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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  May 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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gas car. . you are look live right now. that is the edsullivan theater right here in new york city that is home for now, dave idletterdid letterman's late show. 4,605 tep ten lists, not to mention 16 emmys, dave is wrapping up his incredible 33-year-old career. tonight, i'm going to talk to the man who says we may not have seen the last of letterman, his most frequent guest,. and will the man who is
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america's dad, finally speak up. >> i want justice. i want justice done. >> that and more tonight. but i want to begin with what everybody is talking about tonight, and that's letterman all star show. so you've been out there all day. show is in the can. what can you tell us about it? what do you know brian? sfwlrks >> reporter: letterman left the stage and said he's never coming back to this building. that's how final the finale is. and it's an extra 20 minutes long because he tape adlittle extra today and in the closing monologue he gave credit to his wife and son. so that ways a big deal. we also saw several former presidents including president
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obama, they appeared in taped vid yes. we saw steve martin tina fey, alec baldwin, a whole cast of characters were there for his final top ten list. >> and we're looking at some of the pictures chris rock among others. are they going to run it in its entirety? >> reporter: they are. they had to decide that a couple hours ago. yes, they are going to run the whole thing. and letterman and all the late night shows are increasingly about on demand and people watching on the web the next day wut this finale is a great example of live event tv. there were hundreds of fans out here. and it's an actual end of an era. >> thank you, brian. david letterman has walked out
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on stage more than 6,000 times. here he is doing it again for his final late night show. before tonight's finale. ♪ hey hey. >> joining me now on the phone, david letterman's most frequent guest, and that's regions fillman. you were amazing that night. >> thanks very much don. i didn't have much time but it's great to be a part of that. >> when you look back on your appearances on the show is it
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150? >> i think it's 136 is the count. >> 6,028 shows, tonight's a big finale "the late show with david letterman." what are you going to miss the most? >> when you get used to seeing a guy who you know is going to be there every night, i think it's going to be terrible not only for all of his viewers, thousands of people who have gren up with him, but for himself as well. >> i always watch you and you were such a gracious host he's such a gracious host. you're in on the joke. was that far of his, you think, his success? >> i think so. oh yeah. there are a lot of guys that get a little wild with their guests and put them down and get laughs out of that. but dave doesn't do that. when you're on the show with
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him, you're having fun with him and he's having fun with them and the audience loves it. >> you were a guest host and the only guest you wanted on the show was david letterman. why is that? >> because i thought he'd be something different on the show. you don't see dave anywhere. matter of fact, i don't know why but he's been on my old talk show a number of times and then came this thing with cnn and i thought well he's going to say no but he came and spent an hour and we talked about a lot of things that you don't hear him talk about anywhere except on that particular night, he talks about how much he loved johnny carson and it was a very good night for all of us i think. >> the thing is he doesn't like
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talking about himself. you got an exclusive. he was so uncomfortable looking back at his career. let's look at this. >> i hitchhike over here this evening and this guy picks me up in this old dodge that kind of go at a anger and right away i'm apprehensive about getting in. the guy behind him is wearing a cowboy hat and a hospital gown you see and the thing that bothers me most of all about him, he's rolling the biggest joint i'd ever seen in my entire life. he was using pampers. >> i hope you come back with us. >> he predicted it right there that you were going to be a big hit. >> please don't roll anymore tape. no, i'm coming across the table
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if there is anymore tape. i don't want anymore tape. >> we're not going to do it. you heard him. cancel the tape. >> he was really uncomfortable. how do you think he's handling all these high light reals? >> he's handling but he's that guy you saw on the cnn show. he really didn't enjoy the tapes being saved but he understands this is like the end of it i hope not, in fact don, i hope he comes back on the weekend, like i said. but it was quite funny and i enjoyed it. >> this is back in 2007 you had open heart surgery back then and before dave famously went through open heart surgery at the same hospital. how did he help you? >> what i found out that i had
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to have some kind of heart business i called him immediately and he said look let me handle this. here is the way we're going to do it. and he picked out the hospital the room the doctors don't worry about a thing and they'll callia and tell you where to go. it'll be fine. so anyway he sets the whole thing up i say, great, he knows he's been through it. of course i can't sleep, they wanted to pick me up at 6:00 a.m. i say, fine i'll be there. and i decide to tune in the show because i can't sleep and he says regis is going to go to in the hospital tomorrow morning and work on his heart and put him on a gurney and take all his clothes off, put him on a gurney and take him inthooo the room and
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break his heart open like a lobster. well i got out of bed, i couldn't sleep, i didn't sleep all day. how dare he tell that story. anyway we had a lot of fun and the operation was a success and he really knew what he was talking about. >> you mentioned early, rej, when you hosted the show on cnn, you spoke movingly about the last time dave saw his hero johnny carson. >> we were talking about it earlier today, of course the way live e life is you don't know it's going to be the last time but it was the last time and it couldn't have been a lovier evening and i cherish that because it was unusual and not going to happen under any other circumstances, it was johnny my wife johnny's wife on his yaut
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and it was friday evening and we sailed gist before sunset and went up under the george washington bridge which is lovely, turned around, now the sun is setting, we go to the statue of liberty and see that at night as the sky is darkening and we headed up the east river and you see the lower tip of manhattan and the twinatories were still there and it was a site and an experience like you've never -- you know you never get to see new york like that. >> you spoke about 9/11 too. did he ever truly get over it when nbc gave the tonight show to jay instead of him? >> that hurt him a lot. he really wanted it and i guess even expected it and it didn't go that way for him and he immediately left and went to cbs
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and started his own show at 11:30. i felt sorry for him, because he loved johnny carson and just like johnny he's a terrific host. on a show like this you know. so it was too bad but, hey, listen maybe it worked out just great for cbs and for him that he didn't follow johnny at his desk you know. >> because he was able to forge his own path in a way that he wanted to do it. >> he knows this business he knows this business inside out. i think he's going to be great and i hope he continues. i don't like to see him quit. he's in his 60s, he's still young, great, all put together. his heart is working. i mean come on. one night a week he is going to need that believe me don, he's going to want to come back. >> yeah.
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and i think he will in some form or fashion. he'll do it on his own terms, much as he has his entire career. so finally, steven cobear is going to replace dave in september. how will he stack up to your friend? >> i think it's going to be a different way to go. you know what i haven't seen that much of steven but he is playing another person isn't he? >> yes, he's playing a character on his show or he did in his show. if you meet him in person it sort of jars you, you're like oh that's not you, you're that person. >> but people love this guy too and think he's got a lot of a good stuff and boy, he was quick, i think, he made his
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decision right away when he heard that david was not going to continue. he called up and got this guy. so he knows what he's doing and i'm sure colbert has his own followers too. it's just you get used to one guy and see him all these years and you certainly going to miss him. it's just not the same when the next guy comes in. >> you got a message for your buddy? >> you got one for me? >> do you got a message for dave? >> listen to me, you don't have to work five days a week you'll work sunday night. everybody wants somebody on sunday nights and from 10:00 to 11:00, that would by okay but if they can't do you before the news, right after the news. it's your show to talk about what happened that week.
7:14 pm
i think it's a must. >> you're just like the rest of us you don't want to let him go. thank you, rej. it's always a pleasure to talk to you, i'm honored. >> thank you. you do good work buddy. >> you got to love him, he's a national treasure. first, though in the spirit of david letterman, we're bringing you something we call rand-cam. 1:18 this afternoon, to prothes patriot act. he's been speaking and having a partner here with him ever since with a little help with senator widen. so what's this all about? whether to reenact parts of the patriot act that expires on the first. and make sure you stay tuned for that. when we come right back here
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just like his hero johnny
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carson, david letterman has changed pop culture. his show and brand of comedy have inspired a host of new comics hosting late night shows. let's discuss this with one of letterman's former writers. and season two begins on june 24th. i'll be watching. and also with me is a celebrity branding authority. he's an authority by the way and professor of marketing at usc. i'm going to start with you. you wrote for the late show, everyone is showing up for dave's late night show. steve martin i mean the list goes on and on. there are some of the pictures there. it is really the end of an era. he meant a lot to a lot of people. >> yeah. this is a big night for a lot of people. for me personally this is the
7:20 pm
guy that got me into television. i was just a music student in boston i would come home and watch the show and could not believe what i was seeing every night. and it inspiredo many different writers and comedians, because really it was this beaken of irreverent comedy that really didn't exist at that time. >> i remember watching the guy who lived under the seats and he always wore double breasted and he was hipper and cooler. i mean everybody loved johnny. all the cool kids watched letterman. >> yeah you could see things that you wouldn't see on a late night show or any kind of show. if you remember when he had to dral hole in his desk he did it in real time without worrying
7:21 pm
about the countdown clock. and you're like this is ground breaking. >> i want to take a look at one of your favorites. this is one of your favorite moments on the show. take a look at this. >> sure. >> our old friend peggy, the foul mouthed chamber made. here she is. nice to see you. >> you're so full of. [ bleep] i just hope your [ bleep] falls out. you. [ applause ] >> so you wrote that. why was letterman and peggy the foul mouthed chamber made such a game changer. >> fist ofrst of all that kathleen acres and she worked down stairs p. and what's ground break bout it is up until that point, no
7:22 pm
one hah walked onto a late night set and said obscenities right in front of the audience. usually, you weren't even allowed to say things like that in front of the studio audience let alone a home audience and dave gave the green light. and that's what they're reacting to that. the fact that they're actually hearing it during the course of a studio taping. >> and you see it even with kimmal he has an aunt i forget her name and she's foul mouthed. and a lot of people i guess imitation is the best form of flattery. but, how did he keep it real for more than 6,000 late night broadcasts? >> i think that's the exact question. authenticity does not go out of style, even over 33 years. and really david letterman's key to success was doing exactly that keeping it real. we saw the vulnerable david
7:23 pm
letterman, when his extra marital affair was exposed and we saw the emotional and that was his key to success. audiences were so relieved that he was not a tv personality he was a real person and that even today v resonating so much even with the younger generation. so there's something we can all learn from david letterman in that sense. >> it's interesting because i think he and johnny were similar. they had a lot of guesses about what johnny was like in person. same thing with david, they were both very private men but on stage, they lit up. they were in their element. >> they absolutely were. i thingk johnny was actually seen as being a persona than being a person who he was and david was
7:24 pm
a conscience and he was saying things on the audience's minds and he was brave and unabashed in that sense and so he did stand out from that perspective. when we look at his rankings versus the like of even the beloved oprah, we see that she ranks much higher than the likes of charley rose higher than jimmy kimmel. we let him get away with murder because we really got him and he really got the audience. >> thank you for joining us gentleman. a woman who accuses him of rape file as lawsuit. i'm going to talk to her and her attorney in a prime time exclusive interview next.
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bill cosby may have to face one of his accusers in court. model, janice dickinson, claims he raped her more than 30 years ago. statute of limitations has gone
7:29 pm
so now she's filing a civil case. and i want you to hear what he said about the mounting sex accusations on good morning america. >> i have been in this business 52 years and i will -- i've never seen anything like this. and reality is the situation and i can't speak. >> joining me now for a prime time exclusive interview, janice dickinson and lisaeaseisa bloom. >> thank you don. >> so you accused him back in 1982 but couldn't bring criminal charges against him because of statute of limitations and now you're suing him for
7:30 pm
deafimation. why? >> i have a very powerful woman sitting next to me who believes me she has grilled me a trillion times, she supports me. i'm telling you the truth and anyone out here that's listening, i want justice. i want justice done. i want lisa bloom to depose bill cosby, get him on the stand in front of a jury and let law decide. >> we're going to get into that and talk about the possibility of depositions and what that might lead to okay but first i want to give the statement here from bill cosby's attorney and they're basically dolling you a liar. janicedickinson's story is oo lie. there's a great contradiksz of what she is claiming now for the first time and what she wrote in
7:31 pm
her book. the only story she gave before was that she refused to sleep with mr. cosby and he blew her off. and documentary and proof in her own words that new story about something she now claims back in 1982 is a fab rkted lie. so the acusition is a lie. how do you prove deafimation? >> that's the basis of our lawsuit for deafimation. and that was the mistake that bill codssby made. it was too late to charge for drugging or rape. and lets rr get into it let's go to court and let janice prove her case that she was not lying when she said that he drugged
7:32 pm
and raped her and as bill cosby and his team know,s she has corroborating evidence in the form of witness state your names from more than ten years where she said she very much wanted the book to include her rape disclosure and she told them more than 10 years ago that she was raped and drugged wie mr. cosby way before any other woman came forward. we ask them to retract their accusation that sheeds rar liar and hence the lawsuit. >> and the ghost writer said that you did tell him about the rape at the time. let's listen and then you can respond. >> she wanted to a fair amount of detail and she was pretty distraught the memory was had her pretty shaken up and i told her, i'm sorry but i don't think
7:33 pm
we can use any of this. we'll never be able to get this past the attorneys at harper collins. >> so it was the ghost write naot the publisher then. >> i told pablo the entire story, i wrote my notes and i was explaining to this brilliant writer and director pablo what happened and pablo came back at me and said, well i took poetic license to write what i could get away with. >> she's hoping that you will get to depose bill causy face to face and see him in court. >> yes. >> do you think this time will be different because if that happens, then he's on the record. >> bill cosby has never had to sit down and answer tough questions from a lawyer about what happened.
7:34 pm
he's been given some softball questions by journalists, like last week and when he refuses to answer there's no follow up. when you're in a deposition you raise your right hand and i or any other attorney has the right to bore in and insist onnancers to questions. that's how it's going to be in this case and at trial. >> what's next? >> what's next is they will have 30 days to answer the complaint that we filed today and we will seek mr. cosby's deposition as soon as possible so we can answer questions on the record about why he chose to send his representatives out to call ms. dickinson a liar. and about whether he drugged and raped her, where he was in 1982 and the 46 other women who have come forward with their names publicly and accused him of strikingly similar allegations of sexual assault. >> we'll have you back on then
7:35 pm
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three days after biker gangs turned a texas parking lot into a battle field, 170 bikers are behind bars tonight. and live for us again in waco texas. you have been looking into the back grounds of various people arrested and it turns out one of them is actually an excop. >> reporter: very surprising when you look at the background there's a farmicist, a married couple a number of women. this one caught us off guard a san antonio police detective, he was on the force 32 years. the police department said he didn't go undercover with any of the biking gangs but he did work in vice for a good number of years, so his name is martin
7:40 pm
lewis, he's currently a grandfather, he writes on facebook that he takes care of his mom and identifies himself as a bandino bike club member. and this is one that really surprised us. >> and the first person to make that million dollar bond. >> reporter: this person according to a law enforce mnts source that is familiar with the investigation, we did confirm that a man named jeff batty, he is one of the 170, he is a very first to be able to come up with the assets to meet the $100,000,000 bond. rits not that he paid 1 million dollars, but that he was able to come up with the 10 to 15% in cash. >> so police say they have recovered more than 1 thousand weapons. that's unbelievable.
7:41 pm
>> reporter: very surprising because initially we heard it was 100 guns or so. when they say more than 1,000 weapons, they're talking about hand guns rifles chains with pad locks attached. and the most astonishing thing is where they found them. they found them stated in the restaurant in between bags of flour, they were stuffed in bags of tortilla chips and in the toylet. so this suggests that what was happening here was people were trying to ditch the evidence. >> what the hel, okay. i appreciate you reporting. and let's talk to steve cook who worked undercover in a biker gang. and first of all, respond to what she just reported. over 1,000 weapons stored in bags of flower in the toilet what is going on here?
7:42 pm
>> i think very accurate to her statement about people ditching things. it's common especially in these types of scenarios. i know when they had the laughflin mongol and you had people trying to take their clothes off to get away. and when the heat is on these guys are going to dispose of whatever they can. >> but why so many weapons? >> i think that goes firther to prove the fact that there was a little premeditation involved with this incident. people showed up with hev epaally armed and they were obviously expecting something. >> are you surprised that a former vice cop was involved in this? >> sadly enough i'm not.
7:43 pm
you know with the heli's angels they won't accept anybody that's prier law enforcement, some of these other groups don't have that hard and fast rule. we know cops that have been involved with the banditos with the out laws and some of the groups like the green machine. and we've known of former police officers engaging in this activity. a lot of the times, it's officers who have been fired from their agencies but in some circumstances, people who have retired and then you know carried on with this new life see it speak, after their law enforcement. >> let's talk a little bit about about that. do you think the more likely scenario was he was an undercover agent or was he just a good cop gone bad? >> you know i hate to speculate where that's involved.
7:44 pm
but, you know as far as my knowledge, i kbhee the pursenow who the person is. i can't recall the exact branch. but it was news to me that he was former law enforcement. i didn't know that about his background. >> what are law enforcement agents like you, who are involveauvlolved with biker gangs saying about this situation? >> well you know i think everybody -- things are starting to get a little bit back to normal but i think everybody is still waiting for the next shoe to drop. the red river run is over memorial day weekend. that's kind of a mandatory bandito function. i know pretty much all the new mexico banditos and colorado and
7:45 pm
i wouldn't be surprised if you see the gulf coast banditos which would bring them right back through some of these areas where the conflicts have occurred. >> i appreciate you joining us this evening. we're going to talk a lot about race and whether it was a factor in waco. when we come back i'm going to past ask pastor heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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. some breaking news to report on a story we've been following on cnn. a suspect has been identified. police are sdprg help in locating this man, daren dillen went. there he is on your screen. arrest warrant charges him in the murders of a couple and their 10-year-old son and their house keeper. if you have information, call authorities. and the video reveals a key part of his arrest. there's new video shot by
7:50 pm
bistander and shows officers placing gray in shackles before putting him into police van head first and on his stomach. there's video. i want to bring you t.d. jakes and he has a message for the faithful about justice and peace. the original video, on top of the that, this new video is out. >> the whole storayy is very disturbing. and my heart bout goes out to freddy gray's family and have your child lose his life and then have to go through it over and over again. and it's highly unusual to thrust somebody that you are arresting in on their stomach facedown who said they can't breathe. so, i don't know what the answers are but there surely are a lot of questions. >> and that's what this is it
7:51 pm
seems like a blatant disregard for human life. >> i think what's happening on the sidewalks is a lightning rod to bring tlieth a much bigger problem in our justice system. there are so many things that are behind the times on the way that we have high level of incarcerations even when they commit the same crime as their white counter parts, seven times s more likely. we've known these stats for a long time and we need to not just look at the sidewalk but the internal justice system. >> you're going to be talking to families and your followers about this particular situation. what do you say to them? what are you telling them? >> you know it's not so much
7:52 pm
about the followers as challenging the leadership to hold our elected officials accountable so our oo needs and concerns are melt with and dealt with. i don't believe this is about preaching summerens, although we do those and will continue. but we have both right wing and conservatives, liberals and whites and blacks and browns and this is a moment when we need to stand together. we need everybody, black, white and brown to take a real good look at this system and when we do need police officers how is that recognized because a mow jorty are doing amazing job. but we need to have a system in place that v prepared to confront these questions that are permeating through our society. >> and it's palpable i feel it
7:53 pm
out there, more than ever that there's this anger that's out there, and online and where people just say and do -- what's going on? >> it's amazing. no matter what you say or do there's somebody coming on your feed line attacking and you can tell the arrange is not really leveraged at you, wrou might become brutalized by it but i think people are angry because they're disappointed and some people are angry because their ideas are being challenged. and they cannot conceive the idea that the police officers would be unjust others are saying it's really the people and the families that there not raising their children to respect the law. some hibrid of the two ideas, needs to be confronted. we want them to be subject to the law like anyone else but we don't want them tried on the sidewalk when they do fwlakbreak the
7:54 pm
law. >> we had a very heated segment last night about whether it involved race or not and certainly in most places of america, it's involved. but do you think it's fair to compare waco to baltimore to the situations there? >> i think they're very different. and the outcome is tragic and the way it's being covered is challenging. and whether we want to call people thugs and how we portray people is suspect. but we miss the larger issue if we dwrapal over the sumantics rather then getting to the deeper issue of what is right and just for all americans. >> we could really be doing that really make as difference. >> the reelason it's unfortunate is we're so busy being
7:55 pm
politically correct. it's absolutely right. >> i'm so glad you said that. >> our silence is being judged by the smoke coming up in places around our country. reezened people need find the language to have a frank conversation or unreasonable people will take it to the streets. >> you have had a profound in influence on my life and career because i'm the target because i'm the guy giving the information. one of your summerens you ask everybody to turn to their neighbor and say three times, hey, neighbor you don't have to believe in my dreams and it has propelled me to this and i wish everybody could live by that. >> we live in anary era where
7:56 pm
everybody gets to critique you and be somebody else. and to move forward who you are. >> thank you. i love you. you're amazing. >> i love you, brother. >> mega fest in august august 23rd 19th through 23rd dallas texas. go to www.mega we'll be right back.
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millions of dollars doing it. the allegations are sickening, the video heart breaking, the fact that this doctor may not be alone should make any patient and any parent stop and think and watch our investigation tonight. and also ahead in this hour the bikers who say they're getting a bad rap, even as authorities uncover more than 1,000 weapons from the warfare in waco. and who brought us more laughs