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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 28, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. i'm live in baltimore this morning. after a very intense night things have calmed down this morning. we have cnn crews fanned out across the city and across this developing story. i want to begin actually the naacp is going to hold a presser at any moment now. i'm awaiting for that to begin. the naacp is going to talk about what's next for the city of baltimore and what city leaders can do to prevent the kind of violence that went down last night. it was just a terrible situation. chris cuomo was at the middle of it. he is at the cvs store that was looted for hours and then set on fire. what's the scene like now, chris? >> carol, when jay and i, the photo journalist who makes this
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possible for what you get to see, when we were in this area it was bricks and bottles and this building was burning. this is the only prescription filling pharmacy within a mile of this area. these are necessities. it's gone. bricks and bottles are replaced with brooms and shovels. the community is out in force doing the hard work of repairing and cleaning up. a man who grew up here brought his daughter. she was 7. she is sweeping. we say why? she says i live here. i care. that is going to be the commitment that makes a difference in this community. that is what will bring people together here. more than what any politician can say to them or they'll hear at a press conference. the other thing they ask for here is this is a show of goodwill. unlike last night which was obviously the opposite and you can explain it or excuse it a lot of different ways clarity will build consensus. what's happening to our communities? why did they put hundreds of millions of dollars into the harbor front, an area you know
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well from having lived and worked here but no -- >> chris, i'm sorry. i have to interrupt you, chris. that naacp presser has started. let's listen in. >> they let us use this building and they'll speak in a minute. we're glad to be here and we'll do lots of things to help the community. we're going to focus on voter registration and other services. we'll focus on men but all people are invited to participate in what we're going to be doing. i'm glad that in this room today we have several people from the community. we have activists that helped with homelessness. we have activists to help with expungement and other people will talk on that. i would like to acknowledge this gentleman here is on my executive committee at the baltimore branch and has the criminal justice community and works with ex-offenders. we'll be doing everything -- nothing will be left undone. a checkoff list of types of services that people need in
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this community. what naacp is doing is we're being the facilitators and we'll have guest people come in including the department of social services and all other organizations, fraternities, and we have deputy grand master here with us with other masons. they volunteered. they'll render their service to us also. we have community leaders and the presidents of all of the neighborhood associations in this room from this community so we're here to help the community and we're just facilitating. we're here in partnership. i'm happy that the baltimore branch could move here and help with the community and we're very excited about it and thank you. >> next we have our state president for maryland. >> good morning. my name is gerald. i'm the maryland state conference naacp president which represents 24 branches throughout the state of maryland and several youth and college
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divisions. i'll stick to these remarks because it's an emotional time and i want to stay focused on what i have to say. i'm honored to address you today and stay alongside my co-neighbors in the civil rights schedule. baltimore has a long history of police brutality and racial profiling and mr. gray's death represents another example in a series of tragedies of black lives being lost at the hands of someone in blue uniforms. freddie gray was a son, a brother, and a friend. he was a 25-year-old vibrant and energetic man with his whole life ahead of him. dreams, hopes, aspirations ahead of him only to be cut short. we must continue to push for solutions within our policing system rooted in community empowerment and criminal justice
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reform. without national standards on the use of force by the police, a national band on racial profiling and effective state and local laws against these practices, law enforcement officers are free to engage in unchecked racial profiling and violence threatening the very communities they swore to protect. the naacp will use every tool in its advocacy arsenal to bring about justice in cases where unarmed individuals are killed by police and employ that the justice department conduct thorough investigations in cases involving the killings of unarmed individuals by police officers. and the opening of this satellite center is a step toward bringing those who violate the oath to protect those they swore to serve and protect to justice. the future of baltimore will be forged by citizens who care deeply about their communities
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as well as police officers who strive to be seen as both protectors and community partners. the naacp will continue to work on every front to ensure the baltimore residents are safe and that justice for freddie gray is served. thank you so much. >> next we have paul. he's the housing commissioner of baltimore city. >> thank you all. good morning. i want to thank the naacp at the baltimore branch state level and national level for their commitment to this cause, this set of issues. we are happy to be able to help in a small way in terms of accommodating with space here and services and we'll continue to work with the naacp through this entire process. my particular department housing
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operates all of the housing programs for the city including the public housing and gilmore homes is just a few blocks from here and is within our inventory. we're here with the community. we have community leaders throughout the room. we have community leaders we're working with throughout the neighborhoods of the city. we're here to ensure that the right thing is done and that we're going to provide whatever support we can and i have my deputy commissioner with me as well and perhaps he could say a couple words. >> thank you, paul. i must tell you that this has been something that we feel comfortable with. when we were approached about using the space, my position is yes, anything we can do in this community. as commissioner mentioned we have houses up the street and we actually are this building as part of our summer feeding program. we serve 41,000 young kids
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within 841,000 meals last year for kids throughout the city of baltimore. this is a plus for us. the mayor gave us her blessings to say how can we do this and do this quick? i must tell you the mayor gets a lot of kudos on this. whatever it takes to make this happen let's make it happen. we're here today with full support of the mayor of the city of baltimore with the understanding if anything we can do to calm down our residents and make sure we provide essential services that naacp will provide is something we take as responsibility and i want to thank tessa for coming to see me about this. when she asks for help we don't say no. we're trying to do all we can to make sure we stay focused and provide essential service in the city of baltimore. >> thank you, reggie. >> next we have arlene fisher. >> my name is arlene fisher.
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i want to welcome you all to what is considered historic west baltimore. this is sand town harlem park upton, penn north. we're a neighborhood neighborhood leaders, we're working together and we're happy to work with the naacp to bring services to our neighborhood. what the cry was yesterday is we need services and we need help. i want to thank naacp for helping us and hope they continue to help us and this is a historic neighborhood and we worked very hard to keep it that way. thank you. >> next we have lance lucas from maryland u.s. black chamber of commerce. >> yes. my name is lance lucas. we represent black business and the state of maryland and the city of baltimore. thousands of workers and
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hundreds of african-american owned businesses. we all suffer when business is closed and we fully support naacp and tessa hill and their movement in this neighborhood. i was a teacher in this neighborhood for ten years as well as i had a lot of friends that passed away in this neighborhood so we're involved in the neighborhood and we'll continue to support the naacp. thank you very much. >> all right. we're going to jump away from this news conference. as you can see the naacp and community leaders coming together to try to heal the city after one terrible night. we have updated numbers from the mayor's office a short time ago. 15 structure fires last night. the atf has been called in. that senior center burned to the ground. investigators believe that was arson and connected to these riots. also 144 cars and trucks were set on fire. 200 people were arrested. and as you know sadly six police officers were hurt. several of them seriously.
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let's go back to chris cuomo near the cvs looted for hours and set on fire. i want to say that's not the best representation of the city of baltimore. there are many great people in this city. great communities. i'm sure that there are people all around you busily cleaning up. >> reporter: this was baltimore last night. the concern was this small slice of neighborhoods that fell prey to rioting. that's why we're paying attention to it today. it's not a coincidence that it was these areas. these are areas that complain about the policing. these are areas that complain about disenfranchisement. there's an increased police presence. you can see them. they're not regular uniform officers. they have riot gear on. what they call light gear. they have protective vests and helmets but not walking around in any menacing way but they are
7:12 am
here. more important than police being here you have people from this community and outside who are replacing bricks and bottles with brooms. they are cleaning up and talking to each other about what needs to change. they are trying to be positive. as we told you earlier, we met parents who came with their kids. we have people from out of state here to send the right message and it's amazing what a difference 12 hours can make carol, because as you can imagine, it was very different here last night and the need will be great. not just today or next week but for months. this was the only prescription filling pharmacy within a mile of this area. that's the situation now. this is the new normal. what happens tonight is just as important as what happens today. >> all right. chris cuomo, many thanks to you. i have to take a break. i'll be back with more in the "newsroom."
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7:17 am
york city police commission bernard kerik for his take. thanks for being with me. >> thanks carol. >> i want to start first -- actually i want to go forward first. the national guard has now been called in. as i look behind me they are standing around guarding this area in front of city hall. you can see the national guardsman from maryland holding those great big guns. it's unsettling because we don't see that kind of thing in the city of baltimore. so what should the national guard's role be? >> i think it's going to be designated by the mayor and by the police commissioner wherever the services are needed most likely on the peripheral. they'll do soft targets. they'll do maybe city hall. some of the government buildings. really wherever they have to augment the city police is where they're going to go. >> some of the national guardsmen are showing weapons and others are not. is that by design? >> well that's based on their
7:18 am
assignment. i don't know what the assignments are. i don't know where they're designated. based on their assignment some will have different protective equipment and some will have different weapons. that's going to be designated by their commanders. >> all right. so let's go back to last night for just a second. do you think there was a plan in place to control the rioting? >> i have to be honest carol, based on what i saw yesterday, i think the police could have been more prepared. i think there could have been people on standby. i just don't think the contingent of resources were adequate based on what i saw. i understand last night around 5:00 the state police designated 42 -- i think the number was 42 state troopers to respond. they had the funeral yesterday. they were mourning freddie
7:19 am
gray's loss. this was a volatile -- could have been a volatile time. i think they should have had more resources on standby prepared to respond in the event needed and it doesn't look like that was the case. >> just going back to the scene at that cvs which was the most shocking to me. people were looting that store for hours and nobody really did anything. and then they set the drugstore on fire. why wouldn't the police move in to stop that? >> i don't know where the resources were. i heard neil franklin earlier and he made a good point. you have a town of -- i think the population of baltimore is 650,000. this wasn't one group of protesters. there were pockets of protesters all over the city. i don't know where the police were designated. i don't think they had enough resources. they may have been dealing with something else at the time. the bottom line is in a
7:20 am
situation like this planning and preparation in advance is a must. you have to bring in the required resources at least if they're not on the scene, have them on standby in a place where they can get to these pockets of resistance and rioters and take action. that doesn't seem to have been what happened last night. >> do you think, sir, the national guard should have been called in earlier? >> i do. and i said that last night on another network around 5:00 6:00 last night. where's the governor? where is the national guard? if the baltimore police state police don't have enough resources, then the national guard has to be called in. >> you know oddly enough these violent protesters because it seemed like they had a plan because they were striking in different parts of the city.
7:21 am
they were in harshbor east west baltimore, they seemed to know what they were doing oddly. >> you know some of these things are coordinated. we've watched these type of protests start out as peaceful protests in new york city in ferguson in other parts of the united states. and over time they get very organized. you have instigators. i saw a lot of young kids and what appeared to be last night and i think those kids were local kids but for the most part you're going to have outside instigators come in and create disaster and doing the stuff they were doing last night. that's something you have to watch for. intelligence as neil said is
7:22 am
extremely important. >> all right. bernard kerik, i have to leave it there, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it as always. also this note to pass along. we learned a baltimore area mall has closed for the day after concern it was becoming the focus of a planned violent protest. law enforcement officials say they learned of teenagers plans to congregate at security square mall. a different mall than last night. as we get more details, we'll bring them to you. i'll be right back. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job
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the community of baltimore reeling after violence erupts on the street. they are seeking answers from key officials. >> where are the leaders? where is the mayor and all the people that should be down here representing us? where are they? where are the leaders? you can only put so much into a pressure cooker before it pops. what has happened now is people are reacting about the conditions they're under. this could have been new york. it's been ferguson. we need to stop the police brutality. that's number one. >> all right. that pressure cooker boiled over
7:27 am
last night of course. joining me now is a baltimore peace activist and radio host. thanks for being with me. >> you're welcome, carol. thank you. >> standing directly behind us members of the maryland national guard carrying some great big guns. how does that make you feel? >> doesn't make me feel good at all. what we're seeing now is that my city is truly in pain. my community is in pain. i think that the atmosphere right now is that it furthers the idea that in order for there to be real control, there has to be some level of violence. there has to be guns present. this is what the very nature of what young people in the city of baltimore particularly black youth are fighting each and every day. you have police outside high schools. you have police interacting negatively in contentious relationships with police and young people. this is what we see every day. what we've been seeing from last night if you were out in the community at north and pennsylvania what we saw last night is that as much as there
7:28 am
was damage to property as much as there was fires and there was pain carol. there was real pain. me and my brothers and other pastors were standing there and you can hear young people screaming out the names of folks that have been killed by police or died in police custody. they're throwing rocks. you killed my cousin. you killed my sister. you killed my brother. that's pain. i think that outside of all of the property damage we have to talk about the great damage of human beings and lives that have been shattered. >> i can understand that pain. what i can't understand is destroying your own neighborhood. destroying businesses like the cvs. the only drugstore in the neighborhood. >> sometimes that emotion and rage comes out in such a way it just is emotional. it's very raw. what we're doing now is representing baltimore and leaders of a beautiful struggle and churches and other nations
7:29 am
that are out right now that are helping to clean up that part of town right now. so we can say we don't understand it but that's young people. that's the raw emotion. here's one thing i want us to keep in mind. this is our movement. so we're not going to disassociate ourselves with what's been happening. the real issue outside of damage and fires and arrests is we're looking for justice. on the ground level, that's -- >> the sad part about this is everyone is talking about violence. they're not talking about justice for freddie gray anymore. they're talking about idiots looting stores and setting buildings on fire. >> you can say that but at the end of the day when you use language like idiots or thugs, what makes the -- what about those who broke the spine of a man while they had him in custody? are they not thugs? >> i would say if they're guilty of that i would say, yes, they are. >> the fact is out of all of this stuff that's happened we're not seeing young people
7:30 am
killing one another. we're seeing greater unity between the bloods and the crips and between various communities. let me just say this -- >> i talked to more than one person who bring in bloods and crips and congratulate them for the way they acted. these are violent criminal gangs. >> at the root. >> you want them part of the movement? >> absolutely. >> really? >> all they have to do is be exposed to great guidance. be exposed to those brothers and sisters that are going to take that same energy -- if you have the energy to destroy, you have the energy to restore and to build. and so that's what we're doing. that's the work we're doing on the ground level. that's why they're part of it. these are young men who have the strength to stand up and not be afraid and what we saw last night, there was this talk about credible source and all of those things that they're going to take out law enforcement. those brothers and bloods and crips, they were right there on the front line with us trying to keep the peace in the neighborhood. >> so who are the people?
7:31 am
there is security square mall shut down because there's some credible threats there. they can't take a chance on that. who are those people that is forcing that to happen? i assume they're young people just like the young people who shut down mondawmin mall inspired by this movie about a day of anarchy granted to citizens each day and they were acting that out. >> i'm familiar with the movie. i don't know all the time that -- here's the other part about this that young people today just need to understand that this is not a movement. this is real life. you have the national guard out here. you got all of these resources, military coming into the city. at this point we need to make sure that young people are not seeing it. i don't want to see the loss of life. i'm sure that there is some anger there. there's years of anger. this just didn't happen overnight. it didn't happen over the past ten days. there's years of feeling of oppression that exploded in the ugly way but at the same time this is part of our movement.
7:32 am
this is the moment. we need this moment because you need a dark period before you can get to the light. what we're seeing at the end of the day, carol, is we're going to see an emerging presence. baltimore will never be the same. i hope that's the way it is. i'm hopeful. people will be on the forefront of social justice and change in the city. as ugly as this is we'll move from it and most importantly we'll grow from it. >> the word peace in your organization is bringing peace to the community left in pieces. thank you for your time. >> i'll be right back. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh!
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in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. new this morning, 500 national guard members are here in baltimore and hundreds more on the way. the mission to keep the peace and prevent a flare-up of the city's worst rioting in decade. a new measure of chaos. the violence and rioting that spilled into the overnight hours has led to almost 200 arrests. at last check 144 vehicles were torched and left to burn on baltimore streets and some 15 buildings burned including businesses and a church and of course that old folks home that senior citizen home under
7:37 am
construction. at least 15 police officers have been injured, many by rocks and other debris thrown. at least six of the injuries are described as serious. some streets in baltimore look like a war zone still this morning. after a night of riots, fires and looting, more than 2,000 facebook users vowing to hit the streets and clean up the aftermath. athena jones joins me now with that side of the story. good morning, athena. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's right. there was an organized cleanup effort organized over facebook that was set to start around 10:00 a.m. when we came over here to one of the hardest hit intersections in west baltimore, people had been out cleaning already since 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. all ages young and old, all races. a woman had her 5-year-old grandson with her and she wanted to show him what he should do and train him up in the way he should go to be a good example. she was leading by example. i can show you that we're outside the burnt out cvs.
7:38 am
we've seen young children and older folks sweeping up since early this morning. i want to play for you a bit of two interviews we did with two people out here cleaning up. one young woman talked about why it was important to come out. that's followed by a 15-year-old boy who also talked about what this meant to him to help out. go ahead and play that sound. >> i am a resident of this area. i think we owe it to ourselves to do better and to be more you know and so i said i'm going to get out here and i'm going to lead by example. >> i felt disappointed because a lot of that could have been avoided if people would have started thinking before they done all that stuff. >> reporter: and so that's the kind of thing we've been hearing from folks who have come out to help out and clean up. the young woman we just played
7:39 am
that sound bite from she talked about how important this cvs pharmacy was. the mayor echoed those remarks as well saying they worked hard to get cvs to come and invest in this neighborhood and be on this street corner. this cvs provides usual drugstore stuff but groceries for some people. it's a store that's very important to the community. these people that we've been speaking to say it's heartbreaking to see it destroyed in this way. this is the flip side of last night. this is the positive news coming out of a very negative night last night. you have members of the community eager to come out and help out and people as i mentioned of all ages and a lot of children we've seen as well who want to be a part of delivering a positive message and message of pride about the city of baltimore. >> all right. athena jones reporting live for us this morning. thank you so much. it's nice to see those young people out cleaning up after what went down last night. one of the most shocking things
7:40 am
for all of us is how young some of these rioters were. especially at mondawmin mall where protests began. those kids were throwing rocks and concrete blocks at police and breaking out police car windows. some looked to be 12 or 13 years old. many of them had their faces covered. other kids of course were older. take a look at this video that's gone viral. this is a mother who discovers her kid is right in the middle of the trouble and as you can see she's not happy. she's chasing him off of the streets and probably telling him to go home. you can imagine that mother's frustration but she made her kid leave no doubt about that. let's talk more about what happened in baltimore last night. as you watch this video of this mother chasing her son off the streets, what goes through your
7:41 am
mind? [ applause ] >> mother of the year. that's what goes through my mind. i do not advocate generally speaking beating the crap out of your kids as a form of discipline but in that situation she very well could have saved her son's life. so to that mother and mothers and fathers like that that's what goes through my mind. >> she wanted to find out where her kid was. she found him and took care of business right? >> i thought that was my mama for a second. >> my mother would have done the same thing. let's go back to these protests at mondawmin mall. that's the most shocking part about this to me. some of these kids that threw rocks at police looked to be what 13 years old, inspired by this movie called "the purge" and the movie is about a day of anarchy granted to citizens to do whatever they want. it had to be more than that to caused these kids to act in this
7:42 am
violent way. >> there are two different conversations that we need to be having at this moment or at the very least two different ones. the peaceful protesters who are concerned about decades and decades of police brutality from the baltimore police department. that's one stream of conversation. and then there's what do you do about rioter and looters who don't seem to be politically motivated who look to be opportunistic trouble makers and misguided kids who are let out of school and had nothing else to do and saw this group behaving badly and decided to join in for whatever reason. those are two different conversation that came together on our cameras but shouldn't be handled together because they are really not connected. >> look i would hope that not many 13 and 14 year olds across this country would say what a great idea. let's go through concrete blocks at police. what's going on there? >> i think if you really take a look at some of the trends that's been happening on social
7:43 am
media with fights that are being happening and young people seeming to record it there was a knockout game that we talked about a couple years ago with young people being involved and so there's an element in terms of using social media to celebrate bad behavior among young people. with that being said what happened in baltimore isn't solely about one movie. it's not about hip-hop. it's about a long decade's long police brutality relationship with police in that community. there's an exhibit by jacob lawrence called the migration. even from the 1940s, the 1940s, you have young black men, jacob lawrence was 23 years old at the time painting images of police brutality from the 1940s. you go to the 1970s talking about police brutality. now we look at the oscars. there they are john legend on
7:44 am
stage talking about glory. we've been having this conversation much longer than when a movie was produced. >> you know what we're really good at? we're good at talking about it but we're not good at finding real solutions. we can figure out how to control rioters but not fix underlying problems like lack of education, poverty, no jobs no hope. if you go into some of these communities in the city of baltimore and you stand on a corner you can just feel the hopelessness and that's not a police problem, that's a deep problem that we all need to solve. >> absolutely. dr. king talked about one of the biggest dangers in terms of this equality that we're all seeking is apathy particularly at that time 1963 he wrote about the moderate whites and how there's a level of apathy that you're more interested in keeping things calm and peaceful than
7:45 am
maybe getting aggravated and agitated to change things to have true peace which is a real balance and equality that everyone feels that they're participating in the larger society. we've had this apathy now for a long time. you talked about the lack of education and employment and opportunity but there's also a real bad criminal justice system that we have been sitting on top of and not really aggressively attacking. it is started to really fester to the point where they can't fund incarceration rates they've been doing but we're missing so many men who could be contributing positively to society if we just approached criminal justice in a much more equitable and intelligent way. hopefully, hopefully, this begins more of that conversation about what do we do about our unjust criminal justice system and in addition to poverty and in addition to education and the sents sense of apathy. >> i don't know. maybe this time will do it.
7:46 am
who knows. lz granderson thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. [phone rings] [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through. sales department-this is nate. human resources. technical support. hold please. [announcer]you work hard to grow your business. [man] yes!i can totally do that for you. [announcer]our new online business planning tools will help your business thrive.
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a state of emergency remains in place in the city of baltimore. the national guard has been called in. at least 500 national guardsmen now helping baltimore city police in every way they can. you can see them actually standing behind me. some of them are showing their weapons. some are not. they'll be ready to serve in any capacity the city wishes. we have word that security square mall has been shutdown because of some kind of threat. we're not exactly sure what it was.
7:50 am
security square mall in west baltimore has been closed down and there are some federal offices near security square mall that house medicare and medicaid. those federal employees have been sent home for the day. again, we're not clear on what the exact threat was but no one is taking any chances in the city of baltimore in light of what went down last night. i want to talk about baltimore in a positive way. i know that's difficult to do the day after 15 structures were burned down 200 people were placed under arrest 15 police officers were injured by violent rioters. i do want to talk about the perception that the nation has of baltimore because i'm sure that business owners and the tourism industry in the city of baltimore are concern eded about that. with me is jack thomas. thank you for being with me, jack. >> my pleasure carol. >> there's a state of emergency in baltimore city. you're a guy in charge of selling the city.
7:51 am
how does that make you feel? >> it's harrowing right now as far as tourism is concerned especially with the small businesses that are involved in the tourism industry here in baltimore. we've got a lot of things that are really unique in this city that you're not going to find anywhere else and they are dependent on tourists and people coming in. we have a rich culture of history and arts, sports, and just overall involvement in the city. it's kind of difficult to see what's happening in terms of the few people walking around. >> it must be very difficult. the orioles game was canceled last night. orioles game scheduled for tonight may be moved to washington for safety sake where the nationals play. >> these are short-term issues that we're going to deal with as far as tourism is concerned. in the long-term, we still have the rich group of things that people can do around this city. orioles are great. i love the orioles. i'm a big fan. ravens same way. we also have things like the american visionary art museum around the harbor and we have
7:52 am
things that bring people in outside of those two events. so over the next two or three days we may see shortages of people coming into town but over long-term we'll be okay. >> doesn't it frustrate you when violent acts occur because it feeds into this perception of baltimore that it's a city full of crime and we're familiar with "the wire" and "homicide life on the streets." the perception to the station about what baltimore is about. >> but we also have other things that are filmed here in baltimore like "house of cards" that were filled here in baltimore but they depict things that happen -- >> you get past that and something like that happens last night. >> unfortunately a lot of it is kind of the perception of what the city is and the popularity of that tv show and eternalist of that show on netflix and home video and things like that. if you get out of those neighborhoods where those tv
7:53 am
shows take place, or supposedly take place, and you get into areas like federal hill and mt. vernon you see a different part of baltimore. we have such history here with the home of the continental navy for example that we have star star-spangled banner at ft. mchenry. it's gorgeous. if people see these different parts of the city they understand that baltimore is more than what you saw last night or what you saw on saturday. it's really a vibrant city that does support its own. >> thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate it. i must say this is a particularly beautiful time of year in the city of baltimore. cherry blossoms are in bloom. it's just beautiful. i don't know. i hope baltimore really does turn a corner. i just think it's important how great this city really is. (vo) around age 7, the glucose metabolism in a dog's brain begins to change.
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7:55 am
you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> we fought hard to get a cvs in the neighborhood and to have them destroy it they do health checks here. we just announced a major health initiative with the cvs. everyone knows that we have a city with great needs and there
7:56 am
are many that are struggling. what happened last night made sure that more people are struggling and that more people have needs and those needs are going to go unmet because of what was destroyed. >> did you move as quickly as you should have? >> i understand from the outside you don't know -- you can't see everything that i see. you don't know all of the different moving pieces. i know in order for me to respond, i have to do the work. i have an obligation as chief spokesperson i also have an obligation as chief executive and that work needed to be done. we worked very swiftly. it's a delicate balancing act when we have to make sure that we're managing but not increasing and escalating the problem and i think there will be a time to talk about all of the different things that were going on that we were responding to but at the end of the day it
7:57 am
is very important that we respond to the situation as it was on the ground. there's always going to be arm chair quarterbacks that have never sat in my seat that see things differently. this isn't the first emergency that i've had to deal with. i know that you have to put in the work and manage the crisis on the ground and that's what we're doing. >> of course that's the mayor of baltimore city defending herself after many critics say that she didn't handle things so well and that's why the riots broke out last night and why a state of emergency is in place today and why the national guard has been called out. there are 500 national guardsmen here right now. 1,500, 5,000 law enforcement officers from across the state converging on the city of baltimore to make sure rioting doesn't happen again this morning. the atf has been called in because 15 structures were set on fire. those police officers six of whom were seriously injured, remain in the hospital this morning. we're going to continue to cover this throughout the day on cnn.
7:58 am
i would like to thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" after a break. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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you see right there, hello, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. the state of emergency in baltimore this morning. we're just getting word that some federal employees in the baltimore area are being sent home early today, this afternoon. that after the fires, riots, the rage that rocked that city. plus a law enforcement officials tells cnn a short time ago that a mall about five miles from where the fires were overnight, that mall has been closed for the day amid concerns that some teenagers were planning to loot it. now, at this same time


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