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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  March 22, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> if people are going to commit violent crimes, they need to be accountable, and we need to take whatever means necessary to hold them accountable. and that just makes the job of police officers so easy. i think we need to take advantage of science as much as we can when it's for valid reasons. terror and chaos inside of a yemen mosque on friday leads to outflaj the streets weekend. the yemeni people pushback back against isis. parents face the music for their alleged cheating ways. plus an app to let you chat anonymously is worth 400 million bucks, but it's not without its critics. welcome to our viewer in the united states and around the world. this is cnn newsroom. we begin this hour in yemen
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as fear and anger continues to mound amid growing violence in the country. now this is new video that has come from inside of one of the mosques hit by suicide bombings on friday. take a look at that. together the two blasts killed at least 137 people. it's the latest in a series of attacks by shia and sunni militants. the escalating violence prompting the u.s. to pull remaining forces from the country. let's go to hakeem who is joining us live. thank you for taking the time to speak to us. bring us up to date on the latest. u.s. military is pulling remaining personnel out of yemen. was this to be expected given the instability? >> for sure. right now yemen is chaos, no
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government. a split military. militants in control of the north and south. the south has hundred hundreds of thousands of militants and now the army. the u.s. feels -- would face many obstacles with a lack of real government on the ground. even if there was a government they are willing to cooperate and that's why the u.s. has seen a lot of obstacles the last several months. this was expected and i expected this months ago when the u.s. closed down -- two months ago. >> hakeem we are looking at people taking to the streets in protest.
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from what you are hearing, what are people telling you? are you hearing tales of people leaving the country. >> hundreds of family especially those who have access visas or passports are leaving the country. though it is stable right now they will not last in the next couple of weeks if not sooner. especially in the south where troops loyal to them are heading to -- the president is using it. it is expected to escalate the next couple of weeks and most of the tension will be seen in the south but al qaeda and yemens and isis if they exist in yemen they will continue attacks like what we saw in the mosques. >> help put it in perspective for us.
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a president has left to the capital after it was taken over last month. who's in charge? give us perspective for the international audience. >> the entire north -- when they attacked the presidential palace attacked the president and enforced the prime minister and president in -- last month president escaped a house arrest. when he fled he withdrew his resignation and called on -- accept him as the president of the country. many did. international community hailed him but refuse to recognize him
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as president. he controlled the south and the -- control the north. >> very, very complicated picture out of yemen. thank you very much. time is five minutes past 11:00 in the morning. thank you very much hakeem. turn our attention to tunisia where authorities released footage of gunmen in the museum during the deadly attack. you can see two men running in to someone coming down a staircase. the person rushes past the government who continue on their way. minutes later they kill 23 people mostly foreigners. reuters are reporting authority arrested 20 militants inside since the attack. ten are believed to be directly involved. as we told you, isis has claimed responsibility for that attack
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tunisian security officials believe the suspected shooters received weapons training in neighboring libya. a country seen as a foothold for isis. we have a report on the country's latest efforts battling extremists. >> reporter: not just another militia. here in benghazi these soldiers are welcomed as a new national army fighting jihadists who are proliferating in the chaos of post revolution libya. there are no cars on the roads toward the airport because there's still fighting going on there. as we with were driving here we heard the crack of snipers' bumts. they may have been targeting our convoy. there were no other car cans on the road. the jihadists still control some neighborhoods in benghazi and certain buildings.
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it's not over. not all of the enemies are islamic state but the ideology is spreading. there are libyans with this extreme mentality. they have the same belief so we call them islamic states. the heads, i don't want to call them commanders, they fought in afghanistan, iraq syria. they are well organized in leading this war. they have many members from the younger generation. >> the army leader wants europe and america to give him weapons. the attack by the islamic state in tunisia may strengthen his case. >> translator: i believe they will spread in europe too if these countries don't give real genuine aid to the people and especially the libyan army. what we need, we need weapons and ammunition only. the men are available. the army is growing every day and increasing in number.
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>> reporter: but it is not simple. a rival libyan army from the west of the country started to fight islamic state. you may have thought the two forces east and west would unite against the jihadists but far from it. they are bitter enemies. the attack should give impetus to peak talks, but will it? >> we have to give serious thought to this information. it might be true that these terrorists have been trained and were coming from libya to tunisia. so these talks, this is another important reason to convey a message to the participants in these talks that libya and the terrorism in libya is becoming a problem for the libyans and is becoming a problem for the region. >> reporter: the islamic state threatened suicided bombs in
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tripoli. libya with the endless supply of weapons is the ideal environment for them. in benghazi volunteers are picking up the litter. that might not sound like a big deal, but it is. before last october, jihadi groups held sway here. 800 people murdered. there was chaos. the new eastern army and police have brought a modicum of order. a lawyer who was in the front line in the 2011 revolution against colonel khadafy is organizing the clean up squad. >> now i feel 1 million% safe. i was one on a target list and now i'm walking around with no bodyguards or army. i'm a free woman, thanks be to god. i'm a muslim. i went to mecca and visited so why shouldn't i ask for police and army? the main demand for our
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revolution was the state of law. i'm a lawyer and they bombed the courthouses. why? it means you don't want law and order, but this is what i want. ♪ young libyan men have become addicted to guns and conflict but these days even benghazi's revolutionary rapper wants security above all else. >> this is the best way to build the army the police and then the state. this is not just a solution. it's the only solution. >> reporter: law and order maybe returning to benghazi but today the force, which has taken control here was fighting its rifles near tripoli. the only winners are the islamic state. >> that report from itn. you are watching cnn newsroom. still to come from a machete and bug spray to explosives.
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ebola virus. the campaign asks almost all residents to remain indoors from march 27th to the 29th from 6:00 a.m. in the morning to 6:00 p.m. and three consecutive saturdays in april. church services will be allowed on palm sunday. sierra leone has 12,000 people infected. if you remember bug spray and a machete is what police say a man used to attack an airport. he was shot at the new orleans airport and died a day later. officials say he was mentally ill. we have more including the items police have found. >> reporter: a cathaotic scene as a man first attacked security agents with wasp spray then pulled a machete from his waistband and started to chase
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tsa agent carol rochelle. another he threw a piece of luggage at him to slow him down. he was brought down by a sheriffs deputy. one of the bullets grazed agent rochelle's arm but the injury was not serious. white underwent surgery and died on saturday before police had a chance to interrogate him. at a press conference he called the policewoman who shot him a hero. >> she saved my life. the man whacked me with a machete and she saved my life. >> he had a bag in his hand. we didn't know that at first. in fact all of the witnesses obviously so being chased with wasp spray and a machete never noticed the bag. what the bag revealed was six
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half-pint mason jars with cloth wicks in to a liquid that we now know to be gasoline which you would commonly refer to as a molotov cocktail. he had a barbecue lighter in the bag. he also had a letter opener plastic. >> reporter: an indication the attack was planned and white could have inflicted much greater damage. the incident sent passengers and airport workers scrambling for cover and forced 0 police to shut down the airport briefly. concourses were fully operational on saturday with police digging in trying to find out what sent richard white on this rampage. now officials in new york city are calling a deadly house fire the biggest tragedy in a decade. hot plate ignited the fire that took the lives of seven siblings
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in brooklyn. >> reporter: seven children are dead after their brooklyn home caught fire just after midnight on saturday. firefighters believe a hot plate in the kitchen mall functioned and started the blaze. the children siblings age 5 to 15 were caught in upstairs bedrooms when the fire swept up from the first floor. >> this is the largest tragedy by fire this city has had in seven years. it's a tragedy for the family and the community. it's a tragedy for our city. >> reporter: the children's mother and her oldest daughter, a 14-year-old, were a i believe to escape through second floor windows. the mayor visited the scene expressing his condolences to the family and the community. >> it's unimaginable what you see in there. you can literally see what was a home for a large and strong
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family and now it is wiped out. >> reporter: firefighters were unable to locate any evidence of smoke detectors on the first or second floors of the home. >> it's difficult to find one child in a room during a search. to find a house full of children that can't be revived, i'm sure this will take its toll on our members for quite some time. >> reporter: i'm andy rose reporting. still to come iran's top leader doesn't trust u.s. efforts to reach a nuclear deal as washington and allies note substantial progress in negotiations. the details just ahead. if you plan to have wine with brunch beware some popular vine knows could have more than you bargained for. that's coming up. let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal? floor mats... clear coats... >>you're getting warmer... leather seats...
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rder of his confidante in his beverly hills home a decade ago. it is the latest in the saga of the 71-year-old millionaire. >> reporter: robert durst in his mug shot in new orleans, an image three families have waited years, decades to see. the millionaire heir was lobbednabbed
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in the lobby of a marriott staying with a fake driver's license. it appears durst was preparing to flee to cuba. >> are the walls coming in on robert durst. >> i would think so. >> he is the brother of robert's first wife. he said his sister wrote in her journal that she feared her husband and that he abused her. she was planning to divorce. they had a fight and the vanishes. durst takes four days to report her missing to nypd detective i have mike struck. struck never nails his prime suspect. >> it comes back to the fact we never found her body. we never had a crime scene. >> reporter: no evidence. >> no evidence, no crime scene. >> reporter: the case grows cold until 2000 when investigators reopen it. this time the millionaire flees new york to this run down apartment in galveston, texas, hiding out, cross dressing and posing as a mute woman.
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for months he is speaking to virtually no one dmept woman, susan berman. new york investigators decide to interview her. before she could be questioned around christmas 2,000, someone shoots berman execution style in her home. the killer sent police this anonymous handwritten note obtained in the hbo docu series "the jinx." it lists one word, cadaver. >> i said he is eliminating the witnesses and people who have knowledge and people with knowledge of kathy's passing. >> reporter: in the jinx, new revelation by the stepson, he comes across a letter durst sent to berman shortly before she died. durst handwriting, the killer's note to police. they bear remarkable similarities down to the misspelling of beverly. in the final episode of the
1:24 am
jinx robert durst is presented with a close match between his handwriting and the killer's. on the camera he appears unfazed. he walks to the restroom. his mic still on. the camera records as he talks to himself. >> there it is. you're caught. what the hell did i do? killed them all of course. >> bob durst didn't kill susan berman. he's ready to end the rumor and speculation and have a trial. >> the fbi asked authorities across the country to examine cold cases in the area where robert durst has lived. some popular california wines are served not in a glass but in court a class action lawsuit says dozens of wineries knowingly sold low cost wines with too much arsenic. some of the wines exceeded
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limits by 500%. the wine institute which is in association with 1,000 california wineries called the lawsuit misleading and said there is no research showing the arsenic levels in wine are dangerous. cold weather appears to be spoiling the first few days of spring across the northeastern united states. find out if there is any relief in site. derek, is there any relief in sight? >> unfortunately no. i wish there was. maybe seven days out and we will get relief in the big apple. this is too familiar of a site in new york city. people having to catch taxis with a fresh layer of snow. look at the visuals coming out of the big apple. yes, the white stuff. on the first full day of spring. total snowfall for the new york city area has far exceeded the average of 25 inches which is roughly 64 centimeters.
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the average last snowfall in new york city is typically about mid march, but it can extend even as late as end of march in to early april. especially boston to portland maine. we will cross fingers that didn't the case. unfortunately the cold weather continues to grip the norns northeastern part of the u.s. look at these temperatures. slightly above freezing. there's some warmth near new york. you have to look toward thursday. 60 degrees. another shot of cold air just in time for the weekend. the rest of the united states, we are monitoring a wet weather pattern for atlanta down to new orleans and eastern texas. look at the radar lighting up across the region. a per zest tint rain from jackson, mississippi through central and southern georgia in to parts of florida. two to four inches possible. if you are looking for warmer
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weather head to the phoenix skyline. this is a double rainbow sent in. rainfall in the top end of the northern territory. this is australia. thanks to tropical cyclone nathan. we have a slow moving storm system and it is possible it dumps 200 to 500 millimeters of rain just east of the darwin area. that's going to lead to localized flooding as well. back to you. >> hope next time we talk you bring us sunshine. enough of the rain and snow. thank you very much. you are watching cnn newsroom. still to come christians in iraq are fleeing for their lives in the face of isis. we will have a live report next
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. this is cnn newsroom. let me bring you up to date on the top stories this hour. the man police say stormed security in new orleans international airport has died. an officer shot 63-year-old rich white three times on friday. white apparently had smoke bombs and gas cylinders in his car. authorities say he suffered from mental illness. more chilling footage from a suicide attack in yemen. investigators say the mean seen here with the crutches made his way in to mosque and blew himself up. it is one of two blasts that killed at least 137 people. the latest violence prompted the u.s. to pull its military from the country. the u.n. security council plans to hold an urgent meeting on the
1:31 am
situation later on today. the tunisian ministry of health says 33 people injured in the bardo attack are out of the hospital. ten are still being treated. this is video of the gunmen in the use museum. ten militants believed to be involved have been arrested. for the fistthe first time isis is gaining influence in his country and what is a boundless attempt to take over. take a listen. >> it's like a man eater. it swallows its competitors. what it did to the syrian national army is one example, it absorbed the most significant elements but it swallowed the place. here it's not the physical presence of people from syria
1:32 am
and iraq it's the network effect. >> the president is preparing to leave for the united states to request a slow withdrawal for american troops from afghanistan. isis has torn apart communities and families in northeast and africa including iraq's christian minorityies. 50 families left mosul last year. they live in an aban donned school in baghdad. >> this 27-year-old says she is surviving but she is hardly call this a life. remembering the life she once had, she breaks down. it was beautiful she says but for now this is home for her and 50 other christian families driving out by isis last year. they found sanctuary in this abandoned school in baghdad. with support from the church and aid groups they are getting by.
1:33 am
everyone in the small community has a story of loss and suffering, but most are too scared to speak. iraq's christian community once estimated at more than a million dwindled to a third of that since the u.s.-led invasion of 2003 prompting many to flee. for years they have been the target of extremist groups. many who defied the threats of state say they no longer can. my message to the pope is we are worthless in this country. get us out of here. save us from this country. we don't belong here anymore. the latest news from home came from a's, releasing these photos. vandalizing a church, taking do you know a cross and replacing it with their black flag of terror. she is angry looking at the pictures. >> this is the mondayastery we
1:34 am
liked and visited. why are they doing this? others say that isis has done worse. >> i felt bad but not like when i saw our families leaving their houses and properties and given it to isis. it hurt me more than seeing the crosses falling from the churches and throwing our culture or our history. we can rebuild history. it is difficult to rebuild the human. >> reporter: forcing christians out of their homes was not enough. isis seems determined to wipe every trains trace of christianity in the land it rules. >> if isis continues, i think this is the last chapter of the book of christianity or minorities living in iraq or the middle east. >> reporter: the christian identity under threat in the middle east the land where it was born more than 2,000 years ago. >> isa, these are some of the stories of suffering of iraq's
1:35 am
minorities. minorities that have been persecuted by isis that has taken hold in this part of the world. some of these christians a lot that we talk to that we meet here in baghdad or in places elsewhere in the region like jordan frampls for example, where they have taken refuge they feel they are the lucky ones that they were able to get away after isis took control of parts of northern iraq including the second large city mosul and where it gave people an ultimatum, either convert, leave the city or die and many were able to leave and they still want other christians in syria or northern iraq who are suffering as a result of isis' brutality. isa? >> i was moved by the dment made by the priest where he said it is the last chapter. it could be a last chapter of the book of christianity. we have seen time and time again
1:36 am
isis really going, destroying desecrate canning churches across the country. indeed that really breaks down the cultural herrage, as well. how are people forming communities once they leave? >> it's inkredable. for years now it feels like this is a repeat of reports we have done years ago. for years we have been reporting out of iraq on the persecution of minorities, especially the christians, year after year. first alta inal qaeda and now isis. and talking to the priest they say for years they tried to encourage christians to stay. when they speak to people they would say this is their home and country and they should not abandon it and leave and now it is so difficult for them to do that. they say they can no longer tell people to stay in their homes
1:37 am
and face death really. it's devastating for the people we met there in that school. this is one of the schools that's opened its doors where they are living. there are others living in churches also here in baghdad where they tried to hold on to their faith, where they tried to continue to practice their faith where they can. it's really difficult for them. when they see images like this he says you mention the vandalizing of churches of the desecration of christian graves in different parts of the country and images we are seeing emerge from isis blowing up monasteries in northern iraq that have been there for centuries. it is a very painful experience for them to see this and very few would tell you that now they have this will or desire to keep living in this country, the country of their grandfathers and generations that have lived
1:38 am
here. many just want to leave this part of the world now because they feel they no longer belong here. isa. >> that is so sad. as always thank you very much. more than 45,000 egyptians have fled libya since video surfaced showing the beheadings of 21 coptic christians. this is according to a newspaper. some have flown home and thousands of others made the journey in to equip. this is according to the newspaper. they. iran's president says a nuclear deal with international powers is within reach. they took a break on friday and are expected come back to the table to try to wrap up a deal that is closer but not finished. we have a report on how negotiations stand as the clock comes down. >> we recognize that fundamental
1:39 am
decisions have to be made now and they don't get any easier as time goes by. it's time to make hard decision s. >> reporter: with the u.s. and iran planning to rejerusalem gosh sum -- resume negotiations. >> this in the days ahead we will stay at this. we have not yet reached the finish line but make no mistake, we have the opportunity to try to get this right. it is a matter of political will. >> reporter: with the deadline ten days away iran's foreign minister assessed the progress. >> it is possible anytime. it depends on the mr. will. >> he warned on twitter it is time for the u.s. and allies to give a little to get a deal done n. a last ditch effort president obama made an appeal to the
1:40 am
iranian people warn nothing deal would make their conditions even worse. >> iran's leaders have a choice between to two paths. if they cannot agree to a reasonable deal they will keep iran on the path it is on today a path that isolated iran and the people from much of the world, caused hardship for iranian families and deprived them of jobs and opportunities they deserve. >> reporter: the allies in iran are working on such issues as to how long a deal would last a system for verifying irannies complies with the measures put in place and not secretly developing a nuclear weapon and when the tough sanctions against them would end. >> think president believes and i think with some justification that we need to see the iranians demonstrate some sustained commitment to implementing the agreement before we talk about removing all of the sanctions. >> reporter: the white house did get one thing it's been hoping
1:41 am
for. senate republicans delayed a vote until mid i april on a measure that will require congressional approval on anything president obama does. that delays that until after a deal can be reached march 31st. >> despite reports of progress iran's top leader expressed mistrust announcing what he called u.s. bullying in the negotiations. iran's supreme leader said teheran would not be pressured in to given in to western demands and the nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes. texas senator ted cruz is set to become the first presidential candidate in the 2016 race. he plans to skip the customary process of forming an exploratory committee. instead he will announce his candidacy on monday. you are watching "cnn newsroom." still to come, a girl face s attempted murder charges accused
1:42 am
of poisoning her mother after a cell phone was taken away. and the days leading up to the shooting death of odin lloyd. the stories ahead.
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1:44 am
they chanted how is human
1:45 am
rights not a -- yesterday demonstration dubbed dignity marches voiced discontent with government spending cuts. spain's unemployment rates staggering 23.7%. now 12-year-old in the state of colorado is accused of poisoning her mother with bleach because the mother took away her iphone. the child is charged with attempted murder. our affiliate has more. >> reporter: most parents know the struggle that comes with separating their kids from their cell phones. >> i think most kids are addicted to their phones. >> reporter: sometimes the only answer is to take their phones away. >> i have done it on occasion and luckily they reacted well about it. >> reporter: that was not the case for another boulder county
1:46 am
mother last week. the sheriffs office responded to bolder county hospital after learning a loss of cell phone privileges prompted a 12-year-old girl to go to extremes. >> pretty scary they are the girl's mother noticed a bleach smell in her smoothie a couple of days earlier. >> she thought maybe her daughter cleaned the glass and there was bleach left in it and she started to feel sick. >> reporter: she noticed it again coming from a water carafe in her room. >> when she smelled the bleach in the carafe she confronted her daughter and her daughter said she was trying to kill her for taking her iphone. >> it sounds like the situation was out of hand before that. >> reporter: the sheriffs office can't say what led up to. but they took her in to custody on two charges of attempted first-degree murder. >> it seems an outrage us a reaction to having your phone taken away and reflecting of how our teens and kids are so
1:47 am
dependent on that that they would be willing to go to these those extremes. the massachusetts court, jurors saw a video of aaron hernandez in a club days before he was accused of killing odin lloyd. a witness took the stand saying he seemed agitated. susan candiotti has more. >> reporter: it may not be the most crucial three-minute video of the trial, but it could be one of the most memorable. it is more than dirty dancing? for prosecutors it suggests motive. aaron hernandez, standing against a wall while a female dance partner does a bump and grind. >> he told me his name was rock. >> reporter: it is two nights before oiden lloyd is killed. he is in a club with hernandez that. is lloyd wearing a hat. she testifies that hernandez asks her to dance, and she does.
1:48 am
then his mood suddenly takes a turn. >> he seems irritated and aggressive. he just seemed a lot more agitated like on edge. >> reporter: another witness says he sees hernandez appearing angry inside the club as lloyd talks to a friend and angry again when hernandez leaves the club. his right arm gesturing in the air. on cross, defense attorneys challenge the credibility. attacking a female bartender. >> 50 guys grabbed you. >> i was probably exaggerated but a lot of men did approach me. >> so that was an exaggeration. >> reporter: it is not clear how the questioning played with the jury or how hernandez behavior may play with his fiance who has not been in court for two weeks. she's been given immunity to
1:49 am
testify for the state. prosecutors also admit a goof by not seizing shoes seen on home security video, worn by hernandez, wallace and ortiz the night lloyd is killed. they have pleaded not guilty and tried separately. police photograph the shoes but overlook them in a search. instead they get a new pair of the nikes identified by an expert. steve bennett testifies the bottom is consistent with a shoe print at the crime scene, but the defense argues there are millions of this air jordan style sole out there. >> you can't tell sir, can you, that that outsole pattern made that impression. can you, sir? >> no. >> prosecutors play video of a car they say shows the very
1:50 am
moment lloyd arrives at the crime scene driven by hernandez. the car leaves three minutes and 40 seconds later. another video shows the same car pulling in to hernandez's driveway less than a mile away without lloyd. the same afternoon, the same defendants are at hernandez's home in his man cave playing with his baby and around his backyard pool. hours later, shaking hands and getting back in the car, heading to a rental agency. at the same time hernandez returns the rental car, a jogger finds the bullet riddled body of odin lloyd at the industrial park. still to come a ruling on whether the state can play jailhouse conversations with hernandez, including one with his former college roommate mike pouncey who is on the state's witness list. susan candiotti, fall river,
1:51 am
massachusetts. you are watching cnn newsroom. growing pangs for a social media network. the founders talk about caught up in a cyberbullying controversy.
1:52 am
1:53 am
story we told you about yesterday. a cheating scandal involving national exams.
1:54 am
friends, classmates were found scaling school walls. police posted outside testing areas and now results are in. in all about 300 people were arrested. 750 students have been expelled. testing in four other exam centers have been called off. lesson there, do not cheat. the founders of yik yak say they wanted to create a democratic social media network and are forced to navigate the water of cyberbullying and free speech. the makers of the app and how they are responding to the critics. >> reporter: these are yaks. ♪ >> like a funny thought or a relevant piece of news you want to share with your local community. >> 24-year-old tyler and brook s
1:55 am
are the founders of yik yak. it is valued at $400 million. the app, whose name was inspired by the '50s song -- ♪ yakty yak ♪ >> users vote on comments they like and vote down one that's don't. they first worked on the app when they were in college. >> there were a select few twitter accounts that held the campus voice. we said everyone should have this power. we democratized it and gaift to everyone and allowed the campus to connect. >> reporter: fast forward a year later, the app is exploding on college campuses across the country. >> basically every campus in america, vanderbilt university someone posted something about his brother getting a full body blood transfusion and 700 people showed up to be a donor.
1:56 am
the down side anonymity can lead to bullying or harassment. no user name or accountability. >> how do you try to help with the cyberaccountability problem. >> made a set of rules about no targeting people, no bullying and took the daring step to enforce them strongly. we wanted good growth, not growth at all costs. >> reporter: other students have cited on-line harassment. this month a university official sent a letter to the company seeking identities of people inciting danger. for people that are bullied or have been bullied what is your legal responsibility? >> there are federal laws in place that prevent no sharing of user information. we are limited in what we can do there. in cases of imminent threat or
1:57 am
harm we work with law enforcement to you know do what we can. >> reporter: the founders say they are focused on expanding beyond the college audience and people looking for a facebook alternative. >> i think facebook and other apps where you have to keep up with the pro-mile is very heavy and yik yak is light weight. you can talk like real life. >> that does it for us for this hour. thank you for joining us. i will be back with a check of your headlines in just a moment with another hour of "cnn newsroom." . don't go anywhere
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