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tv   New Day  CNN  January 30, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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let's bring in cnn's will ripley live in tokyo. >> right now the feeling here is that it only is a matter of time before isis comes out with another propaganda message. but what sun known right now is what will be the contents of that message. will kenji goto relay yet another message, relay yet another ultimatum? or as many fear could there be another, could there be something else? perhaps what happened after the first deadline passed and 24 hours later, it was announced that japanese captive, haruna yukawa had been executed. the situation in jordan continues to get more volatile. we see protests outside the palace where king abdullah is facing a growing criticism from the public over his handling of this. there is anti-japanese sentiment that has caused the japanese government to send an alert to japanese citizens in that region
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to be extra careful in the coming hours and days and they're requesting additional security for their diplomats in that region including the special enon the groundvoy on the ground. alisyn? >> will thanks so much. please keep us posted. another troubling story to tell you about, when bowe bergdahl was swapped for taliban prisoners critics of the move warned that the militants would return to the battlefield. u.s. military and intelligence officials now suspect that one of those five freed prisoners has made contact with suspected taliban associates. cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr has more. >> good morning, all of this coming to light because the u.s. intelligence community conducts a classified intercept surveillance program over the communications of all five of those men now back in the persian gulf nation of qatar after being traded for bowe
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bergdahl from their detention in guantanamo bay. something popped up where one of them was noticed to be making communication, telephone call it's believed to militants, taliban associates so you know now where does all of this stand? the u.s. says it's got all five under even closer surveillance than before. that they can mitigate any threat that is posed. they don't believe it was a direct threat. but i will tell you there are some in the intelligence community, i have spoken to who express a good deal of concern about all of this. and believe that this is a clear example of someone returning to militant activity. the detainees, this isn't the first one that's done it. it won't be the last about 12 to 15% of them released from gitmo do return to militant activity. but as you know this was a very controversial political case when the president made the decision to trade the five. for bowe bergdahl. chris in. >> it highlights the dilemma of the situation. keep us up to date on further
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developments. there's no question this is a horrible melding of military and politics. luckily we have bright minds on both sides to help us figure out what to do. we have cnn military analyst and former commanding general u.s. army europe lieutenant general mark hertling and professor at the city university of new york pete enbeinart. gentlemen, let's look at this from the military perspective what of do in situations like this with terrorists like this missed deadlines, no proof of life. asking for hundreds of millions and backing off it. it doesn't seem like they know what they're doing. but is the right thing to do to engage? >> the right thing is to engage chris. you have to continue to engage when there are lives at stake. when you're in conflict when you're in a conflict situation, you have to continue to attempt to make inroads, political inroads with your enemy. in this case with the japanese
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japanese/jordanian/isis issue, they were willing to talk and potentially trade. but i think the jordanian government played their cards brilliantly by saying we want to see our pilot first to make sure no marm has come to him. comparing that to the bergdahl situation, prisoner swaps have been going on without conflict through the ages. whereas there were some who didn't agree with the swap one for five bergdahl for five talabani or al qaeda operatives. at the same time we have value on our soldiers we want to get each one of them back from conflict. >> you know the specific push-back on that particular trade was about who bergdahl was and how he came to be captured. but the general opposition was, the u.s. what is it? do you negotiate with terrorists or do you not? do you believe the political position on that is a little deceptive, general? >> if you're talking, chris, about the exchange as to whether
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or not the taliban was a terrorist organization or a counterinsurgency, yes. that's a little bit deceptive. the people who have fought against the taliban will tell you they are definitely a terrorist organization they do the kinds of things that a terrorist organization does. that's a little bit tongue in cheek. >> it's a bad thing to be tongue in cheek about, isn't it professor? when you have the u.s. say week don't negotiate with these guys and these other countries should be very careful, not only is that not true. but it's also not really productive. so how do you think that projects onto the situation? to allies and to enemies? >> it's always very easy when it's not your people. when it's not your country's people to take this position that you should never negotiate. when it's your people then the pressure becomes enormous. especially in a country like jordan where the population wasn't really behind the war to begin with. i think that the larger drama in jordan here is how does jordan stay in the war?
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this is a regime that was pressured by the united states to take part in it. it was very important diplomatically that we get some arab participation. but the population is not for it. >> why? >> because there is a lot of hostility to the idea of fighting a war in another arab country on behalf of western countries that are perceived often in a kind of colonial perspective by the population in jordan. >> so it's not that they're pro isis or pro terrorism. >> no. >> it's that we don't fight our own unless we absolutely have to. especially when it's something that's contrived by yoilt siders. >> jordan has suffered spill-back. jordan has refugees from the iraq war going back to 2003. so the jordanian perspective is the wars don't end up very well for them. >> do you think it makes a material change in their posture in regards to the coalition efforts? >> this guy who was a hostage. came from a powerful tribe, a powerful family. the government in jordan would not be willing to negotiate
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unless they felt like there was some real political danger there. >> general, the obvious, if unsophisticated take on the situation is that we're being played by these guys. they like the attention, the media is fanning the flames. this is all upside for them and life is cheap. are we playing the game of the terrorists? who is the we it doesn't matter. everybody else versus the terrorists. do you think we're being played? >> i don't think i would go that far, chris, but i would say they are being very manipulative in terms of their messaging and they're attempting to do things that we've never seen done before. with these kinds of terrorists organizations. going back i'll push back a little bit. jord jordan is clearly in the sights of isis. had isis not been blunted. i think their next move would have been across the border into jordan. so i believe the political apparatus in jordan realizes the danger of this organization. but perhaps the local populace
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does not. so i think the joining of the coalition was more than just being pushed from the west. they realize that there is a security concern in that country as well. getting back to your question though yes, to a degree all of this, because it's gone on for days now, continues to help isis be at the forefront and as we see in other parts of the world, there are a lot of other terrorist organizations that are now signing up to be on the side of those they believe or they perceive to be garnering the world's attention. >> the one thing that is revealed then to a large extent is that they haven't provided the proof of life peter, right? because that would only help their leverage in the situation. and they're not doing it. so it shows who you're really dealing with here right? >> right. they seem more interested in trading their japanese hostage than the jordanian hostage from the beginning. isis will do whatever it can to humiliate and weaken the government of jordan. because they have they're in conflict with the government of jordan in a different way than
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the government of japan. they want to weaken ultimately if they could, would love to try to bring down this government. >> their goal as stated is to be rulers of all of these different places. >> absolutely. >> that's what they want. you know the big concern is what happens next time? because this is what these people do. is they take innocents and they kill them for some kind of sport and popularity. >> right. i don't think there's any way tragically that this kind of behavior changes, until the military campaign against isis really starts to bear fruit. what we're seeing is that although there was this victory in kobani where the kurds defeated isis in this town near the border with turkey the larger goal which is like the retake of mosul for instance, the larger iraqi city that isis took back in june. i don't think there's any timetable that i know of for that to take place. >> but as the academics know in their heads and men like the general know in their hearts from their actions on the battlefield. it will never be won just with force, they're going to have to
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find a way to address the kernels of these ideas. we're nowhere near that yet. general, thank you very much. professor, always a pleasure. back to you. taliban is claiming responsibility for the murders of three u.s. military contractors on the military base at kabul's international airport in afghanistan. the terror group says a suicide attacker who opened fire was a taliban agent who penetrated the security forces and waited for a target. that attacker was also killed in the gun battle. breaking overnight, a surprise isis assault on the iraqi city of kirkuk has killed a top kurdish peshmurga leader. the attack allowed isis to take over an area swept of the city. but anti-terror units and peshmerga forces managed to reclaim some of the area after a gunfight. a former taxi driver in the d.c. area now on the fbi's list of most wanted terrorists. the fbi says liban hajji
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mohammed, a naturalized u.s. citizen from somalia provided material support to al qaeda and al shabab he left the u.s. in 2012 now believed to be in splal somalia. the last thing that people in the northeast want to hear -- more snow is coming. our sara ganim is live in boston. >> hey, guess what it's already snowing again here in new england. and this snowfall what we're expecting is nothing even close to what they got earlier this week with the blizzard. but it's significant because of the snow that's already on the ground here. take a quick look here in portland maine. look how much know snowe is on the ground untouched, unplowed. 27 inches of snow have fallen earlier this week in portland maine. and now they're expecting even more on top of that earlier this
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morning, we saw crews racing in the city to try to remove some of that snow before the snowfall, which is already coming down. we see the streets already had not been cleared completely from that previous blizzard. and now like i said it's already snowing here again. six to ten inches could fall today. between today and tomorrow actually here in portland, maine. plus in addition to that they're expecting that next week sunday into monday another system could come through, bringing even more snow to the city. that's significant, because it causes problems for snow removal, rooftop safety concerns and also always alisyn the potential for power outages. back to you. >> sara stay warm. let us get some scientific knowledge behind this and talk to our meteorologist jennifer gray who is joining us now. >> what is snow? >> we need to know. in all seriousness, jennifer talk to us about these systems and how bad this is going to be
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sort of a one-two punch, right? >> it really is just as sara was saying, we have a lot of snow on the ground now we're getting more snow. we have two snowstorms coming in a couple of days. the first one basically already happening. this one is going to ling near tomorrow. you can see snow all across the northeast. he'll a little snow on the outskirts of boston. you saw portland getting some snow. even on the outskirts of new york getting a little bit of that. so it is going to be scattered this morning and we could pick up several inches across the northeast. the other big story with this the winds, we could see gusts up to 40 and 50 miles per hour. by the time we get into tomorrow morning, so here are your snowfall totals if you want the big-time totals those are going to be in northeastern maine, bangor picking up 10-12. portland possibly picking up 4-6 inches boston could pick up 2-4. that's only the first system. it will stay cold over the weekend, with temperatures wind chills well below zero. this is the next system guys this is the one coming in on monday. there is a little bit of
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uncertainty with it. still, but we could pick up an additional eight to ten inches around the boston area. and places north could pick up additional snowfall as well. guys. so they will be digging out for quite some time from these systems. >> maine already got hit by the last one. i don't know how much the accumulation was there. but to get 12-24 on top of it? >> they can't be surprised, they do live in maine. >> it seems as though you're blaming them for the snow. if you don't like it move? are you like that in. >> no i feel for them there. >> you are wearing white, which is a little taunting to be honest. >> bring it she's saying. happy to hear from you, maine, we love you, maine. meanwhile coming up there's testimony set to resume this morning in the aaron hernandez murder trial. prosecutors say the former nfl star's dna was found at the crime scene. but our legal expert says he will be acquitted, anyway. how is that possible? she'll explain. and hillary clinton --
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testimony resumes this morning in the murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez. the prosecution seemed to present an open-and-shut case. but the defense says not so fast. cnn's alexandra field is live for us in fall river, massachusetts. what's the latest? >> one of the first witnesses called to testify in the case a teenager who discovered odom lloyd's body. the prosecution says aaron hernandez arc straighted the killing and the cover-up of odom lloyd. but the defense says that police and prosecutors only went after hernandez because of his celebrity status. a distraught mother leaves the courtroom. the pictures of odom lloyd shot to death in an industrial park too much for ursula ward. on the opposite side of the courtroom, shania jenkins, on the opposite side of the
3:20 am
courtroom, sharon jenkins. the former nfl star fidgeting in his seat on the first day of his trial for murder. >> the police and the prosecutors targeted aaron from the very beginning. >> hernandez' attorney referring to lloyd and hernandez as friends, some 40 times during opening statements. going on to say the former patriot, a celebrity, had no motive to kill. he was generous with friends. but the prosecution paints a different picture. hernandez became angry with lloyd at a nightclub two days before the 27-year-old semi pro football player was shot. execution style in an industrial park. the evidence for their murder case a series of surveillance videos. one shows lloyd getting into a car with hernandez the night he dies. another from inside hernandez' home recorded after lloyd's death. prosecutors say that's a gun in his hand.
3:21 am
>> the crime of possession of a firearm. that he committed the crime of murder. >> dna evidence also a key part of the prosecution's case. they say a shell casing has hernandez' dna on it. they say his dna is also on a joint found near the body. and that of lloyd's is, too. and late they are morning, the prosecution will continue to make their case calling more witnesses to the stand. we could be in for some emotional testimony from odom lloyd's mother and his girlfriend. ailsen? >> we'll be watching that alexandra field. thank you. let's get insight from cnn legal analysts mel robbins and danny cevales. the prosecutors presented in their opening statements what sounds like damning evidence to me. aaron hernandez' sneaker print found near odom lloyd's body. hernandez' dna on a joint found at the crime scene.
3:22 am
meaning he was smoking pot. an empty shell casing found in his car. you say, i believe, that none of that will be enough to convict him? >> yeah you know i think we've got another casey anthony on our hands, the reason why i believe that good morning danny and good morning alisyn is because there is simply no motive. and when you think about motive it's not required. but it's sort of like the gravy on a meal it holds everything together. and so let's just concede that aaron hernandez was at the scene. with all of that evidence you've basically just proven that he's there. but what you have not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, is that he substantially contributed to the murder. and without that level of proof, in a joint venture case in the state of massachusetts, there's not going to be a conviction. because you don't know as a juror what the heck happened. you don't know if it was
3:23 am
intentional. you don't know if it was involuntary. you don't know what went down. how the heck could you convict somebody on evidence that doesn't prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, alisyn. >> danny, who motive no murder weapon found at the scene. is mel right? no conviction. >> mel alluded to this. motive is not an element of any crime. it can be evidence of intent. while mel is right, it's sort of like the gravy, a lot of people like me don't like gravy, don't care about gravy. you don't need motive to get a conviction. if the defendant is acquitted, it will not be because he's a celebrity. it will be because this is a high-profile trial. there's a difference. when you have these facts, four guys go into a yard with a gun, three come out. in the run-of-the-mill criminal case day to day, that isn't on tv. jurors say, are you kidding me? and they convict. but in high-profile cases, there's the fear of scrutiny. and when that happens, people look at these same facts and the
3:24 am
argument of well you don't absolutely know what happened. which would never fly in the run-of-the-mill case now actually has a prayer. that being said there is an unoverwhelming amount of circumstantial powerful circumstantial evidence linking this defendant to the crime. >> mel, you used term joint venture. i want to talk about this. because it's specific to massachusetts law. it says that anyone in massachusetts who participates in a murder can be found guilty of that murder. in other words, they do not need to prove that he pulled the trigger. isn't that all the more reason that jurors will who know that aaron hernandez was at the scene, will find him guilty? >> only if they think his presence at the scene substantially contributed to it. the fact that he may have been in the car. the fact that there may be a joint there, and by the way, even though i conceded it for the first point, you better believe the defense is going to argue just because there is a spliff at the scene that has his
3:25 am
dna on it doesn't mean that he was actually there smoking it. as we know -- >> what about his sneaker print found near odom lloyd's body? >> they don't have the sneaker that matches it. they're alleging there was a sneaker print of his at the scene. they don't actually have those pair of shoes that match the sneaker print. so i think they're stretching the facts on that one. so i think you're going to see the defense argue that it doesn't mean that he was even there. and if you look at the video, guys you can't, you can tell a car is pulling in. but you can't tell who's in the car. and so this again, i go back to casey anthony. we all in our guts think she's guilty. we all in our guts think we know what happened. but because the motive in that case that she wasn'tnted to party, just didn't fly and at the end of the day the prosecutors couldn't tell the jury exactly what went down and why. and i think it's going to be a major problem in this case alisyn. >> danny, quickly. let me read for you the evidence that is not permitted at trial.
3:26 am
odom lloyd sent a text to his sister before he was killed where he said just so you know i'm with nfl. that's not going to be allowed. he's not allowed to mention that aaron hernandez has pending trials for assaulting an inmate threatening a correctional officer. or he was involved with the shooting of his buddy, alexander bradley. or that he was charged with shooting two men outside a nightclub or video of him holding a gun. those seem to be to me to be relevant to this case. why isn't this allowed? >> if the defense wins the case it will be because of the pretrial motions which have allowed them to prune and sculpt the case and get rid of evidence that was incredibly damaging. the text messages for example weren't wr deemed by the judge not to be a dying declaration. which is a fascinating study. a study of hearsay law, a lot of the pieces of evidence are certainly interesting. we would want to hear them. but there's lots of evidence that's interesting. and under a rule we call 403, it
3:27 am
basically means a judge, in most evidence decisions does a balancing test. is it interesting to the jury? but is the potential prejudice from that evidence does did outweigh however interesting it might be to a jury? >> well it will be interesting to follow this case and see what happens, mel robbins, danny cevvalos thanks so much. are they still even alive? terrorists continue to change their demands and the fate of two hostages is on the line. now, the isis captors have gone radio silent. we have the latest coming up. sounds a bit like 2012 all over again. president obama taking a swipe at mitt romney. wait until you hear what he said about his former rival's reemergence. they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪♪ they cut the power.
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xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit it is unclear this morning whether a jordanian fighter pilot and a japanese journalist held captive by isis are still alive. the deadline to do a prisoner swap has long since passed. the terrorists seemingly have gone silent. let's get the latest now from jomana karachi in oman jordan.
3:32 am
>> we know very little that the jordanian government is choosing to come out publicly. a brief statement says they're working around the clock to try to get an update on the fate of the captured pilot, moaz al-kassasbeh. jordanians say the offer to release would be suicide bomber as requested in the demand by isis is off the table. they're not doing this until they get what they've been asking for -- proof of life. the government says for the past few weeks they have been engaged in indirect negotiations with isis. to try and secure the release of the pilot. throughout this process, they have been asking for any evidence to show that he is alive and well. and so far, they say they've not received that proof of life. this country is on edge right now. await anything word on his fate and of course the hardest hit by this is the family that have
3:33 am
been going through unimaginable pain and suffering over the last month or so. chris, back to you. >> a horrible situation, dealing with a group that doesn't value life. thank you very much for the latest on that situation. an explosion at a maternity hospital left survivors scrambling through rubble to find babies. three lives were lost in this blast in mexico. including two infants. the question is who or what caused the blast? the entire situation captured on camera there were dozens of injury including some 20 newborns officials had inn mexico everyone inside has been accounted for. a policeman seen in this dramatic photo, rescuing an infant from the rubble. he is being hailed a hero. we will stay on the story for you. the senate passing a bill to approve construction of the keystone oil pipeline. nine democrats joined republicans to pass the measure. republican house leaders will decide whether to vote on the senate bill or try to reconcile it with their version, which already passed.
3:34 am
president obama vows to veto any bill approving the pipeline while the administration continues to review the project. alisyn and chris, for years, daredevils have attempted to conquer niagara falls in a barrel this guy did the reverse-o. world-renowned icelimb will gather. the fir person to scale the 146-foot section along the edge of the famous horseshoe falls using nothing but ice hooks, he says his biggest challenge wasn't chunks of falling ice, the frigid water dousing him, nor the death defying climb, but rather the year-long bureaucratic process to get permission to make the climb. he did get some he said at the end of the day i was hypothermic. he reached the top, apparently he went up and down three times. i salute you. >> that's incredible. >> that's how you get to school up in canada. >> that's incredible. the bureaucracy was worse than
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i think this is a fair paraphrasing of president obama to mitt romney -- i can't win the next election but i can make sure you lose. listen to what he said last night. >> we've got a former presidential candidate on the other side who suddenly is just -- deeply concerned about poverty. that's great, let's go. let's do something about it.
3:40 am
>> 47% sure he was talking about mitt romney. to discuss why this is happening, cnn political analyst and editor in chief of the "daily beast," john avlon and cnn commentator and republican consultant and sirius xm host margaret hoover. avalon why would the president waste his time on such? >> he's not wasting time. he's having fun and pointing out the obvious flip-flop. with the deeper point. the barb in the joke is look, if republicans are going to care about poverty that may be ironic but it's a great thing in terms of moving the national agenda and maybe there's some common ground and maybe democrats feel vindicated. a long time republicans have been m.i.a. on the issue of urban poverty, particularly. >> i had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't 2012. >> but didn't he just say in the state of the union he's not running any more elections? you know i agree with you. i think truly, if you, ask joking aside, it does seem a bit beneath the president who is not running another, another
3:41 am
campaign to wade into this. you see i think in that instance a guy who actually likes the partisanness he likes the barbs and that is actually what i think has made part of the conversations and the negotiations with congress over the last few years -- really gone rotten. because this is a guy who actually likes to win. and he likes to stick it to his opposition. but -- >> but it's i'm talking about president obama right now. >> it also applies to mitt romney. >> sure it does. but, no mitt romney is never going to stick a barb in like that it's not his style. >> but margaret's point is he's not staying above the fray. he's fighting again with mitt romney. >> well look he had a lot of practice with that right? i mean you know you got a whole election to talk about that. i do think it's a little -- i am all about bipartisanship and trying to find common ground. >> which you denote by pounding a fist into an apparent wall. that's -- >> that's all about compromise.
3:42 am
pretending you're going to take the politics out of politics or complaining when politicians act political. i think is a waste of time. >> what's your break down on the "wall street journal" and underline furiously, margaret. >> barbs? it is good. that mitt romney is talking about the, why wouldn't president obama focus on -- >> because romney -- >> rather than stick it to him politically. you already won the presidency. >> for the disorder and convenience of the republican agenda. >> boom. >> you've already won, you're not running in 2016. go make your presidential library, that's where you do your legacy. >> i don't like it when you talk to me like i'm a model. >> here's how mitt romney responded to the president, calling him out. he sent out a tweet, mr. obama, wonder why i'm concerned about poverty? the number of poor in your term and your record of failure to remedy. >> that was a very well-vetted
3:43 am
tweet. >> it should have had a hash tag -- boom. >> i think it is good. in all seriousness, let's have a debate about poverty. different solutions, let's engage the debate. we haven't for decades on a bipartisan basis. maybe it can turn into something constructive. >> people want to talk about poverty, we should be talking about poverty. if you want to be president, shouldn't you be talking about these things? >> yes. >> why isn't hillary clinton? does this mean she doesn't want it? is it just something for her but not good for the people? because they need this debate? >> yeah. i mean hillary clinton has been in her statements in speeches since leaving the secretary of state's office been focused on the middle class, that's the core message, that's been the only message in effect. but yesterday got floated is she might move an announcement date from spring to summer. hillary clinton can afford to do this. but the problem is you got godzilla in the rose garden. you got someone with a massive lead over the rest of the democratic field doing a rose garden strategy. while she can pull it off, if anybody can, it does leave a lot
3:44 am
of room for people to jabber for other candidates to get stronger, that's danger of arrogance in that strategy. >> do you think she should sit it out until summer? >> she's the front-runner. as soon as she announces, all the arrows come at her. >> they are already coming at her. >> what it also does is gives her allies time to build up steam and to build up really a coordinated defense strategy to help protect her. >> very quickly. we want to show you an interesting exchange that happened in the senate armed services committee yesterday. it was between john mccain -- >> and everyone else. >> and code pink. code pink protesters. >> i'm going with mccain. >> who were there to try to yell protests at -- >> at a 91-year-old man. >> henry kissinger. watch this. >> i've been a member of this committee for many years. and i have never seen anything as disgraceful and outrageous and despicable as the last demonstration that just took place. about you know -- you're going
3:45 am
to have to shut up or i'm going to have you arrested. if we can't get the capitol hill police in here -- immediately? get out of here, you low-life scum. >> that's so good. >> now, what you can hear is yes, you have the right to protest. everybody knows that. the man was saying things that the senator found particularly offensive. and john mccain showed -- >> i dig the inner eastwood coming out there on the part of johnny mack. the professional protester crowd really does have a way of irritating people and being their own worst enemy. what you saw there is john mccain's famous temper flaring, you got a 91-year-old former secretary of state, maybe controversial to some people. cut down the b.s. a little bit. >> and i don't know where those individuals are protesting were during vietnam. but i know where john mccain was. john mccain was locked up in a hole being tortured by the
3:46 am
vietcong. so if anybody has a right to say you low lives get out of here, it's john mccain. the real story here is where the heck was the capital police. >> john mccain said he was going to look into it and do an investigation. >> they have to. if we think secret service is bad. this is an incredible security risk. >> imagine what kwof happened to the code pink people if they would have gotten too close to john mccain. people think he's too hold to be president, let me tell you something, the more you know that person he has plenty of firepower left. >> and you can carry in d.c. now. >> she says with a smile. >> christmas came early. a lot of buzz around this year's super bowl commercials. including one featuring a young lady named kim kardashian. it's gone viral and it isn't even a sex tape. that provocative entry and other laughers ahead. here's a sample. >> each month millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies. tragic. data you paid for, that can be
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all the crew guys' ears perk up. we're talking super bowl sunday. not just the biggest day for the nfl. also for advertisers, ads sell for $4.5 million for a 30-second spot? what commercials will we all be tweeting about this weekend? let's bring in brian stelter, cnn senior media correspondent. host of "reliable sources" and richard kirschenbaum. this going to be good. there's some buzz already happening. why don't we show the ad and then we'll chat about it i always love a puppy dog one. apparently the world does nine million views of budweiser's lost dog. take a look at it. ♪ ♪ ♪ i would walk 500 miles ♪
3:52 am
♪ and i would walk 500 more ♪ ♪ just to be the one ♪ >> a big trend is these ads which we love the dog and the budweiser and his clydesdale buddies. >> people want to see them ahead of time. they want to merchandise the $4.5 million. so they do stuff before they do it during and they do it after. it's very important. >> there are some that are foregoing the ideas of buying the expensive super bowl ads and having an ad that runs around super bowl time right? >> you make it seem like it's going to run around the super bowl. when it's only going to run in one small market. but it's the people who buy the national ads that i care, about they're making a state. the budweiser ads, they have to top themselves every year. i think they did this year. >> what if you put kim kardashian in an ad. seven million views of the ad promoting data. which isn't necessarily sexy
3:53 am
let's take a look. >> hi i'm kim. each month millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies. tragic. data you paid for that can be used to see my makeup my backhand, my outfits. >> kind of genius celebrity buzz there. >> it is. >> the super bowl is about celeb, it's about sex, it's about apple pies. kim is doing a great job with the sex part of it and celeb part of it. she is. >> brian? >> it's a way for them to promote a new campaign. and to make a statement. they're not at&t they're not verizon, but they are t-mobile and they are gaining subscribers. it's a way to show off on the biggest stage of all. you know that 100 million people are going to be watching for these ads. there's no other place in television or anywhere else in media to reach 100 million people. >> it's not buzzy or snappy. but we all use data. they found a way to get our attention about something that matters. >> everybody is going to be on their phones during the commercials. so for that reason. >> i've heard that sex sells,
3:54 am
i'm not the first one to say that. >> it's shocking how quickly an ad can find a way to have a sexual component. >> this one is overt. let's look at the victoria's secret ad. what they do best. ♪ i'm in the mood for love ♪ ♪ ♪ for love ♪ >> too much? >> well first of all we have to realize that there are a lot of men watching this they're going to love this. >> but men aren't the ones going into the victoria's secret stores are they? >> men and women will love this it plays off the whole idea of the game. it's clever. victoria's secret has not advertised in seven years and they're back and it's a smart play for them. >> and they're coming back for the first time in a long time into this game. >> why are we seeing more companies come back? >> there's a little bit of a slowdown in advertising overall so companies waited a little longer to buy ads.
3:55 am
nbc didn't sell out until a couple of days ago. there was an opening for an ad. >> there's a new line-up. if you would have told me ten years ago that chevy wouldn't be in the super bowl but that wick' or dove would be. >> there's a lot of women watching the game they're part of the super bowl sunday crowd that's sitting by the tv. tweeting et cetera. i think this one, the real men campaign let's take a look at this one. because it got me. i'll admit it. it got me. it's a good one. ♪ ♪ >> it just tugs at the heartstrings. >> we haven't shown them all in their entirety. >> there's a trend also about celebrating the dad now and i think this really you know focuses on that. and it has indexed very well among women as well. women really love it. >> last but not least. i want to get to this one. there's been a lot of --
3:56 am
controversy going on around it with the nfl at the center in terms of domestic violence. and this year they have done a psa. let's take a look at it i'm curious how it came to be. let's take a look at it first. >> do you have an emergency or not. >> yes. >> and you're unable to talk because? >> right, right. >> is someone in the room with you? just say yes or no. >> yes. >> so i understand the nfl donated production time to do this. so obviously they're putting their backs into this. you think it's -- >> my friends at cory advertising did a fantastic job. it's a very big issue. i think it's a powerful one. i think the spot is incredibly powerful and it's a powerful issue that needs to be addressed. >> it's the kind of thing it might be the only ad i think it stops people from talking during the game or during the ads. it's the kind of thing people might not get up and get nachos
3:57 am
during that commercial. i wonder what kind of conversations it will start in the rooms. some conversations will get started as a result of that. >> richard, brian, we'll be watching i know the two of you will as well. can't wait to hear your reactions. tell us what commercials you're looking forward to seeing. you can tweet us @newday, or go to our facebook page. nfl commissioner roger goodell is holding a state of the nfl news conference it's happening at 1:30 p.m. eastern, catch it here live on cnn. tomorrow go inside football's biggest game with cnn's rachel nichols and hall of famer dan marino for cnn's kickoff in arizona, at 4:30 eastern. you've got a lot of viewing to do. we're following news today, including breaking news about the 2016 presidential race. let's get to it. terrorists continue to change their demands and the fate two of hostages is on the line. >> we have asked for a proof of life. >> i am very pessimistic about the fate of the hostages. >> they are attempting to
3:58 am
elevate themselves into a political movement. >> when bowe bergdahl was swapped for taliban prisoners critics of the move warned that the militants would return to the battlefield. >> one of them attempting to communicate with taliban associates. >> we're confident that we would be able to mitigate any threat of reengagement by any of these members. an outbreak of the measles is sweeping across the united states. >> we're injecting chem kalgs into our children. >> for to you go out there and tell people not to vaccinate is egregious. >> instead of waiting for an outbreak let's get ahead of it. >> this is "new day," with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, again everyone welcome back to "new day." we have breaking news at this hour. cnn's dana bash has just learned that mitt romney has officially decided whether to run for president. and whether he will move forward with that run in 2016.
3:59 am
we do not know what his decision is. but we understand that he will announce his decision on a phone call with his supporters at 11:00 a.m. eastern this morning. >> well here's the thing -- first we know that. a decision of this magnitude should always be made before 9:00 a.m. in the east so we're going to have to wait a little bit. but we know now is the time he had to decide for various reasons. dana bash is on the phone with some insight into this. why now, dana what do we know? >> good morning. the reason why now is because he has been very clear i'm told from multiple sources, that he gets that this is a decision that he has to make very soon. because he has done this twice before. and he understands that there are people waiting. there are people who he would need and when it comes to money. when it comes to support, when it comes to staff. and so it's something that kind of urgent that he has to has to decide. and when we say decide it's
4:00 am
unlikely i'm told to be you know good morning, ladies and gentlemen, i'm running for president. or not. it's more likely to be the kind of baby step with a sort of a wink and a nod that we've seen from jeb bush that we've seen from chris christie from others. you know forming some kind, like maybe if he goes forward, to form some kind of entity that allows him to raise money and build the staff that he would need to do to make a formal decision formal announcement down the road. >> dana it's alisyn here just last night mitt romney and president obama were in a bit of a sort of sparring match, via twitter and the president speaking at this democratic retreat about the war on poverty and who was going to be more successful. so given that he has been so engaged lately in the past few days and weeks, what do you think his announcement will be? >> put me on the spot. look it's talking to people who, who know him and have worked with him for years and
4:01 am
years, you know basically that the discussion process is -- that it is very from their perspective, these are romney supporters. from their perspective it is very unusual and they even use the word unprecedented for somebody who has run twice, to have the kind of encouragement that they say he has gotten from donors from supporters from people in airports. and more importantly, for someone like romney who is a data guy, from polls that he has seen. >> right dana -- >> the flip side is they know he will always be the 47% guy. he has an image that is very very difficult to shake when especially when it comes to those issues of poverty and somebody who is rich and can't understand other people. but you know he feels that the question is is balancing those
4:02 am
two things? never mind the whole fire in the belly. to go at it a third time. that's the big question. >> well dana obviously we're just playing with putting you on the spot. either we know or we don't. but the motivation for this is very clear, we've got john avlon joining us again in studio. we'll talk to him again in just a second. what this is really about, obviously is money. john let me put it to you. that's lot of talk on that side of the fence, they want get their game on earlier. they want to capitalize on what the democrats are not doing, which is getting behind someone. that must be what's fueling this. >> once jeb bush got in that changed the complexion of the race it increased the accelerated search for donors there's a lot of overlap between the bush and romney camps. one of the key iowa campaign operatives who had been with romney for two cycles wept with jeb. it's applying pressure and driving the timetable. it's big news, what we find out on the 11:00 call changes the
4:03 am
whole complexion of the race. >> didn't jeb bush and mitt romney have their own come-to-jesus talk? >> they did have a meeting and by all accounts it was oddly nonpolitical. i think it was more sort of two potential nominees. >> you don't think there was a -- what do you think about being the vice president? who, me or you? >> that conversation could go on all day long. a laurel and hardy routine. they have overlapping constituencies to some extent. they both represent the center right. they're both policy people particularly jeb. they have really overlapping depth of bench when it comes to the money game. as we've discussed so much who the donors line up behind the donor primary -- >> the reality of money in politics as long as citizens unitsed is on the books, what do you think, yeah or nay? >> i would go yeah. look at the engagement last night. not only from the romney twitter feed? but from a lot of the associated operatives they're engaging in the debate.
4:04 am
>> i think the momentum he seems to feel that he has momentum. he's been at the ribs joint, people were saying we sure wish were you in the white house. dana i want to get back to you, the one fly in the ointment was always -- ann romney who said no no no no. a few months ago. she perhaps has changed her tune recently? dana are you there? >> i'm sorry, guys -- can you repeat that in. >> would his family including his wife ann, be on board? >> i mean what i have been told in the past week is that if he decides, she's 100% on board. 100%. and you're exactly right. she has been the no no no how many ways can we say no? but what i've been told is that a couple things. one is she believes in him. as we all know. we've watched it over the past two election cycles. two is she has you know been witness to the, what they call the outpouring of support and
4:05 am
encouragement for him to run. and she, she's -- i don't know if anybody, if anybody has seen the documentary "mitt" which was really an insightful view into any campaign but specifically this campaign. the very last scene in this campaign when they lose and they go home and the secret service is gone and it's literally mitt romney and ann romney sitting alone in their living room. in their house. you think how on earth can these people put themselves through this again. however, i'm told that even so ann romney is for anything that he will do and i'm also told that she's beyond that. she's actually for it now. >> here's the reality. if mitt romney announces that he is running for president, that means that his wife is okay with it. that comes before the announcement. the family has to line up before the announcement. >> and especially this family. which is so tight. and dana just mentioned the documentary, "mitt."
4:06 am
i think the documentary was instrumental in the resurgence of mitt romney. because it allowed people to see the man behind the mask. and to see the family and to recognize there was an authentically a good man and good family behind the campaign. >> see you at 11:00. we'll have more ahead on "inside politics" with john king stick around. we're waiting on that news we have news right now about the gut-wrenching wait to find out the fate of two hostages. officials in jordan are still demanding proof that their captured pilot is alive before turning over a female jihadist to the terrorists known as isis. there's growing suspicion that this group of murderers, just playing with lives to get attention. still, the leaders in jordan and japan have to scramble to try to make a deal. again lives are on the line. let's bring in will ripley he is on the ground in tokyo. what is the latest from there, will? >> you really said it chris. there's a growing sentiment here that isis this terror group, as they stretch this hostage crisis on as they lie, as they make
4:07 am
deadlines, as they break deadlines. they are playing two key u.s. allies, japan and jordan like a fiddle. and many people here are now wondering if one or both of these hostages are even still alive. if isis ever had any intention of handing them over or if they continue to manipulate the situation to get the attention and the legitimacy that they so crave, at a time when coalition air strikes are causing major damage they're trying to take back territory. they lost kobani. they're launching lots of military action. but with reduced numbers. and the sad truth is there are two innocent lives, kenji goto a japanese journalist and moaz al-kassasbeh a jordanian pilot that are being used right now as pawns, two lives in great danger devastating for their families. there is growing frustration in jordan. protests over the king's handling of the situation and new fears about the safety of japanese citizens and diplomats in that country. and still, no answers about what
4:08 am
isis is going to do next. and so these two major governments have to sit and wait on this terror group. alisyn? >> will thanks so much for that update. let's bring in madelyn albright, a former secretary of state and former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. now the chair of the national democratic institute of the albright stone group. albright stonebridge group. very nice to have you with us as always ms. albright. do you believe there is any real intentionality on the part of these terrorists to deliver people alive? >> it's good to be with you, chris. let me say, it's very hard to read their motivations, beyond the fact that they want publicity. they really the more we talk about them the more that pleases them. but it's very difficult, since we deeply care about the lives of the people. and but i think it's very hard to know what direction they're going, they are in fact i
4:09 am
think, playing our two allies off against each other. and meanwhile, making it unbelievably difficult for the families and really all our heartstrings in terms of this. the more we talk about it the happier they are. >> but not talking about it really isn't an option either. especially with lives in the balance. >> absolutely. i agree, completely we have it talk about it i'm just explaining the problem, the paradox. >> i understand and i appreciate the perspective on it. what would you do if you were still in your role for the united states of america? what would you do? >> well i didn't i would never negotiate with terrorists. because i think that just encourages them more. but this in many ways is a different kind of a case. in the jordanian one. where this is a military person a pilot, and in fact countries do their best to bring their military home. >> it gets confusing, secretary. we've been struggling with it here. jen psaki, you know her well she's now at the state department. here was her explanation of what the united states is supposed to
4:10 am
do in situations like this. let's take a listen. >> our position as the united states government is that we don't make concessions to terrorists. now there are certain circumstances and you've been talking a little bit about bowe bergdahl this morning. where he was a member of the military someone who had volunteered to serve his country and we don't leave our men and women behind. we took steps to bring him home. >> if you were going to talk to other countries about what they are supposed to do. you better be clear about what you do yourself. this does not seem clear, madam secretary. because either you negotiate or you don't. what is this notion that you have a different rule if it's a member of the military or different rule depending on circumstances or different rule if it is a citizen? does that breed a feeling of hypocrisy in. >> i don't think so. i do think that we have all our countries, a responsibility to our military who is are out there, defending us and then get captured in the course of defending their countries. i do think that one of the
4:11 am
really bad parts and something we have to explain over and over again, that paying ransom or negotiating does in fact encourage more seizing of hostages. part of the issue with isis is sadly, they are making money off of the ransom and they need the money in order to continue to terrorize the people in the region. >> we're going to keep following that situation. you know you don't want to give it any more attention than it needs. but lives are on the line. we have to figure out if there's any chance of progress. another situation, have you ever heard of anything like the house of representatives in the united states inviting a foreign leader to come in and presumptively criticize the sitting president? lick we have with benjamin netenyahu? >> i think it's a very unfortunate situation. the speaker does have the right to invite somebody. but the bottom line is that just normal protocol would in fact ask that there be some connection with the executive branch. but there have been so many
4:12 am
voices on this i don't think i can add much beyond thinking that it's a fiasco and it's most unfortunate. >> but madam secretary, few voices are sr. the understanding of how these situations play out the way you do. so he's going to come here we know what he's going to say, prime minister netenyahu. it is going to be critical of the president. the question becomes -- is this something to play politics with? >> i happen to think it's not something to play politics with. i think that the relationship that we have with israel is beyond question. it's one our greatest allies we support, we understand the difficulties that they have in terms of their region's security. i do think we have to be very careful not to politicize something like that. but i truly do think that at this stage i hope that prime minister netenyahu understands the complications of the situation. >> when everybody in the united states government always says we stand with israel it is an odd
4:13 am
maneuver at best it show some type of division on that by inviting the prime minister. we'll see what the fallout is. here's a situation that seems much more certain to me. what's going on in the ukraine. do you think there's any doubt whether or not russian military russian government is being employed in that situation against the ukrainian government? >> there doesn't seem to be a lot of doubt. i have to say, partially there have been the military at nato have indicated that they have been able to see a lot of russian equipment that the ukrainian separatists could not have gotten any other way. there is i think, you know the green people the little green men that go in are subverting things. today there is news that things are even worse in eastern ukraine. i think there is very little doubt that the russians are involved in it. in some kind of a way in terms of supporting the separatists. >> we are told many of the roads we used over the summer in ukraine are no longer passable in the eastern region of the country. the pushback madam secretary
4:14 am
is these people are oppressed, they are russian. the ukraine government is not just bad, but it is evil intention toward them. they are crying out for help wouldn't the united states do the same for their own? is that fair? >> absolutely not fair. because the whole premise has been made up. and i think that the media in russia is into propaganda on this particular issue. and their prop gandizing their own people to make sure there's support for president putin on this. and a lot of the people in that region in eastern ukraine, who are also hear that the kiev government is in fact trying to terrorize them. which is absolutely not true. which is why i have made quite clear now that i do believe that we the west needs to give some kind of more military support to the ukrainians so they are able to defend themselves. >> well that is a strong statement. we haven't heard any action like that. to be in the foreseeable future. the united states government
4:15 am
just says russia has to abide by what it promised in the minsk agreement, which seems somewhat laughable at this point. we see what happens there and we look forward to coming back to you for that madam secretary. one quick button -- mitt romney announcing at 11:00 a.m. in a phone call that he either will or will not run for president. give me the answer. >> i think he probably will. >> mmm. is it true thaw will announce right after? >> absolutely. especially since i wasn't born in the united states and could not. >> that is the correct answer madam secretary, thank you so much. appreciate having you on "new day" as always. >> thank you, chris. we're are following breaking news mitt romney expected to announce his decision about a 2016 presidential campaign. will he run? john king breaking all that down on "inside politics." a measles outbreak that began at california's disneyland spreading to a dozen states and triggering yet another debate over
4:16 am
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4:19 am
84 cases of measles reported across 14 states, bringing
4:20 am
renewed attention to the ongoing vaccine debate in this country. joining us the director for disease control's national center for immunization and respiratory diseases dr. anne shugat thank you for being here this morning. i have covered this story for a long time and i have interviewed dozens ever parents who have decided not to vaccinate their children. so let me attempt to represent their side and have you respond to their concerns. one of the first things that i hear from parents who have decided not to vaccinate is -- if you, dr. shugat vaccinate your daughter but i choose not to vaccinate my daughter. but at school your daughter is protected, mine isn't. so why are you concerned? >> measles can be serious. and people can die from measles or get pneumonia or long-term mental problems from measles. so i would take hate to take chances with my own child. i think most parents think measles is gone.
4:21 am
but it's forgotten, but not gone. and the outbreaks that we're seeing so far this year are a reminder that measles is a plane ride away 20 million cases around the world and it can be in your own community. >> if you've vaccinate your child, shouldn't any be the ones who are protected froms me snls. >> you know absolutely. this vaccine is highly effective and very safe. the best way to protect your child is to get your child vaccinated. we recommend two doses. one between 12 and 15 months and the second between the ages of four and six. that's the best way to make sure your children are safe and healthy and protected against the measles virus. >> to the points of parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their children. the reason we're bringing this up. is there seems to be a groundswell of parents in california and beyond across the country, who for their own reasons, do not want to vaccinate their children. because they believe that it somehow puts their children at risk in doing so. why should there be complaints
4:22 am
from other parents who are vaccinating their children. because their children theoretically should be protected. >> one of the critical things about measles and the vaccines is that it's a live viral vaccine. and not everybody can get it. so we have to -- we are not able to vaccinate babies under six months of age, for instance and we're not able to vaccinate people with leukemia. people who are pregnant can't get the vaccine. and those people really do rely on the high levels of vaccination in everyone else. when we let communities have high rates of unimmunized people the baby who is are too young to be vaccinated in that community are at great risk. babies can have very serious complications from measles. so i think for parents who are on the fence out there, in my conversations, it's usually because they don't even think this various is still around. so i want those parents to know it's still out there and it is a
4:23 am
risk. the second thing is parents are wondering, is that vaccine safe? there have been so many studies and hundreds of millions of doses of measles vaccine have been used. it's very safe and extremely effective. it's effective after one dose it's even more effective after two doses and we recommend the two doses, because a small percentage of people won't respond to a first dose. nearly all of them will respond to the second dose. so i think most parents want to keep their kids healthy and safe and want to keep themselves and their families able to go out and enjoy events. and getting vaccinated is the right thing to do for this disease. >> what some parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their kids would say is yet there are vaccine injuries. these exist. and if one of their children, they feel was injured by a vaccine, there are records from the hhs that show that there have been 946 children injured by the measles vaccine. over the course of the past 27 years, that's not much. that's really a small fraction.
4:24 am
however, some parents who have friends whose children were injured somehow or their own child was injured somehow. what do you say to parents who fear that something will result as, as a product of having gotten the measles vaccine? a sickness or an injury somehow. >> making sure vaccines are safe is extremely important to me as a public health leader and as a physician. i think it's critical that we monitor vaccines before they're used routinely and continue to monitor them after they're in widespread use. we have an enormous evidence base in support of the safety and the efficacy of the measles-mumps-rebela vaccine. there's a huge evidence base now that the mmr vaccine is not linked to autism. and think that's a question that a lot of parents have. autism is a terrible disease.
4:25 am
very challenging for families and communities. and actually our health care and educational systems. but the mmr vaccine is not linked with that condition. so i think it's critical for parents to get good information. we know parents get, rely most importantly on their pediatricians or clinicians and we encourage them to have good discussions with their doctors or nurses. >> we do encourage parents as well to go to the hhs website, as well as the cdc website for more information. dr. ann schugat. thank you for coming on "new day" to explain. we welcome your comments. we do have breaking news to get to this morning, mitt romney expected to announce to supporters in just hours whether he intends to move forward with the presidential run, how likely is it that he will make another go at the white house? john king will tell us on "inside politics." tom brady is about to play in his sixth super bowl. we're going to talk to the author of a fascinating new york
4:26 am
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4:29 am
it's unclear this morning whether a jordanian fighter pilot and a japanese journalist held captive by isis survived a deadline for a prisoner exchange. extremists demanding the release of a female jihadist on death row in a jordanian jail over 24 hours ago. jordan still insisting it requires proof that their pilot
4:30 am
is still alive before they move ahead with the proposed swap. >> u.s. officials suspect one of the five gitmo detainees swapped for sergeant bowe bergdahl last year tryied to return to militant activity. officials will not say which one of the five they're concerned with but believe he has contacted taliban associates after being handed over to qatar. at the time of the swap the president said he would not do it if he thought it could harm national security. rap mogul shug knight is arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run and being held on $2 billion bail. he's accused of running over two men in his truck following an argument on a film set in compton. witnesses say he backed over them before leaving the scene. the incident is being investigated as a homicide. but knight's attorney says it was an accident and he expects night will be totally exonerated. a dramatic takedown caught on video, a 19-year-old man carrying a fake gun forced his
4:31 am
way into a dutch tv station demanding air time. he said if he did not get on camera bombs would go off around the netherlands. a security guard let him into an empty studio and kept him talking until police were able to arrive. they stormed in with guns you see drawn and arrested him. now officials in the netherlands say this man is not linked to terror, they say, though his motives at this point are unclear. this whole incident was not broadcast live. however the station showed the video once they went back on air. terribly frightening. >> my goodness. >> the good sense to drop his fake gun. >> it could have gone so much differently. how about some "inside politics" on "new day" with mr. john king. >> nothing to talk about there. >> i wish we had something for you, john. i guess it's just going to be super bowl chat today. >> michaela you mentioned the super bowl mr. como. on the way offset madeleine albright told me she's a patriots fan.
4:32 am
>> i don't believe that. >> she controls the world, so that's a good thing. it's january 30th 2015 and yet it is 2016 decision day for mitt romney. we've been talking for a couple of weeks now. somewhat surprised when mitt romney said i'm seriously thinking about running for president again. this would be a third time. with me this morning is governor romney prepares to talk to supporters to share insight and reporting, margaret tall of bloomberg and chris moody of cnn. a, it was a surprise he said he might do this again. now is it a surprise he's moving so quickly? he said it in an email late last night to his top supporters dial in at 11:00 and we're told that he is not making an official announcement but he's going to dell them if he's getting out, he'll tell them that. but indications seem to be that he's leaning forward and is going to enter the campaign. >> when you look at the last few days i think you're seeing a lot of movement towards jeb bush. one of romney's key supporters from iowa for many years,
4:33 am
moving into jeb bush's camp and i think governor romney has decided he needs to stop this momentum and turn the narrative back to his own control as much as he can. and that's what this is about. >> to that point, i was emailing with a romney supporter this morning who has spoken to the governor and he said he knows because of all the pressure. he needs to make a decision. governor bush just exact signed up a top romney operative from 2012 to run the bush campaign. some donors have said sorry, governor i'm going to be with jeb bush this time. is that what it's about, to stop the bleeding among the activists and the donors? >> this is the behind-the-scenes donor campaign. he's not going after the run-of-the-mill people who are going to vote for him around the country. but the people who are going to fund his campaign. that includes through the pac, possibly the superpac that will be part of the campaign. because what jeb was doing was snatching up all of those people very quickly. and there was very little alternative necessarily for that type of donor looking for the
4:34 am
so-called establishment candidate. and i think mitt romney want dodd wait a little bit longer if he was going to make that decision. but by jeb starting the gun, romney had to get in and let the donors know that he's seriously thinking about it as well. >> let's go through some of the pros and cons. our last three presidents president obama, president george w. bush president clinton won on their first run. their first run for president, they won. but ronald reagan it was his third time. mitt romney knows that. bob dole was the nominee. he ran twice, was the nominee and lost. mccain was the nominee and lost on his second time. in this age, the twitter age, are voters ready to give you a third time? >> the time cycles are much more compressed. this is not ronald reagan's campaign cycle any more. you do see mitt romney doing some of the public outreach. although again the purpose of the public outreach is for the behind-the-scenes campaign. as he tries to rebrand himself and make the case that he's sort of more in touch with the common man's concerns. you see him struggling to find the window.
4:35 am
to make that third bid, if it's possible. >> and yet, even if he loses some activists and supporters, even if he loses some big donors he was just the presidential nominee in the last cycle. he's got more than anybody else whether it's jeb bush chris christie. rand paul woe start with more than anybody else. if you're not a romney fan, can you say he made some mistakes in those debates, the question is whether or not he learned lessons from that. but from an experience standpoint pretty formidable. even people laughing saying oh no not mitt again, he would start the most formidable republican candidate, no? >> when it comes to infrastructure mitt romney has a railroad laid since about 2006. and this has been going on for a long time for him. but remember when we're comparing other election cycles they're not all created equal. on the republican nomination side this is a potentially deep bench with sitting gores, lots of possible senators so it's very different from 2012 and it's very different from 1980
4:36 am
you've got a lot of people he's going to have to contend with. and that goes for the so-called establishment candidates with deep money on the establishment side and wall street. but also for the tea party activists and the conservatives, they're going to be coming against him, too. so he might be very formidable yes. but it's a tough road ahead. it's a crowded field. >> attacks from the establishments candidates and attacks from the tea party. if he runs. the question is if we'll get word from governor romney at 11:00. his actiones if you're watching him, seem to show he wants into the race. a speech by the president at the democratic retreat and mitt romney fweeting out after. mr. obama, wonder why my concern about poverty? the record number of poor in your term and your record of failure to remedy it. president obama tweeting said this -- >> we've got a former presidential candidate on the other side who suddenly is just
4:37 am
deeply concerned about poverty. that's great. let's go. come on let's do something about it. i am glad that the rhetoric at least has shifted. let's now make sure that the policies match up with the rhetoric. >> no love lost between president obama and governor romney. but part of the issue there is can you recreate yourself or at least you know shift your brand a bit where romney who was infamous for the 47% remark infamous for being uncomfortable discussing his own wealth. appears ready to talk about his own wealth and says he wants to use his experience in the business world to change things for poor people in the world. >> did you sense the sarcasm. president obama has two votes here number one there is no love lost between him and mitt romney and he obviously thinks the rebranding attempt is sort of ridiculous and he is enjoying
4:38 am
pointing that out. but number two, president obama's game is a little bit different. he really wants to continue to remain relevant for as long as possible and to shape not only the 2016 field in his party, but the 2016 race altogether. and to have you know, a little bit of mojo against the new republican majority in conditiongress. so romney is sort of a proxy in that battle. >> mark helprin first reported this call. we're told he's drid to give his supporters insight on his decision. lindsay graham also there's about 100 people on the republican side thinking about republicans for the nomination. senator lindsay graham of south carolina listen to him here telling cnn's dana bash why he thinks he might run, too. >> i'm tired of just complaining, i'm ready to try to lead. whether or not there's a market for me i won't know until i try. >> so if you're tired of complaining, you should run for president. that's going to be a really crowded field. >> it's going to be very
4:39 am
crowded. >> what we saw him do is start the pac which shows that he's not just blowing smoke. here he might do something about this. the interesting thing about lindsay gramham, he holds close policy views with marko rubio. also on foreign policy and i think if you have a rubio/graham senator rand paul in a race i think you're going to see rubio and graham work together possibly to talk about foreign policy with rand paul. >> it is remarkable chris moody, margaret talev, thanks. alisyn we won't know the ultimate number for six months or so. but if you look through the number of people who are planning new hampshire visits there are about two dozen republicans thinking about running for the nomination. in part they think because it's a winnable race. we'll watch and the big one today, we'll get word from governor romney in a few hours. >> 11:00 a.m. eastern, we'll be watching to see what his decision is. make sure to watch john king and his "inside politics" panel break down the best political
4:40 am
news of the week every sunday at 8:30 a.m. eastern. all right ahead of the super bowl and in the thick of deflategate, a closer look at future hall of famer tom brady. a "new york times" magazine correspondent who profiled the new england patriot reveals what you do not know about this star quarterback. you thought you knew everything. but oh no. the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest ...baddest ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest... ...harshest... ...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all. introducing the all-new c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. ♪♪ hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit?
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4:44 am
♪ ♪ good song for the quarterback of the patriots when the patriots and seahawks take the field sunday in super bowl xlix all eyes likely going to be on the new england patriots quarterback tom braidy. he's at the center of the bizarre deflategate scandal. we want to talk to mark leebovich, he wrote this great cover story, tom brady cannot top the season with the ageless, peerless superstar. it was interesting for me to read a little bit about you. lifelong pats fan. and you have interviewed
4:45 am
politicians and presidents. yet meeting this superstar athlete. getting rare access to him. you got a little star-struck. >> it was strange, a very different experience. again i'm used to the protocols of world leaders and politicians and stuff. and then this was this guy who you've been watching for years and you realize you don't know him. he carries himself with such a total confidence. unlike politicians, i mean a guy like tom brady, he doesn't need me. it's obviously he cares about you know coming off in a certain way to the public. but it was, it was a very different dynamic. and it took a while to get used to. after a while he seemed pretty normal. >> you liked him? >> i did i totally did. he would, he seems like he lass a lot of core decency. a lot of thoughtfulness. and i did more than i thought i would. >> you went to his house. >> i did, two of them. >> here in manhattan. >> his grand manse. >> one in manhattan, one in massachusetts. >> what surprised you about him
4:46 am
or his his family or anything. >> both of his houses are gorgeous. that is not surprising. >> because of his gorgeous wife. >> the houses are very nice. there's a caravan of nannys and chefs and a lot of support staff. but you know ultimately in both of the times i went it was just him and me. we just sort of went into the room. i mean you see people running around. but it's basically just a guy in his house. he's very proud of where he lives. but he's at the stadium most of the time. he spends what was striking to me he has a long commute. he lives in boston or close to boston. down to foxborough is about 40 minutes. and most of the players live about five minutes from the stadium. >> snow allowing. >> snow allowing traffic allowing. it's not the most pleasant commute in the world. he goes really really early in the morning. >> was it hard for to you hear he always wished he could play for the jets? don't answer that. talk to us about alex guerrero who the man is and the role he plays in his life. >> alex is tom's body coach. sort of a personal trainer on
4:47 am
the surface. but ultimately this is a guy who has his technique, which is massage, spiritual counseling which is you know the whole -- he's a degree in chinese medicine. he spends tom sees him for like two, sometimes three physical sessions a day. but -- >> a day? >> two to three a day. >> one in the morning, one after practice. alex will often come home with tom. alex lives close to the stadium. brady lives 45 minutes north. they'll go back together. tom's kids call him uncle alex. his son ben, it's his godfather. >> really untraditional methods they use, the man is 37 years old. >> absolutely. >> late in the game if you will for a quarterback. >> well yeah. and first of all, there is this basic clash between sort of orthopedic industrial complex of the nfl and the sort of traditional training and medicine you know that they practice. with the alternative medicine practices that alex has a lot
4:48 am
of other players are turning to. so there's an interesting clash of cultures here that you know doesn't always play out with some harmony in the locker room. >> if i had a cold i'd have to cancel the game. is he going to will he perform as well this weekend because he has a cold a head cold? >> i don't know if you heard, they just canceled the game because of the cold. >> what am i going to do with all the nachos. >> no he says he's going to be 100%. >> guys play with broken bones. but it shows a level of intrigue about him. >> which is amazing. >> a part look and a big part success. >> how much is this guy, guerrero because he's not just massaging his body. he's massaging his mind in a lot of ways. >> brady would say he couldn't be playing now if it wasn't for alex guerrero. i don't think he would be playing at this high a level. this is brady talking, he's obviously very loyal to alex. tom brady, i don't think i've ever been around anyone in any profession who is as fully dedicated to what he does. he's a workaholic.
4:49 am
like a lot of people. but he has it, he seems to think about how he's going to be prepared his body. not just for the next game. but for like the next hour of practice. the next day of practice. the next sort of mind training with guerrero. and i mean i have to say i was quite admirable to watch. and a guy like johnny manziel could learn a lot about dedication by watching him. it was a striking kind of thing to see and it was great. because i don't usually get to see this. >> we don't get this kind of access to an all-star athlete like this guy. mark leebovich, it's a great article. great insight into who this guy is. it's a pleasure to have you here with us. a few things to let you know about here on cnn, nfl commissioner roger goodell is holding a state of the nfl news conference at 1:30 p.m. eastern. you can catch it here on cnn. tomorrow go inside football's biggest game cnn's rachel nichols and hall of famer dan marino will have cnn's kickoff
4:50 am
in arizona, 4:30 p.m. eastern. it's going to be a good weekend. >> dan marino one of the few guys who can get the ball out as quickly as mr. braidy. we do have a lot of breaking news this morning. here's the big question will mitt romney announce he's rung for president? guess what. unlike hillary, you're going to have your answer at 11:00 a.m. today. if he's getting into running or not. what can we expect. begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud.
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4:54 am
oil prices falling. business correspondent alison kosik here for "cnn money now." that sounds like good news right? >> it's good news in you're a driver, not a producer. this happen happening a mile. oil prices dropping for seven months now. crude oil $40 a barrel. that's the lowest we've seen in six years. oil prices have tumbled fast it was just last summer when a barrel of oil was over $100. shares of amazon soaring this morning before the bell.
4:55 am
the company posting a profit last quarter on strong holiday sales. believe it or not, making money is pretty rare for amazon. that's because all of its long-term investments. want a little burger to go with stock. shares began trading at the new york stock exchange today. its ipo priced at $21 a share raising $145 million. the burger giant's big advantage over mcdonald's millennials love it even with burgers that cost twice as much. on the ipo day, they're pulling out the food truck. cnn has learned that mitt romney will announce whether or not he's running for president. we'll have more on this right after the break. stay with us. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one
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we do have breaking news for you at this hour. mitt romney expected to announce his decision. will he run? >> i think he probably will. >> it's big news what we found out on at 11:00 call. terrorists continue to change their demands in the fate of two hostages is on the line. >> we have asked for proof of life. >> i'm very pessimistic about the fate of the hostages. >> they are attempting to elevate themselves into a political movement.
5:00 am
when beau -- we're confident we would be able to mitigate any theft of re-engagement. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. i'll say it again. lot to do. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is friday friends. january 30th 8:00 in the east. the breaking news is of the presidential variety. cnn's dana bash has learned that mitt romney has made a decision about his presidential future and will tell his supporters at 11:00 a.m. eastern on a call. we have a call of our own, dana. what do you know? >> just that that he has been feeling pressure to either fish or cut bait for lack of a better way to say it.
5:01 am
because of the may to say it the money people there aren't a lot of really really rich people who know a lot of other really really rich people who can help raise the tens of millions of dollars for people like that. and those people are impatient. in some cases, walking to other candidates. he needs them if he wants to go forward. talented staff, other supporters around the country in key states he needs them if he wants to go forward. and they're also looking at others. i'm told that romney snows that that's why he's been collecting data. everybody knows that romney does because he likes to look at the numbers to see what they're telling him. and he's done that. and he's going to tell his supporters whether or not he's going to go forward or not. now, the numbers are obviously just part of it. when you're running for president, it's about fire in the belly. it's about support from your
5:02 am
family. whether or not he's done it and whether or not he's up for it again. putting everybody around you through the rigors of a presidential campaign. from the last hour i was trying to be positive. i got my face that i can tell you just talking to sources since you and i all spoke last it does feel like all signs are pointing to go. not 100% but all signs appear to be go. >> dana it would be foolish to hold you to that. while the announcement is a surprise you breaking the story is not. thank you for what you know cnn political analyst john ananlon and margaret hoover. dana said the signs are pointing yes, do you agree?
5:03 am
>> i suspect he's going to tell his supporters he's moving forward at 11:00 a.m. >> what's interesting, this is possibly a slow-roll announcement. first of all, the nature of this isn't on a call i's a formal announcement. not enough to get the laser media focused on him but the donor attention. certainly what we know about mitt romney, the methodical nature the data-driven mitt romney realizing the money. >> the republican speed has sped up. jeb bush is getting in. it drives up -- it keeps donor support dry. he's basically saying keep your powder dry. don't sign on with jeb. >> when you say slow-roll this announcement it means i'm going to establish an exploratory committee to decide in the future -- >> we are even before the
5:04 am
exploratory committee. he probably kept some vehicle alive in order to continue to support candidates that he -- >> why the baby steps? >> well i think in part because it buys a little bit of time. it also keeps media attention. >> let's unpack this because i think this is a growing problem. hrm hillary clinton, i'm going to wait until the summer maybe july to decide. this guy, baby steps. do you want it or not? don't these people deserve people who are anxious to get into this and do this? >> the fact that mitt romney said at 11:00 a.m. he's going to do it is champing at the bit. i feel he feels he's been vindicated from 2012. he wants to make his case could the american people again. that's somebody that really wants to be president. that's the deterrent for most candidates they'd be happy to president but they don't want to run. >> that's the thing, people's
5:05 am
ambition. to answer your question right, part of it is the mechanics of setting up a billion dollar or $100 million operation to start. you have to set up a pac. what's interesting, margaret just raised the question how much of mitt romney's infrastructure was in sleep mode rather than totally shut off the last couple years. >> and we know it's not a fait accompli for romney. >> what does this do for jeb bush today? >> i think it increases the competition for donors and operatives. as margaret just alluded to a big romney state in iowa. the first three states individuals can be pivotal. and the increase of pressure to jeb bush. for the operatives for the
5:06 am
moneyer for the mantel, that's a lot of it. >> rand paul has been coming out with tweets where he's like mimicking a conversation between these two sides about who should be president. >> i like it. >> what is his play here? because it is decidedly unpresidential what he's doing. >> well what's fascinating about rand paul if you look at the really crowded field, everyone's got overlapped -- they've got candidates who overlap with their core constituency except for rand paul. in a really crowded feel where 15%, 20%, 19% could win, it's interesting he could have a liberal play all himself. where everybody is fighting for the evangelicals and the tea party, he's got his own. >> mitt romney wants another crack at it because he doesn't think he's his authentic self.
5:07 am
the last time. now, he does want to pull down the veneer. that's what i'm seeing. >> that's clearly what we're seeing the sense that he's not going to hide from his emergency this time. he's going to not own that he is a man of wealth self-made wealth but that he can also represent people who want to have a future and economic success in this country, and he can be part of the solution for that. but he is running for redemption. and ultimately will have to see how he dots the is. >> is that a good motivation to run for president? i don't want this mark on my record for myself? >> is he going to be the better president. ultimately who is the best republican candidate to beat hillary clinton, or whoever is on the democrats? >> do you think he can beat her? >> there is a real logic. i can understand the logic on the romney side. when you pair up a hillary
5:08 am
clinton to a romney. he's an effective governor. had he can't even -- where does health care go in that debate. he's actually past health care. it does do something interesting to a republican governing agenda in 2016 which is different than jeb bush. >> i think the argument suggests that he might be a better matchup for hillary than jeb would. there is a certain degree of stick-to-itiveness. you think he can do it and work the field better a real belief in family that he's called to this. you can debate whether that's a negative or positive in the grand scheme. there is a sense i'm going to work this problem until i solve them. and when the nation should be secretaried to that is a second question. >> stiles you need a dress rehearsal before you do it. >> that's what's suggested. >> did romney run twice? >> he didn't win the nomination
5:09 am
fast. tom dewey, richard nixon, only two republicans who got the nomination twice. >> strong company. >> dewey never won. >> the longer gop civil war here, is the romney family looking for a degree of redemption. >> that early theme is going to be someone that you know who has got gotten it done versus someone, if it's hillary, right, our empty presumption, would be a first. that's going to be a strong thing. you know this you've done this i would be the first. how strong is that? >> of course clinton, not the first in the white house. >> do you think she gets judged as a clinton or a woman? >> i think she gets judged against both. two week out of the election and the third bush versus the first woman then being a woman helps but if it's a clinton versus a romney that's a real
5:10 am
argument for the romney. >> republicans are going to see her as a woman. democrats ss are going to see her as a woman. the key is it has to be a crusade. let's turn to a high stakes chess match with isis. officials in jordan still demanding proof that heir pilot is alive before he free a female jihadist in a prisoner swap. will ripley is live on the ground in tokyo. what's the latest? >> reporter: what makes this seem difficult for the jordanian government they know isis is playing a game here setting a deadline when doing a prisoner exchange trying to save the life of somebody you provide proof of life. isis is refusing to do that. they're raising questions, one can, are both of these hostages alive. is one of them not alive.
5:11 am
is that why isis is failing to prove life for the jordanian pilot. and what of koji goto. they've been e-mailing his wife telling her to do everything in her power to expose the message to the world and threatening her husband's life if she doesn't comply. so it's an impossible situation right now for these two governments. they know they're dealing with a brutal terror group that frankly isn't worthy of being in any sort of discussions with two u.s. allies such as jordan and japan. and yet, because they care so much about trying to secure the safe return of their citizens they continue to be forced to sit and wait for isis' next move. this is a group we know is unpredictable. we know it's only a matter of time before they come out with another message. two lives are on the line and nobody knows what's going to happen next chris. the united states on the
5:12 am
side linings of this current situation, but all too aware of the risks in negotiations in swamps with terrorists. for example, bo bergdahl a violation not to negotiate with terrorist, and a bad deal. the question now, are those fears coming true? cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr has more on this. what do we know? >> chris, good morning. several u.s. officials have confirmed that there is intelligence that one of those five detainees returned to qatar has returned to negotiations. one was caught essentially via a classified intercept program. caught making phone calls back to associates in afghanistan.
5:13 am
now, inside the intelligence community, a big debate going on. some will tell you, not that serious, they caught him at it. but i will tell you that multiple sources tell me inside the intelligence community a good deal of concern about all of this. this is not the first time a returned detainee has called returned to the battlefield, engaged in militant activity after being transferred out of guantanamo bay. but this case getting a lot of political attention in washington because it does involve that five for one transfer for bo bergdahl. michaela. i want to turn to breaking news for saudi arabia, his sister confirms he's once again been spared 50 lashes. the 31-year-old blogger was spared last time because of medical reasons. she said he was not fit for the
5:14 am
beating. he's facing charges on insulting islam. the taliban is now claiming responsibility for shooting and kills three military contractors. a terror group said a suicide attacker who opened fire was a taliban agent who penetrated the security forces and just waiting to strike. that attacker killed at the scene. and take a look at this car, it was cut in half after the spectacular crash in cleveland. it's hard to believe that four people inside survivepolice tell us two of them ran from the scene after crashing into a utility pole. two others hospitalized. one in critical condition. police are not released any details about that crash. >> i can't believe anybody got out of that. weather, big deal over the weekend, two more winter storms ready to batter the northeast. just days after the region was
5:15 am
slammed. to take a look at the models is it going to be as bad as last time? >> well it's not going to be as bad, but we are going to see additional snowfall. to add insult to injury a lot of snow on the ground. a messy morning for parts of new york boston portland bangor maine, also getting snow this morning. even the cleveland picking up a messy morning. we are looking at a closer look rain offshore boston getting that rain that rain/snow line. we are seeing the clipper continue to push to the east. it is going to bring a couple of fresh inches of snow across new england and also yind conditions in its wake. we're going to see is winds thourt 40 miles per hour. that's what we could expect as far as wind gusts so so we could see the potential of power outages. the snowfall totals in northern maine, about 10 to 12 inches in bangor maine. portland could see 4 to 6
5:16 am
inches also 2 to 4 inches for portions of massachusetts. boston could actually pick up 4 to 6 inches. here is the next system it's going to continue to push through the east. midwest picking up decent snowfall. we could see up to 12 inches of snow in portions. midwest. chicago we'll pick up portions as well. that does include new england. here's a fresh look at the snowfall. an additional 6 to 8 inches around the boston area. right outside of cleveland could pick up 8 inches as well. >> jen, boo to you and your forecast. hope it doesn't come true. thanks. all right, so the super bowl. two days away. my slow of had cooked chili con carne is already in progress. there's a lot more cooking than when it comes to this game.
5:17 am
andy scholes, smiling wide. >> good morning, guys. it's been a very interesting super bowl week. of course it started with the deflate-gate talk. and marshawn lynch talk i'm just here so i don't get fined. but the focus is shifting to the actual game on sunday. a win on sunday would be historic for both teams. the seahawks looks for back-to-back super bowl to be the team to do that in a decade. the last team do that tom brady, he's raised three lombardis. that would put him in exclusive territory with terry bradshaw and joe montana. the only ones to twin three super bowls. >> we've got a lot to about accomplishing. the best is yet to come. that's the great thing about football you got to go out there, especially against a team
5:18 am
like this. >> all right, so the super bowl is the most bet sporting event each year. according to, an estimated $10 billion is expected to be wagered on the game. the patriots are slight favorites. you can bet more than just the game, will belichick smile on the sidelines. you can bet on katy perry and halftime. >> ma do you got, andy? >> i picked the patriots before the season even started. i'm sticking with them. i'm with berman. >> she meant, how many outfits of katy perry's. >> i didn't mean that. i didn't mean that. >> she said multiple. i'm picking six. how about commercials, that's what we really care about. which ones do you want to see? tweet us @newday.
5:19 am and we'll discuss roger goodell, nfl commissioner holding a news conference right here you'll see it on cnn. also tomorrow go inside football's big game with cnn's big talent rachel nichols. and dan marino he's no slouch. the fate of two hostages hollywood by isis is unknown at this hour. have the negotiations collapsed? is isis on its field. we'll get a status report of the power of isis. begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud.
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5:23 am
the deadline for a prisoner swap between isis and jordan has passed. the jordanian government waiting for proof that their captured pilot is still alive. but is all of this focus on isis having the unintended consequence offal elevating the terror group. the senior fellow from the foundation of democracies and colonel reese is a retired delta force commander. he's now the founder and chairman of tiger swan. it's nice to see both of you,
5:24 am
david, let me start with you, we need a reality check. we have talked about isis so much in the past week because of this potential prisoner swap it's hard to know really what perspective to put them in. how powerful is isis today? >> that's an excellent question. and you know isis is a very theatrical cinematic organization. they know how to scare people. they know how to get media attention. if you look at their overall status it depends which region you're talking about. in iraq they're in quite a bit of trouble. we don't have much of a strategy with them in syria. so they're pretty well set in syria at this point in time. if you look at their international hold those are often exaggerated. my bottom line the media showing with isis does well they're a master at social media and their brutality, they should
5:25 am
be focusing on their holdings which are substantial. i think it's important to ep fa size their weakness by blowing them up to be more than what they are, that helps to get people to flock to their ranks. >> we appreciate that and we are trying to do that. we want to give the viewers an accurate picture of where isis is now. colonel reese, one the issues with isis they were able to marauder over a large swath of land and grab that land more quickly than people expected. how much do they control in iraq? >> well as we've been talking now for months they grabbed great swaths of land. they grabbed the city of mosul. they have a great hold on al anbar providence. since early january, late decemberer the iraqi forces along with shia militia, the u.s. force, the coalition and some of the iranian support,
5:26 am
going north from baghdad up the tigris river valley they have ticked off along the way. and it's a huge problem for us pretty much under control by the iraqis right now. right now, north of baghdad, what you really have is the only strong point, mosul. right now, the kurds are in the north. the iraqi security force. >> announcer: the south. they've cut the supply lines from syria to the west. so that is just waiting for the iraqis to decide when they're going to assault on mosul. so i think the iraqis are doing the right thing. they're concentrating their combat power at one given time. they'll take the north down and then worry about the west in al anbar province. >> that is such good news and important for us to hear daveed do we know how strong their?
5:27 am
>> when we talk about isis what are we talking about the core forces or the areas they control or conscripts. they have taken under consubscription. conscripts are not going to fight as well as their normal forces. the upper end estimate which includes conscripts and core forces but also people that they're trading up basically people who they've drafted from areas they control is about 200,000. the number of core forces are much less than that. a caveat i think there's a lot of estimations going on here. >> colonel reese, one of the things that's been able to elevate isis the amount of money they've been able to get. wire they so successful at this fund-raising? >> well one, you know we've seen it there's a lot of past aspects where they're able to raise money from other extremist jihadists throughout the region.
5:28 am
and they're able to gain money there. we know they have some oil production on the syrian border that they're able to sell on the black market and do that. again, with the oil prices dropping that's even affecting that. right now, isis is having -- i will call it they have lost the momentum is the best thing i think isis has done. they will work very hard. they've got some there are leaders that are very savvy and very charismatic that will try to get them out. just like dice said here what we have to dig out, what's the next policy in syria. >> thanks for all the perspective, we'll continue to have this conversation with you. thanks for coming on. all right. the big question allison, will he her won't he? we'll assume that mrp romney is
5:29 am
going to launch another campaign. could he win? we'll explore that. but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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5:32 am
all right. so we're watching this breaking news. mitt romney is expected to announce in just an hour's time whether or not he's going to move forward with a third bid for the white house. here to discuss it all, let's dig in with cnn's host smerconish. the man himself, michael smerconish named after his own
5:33 am
show. so you've been listening and watching and putting your ear to the ground. what is your sense? >> my sense is you don't send off an e-mail blast tune in i have something to say if that which you're about to say is i'm not getting in. i think he's getting in. otherwise the fanfare, you don't need to do it this way. >> that's a good point. >> logic of your statement confounds. this is tv so it must prevail. or he's gotten so much pressure for hogging the spotlight and now captivating this audience with president obama, he's getting pressure from those he wants to stay in with he's saying listen you're either in or out. >> it's almost like a prom date the more he said no the people were saying yes, yes, yes, please do it. the minute he said, you know what, i am thinking about this. then there seemed to be this ambivalence about his candidacy. my inclination is he gets in. what's interesting is this time
5:34 am
there would be a lot of competition among the so-called establishment types. now, you'll have jeb, m.i.t. the person who will be most stressed at 11:00 will be chris christie. there's just not now of oxygen or money in that space. last time mitt romney had all of that turf to himself. he escaped with the prize. this time, it's not so complicit there are a number of competitors in that place. >> it's interesting you say chris christie would be upset. we're saying jeb bush would be upset they occupy the same -- >> all three of them do. i think jeb because of the family i think jeb is in a far better position than chris christie. hey, something else interesting, remember that book they wrote "game change" they wrote "double
5:35 am
down." one of the tidbits in the book how they were seriously asked mitt romney. i guess mitt romney knows where the bodies are buried with regard to chris christie and he passed on it. >> yeah pipe was thinking about a lot of this. the idea we've been talking about rebranding. and his people pushing back it's not rebranding. you can change et cetera et cetera. the folks at home the voters do we shift our sensibilities and our belief in candidates as quickly as the machine wants us to believe it will? >> he has -- to your point, he has a hard sale. the one candidate in the two dozen potential gop candidates who can ill-afford yet another rebranding is mitt romney. because that's what did him in last time. he did not run, michaela as the
5:36 am
candidate who governed massachusetts. he had to play the crazy card in primary season. you saw last saturday in iowa steve king put that event together they all came out and tried to beer-muscle each other. that's good for the primary season. >> but it speaks to your theory that he wants to be his more authentic self. >> yeah he's annoyed at how handled he was last time. this time he wants another crack at being his real self. >> i don't blame him. the most stunning moment of the republican convention four year ago, was it four years ago? last cycle. the chair with clint. people didn't get to see it it didn't air in prime time with the mormon testimonials. mitt romney preparing the will for the teenage boy whose days were numbered. great work put under the rug. it would have been such is an
5:37 am
attribute for him. i think it would have been a huge mistake. they would have been better off with the testimony than the chair. >> you say -- i would argue, yes, you should at the end of the day, you have your machine, you're the man or the woman. it's about you. if you want to be a leader you go first. so you don't let the machine tell you who you're to be. you are who you are. that's what this level of politics is about more than anything else if we don't know who he is now, then we're never going to know. that would be the challenge. >> that would be chris christie's at trick. he's saying take me for what i am. i'm not a blowed dried politician. wart and all, this is what you get. he's the antithesis of that candidate. jeb, we're not so sure he's a blank slate. >> wow, you're going to have things to talk about on your show. >> it's also reason and you get angry. >> on saturdays, 9:00 a.m.
5:38 am
eastern, sirius xm 9:00 eastern as well. newly elected leader asking muslim visitors to pledge allegiance to the usa. is she going too far? we'll take you live to austin. your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project. and you could make it happen. right? wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done.
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religious protests in texas disrupting a day to celebrate muslims. muslims who gathered at the state house in austin say they were harassed by anti-muslim protesters. now the situation getting worse. george howell has the very latest from austin, what do we know, george? >> reporter: chris, good morning, as a native texan, i remember learning about this building and how it's a place open for everyone. just as it was yesterday for texas muslim capital day. it's an event that's a legislative event. happens every two years and there's never been any protests like we saw the other day. two things happened. again, a small group of protesters basically outside chanting anti-islamic statements to this peaceful group saying go back to baghdad, saying down with sharia. also inside the building
5:43 am
comments from a freshman representative molly white have sparked controversy. i want to read these and i've paraphrased. she says representatives from the muslim community are to renounce islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to america and our laws. she also indicated in an online statement that she left an israeli flag in her office. the comment goes on to say, quote, we'll see how long they stay in my office. the next comment goes on to say i do not apologize for my comments. moving on to the final comment that she made here saying that she welcomed all constituent who would like to visit our office at the texas state capitol. we reached out to molly white's office and have not received comment. chris and michaela, we do know that some are calling for an ethics inquiry given what happened at the state capitol. >> george thanks for that. time for five things to know
5:44 am
for your "new day." number one and breaking news. cnn's dana bash has learned that mitt romney made a decision about his presidential future. more breaking news economic figures just released show the u.s. economy grew 2.6% in the final quarter of 2014. it's considered a zpiement compared to what was expected. still no word on the fate of two hostages. the deadline has passed. they're demanding that their captured pilot proof is still alive. and aaron hernandez's lawyers accused the prosecution of ignoring the evidence and conducting a, quote, sloppy and unprofessional investigation. the northeast again bracing for storms. two more rounds of winter comes just days after the region was slammed with that gnarly blizzard. be sure to visit "new day" @cnn.
5:45 am
if you or someone you know is struggling with infertility, you need to watch our next segment. cnn's kyra phillips has a new book chronicling that with her doctor. she will separate fact from fiction. high, keariayra, that's next. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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5:48 am
if you're trying to have a baby listen up. cnn anchor kyra phillips now the proud mother of twin 4 year olds is here to tell us that getting
5:49 am
pregnant was not easy. along her journey, kyra learned a lot about fertility and with the help of dr. jamie grifo, she's put it in a book. kyra and doctor thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> this is a topic near and dear to your heart. i read your work at such interest. you were a little late at this game. at 39 you started to think about having children and what did you discover? >> well that it's not that easy. you know what it takes to be in this position in this business you have to sacrifice a lot and unfortunately that means love and family and children. and i'd spent my whole life working on my career. all of a sudden there i was in iraq during the war, going through a divorce, i came home my house had flooded, i had nothing. i was sitting on my porch,
5:50 am
thinking oh my god, it's never going to happen. thank god for jamie. i'd like to say my husbandi love my husband. >> not everybody gets pregnant with ivf. >> no not everybody can achieve it. >> one thing i learned during my infertility, i used to think you're fertile or infertile. in fact there's a continuum. you learned things you can do to enhance your fertility and the things that destroy fertility. >> i found myself bugging jamie like crazy, texting him at all hours of the night. what about this? can i do this? when we started talking about doing a book we decided let's do something for every age. i want your daughter to read this book. i want her to see what she can
5:51 am
do to preserve her fertility. what she eats drinks smokes things in the home that can impact your ability to have a child. all the way up to the career woman. what can she do? freeze her eggs now. put had her dna on ice. >> that's a game-changer. the fact that women who are young have freeze heir eggs that they don't have to be looking down the time barrel that we were. >> or they can be their own donor by freezing eggs. the trend is delaying child bearing. the more you do it more likely is your eggs are too old to work. >> kyra how much of the lifestyle stuff did you change in your life? >> everything. jamie told me one cup of coffee a day. cut out the alcohol. had he was nice. he said everything in moderation but i'm your doctor and friend. i cut out the alcohol. exercise you don't want to do too much exercise.
5:52 am
i had to watch what i did with that. things in my home. things i was breathing. i even found out candles can emit chemicals that rival the toxicity of cigarette smoke. >> i remember everything seems to have an impact. doctor you're interesting the thing that you're able to talk to kyra. a lot of doctors don't tell you about yoga. they don't tell you about acupuncture. they don't tell you to cut out coffee. that seems like hocus focus to you. >> well we like to have well designed clinical trials to base our stages on. it's too complicated a field. but what is real stress say factor. and quality of life is very important. you've got to get through this stuff. it's terrible going through fertility treatment. it's difficult. it's as depressing as going through cancer treatment.
5:53 am
patients have to manage it and get through it. there are things that can give you a better chance diet nutrition, lifestyle are important pieces to that. >> another thing that you can do that actually has shown to improve the success of fertility say support group. did you get any support while you were going through it? >> see, i took a different approach. jamie let me know this is going to be difficult and can be depressing and stressful. i decided to go in with a completely different mind-set. i was going to embrace it. i was going to get into putting out my shots, empowering myself. i looked at it with a power perspective which is how we decided to write the book. i actually put a lot of humor in there, i'm very blunt and direct. i want them to empower women. i don't want them to be scared. i want them to be relaxed or embrace this because their chances of it working will be a lot better right, doc? >> it helps. but we don't want them to be
5:54 am
alarmists, we're not trying to scare them. that's what's important, you own your fertility. if you have the right information, you're going to make better choices. >> relates go to fact or fiction, myth versus related. myth or fact donating your eggs uses up your supply? >> no it doesn't. a woman has 7 million eggs a fetus is born with 1 to 2 million, 600,000 at puberty. you go through the same 500 eggs. you don't use them up faster. at age 40 96,000 of eggs are gone. >> here's one, bacon hurts fertility? >> well bacon, sausage impact the male sperm. sorry, guys got to cut back on the bacon. >> i cut back on the bacon. i do eat a lot more eggs for whatever that's worth.
5:55 am
>> hey, avocados nuts there's lots of good fats you can eat. >> i took a lot wheat shots. >> those are good. >> wheat grass. take a picture. >> kyra dr. grifo, great to have you guys on. >> thank you. bacon babies bacon babies could go on all day -- >> chris, do you eat a lot of bacon? >> i love bacon. how about this telemarketers, i blank them. the blanch using a potty words. cha-cha, don't give me any examples. if you watch what's coming up you'll believe they can also be the good stuff. yes. test it. and, miraculously, unleash 46 mpg highway. an extravagance reserved for the privileged few. until now. hey josh! new jetta?
5:56 am
yeah. introducing lots of new. the new volkswagen jetta tdi clean diesel. isn't it time for german engineering?
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5:59 am
♪ good stuff. telemarketers, good people. >> what? yes. why? i'll show you. now, it gets serious. just the other day, some telemarketers called a lady 900 miles away. they heard a lot more than they expected. >> uh-oh. >> amayra care health, how are you today? [ crying ] >> ma'am, are you okay? >> what's going on? the woman is being beaten by her ex-boyfriend. >> oh, my god. >> the telemarketers stay on the phone and call local
6:00 am
authorities. the cops bust in just as the woman is being strangled by this looser. thanks to they are actions that man got what he deserved. that's why they do great stuff. still good people on the phone. >> we're going to rethink our take on telemarketers. thank you for what you did. you are the good stuff. a lot news this more with carol costello. >> happy friday carol. >> thanks so much. you guys have a great weekend. thank you, "cnn newsroom" starts now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning. i'm carol costello. we begin with a major development unfolding in the 2016 presidential race. just two hours from now, mitt romney will tell his supporters whether he's pushed ahead with a third run for the white house. now keep in mind it was just a few weeks ago that romney dropped a bombshell that he


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