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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 27, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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time who get to have a two-hour interview with diane sawyer. these are real problems. anything we can do to leverage jenner's coming out to get those stories across is so important. it is getting better. just not for everybody. certainly not fast enough. >> thank you for being with us. i appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. breaking news out of nepal, hope amid death following that massive earthquake. cheers as survivors are pulled from the rubble overnight. this as the death toll continues to rise now topping 3,900. the humanitarian crisis growing. hospitals overwhelmed. many people living outside for fear of aftershocks could bring down more buildings.
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international teams arriving now. more on all of this just ahead. first, to another story we're watching this morning. the funeral for freddie gray. the baltimore man who died a week after he was arrested and suffered a spinal cord injury while in police custody. these are live pictures from where a memorial service for gray is about to begin in an hour. that service coming after protests turned violent over the weekend. some 35 people arrested. six of them juveniles. now the family of freddie gray is asking for peace. >> my family want to say please stop the violence. freddie gray would not want this. freddie's mother and father don't want to violence. violence does not get justice. >> athena jones is in baltimore this morning. tell us more. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you have seen those pictures from the public visitation going
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on inside the church right now. freddie gray's family has just arrived here a few seconds ago. you heard there from his sister. they've gone further now. they don't want to see violence but they also ask that there not be any protests at all today as they focus on honor gray's memory. of course over the weekend not only there were 35 arrests, six police officers suffered minor injuries. people don't want to see that happen again. i spoke with maryland congressman elijah cummings that represents half of the city of baltimore. he talked about why it's so important that supporters of gray's family think about their needs on this day. listen to what he had to say. >> one of the things i learned about death is it's hard to mourn completely when you have a loss that is questionable because you always try to figure out what happened.
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you also try to mourn the loss. some of the things i want the family to have is space to do the mourning. i also want them to be assured that we are going to do what's necessary to bring about change. >> reporter: there you heard from representative cummings who will speak here an hour from now as the service gets under way. we also know that several white house officials will be in attendance. we expect a lot of emotion today. a lot of people are angry. people are concerned. they want answers and they want to see change so that this doesn't happen again. for now the focus is honoring gray's memory and laying him to rest. >> athena jones reporting from baltimore this morning. one of those also scheduled to speak at the funeral, the reverend jamal bryant who will deliver the eulogy. we talked about the way forward for the city just moments ago.
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you're not asking that people not protest but you also say the bible is clear sin not. what message do you want to send to the city of baltimore? >> the scripture says be angry but sin not. you have a right to be upset and have a right to vent that. we've called for no protests today. tomorrow we'll do a town hall meeting at our church for people to come to voice and express their grievance but to talk about strategy. what's the next step. how do we begin the healing process not just for the family but for the entire city? we still have an issue with broken and corrupt police department that has to be addressed head-on. >> bryant added that he believes justice will be served in this case and the city of baltimore "will be better because of it." back to nepal and that earthquake ravaged country. death toll surging higher.
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the final hours of hope ticking away. crews say they are finding few signs of life. nepal already one of the poorest nations in the world is in ruins. much of the population is huddled in tents and tormented by powerful aftershocks. the death toll has surged past 3,900 now. certain to climb even higher. at least three americans are among the dead. the world is scrambling to help. united states among two dozen countries racing to get supplies and personnel to that devastated place. cnn's >> reporter: we are speaking with kids and families who came who get treatment at this mobile clinic here. a lot of them are camped out in this park. the vast majority of the families here consider themselves to be the lucky ones. they imagined to survive. all of them describing the horrific moments that the
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earthquake struck describing how the ground trembled and this is the only place where they really feel safe because of the aftershocks that have taken place. people are too afraid to risk going back home even if they have a home that has not been damaged. no one is sure of what's taking place. there are bathrooms they can use and they are receiving a certain level of assistance when it comes to food and water but if this continues for a long time there will be concerns about basic services and keeping the whole camp sanitary. you see encampments like this throughout the entire city. people waiting for whatever reassurance they're going to need to be eventually be able to
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go back home. >> the united states sending aid to nepal. a c-17 transport van departing sunday from dover air force place with dozen of search and rescue workers and 4,500 tons of cargo. the department of defense saying special force teams are already there for training and are now giving logistical and medical support to rescue workers in nepal. joining me now with more on the u.s. effort fairfax county deputy fire chief chuck ryan. welcome. >> thanks carol. good morning. >> good morning. it's nice to talk with you. tell us about the efforts under way by your department. >> we were one of two urban search and rescue teams in the united states authorized by the u.s. agency for international development to deploy overseas to a request for relief for international disaster.
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that request came to us early on saturday morning. we deployed a team of 57 members, urban search and rescue specialist from fairfax county virginia, moving toward kathmandu and nepal. >> what specifically will they be doing? >> when the team arrives in country, they will meet up with u.n. representatives already on the ground who are coordinating with local officials. and from that point we'll be assigned a work location and they will begin the process of seeking out collapsed structures where there's a good likelihood there may be entombed live victims that folks can get to work and extricate them from the rubble. >> is it possible there may still be survivors? >> you look through the last major earthquake that our team responded to which was in haiti
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several years ago. it was six or seven days after the initial event that victims were still extracted from collapsed structures. it is quite possible that people can live for several days beyond the event. >> i know this is painstaking and emotional work. tell us the difficulties in trying to find those people who may still be alive under mountains of rubble. >> it's very very challenging in the urban environment and in a foreign country. so much of it depends on the type of structure that is involved. it's a modern structure with reinforced concrete and people are deeply entombed. it's a very time consuming process to get to them because we have to get in there and get to them safely so they can extract them safely and it takes time with less hardened structures if you will structures of wood or masonry, it's a little bit of an easier
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process but it is all very situational and it just depends on the particular building encountered but it's emotionally and physically taxing work. >> i can't even imagine. did your team bring dogs with them as well? >> we deployed internationally with six live search canines and their handlers so they are with our team. they are members of our team and we train and practice with them all the time. and really the canines are spectacular. they are first ones on the rubble pile because they can pick up the scent of a live human being quickly and it helps search specialists focus in on a specific area within a collapsed structure. >> thank you so much for talking with me deputy chief ryan. i appreciate it. >> thanks, karmcarol. i appreciate the opportunity. have a good day. the moment of the quake's
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devastating impact caught on video. the crowded streets of nearby kathmandu and frozen mountain peaks above showing the trembling earth, falling debris and panic of those caught in that terrifying moment. >> moment of impact caught on camera by climbers on mt. everest as shaking triggered a massive avalanche sending smoke and debris thundering down the mountain tearing through the base camp and in nepal's crowded capital, kathmandu a leisurely outing became a desperate attempt to run for cover. residents and tourists finding themselves trapped in ageing structures. many feared buried alive as those buildings tumbled to the ground. international aid from dozens of countries pouring into nepal as
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we speak but the need is great. if you would like to help head to to find out how.
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forgivness,rates won't go up due to your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. after months of delays history will be made in washington when loretta lynch is
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sworn in as attorney general at the justice department. the first ever african-american woman at that take the nation's top law enforcement post. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown has more for you. good morning. >> good morning to you, carol. it's certainly historic day at the department of justice and for the country as you point out loretta lynch will be the first african-american woman to take the post as attorney general and not only that she will be the second female ever to be confirmed for this position and second african-american following eric holder who just left his post this past friday so the swearing in begins at 11:00 this morning eastern time and we can expect some democratic senators to be there, vice president joe biden will administer the oath. you can expect some remarks coming from him and then after the oath is administered we should hear from loretta lynch and it will be interesting to she has to say about what kind of legacy she wants to create in two years she'll have as attorney general under the obama administration.
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carol? >> i would say she has her hands full on the first day of the job. >> absolutely. there's so much going on. not only do we have this national dialogue between police and minority communities and several civil rights investigations coming from the department of justice but also we have the isis issue and the u.s. as we know is trying to swap the flow of foreign fighters from coming back into the united states. that's something that's going to be front and center for her to have to deal with. that's a huge issue. that's something that will be her priority and focus on. american corporations are under attack by hackers trying to steal trade secrets so a lot of issues she'll have to take on. it will be interesting to hear what she has to say this morning. >> thank you so much pamela brown. i appreciate it. still to come colorado's movie theater shooting trial begins today. what survivors have to say before opening statements begin next.
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the trial for colorado shooter james holmes begins today. holmes faces 165 counts including murder and attempted murder charges. he's admitted to the shooting but he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. on july 20 2012 he opened fire inside this colorado movie theater during a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises." 12 people died. 70 others were injured. it's taken three years to seat a jury and get that trial under way. 24 have been selected. 19 women and five men.
7:22 am
two of the jurors have ties to the columbine high school massacre that happened back in 1999. before the opening statements began, survivors spoke out. >> the shots got closer and closer. >> reporter: reliving a nightmare. >> it sounded like the fourth of july but in an enclosed place with fireworks going off and you can hear bullets whizzing by. >> reporter: haunted by memories of a deadly night at the movies more than 2 1/2 years ago. >> i was laying like this. he took aim with his pistol. the bullet went past my head and into my arm. >> reporter: he nearly lost his arm. marcus weaver lost his friend rebecca. >> if you saw her smile, it was contagious contagious. >> reporter: now the man accused of pulling the trigger killing 12 and injuring 70 will stand trial.
7:23 am
james holmes opened fire inside this aurora theater on july 20th, 2012. he admits he was the shoot, but he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. >> the definition of legal insanity will be a difficult hurdle for the defense. they have to prove he didn't know right from wrong. >> reporter: the defense claims holmes was in the middle of a psychotic episode. the prosecution will try to prove premeditation and planning. the evidence includes holmes' booby trapped apartment rigged with explosive device chemicals and wires. >> the facts will show clearly without question that the defendant knew it was wrong. >> reporter: tom's son alex wag one of the victims. they struggled out closure and no justice. >> the trial is always looming. we know it's going to basically reenact the killing of our child. >> reporter: if convicted, holmes faces either the death penalty or life in prison.
7:24 am
his parents have pleaded for his life. his mother recently publishing a prayer book praying for forgiveness and mercy. the unthinkable happened she writes, but execution will not undo it. more death does not restore life. it's taken a long time for the victims to reclaim their lives. you forgive james holmes? >> i forgive james holmes. i don't want to carry those bags of recognitionocks on my back anymore. >> reporter: they're ready to put what happened in the theater behind them. >> i can look at the mountains and be in awe of god's beauty and life is beautiful and i won't let my joy be taken away by something so evil. >> the trial is scheduled to begin 2:15 this afternoon. we'll be covering it for you. still to come in the "newsroom,"
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away if you experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions medications you are taking and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we're monitoring two big stories this morning. these are live pictures out of
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the baptist church where service is now taking place for freddie gray. he's the man who died from a spinal cord injury days after he was arrested by baltimore police. the case making national headlines. adding to the conversation around police interactions with the communities they serve. as an attorney for the gray family tells cnn, today the focus is on a family in mourning. sometimes i forget. the other issues that surround the situation like this we forget that at the center of all this was a human being. a human being who was loved by his family and who lived and loved fully and we forget that. this is day to honor freddie gray. >> also just minutes ago we got a clear picture of how the world is scrambling to help earthquake ravaged nepal. 15 countries and the european union are pledging to help. canada is donating more than $4
7:30 am
million to relief organizations. norway is committing a similar amount just under $4 million. nepal hospitals are overflowing with thousands of people injured in the weekend earthquake and its aftershocks and now medical supplies and other resources are dwindling to dangerous levels. cnn's dr. sanjay gupta is in kathmandu. he's lending his surgical skills to this medical crisis and joins me now by phone. tell us more, sanjay. >> it's as you described it. you have a tremendous demand for care. in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake obviously high demand. there was a lull after that. the doctors, nurse, the administrators at these hospitals thought maybe the worst was over at this point. what we now know is the rescue missions ongoing in some of the more remote areas were going to
7:31 am
bring patients back. over the day-to-day you had a dramatic increase in patients care again and demand that goes with that in terms of personnel and resources. all of that. it supplies like gloves and latex gloves and scrubs for surgeons to do operations but also infrastructure. generators that make these hospitals work are gasoline powered so they are trying to be judicious about the use of those generators. that's the picture. they don't know what comes next. do numbers go up? is there a lull again? there's a lot of unknowns, carol. >> i know that you performed surgery on an 8-year-old girl. tell us about that and how she's doing now. >> i was asked to do this by the doctors that were there at the hospital. they just need another set of
7:32 am
hands because demand is high. a little girl who lives in a remote area. she just came in today a couple days now after the earthquake. significant head injury. her home crumbled around her. she was outside getting water when she was brought in it was whereabouts of her parents were unknown. she had a brain injury. she's doing well. she's recovering well. they were caring for another sibling who had both of his legs fractured. it's obviously good news for her. i say good news because after that operation was done we heard about an 8-year-old little girl who also had a brain injury that needed a similar brain operation. this is an ongoing situation and her story is as you can tell
7:33 am
unfortunately very typical. >> sanjay i'm glad you're there. thank you so much for everything. dr. sanjay gupta in kathmandu this morning. three americans are among the dead. all of them dying on mt. everest. the earthquake unleashed avalanches and landslides. this video shot by a german climber captures the harrowing moment when he and others realized a wall of snow is about to swallow them and their camp. cnn's nick valencia is live with a closer look at who these americans were. >> all morning we've been bringing you personal stories of the victims of that devastating earthquake in nepal. we know at least 17 people were killed when an avalanche triggered by an earthquake swept over a team hiking up mt. everest. we'll start with thomas who was a santa monica based filmmaker shooting a documentary about
7:34 am
base camp on everest and according to his wife that man you look at on the screen had been in nepal at least four times. earlier our affiliate in los angeles, kabc spoke to his wife. >> he was blown away by the blast rather than being buried in any rubble. that's how i found out. i think all of us in my family and friends would be happy that if he had to die, he's the kind of guy you don't ever think of as dying. he's just such a larger than life individual and if he had to die, to die doing the things that he loved, which is mountains and being in the mountains and filming, making his -- this is a big goal for him. much better than killed in a car
7:35 am
accident or something like that. it's so dramatic and so shocking to be on the other side of the world and to all of a sudden be told that -- you just don't picture losing somebody in an incident like that. it's devastating to tell you the truth. >> you can see the grief in the eye of his wife corey. and a base camp doctor also on that trek through mt. everest when she was encapsulated by the avalanche. she was a passionate person. passion for medicine and in the process of getting a second masters degree before she died. her employer over the weekend took to facebook to deliver the sad news saying it is with deep sorrow and profound grief that we can confirm the loss of our base camp doctor. eve perished in the aftermath of the avalanche that struck the
7:36 am
base camp area following the devastating nepal earthquake. dan was also there. a mountain climber among the three americans killed on mt. everest and many of you who may be watching at home may want to know how to help. go to for more. carol? >> all right. nick valencia reporting. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," 300 hillary clinton e-mails investigated looking into the benghazi attack. what do they say? we'll talk about that next. ♪music continues♪ [announcer] everyone works hard for a reason. working together,we can help you prepare financially for when two becomes three.
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did the house select committee hit a dead end into their investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails about the benghazi attacks. some 300 clinton messages were subpoenaed regarding libya but
7:40 am
sources tell cnn they did not find any "smoking gun." cnn's elise labott joins me now with more. what are your sources saying? >> this is just a small fraction of the 30,000 e-mails that secretary clinton handed over. 300 e-mails on benghazi. what we were told is that there's not that much there. mundane things about scheduling and logistics. interesting stuff for people like me following it about secretary clinton did care about how the aftermath of benghazi would affect her and would affect the state department and she her aides were relieved that she didn't go as far as susan rice did on those sunday morning talk shows. secretary clinton criticized for not going on those shows. clinton didn't really use
7:41 am
e-mail. i think while there are -- only 300 of these benghazi ones. there are legitimate questions about the fact that secretary clinton used her own private server to e-mail staff. i think anyone looking for great insight as to her actions leading up to benghazi or the aftermath just isn't going to find it in these e-mails. >> the hearings will still take place, right? >> what the committee wants to do is for secretary clinton to have a private interview first and then they can have a hearing. testify in public right away is what you see not just the select committee but regarding other hearings they take what you say in the private interview and
7:42 am
leak it and it becomes an issue. what secretary clinton would like to do is get it out there and answer any questions publicly and let the public be the judge and not the committee. >> elise labott thanks so much. i appreciate it. who should be conducting the drone strikes that aim to take out terrorists on foreign soil? the president is expected to make a new push to shift control from the cia to the pentagon just days after midadmitting that two western hostages were accidentally killed in a drone attack. jim acosta has more on this. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. president obama and john mccain hardly ever agree on anything when it comes to u.s. foreign policy but they do agree on this. they heard from the republican senator who is chair of the armed services committee on "state of the union" saying he believes it's time for the cia drone program that goes after terrorists groups like al qaeda to be shifted to the pentagon.
7:43 am
it's something that mccain and obama pushed for two years ago when the subject came up but congressional opponents blocked that action and it infer took place. today the cia is kuking the drone strikes. i talked to a senior official earlier this morning who said that they want to work diligently toward this goal of shifting control of the program over to the pentagon and it's something he's going to get support from on the senate side from john mccain. here's what senator mccain said yesterday on "state of the union." here's what he said. >> i think it was probably preventible if that there was a breakdown in intelligence. they didn't know they were there and as you know all of our prayers and thoughts are with their families. it was preventible but the question then is how important are they and it raises all those
7:44 am
questions and it's clearly a subject for intelligence and armed services committees and the entire congress. >> reporter: senator mccain referring to the fact that this focus on whether the cia should conduct this drone strike program really started to get going last week carol when it was revealed by the white house that two western hostages including that american warren weinstein were killed in that drone strike back in january, the president has ordered a review of that program and we'll see that taking place. senator mccain said yesterday on "state of the union" he's going to do that own review on the armed services committee. continue to watch this one closely. >> jim acosta reporting live from the white house this morning. thank you. still toll come as loved ones remember freddie gray at his funeral, baltimore faces the
7:45 am
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minutes from now the funeral for freddie gray is expected to officially begin. this is what it looks like inside the church where family and friends and politicians are gathering. gray died of a spinal cord injury while in police custody. just moments ago the mayor of
7:49 am
baltimore, stephanie rollins blake, entered the church shaking hands with the gray family including his twin sister and mother. hopefully we'll pull those pictures up and show them to you. also members of the obama administration will be showing their faces at this funeral and a elijah cummings. i can't tell -- that's not the mayor right now. she did enter the church and we'll have pictures for you shortly i'm sure. let's head to baltimore and check in with athena jones. good morning athena. >> reporter: you can see the pictures. the service about to get under way. the public has been coming in the last hour or so to view the body of freddie gray. a lot of emotion and there's a lot of anger and unanswered questions about how freddie gray came to be injured during that police van ride a couple weeks ago. you mentioned congressman elijah
7:50 am
cummings one of the speakers on the program today. he represents about half of the city of baltimore. he's one of the people angry and wants to see changes in the baltimore police department so they follow the rules and regulations already in place. and we'll hear from reverend jamal bryant who has been on cnn the last couple hours. he's going to deliver the eulogy. as you mentioned, several white house officials will be here in attendance as will the family of eric garner. they are among the folks come ing ing. eric garner's family is here to support the family of freddie gray. we expect emotion and maybe some anger as this service gets under way in just a few minutes here carol. >> all right. athena jones reporting live from baltimore. thank you so much.
7:51 am
today's somber funeral services a stark contrast of violence that broke amid mostly peaceful protests. long standing tension between police and the community coming to light as the furor boiled over. you can see protesters a small group, that was an undercover police car breaking out windows. several 7-eleven stores were looted. windows were broken and fans that went to see the orioles game were told to stay in the stadium for safety sake. the mayor said outsidagee ageagee ageitateors were to blame. joining me to talk more about this faraji muhammad. the mayor said the violence was committed by outsidagee agitateoragitators.
7:52 am
is that true? >> there has been some talk about outside protesters but we're trying to figure out who and what and who was really involved. the big thing is that there certainly has been some concern in the city of baltimore especially within the community that folks are going to kind of parachute into the community to be part of these things and irritate and agitate without the right interest in mind. that's a concern for us. here on the ground what we're trying to do is we're trying to move forward in the sense of letting folks know that those who have been working on the ground are continuing to work and be a part of this process. so we're not looking to talk about agitateors and what happened on saturday but keep the focus on the larger picture
7:53 am
that we're fighting for justice and we're still trying to make sure this family has found some level of peace from this whole situation. >> the police commissioner sent out a statement after this violence broke out saying some protesters on the ground placed themselves between police and those kinds of people there breaking out windows of that car. do you know about that? >> he put out a statement saying that some of the violence -- sorry, what? >> some peaceful protesters placed themselves between police and these violent protesters. >> okay. if i'm hearing you correctly, we have a couple motorcycle groups behind me so that's what you're hearing. if you are talking about the commissioner putting out a statement -- i'm sorry. couldn't hear you. >> that's okay. i'll move onto another question. we saw the mayor attending the
7:54 am
funeral of freddie gray. other politicians are attending the funeral. it seems like the police in this case are shut out of the picture here. i think we have a bad connection sadly. we'll try to talk to him tomorrow. thanks for trying. we appreciate it. back to the funeral as you can see, the funeral almost officially under way. it starts in earnest at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. i'll be right back. thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote.
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7:57 am
they foiled a terror bombing. defense forces launching the strikes after they say militants armed with explosives began approaching the israeli border. israeli immediatemedia reports three alleged attackers were killed. chipotle dropped genetically modified ingredients from its menu items. the ceo says it's a better way to do fast food. he also helps with marketing allowing chipotle to distance itself from competitors. we want to turn our attention back to nepal now where the death toll has risen above 3,900. survivors tormented by powerful aftershocks and facebook has launched a special tool called safety check to help find missing loved ones. >> it's different from the way normally facebook would work. you have to go on people's walls to check to see if they're okay. what facebook has done is automate the process.
7:58 am
anyone in nepal whether residents or just visiting will see this message on your screen. are you okay? it will automatically notify anybody who is in your social circle that you're okay. this is important for the millions of workers that live abroad. they're looking for dozens of family members and friends so it keeps a list and says here's a list of people who are okay and checked in and a list of people who are unaccounted for still. >> google is helping out too, right? >> they have something called google person finder. this story has become too personal for google. there's an executive who had been climbing up mt. everest. we've been following him on facebook instagram and twitter in the past few days and unfortunately he lost his life. he had a major head injury. you see him on your screen. he had a major head injury and lost his life. at the same time google has a tool that people are using that they have during major
7:59 am
disasters. i want to show you profiles that people put up. families haven't heard from them. samuel is a 23 year old from england. i talked to his parents. they haven't heard from him in a week. this is the last part of a backpacking trip through nepal. he was supposed to be home in a couple weeks. they put up a page about him on google people finder. some good news. we had been tracking the story of a 25-year-old nepalese man living in kathmandu. i just spoke to his family a few minutes ago and they finally got word that he's okay. >> i'm so glad. >> a few positive stories out there amongst a sea of sadness for so many families. >> there is still hope. we just talked to a few rescue workers that say it's possible for people to survive under rubble for days and days. a team from virginia is going out to find people that may still be alive. there's still hope. >> looking at the google person finder and i see 5,000 missing people records. many will be found. it's very difficult to go through all those pages. >> samuel burke, many thanks.
8:00 am
thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. john berman is off today. we're looking at history in the makeing "at this hour." loretta lynch is about to be sworn in as the first african-american woman to serve as the country's attorney general. joe biden will handle the official swearing in just moments from now at the justice department. you see a picture of the justice department there. we'll take you there live as soon as the ceremony begins. that will be happening any moment. lynch was confirmed last week by the senate. this after more than five months of delay over largely unrelated partisan battles on capitol hill.


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