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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 14, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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need to know about the mechanics and whether there was anything mechanical that didn't go right before we start throwing a lot of accusations at this engineer. thank you all, i appreciate your insight to this we're continuing to watch the breaking story. wolf blitzer will take the helm now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer, it's 1:00 p.m. here in new york 6:00 p.m. in london wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. this is cnn breaking news. >> let's immediately get to the breaking news, a grim development in the site of that amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. rescue officials now say they found another body in the wreckage earlier this morning nap brings the death toll to eight. the mayor of philadelphia says officials believe everyone on board is now accounted for. on the investigative front, we know that the train was speeding the question now is why? the attorney for the engineer
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brandon bostian tells abc news his client doesn't remember how fast the train was going. >> he remembers coming into the curve. he remembers attempting to reduce speed thereafter he was knocked out, thrown around just like all the other passengers in that train. >> so he remembers deploying the emergency brake? >> he does not remember deploying the emergency brake. we know that it was in fact deployed. the last thing he recalls is coming to looking for his bag, getting his cell phone, turning it on and calling 911. >> here's the latest on the crash, investigators say the engineer applied the full emergency brake just moments before the accident. the train was then going 106 miles an hour that's more than twice the speed limit on the curve where it derailed nap stretch was track was not equipped with an automatic speed control system known as positive train control. safety investigators say the system could have prevented the
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accident. amtrak has resumed limited services in parts of the northeast, corridors, there are still no service between new york and philadelphia but amtrak says full service could return by early next week. let's get the latest now from philadelphia our correspondent erin maclaughlin is at the accident site for us and sunland is over at hospital where so many of the injured are still being treated. erin what can you tell us about the discovery of the eighth victim? >> reporter: hi wolf authorities are saying around 8:00 this morning a dog, sniffer dogs were brought out to the first car of the train that had been badly mangled. it was there that they found the body they pried open the car using hydraulics extracted the body and brought it to a medical examiner's office. now at the moment authorities are not identifying this victim they're not giving a name but we do know that the family of
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45-year-old robert gildersleeve was desperately looking for him. the father of two teenaged boys was dropped off by his wife at the train station in baltimore. he had a tract for amtrak 188 and never seen him again. we know his family has been made aware of this very grim discovery. and now, the mayor of philadelphia saying that all 243 people that were believed to have been aboard amtrak 188 have been accounted for, wolf. >> bring us up to speed, erin on the investigation, where does that stand? >> reporter: yeah well focus very much is on the engineer of the train. we understand that his lawyer saying he's been cooperative, that he was questioned by police. the lawyer says for hours that he answered all of their questions to the best of his ability. despite the fact that he had a head injury. that occurred in that crash. authorities here saying that he actually was inside the
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locomotive in the train that tumbled many times. the lawyer says he doesn't remember the incident but has handed over his cell phone as well as a blood sample. that seemed to contradict what came out of the press conference we heard from the mayor, michael nutter who says that they did question the engineer but that he declined to be questioned for significant period of time and declined further questioning, wolf. >> all right. erin stand by i want to bring sunlin in how many people are still in the hospital and their conditions? >> reporter: well wolf the number of people who are in the hospital is dropping today because they are being treated and discharged. here are the latest numbers, and this is according to to the spokes people at the six area hospitals that took in the 200 passengers originally starting on tuesday evening. among the six hospitals, 35 people still remain hospitalized. now the breakdown here at temple university this is the hospital
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that took in the most patients 54 on tuesday night. they are now down to just 16 people remaining hospitalized but i should tell you, wolf that among the 16 eight people here at temple are in critical condition. we were told by the chief of medical here at the hospital that most of these who are battling the serious injuries they are serious injuries to the chest, punctured lungs and multiple rib fractures, so this is a very serious situation, wolf for the eight still here in critical condition. >> full service could return to the northeast corridor by early next week. investigators are ready to use cranes to move most of the train wreckage to a secure facility but it could be about a week before the national transportation safety board, the lead investigative body finally leaves the scene. joining us now is pennsylvania's senator bob casey, senator, i know you toured the site
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yesterday, do you think it was human error, mechanical error? are you moving in one direction or the other? >> well, wolf, first of all, we're so sad to hear about the eighth victim terribly sad for his family. his or her family i should say. i know there's speculation about who it might be but we're thinking of them. and i appreciate the expressions of condolence from across the country for our state and what happened in the last couple of days. number one i'd say, wolf we don't know for sure obviously when a train is going that much above the speed limit, 106 miles an hour that can only be trouble. but i don't know until i hear from the investigators how that happened and why that train was going that fast. >> the crash could have been prevented, as you know senator, if that automated speed control
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system what's called that positive train control had been in place in that part of philadelphia. they expected it to be in the place by the end of this year. republicans on the house appropriations committee, you're on the senate side they rejected some funding thanks have been used for various technology but listen to this exchange earlier, just a little while ago between the house speaker john boehner and a reporter who asked about amtrak funding. listen to this. >> are you really going to ask? that's a stupid question. listen you know they started this yesterday, and it's all about funding, it's all about funding. well, obviously itst's not about funding. the train was going twice the speed limit. adequate money was there, no money cut from the safety. and a house passed a bill to reauthorize amtrak and authorize a lot of these programs. and it's hard for me to imagine that people take the bait on
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some of the nonsense that gets spewed around here. thanks. >> angry speaker of the house, your reaction senator. >> well the fact of the matter wolf i don't think we know. the only thing two things we seem to know right now, for sure is that the national transportation safety board has said that the train was going 106 miles an hour we know that and we know that that was roughly double what they should have been going. we don't know why or how. and we don't know whether there's a connection between what happened the other night and funding. there may be a connection there may not be but i think for either side to say they know is premature. i think all of us whether you're a member of congress or whether commentators or citizens i think we should all indulge in a little bit of humility and wait until we have facts.
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the good news about ntsb is they seem to be willing to put facts on the public record as they determine them. and that's good news. i was worried that they might be waiting many days or weeks before they disclosed what they are certain about, but i think we just have to we have to wait and see. >> what about the point that the speaker was making and the republicans have supported, what he described as adequate funding for rail safety. you agree with him on that? >> well on that particular i don't have the numbers in front of me on that particular prevision, but look separate and apart from this tragedy, many of us have thought for many years all the time i've been in the senate eight years, almost every year or every other year at least, i'm writing a letter to the appropriate raters saying get the dollars up for amtrak. i don't know whether if i got my way on increased funding year after year if that were to happen. i didn't always get my way by the way.
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that that would rectified or prevented, rectified the problem or prevented this tragedy. but i think the separate in part from this incident we should i think we should do everything we can to provide more funding for amtrak than has been provided at least the last couple of years. >> senator bob casey of pennsylvania thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks wolf. coming up the engineer of that train says he has absolute floi memory of the crash or what caused it. that according to to the engineer's attorney. we're going to discuss what's going on with the panel of experts. plus jeb bush speaking live this hour after a series of gaps this week on a rocking his run for the presidency, we have details, that's coming up. e day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c.
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let's get back to the coverage of the amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. investigators are focussing right now on the train's speed. 106 miles an hour around a 50 mile per hour curve at the time of the crash. according to the engineer's attorney spoke to abc earlier today, the engineer doesn't remember everything about the crash. >> we know the fact that the train was going at an excessive speed, but the reasons why are still to be determined. >> we know the emergency brake was hit, but has your client given you an explanation as to why the train was going so fast? >> he has not. i believe as a result of the concussion he has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of the events. i'm told that his memory is likely to return as the concussion symptoms subside. >> let's bring in our analysts our experts joining us now, mary schiavo, she's an aviation and
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transportation expert also the former inspector general of the u.s. department of transportation peter galtz, former manager director of the national transportation safety board, and paul ginsburg audio experts who cited numerous investigations. peter, we know the speed, that's pretty much determined right, so give us the checklist that investigators for the ntsb are going to be using as they take a closer look at the engineer who was in the locomotive at the time. >> well wolf first they're going to look at his schedule over the past 72 hours or more to make sure that he had the appropriate rest that he wasn't fatigued. they're going to subpoena and pull his phone records to make sure he was not texting or on his cell phone. they're going to pull his medical record and see whether he was taking any medication whether he had any lingering medical issues and they're going to review his operational
10:16 am
record. was he familiar with this route, had he had any problems in the past? had he ever been sentured for, you know violation of company rules? they will go over this guy with a fine tooth comb. >> young guy, only what 32 years old. limited amount of experience as well. on that point, paul take us inside what the investigators are looking at. they've discovered that so-called black box. how much information can they glean from that? >> well the black box is something like a flight data recorder. and flight communications recorder as well. it's two in one. it gives us date time gps location direction, speed, and then a number of variables as to how the controls in the cabin were set. that is throttle brake, horn
10:17 am
activation bell there's something called a reverser switch and a power cut-off. all of these data pieces are put together and in addition when they do get the cell phone, they will go over it with forensic software to determine whether anything had been deleted. and compare that to telephone company records, so there's a lot of data coming in. >> mary we know there was a video camera in front of the train scene, going out in front, but there was no camera inside the locomotive to take a look at the engineer for example, what was going inside there. even though for years, experts have said there should be cameras inside. why aren't there cameras inside? >> well because of misguided notion that you have an expectation of privacy in the cab of a train or the cockpit of an aircraft and you don't. there have been a lot of worker representatives and worker
10:18 am
unions that have said that's an invasion of an expectation of privacy, and it simply. . we have cameras on the clerks at seven-11 banks, et cetera its been pushed back to the representatives of the employees. i think it's imperative. it has been for years. we were talking about this back on september 11 2001 how a camera in the cockpit there, just like in the train cab here would have made perhaps, all the difference in the world. >> peter, you agree with mary on this right? >> absolutely. there's no reason not to have cab facing cameras in our railroad system. it would help investigators and it is as mary said it is not an invasion of privacy. >> peter, these positive train control systems that would automatically prevent a train from going too fast into a dangerous curve, there's supposed to be in effect throughout the northeast corridor by the end of the year and the area of philadelphia
10:19 am
they certainly were not in place yet, we're showing our viewers this whole area it's supposed to be in effect by the end of the year why is it taking so long and why is are some now saying it's going to take longer maybe through, until 2020? >> well i'm not sure it's going to take much longer in the northeast corridor. amtrak has said they're going to get it done this year but it is a far more complex challenge, technology from a technology standpoint. we have numerous railroads, you know there were the six major freightlines we have numerous passenger lines, we have numerous short lines, there's no single technology coming off the shelf that you go out and purchase and say all right, this is the tpc system we're going to have. they're switching their communications and signalization of all these lines are different. its been a tremendous challenge. the government has spent
10:20 am
billions the railroads have spent billions it is it just hasn't come together in the time frame that congress has wanted. >> paul do you have any doubt, you've been involved in a lot of these investigations that in the end, we will know precisely why this occurred we'll be able to draw important lessons from it even if the engineer we don't know if the engineer is going to cooperate or not, let's say the engineer decides to lawyer up and not cooperate, will the public still have full knowledge of what happened? >> well, as peter said we do not have any microphone in the cab of the train, unfortunately. i've worked on cases where i had to enhance recordings made from the external microphone to try to pick up what happened in the cab. it's very difficult because the outdoor notices is horrendous at that speed. will we ever know? we will know exactly how the controls were set and at what point. we'll know the exact speed to
10:21 am
the tenth of a mile per hour and we'll have video from the front-looking camera again, that is not swivelable. and we'll know all of that data and hopefully there'll be some additional input from the cell phone and from the engineer himself. and that's what we can hope for. >> let's hope paul peter, mary thanks for joining us. coming up more than 700 potential terror suspects have travel to syria to support isis. nearly half of them have returned to the united kingdom, and maybe trying to take direct attacks, launch direct attacks there. we have details when we come back. in just this one moment, your baby is getting even more than clean. the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles of a johnson's® bath are helping to enhance the experience. the touch of your hands is stimulating her senses. nurturing her mind.
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today releasing some truly frightening numbers. britain's top counterterrorism officer disclosing that more than 700 britains of significant concern have travelled to syria. and more than a third have now returned to the uk in the last year alone, 338 suspects were detained. that's the equivalent to almost one a day. for more perspective on what's going on let's bring in the terrorism analyst, paul how dangerous of a threat is this? >> it's an unprecedented terrorist threat to the uk right now. and as we approach the tenth anniversary of the 77 bombings in 2005 there's a huge amount of concern here in the uk because of all those who have traveled off to syria and more than 350 coming back to the uk. some of those trained killers.
10:26 am
a lot of concern about lone wolf attacks, inspired by isis. british isis fighters in syria who are instigateing and encouraging these attacks in the uk. in fact also the united states with the texas attack just a few days ago, we saw a british isis hacker hussein, directly encourage that over social media. also concern here in the uk about all those people coming back. perhaps they've been trained in bomb-making by isis in syria. this is a terrorist group that authorities believe was responsible for a plot major plot in belgium that was thwarted in january of this year. a game-changer moment when it started pivoting towards directly launching attacks in the west wolf. >> well you're there in london right now, paul is there a fear that a terror attack could be imminent? >> i think there's concern that it could really happen at just about any moment. there's a lot of energy in the system right now. i talked to muslim community leaders, they're alarmed.
10:27 am
they say that the declaration of the caliphate bybag da i did last year electrified a significant number of young muslims in the uk they've gone off to find in syria and iraq some are deciding not to go and radicalized and listening to the calls by isis leaders to launch lone wolf style attacks. last year isis-inspired plot was dwarted where they were going to shoot british police and soldiers on the streets of london. they were found with a lot of isis propaganda including that flatware a senior leader of isis calling for the lone wolf attacks in the west. >> paul very disturbing analysis with what's going on in the uk thank you. up next president obama kicks off his gulf security summit at camp david. as questions swirl about what a nuclear deal could mean for the region's security. i'll speak about that and more with a ranking member of the
10:28 am
house intelligence committee. there he is. he's on capitol hill. adam shift is standing by live.
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this is cnn breaking news. getting disturbing breaking news. we're learning a man has been detained by the secret service outside the white house for apparently trying to fly a drone over the white house. let's go to our white house producer, kristen holmes who's joining us on the phone, kristen, what do we know? >> we're still trying to figure
10:32 am
out exactly what happened. what we know right now is just about 15 minutes ago, they completely cleared the park. it happened quickly. we saw masses of people being pushed through out of the lafayette park on the north side of the white house, closed the street completely. witnesses saw a man trying to fly something over the white house fence. whether or not it was a drone, people said they swore it was a drone. others say it may have been a model airplane. we're trying to figure out exactly what happened but the effects were very quick, very fast. they pushed everybody out, closed the entire block all the way from connecticut avenue down to 15th street on the side of the street. they're not letting anyone through. so they're reacting to this just saw that marched into a police car. >> it's still ongoing? ian though they've detained this individual. is that the pennsylvania avenue is that whole pedestrian area north of the white house just in front of blair house, lafayette
10:33 am
park over there, that whole area has now been swept clean and no one is there? is that right? >> yes, it's completely empty. they are not letting anyone through at this time. they actually closed down the end of 16th street as well. that whole entire block where the park is down the street they're redirecting traffic as well. it's completely shut down as well. they are working on this. >> we should point out, the president is currently meeting with gulf arab leaders at camp david. he's not at the white house. i don't know about the first lady. i assume that the rest of the family the daughters they're in school right now, but this is a picture weir just getting -- we're just getting in showing what's going on. it looks like the secret service uniformed personnel are detaining somebody on the ground there. but, the individual -- do we know if this was really a drone, it was possibly some sort of model plane, kristen? >> well that's what i'm saying we are not positive yet. we did hear two conflicting witness reports.
10:34 am
people saying it was a drone, then someone else said a model airplane. she said she wasn't sure she just saw it flying up and she had assumed that it was. i'm not positive that it was a drone now. we did have someone say they saw it on the ground i didn't get a good look at whether or not. it could have been either a drone or airplane. he was trying to fly something over the fence. and i should mention that it never got over the fence. >> the drone or the small plane whatever it was, the model plane, the drone, it never got over the fence surrounding the white house, is that right? is that what you said? >> yes, it did not get over the fence. >> basically, saw something going on then all of the sudden the secret service went into action. now this follows a few weeks ago, viewers remember that there was a drone that flew over the white house and actually landed on the grounds of the white house, but that was an incident involving someone who just did it by mistake, right? >> yeah and that was definitely a mistake, and he had been
10:35 am
cleared of those charges, but what is interesting, several witnesses here remember that event and told this man who was about to fly something, they said don't do that you're going to get trouble. and a few seconds later, secret service was on him. >> we know there were other incidents of fence jumpers at the white house, including one guy who actually jumped over the fence on the north lawn ran across the north lawn of the white house, got into the white house itself ran around got up there in the east room of the white house. and so there have been some disturbing incidents. and totally understandably, the secret service personnel uniform and non-uniform, they're very sensitive right now to potential threats, right? >> yeah. they are very sensitive, and there have been several reports on what they can do at the white house to make the security better. there was a lot of different proposals done by the department even a mote was one of them. they were going to increase the fence to make it taller maybe put spikes on the end of the fence. we did learn about i think it
10:36 am
was in january or march of this year they were testing drones to see, the secret service was testing drones they had to get a permit in the middle of the night, and that was one of the things they were coming back to combat the entire things, they're trying to stop them in the case of something like this. because it happened in that incident where someone did end up flying a drone over the fence. what happened in that incident is they didn't have anything to combat that. so they have been looking at ways to security the white house and make it safer, especially as mentioned as well the man who made it all the way into the white house doors wielding a knife. >> there was another incident a few months ago, where there was actually some gunshots that were fired towards the white house, they didn't discover the remnant remnants for several days only accidentally some people found those gunshots. so there's a lot of concern right now about security at the white house for understandable reasons. once again though the president is up at camp david meeting with gulf leaders right now, arab
10:37 am
leaders. we see one individual now detained. for apparently wanting to fly some sort of drone over the white house. and as far as we know we've done some checking detecting drones flying at relatively low levels that's very very difficult, if not impossible around sensitive areas like the white house or capitol hill or elsewhere in the nation's capitol, is that what you're hearing from sources over there as well kristen? >> exactly, that's why they've been working on different kind of programs to combat this to learn how to deal with these new security measures. new technology new kinds of security that they need to deal with. whether it obviously can't just be tall fences they're looking at different ways as i said testing out drones on the national mall in the middle of the night. we heard about that a couple months ago to combat the drones to keep up to date with the technology that can come with the people flying these. >> where are you now, kristen?
10:38 am
i understand that movement for white house personnel, white house reporters had been restricted. >> yeah you can't go in or out of the white house, you can't even go in or out around the park area. i'm actually at the corner of connecticut and eighth street and i'm facing the white house. pushed off to the side because they closed as i mentioned, the entire mile on the north side of the white house. and they have secret service members, and i believe i see park police as well blocking people off in this area. >> we don't know if this lockdown area is because there is fear of something else could be going or simply as a result of an abundance of caution to just clean it up and make sure there's no problem there before they let people walk around and let everybody go back to normal around there. all right. i want you to standby, kristen, i know the ranking member of the housing committee, adam ship is standing by.
10:39 am
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we're following the breaking news outside the white house. we're learning a man has now been detained by the u.s. secret service for trying to fly some sort of aerial device maybe a drone, over the white house. the entire area around the white house including lafayette park the north side of the white house, pennsylvania avenue just outside the white house has been locked down if you will. you see a picture there of secret service personnel detaining an individual for apparently trying to fly some sort of drone over the white house. the aircraft the small aircraft whether it was a drone, something else did not make it across the white house, but you see what's going on. maybe out of an abundance of caution. our justice correspondent pamela brown is joining us are you picking up new information? what are you learning.
10:43 am
>> we have the calls out, wolf i can tell you that this is something that dcu u.s. attorney's office will look at just as the other drone case we saw a few months ago where there was an government employee who flew his drone that ended up over the white house fence. it turned out that the dcu u.s. attorney's office did not press charges in that case. it determined that there was a malfunction with the drone of that employee but wolf depending on the facts that come out of the case of course it could be different whether or not this was intentional. whether he was trying to fly this drone over the white house fence, and of course what was in the drone. i can tell you, this has been an issue, the white house, the national security council, the justice department faa have been trying to grapple with. how do you combat this problem? of course there's been a lot of talk about drones being used as terrorist weapons. that kind of thing. i think that this is just another example of why they're so concerned, wolf. >> there's obviously protecting
10:44 am
the white house, the compound even though the president is not there, he's at camp david, that's about, you know, in fairmont maryland it's a good hour and a half away from the white house. the president's not there, i don't know about the first lady. i assume the daughters, the obama daughters they're in school right now. but still, there are a lot of people at the white house. kristen holmes is one of our white house producers. kristen, you're not inside the white house, you're just outside that area i take it the area has still been blocked off, no one can get close to the white house from pennsylvania avenue or from connecticut avenue 17th street any of the areas around the white house? is that right? >> yeah it's still completely blouk blocked off. we have asked when is this going to cleared out, they don't know. they're hearing sirens. we've been hearing sirens for 20 minutes. i haven't seen anything coming up but it's completely jammed up. they have cars blocking off traffic. they have caution tape up and they have several officers on
10:45 am
every corner making sure that no one crosses by the white house. >> yeah there's been a series of incidents in recent months involving security at the white house. all right. we're going to stay on top of this story, we'll continue to follow the breaking news. update our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we'll also check some other news including jeb bush's slip of the tongue that has a lot of people talking, including our portfolio panel. we'll go to them when we come back.
10:46 am
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following the breaking news man has been detained outside the white house for apparently trying to fly some sort of aerial device maybe a drone, over the white house. you see the picture on the left part of your screen secret service personnel detaining this individual. the drone or whatever aerial device it was did not make it across the white house grounds, but that whole area outside of the white house has now been in lockdown. its been going on for at least half an hour. people can't get to pennsylvania avenue on the north side of the white house or any of the streets nearby. this perhaps out of an abundance of caution by the u.s. secret service, but for whatever reason the lockdown continues. we'll continue to follow this story, update you as we get more information, but i want to go to another story we're following today. involving major politics. after days of questions over his answer about whether or not he would have gone to war in iraq jeb bush the former florida
10:50 am
governor just offered yet another clarification. >> as governor of >> as governor of florida, i didn't keep tabs but i usually called over 100 family members who lost a loved one in service to our great country. not an easy thing to do. to do it that many times. the president has to do it. i'm sure other governors did it as well. it's very hard for know say their lives were lost in vain. in fact they weren't. we have the greatest military on the face of the earth. the families that suffer have gone through a lot too. their sacrifice is worth honoring not depreciating. i believe that in the bottom of my heart. we're all supposed to answer hypothetical questions. knowing what you know now, what would you have done? i would not have engaged. i would not have gone into iraq. >> you heard him say it there. let's discuss what's going on with our chief congressional correspondent dana bash and our
10:51 am
cnn politics reporter sarah murray. dana he now says flatly knowing what he knows now, he would not have gone to war as his brother did back in 2003. does this put the matter to rest? >> i don't think so. he's opened up a whole other can of worms. that can is called how come it took you four times to answer the same question? and i think what is really noteworthy is that maybe you didn't get from that clip is what he just said just within the past hour in arizona, he said unsolicited. this time he didn't get a question. he said that right out of the gate because he knew that this is something he tried to clean up over the past several days and wasn't able to do so. so now he had his very clear talking points. i would not have done it i would not have gone to iraq knowing what i know now. you know you can go back to the interview that he did over the weekend, which aired on monday on fox which megyn kelly.
10:52 am
he said he didn't understand the question. he thought it was about at the time would you have done it. then he very much defended his brother. they clearly knew inside bush world that was a mistake, but the open question wolf is still why did he bob and weave in so many different ways in so many different airplanereas to get to where he is now? if your name is bush and you're running for president, i'm guessing it was something they thought would be an obvious question from any reporter or any voter. >> and as you know sarah he's getting a severe criticism from unlikely quarters from conservatives and republicans, who think he's totally misplayed this particular issue. >> yeah wolf. we're hearing from his donors and allies, who are saying this is the most predictable question jeb bush should expect to be getting running for president. they do not understand why it has taken him this long to get the answer right. the other thing they're saying is he knew that he messed up the
10:53 am
question when this originally aired, the interview originally aired on monday. why did it take his campaign so long to sort of pull him in and say, look this isn't the answer we talked about, this isn't actually your stance on this or whatever. and here's how we need to go out and fix this. the fact it's taken him four days to answer a question that is central to many people's concerns about his candidacy, how he's different from his brother, what he would do differently, is a big concern. >> and dana listen to this. this is another clip. this is jeb bush the former florida governor some say the front runner maybe for the republican presidential nomination yesterday. listen to this. >> i'm running for president in 2016 and the focus is going to be about if i run, how do you create high-sustained economic growth where more people have a chance to earn success? >> he basically announced he's running for president of the united states. i thought he was supposed to wait a few more weeks to do that. what happened there, dana? >> he had a slip of the tongue. he said very clearly, i'm a
10:54 am
candidate for president in 2016. then clearly he put the "if" in there, which is an important qualifier. this isn't just a fumble rhetorically. it's a very important legal issue. because somebody like jeb bush scott walker chris christie others who have super pacs and other things that are going on to raise money but they are not yet formal federal candidates cannot say even like that, that they are a candidate because it changes the way they have to raise money. right now he can raise unlimited sums and ask for that money for his super pac. he can't do so when he's a federal candidate, which is a big reason why he's waiting to announce because he wants to kind of fill the coffers in his super pac as much as he can from donors who can give a million dollars, whereas when he's an actual candidate, there's a total cap of a little over $5,000. that's why it's important. but his aides say they feel really confident that they're on the right side of the law
10:55 am
because elsewhere in that same press conference he made very clear he's not an official candidate for president. but it does kind of show you the kabuki dance that a lot of these candidates not just jeb bush or would-be candidates are going through in order to stay on the right side of the law but maybe they're not exactly in the spirit of the law. >> to his credit sarah, for all the criticism he's getting, he's out there, giving speeches answering questions, having town hall meetings doing interviews on television. so he's willing to go out there and face the fire if you will. >> yeah and jeb bush will definitely remind you of that that he's there, he's taken questions from the press. obviously this is a big contrast with the democratic front runner hillary clinton, who is not taking questions from the press. and on the issue of iraq this is really interesting because she's the one who is in the field who actually voted to authorize the war in iraq when she was a member of congress. and she hasn't had to answer for that since she has announced her run for president. when she released her book "hard choices," she admitted there it
10:56 am
was a mistake. but it is interesting to see that jeb bush is coming out day after day, answering these questions, whether it's on the economy, whether it's on iraq and hillary clinton has done very little of that. >> and real quick -- >> hold on dana. very quickly. we got to run. >> to be fair to jeb bush other republicans running for president are not doing the same. scott walker was just in israel. he didn't even take any press because his foreign trip last time did not go well. shows you the contrast there. >> all right. thanks very much guys. that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our international viewers "amanpour" is coming up next. for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin will start after a quick break. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal. my doctor added novolog® at mealtime for additional control.
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11:00 am
all right. here we go. breaking news. you're watching cnn, brooke baldwin. let's go straight to our nation's capital. the park on the north side of the white house is on lockdown. why? because apparently a man tried to fly a drone over the white house fence. so you're looking at pictures. this is just in from one of our cnn producers who we're about to talk to. kristen holmes saw this whole thing happen.