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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  May 16, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> the following is a cnn special report. ♪ >> tonight, aaron hernandez. he was a rising nfl star racing toward greatness. >> what's the meaning on your forearm? >> if it is to be, it's up to me. basically saying my life is in my hands, and whatever i want my life to be, it's up to me to make it out that way. >> and what did he make his life out to be? 12 massachusetts jurors made to decide, what did he make his life out to be? was he a bystander, or a brutal murderer? after hearing the evidence, finally, the answer. >> what say you, madam
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foreperson? >> downward spiral: inside the case against aaron hernandez. it's a springtime saturday in new england patriot country, a perfect day for football. >> you wake up and you're -- >> one, two, three! >> hard work! >> a block down in a pool -- >> mike brown coaches the boston bandits, a semi- pro team. he remembers another day just like this. june 15th, 2013. something seemed out of place. >> a black suburban pulls right up. i'm like who is pulling right in front of my car. >> in the driver's seat, bandit defensive end, 27-year-old odin lloyd. >> then i see a smile. coach. >> branch thinks it's odd
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because lloyd doesn't own a car. >> i'm like, who's car is this? >> branch has his suspicions, but he never gets a straight answer. lloyd is busy telling his buddies about the good time he had at a club the night before. >> he said he was at the club with mr. hernandez. that they were partying and had a good time. >> mr. hernandez is aaron hernandez. a $40 million rising star with the new england patriots. odin lloyd's best buddies, darryl hodge and daryl sweet, say their friend wasn't normally a big partier. they know a different side of him. the friend they describe was passionate about football. >> definitely always took care of his moms and sisters. >> and family. >> my brother and i were kind of like, i wouldn't say best friends, but as close as
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siblings can get. >> in and out. >> branch, who also coached lloyd in high school, didn't hesitate to give him advice as an adult, and an occasional reality check. >> at some point, you realize you're not going to the nfl, this is just going to be for fun. what do i got to do to start preparing myself for life? >> he says lloyd was doing landscaping while figuring out what next. >> i spoke to him about taking firefighter tests. >> lloyd also began dating college student shannia jenkins. she's the link between the young man who dreamed of the nfl, and the all-american who made it. >> what's your understanding of how they met? >> they were dating sisters. >> shayanna jenkins is the younger sister of shayanna, who is engaged to hernandez and mother of his little girl. >> but how close were the talented tight end and the struggling landscaper? >> how much do you know that
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they hung out together? >> rarely. two different worlds. buddy had one world. we got our world. >> checking out my new camera. >> on sunday, june 16th, father's day 2013, odin lloyd is cruising with his friends in that mysterious black suburban. >> we had the music playing, jamming to the music and stuff. we're laughing, we're talking. odin's driving. got the one hand-type driving, like he's just having fun. later, we went to my mom's house, we was playing pool. >> over the table, over the door. >> i think odin wanted to make -- i seen odin make one of the most spectacular shots i've ever seen. >> it was a good day.
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>> y'all got that? i hope you got that. >> a great day. >> and it was coming to an end. after lloyd got a text from his job, saying he had to work the next morning. >> then he got another text asking to hang out. >> a text from hernandez. >> just, let's have another great night. >> i take it there was a part of you that thought, man, you got to go to work the next day -- >> go home. it's already like 9, 9ish. >> so when you guys left each other, what do you remember saying to him? >> see you later. >> little did he know there would be no later. the next night, monday, june 17:00 17:00, at 5:37 p.m., lloyd's body is discovered by a jogger in north attleborough, 35 miles south of where he lived. here at the crime scene, investigators find odin lloyd's wallet, his driver's license, 545 caliber shell casings.
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they suggest he was shot in the back and then finished off lying face off in this secluded area of an industrial park. darryl hodge learns of the murder from lloyd's sister olivia, who calls him. >> i can hear it. >> did she say he's dead? >> in between the cries and the balling, darryl, odin's dead. >> i'm like, i'll be with you in a minute. i got to the house, i got inside. >> and you saw his mom? >> yes. >> what did she say? >> darryl, who killed my son? what do you say to that? i immediately fell to my knees and gave her a hug. i wrapped my hand around here and i was like, i don't know. i don't know. >> that night was tough for daryl sweet, who was also at lloyd's home. >> i just went back and sat in my car. hold on.
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>> what were the questions in your head? >> who was he with? who he possibly could have been with until i got the news about it. >> shaquilla is lloyd's youngest sister. she sees him picked up from their house and driven away in the middle of the night. just before lloyd dies, police say he sends shaquilla chilling text messages. at 3:07 a.m., lloyd asks, you saw who i'm with. at 3:11 he checks in again, texting, hello. 3:19, shaquilla answers, my phone was dead. who was that? 3:22 a.m., lloyd answers nfl. and a minute later, at 3:23 a.m., lloyd sends his very last text.
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just so you know. >> if he left them crumbs, something was going down. >> but what was going down? and why? still ahead, will the jury ever see that final text? not if the defense can help it. >> these messages do not suggest fear, but the government wants to put a much more sinister task on them. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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start building your confident retirement today. ♪ >> for darryl hodge, going to the gym means lifting weights, but he's also carrying one. trying to understand why someone killed his best friend, odin lloyd. >> i should still be lifting with my bro. he should still be trying to dunk. >> after a jogger finds odin lloyd's bullet-riddled body, police quickly find their first pieces of evidence. distinctive tire tracks, lloyd's cell phone and keys for the black suburban he'd been driving all weekend. police quickly learn it was rented by new england patriot aaron hernandez.
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over the next several days, investigators search his home and cars, removing bags of possible evidence. june 26, 2013, nine days after the murder of odin lloyd, hernandez is arrested. for first-degree, premeditated murder, illegal weapon and ammo charges. his plea? >> not guilty. >> and he's no longer a new england patriot. >> i and other members of the organization were shocked. and disappointed. >> hernandez is canned. before he reaches the courthouse. >> mr. hernandez is charged with a very serious crime, but that shouldn't be enough to hold him without bail. >> and he's staying in jail. his attempts at bail, denied. >> i think the commonwealth has presented a case that is circumstantial, to be sure, but
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very, very strong. >> as aaron hernandez adjusted to live behind bars, charged with murder, yet another accusation of gun violence makes headlines. four months before odin lloyd is gunned down, the football player is at tootsie's strip club in miami. a law enforcement source said hernandez drops about ten grand that night. one of the men he's with, alexander bradley. prosecutors describe him as hernandez's former right-hand man. by morning, bradley is shot in the face, dumped out of a vehicle, and left for dead. still wearing his now blood-soaked vip wristband from the club. police retrieve this bullet fragment from his head, but bradley won't give them any
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details. >> when the police investigated this incident, alexander bradley didn't point the finger at hernandez. >> that changes when bradley sues, claiming aaron hernandez cost him his right eye. the motive is unclear. after bradley is shot, prosecutors say hernandez gets a new right-hand man, a man named ernest wallace. >> this defendant is more commonly known by his nickname, which is hobo. >> or bo. wallace has a long criminal history. prosecutors say he sells and uses drugs, including the hallucinogen angel dust, or pcp. he's not the only one. >> sources tell cnn aaron hernandez also smoked a lot of pot, one calling it a boat load. >> prosecutors say hernandez would give him money to buy
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marijuana. cnn first revealed this photograph last year. it's a stack of blunts. prosecutors say lloyd made them with marijuana supplied by hernandez. sources tell cnn aaron hernandez also used angel dust and that could have made him paranoid. one says he felt he was a target, that people were coming after him. >> the combination of those drugs, depending on the long-term use of the drugs, and the amount of drugs, can cause someone to become violent, could cause someone to become very paranoid, could cause someone to overreact to a situation, appear to be more impulsive. >> that kind of behavior doesn't describe the aaron hernandez many remember growing up in bristol, connecticut, where his family was celebrated as a local sports dynasty. >> i don't think there was
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another family that is more familiar in bristol. aaron was our golden boy. he had the family traits. his father and uncle were stand-out athletes. >> his older brother d.j. was a sports hero too. bob montgomery covers high school sports for the bristol press. ♪ >> aaron did track, football and basketball. he was described in any sport he played, as a man playing with children. >> brand mcmillan and andrew played basketball with aaron beginning in middle school. >> he was twice the size of me. we had the same height, but he was just more athletic obviously. he practiced like all the time. >> practiced because his father dennis pushed him constantly. >> his father was pretty strict. he told me his father used to make him shoot 500 shots before he went sometimes to play with his friends. his dad clearly kept him
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anchored. >> i saw a closeness with them that i had never seen before. it was something about dennis and the way they intertwined. it was just magic in my eyes. just ahead, in a heartbeat, that closeness is gone. and aaron hernandez changes his game plan. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am her best friend. i am her ally. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment,
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>> but then the 16-year-old's world crumbles. >> coach walks in and he says, dennis has passed away. >> dennis hernandez, aaron's father, his anchor, dies after routine hernia surgery. >> he was just sad. he couldn't stop the tears. >> felt uncomfortable to see him so hurt. i felt bad for him. >> that father-son relationship comes up in conversations with sheriff thomas hodgson, who runs the jail where hernandez is being held.
7:23 pm
>> clearly, at 16 years old, losing your father, it would be very easy to fall into the lifestyle of following people that don't help you make the best choices. >> one choice he makes is to tattoo some of his dad's advice on his arms. >> it's a quote my father always used to give me. if it is to be, it is up to me. basically saying, whatever i want my life to be, it's up to me to make it out that way. >> when it comes time to make his way to college, aaron hernandez takes a pass on his father's school, the university of connecticut. despite pleas from his brother d.j., who plays there. >> at first, he wouldn't even talk to me. but there was days, he said, like, it's our dream to play together. come on, please. >> but aaron stands firm, believing his football career will soar in gator country.
7:24 pm
in january of 27, he -- 2007, he cuts his high school senior year in half and heads to the university of florida, joining star quarterback tim tebow. by april, still long before the gator season opener, there's trouble off the field. ed -- the rookie teen loses his cool at this popular off-campus restaurant. there's an argument between aaron hernandez and the manager over a bill. tim tebow tries to calm things down and settle the check, but according to this police report, it all ends with aaron hernandez sucker punching the manager on the left side of his head, bursting an eardrum. >> the manager later tells police, university of florida coaches and lawyers have contacted him and they're working on an agreement. a university spokesman says they're not aware of any settlement.
7:25 pm
was hernandez on a slippery slope? he was tearing up the field as a gator. but some who knew him were worried. especially when he was unsupervised away from the game. if you could keep him on one side, he's be fine, one source put it. the problem was, he couldn't stay away from the other side, adding, it was a recipe for disaster. and it was a recipe that included marijuana. hernandez was suspended at least once for using the drug. it's an issue that follows him when he enters the draft his junior year. >> teams spend a lot of time on background checks. >> former patriot running back, kevin faulk, says the checks are thorough and intensive. >> if you done something in middle school, they're going to go back and find somebody that was around that time and ask them. >> day 3, round 4 -- >> prior to the draft, aaron hernandez was projected as az player that could be a
7:26 pm
first-round pick and no later than a second-round pick. >> and now with a another selection, they go aaron hernandez. >> he ends up passed over until the fourth round. >> i have to believe that him falling so far is more than just a story about marijuana, that there were questions raised in background checks about him, that caused teams to say, we're going to drown grade him on our draft board. >> but during his first year with the patriots, he proves himself. >> tight end in a receiver body that could play running back, that could return punts, return kicks. >> that talent gets the 22-year-old a five-year, $40 million extension. >> what no one knew at the time, one month before he signs that deal, the football player parties at a boston club. that night, two young men are shot and killed after leaving that same club, by a man driving
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it's a silver suv, but in the life of aaron hernandez, it's much more. ? june of 2013 while searching his cousin's home for clues in odin lloyd's murder, police stumble on a toyota four-runner. it's in a garage and it belongs to a leasing company who loaned it to the patriot tight end in exchange for promotional work. for a year, boston police have been looking for an suv linked to an unsolved double murder. this appears to be it. >> how difficult has this loss been for you, sir, as a father? >> um -- >> ernesto abreu's son daniel was killed in that drive-by shooting outside a boston nightclub, along with his friend
7:32 pm
safiro furtado on july 16th, 2012. witnesses say, two men in a silver suv with rhode island plates pulls alongside the car, shots are fired. finding that suv and other tips leads to a stunning discovery. aaron hernandez, seen on security video, police say, with another plan following abreu and furtado into that nightclub, and stalking them in a silver suv after they leave. almost a year after he's charged with odin lloyd's murder -- >> aaron hernandez, please rise. >> -- aaron hernandez is indicted for the murders of those two young men. >> how do you plead in this indictment? >> not guilty. >> the defendant leaned out of the driver's side window of the suv, with a loaded revolver in his hand, extended out, the defendant immediately fired at least five rounds from a 38 caliber revolver into the
7:33 pm
victims' car. >> but why? daniel de abreu, while dancing nearby, accidentally bumped into the defendant, causing the defendant's drink to spill. >> the motive, prosecutors say, is nothing more than a spilled drink by a complete stranger. >> the defendant told his friend that mr. de abreu had deliberately bumped him and was, quote, trying him. authorities identify the friend with hernandez that night as alexander bradley, the man who says hernandez shot out his right eye seven months later. the motive for the bradley shooting now appears clear. prosecutors say hernandez was trying to shut him up about the boston double murder. all leading to a key question. does the boston case, along with the odin lloyd murder suggest a dangerous pattern of behavior, driven by paranoia.
7:34 pm
being able to explain hernandez's behavior that night could help prosecutors at trial. eight months into the case, prosecutors bolster it by upgrading charges against the two men with hernandez, the night odin lloyd is killed. ernest wallace, and another man, carlos ortiz. >> how do you plead? >> not guilty. >> not guilty. >> this will be what's called a joint venture murder prosecution, where anyone who actively participates in the murder can be held guilty for the murder. >> that would mean hernandez could be convicted of murder even if prosecutors can't prove he fired the gun. ahead, videotape, tire tracks, gun shells, but no gun. aaron hernandez's first murder trial begins.
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for odin lloyd's mother,
7:39 pm
ursula ward, every day is a struggle. >> hey, handsome, mommy's here to see you again.handsome, momm you again. i love you so much. i miss you, sweetie. i never thought i'd be talking to my son in the ground. >> she attends every pretrial hearing, hangs on every word. and on january 29th, 2015, more than 19 months after her son's murder -- >> ladies and gentlemen, on june 16th of 2013 -- >> -- ursula ward is front and center when aaron hernandez goes on trial. across the aisle, the football player's mom, terry hernandez. >> the commonwealth will prove to you that the defendant committed the crime of murder. >> the state says aaron
7:40 pm
hernandez's murder plot is in full swing as he gets high and leaves to get drinks on the evening of june 16th, 2013. >> shay ana -- >> while partying with his fiancée and friends, aaron hernandez is calling and texting co-defendants carlos ortiz and ernest wallace, summoning them from connecticut to massachusetts. >> this was the text that we were looking at. >> it says hurry your ass up. >> at about the same time, he's texting lloyd to arrange a meeting. >> i'm coming to grab -- grab that tonight. you gon be around? >> lloyd agrees to meet. he types, all right, where? after midnight, cameras show wallace and his sidekick ortiz, arriving at hernandez's home. when hernandez returns at 1:00
7:41 pm
a.m., video shows him inside, walking through his house with what appears to be a gun. >> in this photo, you begin to see the outline of a firearm. and it 1:12 a.m., the men drive away in a rented nissan altima. at 2:10 a.m., they're heading toward odin lloyd's house, when they stop at a gas station. >> he went to buy gum. >> blue, cotton candy gum. >> outside, hernandez is seen pumping his arms in the air, apparently feeling good. about 20 minutes later, right after a black catwalks nearby, odin lloyd's younger sister sees an altima pull up in front of their home. >> and just tell us what you saw of that car. >> the car stopped in front of the driveway. >> at the time, did your brother get in the car?
7:42 pm
>> yes. >> cell towers and a toll booth camera track the car as it travels toward a secluded area of an industrial park. >> it's now 3:23 and odin lloyd sends his sister that final text, telling her he's with nfl, adding, just so you know. but the judge rules that what he wrote is not proof he thought he was going to die. as lloyd sends that message, headlights in the upper left of this video can be seen pulling into the unlit section of the industrial park, where odin lloyd is murdered. prosecutors say it's the altima. for the next three minutes and 40 seconds, there is no movement
7:43 pm
on screen. then headlights re-emerge. the time in between, prosecutors say, is when lloyd is shot dead. around that same time, employees working the overnight shift at the industrial park, are jolted. >> i heard a loud bang maybe four or five times. i thought it was fireworks. >> it was about six or eight loud sounds. >> hernandez's home is just a half mile from the murder scene. at 3:29, the altima pulls up in hernandez's driveway. jurors see video of the crime scene and odin lloyd's bullet-riddled body. a lab scientist shows jurors lloyd's shirt with bullet holes and blood. and an investigator testifies that impressions he made of the
7:44 pm
altima's tires match tracks found at the scene. >> can you show the jury the overlay? >> this here is the first one that i marked. >> and prosecutors say, this shoe print found near lloyd's body was made by aaron hernandez. >> my opinion was that it was consistent with the air jordan size 13. >> a nike consultant testifies that's the kind of sneaker hernandez had on the night lloyd was killed. after hernandez returns the rented altima, the afternoon of the murder, the manager on duty makes a startling discovery. >> i found a piece of chewed, blue bubblicious gum and under the seat forward i looked up and i saw what i thought was a bullet. >> that's the type of gum purchased by hernandez hours earlier.
7:45 pm
and it's not a bullet she finds, but a shell casing. a ballistics expert testified that casing matches five others found at the murder scene. they were fired from the same, unknown weapon, capable of chambering 45 auto caliber aj in addition. >> did you have an in addition as to the type of weapon that was? >> it's consistent with having been fired from a glock. >> a glock, that's the type of gun an employee says hernandez is carrying when he returns home minutes after the murder. >> in my opinion, the firearm showed in the video stills have a glock pistol. >> the murder weapon, one prosecutors say is in hernandez's hands that night, has never been found. they suspect it's in a box inside this bag. that's shayanna jenkins -- hernandez's fiancee.
7:46 pm
she testifies she doesn't know what's in the box, and that she gets rid of it after hernandez called her and asked her to ditch it. >> what did you do with it? >> i disposed of it. >> what you say you disposed of it, where did you dispose of it? >> in a dumpster. >> and where was the dumpster? >> i don't know. >> jenkins suggests she can't remember because of the stress she was under, dealing with hernandez and her sister, whose boyfriend lloyd had just been murdered. the prosecution then surprises jurors with an unexpected famous witness. >> he said he was not involved, that he was innocent. >> patriots' owner robert kraft meets privately with hernandez, two days after lloyd's murder. kraft testifies his star tight end claims he had an alibi and suggests his football player knew what time odin lloyd was
7:47 pm
killed long before the public did. >> what did he say about wanting -- hoping for the time of the homicide to be revealed? >> my recollection is that he said that he hoped that the time of the event came out because he was in a club. >> back then, lloyd's time of death had not been announced. if hernandez knew the time of the murder, wouldn't he have to know something that had not yet been made public? why would hernandez kill odin lloyd? prosecutors suggest the motive was some sort of falling out between hernandez and lloyd two nights earlier, when the men were at a boston club. >> i remember him storming out of the club. he looked kind of angry. >> ahead -- >> you're not familiar with aaron's expressions or what he
7:48 pm
does with his face? >> i'm familiar with human expressions. >> a defense attack on the state's theory of motive. ♪ ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, oh yes i know... ♪ ♪color is the i ching ching, for sure ding dang... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know. ♪ if you feel it, you can find it. all new color by behr. exclusively at the home depot.
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player felt disrespected during an argument over a cell phone. >> it's not as bad now that i'm not playing. p >> kevin faulk's old tea aaraaron hernandez is on trial murder in massachusetts. bp but this retired new p patriot stipatriot >> hphas somebody on his side fraying for him. p >> not even two more mur chargrcharges in the so-called spilled-drink case, have changed faulkfaulk's opinion of the ple knew. >> get the question all the time, you think your boy did it? no, i don't want him to have done it. no. so if you want me to say no, no, i don't think he did it. p faulk's friend is ge solsolid defense inside court . >> aaron hernandez is an innocent man -- p hernandez's lawyers
7:53 pm
court battle to keep alexander bradley from testifying hernandhernandez sho hernandez eye. thp they wthey win the momor a boston double murder. bbut a main contention of hernandez's lawyers -- >> the evidence will show the investigatiinvestigation wa in unprofessional. p >> wh>> what do you recogo be? r >> during nearly every cross-examination his lawyers ttry to raise reasonable doubty questioniquestioning the compe investigators. p >> as an experienced pol officer, you understood that thep there couthere could towel, right? >> yes, sir. >> p >> a towel found at t wp was pickwas picked up b rain storm hits. >> nobop >> nobo>> nobody ? >> nobody measured it. r >> yp >> you eyeballe whwhat you're telling us? p >> that>> that' >> that' telling you. >> a>> and hp >> and he ch thp they collected gum and casicasing evidence from a dum. p >> did sergeant baker cli
7:54 pm
inside the dumpster? >> yes, he did. >> anp >> and >> and he stf frp from tfrom the inside ininto thp into the binto truck, right? p >> stu>> stuff was being and it was being placed. >> has and it was being placed. >> ha anyone ever taught you to collecollect evidence >> ha anyone ever taught you to collecollect evidenc that way,? >>p>> the g>> the d clumped together inside a piece of paper. bbup but that's not how th tested. p >> were you ever told wh conductp conducted tconduc casip casing hcasing had be piep piece piece of chewed? p >> n>> not at the tim >> testing. >> hr>> hp >> he did f matmatch for >> hr>> hp >> he did f matmatch fo hernandez'sp shell argup argues argues it go a gum. p >> wou>> would you agree thethere ip there isthere tthe dnap the dna on tthe
7:55 pm
chewipchewing gum would bed p to thto that shell casin attached? r >p >> ye>> yes, i wou. >> and remember the glock employeepholing a gloholing a ? hernandezhernandez's lawyer ja dp did hdid his best to di identification, getting the man p to admto admit he's not identifying guns, and that he wanted to help p>> did >> would help the prosecution try to convict aaron hernandez if you testified that in your opiniop opinion, what wast ? >> >> the defens> i.pi.t. expertp portion po itpitem in hernandez's hato. investigators believe a glockp.
7:56 pm
bbut they've never found it. or these sneakers. photographphotographed but not police in hernandez's basement in june of 2013. prosecutoprosecutors believeth hernandp hernandez was wea sneaker that made this print near lloyd's body. but the defense gets the investigatrinvestigatop invest prove a key point.p>> si>> aar aaron hernandez made that impression, can you? >> no. >> the defense also chips away pat the prosecution's conte ththat the murder weapon was i ththis trash bag, and that hernandhernandez told his fian get rid of p>> as y>> out, did you smell anything? >> i did. >> what did you recognize that smell to be? >> marijuana.
7:57 pm
>> the defense also attacks frm prosecutoprosecutors hint is t for murder. sop some sort of fall-out lloyd and hernandez two days earlier. defendefense attornep dedes this witness who describes hernandp hernandez hernande nightclub. >> how much time have you spen with aaron? >> never met him before. >> so you're not familiar with aaronp aaronaaron's expres dodoes witp does with his ? >> i'm familiar with human expressions. >> how >> i'm familiar with human expressions. >> ho were they acting? >> anp >> and the defense shift blashift blame t shift b erneernest shift blashift blame t shift b erneernes wallace and carlos o, suggestisuggesting they were erneernes wallace and carlos o, suggestisuggesting they wer hip the night of the murder. ththis witness says the men sh knoknows ap knows as knows angangelp angel dust, maki and act crazy. p >> th>> they were p >> th>> they wer just re sweating. >> mp >> my opinion >> >
7:58 pm
ingestiingestion can cause psy. and p and on soand on some or aggressive p >> did he m choices? >> no. pir in closing statements hernandez's lawyer admits his clieclient may have helped ca t commit it. r>> hp >> he was>> he o witnessed something committed by somebody he he really didn do. so hp so he juso he just pt of the other. r >> kep >> keep >> ke charged, being an accessory after the fact. hep hehe's charged with mur ththat he did not do. >>p >> i think odds are, h will be convicted. bbut it'p but it's not a s. there is still no gun. >> jurors got the case on tuesday, april 7th.
7:59 pm
more than a week later, a verdict. >> what say you, madam, foreperson? >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> guilty of murdering odin lloyd. >> you are sentenced by order of the court as follows, for the term of your natural life, without the possibility of parole. >> first and foremost, i would like to thank the heavenly master. because without him, nothing would be possible in my life, and i probably wouldn't get justice today. just like god has left his footprint in the sand. my baby foot prints is in my heart forever. >> aaron hernandez, a former $40 million man and rising nfl star will now spend the rest of his life in prison.
8:00 pm
>> the following is a cnn special report. ♪ ♪ here in the midwest, several young girls went missing. some were found murdered. others were never found at all. laurie depies, 20, in appleton, wisconsin. wendy felton, 16, from marion, indiana. michelle dewey, 20, in indianapolis, indiana. all of these cases went unsolved. officials believed only one man knew what happened. >> we knew he was responsible for several deaths. >> and to gesw


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