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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  April 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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ake me smarter. more eloquent. you rare really rocking it, man. you are selling the ball cap. this will conclude whatever this was. -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. >> this is cnn tonight, and breaking news another violent encounter with police caught on camera. look at that, this time, san bernardino county, and look at the incredible county and k nshgsnbc a suspected horse thief is kicked repeatedly by more than a dozen sheriff's deputy and plus south carolina police release dash cam video that was moments before officer michael
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sleighager shot and killed a man. and tornadoes tearing through the midwest, and the forecasters say situations in iowa illinois and iowa and particularly dang dangerous. i want to get straight to chad meyers in the severe weather center for us tonight, chad. what i am hearing is that the midwest should be on alert, is that correct? >> yes, even though we have lost the sup and the sun's heat the storms will go for many hours. the storms were like a rake. think about raking the garden and every time a storm comes by it came by it put down a tornado, one after another after another, and they got very close to chicago, and we are lucky that chicago didn't get into the way of some of the tornado, because they are ef-4 tornadoes, and i'm not sure if it is ef-5, but the damage is alarming, because it is gone. and some of the storms are down to champaign, and over to illinois and toledo and parts of
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eastern ohio and parts of west virginia and these are the strongest storms and for a while, we had a very large storm that did produce a tornado near longview, texas, in the northeast part of town and as you will notice still some red on the map, and these storms are not done for tonight, and they will go for tonight, and make sure that you have the noaa radio, and buy a free app on the phone that will wake you up if something happens in the neighborhood. they are easy to make and easy to program, don. >> yes, and chad myers says it every time. and chad, talk about rochelle, illinois, and you are talking about the damage and we are hearing from wrex and lindsey clark saying that five people were pulled out of the home and there is major damage there? >> not rochelle, itself, but this has been in the area of concern that we have have been talk g talking about back and forth in the newsroom, the storm is moved northwest of rochelle and maybe four or five mile and it is not
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a lot if you are living in new york city, but the town of rochelle compared to the suburbs, that is where the storm went through and we had a reporter, and a stringer to talk to us about this but it is a large and probably the f-4 tornado variety and wedge tornado on the ground, and number of towns were seriously damaged today, and we will probably be talking about this many more days to come, and this is a very bad event out there, don. >> you are looking at the twist twister on the ground right, there chad, that you are looking at. how widespread is this system, and how long do you expect this to continue? you said tonight, but this is going to go into tomorrow? >> this is probably going to go into 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. central, and 4:00 eastern time, and this storm system is strong enough to put down strong tornadoes, and we won't see the f-4s or 5s anymore, because the heat of the day raises the ground air, and the air wants to rise like a hot air balloon and that is what the storms did all day, and up in
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the air, and created the big storm, and all of the tornado reports tonight, and one storm after the other, and one was near peoria and now we have a string of storms up near milwaukee, and as it was closer and closer to wisconsin, it was cooler and cooler air, and it affected the ground and they did not get the rotation near illinois. and the weather service got it completely right, and exactly where they had it. earlier today, we talked about the risk of severe weather, and we had one circle, and the other circle went to the east coast, and that is where the convective threat was today, and this is where the torp doe threat was today, and that is exactly where it happened today, don. >> chad mi kwlers myers, many times we get the tornado video from tornado chasers and this is dan gottschalk and can you tell us about the people that were pulled out of the house that the affiliate was talking about? >> i don't know but i know that
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people were trapped in a restaurant there in rochelle that were being rescued from the basement. >> what are you seeing there from where you are? >> a lot of damage and long track damage. it is not a twister that dropped and then went back up. it spent an extensive amount of time. >> and how long of a period here? >> well, it is dark and i don't want to go out to judge, but there is a lot of damage to a lot of homes along a very long stretch that it traveled. >> walk us through a little bit more. you said a lot of damage to a lot of homes and you mentioned a restaurant. the type of damage that you are seeing. sometime sometimes the homes are ripped from foundations, and other times it is just fields. >> most of the walls were standing and then just lifted the roof. others were down to the cop crete, and it was swept clean.
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>> what time the did it start to get bad? >> it -- we were chasing it all of the way from eastern iowa when it was going near the quad city, so that would have been 5:30 and followed it all of the way over here which would have been getting closer to 8:00 at that point. >> okay. standby, dan. i may need you, because i want to bring in storm chaser c.j. postail, postale, and where are you? >> i'm in denilla, illinois southeast of kirkland. >> what are you seeing? >> this town it was missed by the cell that went to the midwest, and we saw a lot of damage, and we pretty much followed the tornado for about 10 or 15 minutes as it went from northwest, and i should say northeast of oregon, illinois
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and then heading up to the kirkland area, and heading back to the northeast again, we lost sight of it as it came to the damage. >> and you are saying that it missed that town, but as you were following it what kind of damage did you see? >> we came up to the one intersection that was severely severely damaged, and there was a tractor-trailer on top of a building. on the north on the northeast hand side of the street and also an axle on the northwest corner of the intersection and i am assuming from the tracktor-trailer, and also a house on the intersection the house looked like minimum damage but there was a building that is where that tractor tral-trailer was and it was damaged. >> and so standby, c.j. and before you go with the storm
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chasers, we don't know of any severe injuries or deaths? chad? >> one report says that there is going to be because there are houses missing, and there is propane hissing from the tanks, because the house is gone and the pipes are not connected anymore, and when you see that type of damage even if you are in the interior rooms, you can still be injured. start with dan. dan, you have chased a number of times, and i have seen your videos all over the place, and tell me about the damage that you is seen from the home and more extensively, i have seen you shoot the trees. the town was lindenwood and the limbs were gone and even the bark was gone, and what did that tell you about the strength of the winds in the storm? >> honestly, a fairly strong tornado to be able to do that. >> yeah. c.j.? >> yes. >> what did you see? what kind of damage did you see? >> i don't want to go ahead, and
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throw out the numbers, but i saw damage that was going to be kon sis twent a violent tornado. >> you saw kirkland, right? >> yes. we actually went north of kirkland and trying to catch back up to it once we lost sight of it and in one of the rural areas. we didn't get into kirkland and we started to come back around to the north side of town, and we came into ginnilla and by the time we got there all of the emergency vehicles were heading west. >> we know that there was emergency damage there, and we will check that out. and so we will bring you the latest on the midwest tornadoes as we get more information here on cnn. and when we come back, i want to walk you there the dash cam video that was released from south carolina and plus another
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whatever you are doing, i want you pay attention to this,
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because i want to walk you through what happened in north charleston last saturday and we will let the video tell the story without the pundits, and start with the newly released videos released that put walter scott and officer slagle on a collision course with death. >> can i have your license and registration insurance card?
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insurance? >> no i don't have that stuff. >> okay. but you are buying this car? >> yes, sir. >> did you buy it? >> no, i am about to. >> a minute ago you told me that you were buying it, and now you are saying that you are going to buy it on monday. >> all right. i'll be right back with you.
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oments they take place off camera and then the next witness gwen nickels picks it up with brian todd. >> i don't know if it was a fight, but it was a tussle. when i came to the corner of the auto parking lot and i saw them, it was a tussle, and then like before what you saw on the videotape, it was like a little tussle over there, like on the end of that gate down there. >> reporter: were they the on the ground rolling or something like that? >> no not on the ground rolling, but like a tussle type of thing, but more like what did i do type of thing.
7:18 pm
>> and then another witness feidin santana pulls out the camera and just as he sees the scuffle between the officer and
7:19 pm
what happens there. officer slager fired at walter scott can eight times and hitting him four times in the
7:20 pm
back and once in the ear killing him. i wanted to discuss this now, and bring in retired police state neil franklin and op-ed columnist charles blow. and neil i have been wanting to ask you this for a while. we have been hearing that this is all about the training, which you have been saying, and he thinks that the officer was following the training, and he says that, don, i told you to listen to tape and he said,taser,taser,taser, and he is going to shoot it. and in training, you have to call out taser when you rare going to shoot it, and he is calling out taser, and then applying force and more force and when that does not work he goes up the chart, and first arm holds and then the tase er, and if that is not going to work and then you use lethal force and anything after this after the taser fails and are they going to say that he was just following the training that he
7:21 pm
received? is that a possibility here neil? >> no he was not following the training the use of force continuing. you see, because you kcan only use deadly force despite the progression of that continuing and you can only use deadly force when deadly force is being used against you or someone else that may involve your death or serious bodily injury, and that is clearly not the case. he was running away. if you have been an officer for any period of time you have had a foot chase, and you have had many of these, and your job is to subdue. you are taught how to arrest and control. you should be in physical chap shape to accomplish this and you should maintain your skill level. >> okay. talk about the new tape that was released today, all right. the initial stop and officer sleigh slager seems to do everything by the book as far as what we can see and hear on this tape. what is your take?
7:22 pm
>> well yes, he did. a normal, and what we call a normal traffic stop and everything appeared to be going just fine, and he is doing everything by the book according to the traffic stop and he has the guy stay in the car, and when he runs, he did the right thing, and he pursued, and this is what the investigation does you piece it together. and you have the new video, and another witness who saw another piece of what occurred and you piece it together. i have heard nothing, nothing and have seen nothing that indicates that this officer was in any type of grave danger or any other citizen was in any kind of grave danger which would, you know justify the use of deadly force. there is nothing here that justifies the use of deadly force. >> and charles, there is a part of this that is missing between when he ran and then when he is confront confronted by the police officer, and shot at least in the last part and killed. does that change this new video and the part that we don't see on camera, does it change
7:23 pm
anything for you? >> well for me the question is always very simple. it is that there is a man who is now dead, and he died in the most dishonorable way which is to be shot in the back while he was running away from the person with the gun. this is a very different kind of quality of judgment from other judgments, and you can't shoe horn it into the rashnals ofes of how to come back to the question of is the person who is dead should they be dead. and anything else, it is irrelevant to that, because of all of the things that mr. scott is alleged to have done wrong, the judicial system has a way to deal with those, and they should not be dealt with on the street, and certainly not by gunning down and even e fleeing, the judicial system can deal with that and even arrest, and the
7:24 pm
judicial system can deal with that and the only question is should this man be dead. >> and now, mel, when the man runs away does the officer know why he sis making a break for it and it is probably unpaid child support, and the warrant out for him? >>le well, i don't want to presume anything, and it is the law, and neill and charles have stated it correctly, the law says that based in the united states the supreme court has stated that the law of the land is since 1985 in the case of "tennessee versus garner" states that you may not shoot at somebody who is fleeing. you may not use deadly force unless a reasonable officer would state that there is significant risk of immediate body harm to either the officer
7:25 pm
or the public in general. and in this case don, re regardless of what it is that he did or didn't do when he ran, there is absolutely no risk to the officer. there's no risk to the public. the supreme court has been clear on this issue since 1985, and there is no justification, end of story. >> all right. i want you to take a look at this, and this is new stunning video from knbc and it is a pursuit on horseback in san bernardino county ending with a man tased on the ground and punch and kicked repeatedly by what is por than a dozen sheriff's deputies and by the knb c's count he was kicked 17 times, and 13 blows to the head and baton used four time and neill, you first. >> oh my god. again, come on. once you subdue someone, and you
7:26 pm
have them in custody, and once you put cuffs on them, it is over. there is no justification. no justification for this. i mean, this is ridiculous and absolutely ridiculous. >> i'm running out of time here, charles charles. >> i can only say thank god for video, and than god for all of the videos, and no longer that we have to have the conversations, and the people have to say, i don't believe that what you are saying and this is not happening to the degree ta you say that this is happen andk that god that people can see what is happening in some case and how extraordinary it is. >> mel, 30 seconds left. >> you know body cam, and i think that they are a good step in the right direction, and not only to protect the gentleman like we are seeing bludgeonsed right there, but to protect the good cops oso that the public knows what is happening, and it is disgusting to see this stuff now happening over and over, and
7:27 pm
as charles said, than god for the video. >> the san bernardino sheriff's department said they are conducting an internal investigation regarding this case regarding excessive force. >> and now, we will talk to a man who says that he knows what is it like to be tase edd by officer michael slager.
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officer michael sleighager was involved in a tasing incident in 2013 when he taseed a man but he was exonerate ed ind in that case. and now, mario said that he was sleeping when the officer and another man banged on the door and early hours and burst in and he joins me with his attorney. >> well officer slager was beating on the door and i didn't know that he was around there until he opened up the door and he came running on the side. >> and so when you opened up the door what happened? >> well, he basically, he asked
7:32 pm
me why i was sweating. he tried to say that why he was there and he didn't know nothing, and come out of the house, and grabbed me by the arm and tried to pull me out of the house, and he noticed that i would not come out of the house, and he pulled out of the house, and he said, if you don't come out, i will tase you and i didn't get out of the way, and so he shot me in the groin area with a taser. >> did you find out why he shot you with the taser? >> i didn't find out anything until i got out of the police car. >> what happened after that? >> i got out of the police car and thaey grabbed me and twisted h my arm and stuff, and my mom came around the corner, and the cops threw the cuffs on me and threw me the car and she asked some questions and she got the superviz supervisor to come out, and the supervisor said that they have to let me go because it is a case of mistaken identity.
7:33 pm
>> what happened here? >> he filed a complaint there with his then friend yolanda whitaker and they filed a formal complaint with the city of charleston and initial lyly they said that they did an investigation, but the problem is that when the police does an investigation with the police normally you won't get transparency and as you know the blue line or the police code of silence sometimes conflicts with truthfulness and transparency and what is going on here in the city of north charleston and in particular the north charleston police department is that they have been aggressive and they have been aggressive with the citizenry and as a result they have created a period and an environment of distrust and what occurred here was a classic case. >> and all right. let's go back to what happened, because apparently two women who called the police saying that their house had been robbed by mario's brother. >> correct. correct. >> and long storey short, and it
7:34 pm
is mario's brother, and this is a pikcture of you and your brother. and you are two completely different heights. >> correct. >> and the women were outside of the house who brought the officers to the house, and they said look you have the wrong guy, and they still continued with your client mario, and you didn't take the police complaint seriously though right? >> no, i don't think that they did. in the process of this, why he is trying to effectuate an arrest the eyewitness and the alleged accuser s ares are saying this is the wrong guy, and he is not the right one, and so it is classic that slager had the mind determine and fixated that he is going to do what he wanted to do which is sheerly outside of police procedure, and outside of common sense, and certainly to the detriment of my client, mr. givens. >> why did they continue to arrest mr. givens instead of
7:35 pm
waiting for his brother? >> truth of the matter is that he is a black man, one, and man who comes from a predominantly black neighborhood and he is impoverished and i think that the police lack sensitiveity in terms of the training, and then once it unfolded i believed that they said ah, a poor guy and we can do whatever we want and nobody will know. if you fast forward that that is the officer's modus operandi when he dealt with mr. scott. >> mario, what do you think, what did you think when you saw that video of walter scott gunned down and then you found out it is the same officer involved in your situation? >> first thinking in my head that they had actually investigated it and really in investigated it, that man would have been alive right now today. >> and if they had investigated your case? >> yes. even if he was still an officer
7:36 pm
he would have been at a desk or something and not had a weapon and running around like a fool with it. >> and you are filing suit, and we want to thank you, attorney eduardo curry and antonio givens. and this time there is a demand of an investigation into the death of a mentally ill man. and now, storms running through the midwest now are turning deadly.
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>> another case of a fatal confrontation between police and african-american man. a dash cam video has been release odd of the fatal shooting of a mentally ill black man by a police department earlier this year. maria machado has more. >> reporter: you can't see what happens this the moments leading up to this. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: but you can hear the gunshots that end lavall hall's life. but you can hear the anguish fol
7:41 pm
following the shooting. >> oh, my baby. >> reporter: the pain was very much there this week after seeing the dash cam video this week for the first time forcing the mother to relive it. >> i heard the gunshots pow, pow, pow and i said they done killed my child. >> reporter: they are filing suit against the police department of miami gardens and the police officers involved. >> there is no question that the officers used excessive force when you view this video. >> reporter: it all happened before 5:00 a.m., because the police called the police after hall who they say was a paranoid schizophrenic left his mother's house. you can see daniels as the first officer arrives. >> i'm scared. don't hurt my child, please. >> okay. >> it does not take long for the police to spot hall walking on the sidewalk holding what
7:42 pm
appears to be a broomstick. >> reporter: the officer follows hall trying to get him to stop. another squad car arrives, and from the rear seat camera, you can see hall running with the broomstick and you can hear what happens next. >> hey, easy. >> reporter: hall take off again and both officers chasing him, and within a minute hall runs back, and the officer tremino right behind him. seconds later, the officer fires. [ gunshots ] five shots. two of those bullets hit hall, kill ing killing him. the entire interaction from the time that the officers first spot hall to the final bullet lasts 3:00. >> that officer favors the off officers. >> reporter: the attorney represents the officers in the
7:43 pm
civil lawsuit, and he says that hall attacked the clients before one of them opened fire. >> officer ehrlichman was struck in the head, and officer tremino was struck here on the right side. >> reporter: and days before the shooting, the chief defended the officers. >> based on the facts as i have them, the officers did the best they could confronted with the circumstances that they were encountered with. >> reporter: today, the mayor is still searching for answers. >> we need to know everything that happened, how it happened, when it happened and how it happen and we need to make sure that it never happens again. >> reporter: the state attorney's office is investigating and asked the family not to release the video to the public fearing it would impact the investigation, but the family decided to release the dash cam video anyway but meanwhile, the officers are employed by the miami gardens police department, and one is reassign and the other on medical leave.
7:44 pm
melena machado, mimeami gardens. >> thank you. and now, joining us is catherine, the mother and her attorney. i am sorry for your loss and you are calling for the independent investigation, and you are feeling that what happened to your son is similar to what happened in south carolina. >> yes, i do. >> why so? >> why so? it is like the man in south carolina was running, and that is what my son was doing, running. >> jud, the state attorney's office did not want you to release the dash cam video, and why did you release it? >> i released it for the simple reason that i want everybody to know that officer was nin the wrong. unjustified, and unjustified kill killing my son. >> don, there is a lot of parallels between the miami case can, and the south carolina case. you know where was this south carolina investigation before
7:45 pm
that videotape was released? how is that investigation different now? in our case before the videotape was released, the chief who has since been removed from office went in front of the public and said that the officers did absolutely nothing wrong. now, we found out that chief was released and you can see from the video footage and the public can judge for themselves what was the trajectory of the officer's bullets? what was the intent as he fired, not one, two, three, four but five different shots? and if you look at the last shot you can see the officer moving forward, as he is shooting a 5'4" 140-pound mentally ill young man whose mom called the police for help as she had done before. this is not somebody who was -- sorry about that don. >> and that is what i want to speak to catherine about, because as i understand that you
7:46 pm
believe that the shooting of your son has less to do with the race than anything but it has to do with the how the police deal with people who have mental issues. is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> talk to me about that. >> well, you know -- i feel that i called them for help for my child. i didn't call them to kill my child. i told them that my child had a men tall problem, and he needed to be taken back to the hospital. and i didn't think that they were going to kill my child, but that is what i got out of my child, dead. >> and again catherine and daniel thank you very much and unfortunately we rare out of time, and jud, because we have breaking news to get to but i want to thank you both catherine and judd and please update us when you get more information. >> thank you, don. >> and dangerous tornadoes tearing through the midwest tonight.
7:47 pm
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back to the breaking news now. large and strikinging tornadoes tonight, and one person confirmed dead in fairdale
7:51 pm
illinois. people are cautioned to be alert. and now, we are going to talk to a waitress in rochelle illinois a thatt restaurant is completely wiped out. and you helped to rescue people out of the basement? >> no, i with tluz while the rest of the people were there, and the co-workers -- >> what happened? >> a tornado went through, and it took out and demolished the entire corner of 251 and 64 and they were able to get down into the basement and whatever customers were there and the they were trapped down there, and there is all fire people and everyone around that was there trying to help them to get out, but before they got them out, we had to leave because there was a gas leak but i was informed and i mean i there was for a few hours but everyone got out.
7:52 pm
and everybody is on the way to the hospital now, and that is all of the information that i have so far. i have not spoken to the coworkers or anything yet. >> and we are glad that you are okay and everyone so far is okay and we will continue to check with you. that is what is happening in the united states. and bill weir who is the host of cnn's "wonder list" and you go to a number of places for the won wonder list, and you are taking us to the alps. >> yes, and it is a two-for sunday night and we start in the alps to look at the glaciers ta are going a wayway at staggering rates. and climatologists are saying that the glaciers are in re retreat, and countless scientific studies of why and how fast but i wanted to see it through the eyes of people who saw it, and for that, we go to france and the alp climbers and skiers are some of the best in
7:53 pm
the world. >> and you are talking, and we want to see you in action. >> all right. shut me up don lemon. >> all right. let's look. ♪ >> reporter: i have to stop eating so much bacon. oh. that is fantastic. a wheezing first-timer would never notice the changes, but the lifes certainly do. >> the first time i came here when i was 12 and now i am 34, these glaciers used to be like 500 or 600 meters beloew, and they keep going up as you can see. this one, it used to be all of the way down. >> reporter: zeb is also worried about the snowfall trends. this is is the driest in memory and it is almost christmas and the resorts don't have enough snow to open. but he pulls some string, and we get a ride to where we can ride
7:54 pm
up and slide down. first turns in the year, and the first turns in the alps? >> yes. >> reporter: and being filmed by three cameras, no pressure. no pressure. >> and no pressure. and the berthplace ofirthplace of the winter olympics. >> yes. >> and the bacon thing, ki relat relate i can relate. and not enough snow to open? >> yes, and the same as the united states. and the young strapping 30-something but the old men in the mountains who can't climb the same routes anymore, because the glaciers that they have grown up on have literally melted beneath their boots. >> and this has happened in california and the western u.s. and the low snow pack and why so much skepticism when it comes to the global change? >> well, it is interesting, because i went to the heartland institute which is a
7:55 pm
conservative libertarian skeptic conference and i went there to try to understand how they think the way they think when you have nasa and noaa and the pentagon and the pope and apple and coca-cola and other people knowing that there is so much carbon ruining the sky, and sometimes it is a big honest resistance to the government that is a massive solution to the problem. >> and i'm a southern boy, and you call it the world's most famous swamp, and i think it is beautiful, because i came from louisiana and florida, and that is beautiful and what did you find there? >> well, the everglades at 10:00, because it is an example of man's folly, and 70 years ss ago ago, the battle cry was to drain the swamp, and turn it into the good life. but the swamp, the good life can't exist without all of that wildlife diversity a, and the
7:56 pm
everglades of the hurricane sponge and responsible for all of the life around the florida keys, and so the same army corps of engineers that blew it up and dredged it is now under orders to put it back and we are checking on the progress. >> and i went with a tour guide and i said, is that a statue, and he said, no, that is a real gator, don't you go near it. and so thank you, bill weir. you can see the season finale of "the wonder list." and that is sunday right here on cnn. again, our thanks to bill weir.
7:57 pm
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chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching. "ac360" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hey, good evening, thanks for joining us. a lot happening tonight. tonight is second killing in the video of walter scott. confirmation with the man of the first one who likely changed the course of justice. feidin santana is his name, the barbaric shooting of the man over and over again. >> honestly, i wasn't scared. i didn't fear anything. just, you know, there was something i never imagined that would have happened and maybe that was the reason why i