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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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singapore mourns as one of the most significant leaders of the 21st century passes away. chaos and law willness in yemen. special delivery. the pope gets a tasty surprise on the visit to naples. we'll kick off the week with papal pizza here. i'm errol barnett. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. >> good you don't have to back. >> good to be back. thanks rosie. >> i'm rosemary church. thanks for joining us. this is "cnn newsroom." at this hour condolence are pouring in to singapore where they're mourning the death of
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the founding father. he died monday at age 91. president obama said he valued li's wisdom. >> li served as singapore's prime minister for more than 30 years ushering the city/state from colonial hub to vibrant economic power. he later worked as an elder statesman throughout asia. jonathan mann on his life and legacy. >> reporter: a gleaming modern city/state a city with a reputation for a clean environment with a wealthy population. this is the legacy ofly ku -- of lee kuan you yew. it is his son who rules today. >> what is it i'm trying to do?
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i'm trying to create in a third world situation a first world oasis. >> reporter: born in singapore in 1923 lee of fourth generation ethnic chinese. after studying law at cambridge university in england, he rushed -- returned home and entered politics. in the 1960s he led his small island from its status as a british colony to brief uni-op and qck independence. overcoming pressures at home and communist instability among neighbors, the city/state underwent a remarkable transformation from an economic backwater to one of the most developed cities in asia. some praised him as a visionary. others called him authoritarian. he tolerated little disent.
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human rights activists criticized caning as a form of punishment and the death penalty. lee was of unapologetic about his approach. >> i'm not following any prescription given me by any politician on democracy or whatever. i work from first principles what will get me there. social peace and stability within the country. no fight between the races, between religions, whatever. fair shares for all. >> reporter: in 1990 lee stepped down as prime minister but didn't bow out of politics completely. he took the post of senior minister in the cabinet and was given the specially created title of minister mentor in the government of the current prime minister his son. he will be remembered as the father of moder singapore. a titan of moder asia. a man who made his island a thriving modern state.
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jonathan mann, cnn. >> as you heard there, singapore's current prime minister who is also lee kuan yew's son declared a week of mourning. we have the latest from hong kong. anna he's been ailing for some time of course. we've been reporting on this. so how are the people of singapore reacting to his passing, and how do they plan to farewell their first and long ever serving prime minister? >> reporter: as you say, he's been sick for some time. he was admitted to hospital in february suffering pneumonia. he just has not gotten any better. late last week we were getting report that his health of deteriorating. i think it's fair to say people in singapore were expecting this. he was 91 years old had lived an incredible life full life and praised by world leaders such as margaret thatcher the
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former prime minister in the united kingdom. i want to read something she said about lee. she said "mr. lee almost single-handedly built up singapore into one of the most astonishing economic success stories in our times and did so under constant threats to his tiny threat of security and existence." in john mann's piece, he took singapore from this third wor country to this first world major economic hub. it is a success story in asia if not in the world. he is praised as being a visionary and somebody who really knew what was best for his country. let's take a license to what his son said the current prime minister of singapore. >> singapore of his abiding passion. he gave of him in full measure to singapore.
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as he himself put it toward the end of his life and i quote "i have spent my life so much of it building up this country. there's nothing more that i need to do. at the end of the day, what have i got? a successful singapore. what have i given up? my life." >> prime minister speaking there about his father. as to the way people are responding there's an outpouring of grief and love and respect, laying flowers and obviously as we know there will be a state funeral held for the foundation of singapore considering -- founding father of singapore considering he was prime minister for 31 years. his body will lie in state at the parliament house before that funeral, state funeral to be
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held on sunday. rosemary? >> he was a controversial figure and ruled with an iron fist, didn't me? he was also a man of vision as we've covered. we've talked about his legacy. now going forward, now that he has gone what does the future hold for this city/state and what shape tell likely take? >> reporter: look i think it's fair to say that he encountered many critics along the way. although dissent was certainly not something welcomed within singapore. he did rule with an authoritarian fist, no doubt about it. some sort of say the democracy in singapore wasn't really a democracy at all. but what he did and how he governed made singapore what it is today which is an economic powerhouse. it has one of the largest pours in the world. it's a financial hub. it is considered to be a country
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that is not corrupt, that is extremely efficient. you get fined if you spit or chew gum. that is how extreme singapore is. it is clean, it is efficient felt as a result people do business. there's a great deal of foreign investment. so lee kuan yew very much considered the man who made this happen. >> certainly. reporting on the story from hong kong. many thanks to you. a rather big story we're following. u.s. officials investigating an online threat calling for attacks again u.s. troops on american soil. a group calling itself the islamic state hacking organization posted the names photos and addresses of about 100 u.s. service members on line. >> u.s. military officials are encouraged to be careful sharing personal information on line. >> the military has to start rethinking.
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you can't have facebook and stuff with your military information and stuff about yourself. if you are known to be a service member on facebook and check in somewhere, now operatives these home-grown operatives may know where you are if they're able to get into your facebook page. >> because of that the obama administration says it does take these threats serious lyly along with the defense department and fbi working to determine the validity of the posts. there are growing fears isis or other extremists will exploit the power vacuum in yemen. >> and underscoring that fear are new images of the moment a suicide bomber struck a mosque in sanaa on friday. take a look at this. [ chanting ] [ explosion ] [ screams] >> difficult to watch, certainly difficult to listen to as people screamed there. just a horrifying scene at one
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of the two mosques targeted. both were frequented by shia rebels. nearly 140 people were killed in the attacks. isis has claimed responsibility. meantime houthi rebels took over a key international airport in yemen's cultural capital sunday. official say one person was killed and 82 others wounded when the rebels fired at protesting residents. richard roth report the u.n. security council met in an emergency session. it's calling for all sides to halt hostilities. >> reporter: the meeting was highlighted by a briefing by the u.n. special adviser on yemen, rather dire forecast. he said the houthis continued to move toward aidan on the south of yemen, moving toward civil war in the country. he raised this specter in these comments. take a listen --
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>> if i wanted push the country in either direction would be inviting a protracted conflict in the vein of an iraq/libya/syria combined scenario. >> the special adviser referring to the houthis backed by iran according to many. and the president backed by saudi arabia who's holding out. there's a lot of other actors as you know inside this yemen drama. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha you power, in a statement said the council spoke with one voice in denouncing the houthi march and refusing to bend to u.n. wishes for negotiations. she also said the houthis are getting help from former yemeni president salah. >> richard roth there. the u.s. military pulled the last of its personnel out of yemen saturday night. >> as andy rose reports, there are concerns in washington about the effects of that withdrawal. >> reporter: these developments in yemen greatly disturb me because of the -- their form
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attack the united states. >> reporter: the state department says the deteriorating security situation has forced the u.s. to pull about 100 navy s.e.a.l.s and army delta force members from the country. officials called the move a temporary relocation. house homeland security chairman michael mccall told abc this week he's worried about the consequences of a u.s. withdrawal. >> we'll have no intelligence footprint or capabilities to monitor what aqap and isis and the shia militants are doing in the region. without good intelligence plots again the homeland without intelligence we cannot effectively stop it. >> reporter: morningly the united states has worked with yemen's government to combat al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the terrorist group is made there. recent internal strife has rocked the relationship. the u.s. closed its embassy in sanaa in february. friday, yemen's state-rupp news agency reported at least 137
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people were killed in two separate explosion at mosques in the capital will hundreds more were injured. isis claimed responsibility though cnn happy confirmed that. the incident prompted this response from the white house. >> we're seeing extremists try capitalize on the chaos and instability inside of yemen to carry out these acts of violence. >> reporter: the u.n. security council met to discuss the situation. the adviser on yemen urged all sides to find ways to avert a civil war. isis has forced thousands from their homes. the people of an iraqi christian village who left once are back and prepared to fight for what's theirs. plus, it's the combination of a mystery that endured for half a millennium. the remains of england's king richard iii begin the journey to their final resting place. pope francis travels to the home of pizza and receives a special gift.
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23 people were killed mostly foreigners. tongue security forces shot and killed two gunmen at the scene. isis has claimed responsibility for wednesday's shooting. authorities have arrested at least nine people in connection with that attack. meantime the museum will reopen tuesday adding security alone will not win the battle here. he says unity and hard work are needed as well. syrian rebel have captured at least four crew members from a syrian army helicopter that crashed. in this video, you can see the chopper going down in the distance in the northwestern part of the country. the syrian observatory for human rights says an al qaeda offshoot took the crew hostage. there are reports the rebels killed a fifth crew member. >> still not clear what happened to a sixth crew member
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reportedly on board. syrian state news reports the military helicopter made a crash landing due to a technical malfunction. >> reporter: a smallville image in asearyrian christians in northern iraq has decided to join the fight against isis. >> instead of fleeing, they're doing everything they can to save their community and culture. ben wedeman has more. ♪ >> reporter: the bells summoned the fateful to sunday evening prayers in the church at st. george. the christian village north of mosul traces its history back to the seventh secretary ofry before christ -- is eventh thseventh century before christ. "have mercy on me god," goes the refrain. an appeal that holds significance for a community
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threatened with extinction. over the serveeries they've endured wave after wave of persecution sbru held on. this wave brought on by isis is putting them to a test they've never seen before. last august the residents fled as isis pushed forward. father puma feared they would never return. "i stood before the statue of the virgin mary and wept with a broken heart," he recalls. i prayed to her to protect us from evil. perhaps he head start his prayers. isis was stopped six kilometers or less than four miles away. most of the residents have since returned. after last summer's close call the village formed its own militia. their leader a iraqi special forces veteran, says there's a will to fight isis. the problem is the way. [ applause ] >> reporter: "every day 20 or 30
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men ask to join," he says "but we don't have enough weapons." hundred of christians from the area around mosul found refuge in one of the schools. they have shelter and food but little else. "we left with only the clothing we had on," she recalls. says xena "we need everything. i have three small children. we have no money." for many leaving iraq for good is their only hope. "if someone abroad would take us in yes we'd go now," she says. this official warns more christians are likely to leave. "every day the liberation of areas taken by isis is delayed," he says. "the worse it is for people here they'll emigrate, it's their only option. many have already left the area." this 90-year-old still has some of his family here including
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his 2-year-old great granddaughter. "one daughter is in australia," he says "and two sons are in the united states." ♪ >> reporter: sunday evening in the church is full. the service and dialect of airmayic the language spoken by jesus. prayers heavy with the simple appeal "deliver us from evil." ♪ >> reporter: cnn, northern iraq. he spent centuries laid to rest under what became a parking lot. now the remain of king richard iii are being given the royal burial they deserve. plus pop superstar taylor swift reportedly buys up some websites that end in dot-porn and dot-adult.
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crowds gathered in brooklyn new york on sunday for the funeral of seven children who died in a house fire a day earlier. >> fire official say the four boys and three girl were in their bedrooms when an unattended hot plate in the kitchen started the fire. the siblings were between 5 and 16 years old. an eighth child and the mother escaped the blaze but are in critical condition. the grieving father told mourners that only his faith can
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help him survive this tragedy. now this next story truly is a fascinating one after centuries of resting under what became an english parking lot. king richard iii is getting a royal farewell. his company of taken on a procession around lester where his remains were found a few years ago. >> planning had been underway for a rebuilding fit for a king. rosie tompkins with the story. hip, hip hooray. >> reporter: long live king richard. part funeral, part shakespeare, part murder mystery. this is a conversation of a half millennia-long story and 2.5 years planning to reintern the remains of richard iii a king who died more than 500 years ago. it really is astonishing to see the crowds gathered here today. all to pay their respect to a man they never even knew. the last king of england to die in battle now given the royal
11:26 pm
burial denied him the first time around. and there's an atmosphere of solemnity today fitting the occasion. >> i came from germany. >> i came from new zealand for this event. one of those inexplicable things that happens. >> we've waited so long and now this day is here. pinch me. >> reporter: today marks the beginning of an unprecedented multimillion dollar five-day spectacle. proceedings began sunday morning with the coffin making its first public appearance. before embarking on a seven-hour journey to its final destination at lester cathedral. among those in attendance michael ipson, distant relative and carpenter charged with the task of building the coffin. >> when the coffins came out, loking at it, the flowers on the coffin and the people -- extraordinary number of people. how did i come to be here sitting on a platform a few
11:27 pm
meters from a coffin i made for richard iii king of england. >> reporter: it was with the help of ipson's dna that the immortal's remains were found in a car park in 2012 were confirmed as those of the missing king. until today, rich's memory of that cast by shakespeare, the hurch backed villain king who murdered his nephews. this week's events are for some a chance to revisit that reputation. >> archaeology doesn't answer those sores of questions. doesn't answer if the person's good or bad or whether he killed his nephews or so on. it has allowed people to reimmerse themselves in the story and reinvigorate the date. >> reporter: gyp freezing and intrigue. no question it's captured the imagination. solemnnist mixed with utter frustration. there it is, the king's coffin preparing to make its final approach to the ka need trool lay in state for three -- cathedral to lay in state for three days.
11:28 pm
there's no question we've been witnessing history in what is surely one of the most extraordinary ceremonies to unfold before us in living memory. cnn, england. >> been a long time coming. there it is. a short break. ahead, many children across central america are taking great risks to reach the united states. for some who don't make it, what they've lost can never be regained. one boy's story coming up. plus, stunning video of the fatal confrontation between police and a schizophrenic man and why the family says deadly force wasn't necessary.
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welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. we appreciate you staying with
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us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rose row. we are at the half-hour mark. it is time to check the top stories this hour. singapore is observing a week of mourning in honor of founding father lee kuan yew. the former prime minister died monday morning at the age of 91. in his 30 years as singapore's leader he guided the city/state into a vibrant national power. the security council warned yemen is on the edge of civil war. government officials say houthi rebels swept through yemen's cultural capital and set up security checkpoints there. they say one person was killed and 82 wounded when rebels fired at protesters. u.s. senate republican ted cruz announced he's running for president in 2016. cruz tweeted the news early monday morning and will make his in-person declaration in virginia later in the day.
11:32 pm
the 44-year-old is the first candidate to formally announce his bid. u.s. president barack obama says he doesn't buy israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's claim that he now wants a two-state solution with the palestinians. >> mr. netanyahu said he was against palestinian statehood just before last week's election. on supposed u.s. senator john mccain said president obama is letting his personal problems with mr. netanyahu get in the way of real progress. take a listen. >> there was a free and fair democratic election. the only nation in the region that will have such a thing. the president should get over it. get over your temper tantrum, mr. president. it's time that we work together with our israeli friends and try to stem this tide of isis and iranian movement throughout the region which is threat tending the -- threatening the fabric of the region.
11:33 pm
the least of your problems is what he said during an election campaign. >> he went on to say mr. obama needs to get his priorities straight and focus on iran instead of mr. netanyahu. a rare sight in kabul, afghanistan, at the funeral of a 27-year-old woman. take a look at these incredible and shocking images. those are afghan women carrying the casket of another woman who was beaten to death and set on fire by a mob last week. hundreds of people attended the burial of the metropolitanly ill woman -- mentally ill woman. the beating was captured on video. we want to warn you it is graphic. witnesses say the attackers believed the woman had burned a koran. so far, there's no evidence confirming that. at least 11 people have been arrested and an investigation is ongoing. now it's a story that's painfully familiar for thousands of migrant children trying to find a better life in the u.s. >> in an attempt to chase the
11:34 pm
american dream across the border many of them end up getting hurt kidnapped, or perhaps worse. rafael romo with one story from honduras. >> reporter: alexis gonzalez walks slowly and with hesitation using the wall for balance. "i'm getting used to the prosthesis," the heesses. last january gonzalez decided to leave an impoverished village in honduras, and migrate to the united states. "sometimes we don't even have food to eat," he says. "and i wanted to get an education." he traveled by land through honduras and guatemala with a teenage cousin. in mexico they got on the cargo train my grants called the beast. he says that after traveling for days on the train, sleeping little he got tired, fell asleep and fell off. "the train severed my right leg and part of my left heel," he
11:35 pm
says. it's not difficult to fine stories of minors in central america who have lost limbs, been kidnapped, or died while trying to migrate to the united states by land. this man says he almost lost his life when he jumped off the train fleeing from gangs. "they got on the train to steal people. when i heard they were coming, i jumped off the train traveling at more than 30 miles per hour," he says. children are fleeing poverty and drug violence. the area has the highest reported murder race in the world. a harsh reality the government is trying to change by deploying security forces to hot spots. this is the city of san pedro. many people had chosen to leave you because they were fleeing the violence. operations like this one by the military police are seeking to restore confidence in authorities so people can return to their neighborhood. >> reporter: the mother of
11:36 pm
alexis gonzalez says she's worried about her son. >> translator: he told me he's depressed. he's recently been better but used to say he wanted to die. i was getting very worried because he said that he wanted to kill himself. >> reporter: the teenager says he now draws and writes to forget. "everything i did was meant to improve my life," he says "to give myself and my brothers and sisters the hope we can't find here at home. cnn, honduras. to another story we're following for you. a bar owner says the university of virginia student appeared sober and was respectful. this was moments before police arrested him for public intoxication. now the owner of the trendy irish pub says he turned away 20-year-old martise johnson because he was trying to get in to the bar using a fake i.d. turned out not to be a fake i.d. >> he says seconds later he saw
11:37 pm
police take down the african-american student. and you see johnson pinned to the ground there. his lawyer says johnson needed ten stitches to close a gash on his head. the arrest has caused an uproar with many calling it the latest incident of police brutality against a black man. new video is shedding light on the final moments of a menially ill man shot and killed by police. this in the u.s. state of texas. >> the family says the use of deadly force was not necessary. when they called for help they requested officers trained to deal with mentally ill people. we have the story. we need to warn you, some viewers may find the video we're about to show you disturbing. >> reporter: two dollars police officers arriving for what they expect will be a routine disturbance call. other officers had been to the home dozens of times before. this time would be different. and it's all about to be captured on the officer's body
11:38 pm
camera. [ knocking ] >> police. hello? what's going on? >> reporter: shirley harrison answers the door. she'll called police about her son jason. he's bipolar, schizophrenic and off his medication. she's trying to get him to the hospital. >> mr. harrison -- >> oh he's off the chain. >> reporter: as shirley walk out, police notice a screwdriver in her son's hand. what happens next is hard to watch. >> drop that for me. drop that for me guy. >> james! james! [ gunshots ] [ screaming ] >> reporter: within ten seconds of the front door being opened jason harrison lay dying in his own driveway. shot at least five time twice in the back by the officers wearing the body camera.
11:39 pm
his family says jason hadn't committed any crime, nor did he likely understand why officers were even there. what you do you think police could have done differently? >> they should not have been yelling orders off the top. you've got someone who's already confused. now you stick a gun in their face and yell at them. >> reporter: when shirley harrison called 911 for help she told them her son of mentally ill and needed to get to a hospital. >> they didn't take him to parkland. they took him to the morgue. >> reporter: why did the officers open fire? dallas police wouldn't talk to us you but the attorney for the officers did. >> was there any other option other than deadly force in this case? >> no. there's not because this is a deadly force encounter, and what they -- when you respond to lethal force, you respond to that with lethal force. a taser is a less lethal item. >> reporter: soon after the shooting the officers signed
11:40 pm
affidavits about what happened. both say jason harrison lunged at them. here's the thing -- officer hutchins says he lurchlged at officer rogers first and raised the screwdriver in the air. officer rogers says he lunged at the other first. both agree the screwdriver could have been used as a deadly puncture weapon. with jason bleeding out, backup arrives. listen as officer hutchins tries to explain to the others why they fired. >> he was in the doorway. he had the skrie screwdriver. he this this -- he came at us. >> reporter: did he? watch again. >> drop it guy! drop it! >> jay, jay, jay! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the family attorney says if jason had lunge ted officer you would have -- lunged at the officer you would have seen his body fill the camera. >> there was no lunge or thrust
11:41 pm
or grab or zorro move. >> reporter: after the shooting officers continued yelling for him to drop the weapon as he lay motionless. >> drop it guy! >> put the damn thing done! put the screwdriver down! >> man. >> reporter: after several minutes, officer roger gets close enough to remove the screwdriver from the victim's hand and puts his hands behind his back. jason harrison's mother had specifically requested officers who were trained to deal with the mentally ill answer this call. the attorney for these officers tell us they do have that training. about 5.5 manipulates after the shooting the ambulance arrives. it was too late just 38 jason harrison was already dead. cnn, dallas. ove health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic for walk-in medical care. and created programs
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pope francis visited one of the most troubled neighborhoods in naples italy, and had strong words for the mafia. >> after spending time in a community where organized crime is pretty much in charge the pope gave a mass at the city's main square. he urged young people to stay out of drug dealing and other crimes. pope francis also called on members of organized crime to convert to "love and justice." >> while in naples the pope got what you could call a delicious surprise as his motorcade made its way through the crowds.
11:45 pm
the pope received a special delivery straight to his pope mobile. >> we have the details. >> reporter: he may be a proud argentinian. that's not to the -- not to say pope francis doesn't have distinctly italian tastes. when asked what he missed most since taking on the top job in the catholic church his reply took some by surprise. "the only thing i would like is to go out one day without being recognized and to pizzeria for a pizza," he said. hearing of the pope's visit to the home of pizza, the city of naples wanted to make the holy father's day. >> translator: while i was making the pizzas for my clients, i heard the pope's car coming and got ready. while his car was approaching i jumped the fence and gave him the pizza. with a smile he said "thank you." >> reporter: as it turns out, the pope want? the only global icon to savor
11:46 pm
the delights of the family business. [ speaking italian ] >> translator: in 1994 my dad did a little pizza for american president bill clinton. yesterday when i got to know the pope was in town i decided to make a pizza and give it as a gift. >> reporter: enzo is still waiting to hear whether pope francis enjoyed his experience. but the pizza chef certainly has a belly full of pride. >> it's hard for me to understand what i managed to do giving a pizza you made with yur own hands to the pope is very emotional. it's hard for me to express the value of this gesture for a man we really love and value, for a beautiful person full of humanity. >> reporter: with clear intel like this, perhaps enzo can expect a heaven-sent boost to his business. cnn. >> how about that? >> nice stuff there. papal smile is huge. francis like i'll take this. >> the hash tag #-poperoni was
11:47 pm
trending. popular for a bit. you're here to tell us about storms in the area? >> not enjoying pizza -- >> not this time. >> we'll get to it. we've got a big storm system across the mediterranean out there. areas will see some of the wettest weather in spain all soap. in valencia we've had rainfall eight of the last nine days. [ poor audio ] >> the storm system tracking across portions of the mediterranean over the next couple of days. this was quite odd. we've had about a 20% -- [ technical difficulties ] >> we're going to quickly move on to fix this audio issue. this is live television folks. you're watching cnn -- >> we have work to do. >> this is happening here, right now. we want to get you a good weather hit, and there's an audio issue. we'll fix that sort everything out and be back in moments. stay with us. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins
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tell your doctor about any medical conditions medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. time for weather. we're all situated. across western europe an active setup. we had gone three consecutive weeks with no rainfall across spain. eight of the last nine days we've seen rainfall. look at the scenes out of valencia. the land of orange as it's known across eastern spain. tremendous rainfall on sunday afternoon. flashes of lightning, as well across the region. again, they've seen heavy
11:51 pm
rainfall flooding an issue. this region well known for sweet oranges. in fact summertime across the world, if you've been here, you know you can smell the citrus. a phenomenal place. plenty of rainfall across the mediterranean. the pattern continues with isolated thunderstorms that could spawn tornado. water spout country. that pattern remains in the forecast. watching tropical cyclone nathan. day 11 now of thunderstorm across portions by the northern tier of australia's northern territory where, of course mining communities up there. not a densely populated region but tremendous rainfall falling across the region has been coming down for days. the storm will meander around australia's northern coast and push through darwin. a long-lived storm. finally it looks like it's coming to an end in the next days. >> there you go. pedram made it through. >> finally got the mic fixed. >> thanks. it was a trademark finish
11:52 pm
for luis suarez. now barcelona takes a big step toward another title. >> barcelona and bitter rival madrid were tied 1-1 until the beautiful ball to you luis suarez who poked it home for the winter. they win at 2-1 and extend the lead at the top to four suspense. >> very nice -- four points. >> very nice. an undefeated season underway for u.s. basketball. the university of kentucky topped cincinnati over the weekend in the ncaa tournament to become the first team in men's college basketball to go 36-0. >> they're moving on to the sweet 16 and need just four more twoinz complete the first undefeated season since 1976. next up kentucky plays west virginia on thursday. >> look out for you ucla my team, the bruins doing very well. folks said we shouldn't be there in the first place.
11:53 pm
moving on. taylor swift reportedly buying up xrated internet dough myspace. justin bieber being sued. celine dion heading back to sin city. >> let's get you caught up in "celebrity news." i spoke with kim serafin in "in touch weekly." thank you very much for joining us. let's start with taylor swift buying up a porn website. what is the back story? what's she planning to do? >> yeah. dip buy it for the reason you might be thinking -- although you might be thinking she's a savvy businesswoman, and does he this to protect herself. that is the case. according to reports, she bought these websites you know, obviously you have dot-com and dot-org. now there are new dough myspace becoming available like dot-adults dot-porn. she bought up
11:54 pm
and dot-will do before anyone else could. she's a savvy business person. she trademarked lyric from her song. she reapply even put though pictures of her in a bikeno instagram before -- bikini on instagram before anyone else. she transformed from country star to pop star. makes sense why she did this. >> taking ownership of her image. very on top of thing. let's go to justin bieber. he was just good health himself on track, reimaging himself if you like. and now he's been hit again -- being sued by his neighbors with that egg incident. >> yes, exactly. so justin obviously is trying to turn everything around in terms of his image. he had that big roast last week. he kind of made fun of himself, poke fun of himself, made the apology saying he wanted to change things and turn thing around. now the neighbor who was involved in that egging incident is now suing justin. justin had already pled gill and
11:55 pm
paid $80,000 for the damages. now the neighbor is suing justin saying he and his bodyguards caused emotional distress. that speeding throughout the neighborhood in his ferrari, egging his house, other claims saying that he wasser to. ing them with language that he -- that just zip spat in his face he's alleged in this lawsuit. to him, his wife and family. so this is another thing justin will have to deal with. obviously there are a lot of incidents throughout justin's bad behavior stage. he will have to deal with them. obviously if he's really wanting to turn things around he's going to have to address these. >> a lot of work ahead for him. and celine dion is heading back to las vegas. what's behind that? >> yeah. celine dion obviously had a long-term residency in las vegas, made i think $400 up her million over the time that she was there. she stopped it last summer because her husband has been dealing with cancer. she just announced she's going back to las vegas to start this up again at the end of august. so this is great news. obviously she paved the way for
11:56 pm
so many others doing this, even britney spears obviously, has a big vegas residency. certainly followed in the path of celine dion. i think people are looking forward to having her back there. >> kim serafin, keeping us up to date on all things will happen. thank you for joining us. we have it all covered. you have been watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. another hour of the world's biggest stories next. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost.
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singapore mourns as the country's founding father passes away. u.s. senator ted cruz kicks off the 2016 race for the white house. farewell to a king. thousands turn out to watch as richard iii finally gets a proper sendoff and a new final resting place. hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom." the man known as