanders about. >> why we're asking now and why we -- >> i'm not saying irrelevant as a candidate, he's irrelevant. not getting the attention of jeb bush as a nominee. >> and chris christie governor of new jersey not doing great
1:43 pm
in polls but still a relevant force i think, and he today basically said the common core educational standards, federal educational standards, that he had supported, he now opposes. >> yes. >> obviously something that will endear him to republican base voters. coincidence? >> right. no. what's amazing about this made me think about your interview with him. where you asked him about some of -- his bad poll numbers and where he was, how this was an uphill battle. it struk mestruck me seemed almost unfazed, confident. i don't pay attention to the polls, maybe because we had this in mind. he would come out with this announcement really sort of blow the field wide open. a jab to jeb bush who support common core and maybe create is whole new ball game? maybe in mind all along. >> interesting. thank you both so much. appreciate it. great to sue e both. coming up flying while intoxicated. a father with his young son onboard crashes his plane after getting behind the controls of the plane drunk.
1:44 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in other national news flying under the influence. a drunk pilot crashed his twin engine plane into an airport shed in melbourne florida, with his young son as a passenger. bring in cnn's aviation correspondent rene marsh. this guy and his son are very very lucky to be alive. >> reporter: yeah. you know we just got the police report and in it it says that this man was slurring his speech. he was sweating. he even appeared disoriented. they even found open bottles of alcohol in the pilot's plane after he crashed at melbourne, international airport. a very busy airport with both general aviation and commercial
1:49 pm
flights. >> 32-where you going, sir? okay. how you doing that, sir? >> reporter: air traffic control audio captures a frustrated controller dealing with a defiant and officials say intoxicated pilot. on the taxiway at melbourne, international airport in florida. >> hold your position. i didn't tell you to move. >> reporter: the cessna ran off the runway and through a ditch before hitting a satellite dish on airport grounds. 57-year-old christopher hall was at the controls of the private plane and his 10-year-old son was onboard. the police report obtained by cnn says the pilot's speech was slurred. police smelled alcohol, and hall's eyes appeared bloodshot. >> as a commercial pilot, i am randomly drug tested. as a general aviation pilot, they are not required to have any sort of random drug test
1:50 pm
before getting in their own airplanes. >> reporter: controllers deny the a request to enter the runway. despite that he taxied in that direction anyway. >> cessna turn your engines af sir. kill your engine. >> what about your son? did you put him in danger? >> reporter: it was hall's 10-year-old son who told officers he knew what had happened and the answer was in his father's computer bag. police find a half empty bottle of cognac and, you know opened bottle of wirn and behind the pilot's seat a plastic bottle contained what smelled like liquor. hall was arrested and charged with reckless operation of a vessel and child abuse without great harm. a felony. >> this is the epitome of offenses when it comes to the privilege of flying an aircraft. this is a total irresponsible act to fly after consumption of alcohol and if indeed this alleged charge is true notwithstanding the fact he put his own son at risk he put the
1:51 pm
general public at risk. >> reporter: he certainly did, but the father and son are both okay. hall was released on $4,000 bond. we were unable to reach him for comment, but, jake the faa has very clear rules about drinking and flying. obviously goes without saying if you're intoxicated, you should not be flying. also if your blood alcohol level is .04 or higher they say flying is a no no. that's about half of what it is for driving. so -- >> glad that story's not worst than it was. >> yeah. >> rene marsh, thanks. sports lead. hosting the 2018 world cup so he clearly has a horse in the race. today the russian president vladimir putin is coming out defense of fifa's president and slamming the united states after the fbi conducted raids and charged more than a dozen world soccer officials and sports marketing executives with a list of mob tactics including money larnding taking bribes totaling
1:52 pm
$150 million. the fifa president avoided charges. a swiss investigation is looking into possible shenanigans related to the 2018 and 20272 world cup bids which went to russia and qatar, respectively. putin charged the united states with trying to impose their rules on other states. and one of the chief opponents of vladimir putin, a chief opponent wound up almost dead. 33-year-old vladimir karamoza remains in grave condition two days after being admitted for pancreatitis and double ma pneumonia. as of now no evidence he was poisoned. boris nem boris nemkov shot and killed
1:53 pm
right outside the kremlin. and who's available to hook up within a one-mile radius. health officials warn watch out. you could get more than you asked for. that's next.
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welcome back to "the lead." the. lead i'm told by the kids on my staff it's easy these days. all you need is selfies, petting a sedated tiger and a whitty line lie how you met and voila, in the market for promiscuous sex. tinned tinder an app, taken merely all of the work out of dating in 2015. now some states are blaming
1:58 pm
tinder and other sleazy apps for walks of shame. less beth cohen a scary rise in sexually transmitted diseases stds and officials in many states are blaming these hookup apps? >> right, jake. there's no way to really no that it's the hookup apps causing it certainly, look from the 1980s to now huge increases in some places in sexually transmitted diseases and no reason other than social media we would see this kind of increase. let's take a look at what these numbers tell us. it tells us that at least in the state of rhode island there are similar findings other places syphilis up 79% from the 1980s until now. gonorrhea up 30%. and newly identified hiv up 33%, and, again, you know, there may be other reasons for this but experts are saying look with these apps you just swipe right and you're sleeping with someone you don't know.
1:59 pm
>> these apps make it easier for peel to people to hook up. there's got to be responsibility. apps are forcing them to can do this? >> right. not forcing anyone and people had promiscuous sex before the apps. it's really up to someone to decide look i'm going to ask this person to get tested before i have sex with them. i'm going to use a condom. i'm going to make sure i'm sober enough to ask those two things. that's the person's responsibility not the app's responsibility. >> so how are those health officials who are blaming these apps how are they saying social media in general is contributing to this increase in risky behavior? >> they can't really prove it jake. they can't point to any specific thing necessarily. but they know that that's how a lot of people are dating these days and it's an interesting question. how can public health officials harness he's apps for good? maybe they can use these apps in way to promote safe sex rather than promote promiscuity. >> how these people are, quote/unquote dating. doing air quotes.
2:00 pm
dating these days. >> having sex. call it what it is. >> elizabeth cohen. thanks. that's it for "the lead." wolf blitzer is next door to "the lead" in the place we like to call "situation room." thanks for watching. happening now anthrax scare. disturbing new revelations of shipments of live anthrax from a u.s. army lab to nine states and to south korea. all by fedex. more than two dozen people treated for positive exposure. how could such a potentially deadly mistake happen? spying deadline. time is running out quickly for one of the nsa's most critical terror cracking programs. set to expire sunday night, unless the u.s. senate takes action. the white house is making dire warnings about national security. i'll talk live to the president's communications director. tracking isis. cnn has learned that federal officials are asking local police to step up surveillance of isis