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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 6, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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e. andy scholes, thanks so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening in the "newsroom," obama fights back. the president pushing his iran nuke deal but can he sell it to members of his own party? we'll talk to one congressman who isn't so sure. closing arguments in the boston bombing trial. can dzhokhar tsarnaev's attorney keep him from getting the death penalty. the cover story that wasn't. accusations the article damaged efforts to fight rape on campuses nationwide. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with a white house push to drum up support for a deal on iraq's nuclear program. president obama sitting down
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with "the new york times" explaining why he thinks the deal is sound and taking aim at those in congress who want to block it. >> i'm not interested in seeing folks who are hell bent on just defeating any deal aren't interested in listening to the nuclear scientists and aren't interesting in listening to the experts but are viewing this through the lens of partisanship. i'm not interested in endangering a very critical international agreement on that basis. >> outside of congress another fierce opponent the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu telling cnn the debate is not about bickering in washington but a much larger threat. >> this is not a partisan issue. this is a world issue. everyone is going to be threatened by the pre-eminent terrorist state of our time.
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>> cnn's sunlen serfaty is at the white house with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. the prime minister launched a new holds barred counter campaign here trying to drum up support against this deal on capitol hill. he's reached out to members of congress directly revealing that he spoke to two-thirds of the member of congress directly. the white house anticipated this. they launched their own aggressive campaign to try to sell this bill. this deal domestically internationally. we saw that interview on why obama moved to make this an agreement and as they work toward a final deal and he said that it might not be optimal in a perfect world when talking about israel but he offered these specific words to the israeli people. >> i would consider it a
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fundamental failure of my presidency if on my watch or as a consequence of work i had done israel was rendered more vulnerable. >> not just a strategic failure. >> i think that would be a moral failure. >> reporter: the president has a big task to sell this deal domestically. many on capitol hill are very skeptical about the details of this deal and they'll be back in one week returning to washington from a two-week recess and they have a series of bills just lined up and ready to go to question the white house on the contours of this arrangement. the white house indicated some openness to potentially having congress take a nonbinding vote where members of congress could register their feelings one way or another about this deal but without it taking away president obama's authority to execute the deal. many on capitol hill probably will not be happy about that. carol? >> we'll ask one of them. sunlen serfaty, thanks so much. joining me now, democratic
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congressman from new york. welcome, sir. thanks for coming in. has the president reached out to you? >> not personally although i have been in a series of meetings with the national security adviser over the last few months. >> what do you think of this deal? >> i think it's too early to know. there's some really serious questions about the deal especially in the areas of inspections, what are the consequences if the inspectors suspect something. do we need a conference of the fp 5 plus 1 and what happens in 10 to 15 years? this deal is not complete. it won't be completed until june and it's frankly premature to make a judgment one way or another until we see those details. >> you're a liberal democrat is that fair? >> yes, very liberal. >> if the president can't count on you -- >> he may or may not count on me. i'm saying it's too early at this point to say because we
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don't know enough. i also have said consistently that simply saying this deal is not as good as it could be or that you would like it to be is the wrong analysis and wrong question. the right question of the three alternatives available to us, with a what gives us the best deal? we'll have a better idea at the end of june on the odds of this preventing them from getting a nuclear bond. possibility of sanctions. you make a bet that sanctions will bring about the economic collapse of the regime before they get a bomb. what are odds on that? the third alternative is war. and that our military tells us would hold it for a few years. it's really until we see the details on this and analyze the other two alternatives it's too early to reach a judgment. >> bob corker is pushing for a review of the agreement. is that necessary?
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>> it would be nice whether -- by the way, why the senate and not the house also? as a house member i have to stick up for the house. it's not generally the practice in the united states for congress to vote on every executive agreement. there may be features of this that i see latest version of senator corker's bill is to lay the taking off of sanctions for 60 days to give congress a chance to weigh that. that sounds reasonable. >> let's talk about benjamin netanyahu because he's actively campaigning against this. he also said on the sunday morning talk shows he's not trying to play partisan politics. others think he pretty much is. joe biden john boehner was in israel. there weren't democratic lawmakers there. >> he went by himself. i don't know he took a lot of other members. i don't know that he's trying to play partisan politics. that's not the question. the prime minister is right in saying it would be intolerable
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for iran to have a nuclear bomb. is it he right in saying that this deal would allow them to have a nuclear bomb or more to the point, is it true or not true this is the best of the three alternatives available to us that gives us the best odds of keeping iran from getting a nuclear bond. that's the question to me. >> there's word that some democratic lawmakers feel sort of sidelined by netanyahu's embrace of republican lawmakers. do you feel sidelined? >> i don't want to get into that. frankly, the prime minister's political dealings have been interesting. >> what do you mean by interesting? >> well they have -- he's trying to defend what he sees as israel's national interest and for that he ought to be supported. some people have criticized him for taking on the president in
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front of congress. if he thinks that's necessary, he has to think so but there are consequences to that. people react politically. we shouldn't look at this politically. the question is what is the best way of the ways available to us that gives us the best odds of keeping iran from a nuclear bomb because that would be intolerable. >> congressman nadler thank you for being with me. i appreciate it. >> escalating violence in yemen claims the life of an american gas station owner. friends and family say that he was planning to bring his pregnant wife and young daughter back to the united states when he was killed by a mortar strike. this is the death toll rising as saudi-led air strikes pound rebel strong holds. hundreds have been killed in the last two weeks and millions are living without power. a massive manhunt to find the mastermind of that vicious terror attack in kenya leaving
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more than 130 people dead. kenyan officials offering up a $215,000 reward for this man, mohamed mohamud. the senior al shabab leader is believed to have an extensive terror network. to wall street investors on edge after futures tanked today. the dow is actually up. i just want to say that i predicted that. alison kosik is on the floor -- you can't predict anything when it comes to wall street. >> reporter: you have the crystal ball. just to use another analogy, it's like being on a roller coaster here on wall street. we saw the dow plunge a hundred points and now back in positive territory up 22 points. we're seeing green arrows across the board. what gives here? what gives is all about the federal reserve. why is that? it was just last month that the fed indicated if the economy
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shows enough strength it will go ahead and raise interest rates. guess what? after friday's disappointing jobs report, many investors are thinking the fed may rethink that actually and not just because that jobs report disappointed with only 126,000 jobs being added in march. you look at other economic reports like gdp and slowing down showing weakness in the last three months of last year. you look at business spending. durable goods orders down three of the last four reports. even lower gas prices are losing their cachet with consumers simply because they are spending less. the last three retail sales reports have been weak as well. so there is this weird thinking here on wall street that bad news is good news where the federal reserve is concerned and that's what you see play out on the big board today, carol. >> all right. alison kosik reporting live for us this morning. let's head to the south lawn of
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the white house. the easter egg roll is about to begin. the first lady and the president along with the first daughters will make a comment with the easter bunny beside them. i guess some kids are already rolling their eggs and that includes children of michael strahan and kelly ripa and the reason they are at the easter egg roll is first lady michelle obama appeared on their program. they are doing it themselves. did i mention how much i love the easter egg roll? it's fun every single year. that is so awesome. we'll take you back live to the white house 10:30 eastern. i'll be right back.
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7:16 am
he did this. so the question i think on everyone's minds is not whether or not he'll be found guilty during the guilt phase of this because that's a foregone conclusion given the avalanche of evidence that the prosecution presented. i think the real question is whether or not he'll live or die. >> some people say the length of time it takes the jury to arrive at this guilty verdict will give us a sign of how they might decide in phase two, the death penalty phase of the trial. >> i heard that. i don't agree with it. generally people do say for every day of testimony it's generally an hour of deliberations and a quick verdict is generally a guilty verdict. a long deliberation is generally not guilty verdict. i think with the death penalty, carol, i think it's just a different animal. you have a death qualified jury so certainly there are jurors that said all have said i can come to that conclusion. i can impose that sentence.
7:17 am
when it really comes down to it we've seen in several legal cases that there are jurors who can't do it. i think it's going to really depend on the dynamics of this jury and let's remember he has judy clark defending him. she's a death penalty expert. if you are facing the death penalty, this is the attorney that you want. she knows how to do this. i think what will be very interesting is whether or not he will testify. this jury has -- i know the juries look at defendants. i know that they want to see some sort of remorse. they want to get a read on this defendant. you and i were just talking, what is it -- why would he do something like this? was it really that his brother had this hold over him or is he totally radicalized? i think the jury will want to hear from him. i think that decision is probably being made right now.
7:18 am
that's what will be fascinating about this. >> i talked to alexandra field about his demeanor in the courtroom. every time he comes into the courtroom, his attorney what's her name judy clark, she adjusts his clothes and kind of treats him almost like a son, like a young person. >> we expect to see that from judy. some people -- the legal geeks like myself she's sort of this true believer. she's a true believer in the sense that she is just against the death penalty. she believes it is just wrong. she's really dedicated her career to defending people in death penalty cases. she does have a really wonderful way of humanizing these kind of defendants. you do see sort of that motherly role. and that is a play to the jury quite frankly. you want the jury to think, you know this is someone's son. this is someone's brother. this is a young man. remember that "rolling stone" cover. you only need one juror to not
7:19 am
impose the death penalty. you need an unanimous verdict in a federal death pentalty case. judy is doing that intentionally. i think what's also interesting is i don't -- from what i've seen he hasn't shown much if anything in that courtroom. we haven't seen a reaction. remember you've got victims' families testifying. you have the father of an 8 year old who was murdered by his actions and we saw nothing. >> his friend took the stand and started talking about text messages between the two and the like. >> that's the most animated we've seen him. i am curious as to whether or not judy clark will put him on the witness stand because that will be very telling. if he gets on that witness stand, carol, and is just this radicalized, angry young man, there is no way i think this jury will come back with a not guilty verdict on the death
7:20 am
penalty phase. if we see remorse on the witness stand and get some kind of inclination as to why he would perpetrate this heinous crime, perhaps he has a chance of spending the rest of his life in prison. i think that's the big question. will we see him testify. >> sunny hostin thanks as always. i appreciate it. today the defense is expected to make its case in the trial of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez. hernandez is charged with first-degree murder in the killing of his friend odin lloyd. among the witnesses scheduled to take the stand, an expert who will challenge the dna evidence collected at the crime scene. the jury is expected to begin deliberating by the middle of this week. let's talk about something good and happy and positive now. let's head back to the south lawn of the white house. isn't this adorable? it's the easter egg roll today. kids from all over the country all 50 states gather on the white house lawn to roll these easter eggs. the president and first lady will come out. the first daughters will be there. and if they follow tradition,
7:21 am
and we expect they will the president and the first lady will walk into the crowd of these children and their parents and greet them and talk only about happy things. 35,000 expected on the south lawn today. i'll be back with much more in the "newsroom."
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can "rolling stone" restore its credibility after making one of the worst journalistic failure in recent history. "rolling stone" fell short in efforts to get the fraternity's side of the story. it didn't contact the alleged assailants and didn't corroborate the alleged account with accuser's friends. "rolling stone" apologized and retracted its controversial article but guess what? no one at the magazine is going to be fired for this. of course there are real life ramifications to what "rolling stone" did. the reporter in question acknowledged that when she said in a statement, "i hope that my mistakes do not silence the voices of victims." i fear that it will though.
7:26 am
with me to talk about this from philadelphia the executive director of security on campus. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for being here. how could "rolling stone's" mistake not make women think twice? >> you know i think there are multiple layers of errors here throughout this story and what we saw a constant threat is they were blaming these errors on caring too much about victims but they were irresponsible. they shirked their responsibility to all victims of sexual violence and i do believe unfortunately that it will have a real impact on the field to end sexual violence. >> are you seeing more renaissance from victims? >> i think we're talking about one of the most underreported crimes across the board on college campuses and throughout. i think whenever you have
7:27 am
something that kind of builds into that perception of false reporting, it's not good. a lot of people -- there were over 2 million people that read this story and paid attention to this story and atrocities covered in the story. with the retraction coming out, it will highlight that perception that some people don't tell the truth. we know that's not true but we also know this is underreported so the more that other victims see this happening, the more reluctant they may be to come forward. >> i think the saddest part of this is virginia authorities say something happened to jackie the subject of that article. help us understand why jackie might have embellished her story. i know sexual assault experts say victims embellish to make their story more empathetic. >> something most likely happened to jackie. when someone is affected by
7:28 am
trauma they may not get facts right and that's where "rolling stone" needed to be transparent with jackie to protect her and make sure they got her story right. that may involve talking to other folks. that may involve if they didn't get an answer they wanted from jackie in terms of if jackie said they didn't want to move forward, maybe it was time to close the story and not move forward. it was clear they had a story they wanted to tell. at one point they were going to move ahead without jackie or not and that's disappointing. >> it seemed like there was a bias against fraternities. that's what it seemed. otherwise why wouldn't you go to the fraternity and ask what happened in that house? >> i think that one of the things we're seeing from the higher ed community is a focus on balance when it comes to reporting sexual assaults and they needed to make sure that anyone implicated throughout the story, friends, members of the
7:29 am
fraternity had an opportunity to comment on the story and to discuss the story. >> thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. >> thank you. let's head back out to the white house now because what a beautiful sight. this is the national easter egg roll. it's now under way. this year's theme is hashtag give me five which celebrates the first lady's let's move campaign and challenges americans to lead a healthier lifestyle. there will be fitness zones, live music, cooking demonstrations and lots and lots of kids rolling those easter eggs across the south lawn of the white house. let's get right to cnn's sunlen serfaty at the white house for all of the action. tell us more. >> reporter: in just a few minutes we'll hear from president obama and first lady michelle obama and they'll speak on the truman balcony. this year for a lot of kids that came out, they won't see malia or sasha.
7:30 am
michelle obama said this morning that they are at school today. they won't be taking part in this year's easter egg roll but this is a tradition that president obama penenjoys. he gets in there and rolls eggs with the kids on the south lawn of the white house. they expect 35,000 people over the course of the day here on the south lawn from all 50 states. families could enter a lottery and if they won they got tickets to spend time on the south lawn of the white house. it coincides with the fifth-year anniversary of michelle obama's let's move campaign so they play up the fitness element big and healthy eating big as well. we know about what the obama family did for easter yesterday. we know they went to church. they also according to michelle obama, the girls got itunes gift cards in their easter baskets but we know that sunny and beau
7:31 am
didn't get many treats because beau has a bad stomach. >> enough said. sunlen serfaty, thanks so much. i appreciate it. we'll get back to you. still to come when you hear the word millennial what comes to your mind? i talked with members of this maligned generation to hear their thoughts on politics marriage and more after a break.
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just want to take one more look at the easter egg roll with this little guy. who knows what the world will look like when the kids rolling those easter eggs grow up. the focus is on millennials which brings me to my millennial project. a few weeks back a group of journalism students from kent state came to pick my brain about their future careers. i ended up picking their brains about marriage religion and politics. it was enlightening. when people say millennials so entitled and selfish and self-absorbed. what goes through your mind? >> i think that everyone just kind of sees you're this 20-something coming in that thinks you rule the world but
7:36 am
you don't know anything. we grew up in a world where you have to prove yourself every day in order to make something out of it. >> a lot of people think we have this attitude that everything is supposed to be handed to us and we think we're so special. it makes me want to look around are you talking to me? i worked really hard for this. >> how many of you want to get married? all of you. how many of you want to get married by the age of 26? by the age of 30? better. by the age of 40? i mean every poll shows that young people are waiting longer and longer to get married. where do you think that is? >> society expects us to graduate to go to college, to get married, to get a job and do all of those things. right now i'm 21 years old and i'm thousands of dollars in debt. that wasn't something my parents
7:37 am
were. >> when you get married will you consider yourself the primary bread winner in the family? >> i'm not opposed to finding a woman with larger salary than me. >> stigma was the man has to be the bread winner and women are to take care of the children. we have learned from their mistakes that we're changing. >> would you be a stay at home dad? >> i would. i think you have to look at the bigger picture. what's best for my family? what's best for my kids? at the end of the day what's best for me as well. >> would it be okay with most of you if you never got married? >> i would have a very hard time justifying spending 20 grand on a wedding when i could go to europe. >> some people would say by that attitude you are undermining the moral foundation of this country. >> but europe. >> i didn't go to college for four years to be a mom. i didn't -- there's no housewife degree. >> i don't really think now is the time where you want to stay home and raise a family.
7:38 am
>> how many of you would say that you're really religious? explain to me why young people aren't as religious as they once were. >> i think for a lot of college students there are a lot of restrictions within a religion. >> you're not interested in the church telling you what to do with your life? you just as soon figure it out yourself? >> exactly. i want to make my own decisions based on my own morales and what i believe. >> sundays aren't sacred anymore like they were before. i have a bible app on my phone. i can stream my church service on sunday mornings. >> would it be fair to say you found organized religion as hypocritical? >> maybe a little bit like politics that people our age feel like most religious institutions are just that an institution that doesn't practice what they preach so why would you want to identify with that?
7:39 am
>> did any of you guys vote in the last election? how many of you are really excited to vote in the 2016 presidential election? when you look at what's going on in congress today, what goes through your mind? >> the only thing you really hear is the struggle to work down the aisle for democrats and republicans to work together. >> it seems like especially with our generation advocating for social change so much you know we don't want to hear about how congress isn't working together. >> lots of support for gay marriage in our generation and support for women's rights and i think that's where the interest is. >> do you admire any one politician out there? >> i wouldn't say i admire everything that president obama does for instance but i think since he's been in office it's shown me a lot more realization of america today. >> did that surprise you when president obama got elected into office that there would be that much directed at him?
7:40 am
>> i assumed racism was close to being over. boy, was i wrong. i think about whether my race will affect whether i get a job or not in certain markets. >> what would you say to politicians who say that your generation is iedistdealistic and you don't know what you're talking about? >> we struggle to pay student loans and that doesn't come to our minds. >> maybe these young men and women will soften their views as time marches on. tweet me or visit my facebook page thanks for your comments in advance. still to come in the "newsroom," an historic drought so why are some california lawns still lush and green? we'll talk about that next.
7:41 am
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a little rain relief is headed to parts of drought stricken california. one to two inches expected to fall over the next two days. unfortunately, it will not be muff to put a dent in the problem. more than 66% of the state remains under extreme or exceptional drought. pictures erupting over the weekend. a smidgen of rain fell in san francisco but not nearly enough. last week the governor there jerry brown, issued an historic
7:45 am
mandate cutting water usage statewide by 25%. a big difference for the haves and have nots. check out these megamansions and their lush lawns. photos taken just two days ago and don't tell me they aren't using water to make that grass green. exactly how is california rashusing its most valuable resource. >> jerry brown says people will pay fines if they are using water for lawn for cemeteries for golf courses, they'll have to find new ways and new irrigation ways and the fine will be $500 and he'll make sure they pay. listen. >> each water district that actually delivers waters to water and homes in businesses will carry out. a state water board oversees the relationship with these local districts. hundreds of them. so if they don't comply people
7:46 am
can be fined $500 a day. the districts can go to court and get a cease and desist order. the enforcement mechanism is powerful in a drought of this magnitude you have to change that behavior and you have to change it substantially. >> these are for people and businesses and not for agriculture. they use 80% of the water in this state. we're talking about almonds. beef 1,875 gallons to make one pound of beef. almonds, 2,126. it's the produce aisle for the country and it's important for groceries around the country, jerry brown says that agriculture will be exempt. they are looking for water. >> will we feel the pinch at the supermarket? >> we have. over the past year you noticed that berries, fruits and
7:47 am
vegetables have gone up. grapes cost more. melons cost more. these are all things grown in california. peppers. in some cases you can switch -- you can switch from one thing for another thing if you would like. will behavior change? if prices keep going up yes, they will. i will say for a lot of farmers, one relief for them has been lower gas prices. it costs less to ship their goods. that's been a little bit of relief even as it's been really hard for them on the water front. >> christine romans thank you. many thinks. scary in california right now. top stories at 47 minutes past the hour the justice department launching a criminal investigation into the company responsible for spraying a chemical that may have severely sickened a delaware family. it happened last month when they were vacationing at a villa in the u.s. virgin islands. the father is still unable to talk or move. his wife is now in occupational therapy and their teenage sons remain in critical condition.
7:48 am
questions swirling around hillary clinton this morning in her all about announced run for president. she made munew hires to her communication team and aides have been instructed to be ready today for a campaign rollout. her team signed a lease for office space in brooklyn last week. opening day for major league baseball. that's a holiday in my book. the blue jays will visit yankees at 1:05 eastern for the first of 14 games. yankees? what about the detroit tigers taking on minnesota twins, people? all right. let's talk about the yankees for a little bit more because i enjoy this story line. one to watch. the return of alex rodriguez. the 39 year old is expected to put on the pinstripes in his first regular season game since 2013. we'll see if he's still got it. still to come in the "newsroom," fast cars big explosions and box office gold. stay here for a look at "fast and furious 7's" weekend.
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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7:52 am
brian stelter, i keep staring a the this picture of the south lawn of the white house. at any moment the president and first lady will pop out on the balcony and say a few comments and the white house easter bunny is supposed to be out there. >> my favorite tradition of all of the traditions. >> it's mine too. it's happy. you can see how beautiful washington, d.c. is and the white house. we don't really center on the good things that happen in d.c. often and this gives us a chance to do that. >> they are getting something done. >> rolling easter eggs and getting the job done. >> makes us all want to be a kid again. >> it would be fun to be out there. >> doesn't have to be the white house. just to be back to the days where you could go hunting for easter eggs in the backyard. always a good time. >> did you always find them all?
7:53 am
>> every year my dad would leave church early. i could never figure out why and when we got home there were easter eggs throughout the backyard. i don't want to tell you how old i was before i figured out the connection. >> when you were 20 you figured out my dad was hiding those easter eggs. >> don't tell me about santa claus, carol. >> i'll keep that a secret. i believe in him myself. the president is coming out on the balcony of the south lawn of the white house along with the first lady i presume. first daughters will not make an appearance because they have to be in school today. there's the easter bunny. you saw his ear. there he is. let's listen.
7:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪
7:55 am
♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ugh the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home
7:56 am
of the brave? ♪ >> okay. that was the band that i wish i was more in tune with that generation -- let's listen. >> happy easter. we are so blessed to have this beautiful day and to have so many friends in our backyard. and malee eye and sasha had a little school stuff going on today but they want to send their love. beau and sunny are here along
7:57 am
with the easter bunny. this is one of our favorite events. we hope you guys are having fun. this is a particularly special easter egg roll because we've actually got a birthday to celebrate. it is the fifth anniversary of the first lady's let's move initiative. [ applause ] and to help us celebrate, we've got the outstanding young group fifth harmony here to help us sing happy birthday. everybody ready to sing happy birthday? all right. fifth harmony. >> hello. hi. thank you so much to the president and first lady for having us. it's such an honor and so incredibly cool to sing at the white house. thank you so much. we're so honored to be here to
7:58 am
help sing ms. obama's initiative a happy birthday. we think it's awesome she wants people to be active and healthy. we want to present you guys a birthday cake. happy birthday! happy easter! let's move! >> they celebrate the birthday and sing the happy birthday song i'm going to say good-bye. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" after a break. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke.
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kenya attacks, the target and terror group behind the deadly university attack but officials are on the hunt for the mastermind behind the massacre. obama's hard sell. the president calls the frame framework deal a must. a delaware family left fighting for their lives poisoned by a powerful pesticide. the


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